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Fine arts 

701 ^Esthetics. Theories 

ALLEN, Grant. 

Physiological aesthetics. 1877 701 A42 

"As developing more fully in a single direction the line of thought fol- 
lowed in psychology by Maudsley, Bain, Spencer, and Sully this work of considerable historical importance. . .attempts to translate the 
jesthetic feelings into terms of neural change and the subjective con- 
comitants of such change." Gayley & Scott's Literary criticism. 

BASCOM, John. 

^Esthetics; or, The science of beauty. 1872 701 B28 

"The popularity enjoyed by Bascom's Aesthetics has been deserved by 
the lucidity and readableness of the text." Gayley & Scott's Literary 

BAYLY, Anselm. 

Alliance of musick, poetry and oratory. 1789 r70i B33 

Comprises a theory of music, a dissertation on prosody and a treatise on 

BIDDLE, Horace Porter. 

Discourse on art. 1876 r70i B47 

Short essay on all the forms of art and their importance in national life. 

BLANC, Charles. 

Grammaire des arts du dessin, architecture, sculpture, pein- 

ture. 1867 qr70i B53 

"The works of this author are in a sense perfunctory; one does not go 
to him for stimulating criticism or bold incisive views. They are 
generally trustworthy, written by a hard-working man to whom all 
modern French culture and much of foreign thought were accessible." 
Russell Sturgis. 
BOSANQUET, Bernard. 

History of aesthetic. 1892 ;..-.. 701 B64 

"Indispensable to the student of the. hi'stofjr pf criticism. . .Aesthetic 
theory is treated as a branch of philosophy; but the result is something 
more than a history of speculation." Gayley & Scott's Literary 
criticism. . -. . 

BOUTERWEK. Friedrich. . ; ,. '[■ Ji. • I' 

Aesthetik. 1807 .'.... , ... — . ( . . .r7oi B65 

BROWN, Gerald Baldwin' "•>. ^^^ . '^^'. : ' 

The fine arts. 1891. (University extefrision hlanuals.) 701 B78 

Includes a chapter on The festival in its relation to the form and 

spirit of classical art. 
"Especially useful in the study of the origin and connection of the 
arts." Gayley &■ Scott's Literary criticism. 

COLLINGWOOD. William Gershom. 

Art teaching of John Ruskin. 1900 701 C69 

Biography of Ruskin, p. 1-33. 

Author was a pupil of Ruskin at Oxford and afterward his literary as- 
sistant. He here systematizes, condenses and compares Ruskin's 
voluminous writings. 

COUSIN, Victor. 

Philosophy of the beautiful. 1849 r70i C84 

"Cousin is a member of the school of Spirit ualistes. Vox him the sense 
of beauty is purely subjective. His .-esthetic is the result of a reaction 
from the sensationalism of the i8th century." Gayley & Scott's 
Literary criticism. 




GLADDEN, Washington. 

The relations of art and morality. 1897 701 G45 

Essay on the love of beauty and the love of righteousness as the con- 
trolling principles of conduct. 

HARRIS, William Torrey. 

Art education the true industrial education. 1897. (School- 
room classics.) 701 H29 

Delivered before the National educational association, 1889. 
Short discussion of the theory and objects of art, and how they have 
been realized by different people at different times. 

HEGEL, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich. 

The introduction to Hegel's Philosophy of fine arts; tr. fr. 

the German by Bernard Bosanquet. 1886 701 H41 

HIRN, Yrjo. 

Origins of art; a psychological and sociological inquiry. 

1900 701 H61 

"Authorities quoted," p.307-322. 

"Divides his inquiry into two parts, the first being an effort to find what 
is the original 'art impulse'... and the second, an endeavor to trace 
the actual origin of several of the arts as apart from the general art im- 
pulse... The book is learned, ingenious and modest, and is marked by 
an excellence of English style quite astonishing in the work of a 
foreigner." Nation, 1901. 

KEDNEY, John Steinfort. 

Hegel's ".^Esthetics;" a critical exposition. 1897 701 K15 

KNIGHT, William Angus. 

Philosophy of the beautiful. 2v. 1895-98. (University exten- 
sion manuals.) 701 K34 

V.I. Outlines of the history of aesthetics. 

V.2. Philosophy of the beautiful ; a contribution to its theory and to 

a discussion of the arts. 
Several of the chapters are followed by bibliog^raphies. 
LASAULX. Ernst von. 

Philosophic der schonen kunste; architektur, sculptur, malerei, 

musik. poesie. prosa. i860 r70i L33 

LESSING, Gotthold Ephraim. 

Laocoon; an essay upon the limits of painting and poetry. 

1893 701 L64 

"Ranks as a classic not only in German but in European literature, and 
its style alone, which is as near perfection as anything Lessing ever 
wrote would almost entitle it to this position. His central aim is to 
define by analysis the limitations of poetry and the plastic arts. 
Many of his conclusions have been corrected and extended by later 
criticism, but he indicated more decisively than any of his prede- 
cessors the fruitful principle that each art is subject to definite con- 
ditions." Encyclopadia Britannica. 
Laokoon; oder, Ueber die grenzen der malerei und poesie. 

1879. (Bibliothek der deutschen nationalliteratur.) r70i L64I 

LONG. Samuel Pierce. 

Art ; its laws and the reasons for them. 1871 701 L82 

Discussion of the principles of art, useful as a text-book or for general 
reading for those wishing to form intelligent judgments concerning 
works of art. 
LONGINUS. Dionysius Cassius. 

On the sublime; the Greek text edited after the Paris manu- 
script by W. R. Roberts. 1899 r70i L83 

Bibliography, p. 247-261. 

"The object of the author... is to indicate broadly the essentials of a 
noble and impressive style. In fact if we were to describe the treatise 
as one on style, or even on literary criticism generally, we should be 


nearer the mark than if we connected it solely with the idea of 
'sublimity' in the narrower sense." Translator's introduciion. 
"The earliest work in which the Sublime is treated as a distinct aesthetic 
quality, within or beside the Beautiful." Gayley & Scott's Literary 

MARSHALL. Henry Rutgers. 

Esthetic principles. 1895 701 M41 

Short explanation of so much of the author's theory of pleasure-pain 
as is valuable to students of art. Mr Marshall is [1897] an architect 
and designer in active practice. 

A full statement of the author's theory may be found in his book, 
''Pain, pleasure and aesthetics" (call number, 157 M41). 

NOIRfi, Ludwig. 

Die entwicklung der kunst in der stufenfolge der einzelnen 

kiinste. 1874 r78o P2im 

Bound with other pamphlets. 

PAGET, Violet, {pseud. Vernon Lee). 

Art and life. 1896 r70i P14 

Essay on the influence of the instinct for beauty on the other instincts 

of our natures. 
Printed at the Roycroft press. 

RAYMOND, George Lansing. 

The genesis of art-form; an essay in comparative aesthetics, 

5893 ...;:.:;.;;.>;.;..>..........;.,.,.... 701 R24 

"The theory upon which the book is based is that as in scientific classifi- 
cation, the aim is to emphasize in each object of thought the ideas 
which are essential to the purposes of classification, so in art the 
aim of composition is to emphasize in each work of art the idea which 
it is the main purpose of the artist to express." Dial, 1893. 

Painting, .sculpture and architecture as representative arts; 

an essay in comparative aesthetics. 1895 701 R24P 

An application to the "arts of sight" of the author's principles that "art 
in general is nature made human, and that art of the highest character 
is nature made human in the highest sense." 

Proportion and harmony of line and color in painting, sculp- 
ture and architecture' an essay in comparative aesthetics. 
1899 701 R24pr 

"Analysis of proportion and a differentiation of it from perspective, with 
a study and exposition of proportion in landscape and the human 
form." Literary world, 1900. 

Representative significance of form; an essay in comparative 

aesthetics. 1900 701 R24r 

The prestige of Mr Raymond's professorship of aesthetics in Princeton 
university (1901) is insufficient to shield this work from harsh criti- 
cism in English and American reviews, both in regard to the soundness 
of its principles and the manner in which they are set forth. 

RUSKIN. John. 

Eagle's nest; the relation of natural science to art. 1893 701 R89 

Ten lectures given before the University of Oxford in 1872. 

■"The Lectures have little of the character of an elaborate treatise, but 
are rather the free and unmethodical discovirse of a man of genius on 
a general topic to which he had given much reflection, and with 
which his mind was full." C. E, Norton, 

Lectures on art. 1891 701 R89I 

Careful statement of his theory of the relation of art to national character, 
religion, morals and practical use, with three lectures dealing with 
the technical use of line, light and color. 


Sense of beauty; outlines of aesthetic theory. 1896 701 S23 

Psychological discussion of the nature of beauty, the materials of beauty, 
form, expression. 


SCHILLER, Johann Christoph Friedrich von. 

Essays, jcsthetical and philosophical; including the disserta- 
tion on the "Connexion between the animal and spiritual 

in man." 1900 70i S33 

"Most of Schiller's aesthetic writings and especially his Aesthetic Let- 
ters, are well adapted to the understanding of beginners. Their place 
in the history of .\esthetics, however, can be appreciated only when 
they are read in the light of Kant's Critique of Judgment, from which 
their material is principally drawn." Gayley & Scott's Literary 

TAINE, Hippolyte Adolphe. 

Lectures on art; tr. by J. Durand. 2v. 1889 701 T14I 

V.I. Philosophy of art. — Ideal in art. 

V.2. Philosophy of art in Italy.— Philosophy of art in the Netherlands. 

— Philosophy of art in Greece. 
"Have attracted much attention because of the literary reputation of 
their author... If a reader is thoroughly familiar with any... 
epoch or style of art, he will find Mr. Taine's criticism of the — 
epoch in question very feeble indeed." Russell Sturgis. 

Philosophy of art. 1865 701 T14 

"The difficulty with such criticism is that any simple theory about a 
work of art, its nature, its relation to other works of art, and its place 
in the general world of art, is generally a false, or at least an inade- 
quate theory." Russell Sturgis. 

TOLSTOI, Lyof Nikolaievitch, count. 

What is art? 1898 701 T58 

Explains Tolstoi's own theory, which is quite opposed to the accepted 
theories of art and beauty. 

The same. 1899 241 T58k 

Bound with his "The kingdom of God is within you." 

WINCKELMANN, Johann Joachim. 

Opere; [con tavole]. 4v. 1830-33 qr70i W77 

Italian text. 

Complete works, prefaced by Eiselein's biography, v.4 consists entirely 
of fine plates. 

"Winckelmann ranks among the foremost writers of the 18th century, 
and it is hardly possible to overrate the services rendered by him to 
archaeology and the study of ancient art. With wide learning and an 
extraordinary power of accurate observation he combined imagination 
and feeling, and through hirh the modern world obtained something 
like a true conception not only of particular works of Greek art, but of 
the general intellectual movement from which they sprang." Encyclo- 
pcedia Britannica. 

703 Dictionaries 

ADELINE, Jules, comt'. 

Art dictionary, containing a complete index of all terms used 

in art, architecture, heraldry and archaeology. 1891 r703 A22 

CLEMENT, Mrs Clara (Erskine), afterzvard Mrs Waters. 

Handbook of legendary and mythological art. 1894 r703 C56 

Gives the legends, stories and ancient myths which have been illustrated 
in art, many famous legends of places, with a classified catalogue of 
the principal pictures on mythological and legendary subjects existing 
in European galleries. Illustrated. 

MOLLETT, John William, comp. 

Illustrated dictionar>- of words used in art and archaeology. 

1883 r703 M79 

VIOLLET-LE-DUC, Eugene Emmanuel, comp. 

Dictionnaire raisonne du mobilier frangais de I'epoque carlo- 


vingienne a la renaissance. 6v. 1858-75 b703 V34 

"This work is several dictionaries in one. The first volume is devoted 
to furniture, with as an appendix some very interesting essays on the 
method of construction in the Middle Ages. The second volume deals 
with utensils. . .then with goldsmith's work, then with musical instru- 
ments, and then with sports and pastimes, including hunting and the 
tournament, and gives finally a few pages to tools of the carpenter 
and blacksmith, etc. — a very curious encyclopsedia of life in the 
Middle Ages. . .The text is throughout of the most suggestive char- 
acter, and generally trustworthy; the illustrations have that extra- 
ordinary value which has been spoken of under the same author's 
'Dictionary of Architecture.' " Russell Sturgis. 

704 Essays 

Art and life, and the building and decoration of cities; a 
series of lectures by members of the Arts and crafts 

exhibition society, delivered in 1896. 1897 704 A79 

Contents: Sanderson, T.J. Cobden-. Of art and life. — Lethaby, \V. R. 
Of beautiful cities. — Crane, Walter. Of the decoration of public build- 
ings. — Blomfield, Reginald. Of public spaces, parks and gardens. — 
Ricardo, Halsey. Of colour in the architecture of cities. 


Angels' wings; essays on art and its relation to life. 1898 704 C22 

Contents: Art and democracy; Wagner, Millet and Whitman. — Angels' 
wings. — Nature and realism in art. — The human body in its relation 
to art. — Tradition, convention and the gods. — The individual impres- 
sion. — Beethoven and his earlier sonatas. — Beethoven ; his later sonatas 
and his symphonies. — The art of life. — Manners as a fine art. — The 
simplification of life. — The return to nature. 

CHILD, Theodore. 

Art and criticism; monographs and studies. 1892 qr704 C43 

Contents: Sandro Botticelli. — Some modern French painters. — American 
artists at the Paris exhibition. — Jean Francois Millet. — Munkacsy. — 
Impressionist painting. — The winged victory of Samothrace.— Antoine 
Louis Barye. — Modern French sculpture. — Auguste Rodin. — Chantilly, 
the chateau and the collections. — A pre-Raphaelite mansion. 
"A dozen papers about different detached phases of painting, ancient 
and modern, and a few words about sculpture. There is a serious 
lack of exact comprehension of art as a special and peculiar means of 
expression, and errors occur, hard to account for, but a good general 
impression can be got in each case. Good and well-chosen illustra- 
tions. The chapter on the Impressionists is very good." Russell 

CRANE, Lucy. 

Art and the formation of taste; six lectures. 1889 704 C86 

Contents: Decorative art: form. — ^Decorative art: color, dress and 
needlework. — Fine arts. — Fine art: sculpture and architecture. — Fine 
art: painting. 

CRANE, Walter. 

Claims of decorative art. 1892 704 C866 

Collection of somewhat disconnected essays, some on decorative art, 
others, e. g. "The prospect of art under socialism" and "Art and social 
democracy," presenting some of Mr Crane's socialistic theories. 

FAIRHOLT, Frederick William. 

Rambles of an artist; papers on art in relation to antiques, 

paintings, art-decorations and art-manufacture. [1871.] . .704 F164 

Contents: Rambles of an archxologist among old books and in old 
places. — Grotesque design as exhibited in ornamental and industrial 
art. — Facts about finger rings. — Ancient brooches and dress fastenings. 
— Albert Diirer; his works, his compatriots and his times. 
Papers originally published in the ".'Xrt journal." 
Also published with the title "Rambles of an archaeologist." 


FAIRMAN, James. 

Essays on art; including notices of pictures in Carnegie art 
gallery, [Pittsburgh], with thoughts on art education 
and proposed college of fine arts. 1898 704 F16 

Originally published in the "Pittsburg dispatch," 1897. 

FORSYTH, Peter Taylor. 

Religion in recent art. 1889 704 F79 

Contents: Rossetti; or, The religion of natural passion. — Bume Jones; 
or. The religion of praeternatural imagination. — Watts; or, The religion 
of supernatural hope. — Holman Hunt; or. The religion of spiritual 
faith. — Richard Wagner and pessimism. — Wagner's Parsifal. 


L'art moderne. 1856 704 G24 

Contents: Le Pantheon, peintures murales. — Marilhat. — Du beau dans 
l'art — Shakespeare aux funambules. — Le theatre a Munich. — Pierre de 
Cornelius. — La nouvelle Pinacotheque. — Theatre de Psi de Cassiopee. 
— L'apotheose de Napoleon. 


fitudes sur I'histoire de l'art. 1900 b704 G96 

Contents: Le Pantheon d'Agrippa, a propos de decouvertes recentes. — 
Les ruines de Palmyre et leur recent explorateur, [Bertone]. — Dante 
considere comme artiste. — Apollon. — Bacchus. — Ceres. — Le costume. — 
La coiffure. — Les bijoux, le bracelet, les bagues. — Barbare. — Captif. 

HAMERTON, Philip Gilbert. 

Man in art; studies in religious and historical art, portrait and 

genre. 1892 qr704 H19 

Contents: Culture. — Beauty. — Religious art. — History and revivals. — 

Portrait. — Life observed. 
Having in previous books considered landscape painting, imagination in 
landscape painting, and the technical side of art, the author now takes 
up art as it deals with man, analyzing the treatment of the expres- 
sion of the human body and human face by the artists of different 
periods. Most of the 46 illustrations have never before been published. 

Portfolio papers. 1889 704 Hl9p 

Contents: Constable. — Etty. — Chintreuil. — Adrien Guig^net. — Goya. — Notes 
on aesthetics. — Style. — Soul and matter in the fine arts. — ^The nature 
of the fine arts. — Can science help art? — Book illustration. 
Thoughts about art. 1889 704 H19 

■'This book, which formed originally part of 'The Painter's Camp' is 
worth reading because of its suggestiveness. Thus, some of the va- 
rious ways in which different painters undertake their work are made 
clear in the chapters on 'Painting from Nature' and 'Painting from 
Memoranda.' The general relation of art, and especially painting, to 
the general world of thought and perception is more plainly seen 
after study of this book, especially in the chapters, 'Transcendentalism 
in Painting' and 'Analysis and Synthesis.' " Russell Sturgis. 
HEINE, Heinrich. 

The salon; or, Letters on art, music, popular life and politics. 

1893 704 H41 

"The 'Salon' of Heine, as it was first published, consisted of papers 
on the annual exhibitions of pictures held in Paris during several years, 
and a portion of the 'German^.' In the last complete German edition 
of his works, this arrangement was changed, and all his letters on art 
and music included in one volume entitled 'Lutetia'. . .This I have 
translated, restoring the title 'Salon.' " Translator's preface. 
HOLDEN, Florence P. 

Audiences; a few suggestions to those who look and listen. 

1896 704 H71 

Contents: Audiences. — Language of form. — Architecture. — The language 
of action. — Sculpture. — The language of line. — Etching. — The language 
of color. — Painting. — The language of word. — Poetry. — The language of 
tone. — Music. — Musical drama. — Criticism. — Talent of art appreciation. 
— ^Applause. — Encore. 


HOPPIN, James Mason. 

The early renaissance, and other essays on art subjects. 

1895 704 H79 

Other essays: Principles of art. — Tendencies of modern art. — French land- 
scape-painting. — Murillo. — Art in education. — Art and religion. — 
Bourges cathedral. — The Zeus-altar of Pergamon. — Critique of a Greek 
statue, [Venus of Milo]. — The masterpiece of Scopas, [Niobe group]. — 
LEIGHTON, Frederic, lord. 

Addresses delivered to the students of the Royal academy, 

1896 704 L56 

LENORMANT, Charles. 

Beaux-arts et voyages. 2v. 1861 704 L61 

"Notice sur M. Lenorniant, par M. Foisset," v.i, p. 5-35. 

Lenormant was an eminent French archaeologist, 1802-59. 

V.I contains essays on art subjects. Christian art, Cellini, French school 
in 1835, Pierre Guerin, Paul Delaroche, Ary Scheffer, the Roman cata- 
combs in 1858, etc. V.2 contains letters from Holland, Saxony, Pro- 
vence, Egypt and Greece, valuable for notes on art and archaeology. 

MOODY, Francis W. 

Lectures and lessons on art. 1893 704 M87 

"An extremely valuable treatise on the right principles of learning to 
draw and the way to begin the study of design. . . The style of the 
book is epigrammatic and even fanciful." Russell Sturgis. 

MORRIS, William. 

Address delivered at the distribution of prizes to students of 
the Birmingham municipal school of art on Feb. 21, 1894. 
1898 704 Mpiad 

Printed at the Chiswick press with the golden type designed by William 
Morris for the Kelmscott press. 

Aft and the beauty of the earth. 1898 704 M9ia 

"Both one of the most brilliant and one of the most significant of his 
published writings. It contains, in a way which none of his other 
published lectures of that period seem to approach, the sum of all his 
earlier and the germ of all his later doctrine." Mackail's Life of 
William Morris. 

Printed at the Chiswick press with the golden type designed by William 
Morris for the Kelmscott press. 

Hopes and fears for art. 1882 704 M91 

Contents: The lesser arts. — The art of the people. — The beauty of life. — 

Making the best of it. — Prospects of architecture in civilization. 
Familiar lectures delivered while the author was president of the Soci- 
ety of arts in Birmingham. Full of warning and practical suggestions. 

NISBET, Hume. 

Where art begins. 1892 704 N36 

Reflections, practical, theoretical and personal, upon art and its influ- 
ence upon mankind. 

PAGET, Violet, (pseud. Vernon Lee). 

Euphorion; studies of the antique and the mediaeval in the 

renaissance. 1882 704 Pi4e 

Contents: The sacrifice. — Italy of the Elizabethan dramatists. — Outdoor 
poetry. — Symmetria prisca. — Portrait art. — School of Boiardo. — Medi- 
aeval love. 
Juvenilia; a second series of essays on sundry aesthetical ques- 
tions. 2v. 1887 704 P14J 

v. I. The lake of Charlemagne. — Botticelli at the Villa Lemmi. — Rococo. 

— Prosaic music and poetic music. — Apollo the fiddler. 

v.2. Immortality of the maestro Galuppi. — Perigot. — Lombard colour 

studies. — Don Juan (con Stenterello). — Curiazio. — Christkindchen.— 


"By 'Juvenilia' the writer. . .means that the essays relate to a theme — that 

of fine art — which she now regards as more fitted for youthful readers 


and students than for those of riper years... She applies herself .. .to 
the debating of various questions of fine art, and treats them in her 
accustomed method — trenchant reasoning, candid, if at times extreme, 
and brilliant description having a somewhat 'Impressionistic' bias." 
Athen<eum, 1887. 

Renaissance fancies and studies; being a sequel to Euphorion. 

1896 704 P14 

Contents: The love of the saints.— The imaginative art of the renais- 
sance. — Tuscan sculpture. — A seeker of pagan perfection, being the 
life of Domenico Neroni. — Valedictory. 
"The standpoint of Vernon Lee is that of the amiable dilettante, in- 
terested in art as a part of general culture. There is much charming 
writing in the volume and some keensighted analysis." Nation, 1896. 

REYNOLDS, Sir Joshua. 

Discourses on painting and the fine arts. 1850 q704 R37 

Literary works. 2v. 1809-92 704 R37I 

Memoir of Reynolds, by H. W. Beechy, v.i, p.3 1-300. 

"Consist mainly of his 'Discourses' which... are distinguished by that 
broad and happy generalisation which was the characteristic also of his 
art. Perhaps the best known of them is the fourteenth (1788) in which 
he pronounced his fine and generous tribute to the memory of Gains- 
borough ... They contain advice to students which is of permanent 
value, expressed in language which could scarcely be improved. If we 
make some allowance for the time at which he wrote most of his judg- 
ments on pictures and artists may be accepted now... They have fre- 
quently been reprinted and cannot be neglected by any student of art 
criticism." Dictionary of national biography. 

ROBINSON, Frederick Sydney. 

The connoisseur; essays on the romantic and picturesque as- 
sociations of art and artists. 1897 704 R54 

These sketches are an attempt to suggest the atmosphere of romantic 
interest which surrounds the region of art connoisseurship and collect- 
^ ing. They deal with famous collectors and collections of all ages. 

RUSKIN, John. 

"Joy forever" (and its price in the market). 1891 704 R89J 

The original title of these lectures was "The political economy of art." 

Mornings in Florence; being studies of Christian art for Eng- 
lish travellers. 1894 704 RSgm 

"The untrained student in ancient art is seriously misled and his time 
wasted when any attempt is made to visit and study paintings with 
these books in hand. After one has become familiar with the pictures, 
these books may be useful as suggesting an ideal of art which is 
certainly not the artist's view, but may still be defended by those 
who seek in pictures something which is not their pictorial quality." 
Russell Sturgis. 

Political economy of art; or, "A joy forever" (and its price 

in the market). 1880 704 R89J1 

Lectures at Manchester during the Art treasures exhibition, 1857. 
"Marks the parting of the ways in Mr. Ruskin's life, — his turning from 

the pleasant, open fields of nature and of art into the rugged paths of 

political economy." C. E. Norton. 

Two paths. 1893 704 R89 

Lectures on art and its application to decoration and manufacture. 
SCHLEGEL, Friedrich von. 

.Esthetic and miscellaneous works. 1889 704 S33 

The same, i860 r704 S33a 

Contents: Description of paintings in Paris and the Netherlands in the 
years 1 802-1 804. — Principles of Gothic architecture. — Contributions in 
aid of the study of romantic poetry and genius. — Modern German 
painters. — Romantic fictions of the middle ages. — Miscellaneous essays. 
— On the limits of the beautiful. — On the language and philosophy 
of the Indians. 



Bilder aus der neueren kunstgeschichte. 2v. in i. 1886 704 S76 

Contents: Das nachleben der antike im mittelalter. — Klosterleben und 
klosterkunst im mittelalter. — Die byzantinische kunst und ihr einfluss 
im ^\bendlande. — Die deutsche kunst im zehnten jahrhundert. — Die 
mittelalterliche kunst in Palermo. — Die anfange der renaissance in 
Italien. — Leon Battista Alberti. — Leonardo da Vincis selbstbekennt- 
nisse. — Das ende der renaissance. — Der gothische Schneider von 
Bologna. — Der altdeutsche holzschnitt und kupferstich. — Diirers ent- 
wickelungsgang. — Die deutsche baukunst im i6. jahrhundert. — -Rem- 
brandt und seine genossen. — Der rococostil. — Die kunst wahrend der 
franzosischen revolution. — Die wege und ziele der gegenwartigen 
kunst. — Kunstkenner und kunsthistoriker. 

STORY, William Wetmore. 

Conversations in a studio. 2v. 1894 704 S88 

"These conversations deal with literature and sociology and many 
topics, but also with the fine arts as they are looked at by an 
artist. . . The book before us is worthy of study for the treatment 
of the fine arts as forming a part of the whole world of thought, a 
treatment which it is almost impossible to get except from an artist 
who is also a man of cultivation." Russell Sturgis. 

Excursions in art and letters. 1893 704 S88e 

Contents: Michel Angelo. — Phidias and the Elgin marbles. — Art of 
casting in plaster among the ancient Greeks and Romans. — A con- 
versation with Marcus Aurelius. — Distortions of the English stage as 
instanced in Macbeth. 
"Mr. Story was an accomplished sculptor and a practised and g?;aceful 
writer; a rare combination. . .The paper on Michelangelo contains 
excellent criticism, and that on Phidias is full of suggestive analysis 
of the art of sculpture." Russell Sturgis. 

705 Periodicals 

ALDlNE; monthly, v.4-9. 1871-78 qr705 A36 

L'ART; revue hebdomadaire illustree; [ire serie]. 55V. 

1875-93 qr705 A7842 

V. 36-55 title reads 'L'art; revue bi-mensuelle illustree." 
Contains articles on art, architecture, music, notices of the salons, etc. 
The most important feature of the later numbers is the fine repro- 
ductions of pictures, chiefly by modern artists. 

ART amateur; a monthly journal, June 1879-date. v.i-date. 

1879-date qr705 A784 

v.3, no. i; v. 6, no.6; v. 7, no.i wanting. 
ART et decoration; revue mensuelle d'art moderne. v.i-date. 

1897-date qb705 A78 

ART journal; monthly, v.i-date. 1849-date qr705 A78 

Continuation of "Art-union." 

L'ARTE; gia Archivio storico dell'arte. v.i-date. 1898- 

date qr705 A786 

Published irregularly. 

ARTIST; an illustrated monthly record of arts, crafts and in- 
dustries. v.24-34. 1899-1902 ; . . . . qr705 A7g 

Publication ceased with v.34. 

L'ARTISTE; revue du ige siecle; histoire de l'art contempo- 

rain; ed. by Arsene Houssaye, Oct.-Dec. r87i. 1871. . .qr705 A791 
BRUSH and pencil; monthly. Oct. 1898-date. v.3-date. 1898- 

date qr705 B83 

La CHRONIQUE des arts et de la curiosite; supplement a 

la Gazette des beaux-arts; [weekly], Jan. 7, 1899-date. 

v.84-date. 1899-date qr/OS C46 


COLLECTOR and art critic; semi-monthly, April 15, 1899-Oct. 

1900. 2v. ill I. 1899-1900 qr70S C69 

Continuation of the Collector. 
No more published. 

CRAYON; weekly, 1855, 1858-59. v.1-2, 5-6, in 3. 1855-59. •qr705 C87 

v.s-6 monthly. 
FINE arts quarterly review; May 1863-June 1867. 5v. 1864- 

67 qr705 F49 

No more published. 

GAZETTE des beaux-arts; courrier europeen de I'art et de la 

curiosite; [biweekly and monthly], v.i-date. 1859-date. .qr705 G25 
Table alphabetique et raisonnee, V. 26-71, 1869-1892. 2v. 1885-95. 

INTERNATIONAL studio; an illustrated magazine of fine 
and applied art; monthly, Nov. 1903-date. v.2i-date. 

1904-date qr705 S93 

Being v.3o-date of the "Studio." 

MAGAZINE of art; monthly, 1878-July 1904. 28v. 1878- 

1904 qr705 M24 

No more published. 
MASTERS in art ; a series of illustrated monographs ; monthly. 

v.i-date. 1900-date qr705 M46 

V.I. »Van Dyck. — Titian. — Velasquez. — Holbein. — Botticelli. — Rembrandt. 

— Reynolds. — Millet. — Giovanni BellinL — Murillo. — Hals. — Raphael. 
V.2. ■ Rubens. — Da Vinci. — Diirer. — Michelangelo. — Corot. — Burne-Jones. 

— Ter Borch. — Delia Robbia. — Del Sarto. — Gainsborough. — Correggio. 
V.3. Phidias. — Perugino. — Holbein. — Tintoretto. — Pieter de Hooch. — 

Nattier. — Potter. — Giotto. — Praxiteles. — Hogarth. — Turner. — Luini. 
V.4. Romney. — Fra Angelico. — Watteau. — Raphael's frescos. — Dona- 

tello. — Gerard Dou. — Carpaccio. — Rosa Bonheur. — Guido Reni. — Puvis 

de Chavannes. — Giorgione. — Rossetti. 

PERRY magazine; [bimonthly and monthly], v.i, no.4-date. 

1899-date qr705 P44 

PORTFOLIO; an artistic periodical; ed. by P. G. Hamerton; 

monthly. 24V. 1870-93 qr705 P83 

Continued under the title "Portfolio monographs on artistic subjects." 

QUARTO; an artistic, literary and musical quarterly, v.1-3. 

1896-97 ,• qr705 QiQ 

Published irregularly. 

STUDIO ; an illustrated magazine of fine and applied art ; month- 
ly. v.i-29. 1893-1903 qr705 S93 

Index, v.i-21, 1893-1901. 1902. 

Continued by the "International studio," v.2i-date. 

705.1 Art annuals 

AMERICAN art annual, 1898-date. v.i-date. i89g-date. . . .r705.i A51 

L'ANNfiE artistique, 1879. 2me annee. 1880 r705.i A61 

SLATER, John Herbert, comp. 

Sale prices of 1896; an annual report of the sales by 
auction of objects of artistic and antiquarian interest. 
1897 r705.x S63 

No more published. 
The YEAR'S art; a concise epitome of all matters relating to 
the arts of painting, sculpture and architecture, 1880- 
date. [ist annual issue]-date. 1880-date r705-i Y21 


707 Art education 

PERROT, Georges. 

Art history in the high school; tr. fr. the Revue des deux 
mondes, by S. W. Moore. 1900. (School bulletin publi- 
cations.) 707 P44 

SMITH, Walter. 

Art education, scholastic and industrial. 1872 707 S66 

Author was at one time state director of art education in Massachusetts 
and had previous experience as art teacher in England. He gives 
practical information about art schools and art teaching, foreign 
methods in industrial art study, very general hints on design, decora- 
tion, modeling and carving, etc. 

WALD STEIN, Charles.* 

Study of art in universities. 1896 707 W16 

"A lecture concerning the teaching of art as a subject of general 
knowledge; that is to say, of the theory, history, and criticism of art." 
Russell Sturgis. 

707,2 Arts and crafts 


Arts and crafts essays, by members of the society. 1899. . .707.2 A79 
Contents: Of the revival of design and handicraft, with notes on the 
work of the Arts and crafts exhibition society, by Walter Crane. — 
Textiles, by William Morris. — Of decorative painting and design, by 
Walter Crane. — Of wall papers, by Walter Crane. — Fictiles, by G. T. 
Robinson. — Metal work, by ^^^ A. S. Benson. — Stone and wood 
carving, by Somers Clarke. — Furniture, by Stephen Webb. — Stained 
glass, by Somers Clarke. — Table glass, by Somers Clarke. — Printing, 
by William Morris and Emery Walker. — Bookbinding, by T. J. Cob- 
den-Sanderson. — Of mural painting, by F. M. Brown. — Of sgraffito 
work, by Heywood Sumner. — Of stucco and gesso, by G. T. Robinson. 
— Of cast iron, by W. R. Lethaby. — Of dyeing as an art, by William 
Morris. — Of embroidery, by May Morris. — Of lace, by A. S. Cole. — Of 
book illustration and book decoration, by Reginald Blomfield. — Of 
designs and working drawings, by L. F. Day. — Furniture and the 
room, by E. S. Prior. — Of the room and furniture, by Halsey Ricardo. 
— The English tradition, by Reginald Blomfield. — Carpenters' furni- 
ture, by W. R. Lethaby. — Of decorated furniture, by J. H. Pollen. — 
Of carving, by Stephen Webb. — Intarsia and inlaid wood-work, by 
T. G. Jackson. — Woods and other materials, by Stephen Webb. — Of 
modern embroidery, by M. E. Turner. — Of materials, by May Morris. 
— Colour, by May Morris. — Stitches and mechanism, by A. S. Cole. — 
Design, hy J. D. Sedding. — On designing for the art of embroidery, by 
Selwyn Image. 

ASHBEE, Charles Robert. 

A few chapters in workshop re-construction and citizen- 
ship. 1894 707.2 A81 

A discussion of the questions: "How far are we to look for the forma- 
tion of the citizen in our modern system of industry — the workshop — 
how far in education provided by the State? What is to be the inter- 
action of these two generative forces? and what are to be the limita- 
tions of individuality, whether permitted or encouraged, in either case?" 
BENSON, William Arthur Smith. 

Elements of handicraft and design. 1893 707.2 B44 

Bibliography, p.ii-12. 

"Intended for school workshops, but its directions for simple carpenter 
work and the making of book-shelves and tables are excellent, and are 
illustrated with 94 drawings. The soundest principles of design are 
explained in simple language and well enforced." Russell Sturgis. 

MACKMURDO, Arthur H. ed. 

Plain handicrafts; essays by artists setting forth the 


principles of design and established methods of work- 
manship; a guide to elementary practice. 1892 707.2 M18 

Contents: Of design and of the study of nature, by Selwyn Image. — Cab- 
inet making, by VV. R. Lethaby. — Modelling, by E. R. Mullins. — Carv- 
ing, by E. R. Mullins. — Plaster-work, by E. W. Gim.son. — On metal- 
work, by Reginald Blomficld. — Embroidery, by May Morris. — How to 
make stencil-plates and how to use them, by Heywood Sumner. 

MILLER, Fred. 

Art crafts for amateurs. 1901 707.2 M69a 

Contents: A method of study. — Wood carving. — Beaten metal work or 
repousse.- — Clay modelling and metal work in relief. — Enamelling and 
enamelled jewellery. — Bookbinding and leather work. — Inlaying and 
stained wood decoration. — Gesso or painting in relief. — Fret work. — 
Needlework: planning and designing. — Animal forms in decoration. — 
Stencilling. — Poker work on wood and leather. — Decorative painting 

for rooms and furniture. 


Training of a craftsman. 1898 707.2 M69 

Contents: The craftsman and nature. — Design and craftsmanship. — Metal 
work : repousse and fine metal-work, wrought iron. — Jewellery. — Enam- 
elling on metal. — Potters and painters. — Glass painters. — Wood carvers. 
— Bookbinders. — Women workers in the art crafts. — Surface decoration. 
— Decoration in relief. — Wall-papers and textiles. — The craftsman up-to- 
date and his outlook. 

TRIGGS, Oscar Lovell. 

Chapters in the history of the arts and crafts movement. 

1902 q707.2 T74 

Contents: Carlyle's relationship to the new industrialism. — Ruskin's con- 
tribution to the doctrine of work. — Twentieth-century economy. — The 
omitted elements in political economy. — Morris and his plea for an 
industrial commonwealth. — Statement of principles of the Hammer- 
smith socialist society. — Ashbee and the reconstructed workshop. — 
Rookwood; an ideal workshop. — The development of industrial con- 
sciousness. — A proposal for a guild and school of handicraft. — The In- 
dustrial art league. 

708 Art galleries and museums. Exhibitions 


Handbook to the public picture galleries of Europe, with a 
brief sketch of the history of the various schools of 
painting from the 13th century to the i8th. 1880 708 T38 



Catalogue of casts, part 3; Greek and Roman sculpture, by 

Edward Robinson. 1896 r7o8.i B64 

Catalogue of Greek, Etruscan and Roman vases, by Edward 

Robinson. 1893 r7o8.i B64C 

CARNEGIE INSTITUTE, Pittsburgh— Department of fine arts. 
Catalogue of the annual exhibition (ist-date), Carnegie art 

galleries. 1896-date r7o8.i C21 

Contain bibliographies. 

The seventh annual exhibition, 1902, was a loan exhibition. 

CESNOLA, Luigi Palma di. 

The Metropolitan museum of art. 1882 qr7o8.i C33 

Short description of objects on exhibition, especially of the Cesnola col- 
lection of articles discovered in Cyprus. 


Illustrations from the art gallery; ed. by C. M. Kurtz. 

1893 r7o8.i C43 


Annual report (ist-date), 1881/82-date. 1882-date r7o8.i C48 

HOEBER, Arthur. 

Treasures of the Metropolitan museum of art of New York. 

1899 708.1 H67 

JARVES, James Jackson, comp. 

Descriptive catalogue of "old masters" collected by J. J. Jar- 
ves to illustrate the history of painting, from 1200 to the 
best periods of Italian art. i860 r7o8.i J19 

Being the appendix to "Art-studies" by the same author. 


Catalogue of the loan exhibition. 1879 r7o8.i M63 

Annual report (ist-date) of the trustees of the association, 

1871-date. 1871-date r7o8.i N26 

Charter and laws relating to it; constitution, by-laws, lease. 

[1898.] r7o8.i N26C 

Handbooks. 1894-99 r7o8. i N26h 

Contents: Guide to the halls and the galleries. — Catalogue of paintings. 
— Sculptural plaster-casts and bronze-reproductions. — Stone sculptures 
of the Cesnola collection of Cypriote antiquities. — Collections of en- 
graved gems. — Seal cylinders and other oriental seals. — Reproductions 
in metal. — Coles gallery, tapestries, paintings, malachites, vases, etc.; 
and drawings by old masters, etchings, photographs and tapestries 
in gallery 4, main hall. — Egyptian antiquities. — Catalogue of the col- 
lection of spoons made by Mrs S. P. Avery, 1867-1890, presented by 
her to the Metropolitan museum, 1897. 

PARRISH, Samuel Longstreth. 

Historical, biographical and descriptive catalogue of the ob- 
jects exhibited at the Southampton art museum at South- 
ampton, New York, 1897. 1898 r7o8.i P26 


Gems of the exhibition. 1877 qr7o8.i P49g 

Catalogue of the annual exhibition (70th-date), 1901-date. 

1901-date r7o8.i P49 

SHINN, Earl, {pseud. Edward Strahan), comp. 

Art treasures of America. 3v. 1880 qr7o8.i SS5 

Description of the finest works of art in public and private collections. 
Contains many full-page reproductions of paintings. 

SMITH, Franklin Webster. 

National galleries of history and art. 3v. in i. 1900. 

(United States. 56th cong. ist sess. Senate. Doc. 

no. 209.) r7o8. i S64 

Contents: Petition of F. W. Smith for the site of the old Naval observa- 
tory for the National galleries of history and art. — Descriptive hand- 
book of the Halls of the ancients. — Design and prospectus for Nation- 
al galleries of history and art in Washington. — Designs, plans and 
suggestions for the aggrandizement of Washington. 

Mr Smith is a successful business man who has devoted his time for 
many years to the promotion of national art galleries which shall repre- 
sent and reproduce the architecture, etc. of ancient nations. The re- 


port contains many illustrations of exteriors of buildings, interiors 
and architectural details. 



Antiquities and marbles in the British museum. 1848 r7o8.2 B75 


CONWAY, Moncure Daniel. 

Travels in South Kensington, with Notes on decorative art 

and architecture in England. 1882 qr7o8.2 C76 

The same. 1882 708.2 C76 

Short account of the South Kensington museum, a description of some 
examples of modern architecture and decorative art and of a model resi- 
dence suburb, Bedford Park. 

COOK, Edward Tyas, comp. 

Popular handbook to the National gallery; including notes 

collected from the works of Mr Ruskin. 1897 r7o8.2 C77 

Popular handbook to the Tate gallery, "National gallery of 

British art." 1898 708.2 C77 

A complete guide to the building and gallery, with historical notes 
upon the growth of the different collections, descriptions of the paint- 
ings, and biographical sketches of the artists. 
EASTLAKE, Charles Lock, architect. 

Pictures in the National gallery, London. 2v. 1896 qr7o8.2 E18 

Reproductions of 200 of the most important pictures, with descriptive 
text. Author was keeper of the gallery, 1878-98. 

GRUNDY, John. 

Stranger's guide to Hampton Court palace and gardens. 

[1843.] r7o8.2 G94 

Catalogue of the pictures, drawings, prints and sculptures 
at the second exhibition, held at Knightsbridge, May- 
July 1899. 1899 r7o8.2 I24C 

Illustrated souvenir catalogue of the Exhibition of interna- 
tional art, Knightsbridge: prepared by Carl Hentschel 

& CO. 1898 r7o8.2 I24 

LAIDLAY, William James. 

Royal academy; its uses and abuses. 1898 706 L15 

Attacks the academy for its narrow and selfish policy, its unfairness and 
discourtesy to all foreign artists and to those native artists who do 
not properly defer to its position, and for the demoralizing effect it 
has had on English art schools. 
LAW, Ernest, comp. 

Royal gallery of Hampton Court; an historical catalogue 
of the pictures, with descriptive, biographical and critical 

notes. 1898 r7o8.2 L39 



National gallery of pictures by the great masters. 2v. 

1848 qr7o8.2 L82 

Plates with descriptive text. 


Handbook of the Dyce and Forster collections in the 
museum. 1880. (South Kensington museum art hand- 


books.) '. 708.2 L82 

Mr Dyce bequeathed to the South Kensington museum more than 
14,000 books, and a large number of prints and drawings. The Forster 
collection includes drawings and sketches, engravings, manuscripts, 
autographs and printed books, the books numbering more than 18,000. 

MONKHOUSE, William Cosmo. 

In the National gallery. 1895 708.2 M82 

Companionable guide that will help any one who has not made a special 
study of art history, to understand and enjoy the early Italian pictures, 
and obtain a general idea of the growth of Italian art. Illustrated. 

POYNTER, Sir Edward John, comp. 

National gallery. 3v. 1899-1900 qr7o8.2 P87 

V. 1-2. Foreign schools. 

V. 3. English school. 

Illustrated catalogue containing a reproduction and description of every 

picture in the National gallery of London. The reproductions, though 

small, are unusual for their clearness and fidelity. 
RECORD of art in 1898. 1898 qr7o8.2 R26 

Illustrations of the work of leading British and continental artists, with 
brief critical and descriptive text. 

RICHTER, Jean Paul. 

Lectures on the National gallery. 1898 ". qr7o8.2 R42 

Contents: The paintings of the 14th century. — The origin of the Venetian 
school of painting; Giovanni Bellini. — Sandro Botticelli and his school. 
ROYAL academy pictures, 1900-date. 1900-date qr7o8.2 R81 

SPIELMANN, Marion Harry. 

Wallace collection in Hertford house; being "notes on the 
pictures and other works of art, with special reference to 
the history of their acquisition. 1900 r7o8.2 S75 



BERLIN — Konigliche museen. 

Beschreibendes verzeichnis der gemalde. 1898 r7o8.3 B45 


EASTLAKE, Charles Lock, architect. 

Notes on the principal pictures in the old Pinakothek at 

Munich. 1884 r7o8.4 E18 


Bound with his "Notes on the principal pictures in the Louvre gallery." 


Die gemalde-sammlung im Kunsthistorischen hofmuseum 

in Wien. 1898. (Osterreichische bibliothek.) r7o8.3 G79 

MUNICH— Pinakothek. 

Katalog der gemalde-sammlung der Kgl. alteren pinakothek; 

mit einer historischen einleitung von Franz von Reber. .r7o8.3 M96 

PAYNE, Albert Henry. 

Book of art, with The celebrated galleries of Munich. 

3v. [1849-54.] qr7o8.3 P33 

Plates and descriptive text. 


Verzeichniss der gemalde-sammlung. 1898 r7o8.3 S29 

Small illustrations. 
VIENNA — Kunsthistorisches museum. 

Fiihrer durch die gemalde-galerie. 3v. in i. 1897-99. (Kunst- 


historische sammlungen des aller-hochsten kaiser- 

hauses.) r7o8.3 V31 


Katalog der Koniglichen gemaldegalerie zu Dresden. 1896. .r7o8.3 W89 



Paris exhibition, 1900; an illustrated record of its art, 

architecture and industries. 2v. 1900-01 qr7o8.4 A78 

BfiNfiDITE, Leonce. 

Le niusee du Luxembourg; notice. [1894.] qr7o8.4 B43 

This volume, by the keeper (1898) of the museum, gives a history of the 
museum, describes the collections and gives biographies of the artists 
represented, illustrated with some views of different rooms, and many 
full-page reproductions of the pictures. 

DOUBLE. Lucien. 

Promenade a travers deux siecles et quatorze salons. 

1878 qr7o8.4 D75 

Descriptions with illustrations, of some of the works of art in the collec- 
tion of M. Leopold Double, including china, armor, tapestry, bronzes, 
paintings and sculpture. 

EASTLAKE, Charles Lock, architect. 

Notes on the principal pictures in the Louvre gallery at Paris. 

1883 r7o8.4 E18 

Illustrated. * 

GAVARD, Charles, coi)il>. 

Versailles; galleries historiques, favec supplement]. 19V. 

1838 qr7o8.4 G24 

This great work, published by order of Louis Philippe contains en- 
gravings of all the pictures in the various galleries of the palace of 
Versailles, as well as details of the palace itself. Three editions were 
issued. This is the edition de luxe, and contains 1422 plates. It was 
published in parts at 2000 francs. 

GOUPIL & CIE, pub. 

Salon, 1880-1882, 1884-date; cent planches en photogravure. 

ire-3me, 5nie annee-date. 1880-date qr7o8.4 G74 

The text is by various critics, among whom are Armand Dayot, Henry 

Havard and Georges Olmer. 
The volumes for 1880 and 1882 are published by Baschet, and the title- 
page reads "L'exposition des beaux-arts." 
From 1889-date the text is the Eflglish translation. 

GRUYER, Francois Anatole. 

Voyage autour du Salon Carree au Musee du Louvre. 

1891 qr7o8.4 G94 

"A collection of fine photographic plates of the most important pictures 

in the famous Square Room of the Louvre Gallery. It is as a 

collection of works of art that this book is to be bought, but the 

printed comment is not without its value to students." Russell Sturgis. 


L'art frangais depuis dix ans. 1882 708.4 H83 

Contents: L'art frangais depuis dix ans. — L'antiquite au salon de 1868. — 

Le salon de 1877.— Le salon de 1882. 
The 2d article appeared in L'artiste, 1868; the 3d in the Revue des deux 
mondcs, 18-7; and the 4th in the Revue des deux mondes, 1882. 

L'art vivant; la peinture et la sculpture aux salons de 1868 a 

1877. v.i. 1881 708.4 L14 

V.I. 1868 a 1873. 
No more published. 


LAFENESTRE, Georges, & Richtenberger, Eugene, cofnp. 
National museum of the Louvre; descriptive catalogue of 

paintings. 1893. (Painting in Europe.) r7o8.4 L14 

LENOIR, Marie Alexandre. 

Musee des monumcns frangais; ou. Description historique des 

statues et bas-reliefs. 5v. in 3. 1800-06 r7o8.4 L61 


LENORMANT, Charles. 

Les artistes contemporains, salon de 1831 et de 1833. 2v. in i. 

1833 708.4 L61 

LESLIE. Frank. 

Report on the fine arts. 1868. (United States — Commission- 
ers to the Paris universal exposition, 1867. Reports.) . .qr7o8.4 L64 
The same. 1868. (In United States — Commissioners to the 

Paris universal exposition. Reports, v.i.) r6o6 P233r v.i 

UNITED STATES — Commission to the Paris exposition, 1900. 

Official illustrated catalogue, fine arts exhibit. 1900 r7o8.4 U2S 


AZEGLIO, Roberto d'. 

La Reale galleria di Torino illustrata. 2v. 1864 qr7o8.5 A99 

EASTLAKE, Charles Lock, architect. 

Notes on the principal pictures in the Brera gallery at Milan. 

1883 708.S Ei8n 

The same. 1883 r7o8.4 EiS 

Bound with his "Notes on the principal pictures in the Louvre gallery." 

Notes on the principal pictures in the Royal gallery at 

Venice. 1888 708.5 E18 

The same. 1888 r7o8.S E18 

KAROLY, Karl, (pseud, of Frank Tryon Charles). 

Guide to the paintings of Florence. 1893 r7o8.5 K13 

Gives an historical and critical account of painting and frescos, with 
quotations from many writers, short notices of the legends and stories 
connected with the pictures, and lives of the saints and personages 
represented. Illustrated. 
Guide to the paintings of Venice. 1895 r7o8.5 Ki3g 

Similar in character to the author's "Guide to the paintings of Florence." 

"Historically and as a work of reference the book has great value." 
Russell Sturgis. 


MONACO, Domenico, comp. 

Complete guide to the small bronzes and gems in the Naples 
museum, according to the new arrangement, reprinted 

from the Complete handbook. 1889 r7o8.5 MBic 

Specimens from the Naples museum; plates, with a sketch 

of Pompeii and Herculaneum by E. N. Rolfe. 1895 qr7o8.5 M81 

PHILLIPPS, Evelyn March. 

Frescoes in the Sixtine chapel. 1901 708.5 Psi 

"Guide-book to the Sistine Chapel. . .The subject of each of the frescoes 
is described, portraits are identified where possible, the present state 
of expert opinion as to attribution is made clear, there is a little... 
criticism, and the whole is accompanied by twenty-four illustrations of 
frescoes or parts of frescoes." Nation, 1901. 




II Vaticano descritto ed illustrate. 8v. 1829-38 qr7o8.5 P66 

For contents sec contents book, p.22; kept at the reference desk. 
VISCONTI, Ennio Quirino. 

Oeuvres. 13V. 1818-25 r7o8.s V3S 

V.1-7. Mus6e Pie-Clementin. 

V.8. Monumens du Musee Chiaramonti, by F. A. Visconti and G. A. 

v.^ii. Iconographie grecque. 
v.u. Iconographie rotnaine. 
V.13. Pencil tracings from the original plates. 
Text of V.I by J. B. Visconti. 

The two additional volumes of "Monumens du Mus6e Chiaramonti" and 
the three additional volumes of "Iconographie romaine" were not 
published in this edition of Visconti's works. 

Other countries 

ATKINSON, Joseph Beavington. 

An art tour to northern capitals of Europe. 1873 708.8 A87 

Contents : Copenhagen. — Thorwaldsen. — Christiania. — Stockholm. — Abo, 
Helsingfors and Wiborg. — St. Petersburg. — The Hermitage. — The 
Kertch antiquities and the miscellaneous collections in the Hermitage. 
— Russian artists; their lives and works. — The Imperial manufactory 
of mosaics at St. Petersburg. — Landscape painting in Russia. — Moscow. 
— Art-education in Moscow. — Kief. — Relation between the religious 
arts, the Russian church and the Russian people. 

Authorities consulted, p. 11-12. 

"He is unfortunately conservative in several ways; the dicta contained 
in these pages are to be received as the private opinions of a man 
who holds his opinions a little too seriously; but yet it is possible to 
learn from these pages what rank an important picture in a Northern 
Museum, little known to foreigners, holds among the other works of an 
artist or of his school. Concerning buildings and their decoration, 
too, the facts may be trusted; they are expressed in an intelligible way, 
although the conclusions may be very rash. It is on the whole a use- 
ful book for any one who will be cautious in accepting its artistic criti- 
cism." Russell Sturgis. 
MULLER, (Frederik) & CIE, pub. 

Catalogue des collections d'antiquites au Chateau de 

Heeswijk. 1899 qr7o8.9 M95 

Contents: La salle d'armes. — Galerie de portraits et autres tableaux 
anciens. — Meubles, bronzes, marbres, porcelaines, argenterie, objets 
en or, etc. 
, Illustrated sale catalogue of the unusually fine collection of weapons 
and other mediaeval and renaissance objects contained in the Chateau 
de Heeswijk in Holland. 


Art collection of the corporation of Glasgow. 1898 qr7o8.9 P63 

Contains an historical sketch of the collection, grouping the paintings 
according to their different schools. Excellent illustrations. 

709 History of art 


Syllabi. 1896-98. (University extension lectures.) -•r709 A51 

Contents: Syllabus of lectures on representative nations illustrated by 
their architecture and decorative arts, by W. H. Goodyear. — Syllabus 
of lectures on the debt of the nineteenth century to Egypt, by W. H. 
Goodyear. — Syllabus of lectures on the debt of the nineteenth century 
to Rome, by W. H. Goodyear. — Syllabus of lectures on Rome in the 
middle ages, by \V. H. Shaw. 
Contains bibliographies. 


BAYET, Charles. 

Precis d'histoire de I'art. [1894.] (Bibliotheque de I'en- 

seignement des beaux-arts.) 709 B33P 

Recherches pour servir a I'histoire de la peinture et de la 
sculpture chretiennes en Orient avant la querelle des 

iconoclastes. 1879 709 B33r 

BELL, Mrs Nancy R. Elizabeth (Meugens), (pseud. ^^.d'Anvevs). 
Elementary history of art; architecture, sculpture, painting. 

2v. in I. 1888 r709 B41 

Useful reference book. Adopted (1888) by the English civil service 
commissioners as a text-book to be used by the candidates for examin- 

CHENEY, Mrs Ednah Dow (Littlehale). 

Gleanings in the fields of art. 1881 709 C42 

Contents: Art. — Greek art. — Early Christian art. — Byzantine art. — Res- 
toration of art in Italy. — Michael Angelo. — The poems of Michael An- 
gelo. — Spanish art. — French art. — Albert Dtirer. — Old German art. — 
American art. — English art. — David Scott. — Contemporaneous art. 
Historical and descriptive essays useful for the general reader. 

DE FOREST, Julia B. 

Short history of art. 1881 709 D37 

"Popular account of works of art of the better known varieties. It is 
much sounder in its criticism and more generally trustworthy than 
some similar compilations, but contains serious errors." Russell Stur- 
Fully, but cheaply illustrated. 

DELABORDE. Henri, vicomte. 

fitudes sur les beaux-arts en France et en Ttalie. 2v. 1864 709 D38 

V.I. La peinture en Italic avant le i6me siecle; les tableaux du Musee 
Napoleon III. — Les ecoles italiennes et I'Academie de peinture en 
France. — Fra Angelico da Fiesole. — Les arts et les lettres a la cour 

■ des dues d'Urbin. — Un bas-relief d' Antonio Rossellino. — Raphael et 
les preraphaelites a propos du tableau "Apollon et Marsyas." — Frances- 
co Francia. — Frangois Primatice. — Benvenuto CelliniT — Les Carrache et 
leur ecole. — Lorenzo Bartolini. 

v.2. De la peinture fran?aise et de son histoire. — Le paysage et les pay- 
sagistes en France au i8me siecle: Joseph Vernet, Hubert Robert, 
Valenciennes. — David et son influence sur I'ecole fran^aise. — La 
peinture de portrait en France; Francois Gerard. — Paul Delaroche. — 
Les dessins de M. Ingres. — De quelques traditions de I'art frangais a 
propos du tableau de M. Ingres "Jesus au milieu des docteurs." — La 
peinture religieuse en France; Hippolyte Flandrin. — Charles Simart. — 
De la critique d'art a propos de quelques ecrits recents. 

DUBOSC de PESQUIDOUX, Jean Clement Leonce. 

L'art au dix-neuvieme siecle; I'art dans les deux mondes, 

peinture et sculpture (1878); ire-2nie serie. 2v. 1881 709 D86 

FARRAR, Charles Samuel. 

Art topics in the history of sculpture, painting and architec- 
ture. 1898 r709 F24 

Contains numerous bibliographies. 

The lists of references are full and varied and are useful for looking 
up separate subjects, or for indicating a thorough course of study in 
the history of art. 
GOODYEAR, William Henry. 

History of art for classes, art-students and tourists in Europe. 

1896 709 G63h 

Short history, containing many and uncommon illustrations. 
Renaissance and modern art. 1894. (Chautauqua reading 

circle literature.) 709 G63 

The same. 1894. (Chautauqua reading circle literature.) r709 G63 

"Admirable handbook. . .The general view given of the development and 


spread of the Renaissance and of the relations to it of our modern 
life and art is clear and sound. . .In dealing with the art of our own 
day. Prof. Goodyear is not quite so successful." Nation, 1894. 

Roman and medieval art. 1893. (Chautauqua reading circle 

literature.) 709 G63r 

"Prof. Goodyear is an archaeologist of training and ability. . .he has added 
much to our knowledge, as for instance in his minute study of the 
delicate proportions of buildings of great art epochs." Russell Sturgis. 

HOPPIN, James Mason. 

Great epochs in art history. 1901 709 H78 

Contents: Italian religious painting. — A post-Pheidian Greek sculptor 
[Skopas]. — French Gothic architecture. — English pre-Raphaelites. 

"During his twenty years' incumbency of the professorship of art his- 
tory at New Haven, Professor Hoppin has seen much fine art, and 
has meditated upon its significance; and it may not be incorrect to 
characterize this book as a collection of those thoughts which seemed 
to him the most valuable, either separately or in their combination. 
The essay-like character of the book is explained in this way, and its 
lack of systematic treatment largely justified. It is, of course, better 
reading for the majority of readers — that is to say, for all those who 
have no immediate purpose in their consideration of art problems — 
than if the work were more scientifically constructed." Nation, 1902. 

LACROIX, Paul, (pseud. Le bibliophile Jacob). 

Arts in the middle ages and the renaissance. [1886.] qr709 L12 


The industrial arts; historical sketches. 1876. (South Ken- 
sington museum art handbooks.) 709 L82 

Contents: Gold and silver work. — Bronze, copper and iron. — Enamels. — 
Furniture. — Ivories. — Pottery and porcelain. — Maiolica. — Glass. — Mo- 
saics. — Arms and armour. — Textile fabrics. — Lace. 

LUBKE, Wilhelm. 

Outlines of the history of art. 2v. 1877 709 L97 

"This work, for some years, has had the reputation of being the most 
popular of the several hand-books of the history of art. It abounds 
in most carefully prepared illustrations, and is perhaps equally adapted 
to interest and instruct. It is an excellent book from which to obtain 
the fundamental knowledge necessary for a good judgment concern- 
ing works of art." C. K. Adams, in 1889. 
The same. 2v. 1877 r709 L97 

LUBKE, Wilhelm, & Liitzow, Carl von. 

Denkmaler der kunst, architektur, skulptur und malerei; zur 

iibersicht ihres entwickelungsganges von den ersten kiinst- 

, lerischen versuchen bis zu den standpunkten der gegen- 

wart. 2v. [1897-98.] qr709 L97d 

V.I. Text. V.2. Plates. 

REBER, Franz von. 

History of mediaeval art. 1893 709 R25h 

"Of mediaeval fine aft Architecture is very much the most important 
form, and it includes most of the other arts as practiced during the 
Middle .\ges. This translation is unusual in being the work of a very 
competent writer. A small glossary of technical terms is added." 
Russell Sturgis. 


ROBERTS, William. 

Memorials of Christie's; a record of art sales from 1766-1896. 

2v. 1897 qr709 R53 


Geschichte der modernen kunst. 3v. 1889-94 709 R72 

v.i. Geschichte der franzosischen kunst, von 1789 bis zur gegenwart. 
V.2. Die deutsche kunst, 1795-1848. 
V.3. Die deutsche kunst, 1849-1889. 


SfiROUX d'AGINCOURT, Jean Baptiste Louis Georges. 

Storia dell'arte dimostrata coi monumenti, dalla sua decaden- 
za nel IV secolo fine al sue risorgimento nel XVI. 3v. 
in 4. 1826-29 qr709 S48 

Author was a French archaeologist and historian. This work gives the 
results of his exploration and study of the remains of ancient art in 
Italy (1778-1814) undertaken with the object of continuing the his- 
tory of art from the point where Winckelmann had left it. 

THOMSON, David Croal, ed. 

Fifty years of art, 1849-1899; articles and illustrations selected 

from the "Art journal." 1900 qr709 T38 

TYRWHITT, Richard St. John. 

Greek and Gothic; progress and decay in the three arts of 

architecture, sculpture and painting. 1881 709 T98 

Useful handbook or guide to a course of study, but has no illustrations. 

WARNER, Ruth Janette. 

Aid for teachers of public schools and colleges in interesting 

students in historic art. 1897 r709 W23 

709.3 Ancient art 
PLINY, the elder. 

Chapters on the history of art. 1896 709.3 P69 

Partial contents: Silver chasing. — Bronze statuary. — Painting. — Model- 
ling. — Sculpture in marble. 
Latin and English text. 
REBER, Franz von. 

History of ancient art. 1882 709.3 R25 

Compact but lucid account of the architecture, sculpture and painting 
of Egypt, Chaldea, Babylon, Assyria, Persia, Phcenicia and Asia Minor, 
Greece, Etruria and Rome, giving the results of the best modern 
scholarship and investigation. 
WINCKELMANN, Johann Joachim. 

History of ancient art. 4v. in 2. 1880 709.3 W77 

Life of Winckelmann, v.i, p.i-104. 

"Winckelmann was doubtless the most skilful and delightful con- 
noisseur of ancient art that has ever written. . .The numerous illustra- 
tions are exquisite." C. K. Adams. 

Egyptian art 

PERROT, Georges, & Chipiez, Charles. 

History of art in ancient Egypt. 2v. 1883 qr709.32 P44 

"This work on Egypt is the most complete embodiment we have, in a 
book of moderate size, of what was known at the time of its publi- 
cation about Egyptian art." Russell Sturgis. 

Medo-Persian art 

PERROT, Georges, & Chipiez, Charles. 

History of art in Chaldsea & Assyria. 2v. 1884 qr709.3S P44 

"It contains much more that is original than the Egypt, because the 
subject is much more novel m arch.-eological study; and indeed the 
writer knows of no work, large or small, which gives what is contained 
in this one. The treatise on Assyrian architecture is a great addition 
to our knowledge." Russell Sturgis. 

History of art in Persia. 1892! qr709.35 P44h 



Roman art. Greek art 


Roman art; some of its principles and their application to 

early Christian painting. 1900 qr709.37 W67 

Description of the illustrations in the famous Vienna manuscript of the 
book of Genesis, with an historical essay on style in early Roman art 
from the period of Augustus to that of Constantine. Finely illustrated. 


Manual of Greek archaeology. 1886 709.38 C69 

Contents: Origin of Greek art. — Architecture. — Sculpture. — Terra-cotta 
figurines. — Painted vases. — Numismatics and glyptics. — Bronzes and 

Bibliography at the beginning of each chapter. 

Comprehensive handbook for students and general readers. 

HARRISON, Jane Ellen. 

Introductory studies in Greek art. 1897 709.38 H29 

"Not a history nor a classified account of different schools, but an essay 
on the spirit and meaning of Greek sculpture." Russell Sturgis. 

PERROT, Georges. & Chipiez, Charles. 

History of art in primitive Greece; Mycenian art. 2v. 

1894 qr709-38 P44 

"The phrase Mycenaean art is generally used for the portable objects 
in pottery and metal which have excited so much interest, but the 
present work includes also an elaborate study of prehistoric architec- 
ture of Greece with elaborate studies of restoration by Mr. Chipiez." 
Russell Sturgis. 

TARBELL, Frank Bigelow. 

History of Greek art. 1896. (Chautauqua reading circle 

literature.) 709.38 T19 

Accurate history for general readers, giving the latest results of classical 

Art of minor countries 

PERROT, Georges, & Chipiez, Charles. 

History of art in Phoenicia and its dependencies. 2v. 

- 1885 qr709-39 P44P 


History of art in Phrygia, Lydia, Caria and Lycia. 

1892 qr709-39 P44 

"The study of ancient Persian art has been followed up by French 
archaeologists with a great deal of zeal and intelligence; the result of 
their work is well presented here. Mr. Chipiez has furnished most 
suggestive plates of proposed restoration and the views of existing 
monuments in their present condition are admirable. Each of the 
other chapters contains much of special interest, the wonderful Lycian 
monuments being, perhaps, those which will appeal to the greatest 
number of readers." Russell Sturgis. 

History of art in Sardinia, Judaea, Syria and Asia Minor. 2v. 

1890 qr709-39 P44s 

"That which will especially excite interest is the long study of the ancient 
architectural Jerusalem, with the brilliant and suggestive restorations 
by Mr. Chipiez. The almost unknown antiquities of Sardinia, and the 
mysterious and disputed work of the people who are called Hittites 
in English, are also considered." Russell Sturgis. 


709.4 Modern art 

Scottish art 
BRYDALL, Robert. 

Art in Scotland; its origin and progress. 1889 709.41 B84 

General view, beginning with Celtic art and coming down to 1889. In- 
cludes sculpture and architecture as well as painting, and gives an 
account of the different art institutions and associations. 

German art. Hungarian art 

GURLITT, Cornelius. 

Die deutsche kunst des neunzehnten jahrhunderts; ihre ziele 
und thaten. 1899. (Das neunzehnte jahrhundert in 
Deutschlands entwicklung, v. 2.) r709.43 G97 


RADISICS, Jeno, ^rf. 

Chefs-d'oeuvre d'art de la Hongrie. 2v. in i. 1897-99. .. .qr709.439 Ri 3 
Beautifully illustrated volume on the arts of Hungary, with chapters 
on its museums, collections, etc. 

French art 

BROWNELL, William Crary. 

French art; classic and contemporary painting and sculpture. 

1895 709.44 B81 

"Although devoted to the criticiS'm of recent French fine art, the 
general principles which govern all fine art are so clearly expressed, 
so strongly and consistently urged that this book in itself may do 
much to explain what a work of art is in the mind of its creator, and 
also how his fellow-artists look at it." Russell Sturgis. 
The same. New ed. enl. 1901 qr709.44 B81 

The new edition contains a chapter on "Rodin and the Institute." 

DILKE, Emilia Francis (Strong), lady. 

Art in the modern state. 1888 709.44 D58a 

Contents: France under Richelieu. — France under Colbert. — The Royal 
academy of architecture. — The Royal academy of painting and sculp- 
ture. — The academical school. — Le Brun and the decorators of Ver- 
sailles. — The school of sculpture. — Engraving. — Industrial arts; the 
Gobelins, the Savonncrie. — Conclusion. — Appendix. 

"Lady Dilke. . .undertakes to describe the first appearance in the modern 
world of a highly centralized system of fine art fostered by the gov- 
ernment and turned alike to industrial and purely artistic uses with 
deliberate purpose." Russell Sturgis. 

Renaissance of art in France. 2v. 1879 "09.44 D58 

"A popular account of one of the most extraordinary passages in the 

history of fine art." Russell Sturgis. 


L'art national ; etude sur Thistoire de I'art en France. 2v. 

1882-83 qr709.44 D86 

V.I. Les origines. — La Gaule. — Les Remains. 

V.2. Les Francs. — Les Byzantins. — L'art ogival. 

Many illustrations. 
GENEVAY, Antoine. 

Le style Louis XIV; Charles Le Brun, decorateur; ses 

oeuvres, son influence, ses collaborateurs et son temps. 

1886. (Bibliotheque internationale de l'art.) q709.44 G29 



KINGSLEY, Rose Georgina. 

History of P'rench art, 1 100-1899. 1899 709.44 K27 

"Authorities," p.i.j-14. 

History of the rise and general progress of French painting, architecture 
and sculpture. Nearly half the book is given to the work of the 19th 
century. A comprehensive reference or text-book with no pretense of 
original criticism. 


L'art frangais au temps de Richelieu et de Mazarin. 1893. .709.44 LS9 
"Valuable book dealing with the long period of French art, the works 
of which are not much studied out of France. It is too much the 
custom to dismiss this art of the XVII century as that of the de- 
cadence and as lacking in solid value." Russell Sturgis. 

PETROZ, Pierre. 

L'art et la critique en France depuis 1822. 1875 709.44 P46 

PINSET, Raphael, & Auriac, Jules d'. 

Histoire du portrait en France. 1884 q709.44 P64 

PLANCH E, Gustave. 

£tudes sur I'ecole frangaise, (1831-1852); peinture et sculpture. 

2v. in I. 1855 709.44 P68 

Discussion of paintings and sculpture exhibited in the Paris salon from 
1831 to 1852, including works of Delacroix, Boulanger, Roqueplan, Huet, 
Girard, Dupont, Delaroche, Flandrin, Prud'homme, Dagnan, Marilhat, 
Lemoine, Corot, etc. 

PROUST, Antonin. 

L'art frangais; publication officielle de la Commission des 

beaux-arts, sous le direction de Antonin Proust. 

1890 : qr709.44 P97 


VASSELOT, Jean Joseph Marquet de. 

Histoire du portrait en France. 1880 q709.44 V23h 

Contents: Du portrait dans la peinture et dans les arts qui s'y rattachent. 
— Du portrait dans la sculpture et dans les arts qui s'y rattachent. 
Recherches sur l'art frangais; architecture, peinture, sculp- 
ture. 1878 q709.44 V23 

Italian art 

BRINTON, Selwyn. 

Renaissance in Italian art, (sculpture and painting). 3v. 

1898-1900 70945 B75 

V.I. Florence. — Pisa. — Siena. 

v.2. Padua. — Verona. — Ferrara. — Parma. — Venice. 

V.3. Milan. — The Umbrian borderland. — Perugia. — Rome. 

Handbooks for travellers and students containing a vast amount of 
valuable information. The appendix to v. i quotes from some modern 
critical authorities, and the appendix to v.2 contains an interesting 
analysis of the Venetian school. Illustrated. 

MUNTZ, Eugene. 

Histoire de l'art pendant la renaissance. 3v. 1889-95. .qr709.45 M96h 

V.I. Les Mecenes.— Les elements constitutifs de la premiere renaissance. 
— L'architecture ; de Brunellesco a Bramante.— La sculpture; de 
Donatello a Verrocohio. — La peinture; de Masaccio a Mantegna. 
— La gravure, les arts decoratifs. 

v.2. Les elements constitutifs de la renaissance a la fin du ise et au 
commencement du i6e siecle. — Les Mecenes. — L'architecture; Bra- 
mante; Raphael; Les San Gallo. — La sculpture; de Verrocchio a 
Michel- Ange. — La peinture; de Mantegna a Raphael.— La gravure, 
les arts decoratifs. 


V.3. Les elements constitutifs de la fin de la renaissance.— LCs Mecenes. 
— L'architecture; Michel- Ange, Vignole, Sansovino, Palladio. — 
La sculpture; Michel-Ange. — La peinture; Michel- Ange; Sodoma; 
le Correge; les Venitiens; Bernardino Luini. — La gravure; les 
arts decoratifs. 
"Of singular importance to all who would make a serious study of the 
fine arts. . . Learning and a true sense of the meaning of fine art 
have been combined in this work in a very unusual way." Russell 
La renaissance en Italic et en France a I'epoque de Charles 

VIII. 1885 qr709.45 M96 

"This valuable work is to be studied in connection with those by De 
Laborde and [Lady Dilke] for the history of art in France. For art 
in Italy, Miintz's own works are the best, except those works on 
special branches." Russell Sturgis. 

RUSKIN, John. 

Val d'Arno; Tuscan art. 1891 709.45 R89 

Tuscan art in its relation to the history of Florence in the 13th century. 

"Afford instruction which no other treatises on the subject supply, and 
which no student of Italian art, competent. . .to take advantage of 
what they offer, can neglect without loss." C. E. Norton. 

SCOTT, Leader, {pseud, of Mrs Lucy E. (Barnes) Baxter). 

Renaissance of art in Italy. 1888 qr709.4S S42 

Useful general history of the development of the arts from the 13th to 
the i6th century, by a practised writer on art subjects. Many illustra- 

WILLARD, Ashton Rollins. 

History of modern Italian art. 1898 709.45 W73 

The same. 1898 r709.45 W73 

The same. 1900 r709.4S W73h 

The only book yet (1898) published on the subject. Treats of sculpture, 

painting and architecture. 
The second edition (1900) contains over a hundred supplementary pages 

of text and additional illustrations. 

Spanish art 
RIANO, Juan Facundo. 

The industrial arts in Spain. 1890. (South Kensington 

museum art handbooks.) 709.46 R38 

Contents: Gold and silver work. — Iron work. — Bronzes. — Arms. — Furni- 
ture. — Ivories. — Pottery and porcelain. — Glass. — Textile fabrics. — Lace. 

Russian art 

MASKELL, Alfred. 

Russian art and art objects in Russia; a handbook to the re- 
productions of goldsmiths' work, and other art treasures 
from that country, in the South Kensington museum. 2v. 
in I. 1884. (South Kensington museum art hand- 
books.) 70947 M44 


Byzantine art 

BAYET, Charles. 

L'art byzantin. 1892. (Bibliotheque de I'enseignement des 

beaux-arts.) 709-495 B33 



DIEHL, Charles. 

L'art byzantin dans I'ltalie meridionale. [1894.] (Biblio- 

theque Internationale de l'art.) 709.495 D57 


Chinese art 

PALfiOLOGUE, Georges Maurice. 

L'art chinois. 1887. (Bibliotheque de I'enseignement des 

beaux-arts.) .709.51 P18 


POUVOURVILLE, Albert de, (pseud. Mat Gioi). 

L'art indo-chinois. 1894. (Bibliotheque de Tenseignement 

des beaux-arts.) 709.51 P86 


Japanese art 

ANDERSON, William, b. 1842. 

Pictorial arts of Japan. 2v. 1886 qr709.52 AS5 

V.I. Text. V.2. Plates. 

Gives a general history of the pictorial arts from prehistoric times to 
the present day [1886], with chapters on technique, characteristics, a 
short historical sketch of the associated arts, and a chapter on the 
pictorial art of the Chinese and Koreans. The author lived for years 
in Japan and has a comprehensive knowledge of Japanese drawings. 
Finely illustrated. 

AUDSLEY, George Ashdown. 

Ornamental arts of Japan. 2v. in 4. 1882-84 qr709.52 A91 

Extremely valuable work treating rather of the processes than the his- 
tory of the various arts — painting, drawing, embroidery, textiles, lac- 
quer, incrusted work, metal-work, cloisonne enamel, modeling, carv- 
ing and heraldry — and lavishly illustrated with fine chromolitho- 
graphic and photographic prints of choice examples owned by 
European and American collectors. 

GONSE. Louis. 

L'art japonais. 1886. (Bibliotheque de I'enseignement des 

beaux-arts.) 709.52 G61 


JARVES. James Jackson. 

Glimpse at the art of Japan. 1876 709.52 J19 

"It is the work of a man not gifted with much insight into fine art con- 
ditions. The large number of reproductions from Japanese picture- 
books, and the attempted explanation of their meaning is, however, an 
aid to students of the subject if they have not more authoritative works 
at hand; it is interesting to see how Europe and the ^United States 
philosophized over the new and not well understood fine art when it 
first came to their notice." Russell Sturgis. 

Arabian art. Indian art 

GAYET, Albert. 

L'art arabe. 1893. (Bibliotheque de I'enseignement des 

beaux-arts.) 709.53 G25 

BIRDWOOD, Sir George Christopher Molesworth. 

Industrial arts of India. ^ 1880. (South Kensington art 

handbooks.) 709.54 B48 

Contents: pt.i. The Hindu pantheon; pt.2, The master handicrafts of 

pt.2 treats of such subjects as metal-work, enamels, jewelry, art fur- 


niture and household decoration, woven stuffs, pottery, etc. 

Persian art 
GAYET, Albert. 

L'art persan. 1895. (Bibliotheque de renseignement des 

beaux-arts.) 709.55 G25 

Illustrated. ^ 

SMITH, Sir Robert Murdoch. 

Persian art. (South Kensington museum art handbooks.) . .709.55 S65 
Chiefly on porcelain, arms and armor, textile fabrics, embroidery and 
metal-work. Illustrated. 

American art 

DUNLAP, William. 

History of the rise and progress of the arts of design in the 

United States. 2v. 1834 '■709-73 D92 

Dunlap (1766-1839) was an American painter, literary worker, theatrical 
manager, and founder of the National academy of design. This book 
is in reality a history of fine arts in America to 1834. 

"Contains full biographical notices of all the artists in every department 
of design in the country, abounds in anecdote as well as information 
collected with great pains from original sources, which cannot be 
found elsewhere, and is the most valuable of the author's produc- 
tions." Duyckinck's Cyclofcedia of American literature. 

HARTMANN, Sadakichi. 

History of American art. 2v. 1902 709.73 H32 

V.I. American art before 1828. — Our landscape painters. — The old 

school. — The new school. 
V.2. American sculpture. — The graphic arts. — American art in Europe. 

— Latest phases. 
Account of early American art is very brief, most space being given 
to the landscape painters and the later artists. Popular in style. Many 

JARVES. James Jackson. 

Art idea; sculpture, painting and architecture in America. 

1864 709.73 J19 

710 Landscape gardening- 
Civic art 

BAILEY, Liberty Hyde. 

Garden-making; suggestions for the utilizing of home 

grounds. 1898. (Garden-craft series.) 710 B16 


CECIL, Mrs Alicia Margaret (Tyssen-Amherst) Gascoyne-. 

History of gardening in England. 1896 q7io C31 

Traces the progress of English gardening from the 9th century, giving 
sketches of the chief gardening celebrities. Illustrated with drawings 
from old manuscripts and with photographs. 

CONDER, Josiah. 

Landscape gardening in Japan. 2v. 1893 qr7io C74 

V.2, the supplement, consists of plates with descriptive text. 
A fully illustrated work describing the art of landscape gardening in 
Japan from ancient to modern times. 


COOK, Ernest Thomas, ed. 

Century book of gardening; a comprehensive work for every 

lover of the garden q7io C77 

"Although largely devoted to horticulture, has. . .so many photographs 
of old English gardens that it must be a delight to every architect in- 
to whose hands it falls. Its illustrations are full of the quiet charm 
of well hedged terrace walks and of broad flights of steps overhung 
by immemorial elms... He who would trim a rose finds explicit direc- 
tions. . .while he who would plan a garden finds not precept but ex- 
ample." Architectural review, 1900. 

DOWNING, Andrew Jackson. 

Treatise on the theory and practice of landscape gardening. 

1859 r7io D77 

EARLE, Mrs Alice (Morse). 

Old-time gardens. 1902 710 E17 

Chapters on colonial garden-making, front dooryards, the herb garden, 
old flower favorites, gardens of the poets, sun-dials, plant names, etc. 
There are interesting descriptions of many beautiful .\merican gar- 
dens, and nearly two hundred illustrations of flowers and views of 

EGLESTON, Nathaniel Hillyer. 

Villages and village life, with hints for their improvement. 

1878 .710 E36 


The garden and its development. (In Smithsonian institu- 
tion. Annual report, 1899, v. 54, pt.i, p.403-418.) . . . .r5o6 S66 v.54 

Translated from "Der garten und seine entwicklung." 

GARDENS old & new; the country house & its garden environ- 
ment. 2v '. qb7io G17 

"Deals with design, design taught not by precept but by example. Sixty- 
five country houses with their gardens have been chosen. They repre- 
sent every phase of gardening in Great Britain. . .Some description 
of each place is given, and since most of the places are of real archi- 
tectural and historic interest, these descriptions are more than merely 
perfunctory accompaniments. The pictures are the best that skillful 
photography, admirable halftone plates and careful presswork can pro- 
duce, and the book, take it for all in all, is from the architect's point of 
view, the best book on English gardens that has ever been published." 
Architectural review, 1901. 
V.2 is edited by John Leyland. 

HOWE, Walter, comp. 

The garden as considered in literature. 1890 710 H85 

Contents: Pliny, the elder. The pleasures of the garden. — -Pliny, the 
younger. Villa Laurentina, Villa in Tusculum. — Lord Bacon. Of 
gardens. — Sir William Temple. Upon the gardens of Epicurus; or. Of 
gardening in 1685. — The Spectator; Joseph Addison and Pope, or Dr 
Parnell on gardens. — The Guardian; Pope on gardens. — Lady Mary 
Wortley Montague. Letters to the countess of Bute. — Thomas Whately. 
Observations on modern gardening. — Oliver Goldsmith. Description 
of a Chinese garden, The history of a poet's garden. — Horace Walpole. 
Biographical account of William Kent, The history of modern taste in 
gardening. — John Evelyn. Of fences and quicksets. 

JOHNSON, Joseph Forsyth. 

Residential sites and environments; their conveniences, gar- 
dens, parks, planting, etc. 1898 qrjio J36 

KEMP, Edward. 

How to lay out a garden. 1894 710 K17 

Treatise on the art of landscape gardening, what to aim at, what to 
avoid. While its general principles of taste are applicable everywhere, 
its particular recommendations are adapted to the climatic conditions 
of England. Though an old book it is still considered valuable. 


MAWSON, Thomas Hayton. 

Art & craft of garden making. 1900 qb7io M51 

"Mr. Mawson has approached his subject with considerable knowledge 
of the elements of success in garden-planning, and with excellent 
judgment in the selection of well-designed details. The architect and 
would-be owner of a really satisfactory garden cannot do better than 
consult his treatise, for it is full of suggestions, some of which will 
undoubtedly be found useful." Studio, 1900. 

MAYNARD, Samuel Taylor. 

Landscape gardening as applied to home decoration. 1899. . . .710 MS3 

Practical suggestions for laying out and beautifying small grounds and 
yards, giving descriptions of trees and plants recommended for their 
value under ordinary conditions, with directions about planting and 
care. Has some observations on cemeteries, country roads, small parks 
and school yards. Illustrated. 

PARSONS, Samuel. 

How to plan the home grounds. 1899 710 P26h 

Sets forth briefly some simple basic principles concerning the processes 
whereby home grounds can be made beautiful. A second part of the 
book is devoted to the public grounds of villages and cities, and fifty-six 
illustrations, plans, and diagrams, with lists of trees and shrubs, help 
to elucidate the text. 

Landscape gardening. 1891 q7io P26 

General suggestions for laying out country places, large and small parks, 
cemetery, churchyard and railway lawns. Mr Parsons is a fellow of 
the Society of American landscape architects, and ex-superintendent 
of the New York city parks. Many illustrations. 

PLATT, Charles Adams. 

Italian gardens. 1894 q7io P68 

First published in Harper's magazine, July-Aug. 1893. 

Descriptions of the more important gardens in Italy in their present con- 
dition, with many illustrations from photographs. 

PRICE, Sir Uvedale. 

On the picturesque, with an essay on the origin of taste, and 

much original matter, by Sir T. D. Lauder. 1842 710 P94 

Author was much regarded as an authority on landscape gardening, in 
which he favored the natural and picturesque and contended that the 
then (1794) fashionable formal method of laying out grounds was 
"at variance with all the principles of landscape-painting, and with 
the practice of all the most eminent masters." This essay is still 
considered valuable. Lauder, who contributes the essay "On the origin 
of taste," was himself distinguished for his descriptive powers and 
his sense of the picturesque. 

ROBBINS, Mary Caroline. 

Rescue of an old place. 1893 710 R53 

"These chapters, which originally appeared in 'Garden and forest,' were 
written partly to acknowledge a debt for many practical suggestions 
derived from its pages, which helped us in our efforts to bring har- 
mony and beauty out of neglect and desolation in one of the 'aban- 
doned farms' of Massachusetts ; and at the same time to show the 
pleasure and interest we found in endeavoring to create a garden and 
forest of our own." Preface. 
ROBINSON, Charles Mulford. 

Improvement of towns and cities ; or. The practical basis of 

civic aesthetics. 1901 710 Rs4 

"The subject of civic aesthetics is one which, at least in America, is 
attracting to its study a constantly increasing number of people... Mr. 
Robinson's book. . .is a sincere attempt to reduce to small compass a 
subject of great breadth and complexity. . .The book properly opens 
with some consideration of how to make the most of a city's site and 
how best to plan its streets. Then follow such details as bridges, 
street pavements, street cleaning, lighting, etc; then things to be sup- 
pressed or rendered less annoying, as wires, poles, smoke. Next the 
question how to make advertisements less hideous and utilities more 
beautiful, claims much space. Parks and public gardens, squares and 


playgrounds, trees in cities — these and a dozen other matters fill 
separate chapters." Nation, 1901. 

ROSE, Nils Jonsson-. 

Lawns and gardens. 1897 q7io R71 

Directions by a practical gardener concerning grading, construction of 
roads, bridges and small buildings, as well as the planting of the 
grounds. Nearly half the book is devoted to descriptions of trees 
and plants best suited to ordinary conditions. Illustrated. 

SIEVEKING, Albert Forbes, ed. 

Gardens ancient and modem; an epitome of the literature of 

the garden-art; with an historical epilogue. 1899 710 S57 

Collection of prose selections from authors of all times; first published 
in 1885 under the title "The praise of gardens." 

VAN RENSSELAER, Mrs Mariana (Griswold). 

Art out-of-doors; hints on good taste in gardening. 1897 7^0 V19 

Contents: The art of gardening. — Aims and methods. — The home- 
grounds. — Close to the house. — Roads and paths. — Piazzas. — Formal 
flower-beds. — Formal gardening. — A word for architecture. — Out-door 
njonuments. — Cemeteries. — The beauty of trees. — Four trees, the Lom- 
bardy poplar, weeping willow, purple beech and white birch. — A word 
for the axe. — The love of. nature. — A word for books. — The artist. 
"Books on gardening art," p.385-399. 

•WAUGH, Frank Albert. 

Landscape gardening; treatise on the general principles gov- 
erning outdoor art. 1899 710 W33 

"Some books on landscape gardening," P.14S-148. 

Intended for gardeners who already know how to care properly for 
plants and shrubbery. Illustrated. 


Beautifying country homes; a handbook of landscape garden- 
ing. 1870 qr7io W44 

Diagrams and plans. 

711 Public parks 


Report (ist annual meeting-date), 1897-date. 1897-date. . .r7ii A51 

1st report, 1897, title reads "Report of the Park and outdoor art associ- 

In 1897, the park commissioners of Louisville, Ky. invited various park 
commissioners, park architects and park engineers of the United States 
to meet for the discussion of matters appertaining to park develop- 
ment and the proper construction of pleasure grounds for the people. 
The result of this meeting was the formation of the American park 
and outdoor art association. The reports of the association consist 
mainly of papers read at its sessions by prominent landscape garden- 
ers, park commissioners, etc. 

Annual report (ist-date), 1872-date. 1872-date r7ii P49 

nth report, 1882, wanting. 

17th report covers the 17th and i8th years. 


Municipal parks, gardens and open spaces of London; their 

history and associations. 1898 r7ii Ssi 

UNITED STATES — Gettysburg national military park com- 
Annual reports (ist-7th), 1893-1899. 1900 r7ii U2S 


714 Fountains. Water-gardens 

DUVAL, Amaury Pineux. 

Les fontaines de Paris, anciennes et nouvelles: contenant 
60 planches dessinees et gravees au trait par Moisy. 
1812 qr7i4 Dqs 

TRICKER, William. 

The water garden; embracing the construction of ponds, 
adapting natural streams, planting, hybridizing, seed sav- 
ing, propagation, building an aquatic house, wintering, 
correct designing and planting of banks and margins, to- 
gether with cultural directions for all ornamental aquatics. 
1897 q7i4 T73 

Many illustrations. 

715 Hedges. Trees. Arbor-day 

POWELL, Edward Payson. 

Hedges, windbreaks, shelters and live fences; a treatise on the 
planting, growth and management of hedge plants for 

country and suburban homes. 1900 715 P87 

American conditions. Illustrated. 

SKINNER, Charles Rufus. 

Arbor day manual; an aid in preparing programs for Arbor 

day exercises. 1896 qJ7i5 S62 

UNITED STATES— Education bureau. 

Planting trees in school grounds, and the celebration of Arbor 

day. 1885 r7i5 U25 

Contents: Planting trees in school grounds, by F. B. Hough. — Trees and 
tree planting, with exercises and directions for the celebration of Arbor 
day, by J. B. Peaslee. 

WISCONSIN — Public instruction, Superintendent of. 

Arbor and bird day annual for Wisconsin schools, 1899, 1902- 

1904. 1899-1904 qr7iS W81 

Bibliography, 1899, p.43-45; 1902, p.77-79; 1903. P-SS-57; 1904, P-97-99. 

The same, 1902, 1904. 1902-04 qJ7i5 W81 

716 Plants. Gardening 

ALLEN, Phoebe, & Godfrey. 

Miniature and window gardening. 1902 716 A42 

Direct and practical advice about making and keeping window gardens, 
and planting even the most hopeless city yard. 

BAILEY, Liberty Hyde, ed. 

Cyclopedia of American horticulture; suggestions for cultiva- 
tion of horticultural plants, descriptions of the species of 
fruits, vegetables, flowers and ornamental plants sold in 
the United States and Canada, with geographical and bio- 
graphical sketches. 4v. 1900-02 qr7i6 B16 

BAILEY, Liberty Hyde. 

Nursery-book; a guide to the multiplication of plants. 1896. 


(Garden-craft series.) 7^6 Bi6 

Describes the methods commonly used in the propagation and crossing 
of plants, and gives a very complete list of the plants ordinarily 
grown in this country, either for use or ornament, with the best 
method of propagating each. 

Plant-breeding. 1895. (Garden-craft series.) 716 Bi6p 

Lectures on the principles of organic evolution involved in the produc- 
tion of new forms. Contains a practical chapter on the structure of 
flowers and illustrated directions for crossing them. 

BOYLE, Mrs Eleanor Vere (Gordon). 

Sylvana's letters to an unknown friend. 1900 716 B67 

"Make a series of garden chronicles from April to November. ..They 
breathe the garden spirit... The heart of a wise dreamer is in them, 
interpreting, suggesting, consoling. . .There is imagination too of a pe- 
culiar sweetness." Academy, 1900. 

CHURCH, Mrs Ella Rodman (Macllvane). 

The home garden. 1881 716 C46 

Bits of advice about country gardens, city yards, house plants and small 
greenhouses. Adapted only to English conditions. 


Home gardening; a manual for the amateur. 1898 716 D84 

Suggests plants, fruits and vegetables for small gardens and gives advice 
about house plants and small conservatories. Being written for Eng- 
lish gardeners, much of the advice is not suited to American conditions. 

ELLWANGER, George Herman. 

Garden's story; or, Pleasures and trials of an amateur 

gardener. 1891 716 ES3 

One need not be a gardener to enjoy this collection of pleasant essays, 
full of allusions to the best that has been said of seasons and gardens, 
but it does give many practical suggestions for the planting and care 
of the garden month by month. 

FULLER, Andrew S. 

Propagation of plants. 1894 7i6 F98 

Treats of the general principles and practical processes. 

GARDEN and forest; a journal of horticulture, landscape art and 
forestry, conducted by C. S. Sargent; weekly, v.4-10. 
1891-97 qr7i6 G17 

Publication ceased with v. 10. 


Gardening for pleasure. 1893 716 H44g 

Guide for amateurs in fruit, vegetable, flower and indoor gardening. 

Practical floriculture. 1893 716 H44 

"Plain practical directions for growing tender plants and flowers. 
Originally written for men who make this their business, it is, never- 
theless, by far the best book obtainable for the amateur. . .Chapters on 
cold frames and pits, hot-beds, and simple greenhouse construction." 
L. H. Bailey. 

HILLHOUSE, Mrs Lizzie Page. 

House plants and how to succeed with them. 1897 716 Hss 

HOLE, Samuel Reynolds, dean. 

Our gardens. 1899. (Haddon hall library.) 716 H71 

"For wide knowledge of his subject, infectious good humour, a large 
stock of stories, new and old... Dean Hole is always the most win- 
ning of the prophets of the garden." Saturday review, 1899. 
Describes English conditions. Illustrated. 
HUNN, Charles E. & Bailey, L. H. 

Amateur's practical garden-book. 1900. (Garden-craft 

series.) 716 H93 

Practical handbook alphabetically arranged by subjects. Contains brief 
and condensed directions for growing all common flowers, vegetables. 




fruits and ornamental plants, and for the preparation of manures, 
mulches, the treatment of window gardens, the destruction of insects, 
the making of lawns, the pruning of trees and shrubbery, etc. 

JEKYLL, Gertrude. 

Home and garden; notes and thoughts, practical and critical, 

of a worker in both. 1900 716 J24h 

Author tells of what she did and what she would like to do in house 
building and gardening. Uncommon and interesting are chapters on 
"Plants for poor soils," "Gardening for short tenancies," "Some 
names of plants." Like many of the best garden books this considers 
only English conditions. Excellent illustrations from photographs. 

Wood and garden; notes and thoughts, practical and critical, 

of a working amateur. 1899 716 J24 

Author speaks from long experience, describing what she does from 
month to month with trees, shrubs and flowers. Illustrated with 
photographs taken by the author. 

McDonald, Donald. 

Sweet-scented flowers and fragrant leaves 1895 r7i6 M14 

Gives a short historical sketch of the use of fragrant flowers and leaves 
by different nations, and a long descriptive list of fragrant plants. 

MAGAZINE of horticulture, botany and all useful discov- 
eries and improvements in rural affairs; monthly, v.5-14. 
1839-48 r7i6 M24 

Continuation of "American gardeners' magazine." 

MANNING, Warren H. 

Handbook for planning and planting small home grounds. 

1899. (Stout manual training school.) 716 M33 

Contains a list of native and commonly cultivated plants that are rep- 
resented in the collection upon the grounds of the Stout manual 
training school, Menomonie, Wisconsin. 

MEEHAN'S monthly; a magazine of horticulture, botany and 

kindred subjects. I2v. 1891-1902 qr7i6 M56 

No more published. 

NICHOLSON. George, comp. 

Illustrated dictionary of gardening. 4v. 1884-87 qr7i6 N31 

The same; supplement. 2v. 1900-01 qr7i6 N3IS 

REXFORD, Eben Eugene. 

Flowers; how to grow them. 1898 716 R37 

Directions for the amateur grower, chiefly about house plants. 

ROBINSON, William. F.L.S. 

The English flower garden. 1897 716 R55 

The first part discusses the question of location and design, the artistic 
use of great groups of plants, the value of evergreens, flowering 
shrubs, climbers and ferns, with a chapter on flower gardens in public 
parks. Part 2 contains a description of plants and shrubs with direc- 
tions for their cultivation and hints on the position most suitable for 
each. Contains illustrations of typical gardens. 

STEP, Edward, & Watson, William. 

Favourite flowers of garden and greenhouse; the cultural 

directions ed. by William Watson. 4v. 1896-97 r7i6 S82 

With 316 colored illustrations. 

"Short, but. . .accurate descriptions of the more common genera and 
species of hardy and of greenhouse plants are given, together with 
directions for their cultivation. . .Floral details [dissections of flowers 
and seeds]... are often added... The work as a whole is so good that 
we do not hesitate to recommend it strongly to the notice of the 
amateur and lover of flowers." Athenaum, 1898. 

THAXTER, Mrs Celia (Laighton). 

An island garden, with pictures by Childe Hassam. 1894. ■ 716 T33 
Contains practical information as to how she made her marvelous gar- 
den in the Isles of Shoals, and yet is charmingly permeated by the 


poetry of the flowers, the islands, and good literature. Colored 

WHEELER, Mrs Candace (Thurber). 

Content in a garden, igoi 716 W61 

Suggests to the reader something of the happiness to be had in the 
possession of a garden. Illustrated. 

WOOD. John, of Kirkstall, England. 

Hardy perennials and old-fashioned garden flowers. 

[1897] 716 W85 

"Descriptive list of the more common garden flowers arranged alpha- 
betically. Cultural details are added, and these form the most useful 
part of the work." Atlieti<fum, 1898. 

716.2 Flowers 


Die blumenbinderei in ihrem ganzen umfange; die herstel- 
lung sammtlicher bindereiartikel und decorationen, wie 
kranze, bouquets, guirlanden, etc. 1890. (Hartleben's 

chemisch-technische bibliothek.) r7i6.2 871 

ELLWANGER, Henry Brooks. 

The rose. 1893 716.2 E53 

"A full account of the tribes and types of roses, and a manual of their 
cultivation, both in the open and under glass. Particularly full on 
varieties." L. H. Bailey. 


Language of flowers, illustrated by Kate Greenaway J716.2 G83 

INGRAM, John H. 

Language of flowers. 1887 r7i6.2 I24 

Also published under the title "Flora symbolica." 

JEKYLL, Gertrude. 

Lilies for English gardens ; a guide for amateurs. 1901. 

("Country life" library.) 716.2 J24 


JORDAN, Charles, and others. 

Pansies, violas and violets. 1898 716.2 J42 

Contents: Historical introduction, by William Cuthbertson. — Botany of 
the pansy, viola and violet, by John Ballantyne. — Growing for exhi- 
bition, etc., by William Cuthbertson. — Violas for the flower garden, 
etc., by Charles Jordan. — Poetry of the pansy, viola and violet, by 
J. M. Bumie. — The sweet violet, by William Cuthbertson. 

MELLIAR, A. Foster-. 

Book of the rose. 1894 716.2 M59 

Full details of practical culture for amateurs, by an enthusiastic amateur, 
with descriptions of the good and bad qualities of the best known 
roses. For English conditions. 


Carnations and picotees for garden and exhibition, with a 

chapter concerning pinks. 1900 716.2 W44 

716.3 -716.4 Conservatories. W^indow gardens 


Botanical guide through the Phipps conservatories in Pitts- 
burg and Allegheny. 1894 716.3 G98 

The same. 1894 r543.5 M77 

Bound with Mohr's "Chemische toxicologic." 


ROSE, Nils Jonsson-. 

Window and parlor gardening. 1895 716.4 R69 

Careful directions for the selection and care of house plants. 

718 Monuments. Mausoleums 

BRINDLEY, William, & Weatherley, W. S. 

Ancient sepulchral monuments from the earliest periods. 

down to the end of the i8th century; [plates]. 1887. . .qb7i8 B75 
.GORRINGE, Henry Honeychurch. 

Egyptian obelisks. 1885 qr7i8 G68 

Illustrated account, by the United States naval officer in charge of the 
work, of the removal of Cleopatra's needle from Egypt to New York, 
together with a history of this obelisk, of Egyptian obelisks in general, 
and an account of the removal of the London and Paris obelisks. 

KING, James, of Berwick-upon-Tweed. 

Cleopatra's needle; a history of the London obelisk, with 
an exposition of the hieroglyphics. 1893. (By-paths of 

Bible knowledge.) 718 K26 


L'HOTE, Nestor. 

Notice historique sur les obelisques egyptiens et en particufier 

sur I'obelisque de Louqsor. 1836 r7i8 L67 

MOLDENKE, Charles Edward. 

The New York obelisk, Cleopatra's needle; with a prelimi- 
nary sketch of the history, erection, uses and signification 

of obelisks. 1891 718 M78 

SCHENK, Charles, ed. 

Dewey arch and its details; erected in honor of Admiral 

Dewey by the city of New York, 1899; plates qb7i8 S32 


Memorial tablets, ancient and modern, honorary and mortu- 
ary, in bronze, brass, mosaic and marble. 1896 718 T45 

Out-of-door memorials; mausoleums, tombs, headstones and 

all forms of mortuary monuments. 1898 718 T45 

Bound with its "Memorial tablets." 

720 Architecture 

The books designated by the letter b at the beginning of the call number were 
purchased from the fund left to the Library by J. D. Bernd, and form the Bernd 
department of architecture. 

The Reference department contains a collection of about 1,400 photographs il- 
lustrating the architecture of England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece and Egypt, 
which may either be consulted at the Library or borrowed for home use. 

ACADEMY architecture, and Annual architectural review; ed. 

by Alexander Koch; [plates], v.i-date. 1889-date b720 A16 

ARCHITECTURAL master-pieces of Belgium, Holland, etc.; 

plates qb720 A67 

96 heliotypes without text, representing Belgian, Dutch, German and 
Swiss architecture. 

CLARK, Theodore Minot. 

Architect, owner and builder before the law. 1894 b720 CS2 

Collection of the most important decisions of the courts in building 


cases, with the principles on which the decisions were based. Cites 
some French and English cases in addition to American cases. 

CROQUIS d'architecture; [plates; monthly]. 24V. 1866-97. .qb720 C89 
Published by the Intime club. 
No more published. 

EUROPEAN architecture; [plates]; monthly, Oct. 1892-Sept. 

1901. 9v. 1893-1901 qb720 E9.3 

No more published. 

FRANCE — Commission des monuments historiques. 

Archives, 1855-1872. 4v. [1856-74.] qb720 F86a 

V.I. Architecture antique. — Moyen age; architecture religieuse, eglises. 

V.2. Moyen age; architecture religieuse, eglises (continued). — £g1ises 
fortifiees. — Architecture episcopale et monastique. 

V.3. Moyen age; architecture militaire. 

V.4. Renaissance; architecture civile. 

"The Commission of Historic Monuments was the outgrowth of that re- 
vival of interest in the history of France which took place about the 
year 1830. . .Its efforts were of inestimable value in putting a stop to 
acts of vandalism and in bringing home to the people of France the 
value and importance of her ancient buildings. . .In pursuit of its 
work it has brought together a great number of drawings representing 
both the actual state of buildings and the proposed restorations. This 
collection, in process of formation for over fifty years, contains the 
work of the most skilful draughtsmen and the ablest archaeologists 
of France." Architectural review, 1900. 

Archives; publiees sous le patronage de I'administration 
des beaux-arts par A. de Baudot, A. Perrault-Dabot, 
assistes d'une delegation de la commission, v.1-5. 
1898-1903 qb720 F86 

V.I. Ile-de-France. — Picardie. 

V.2. Normandie. — P)retagne. — Anjou. — Poitou. 

V.3. Champagne. — Lorraine. — Bourgogne. — Franche-Comte. — Nivernais. 
- — Orleanais. — Touraine. 

V.4. Lyonnais. — Berri. — Bourbonnais. — Auvergne. — Dauphine. — Angou- 
mois. — Aunis. — Saintonge. 

V. 5. Perigord. — Languedoc. — Provence. — Guyenne. — Gascogne. 

"Each volume consists of one hundred plates, very beautifully executed 
in heliogravure, each plate as a rule giving several drawings of the 
same edifice, a plan, elevations or perspective and details... It is nat- 
ural that in the [first] two volumes. . .churches should occupy the 
greatest space. . .In each volume there is a brief but excellent essay 
on the architecture of the provinces covered by the volume, and an 
analytical index fully describing each plate." Architectural review, 

KIDDER, Frank Eugene. 

Architect's and builder's pocket-book. 1893 b720.8 K24 

The same. 1904 b720.8 K24a 


Department of architecture; a descriptive catalogue. 1901. .qb720.7 M45 

PICTURESQUE architecture; twenty plates by A. Brunet-Des- 
baines, Ernest George, M. Lalanne, L. Lhermitte, J. Pen- 
nell, H. Railton, H. Toussaint, R. Kent Thomas and 
other artists, with descriptive notes. 1887 qb720 PS5 


Envois, 1884-1900; a selection of European notes and 
sketches taken from the work of the holders of the 
scholarship, ist-2d ser. v.1-2 qb720 R75 

V.I. 1884-87. 

V.2. 189I-I9OO. 


SMITH, Bernard. 

Sketches abroad: Germany and Switzerland; [plates]. 

1B80 qb720 S64 

Typical architecture of Germany and Switzerland. 

STATHAM, Henry Heathcote. 

Architecture among the poets. i8g8 720 S79a 

First published in the "Builder." 

Quotations containing allusions to and descriptions of architecture, 

selected from English poetry, with commentary by Mr Statham. 
"To succeed in such a compilation as this the writer must be well read 

and a good judge of poetry and Mr. Statham evidently possesses both 

qualifications." Athencsum, 1898. 

Architecture for general readers. 1896 720 S79 

The same. 1896 b720 S79 

"Treats the essential truths of architecture in the order of the subjects 
and not historically except in a secondary sense. Trabeated architec- 
ture is distinguished from that which is arcuated; a chapter being 
devoted to each. A valuable chapter is devoted to architecture in rela- 
tion to cities and landscapes. There is also an historical sketch occu- 
pying 120 pages. The book can be trusted as sound and intelligent 
and may be of great use to a person inclined to study the subject 
thoroughly." Russell Sturgis. 


De architectura libri decem. 1649 qb720 V35 

The imprint is Amstelodami, apud Ludovicum Elzevirium. 
"Michelangelo. . .and earlier architects were careful students of Vitru- 
vius's work, which through them has largely influenced the architec- 
ture of almost all European countries down to the present [nineteenth] 
century, a very remarkable instance of the success and influence of 
a book being actively redeveloped a very long time — about fifteen 
centuries — after its author's lifetime." Prof. J. H. Middleton. 

WOODS, Joseph. 

Letters of an architect from France, Italy and Greece. 2v. 

1828 qb720 W86 

Woods (1776-1864) was an English architect, the founder of the London 

architectural society, and its first president. 
"The work has illustrations by the author which are good in drawing 
but poor in color and chiaroscuro; the text evinces considerable critical 
taste and judgment." Dictionary of national biography. 

EIDLITZ, Leopold. 

Nature and function of art, more especially of architecture. 

1881 720.1 E39 

The same. 1881 b720.i E39 

Author (1823-96) was a prominent architect of New York city. Two- 
thirds of his book is given to architecture, pure and simple, ideas, 
monuments, construction, proportion, treatment of masses, style, etc. 
The rest deals with definitions of art. Mr Eidlitz had strong convic- 
tions and was a vigorous controversialist. 

"It is the object of this volume to inquire into the causes of the 
present condition of architecture; to define the nature and functions 
of art in general, and of architecture in particular, in order to show 
how architecture may again become a living and creative art." Preface. 

MORRIS, William. 

Architecture and history, and Westminster abbey. 1900. . .720.1 M91 

Of the paper on Westminster abbey Mr J. W. Mackail says: "Another 
utterance which has had little public circulation, but which gives his 
best literary qualities — his power of lucid statement, his immense and 
easily-wielded knowledge of architecture and history, his earnestness, 
his humour, and his mastery of biting phrase — with a perfection that 
is hardly equalled elsewhere." 

Printed at the Chiswick press from the golden type designed by William 
Morris for the Kelmscott press. 


720.3 Dictionaries. Encyclopedias 


Dictionary of architecture. 8v. 1887-92 qb720.3 A67 

Begun in 1852, the earlier articles have in many cases been rendered 
obsolete by later discoveries and information. It contains many im- 
portant and elaborate essays on historical and technical subjects, and 
until the publication of Sturgis's Dictionary was the only important 
work of the kind in English. 

GWILT, Joseph, comp. 

Encyclop?edia of architecture. 1894 b720.3 G99 

"Attempts to combine in one thick volume a history of the art, the 
mathematics which the practitioner is supposed to require, some 
knowledge of statics and mechanics, and many pages of directions as 
to practice, together with a very full bibliography and a glossary of 
terms used in architecture, which covers nearly 200 pages. It is, there- 
fore, not without value, and reference to it will far more often be useful 
than misleading. What it most lacks, perhaps, is delicacy of distinc- 
tion in the account of architectural styles. As to the practical part, 
one cannot make himself an architect by studying a book or many 
books, but many questions that arise may be answered by reference 
to these pages." Russell Sturgis. 

LONGFELLOW, William Pitt Preble, comp. 

Cyclopaedia of works of architecture in Italy, Greece and the 

Levant. 1895 qb720.3 L82 

Bibliography, p. 15-22. 

"A geographical dictionary of the most important monuments of the 
countries named in the title. . . Its peculiar value is probably in its 
treatment of the cities of the East, as of the Balkan Peninsula, Syria, 
and Asia Minor." Russell Sturgis. 

PARKER, John Henry, 1806-84, comp. 

Concise glossary of terms used in architecture. 1892. .. .b720.3 P23 

STURGIS, Russell, and others, comp. 

Dictionary of architecture and building. 3v. 1901-02 qb720.3 S93 

Bibliography, v.3, p.i 141-1212. 

Encyclopaedic dictionary, in which every word related to the principal 
subject is given and defined, while the more important are treated in 
articles of several hundred or several thousand words. Includes bi- 
ographies of architects, mural painters and decorative sculptors. 

720.4 Essays 

BARRY, Edward Middleton. 

Lectures on architecture, delivered at the Royal academy; ed. 

with introductory memoir by Alfred Barry. 1881 b720.4 B27 

FREEMAN, Edward Augustus. 

Historical and architectural sketches, chiefly Italian. 

1876 b720.4 F91 

"Interesting papers on ancient cities and their buildings, of great his- 
torical value to all students of architecture." Russell Sturgis. 

RUSKIN, John. 

Lectures on architecture and painting. 1892 720.4 R89 

"The first and the second lectures are a plea for Gothic architecture 
and the revival of that style in modern times. The theory, insisted 
upon in 'Stones of Venice'. . .appears here again; namely that the 
sculptured ornament of a building is its greatest and only important 
feature, artistically considered. The third lecture is on Turner, the 


f landscape painter, the artist to whose art the greater part of 'Modern 

i Painters'. . .is devoted. The fourth lecture is on the subject of 

J Pre-Raphaelitism." Russell Sturgis. 

I Seven lamps of architecture. 1892 720.4 RSgs 

J "This book was first published in 1849; it is a marvelous piece of work 

S for a man under thirty; compact and vigorous in thought, imaginative 

' — a real poem without metre — superbly written, with sustained strength 

r and flexible adaptation of language to thought. As a book of art criti- 

' cism, it is of no value. The architecture it treats of is a dream, a 

:: conception of the writer, having no connection with the actual Gothic 
buildings of Europe, upon a close study of which it is supposed to be 

: founded." Russell Sturgis. 

r SHAW, Richard Norman, & Jackson, T.G. ed. 

Architecture a profession or an art; essays on the qualifica- 
tions and training of architects. 1892 720.4 S53 

Contents: The protest against examination and registration of architects, 
reprinted from the Times of March 3, 1891. — That an artist is not neces- 
sarily unpractical, by R. N. Shaw. — Architecture and construction, by 
J. T. Micklethwaite. — Architecture and the Royal institute of British 
architects, by Reginald Blomfield. — Architectural study and the ex- 
amination test, by G. F. Bodley. — The protection of the public, by 
Mervyn Macartney. — Architects and surveyors, by Ernest Newton. — 
The "profession" and its ghosts, by E. S. Prior. — On the isolation of 
"professional" architecture from the other arts, by J. R. Clayton. — 
On the relation of general to technical education in the training of 
an architect, by Basil Champneys. — The builder's art and the crafts- 
man, by \V. R. Lethaby. — Thoughts on three arts and the training 
for them, by W. B. Richmond. — The unity of art, by G. C. Horsley. — 
On true and false ideals in the education of an architect, by T. G. 

SINGLETON, Esther, cd. 

Turrets, towers and temples ; the great buildings of the world 

as seen and described by famous writers. 1898 r720.4 S61 

The same. 1900 720.4 S6it 

"Author has aimed to make her selections from the works of such writ- 
ers as have felt and expressed the romantic spirit, as well as the archi- 
tectural beauty and grandeur, of the edifices described. The descrip- 
tion of St. Mark's, at Venice... is from Ruskin; that of Antwerp Ca- 
thedral is from Thackeray; the Kremlin, from Gautier; the Escurial, 
from De Amicis; Strasburg Cathedral, from Victor Hugo; the Temples 
of Nikko, Japan, from Loti; the Taj Mahal, from Andre Chevrillon; 
and so on... For the general reader and the lover of good literature, 
rather than the professional architect." Dial, 1898. 

VAN BRUNT, Henry. 

Greek lines, and other architectural essays. 1893 720.4 V17 

Contents: Greek lines and their influence on modern architecture. — 
Growth of conscience in modern decorative art. — Historical architec- 
ture and the influence of the personal element upon it. — The royal 
chateau of Blois. — Present state of architecture. — ^Architecture and 

"The work of a practising architect, formerly of Boston, now settled in 
the West, and who is yet a seeker for the spiritual or esoteric meaning 
in every work of art. In one important respect his criticism differs 
from that of most critical writers' of fine art, namely, that he finds far 
more that is good in modern architectural work than they." Russfll 

VIOLLET-LE-DUC, Eugene Emmanuel. 

Lectures on architecture. 2v. 1877-81 qb720.4 V34 

"There is nowhere a more masterly treatise on architectural art. Its 
inmost secrets are known to this able writer who sees what is strong 
and what is weak in every style, and makes it clear to his readers. 
He is also a master of explanatory and descriptive drawing. No other 
such illustrations of architectural subjects as those in his books are 
known." Russell Sturgis. 


720.5 Periodicals 

AMERICAN architect and building news; weekly, v.i-date. 

1876-date qb72o.s Asi 

ARCHITECT; a weekly illustrated journal, v.i-date. 

1869-date qb720.5 A673a 

V.49, no. 19-date, May 12, 1893-date, title reads "Architect and contract 

ARCHITECT and contract reporter. See Architect. 
ARCHITECTS' and builders' magazine; monthly, Oct. 1899- 

date. v.i-date. 1900-date qb720.5 A673b 

Formed by the consolidation of "Architecture and building" and 
"Builders' magazine." 

ARCHITECTURAL annual; published under the auspices of 
the Architectural league of America, 1900H31. [v.1-2.] 
1900-01 qb720.5 A674 

ARCHITECTURAL record; quarterly, July 1891-date. v.i- 
date. 1891-date b720.s A673r 

ARCHITECTURAL review; [monthly], Nov. 1891-date. v.i- 
date. 1891-date qb720.s A673re 

v.2-4 wanting. 

v.i-s published eight times a year. 

Continuation of "Technology architectural review." 

ARCHITECTURAL studies, international ; selection of plates, 
description and criticism by Russell Sturgis ; monthly, May 

1899-Oct. 1900. 3v. in I. 1899-1900 qb720.s A6732 

V.I, no.2-v.2, no.i, June-Nov. 1899, wanting. 

Each number contains 10 plates illustrative of various types of archi- 
tecture, mostly Europyean. Descriptive and critical text by Russell 
Sturgis accompanies each plate. 
No more published. 

ARCHITECTURE; a monthly magazine of architectural art, 

Feb. 1896-June 1898. 3v. 1896-98 qb720.5 A67 

None published for March 1898. 
No more published. 

ARCHITECTURE and building; weekly, v.24-31. 1896-99. .qb720.5 A673 

A continuation of "Building." After Aug. 5, 1899, this magazine was 
combined with the "Builders' magazine" and issued monthly under 
the title "Architects' and builders' magazine," qb720.5 A673b. 
BRICKBUILDER; monthly. v.6-date. 1897-date qb720.5 B74 

BRITISH architect; weekly. v.47-date. 1897-date qb720.5 B7S 

BROCHURE series of architectural illustration; monthly. 

pv. 1895-1903 b720.5 B759 

V.3 contains an index to v. 1-3. 
No more published. 
BUILDER; a weekly magazine, Dec. 31, 1842, Feb. 18, 1843- 

date. v.i-date. 1843-date qb720.5 B86 

V. 70-7 1, 1896, wanting. 

The first number is a "precursor" number, the first regular number 
being issued Feb. 18, 1843. 
BUILDING news; weekly. v.3-date. 1857-date qb720.s B86b 

V.71, July- Dec. 1896, wanting. 

v.6-9 title reads "Building news and architectural review." title reads "Building news and engineering journal." 
INLAND architect and news record; monthly, Feb. 1883- 

date. v.i-date. 1883-date qb720.S I24 

Feb. 1883-Jan. 1887 called "Inland architect and builder." 
Devoted to construction, decoration and furnishing in the West. It 
consists almost entirely of full-page plates of buildings, etc. 


REVUE generale de I' architecture et des travaux publics; jour- 
nal des architectes, des ingenieurs, des archeologues, des 

industriels et des proprietaires. v.i-23. 1840-65 qb720.5 R37 

Edited by Cesar Daly. 

SCIENTIFIC American; architects' and builders' edition; 

monthly, Nov. i88s-date. v.i-date. 1885-date qb720.S S41 

720.6 Societies 


Proceedings of the annual convention (24th-30th, 32d- 

date), 1890-1896, 1898-date. 1891-date .• b720.6 A51 

Catalogue of the annual architectural exhibition (ist), 

1898. 1898 r720.6 A51 


Architectural and other art societies of Europe; some account 
of their origin, processes of formation and methods of ad- 
ministration. 1869 qr720.6 656 

Published by the American institute of architects. 

Beginning with the "Academy of St. Luke," founded by Pope Clement 
VIII in 1595, author briefly sketches the history of the principal art 
societies of Europe and America, closing with some suggestions for a 
national American architectural-art society. 


Catalogue of the annual exhibition (7th, gth-date). 1894, 

1896-date. 1894-date b720.6 C43 

v.i5-date title reads "Chicago architectural annual." 


Catalogue of the exhibition (ist-2d), 1900, 1903. 1900-03. .r720.6 P67 

List of members; the report of the council, read at the annual 
general meeting, 7th May 1855, with the balance sheet 
and list of contributions to the collection and library. 
1855 qb720.6 RBit 

Transactions; i83S/36-date. v.i-date. 1839-date qb720.6 R81 

Index, v.i-34, 1835-1884. 1891. 

None issued between 1841 and 1849. 
v.4-26 title reads "Papers read;" v. 27-28 title reads "Sessional papers;" 
v.44-date title reads "Journal." 
v.44-date also known as "Architectural journal." 

T SQUARE CLUB, Philadelphia. 
■ Catalogue of the architectural exhibition [ist-2d], held at 
the Pennsylvania academy of the fine arts, 1896/97- 
1898. 1896-98 b720.6 T79 

TOTTEN, George Oakley, jr. 

Report upon the 4th International congress of architects, 
Brussels, 1897, [to the] secretary of the treasury, by 
G. O. Totten, jr., official delegate of the United States. 

1898 r720.6 T64 

United States treasury department doc. no.2oS7. 


720.9 History of architecture 


Histoire de I'art monumental dans I'antiquite et au moyen age, 

suivie d'un Traite de la peinture sur verre. 1845 qh720.g B31 

BEALE, S. Sophia. 

Amateur's guide to architecture. 1895 5720.9 B34 

Slight handbook founded on talks to classes of young girls. 


Architektonische stilproben; ein leitfaden mit historischem 

uberblick der wichtigsten baudenkmaler. 1900 Q720.9 B494 

Plates illustrating* the history of architecture, accompanied by 30 pages 
of text. 


Elementary architecture; for schools, art students and general 

readers. 1898 720.9 B85 

Contents: The classic orders. — English Gothic. — English renaissance and 

modern architecture. 
List of technical terms, P.13S-144. 
BURY, Thomas Talbot. 

Rudimentary architecture ; the styles of architecture of vari- 
ous countries, from the earliest to the present period. 
1900 720.9 B9S 

Bury (181 1-77) was an English architect of some note, and this concise, 
untechnical hi.story, first published in 1842, still holds its place. 
Appendix gives very brief description of the work of Wren and his 
immediate successors. Illustrated. 

CHOISY, Frangois Auguste. 

Histoire de I'architecture. 2v. 1899 b720.9 C4S 

"Of unusual interest and value... It is mainly a history of construction, 
rather than broadly speaking a history of architecture, and... with 
regard to the more recent styles, it relates mainly to France and treats 
other countries only in a very cursory manner. But in the field 
that it attempts to cover it is undoubtedly one of the best books, and 
perhaps the best book that has yet appeared." Architectural rez'iew, 


History of architecture in all countries. 2v. [1874.] 720.9 F38h 

"These two volumes form the history proper, treating the architecture 
of European peoples and its origin in Western Asia and Egrypt, and 
coming down to the time of the Renaissance." Russell Sturgis. 

History of the modern styles of architecture. 2v. 1891 720.9 F38 

"This work forms vols. 3 and 4 of Fergusson's general history; it is de- 
voted to the styles which began with the Renaissance of the fifteenth 
century." Russell Sturgis. 

FLETCHER, Banister, & Banister Flight. 

History of architecture for the student, craftsman and 

amateur; a comparative view of the historical styles. 

1896 720.9 F63 

The same. 1901 b720.9 F63 

"The 160 illustrations are remarkably well selected. Most of them are 
made from photographs by the collotype process, and these are of dif- 
ferent degrees of clearness. The text is not attractive for continuous 
reading, but is intended for reference, and is devoted to an elaborate 
comparison of styles." Russell Sturgis. 

FLETCHER, Banister Flight. 

Influence of material on architecture. 1897 qb720.9 F634 

This essay obtained the medal for 1896 given by the council of the 
Royal institute of British architects. 


FREEMAN, Edward Augustus. 

History of architecture. 1849 b720.9 F91 

"What is specially remarkable in this early work is the way in which 
he tries to penetrate to underlying causes, and to trace the influence 
of race, climate, national character and geographical position in de- 
termining structural forms... May be regarded as a philosophy of 
architecture." Stephens's Life of Freeman. 


Monuments anciens et modernes; collection formant une 
histoire de I'architecture des differents peuples a toutes 

les epoques. 1846-50 ^ qh720.g G13 

Contains many bibliographies. 

HAMLIN, Alfred Dwight Foster. 

Text-book of the history of architecture. 1896. (College his- 
tories of art. ) 720.9 H22 

The same. 1896. (College histories of art.) b720.9 H22 

"Intended mainly for study . . . and much is made of the lists of 
'monuments' which conclude the chapters. These are surprisingly 
complete. At the head of each chapter is also a list of books recom- 
mended, very judiciously made up, except that one would like to ex- 
clude some books published sixty years or more ago, which cannot 
be trusted. The text itself is singularly intelligent, and indicates a 
firm grasp of the reality rather than of the mere external appearance 
of things." Russell Sturgis. 

HORTON, Caroline W. 

Architecture for general students. 1895 720.9 H81 

Very rudimentary popular handbook first published in 1874 and not 
since revised. 

LEFfiVRE, Andre. 

Wonders of architecture; to which is added a chapter on Eng- 
lish architecture by R. Donald. 1886. (Wonders of art 
and archaeology.) 720.9 L53 

Popular description of famous structures, from the Tower of Babel 
to the Paris opera house. 

LONGFELLOW, William Pitt Preble. 

The column and the arch; essays on architectural history. 

1899 720.9 L82 

The same. 1899 b720.9 L82 

Contents: The lotus column.— Grasco-Roman architecture.— The age of 
Constantine. — Early Christian architecture.— Santa Maria Maggiore.— 
Romanesque architecture. — The renaissance. — Saint Peter's. 

MATHEWS, Charles Thompson. 

Story of architecture; an outline of the styles in all countries. 

1896 720.9 M47 

The same. 1896 b720.9 M47 

With bibliographies. 

Popular handbook giving a general view of the subject. Has a brief 
sketch of American architecture. 

PERRY, John Tavenor. 

Chronology of mediseval and renaissance architecture; a date 
book of architectural art, from the building of the ancient 
basilica of S. Peter's, Rome, to the consecration of the 

present church. 1893 b720.9 P44 

List of some of the principal authorities quoted, p. 285-290. 


Handbook of architectural styles. 1893 720.9 R72 

"Almost every desirable quality is to be found in the translation of 


this well-known hand-book. It is at once concise and comprehensive 
and every style is described in a way that shows both intelligence and 
erudition. Although not so complete as Mr. Fergusson's more elab- 
orate history, it is for that very reason better suited to the wants of 
the general public." Nation, 1876. 

SMITH, Thomas Roger. 

Architecture, Gothic and renaissance. 1893. (Illustrated 

hand-books of art history.) 720.9 S65 

"Not inaccurate, nor hard to understand, but vague, discursive; fails to 
give clear and connected ideas. It fails also to insist on the most im- 
portant points. The smaller part, devoted to the Renaissance, is more 
nearly accurate than that given to the Gothic. There is a short glos- 
sary of technical terms." Russell Sturgis. 

TUCKERMAN, Arthur Lyman. 

Short history of architecture. 1897 720.9 T81 

Gives briefly and without using technical terms the chief historical facts. 

WATERHOUSE, Percy Leslie. 

Story of the art of building. 1901. (Library of useful 

stories.) 720.9 W29 

Bibliography, p.210. 

Also published with the title "Story of architecture." 
"The history of architecture in. . .so small a compass as to be carried in 
a waistcoat pocket... The book will be of use to persons who desire 
some knowledge of the subject, yet lack opportunity to study the 
longer histories. To such it may be commended as a clear and relia- 
ble statement of well-ascertained facts." Nation, 1902. 


STURGIS, Russell. 

European architecture; a historical study. 1896 720.94 S93 

The same. 1896 hy20.g^ S93 

"The period covered is . . . from 600 B.C. to the end of the eight- 
eenth century. The number of buildings referred to is large, for very 
few of the 50° pages are given to general considerations or to broad 
sketches of the chief characteristics of the styles. . . The author's 
plan is to proceed from one edifice to another, analysing construction 
and decoration, with, of course, in later periods, some attention to 
the architects whose works are considered. . . This is now the best 
text-book we have in English, and, with a good collection of photo- 
graphs, is an equipment for thorough and delightful study." Archi- 
tectural record, 1897. 

HUNNEWELL, James Frothingham. 

Historical monuments of France. 1898 720.944 H93 

Descriptions of some of the old buildings which have been taken under 
government protection as worthy of preservation, with an appendix 
giving full lists of the monuments and shorter descriptions of those 
not included in the body of the work. 

"Gives... the description, the story, and often the gossip of such of the 
monuments as he has studied. His accounts are interesting, full 
enough to give the ordinary reader what he will care to know, and 
to show the travelling architect where to look for more." Nation, 1884. 


Les styles franqais. 1892. (Bibliotheque de I'enseignement 

des beaux-arts.) 720.944 L48 

BISHOP, Henry Halsall. 

Pictorial architecture of Greece and Italy. 1890 720.945 B49 

"Combination of gush and guide-book, apparently written up to the 
illustrations, which are many and fairly good." Athenaeum, 1888. 


721 Architectural construction 

BIRKMIRE, William Harvey. 

Planning and construction of high office-buildings. 1898. .721 B48P 

Skeleton construction in buildings, with illustrations of 

high buildings. 1894 721 B48 

The same. 1893 r72i B48 

CHANDLER, Francis Ward. 

Construction details; prepared for the use of students of the 
** " Massachusetts institute of technology. 1892 qb72i C36 

Set of plates showing the best designs for the minor details of building 
construction, such as window and door frames, floor deafening, etc. 

FREITAG, Joseph Kendall. 

Architectural engineering, with special reference to high 

building construction. 1901 721 F9ia 

The same. 1901 r72i F91 

MANDAR, Charles Frangois. 

fitudes d'architecture civile; ou. Plans, elevations et details 

necessaires pour elever et decorer une maison. 1826. .qb72i M32 
MARTIN, Clarence Augustine. 

Details of building construction. 1899 qb72i M42 

Drawings with explanatory notes. 


Palliser's useful details; [plates]. 1890 qb72i P18 

Practical working drawings of constructional details. For the builder 
and mechanic as well as the architect. 

GOSSET, Alphonse. 

Les coupoles d'Orient et d'Occident; etude historique, 

theorique et pratique. 1889 qb72i.4 G69 

PUGIN, Augustus Welby Northmore. 

Series of ornamental timber gables from existing examples 
in England and France of the T6th century; plates, 
with descriptive letter-press by E. J. Willson. 1839. .qb72i.58 P98 

721.8 Doors. Gates. Grilles. Windows 

Door and window grilles in bronze and iron; [plates], v.i. 

1902. (Topical architecture.) qb72i.8 Asid 

The examples selected range in date from the i6th to the 19th century 
and include numerous specimens of grilles in modern New York 

The name of the American architect and building news co. was changed 
in 1903 to the American architect co. 

Renaissance doorways, Italian; [plates], v.i. 1901. (Topi- 
cal architecture.) qb72i.8 A51 


Pocket hand-book of electro-glazed Luxfer prisms ; useful in- 
formation and tables relating to their use, for architects, 
engineers and builders ; ed. by Henry Crew and O. H. Bas- 

quin. 1898 r72i.8 A51 

DONALDSON, Thomas Leverton. 

Collection of examples of doorways from ancient buildings in 


Greece and Italy; preceded by an essay on the usages of 
the ancients respecting doorways, and a new translation of 
the chapter of Vitruvius on the subject, with the original 

text. 1833 qb72i.8 D71 

FREEMAN, Edward Augustus. 

Essay on the origin and development of window tracery in 

England. 1851 b72i.8 F91 

MIDDLETON. Charles. 

Designs for gates and rails suitable to parks, etc., also 

some designs for trellis work; 27 plates qb72i.8 M67 


Book of designs in hardware. [1898.] r72i.88 S24 

Door-trimmings, push-buttons, etc. 

721.9 Terra-cotta in architecture 

GRUNER, Wilhelm Heinrich Ludwig, ed. 

Terra-cotta architecture of north Italy (i2th-i5th centuries), 
from drawings and restorations by Federigo Lose ; descrip- 
tive text by V. Ottolini and F. Lose. 1867 qb72i.9 G94 

Plates with descriptive text illustrating the use of terra-cotta in Italian 
architecture. Walls, arches, columns, cornices, towers and various 
decorative details are given. The specimens shown are mainly exam- 
ples of ecclesiastical architecture. 


Beitrage zur kenntniss der backstein-architektur Italiens, 

[ist-2d ser.] ; [plates]. 2v. in i. 1852-85 qb72i.9 R87 

Plates illustrating ornamental architectural detail in brick and terra- 

722 Ancient and oriental architecture 


Die architektur des classischen altertums und der renaissance. 

3 pts. in IV. 1893 qb722 B86 

pt.i. Die saeulenordnungen. 
, pt.2. Bogenstellungen. — Thiiren und fenster. — Fagadenbildungen. 
pt.3. Die architektonische entwicklung und decoration der raume. 

ELSON, (A. W.) & CO. puh. 

[Scrap-book of Elson prints.] qJ722 E55 

Illustrative of ancient architecture and sculpture. 
ESPOUY, Hector d', ed. 

Fragments d'architecture antique d'apres les releves & 
restaurations des anciens pensionnaires de I'Academie 

de France a Rome; [plates]. [1897.] qb722 E83 

SMITH, Thomas Roger, & Slater. John. 

Architecture, classical and early Christian. 1893. (Illus- 
trated hand-books of art history.) 722 S66 

"Contains an account of ancient architecture in Eg^pt, Western Asia — 
Assyria, Eastern Asia, Greece, the Greek colonies and the Roman 
Empire; also of Byzantine, Romanesque, and Mohammedan architec- 
ture. A good general idea can be obtained from it, but there is in it 
no sign of intimate acquaintance with the remains described or with 
the best founded conclusions of modem archaeologists. . . There is a 
brief glossary of technical terms. Some of the illustrations are very 
good." Russell Sturgis. 


Japanese. Egyptian. Cypriote 

MORSE, Edward Sylvester. 

Japanese homes and their surroundings. 1895 qb722.i M92 

Treats every detail of the building and furnishing of a Japanese house. 
Many illustrations drawn by the author, who has a thorough knowledge 
of his subject. 

ELSON, (A.W.) & CO. pub. 

Masterpieces in art; Elson prints, Egypt (architecture). 

1900 qr722.2 Ess 

ENLART, Camille. 

L'art gothique et la renaissance en Chypre. 2v. 1899. . . .b722.3 E64 
"Bibliographic," v.i, p. 25^32. 

Gives the results of the investigations carried on in the island of 
Cyprus under the direction of the French minister of public instruction 
in 1896. Treats of the religious, civil and military architecture, 
which, M. Enlart remarks, belongs to the history of French art and 
is necessary to its study. Fully illustrated. 

COLE, Henry Hardy, ed. 

Illustrations of buildings near Muttra and Agra, showing 
the mixed Hindu-Mahomedan style of upper India. 

1873 qb722.4 C68 


History of Indian and Eastern architecture. 2v. 1891 . . . .722.4 F38 

"Although appearing as the third volume of the second edition of the 

'General history of architecture,' the present may be considered as an 

independent and original work." Preface. 
"Contains the only consecutive account in English of the styles of India. 

The account of architecture in China, Japan, etc., is very inferior and 

slight." Russell Sturgis, 1897. 


COCKERELL, Charles Robert, and others. 

Antiquities of Athens and other places in Greece, Sicily, 

etc., delineated and illustrated by C. R. Cockerell, W. 

Kinnard, T. L. Donaldson, W. Jenkins, W. Railton. 

1830 qb722.8 C64 

Supplementary to "Antiquities of Athens" by James Stuart and Nicholas 

Includes illustrations of the temple of Jupiter at Agrigentum, the temple 
of Apollo at Phigalia, and of a Greek temple on the island of Corfu, 
an important essay on the arrangement of the Greek theatre, details of 
antiquities at Delos and various fragments of Greek ornamental 

DEFRASSE, Alphonse. 

fipidaure; restauration et description des principaux monu- 
ments du sanctuaire d'Asclepios, texte par Henri Lechat. 

189s qb722.8 D37 


The Parthenon; an essay on the mode by which light was 

introduced into Greek and Roman temples. 1883. . . .qb722.8 F38 
ISHAM, Norman Morrison. 

Homeric palace. 1898 722.8 I29 

Bibliography, p. 63-64. 

The author, an architect and a lover of Homer, reconstructs from exist- 


ing remains and descriptions in literature a typical royal palace of 
the Homeric period, its situation, its external appearance, its internal 
arrangements and decorations. Plans and views. 

LALOUX, Victor. 

L'architecture grecque. 1888. (Bibliotheque de I'enseigne- 

ment des beaux-arts.) 722.8 L17 

Bibliography, p.9-10. 

LALOUX, Victor, & Monceaux, Paul. 

Restauration d'Olympie; I'histoire, les monuments, le culte 

et Ics fetes. 1889 qb722.8 L17 

PENNETHORNE, John, & Robinson, John. 

Geometry and optics of ancient architecture, illustrated by 

examples from Thebes, Athens and Rome. 1878 qb722.8 P39 

SERRADIFALCO, Domenico lo Faso Pietrasanta, duca di. 
Vedute pittoriche degli antichi monumenti della Sicilia. 

[1843.] qb722.8 S48 

Italian and French text. 

SMITH, Thomas Roger, & Redford, George. 

Greek architecture and Greek sculpture. 1892. (Chautauqua 

reading circle literature.) 722.8 S66 

STUART, James, 1713-S8, & Revett, Nicholas. 

Antiquities of Athens measured and delineated. 4v. 1762- 

1816 qb722.8 S93 

The same. 1893 722.8 S93 

Reduced from the original edition of this work. 

Authors spent two years (1751-53) at Athens taking measurements. 
The large edition consists of many large engraved views and measured 
drawings with some descriptive text. 
"Produced an extraordinary effect upon English society. . .Under its 
influence the classical style in architecture was widely adopted in 
London and the provinces. . .May be said to be the commencement of 
serious study of classical art and antiquities throughout Europe." 
Dictionary of national biography. 

UHDE, Constantin. 

Architectural forms of the classic ages, giving special atten- 
tion to the orders of columns and formations of cor- 
nices. [ 1896.] qb722.8 U18 

723 Mediaeval architecture 

CARTER, John. 

Ancient architecture of England, including the orders during 
the British, Roman, Saxon and Norman eras and to the 
reign of Henry VIIL 2v. in i. 1887 qb723 C23 

V.2 never completed. 

Carter (1748-1817) was an authority on ancient architecture and a 

skilful draftsman, most of the illustrations of this work being done 

by him. 
"The arrangement of the architectural specimens chronologically was... 

an important feature in Carter's book and prepared the way for 

subsequent writers on the sequence of styles." Dictionary of national 


CATTANEO, Raffaele. 

Architecture in Italy, from the sixth to the eleventh cen- 
tury; historical and critical researches. 1896 qb723 C28 

"A valuable addition to our scant knowledge of the period of which it 
treats." Nation, 1896. 


CUMMINGS, Charles Amos. 

History of architecture in Italy, from the time of Constan- 

tine to the dawn of the renaissance. 2v. 1901 723 C91 

List of authorities consulted, v.i, p.9-11. 

The author, a well-known Boston architect, gives a continuous account 
of the rise, progress and decline of the various styles of architecture 
during this period, with full, careful and exact dimensions of a great 
number of Italian buildings. Doubtful points are carefully stated. 
The book is interesting to the general reader and useful to the special- 
ist. Nearly 500 illustrations. 

FREEMAN, Edward Augustus. 

.^^.-N.otes on the architectural antiquities of the district of Gower 

in Glamorganshire. 1850 b723 F91 

Reprinted from "Archxologia Cambrensis." 

GENTLEMAN'S magazine library; ed. by G. L. Gomme; 

Architectural antiquities. 2v. 1890-91 723 G2g 

Most of these papers are by John Carter. 

Descriptions of the condition of ancient English buildings and monu- 
ments, written from surveys and drawings made from 1780 to 1815. 

PETIT, John Louis. 

Architectural studies in France. 1890 b723 P46 

"Showed much learning and observation and threw light on the forma- 
tion of Gothic in France, and the difference between English and 
French Gothic." Dictionary of national biography. 

Illustrated by drawings, often of unfamiliar places, made by the author, 
distinguished for his architectural sketches. In this edition they are 
somewhat reduced from the original edition of 1854. 

Byzantine. Moorish 

TEXIER, Charles Felix Marie, & Pullan, R.P. 

Byzantine architecture ; illustrated by examples of edifices 
erected in the East during the earliest ages of 
Christianity, with historical and archaeological descrip- 
tions. 1864 qb723.2 T32 

"This book. . .is valuable as a collection of buildings not otherwise very 
accessible to the student. Inaccuracies in other works by these authors 
have caused the present one to be regarded with suspicion, but the 
buildings treated of in this book exist in the form in which they are 
here portrayed, and are not the subjects of such restoration as was 
found inaccurately described in other cases." Russell Sturgis. 

GOURY, Jules, & Jones, Owen. 

Plans, elevations, sections and details of the Alhambra. 

2v. 1892-95 qb723.3 G74 

This work contains loi colored plates, exhibiting in minute detail and 
with great accuracy the various parts of the Alhambra. In preparation 
for the work an impression of every ornament throughout the palace 
was taken in plaster, or with unsized paper. This is (1898) the great 
work on one of the most interesting buildings, architecturally, in the 

MURPHY, James Cavanah. 

Arabian antiquities of Spain. 1813 qb723.3 M97 

97 large and excellent engravings, the first nine illustrating the Mosque 
of Cordova, and the rest, the Alhambra. Plates include exteriors, in- 
teriors, plans and details, and most of them are accompanied by short 


CORROYER, fidouard Jules. 

L'architecture romane. 1888. (Bibliotheque de I'enseigne- 

ment des beaux-arts.) 723.4 C82 



DARTEIN, Marie Fernand de. 

£tude sur I'architecture lombarde et sur les origines de I'archi- 

tecture romano-byzantine. 2v. 1865-82 qb723.4 D26 

V.I. Texte: £tude historique sur la formation du style romano-byzantin 
au nord de I'ltalie. — £tude des monuments. — Caracteres du style 

V.3. Atlas des planches. 

The author is (1901) professor of architecture at the Paris £cole poly- 
technique. The numerous plates include elevations, plans and general 
views, with references to descriptions in the text. 


Meisterwerke saracenisch-normannischer kunst in Sicilien 
und Unteritalien ; ein beitrag zur kunstgeschichte des mit- 

telalters. 1900 qb723.4 K44 

"To the elucidation of this strange complex of races and of styles our 
author devotes a brief essay, dividing the rest of his text between a 
history of Sicily to the end of the Norman domination and a descrip- 
tion of the things illustrated by the plates. These plates... do not 
pretend to bring before us any single building in its entirety. They 
are selected with a view rather of illustrating the style." Architectural 
rei-ic-ii:, 1900. 

OSTEN, Friedrich. 

Die bauwerke in der Lombardei vom 7. bis zum 14. jahr- 

hundert qb723.4 O29 

French and* German text. 

Plans and details, with brief descriptive text, illustrating typical speci- 
mens of mediaeval architecture (chiefly ecclesiastical) in Lombardy. 

REVOIL, Henri Antoine. 

Architecture romane du midi de la France, dessinee, mesuree 

et decrite. 3v. 1867-74 qb723.4 R37 

ROHAULT de FLEURY, Georges. 

Les monuments de Pise au moyen age. 2v. 1866 qb723.4 R62 

V.I. Text. V.2. Plates. 

Contains descriptions, elevations, measured drawings and pictorial draw- 
ings, of churches, palaces and other important buildings of Pisa in the 
middle ages; also reproductions of paintings and sculpture. By a dis- 
tinguished French architect and writer on architectural subjects. 

RUPRICH-ROBERT, Victor Marie Charles. 

L'architecture normande aux lie et I2e siecles en Nor- 

mandie et en Angleterre. 2v. [1889.] qb723.4 R88 

"Esquisse d'une bibliographic de I'histoire de l'architecture en Angle- 
terre," V.I, P.2S3-279. 

VIOLLET-LE-DUC, Eugene Emmanuel. 

Dictionnaire raisonne de l'architecture frangaise du lie au 

i6e siecle. lov. 1867-73 qb723.4 V34 

"An encyclopaedia of French mediaeval art arranged in dictionary form. 
. . . The author is in many ways a unique personage. He was an 
architect employed on the restoration of many of the most important 
ancient buildings in France; he had thus unusual opportunity of as- 
certaining the minutest details of their original construction. . . He 
had ... a gift at drawing which has never been equaled in its 
way. His drawings . . . are always faultless as means of explana- 
tion of his meaning. . . It is supposed that of the thousands of 
illustrations in this book, all, or all except some plans and diagrams, 
were drawn by his own hand. Inasmuch as France is the country in 
which Gothic art took its origin in the XII. century, developing itself 
out of a school of the Romanesque at least equal to that of any other 
land, it follows that the history of mediaeval art is well impressed upon 
the student by the study of this book, combined with reference to such 
other books as treat of the art of special countries of Europe." Russell 



BLOXAM, Matthew Holbeche. 

Principles of Gothic ecclesiastical architecture. 2v. i882..b723.5 656 

One of the earliest modern treatises on Gothic architecture, this work, 

much enlarged and in many editions, has been rivaled only by John 

Henry Parker's "Introduction to the study of Gothic architecture," 
in its popularity among students. 

BRANDON, John Raphael, & Joshua Arthur. 

Analysis of Gothick architecture, illustrated by a series of 
examples of doorways, windows, etc., with remarks on the 
several details of an ecclesiastical edifice. •2v. i860. .qh72S-5 B69 

Upwards of 700 illustrations from the best periods of ancient work, 
ecclesiastical and domestic. Text treats of the origin and development 
of window tracery, the character of moldings, piers, arches and 
buttresses, and the treatment of wood and metal work. 

"May still be considered one of the most useful of its class." Charles 
L. Eastlake. 
COLLING, James Kellaway. 

Details of Gothic architecture; [plates]. 2v. [1856.] . . . .qb723.5 C69 

Plates, without text, illustrating the details of Gothic church architec- 
ture in England. 

CORROYER, fidouard Jules. 

Gothic architecture; ed. by Walter Armstrong. 1893 723.5 C82 

"A very good account of the origin and growth of the great styles 
of Western Europe, from 1150 to 1500, with useful illustrations. It is 
the work of a very competent man, and should be studied with care." 
Russell Siurgis. 
GIBBS, John. 

English Gothic architecture; or, Suggestions relative to the 
designing of domestic buildings, ornaments, church-yard 
memorials, chimney pieces and alphabets; [plates]. 

I8SS qb723.5 G36 


Gothic ornaments in the cathedral church of York ; drawn and 

etched by Joseph Halfpenny. 1894 qb723.5 H16 

About 1790, when the cleansing and re-decoration of the roofs and walls 
. , of the interior of the cathedral were being carried out. Halfpenny 
availed himself of the scaffolds which were set up, to make drawings 
of many beautiful sculptures and details which were ordinarily inac- 
cessible. These drawings are the more valuable now, because so many 
of the objects they represent were destroyed by the fires of 1829 and 
1840. The drawing and the etching are remarkably good, and the 
plates are accompanied by short descriptions. 

HAWKINS, John Sidney. 

History of the origin and establishment of Gothic architec- 
ture. 1813 qb723.5 H36 

Hawkins was a learned and industrious antiquarian, but was not a 
thorough student of architecture. 

MOORE, Charles Herbert. 

Development and character of Gothic architecture. 1890. .723.5 M84 
"An enthusiastic and scholarly book devoted to the examination of 
Gothic architecture in its essential structure and the resulting forms. 
Mr. Moore finds that not only did the style take its origin in northern 
France, but that it never was practiced in its completeness and purity 
outside of France except in certain instances. It is a book to be 
studied with the greatest care by any one desiring to know the facts 
as they offer themselves to a very careful and close student who is 
not himself a builder. Attentive reading of it cannot but give the 
reader larger views of the importance of a more minute inquiry into 
the essence and origin of architectural forms than is generally be- 
stowed." Russell Sturgis. 


MORRIS, William. 

Gothic architecture; a lecture for the Arts and crafts exhibi- 
tion society. 1893 ^723.5 M91 

Printed at the Kelmscott press. 

PARKER, John Henry. 1806-84. 

A B C of Gothic architecture. 1892 723.5 P23 

The same. 1891 b723.5 P23 

Useful, very elementary sketch. Parker was one of the group of dis- 
tinguished men who brought about the Gothic revival in England. 

Introduction to the. study of Gothic architecture. 1893. . . .723.5 P23i 
More advanced than his "A B C of Gothic architecture," it has been 
an influential treatise for the English students of mediaeval architec- 
ture since its publication in 1846. 

PRIOR, Edward Schroeder. 

History of Gothic art in England. 1900 qb723.5 P95 

From the point of view that English Gothic was of native origin and 
quite separate from French Gothic. 

PUGIN, Augustus Charles. 

Specimens of Gothic architecture selected from ancient edi- 
fices in England, accompanied by historical and descrip- 
tive accounts by E. J. Willson. 2v. 1895 qb723.5 P98 

PUGIN, Augustus Charles, & Augustus Welby Northmore. 
Examples of Gothic architecture selected from various an- 
cient edifices in England; literary part by E. J. Willson. 
3v. 1895 qb723-5 PqSc 

Consists of plans, elevations and carefully measured drawings of details 
of ancient buildings, chosen for their usefulness to modern archi- 
tects. Authors were noted for their drawings of old buildings, with 
which they exercised an important influence on the revival of Gothic 
architecture in England. • 

PUGIN, Augustus Welby Northmore. 

Contrasts; or, A parallel between the noble edifices of the 
middle ages and corresponding buildings of the present 

day, showing the present decay of taste. 1898 qb723.5 P982C 

True principles of pointed or Christian architecture. 

1895 qb723.5 P982 

"His guiding principle was his belief in Gothic architecture, and his 
reputation lies in his chronological position as a Gothic artist. It 
may almost be said that he was the first to reduce to axioms the 
fundamental relationship of structure and ornament in architecture." 
Dictionary of national biography. 

SHARPE, Edmund. 

Seven periods of English architecture. 1888 qb723.5 SS3 

.Advocates a new division ♦f English mediaeval architecture into seven 
periods, instead of the four then commonly used. Sharpe (1809-77) 
was a profound student of mediaeval architecture. 

STREET. George Edmund. 

Brick and marble in the middle ages; notes of tours in the 

north of Italy. 1874 b723.5 S91 

Some account of Gothic architecture in Spain. 1865 b723.5 S91S 

"Mr. Street... is an English architect wholly devoted to the Gothic re- 
vival, and the builder of many important buildings. The drawings 
of the author are valuable and the numerous detailed plans of 
churches are undoubtedly trustworthy." Russell Sturgis. 


724 Modern architecture 

STATHAM, Henry Heathcote. 

Modern architecture. 1897 724 S79 

The author calls this "a book for architects and the public," and in 
his chapters on '"Church architecture," "State and municipal architec- 
ture" and "Domestic architecture" he summarizes recent achievements, 
and what is still required. The chapter on "Street architecture" con- 
tains interesting suggestions of what may be accomplished by treating 
as a whole the different house fronts in a block of city houses. The 
book is fully illustrated. 


ANDERSON, William James. 

Architecture of the renaissance in Italy. 1896 b724.i As5 

List of books relating to the Italian renaissance, p. 148-150. 

"Deals with the real Renaissance, with the i6th century, with the period 
from Brunelleschi to Palladio. It is based on lectures given before 
the Glasgow School of Art, and has, as the author observes, 'a rudi- 
mentary and popular character' which recommends it to the untechni- 
cal reader. It is further very fully illustrated with excellent pictures." 
Dial, 1898. 

BELCHER, John, & Macartney, M.E. ed. 
' Later renaissance architecture in England ; a series of exam- 
ples of the domestic buildings erected subsequent to the 

Elizabethan period. 2v. 1901 qb724.i B39 

No attempt has been made to classify the examples illustrated, which 
have been selected solely to show the adaptability of renaissance archi- 
tecture to modern buildings, large or small, public or domestic. There 
are many plans, elevations, measured drawings and views, the latter 
from fine photographs taken expressly for this work. 

BLOMFIELD, Reginald. 

History of renaissance architecture in England, 1500-1800. 

2v. 1897 qb724.i Bss 

Contains chapters on Inigo Jones and Sir Christopher Wren. 
"Authorities consulted," v.i, p. 15-19. 

The author undertakes to give a consecutive account of renaissance 
architecture in England, beginning with the first attempts of Italian 
workmen in England under Henry VIII and closing with the end of 
the 18th century, when architects abandoned Italian models and de- 
voted themselves to the revivals of other styles. For description he 
, has selected buildings of historical importance, or such of the many 

\ private edifices of that period as best illustrate the development of 

the style. 

Short history of renaissance architecture in England, 1500- 

1800. 1900 724.1 BS5 

Abridgment of the author's larger standard work on the same subject. 
Interesting to the general reader as well as the special student. 

GOTCH, John Alfred. 

Early renaissance architecture in England ; a historical & de- 
scriptive account of the Tudor, Elizabethan & Jacobean pe- 
riods, 1500-1625, for the use of students and others. 1901 . .b724.i G7ie 
List of selected works on early renaissance architecture in England, 

"Deals with much the same period as that covered by my former work 
The Architecture of the Renaissance in England, but with the addi- 
tion of the first half of the sixteenth century. The two books, how- 
ever, have nothing in common beyond the fact that they both illustrate 
the work of a particular period. The former book exhibits a series 
of examples, to a large scale, of Elizabethan and Jacobean buildings, 
with a brief account of each: whereas this one takes the form of a 


hand-book in which the endeavour is made to trace in a systematic 
manner the development of style from the close of the Gothic period 
down to the advent of Intgo Jones." Preface. 

GOTCH, John Alfred, & Brown, W.T. 

Architecture of the renaissance in England, illustrated from 

buildings erected 1 560-1635, with historical and critical 

text. 2v. 1894 qb724.i G71 

"Collection of folio prints, mostly phototypes from nature, but partly 
from clear and straightforward drawings by Mr. Brown, with descrip- 
tive text... Mr. Gotch's text is very good." Nation, 1891. 

GRANDJEAN de MONTIGNY, Auguste Henri Victor, & Fa- 
min, Auguste. 
Architecture toscane ; palais, maisons, eglises et autres edifices 

publics et prives, principalement des I5e, i6e et 17c siecles. .qb724.i G77 
Plates with very brief descriptive text illustrating Italian renaissance 
architecture, mainly Florentine. Contains also 24 plates of some 
beautiful Italian tombs of the 15th and i6th centuries. 


fidifices de Rome moderne; ou, Recueil des palais, maisons, 
eglises, couvents et autres monuments les plus remarqua- 
bles de la ville de Rome. 4v. 1874 qb724.i L65 

V. 1-3. Plates. v.4. Text. 

Continued as Heinrich Strack's "Baudenkmaeler Roms des 15. -19. jahr- 

LOFTIE, William John. 

Inigo Jones and Wren; or. The rise and decline of modern 

architecture in England. 1893 qb724.i J41I 

"A small quarto book, with some very valuable illustrations of buildings 
of the Classical Revival in England. The author is a clergyman who 
has written much about London and architectural art in England. 
His purpose in the present work is to urge the great superiority in the 
way of delicate proportion of the art of Jones, Wren, and their suc- 
cessors, and to protest against the revived Gothic as he saw it in Eng- 
land during the years previous to the publication of the book. The 
book must be taken as the interesting presentation of one side only 
of an important question that involves an historical account of building 
in England since 1550." Russell Sturgis. 

MATHEWS, Charles Thompson. 

Renaissance under the Valois; a sketch in French archi- 
tectural history. 1893 qb724.l M47 

Sketch of the evolution of French architecture from the time of Charles 
VIII (1483) to the end of the i6th century, tracing the effects of the 
Italian influence. Illustrated with 41 plates, including exteriors and 
details of the chateaux of Gaillon, Blois, Chenonceau, Chambord, 
Azay-le-Rideau, the house of Francis I, Chateaudun, the Louvre and 
other famous buildings. 

ONGANIA, Ferdinando, (mb. 

Streets and canals in Venice; [plates]. 2v. 1893-96. 

(Storia deir arte a Venezia.) qb724.i O25 

v. I. Streets and canals in Venice! 

V.2. Streets and canals in Venice and in the islands of the lagoons. 

PALLADIO, Andrea. 

Architecture of A. Palladio, containing a short treatise of 
the five orders and the most necessary observations 
concerning all sorts of building; to which are added 
notes and observations by Inigo Jones; revised, de- 
signed and published by Giacomo Leoni; tr. fr. the 

Italian by Nicholas Du Bois. 4V. in 2. 1715 qb724.i P18 

Italian and English text. 

First Italian edition was published in 1570. 

"Palladio enjoyed a large practice in Vicenza and Venice. Since his 


death his name has had as much prestige in England as that of Vig- 
nola has had in France, the name Palladian standing for the entire 
class of Neo-classic buildings based on the five orders. Palladio's 
book ... describes the five orders and contains much other matter on 
construction and general architectural subjects." Edward R. Smith, 
in the Architectural review, 1900. 


L'architecture de la renaissance. 1892. (Bibliotheque de 

I'enseignement des beaux-arts.) 724.1 P21 

A short bibliography precedes each chapter. 

PAOLETTI, Pietro. 

L'architettura e la scultura del rinascimento in Venezia; 

richerche storico-artistiche. 2v. in 3. 1893 qb724.i P22 

The text for the 2 volumes is bound in i, marked v.i, and the plates 
are in 2 volumes marked v. 2 and 3. 
PRENTICE, Andrew Noble. 

Renaissance architecture and ornament in Spain, 1500-1560; 

[plates]. 1893 qb724.i P91 

"Series of beautiful illustrations consisting mainly of architectural 
details from the purest works; more useful to the architect, however, 
than to the historical student. An architect's sketch book, mainly 

PRICE, Lake. 

Interiors and exteriors in Venice; lithographed by Joseph 

Nash from the original drawings. 1843 qb724.i P94 

SCOTT, Leader, {pseud, of Mrs Lucy E. (Barnes) Baxter). 
Filippo di Ser Brunellesco. 1901. (Great masters in paint- 
ing and sculpture.) 724.1 B83S 

Bibliography, p. 12-13; Catalogue of the works of Filippo Brunelleschi 

still existing, P.149-1S4. 
"Documents," p. 155-156. 
SHAW, Henry. 

Details of Elizabethan architecture. 1898 qb724.i S53 

Drawings, with very brief descriptive notes, of ceilings, walls, chimney- 
pieces, staircases, lead-work, etc., with a few exteriors, selected from 
the best specimens of Elizabethan houses. 

STRACK, Heinrich. 

Baudenkmaeler Roms des 15.-19. jahrhunderts, als ergaen- 
zung zu Letarouilly, fidifices de Rome moderne. 

1891 qb724.i S89b 

Photographic views of buildings, exteriors and interiors, with short 
notes on their history and architecture. 
Ziegelbauwerke des mittelalters und der renaissance in 

Italien, nach original-aufnahmen; [plates]. 1889. . . . .qb724.i S89 

Reproductions of drawings and photographs of old brick and terra- 
cotta buildings, and details. The buildings are shown in their present 
condition, and often on a scale large enough to show the archi- 
tectural and structural details. 
TRIGGS, Harry Inigo, & Tanner, Henry. 

Some architectural works of Inigo Jones ; a series of measured 
drawings and other illustrations with descriptive notes, a 
biographical sketch and list of his authentic works. 

1901 qb724.i J4it 

Jones (1573-1652) was a celebrated English architect. Among his prin- 
cipal works were the banquet hall at Whitehall, Covent Garden piazza, 
Raynham hall, Ashburnham house and the reconstruction of St. Paul's 
"The drawings are well made, and exhibit all that is characteristic in the 
work with the greatest clearness. . .Perspective sketches. . .in black and 
white will appeal strongly to the layman, while the details, and espe- 
cially the sections of mouldings drawn to a large scale, will be of both 


value and interest to architects. While not pretending to be a com- 
plete record of the existing works of Jones... the drawings contained 
in the book exhibit very acceptably many of his most important build- 
ings." Nation, 1901. 

TUCKERMAN, Arthur Lyman. 

Selection of works of architecture and sculpture of the renais- 
sance in Italy; [plates]. 1891 qb724.i T8i 

Gothic revival 

EASTLAKE, Charles Lock, architect. 

History of the Gothic revival; an attempt to show how the 
taste for mediaeval architecture, which lingered in England 
during the last two centuries, has since been encouraged 

and developed. 1872 ^724.3 E18 

JACKSON, Thomas Graham. 

Modern Gothic architecture. 1873 724.3 J12 

"Considers the attempted Gothic revival in Great Britain from the 
point of view of sound reasoning and true analysis." Russell Sturgis. 

Queen Anne. Swiss. Romanesque revival 

PUGIN, Augustus Welby Northmore. 

Apology for the revival of Christian architecture in Eng- 
land. 1895 qb723.5 P982 

"In estimating the effect which Pugin's efforts, both as an artist and 
an author produced on the Gothic Revival, the only danger lies in 
the possibility of overrating their worth. The man. . .who fanned into 
a flame the smouldering fire of ecclesiastical sentiment which had been 
slowly kindled in this country — whose very faith was pledged to 
Mediaeval tradition — such a writer and such an architect will not 
easily be forgotten, so long as the aesthetic principles which he advo- 
cated are recognised and maintained." Eastlake's Gothic revival in 
Bound with his "True principles of pointed or Christian architecture." 

VARIN, A. & Eugene. 

L'architecture pittoresque en Suisse; ou, Choix de construc- 
tions rustiques prises dans toutes les parties de la 

- Suisse; [plates], [i860.] j qb724.7 V21 

VAN RENSSELAER, Mrs Mariana (Griswold). 

Henry Hobson Richardson and his works. 1888 qb724.8 R4IV 

Biography and study of the work of the distinguished American archi- 
tect (1838-86). Many illustrations. 

German. French 

SELFRIDGE, Russell, cmip. 

Modern French architecture; 100 views. 1899 qb724.9 S46 

Private dwellings, apartment- houses, business buildings, theatres and 
school-houses, chiefly in Paris. 

ZILLER, Hermann. 

Schinkel, [in German]. 1897. (Kiinstler-mono- 

graphien.) (\h724.g S33Z 

Distinguished German architect (i 781-1 841) who had also some fame as a 
painter. He usually painted landscapes with buildings, and also 
executed many illustrations for books on architecture. 



Georgian period ; a collection of papers dealing with colonial 
or i8th century architecture in the United States, with 
references to earlier provincial and true colonial work; il- 
lustrated with full-page reproductions of measured draw- 
ings, and full-page photographic views, with miscellaneous 
illustrations in the text; ed. by W. R. Ware. 3v. 1898- 

1902 qb724.9 A51 

Mainly a collection of plates, but contains also some miscellaneous pa- 
pers dealing with particular phases of colonial architecture or descrip- 
tive of a special building or neighborhood. 

BULFINCH, Ellen Susan, ed. 

Life and letters of Charles Bulfinch. 1896 h724.g BS/b 

EMERSON, William Ralph, comp. 

Architecture and furniture of the Spanish colonies during the 
seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, including Mexico, 
Cuba, Porto Rico and the Philippines; [plates].. 1901. .qb724.9 E58 
KIRBY, Henry P. 

Architectural compositions; 50 sketches, part of which have 
been made in connection with actual projects, but many 
being the result of study during leisure moments. 

1892 qb724.9 K28 

MONROE, Harriet. 

John Wellborn Root; a study of his life and work. 1896. .b724.9 R68m 
SCHUYLER, Montgomery. 

American architecture. 1892 724.9 S39 

The same. 1892 b724.9 S39 

Contents: The point of view. — Concerning Queen Anne. — The Vander- 
bilt houses. — The Brooklyn bridge as a monument. — An American 
cathedral.— Glimpses of western architecture; Chicago, St. Paul and 
"The six essays . . . are not connected except as their subjects are 
similar. The difficulty in treating these subjects is grreat, because 
■ there is so little of the architecture which is worthy of much praise 
or which can excite sympathy. Mr. Schuyler's criticism is charac- 
terized by remarkable good sense and singular insight. Like most 
writers on architecture he is much out of sympathy with the strong 
tendency visible among the practising architects toward an archi- 
tecture of mere Roman order like that taught in the schools. This 
sound and wholesome book is very stimulating to thought." Russell 

Critique of the works of Adler & Sullivan, D. H. Burnham 
& CO., Henry Ives Cobb. 1896. (Great American archi- 
tects series.) r724.9 S93 

Bound with Sturgis's "Work of McKim, Mead & White." 

STURGIS, Russell. 

Critique of the works of Shepley, Rutan & Coolidge, and 
Peabody & Stearns. 1896. (Great American architects 

series.) r724-9 S93 

Bound with his "Work of McKim, Mead & White." 

The work of McKim. Mead & White. 1895. (Great Ameri- 
can architects series.) r724.9 S93 


725 Public buildings 

SCHINKEL. Karl Friedrich. 

Sammlung architektonischer entwiirfe. 1828 qb725 S33 

Illustrations of buildings, with brief descriptive text. Schinkel was 
famous for his architectural illustrations. 

WHEELWRIGHT, Edmund March. 

Municipal architecture in Boston; ed. by F. W. Chandler. 

2v. 1898 qb72S W61 

V.I. Schoolhouse architecture. 

V.3. Hospital, institutional and miscellaneous buildings. 
Designs made by Mr Wheelwright while city architect, 189 1-95. The 
plates are accompanied by plans, working-drawings, descriptions of 
construction and working data. 

NARJOUX, Felix. 

Paris; monuments eleves par la ville, 1850-1880. Qv. in 4. 

1880-83 qb72S.i N13 

V.I. fidifices administratifs. — Edifices judiciaires. 

V.2. Edifices consacres a I'instruction publique. — Edifices d'utilite 

V.3. Edifices consacres aux beaux-arts. — Edifices religieux. 
V.4. Edifices decoratifs. — Edifices sanitaires. — Edifices de la force pub- 

RECUEIL d'architecture civile en France du I2e au i6e 

siecle; album de 80 planches. [1896.] qb72S.i R26 

UNITED STATES— Treasury department. 

History of public buildings under the control of the Treasury 
department, exclusive of marine hospitals and quaran- 
tine stations. 1901 qr72S.i U25 

Views and very brief text giving size, cost, dates of appropriation and 
erection, and the government offices occupying the buildings. 

State capitol, Hartford, Conn.; R. M. Upjohn, architect; 
[plates]. 1886. (Monographs of American architec- 
ture, V.2.) qb72S.i I A51 

BROWN, Glenn. 

History of the United States capitol. 2v. 1900-03. (United 

States. 56th cong. ist sess. Senate. Doc. no.6o.) . .qr72s.11 B78 
V.I. The old capitol, 1792-1850. 
v.2. [1850-1900.] 

"Bibliography, United States capitol," v.2, p.224-236. 
Many illustrations, consisting of old maps, designs, plans, views, por- 
traits, interior and exterior details, etc. 

WALKER, Duncan S. ed. 

Celebration of the looth anniversary (1793-1893) of the laying 
of the corner-stone of the capitol of the United States. 
1896. (United States. 53d cong. 2d sess. House. Mis. 

doc. no. 211.) qr72s.11 W16 

OGDEN, William Sharp. 

Mercantile architecture; studies in constructional design for 

warehouses, shops and offices; [plates]. 1892 qb725.2 O17 

GILBERT, Bradford Lee. 

Sketch portfolio of railroad stations and kindred structures. 

1895 qb725-3 G38 


BURDETT, Sir Henry Charles. 

Hospitals and asylums of the world, with portfolio. 5v. 1891- 

93 qb725.5 B89 

V.I. Asylums; history and administration. 

V.2. Asylum construction. 

V.3. Hospitals; history and administration. 

V.4. Hospital construction. 

v.s. Portfolio of plans. 

"Asylum bibliography," v.2, p.277-337. 

"Hospital bibliography," v.4, P.381-4S2. 


•v Buildings of the exposition; [plates]. 1892 qb725.9 C43 

725.8 Theatres 

BIRKMIRE, William Harvey. 

Planning and construction of American theatres. 1896 b725.8 B48 

GERHARD, William Paul. 

Theatre fires and panics; their causes and prevention. 

1896 725.8 G31 

"Literature on theatres," P.16S-175. 

Theatres; their safety from fire and panic, their comfort and 

healthfulness. 1900 725.8 G3it 

The same. 1900 b725.8 G3it 

NUITTER, Charles. 

Nouvel opera. 1875 r783.2 H42P ' 

An account of the erection of the Paris opera house, preceded by a 
short historical account of the buildings previously occupied by the 
.opera. The author is the official archivist. 
Bound with Helmore's "Psalter noted." 
NULL, Eduard van der, & Siccard von Siccardsburg, August von. 

Das K. k. hof-opernhaus in Wien ; [plates] . 1885 qb725.8 N51 

SACHS. Edwin O. 

Modern opera houses and theatres; examples from play- 
houses recently erected in Europe, with descriptive text; 
a treatise on theatre planning and construction, and 
supplements on stage machinery, theatre fires and pro- 
tective legislation. 3v. 1897-98 qb725.8 S12 

726 Ecclesiastical architecture. Cathedrals 


Cathedral church of Exeter; a description of its fabric and a 

brief history of the see. 1898. (Bell's cathedral series.) . .726 A22 
ALLEN, Frederick Hovey. 

Great cathedrals of the world. 1886 qb726 A42 

Contents : Westminster abbey. — Canterbury.— Salisbury. — York. — Ely. — 
Saint Paul's. — Exeter. — Wells. — Durham. — Antwerp. — Cologne. — Stras- 
burg. — Saint Peter's. 
130 large photogravures with descriptive text. 

BEALE, S. Sophia. 

The churches of Pans from Clovis to Charles X. 1893 726 B34 

The author gives only so much architectural detail as is necessary for 
a clear idea of the churches described, but she presents a mass of in- 
teresting information about the circumstances under which' they were 
founded, their history and the many legends connected with them. 


BICKNELL, Amos J. comp. 

School house and church architecture; plans and elevations 
of school houses and of medium and low priced churches. 

1878 qb726 B47 

BILLINGS, Robert William. 

Architectural illustrations and description of the cathedral 

church at Durham. 1843 qb726 B48a 

Architectural illustrations, history and description of Carlisle 

cathedral. 1840 qb726 B48 

Baronial and ecclesiastical antiquities of Scotland. 4v. 1852. .qb726 B48b 
Among the many early works containing freehand and measured draw- 
ings of ancient buildings of Great Britain, those of Billings are 
generally considered the best, on account both of their accuracy and 
their beauty. This work contains 240 illustrations, with explanatory 

BIRCH, George Henry 

London churches of the 17th and i8th centuries; a selection 
of the most remarkable ecclesiastical buildings, includ- 
ing St. Paul's cathedral, erected within and around the 
ancient city walls between the years 1630 and 1730, from 
the designs of Inigo Jones, Sir Christopher Wren, 
Nicholas Hawksmoor and James Gibbs, with historical 

and descriptive accounts. 1896 qb726 B488 

BOITO, Camillo. 

II duomo di Milano e i disegni per la sua facciata. 1889 . . . .qb726 BS9 
"Bibliografia a cura di Filippo Salveraglio," apx. p. 1-36. 
Historical and architectural account of Milan cathedral, with numerous 
fine illustrations. 

BOND, Francis. 

English cathedrals illustrated. 1899 726 B62 

Studies of the famous cathedrals, arranged chronologically and very 
fully illustrated. 

BOURASSfi, Jean Jacques, abbe. 

Les cathedrales de France. 1843 b726 B6s 

Historical and descriptive sketches of 80 French cathedrals. Few il- 

Les plus belles cathedrales de France. 1867 qb726 B65p 

Contents : Aix.— Albi. — Amiens. — Angers. — Angouleme. — Auch. — Autun. 
— Avignon. — Bayeux. — Bayonne. — Beauvais. — Besangon. — Blois. — 
Bordeaux. — Bourges. — Cahors. — Chalons. — Chartres. — Clermont. — 
Coutances. — Dijon. — Evreux. — Grenoble. — Limoges. — Lyon. — Le 
Mans. — Meaux. — Metz. — Nantes. — Nevers. — Orleans. — Paris. — 
Perigueux. — Poitiers. — Le Puy. — Reims. — Rodez. — Rouen. — 
Seez. — Sens.— Soissons. — Strasbourg. — Toulouse. — Tours. — Troyes. 
— Valence. — Vannes. 

BOWMAN, Henry, & Crowther, J.S. 

Churches of the middle ages; specimens of early and middle 
pointed structures, with a few of the purest late pointed 

examples; [plates]. 2v. [1857.] qb726 B66 

v. I. S. Andrew's, Ewerby, Lincolnshire. — S. Mary's chapel of the pre- 
ceptory of the Knights templar, Temple Balsall, Warwickshire. — S. 
Dionysius, Silk Willoughby, Lincolnshire. — S. Stephen's, Etton, North- 
amptonshire.— S. John's, Cleg-next-the-sea, Norfolk. — Collegiate church 
of Christ, Manchester. — All saints. South Kime, Lincolnshire. — SS. 
Mary and Nicholas, Nantwich, Cheshire, 
v. 2. S. Andrew's, Heckington, Lincolnshire. — S. Peter's, Threeking- 
ham, Lincolnshire. — S. Andrew's, Helpringham, Lincolnshire. — S. 
John's, VVappenbury, Warwickshire. — S. Peter's, Claypole, Lincoln- 
shire. — S. Mary's, Frampton, Lincolnshire. 



History and antiquities of the abbey and cathedral church of 

Bristol. 1830 qb726 B7Sh 

History and antiquities of the cathedral church of Hereford. 

1831 qb726 B75 

History and antiquities of the cathedral church of Oxford. 

1821 qb726 B7shi 

History and antiquities of the cathedral church of Salisbury. 

1814 qb726 B75C 

V History and antiquities of the cathedral church of Worcester. 

1835 qb726 B75h 

Bound with his "History and antiquities of the abbey and cathedral 
church of Bristol." 

History and antiquities of the metropolitan church of York. 

1819 qb726 B75hi 

Bound with his "History and antiquities of the cathedral church of 

History and antiquities of the see and cathedral church of 

Winchester. 1817 qb726 B7SC 

Bound with his "History and antiquities of the cathedral church of 

BROCK, Arthur Glutton-. 

Cathedral church of York; a description of its fabric and 

a history of the see. 1899. (Bell's cathedral series.). . . .726 B76 

BUCKLER, John Chessel. 

Description and defence of the restorations of the exterior of 

Lincoln cathedral. 1866 726 B85 


Scottish cathedrals and abbeys, with introduction by R. H. 

Story. 1901 726 B975 

Comprehensive survey of Scottish cathedrals, monastic and collegiate 
buildings, and parish churches built between 1047 and 1560. From 
an historical as well as an architectural point of view. 

BUTLER, Howard Crosby. 

Scotland's ruined abbeys. 1899 726 B976 

The work is the result of two summers spent in Scotland; and contains 
an accurate, though necessarily brief, history of each of the more im- 
portant abbeys, with a careful description of its structure in the light 
of the most recent study and criticism. To this collection of facts 
and theories has been added whatever of traditional or romantic lore 
has been woven about the sites or the ruins as they stand. 
"Production of an enthusiast who is also a sincere and diligent student. 
...His drawings are numerous, and he has deserved the thanks of 
every student by his recollection of the need of general plans." 
Nation, 1899. 

BUTLER, Samuel, 1835-1902. 

Ex voto; Sacro Monte or New Jerusalem at Varallo-Sesia. 

1888 726 B97 

Description of a remarkable place of pilgrimage in northern Italy. 


Cathedral church of Durham; a description of its fabric and 
a brief history of the episcopal see. 1899. (Bell's cathedral 
series.) 726 B99 

CATHEDRAL churches of England and Wales; descriptive, 

historical, pictorial. 1885 qb726 C27 


CLAUSSE, Gustave. 

Basiliques et mosaiques chretiennes ; Italic, Sidle. 2v. 1893. 

(Les monuments du christianisme au moyen age.) qb726 C54 

V.I. Des catacombes. — Mosaiques. — Rome. — Ravenne. — Naples, Capoue. 

— Milan. — Epoque de transition. 
V.2. Italic meridionale. — Sicile. — Venetie. — Toscane, Florence, Pise. — 

Italian and Sicilian ecclesiastical architecture during the middle ages. 
Fully illustrated. 

CLIFTON, Arthur Benjamin. 

Cathedral church of Lichfield; a description of its fabric 

and a history of the see. 1898. (Bell's cathedral series.). . . .726 Cs8 

CLINCH, George. 

Old English churches; their architecture, furniture, decora- 
tion and monuments. 1900 726 CSQ 

"Treasury of information about the externals of Church matters, and is 
copiously illustrated." Spectator, 1900. 

CRAM, Ralph Adams. 

Church building; a study of the principles of architecture in 

their relation to the church. 1901 726 C86 

Contents: Introduction. — The country chapel. — The village church. — The 
city church. — The chancel and its fittings. — Chapels, baptisteries and 
sacristies. — Decoration and stained glass. — The altar. — The cathedral. 
— Conclusion. 
Most of these chapters appeared in the "Churchman." 

CRAM, Ralph Adams, comp. 

English country churches; 100 views. 1898 qb726 C86 

A most interesting collection of views only (no text) of churches not 
often illustrated. They present the exterior, sometimes the interior 
or a tower as well, and the plates are large enough to grive an ex- 
cellent idea of the buildings and their surroundings. 

CRESY, Edward, & Taylor, G. L. 

Architecture of the middle ages in Italy; illustrated by the 
cathedral, baptistery, leaning tower and Campo Santo 
at Pisa, from drawings and measurements taken in 1817, 
with descriptive accounts of their history and construc- 
tion. 1829 qb726 C88 

DEARMER, Percy. 

Cathedral church of Oxford; a description of its fabric and 
a brief history of the see. 1897. (Bell's cathedral 

series.) 726 D35 

"Mr. Dearmer's descriptions of the architectural and other features of 
the cathedral are admirably clear and succinct. No one could demand 
a better gruide than he supplies, and, like the rest of this excellent 
series of monographs on the great English cathedrals, this book is 
well illustrated and accurate, not too technical but just technical 
enough." Saturday rei'ievi, 1897. 

Cathedral church of Wells; a description of its fabric and 

a history of the see. 1899. (Bell's cathedral series.). . .726 D3SC 
DEHIO, Georg Gottfried, & Bezold, Gustav von. 

Die kirchliche baukunst des Abendlandes. v.i, and atlas of 

4v. 1884-94 qb726 D38 

Contains numerous bibliographies. 

A valuable history of church architecture in Europe. The text is con- 
fined to the first volume, which is accompanied by four folio volumes 
of illustrations containing 445 plates. These include plans, exterior 
and interior views and details. 


DIMOCK, Arthur. 

Cathedral church of Saint Paul ; an account of the old and new 
buildings with a short historical sketch. 1900. (Bell's 
cathedral series.) 726 DSQ 

Bibliography, p.7-8. 

Cathedral church of Southwell; a description of its fabric 
and a history of the see. 1898. (Bell's cathedral 

series.) 726 D59C 

ELEY, C. King. 

%" Cathedral church of Carlisle; a description of its fabric and 
a brief history of the see. 1900. (Bell's cathedral 

series.) 726 E45 

FARRAR, Frederic William, dean, and others. 

Cathedrals of England 726 F25_ 

Contents: Westminster abbey, by Archdeacon Farrar.^ — Canterbury ca- 
thedral, by Canon Fremantle. — Durham cathedral, by Canon Talbot. — 
Wells cathedral, by S. M. S. Pereira. — -Lincoln cathedral, by Precentor 
Venables. — Winchester cathedral, by Canon Benham. — Gloucester ca- 
thedral, by the dean of Gloucester. 

Popular description including both architecture and history. 

FEA, Carlo. 

Descrizione ragionata della basilica e cappella papale di S. 
Francesco d'Assisi, e delle pitture e sculture di cui va ornato 

il medesimo tempio. 1820 qb726 F31 

FISHER. Alfred Hugh. 

Cathedral church of Hereford; a description of its fabric 
and a brief history of the episcopal see. 1898. (Bell's ca- 
thedral series.) 726 F53 

FREEMAN, Edward Augustus. 

Remarks on the architecture of Llandaff cathedral, with an 

essay towards a history of the fabric. 1850 b726 F91 

FUMI, Luigi. 

II duomo di Orvieto e i suoi restauri; monografie storiche 

condotte sopra i documenti. 1891 qb726 F98 

Orvieto cathedral, founded in 1290, is a magnificent example of the 
Italian Gothic style and is very rich in works of art of a'll kinds. The 
font and frescos of Era Angelico and Luca Signorelli are especially 
noteworthy. This monograph is fully illustrated. 

GILCHRIST, James Grant, comp. 

Itinerary of the English cathedrals ; revised and ed. with an 
introduction on cathedral architecture by T. Perkins. 

1901. (Bell's cathedral series.) 726 G38 

HEALES, Alfred. 

Architecture of the churches of Denmark. 1892 b726 H38 

Short account, by a traveler who finds many interesting buildings. He 
includes also the interior decoration, plate, fittings and monuments. 

HERZ,'Max, bey. 

La mosquee du sultan Hassan au Caire. 1899 qb726 H48 

Published by Le comite de conservation des monuments de I'art arabe 

of the Egyptian government. 
Loose plates in portfolio, with descriptive text. Author is (1901) archi- 
tect to the Comite and publishes this monograph in its interests. 
The mosque was built in the latter half of the 14th century and is 
one of the finest monuments of Mohammedan architecture. 

HIATT, Charles. 

Beverley minster; an illustrated account of its history and 


fabric. 1898. (Bell's cathedral series.) 726 H52b 

Cathedral church of Chester; a description of the fabric 
and a brief history of the see. 1897. (Bell's cathedral 

series.) 726 H52 

Westminster abbej' ; a short history and description of the 
church and conventual buildings, with notes on the monu- 
ments. 1902. (Bell's cathedral series.) 726 H52W 

HOBSCH, Heinrich. 

Die altchristlichen kirchen nach den baudenkmalen und alteren 
beschreibungen, und der einfluss des altchristlichen baustyls 
auf den kirchenbau aller spateren perioden. 2v. 1862- 

63 qb726 H88 

y.i. Text. V.2. Plates. 

Plates with descriptive text illustrating types of tnedixval church archi- 
tecture in Italy, Greece, France and Germany. 

JONES, William Basil Tickell, & Freeman. E.A. 

History and antiquities of Saint David's. 1856 qb726 J41 

"List of bishops, dignitaries and other officers of the church," p.357-365. 
Elaborate history of the Welsh see and cathedral church. Illustrated. 

KENDRICK. Albert Frank. 

Cathedral church of Lincoln; a history and description of 
its fabric and a list of the bishops. 1898. (Bell's cathedral 

series.) 726 K18 

KIDDER, Frank Eugene. 

Churches and chapels; designs and suggestions for archi- 
tects. 1895 b726 K24 

The same. 1900 726 K24 

Small collection of designs, details and plans offering the greatest 
capacity and the best architectural effect for the least outlay. 

KING, Richard John. 

Handbook to the cathedrals of England. 6v. 1869-81 b726 K266 

V.I. York. — Ripon. — Carlisle. 

V.2. Durham. — Chester. — Manchester. 

V.3. Winchester. — Salisbury. — Exeter. — Wells. 

V.4. Canterbury. — Rochester. — Chichester. — St. Alban's. 

v.S. Oxford. — Peterborough. — Norwich. — Ely. — Lincoln. 

V.6. Gloucester. — Hereford. — Worcester. — Bristol. — Lichfield. 

KING, Thomas H. 

Study-book of mediaeval architecture and art; a series of 

drawings. 4v. 1868 qb726 K26 

KNIGHT, Henry Gaily. 

Ecclesiastical architecture of Italy from the time of Con- 

stantine to the 15th century, ist-2d ser. 1842-44 qb726 K34 

81 litho-chromatic plates of buildings, with descriptive notes and general 

KRAMER, George W. 

The what, how and why of church building. 1897 726 K41 

Suggestions on every detail of building and equipment, by the architect 
of Christ church, Pittsburgh. 

LARNED. Walter Cranston. 

Churches and castles of mediaeval France. 1895 726 L32 

A traveler's impressions of Carcasonne, the great chateaux and chief 
LETHABY, William Richard, & Swainson, Harold. 

Church of Sancta Sophia, Constantinople; a study of 

Byzantine building. 1894 qb726 L65 

The spirit of the authors is shown in the first sentence of their preface. 



"Sancta Sophia is the most interesting building on the world's sur- 
face." Their work, for which they are particularly well qualified, is 
a serious rather than a popular study of the subject. They deal with 
the history of the church, as well as its architecture and its surround- 
ings, and give an account of its treasures. 

LONERGAN, Walter F. 

Historic churches of Paris. 1896 q726 L82 

Gives many interesting details about these old churches, dealing princi- 
pally with their history, though there is as much information about 
their architecture as the general reader cares for. 

LONGMAN, William. 

-, History of the three cathedrals dedicated to St. Paul in Lon- 
don, with reference to their structure and architecture. 

1873 b726 L83 

LUBKE, Wilhelm. 

Ecclesiastical art in Germany during the middle ages. 1871.. .726 Lg6 
Contents: History of architecture. — Church furniture. 
A scholarly and careful work covering a period almost too early and 
subjects almost too minute, and yet invaluable for all phases of 
German ecclesiastical art. 

LUTZOW, Carl von. 

Die meisterwerke der kirchenbaukunst ; eine darstellung der 
geschichte des christlichen kirchenbaues durch ihre haupt- 

sachlichsten denkmaler. 1871 b726 L98 

Contents: S. Paul vor den mauern Roms. — Hagia Sofia in Konstantino- 
pel.— Der dom zu Pisa und seine nebenbauten. — S. Marco in Venedig. 
— Die kathedrale (moschee) von Cordova. — Der dom zu Mainz. — Der 
dom zu Speyer.— Der dom zu Bamberg. — Die kathedrale von Santiago 
de Compostella. — Die kathedrale von Paris. — Die kathedrale von 
Chartres. — Die kathedrale von Rheims. — Die kathedrale von Amiens. 
: — S. Pierre zu Caen. — Die kathedrale von Lincoln. — Das mtinster zu 
Strassburg.— Das miinster zu Freiburg. — Der dom zu Koln. — Der dom 
zu Regensburg. — Der St. Stephansdom in Wien. — Die kathedrale von 
York. — Die Westminster-abtei zu London. — Die kathedrale zu Ant- 
werpen. — Die kathedrale von Burgos. — -Der dom zu Mailand. — Der 
dom von Siena. — Der dom von Orvieto. — Der dom zu Florenz. — Die 
St. Peterskirche zu Rom. 

MACGIBBON, David, & Ross, Thomas. 

Ecclesiastical architecture of Scotland, from the earliest 

Christian times to the 17th century. 3v. 1896-97 qb726 M16 

Complete account of the ancient ecclesiastical buildings, giving also 
much interesting history of their connection with persons and families. 
Fully illustrated with drawings. 

MASSfi, Henri Jean Louis Joseph. 

Abbey church of Tewkesbury; with some account of the 

priory church of Deerhurst, Gloucestershire. 1900. 

(Bell's cathedral series.) 726 M45a 

Cathedral church of Bristol ; a description of its fabric and a 

history of the see. 1901. (Bell's cathedral series.) .726 M45ca 

Cathedral church of Gloucester; a description of its fabric 

and a brief history of the see. 1898. (Bell's cathedral 

series.) 726 M45 

City of Chartres; its cathedral and churches. 1900. (Bell's 

handbooks to continental churches.) 726 M4SC 

MOLINIER, femile. 

Lc tresor de la basilique de Saint Marc a Venise. 1888 qb726 M7g 

History and description of the valuable and artistic objects in the 
treasury of St. Mark's. 


NORTON, Charles Eliot 

Historical studies of church-building in the middle ages; 

Venice, Siena, Florence. 1880 726 N46 

Contents: Church-building in the middle ages. — Venice and St. Mark's. 
— Siena and Our Lady of the Assumption. — Florence and St. Mary of 
the Flower. 
"A study of three of the greatest mediaeval cathedrals which, in its 
general accuracy and clearness, will be a valuable reference for stu- 
dents of art, while its graceful and often poetic diction will make it 
an interesting volume even to the most aimless reader." Nation, 1880. 

ONGANIA, Ferdinando, pub. 

La basilica di San Marco in Venezia. 

La basilica di San Marco in Venezia; illustrata nella storia e 

neir arte da scrittori veneziani sotto la direzione di 

Camillo Boito. 1888-93 qb726 O2S 

The same; English translation by William Scott and F. H. 

Rosenberg. 3v. in 2. 1888-89 qb726 025b 

Dettagli del pavimento ed ornamenti in mosaico; [plates]. 

1881 qb726 025P3 

Dettagli di altari, monumenti, scultura, ecc. della basilica; 

[plates] . 8v. in 7 qb726 O25P4 

Documenti per la storia dell' augusta ducale basilica di San 

Marco in Venezia, dal nono secolo sino alia fine del 

decimo ottavo. 1886 qb726 025d 

Mosaici non compresi negli spaccati geometric! nell' interno 

della basilica ; [plates] . 1881 qb726 O25P2 

Rappresentazione degli antichi e dei moderni musaici; 

[plates]. 2v.ini. 1881 qb726 O25P 

V.I contains appendix "La processione del doge nella domenica delle 
palme; incisa per Mattio Pagan;" plates. 
II tesoro di San Marco in Venezia, illustrato da Antonio 

Pasini. 2v. 1885-86 qb726 02St 

V.I. Text. V.2. Plates. 

The "Tavole cromolitografiche" which form part of this set have been 
mounted and may be seen by applying at the reference desk. 

OUR national cathedrals; their history and architecture, with 

accounts of modern restorations. 3v. 1887-89 b726 O32 

Describes the English and Welsh cathedrals, with brief chapters on the 
Scotch and Irish cathedrals. The full-page colored illustrations and 
part of the text are from Winkles's "Cathedral churches of Great 
Britain," published 1835-42. Additions to the original text and il- 
lustrations bring the work up to date. 

PALMER, George Henry. 

Cathedral church of Rochester; a description of its fabric 
and a brief history of the see. 1897. (Bell's cathedral 

series.) 726 P19 

PERKINS, Thomas. 

Abbey churches of Bath and Malmesbury, and the church 
of Saint Laurence, Bradford-on-Avon. 1901. (Bell's 

cathedral series.) 726 P43a 

Sketches, both historical and architectural, of two English abbeys and 
an old English church. "The chief interest," says the author, "of 
Bath Abbey, as we see it to-day, is that the whole of the building is 
of so late a date that we may regard it as the last complete ecclesiasti- 
cal building erected before the dissolution of the monasteries." 

Cathedral church of Amiens; a short history and description 



of its fabric. 1902. (Bell's handbooks to continental 

churches.) 726 P43cat 

Cathedral church of Manchester ; a short history and descrip- 
tion of the church and of the collegiate buildings now 
known as Chetham's hospital. 1901. (Bell's cathedral se- 
ries.) 726 P43ca 

Churches of Rouen. 1900. (Bell's handbooks to continental 

churches.) 726 P43C 

Wimborne minster and Christchurch priory; a short history 
of their foundation and description of the buildings. 

1899. (Bell's cathedral series.) 726 P43 

PUGIN, Augustus Charles. 

Specimens of the architectural antiquities of Normandy; 
[plates], with historical and descriptive essays by John 

Britton. 1847 qb726 P98 


Cathedral church of Norwich; a description of its fabric and 

a history of the see. 1898. (Bell's cathedral series.) 726 Q25 

ROBERTSON, Alexander. 

Bible of St. Mark; St. Mark's church, the altar and 

throne of Venice. 1898 726 R53 

"The need for such a work has been felt ever since Mr. Ruskin did for 
the reading and travelling public what Dr. Robertson tells us he did 
for him, 'opened his eyes to the meaning of the unique city of Venice, 
and of the unique church of S. Mark, its crown and glory.' The num- 
ber and beauty of the illustrations are such as to enable the reader to 
understand St. Mark's without seeing the building." 

ROBSON, Philip A. 

Cathedral church of Saint David's ; a short history and de- 
scription of the fabric and episcopal buildings. 1901. 
(Bell's cathedral series.) 726 R56 

List of principal works consulted, p. 11-12. 

ROSS, Frederick. 

Ruined abbeys of Britain. 1889 qb726 R73 

Popular descriptive text, with illustrations in color and black and white. 

ROUTLEDGE, Charles Francis. 

Church of St. Martin, Canterbury; an illustrated account 
of its history and fabric. 1898. (Bell's cathedral 

series.) 726 R78 

SCHULTZ, Robert Weir, & Barnsley, S. H. 

Monastery of Saint Luke of Stiris, in Phocis, and the de- 
pendent monastery of Saint Nicolas in the Fields, near 
Skripou, in Boeotia. 1901. (British school at Athens. 

Byzantine architecture in Greece.) qb726 S38 

Bibliography, p.73-74. 

"Monastery which the authors describe as 'one of the most complete 
and interesting monuments of the Byzantine art of the eleventh cen- 
tury.' Besides a large amount of verbal description, this book con- 
tains a number of measured drawings and plans, sections and eleva- 
tions, and coloured drawings of mosaics and marble panellings." 
Spectator, 1901. 
SCOTT, Sir George Gilbert. 

Essay on the history of English church architecture prior to 
the separation of England from the Roman obedience. 

1881 qb726 S42 

Contents: Review of the general history of ecclesiastical architecture 


previous to the conversion of the English. — Discursus on the orienta- 
tion of the early Christian churches. — Discursus on the aesthetic and 
artistic element in primitive Christianity. — From the mission of St. 
Augustine to the Norman conquest. — Discursus on early churches in 
eastern and western Christendom. — Description of the Basilica of St. 
Felix at Nola; tr. by R. C. J. — M. Vitruvius Pollio upon the secular 
Roman basilica. — The Norman period. — Discursus on the history of 
the casula. — Discursus on the painted ceilings of St. Alban's abbey 
church. — From the first appearance of the pointed style to the com- 
mencement of the 14th century. — Discursus on certain medieval in- 
novations in the distribution of churches. — From the 14th century to 
the close of the medieval period. — Notes and remarks upon the illus- 
By an eminent English architect who made a special study of the resto- 
ration of old churches. Many illustrations of representative churches 
with elevations and ground-plans. 

SCOTT, Leader, (pseud, of Mrs Lucy E. (Barnes) Baxter). 

Cathedral builders; the story of a great masonic guild. 1899. • -726 S42 
Contents: Romano-Lombard architects. — First foreign emigrations of the 

Comacines. — Romanesque architects. — Italian-Gothic and renaissance 

Authorities consulted, p.427-428. 
History of the Comacine or Lombard masters, a mediaeval gild of 

sculptor-builders who form the connecting chain between the ancient 

classical period and the renaissance. They worked not only in Italy, 

but also in Germany, France and England. Illustrated. 

SCOTT, William. 

Glance at the historical documents relating to the church of 

Saint Mark in Venice. 1887 qb726 S43 

Gives a general outline and an idea of the character of the documents 
contained in Ongania's great work on St. Mark's. 

SERGEANT, Philip Walsingham. 

Cathedral church of Winchester; a description of its fab- 
ric and a brief history of the see. 1898. (Bell's cathedral 
series.) .726 S48 

SPENCE, Henry Donald Maurice. 

White robe of churches of the nth century; pages from the 

story of Gloucester cathedral. 1899 726 S74 

"Series of studies in architectural history and ecclesiology pleasantly 
treated in a popular. . .manner, and intended to explain the existence 
of such 'mighty prayer-homes' as Gloucester Cathedral. The title of 
the book is taken from the well-known passage in Raoul Glaber's his- 
tory, in which, speaking of the architectural activity of the early years 
of the ijth century, he says the world seemed to wish to apparel 
itself in a white robe of churches. . .Unfortunate that Dean Spence's 
views on the earlier history of his own cathedral should be so un- 
sound." Athenautn, 1900. 

STRANGE, Edward Fairbrother. 

Cathedral church of Worcester; a description of the fabric 

and a history of the see. 1900. (Bell's cathedral series.). . .726 S89 

STUBBS, Charles William, dean. 

Historical memorials of Ely cathedral. 1897 726 S93 

Two lectures, the first treating of the cathedral itself, the second of 
Alan de Walsingham, sacrist of the cathedral from 1321 to 1341. They 
are sentimental, chatty, and extremely ecclesiastical. The notes are 
especially valuable, including the chronological annals, and a plan 
of the cathedral and the ancient monastery buildings, notes on the 
Ely manuscript and the legend of St. Etheldreda, the monastery rolls 
and the accounts of expense. 

SWEETING, Walter Debenham. 

Cathedral church of Ely ; a history and description of the build- 


ing, with a short account of the former monastery and of 

the see. 1901. (Bell's cathedral series.) 726 S97C 

Cathedral church of Peterborough; a description of its 
fabric and a history of the see. 1898. (Bell's cathedral 
series.) 726 S97 

TODD, George Eyre-, ed. 

The book of Glasgow cathedral; a history and description. 

1898 qb726 TS5 

Exhaustive history from every point of view, and including much of 
the history of Glasgow as well. Each section of the subject is dealt 
with by a specialist. Many illustrations. 

VAN RENSSELAER, Mrs Mariana (Griswold). 

English cathedrals. 1893 q726 V19 

The same. 1898 qr726 V19 

T^e cathedrals described are Canterbury, Peterborough, Durham, Salis- 
bury, Lichfield, Lincoln, Ely, Wells, Winchester, Gloucester, York, 
London, selected as typical examples and, in the order given, as 
illustrating the development of English architecture. The author 
writes for the reader who cares for both architectural and general 
"Shows not only a thorough knowledge of her subject, ■ but excellent 
critical judgment and a power of grasping the architect's point of 
view of which she has more than once given remarkable evidence." 
Architectural review, 1892. 

WHEATLEY, Richard. 

Cathedrals and abbeys in Great Britain and Ireland. 

1890 qb726 W59 

Short account of 43 buildings with a large view of each. 

WHITE, Gleeson. 

Cathedral church of Salisbury; a description of its fabric 
and a brief history of the see of Sarum. 1896. (Bell's ca- 
thedral series.) 726 W63 

WILD, Charles. 

History and antiquities of the cathedral church of Lincoln. 

1837 qb726 W71 

Select examples of architectural grandeur in Belgium, Ger- 
many and France; sketches, ist-2d ser. 2v. in i. 1837. .qb726 W71S 

WILSON, Sarah. 

Romance of our ancient churches. [1899.] .' 726 W77 

"Account, sympathetically written, of the earlier structures of Great 
Britain erected for ecclesiastical purposes., .with an abundance of 
illustrations.. .The churches dealt with are rather the smaller parish 
houses of worship than the well-known cathedrals." Dial, 1899. 

WILSON, William Epiphanius. 

Cathedrals of France; popular studies of the most interesting 

French cathedrals. 1900 q726 W773 

Originally published in the "Churchman." 

Descriptions, with illustrations, of 33 cathedrals, including Rheims, Aries, 
Le Puy, Sens, Aix, Angouleme, Autun, Nevers, Angers, Troyes, 
Bordeaux, Amiens, Notre Dame, Chartres, Beauvais, Orleans, fivreux, 
• Nantes and Tours. 

The 200 illustrations are excellent half-tone prints from photographs, and 
the criticism is in the main accurate and suggestive. The "Nation" 
calls attention to the lack of an adequate rendering of the great 
feature of French Gothic churches, their chevet, or rounded east end. 


WINKLES, Benjamin. 

French cathedrals; from drawings taken on the spot by R. 
Garland, with an historical and descriptive account. 

1837 qb726 W78 

Contents: Amiens. — Notre Dame, Paris. — Chartres. — Beauvais. — fivreux. 

— Rouen. 
The work appeared in 1836, in 12 parts, under the title, "Continental 

Descriptions of the cathedrals of Amiens, Paris and Chartres were 

written by Thomas Moule. 

WITHERS, Hartley. 

Cathedral church of Canterbury; a description of its fabric 
and a brief history of the see. 1896. (Bell's cathedral 
series.) 726 W82 

727.1 School architecture 

BRIGGS, Warren Richard. 

Modern American school buildings; a treatise upon, and de- 
signs for, the construction of school buildings. 1899. . . .727.1 B74 
An architect discusses, in general, appropriations, competitions, com- 
missions, ready-made plans, specialists, and in detail, the different 
problems of the building. Plans and perspectives of all types of 
school buildings. 

BURROWES, Thomas H. 

Pennsylvania school architecture; a manual of directions 
and plans for grading, locating, constructing, heating, 
ventilating and furnishing common school houses. 1855. 
(Pennsylvania — Public instruction, Superintendent 
of.) qb727.i B94 

FABER, Reinhold, ed. 

Schulhauser fiir stadt und land; eine sammlung ausgefuhrter 
entwiirfe von dorf-, bezirks- und biirgerschulen, real- 
schulen und gymnasien. 1898 qb727.i Fii 

Views, plans and elevations, with brief descriptive text. 

.WHEELWRIGHT, Edmund March. 

School architecture ; a general treatise for the use of architects 

and others. 1901 qb727.i W61 

Written by an authority on the subject, and from the point of view of 
the architect rather than of the engineering or sanitary expert. It 
gives typical examples of schools in most of the countries where public 
education is well developed, and devotes one chapter exclusively to the 
question of manual training, describing at considerable length several 
of the leading schools where manual training is taught. 

727.3 College architecture 


International competition for the Phoebe Hearst architectural 

plan for the University of California. 1899 qb727.3 Cij 

Text in English, French, Italian and German. Reproductions of a 
large number of the competing plans. 

FERSTEL, Heinrich, freiherr von. 

Die K. k. universitat in Wien; [plates]. 1892 qb727.3 F42 


728 Domestic architecture 

For Building, see 690 

ADDY, Sidney Oldall. 

Evolution of the English house. 1898. (Social England 

series.) 728 A22 

"Some books cited," p.212-214. 

Traces the development of the early English domestic architecture as 
shown by ancient buildings still in existence. 

BOOK of a hundred houses. 1902 728 B63 

Illustrated descriptions of various types of homes, by different writers. 
The examples chosen present a wide choice both in regard to style 
and expense. They include some old Dutch homesteads in New York, 
two colonial houses in Maryland, a hunting-lodge on the Brandywine, 
a California ranch-house, some English homes, a selection of Japanese 
interiors and several inexpensive summer cottages. 


Bungalows and country residences ; a series of designs and ex- 
amples of executed works. 1901 qb728 B74 

Designs of English country homes ranging in cost from £400 to £11,000. 

CHANDLER, Joseph Everett. 

Colonial architecture of Maryland, Pennsylvania and Vir- 
ginia; plates. 1900 qb728 C36 

CLAESEN, Charles, ed. 

Maisons particulieres et hotels construits en Belgique; 

[plates] qb728 C49 

Extraits des 10 premieres annees de L'emulation, publication mensuelle 
de la Societe centrale d'architecture de Belgique. 

COLEMAN, Oliver. 

Successful houses. 1899 728 C68 

Brief practical artistic suggestions about planning, decorating and 
furnishing, with many illustrations of good examples. 

CORNER, James M. & Soderholtz, E. E. comp. 

Examples of domestic colonial architecture in New Eng- 
land; [plates]. 1891 qb728 C823 

CORRELL, Ferdinand. 

Deutsche fachwerkbauten der renaissance; eine sammlung 
hervorragender holzbauten, mit erlauterndem text von 
Hans Stegmann; [plates], le ser. v.i. [1900.] qb728 C82 

Plates illustrating German frame dwellings from the i6th to the i8th 

CRANE, Edward A. & Soderholtz, E.E. comp. 

Examples of colonial architecture in South Carolina and 

Georgia ; 52 plates. 1895 qb728 C86 

CROCKER, James. 

Sketches of old Exeter; [plates], with letter press. 1886. .qb728 C88 
DOLLMAN, Francis Thomas, & Jobbins, J. R. 

Analysis of ancient domestic architecture, exhibiting some of 
the best existing examples in Great Britain, from drawings 
and measurements taken on the spot. 2v. 1861-63. . . .qb728 D69 
DRAKE, Samuel Adams. 

Our colonial homes. 1894 ....;.. .q728 D78 

Popular descriptions of some old New England houses, with sketches of 
their famous owners. Illustrated. 


ELWELL. Newton W. comp. 

Architecture, furniture and interiors of Maryland and Vir- 
ginia during the i8th century; [plates]. 1897 qb728 E57 

GARDNER, Eugene C. 

Homes and all about them. 1885 728 Gi8h 

Subtitle reads "Hints on locating and building a house, in letters between 
an architect and a family man seeking a home." 

House that Jill built after Jack's had proved a failure; a 

book on home architecture. 1896 728 G18 

GARNI ER, Jean Louis Charles, & Ammann, A. 

L'habitation humaine. 1892 qb728 G19 

History of domestic architecture from earliest times. 

GfiLIS-DIDOT, Pierre, & Lambert, Theodore. 

La construction privee a la fin du 196 siecle; hotels et 
maisons de Paris, facades et details, releves et dessines. 

1893 qb728 G28 

GIBSON, Louis Henry. 

Beautiful houses; a study in house-building. 1895 b728 G37 

Gives foreign examples of domestic architecture, some plans for Ameri- 
can houses, and suggests materials and details. 

Convenient houses. 1889 728 G37 

One of the most practical books of the kind. The author is a practising 
architect, who writes with knowledge, clearness, and sense. Plans 
are given for fifty houses, mostly of a very modest kind, with exteriors 
of several. The amateur house-builder should get a good deal of 
useful instruction and many sensible suggestions from this book. 
Adapted from the Nation, 1889. 

GOFORTH, William Davenport, & McAuley, W.J. 

Old colonial architectural details in and around Philadel- 
phia; 50 plates of scaled and measured drawings. 1890. .qb728 G56 
GRIMSHAW, Robert. 

Hints on house building. 1889 728 G92 

Reprinted chiefly from the "Mechanical news." 
Many brief and very practical suggestions. 

HABERSHON, Matthew. 

Ancient half-timbered houses of England. 1836 qb728 Hii 

Plates illustrating English domestic architecture of the Elizabethan 
period, most of the specimens being found in Worcestershire, Lan- 
cashire and Cheshire. Contains an introductory historical essay on 
English architecture of that period. 

HOLME, Charles, ed. 

Modern British domestic architecture and decoration. 1901. 

(Studio. Special summer number, 1901.) qb728 H73 

HOME-BUILDER. See Keith's magazine on home building. 
ISHAM, Norman Morrison, & Brown, A. F. 

Early Connecticut houses; an historical and architectural 

study. 1900 q728 I29 

Based on examination and measurements of typical dwellings of the 
old settlements at Hartford, New Haven and New London. Not a 
mere description of old houses, but also a study of the development 
and changes in building methods. Many sketches, plans and eleva- 
Early Rhode Island houses; an historical and architectural 

study. 1895 q728 l29e 

"Thorough and critical study of very early American building, tracing 
the traditions which govern it back to English building of earlier 
time." Russell Sturgis. 


KEITH'S magazine on home building; monthly, v.i^date. 

1899-date qb728 H75 

V.I, no. 1-2 title reads "Home-builder." 

V.I, no.3-v.4 title reads "Keith's home-builder." 

KERR, Robert. 

The gentleman's house; or, How to plan English residences 
from the parsonage to the palace, with a table of accommo- 
dation and cost and a series of selected plans. 1864 b728 K21 

Following a history of the development of the domestic plan from the 
nth century, is a general consideration of the separate rooms with ref- 
^ ■. .' erence to comfort and convenience, light and air, aspect and prospect, 

and a more detailed consideration of each class of rooms, including 
outhouses, stables, etc. Part three studies the site and grounds. One 
section treats of the various styles of architecture and another of ma- 
terials and estimates of cost. The forty- four plans, mostly of famous 
residences, illustrate the historical sketch or some special point made 
by the author. 

MOORE, Francis Cruger. 

How to build a home; being suggestions as to safety from 
fire, safety to health, comfort, convenience, durability and 

economy. 1897 728 M87 

"Authorities consulted," p. 153. 

NEWSOM, Samuel. 

Some city and suburban homes. [1890.] qb728 N28 

Plans and elevations, with estimates. 

NIVEN, William. 

Illustrations of old Warwickshire houses. 1878 qb728. N37 

Etchings by an architect who has chosen his views chiefly for their 
architectural value. Brief descriptive notes. 

OSBORNE, Charles Francis. 

Notes on the art of house-planning. 1888 728 O29 

A useful book on arranging the rooms of a house in the most con- 
venient way, without wasting space. 

PERCIER, Charles, & Fontaine, P. F. L. 
• Palais, maisons et autres edifices modernes, dessines a 

Rome. 1798 qb728 P42 

Bibliography, p.33-34. 

PRICE, William L. 

Model houses for little money; with a chapter on doors and 

windows by F. S. Guild. 1898 728 P94 

REED, Samuel Burrage. 

Dwellings for village and country, with descriptions and esti- 
mates. 1885 qb728 R28 

Modern house-plans for everybody, costing from $250 to 

$8000. 1900 728 R28 

RICHARDSON, Charles James. 

House-building from a cottage to a mansion. 1873 728 R41 

The same. 1870 b728 R41 

Title of the edition of 1870 reads "Englishman's house, from a cottage 
to a mansion." 

SHOPPELL'S modern houses. 1895 qb728 S55 

Several hundred illustrations of houses ranging in cost from $600 to 
$15,000, with plans, descriptions and estimates of material and 'labor. 

SODERHOLTZ, Eric Ellis, comp. 

Colonial architecture and furniture; [plates]. 1895 qb728 S67 


STEVENSON, John James. 

House architecture. 2v. 1880 qb728 S84 

By an English architect, v.i contains a history of architecture in general, 
V.2 gives much detailed advice on materials and construction, heating, 
lighting, ventilation and the arrangement of rooms, but it is more use- 
ful for English conditions than for American. Many excellent illus- 

STURGIS. Russell, and others. 

Homes in city and country. 1893 728 S93 

Contents: Sturgis, Russell. The city house in the East and South. — 
Root, J. \V. The city house in the West. — Price, Bruce. The sub- 
urban house. — Mitchell, D. G. The country house. — Parsons, Samuel. 
Small country places. — Linn, W. A. Building and loan associations. 

TROTTER, Alys Fane. 

Old colonial houses of the Cape of Good Hope, with a chap- 
ter on the origin of old Cape architecture by Herbert 

Baker; [plates]. 1900 qb728 T76 

TURNER, Thomas Hudson, & Parker, J. H. 1806-S4. 

Some account of domestic architecture in England. 4v. 

1851-59 b728 T86 

V.I. The conquest to the end of the 13th century. 
v.2. From Edward I to Richard II. 
v.3-4. From Richard II to Henry \TII. 

TUTHILL, William B. 

The city residence; its design and construction. 1890 b728 T88 

Plans for residences, apartments and tenement houses, with chapters on 
all the details of construction, by an architect. 

VIOLLET-LE-DUC, Eugene Emmanuel. 

Habitations modernes ; avec le concours des membres du Com- 
ite de redaction de L'encyclopedie d'architecture et la col- 
laboration de Felix Narjoux. 2v. 1875-77 qb728 V34h 

Habitations of man in all ages. 1876 b728 V34 

"Fine and philosophical account, based on well-understood principles of 
ethnology, of the building-arts of all the great races of man... The 
diagrams combined with the text are delightfully drawn, with that 
almost marvellous precision, clearness, and simplicity which charm the 
eye of all artists in all M. Viollet-le-Duc's work." Athenaeum, 1876. 

Story of a house. 1874 728 V34 

The same. 1874 b728 V34S 

"Popular book in which the method of planning and building a house 
in France is given in a way easy to understand. The much greater 
solidity of construction assumed in this case than is ever given in 
America to a house of similar size and style is well worthy of notice." 
Russell Sturgis. 

WALLIS, Frank Edwin. 

Old colonial architecture and furniture; [plates]. 1887. . .qb728 W18 
Sixty sketches and measured drawings showing the best examples of 
colonial architecture, decoration and furniture, chosen from New 
York, New England and the South. 


Homes of our forefathers; a selection of the oldest and most 

interesting buildings in Rhode Island and Connecticut; 

[plates]. 1882 qb728 W63h 

Homes of our forefathers; a selection of the oldest and 

most interesting historical houses and noted places in 

Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont; [plates]. 1886. .qb728 W63 
Homes of our forefathers in Massachusetts; [plates]. 

1892 qb728 W63ho 

PALACES 1 193 

WILLIAMS, (David) CO. pub. 

Modern American dwellings, with constructive details, by 
numerous architects; practical designs for builders and 
those intending to build. 1897. (Carpentry and building 
series.) 728 W74 

Floor plans, elevations and constructive details of 37 suburban dwellings 
costing from $2,000 to $5,000. 

YOUNG, William, architect. 

Picturesque architectural studies and practical designs for 
gate lodges, cottages, cottage hospitals, country residences, 
schools, village churches, etc. 1872 qb728 Y41 

CRANFIELD, Sydney White, & Potter, H. I. 

Houses for the working classes in urban districts, compris- 
ing typical and improved plans arranged in groups, with 
elevations for each, and block plans, etc.; also intro- 
ductory and descriptive text, general notes on plan- 
ning, tables giving sizes of rooms, cubic contents, cost, 
etc. 1900 qr728.i C86 

Appendix contains extracts from the local government model and Lon- 
don county council by-laws. 

728.3 Palaces 

BOURASSfi, Jean Jacques, abbe. 

Residences royales et imperiales de France; histoire et 

monuments. 1864 qb728.3 B65 

Contents: Residence des rois merovingiens. — Palais de la cite. — -Le Louvre. 
■;— Les Tuileries.— Versailles. — - Trianon. — Le Luxembourg. — Palais- 
Royal. — Saint-Germain-et-Laye. — Fontainebleau. — Vincennes. — Com- 
piegne. — Saint Cloud. — Rambouillet.- — Meudon. — Chambord. — Loches. 
— Chenonceaux. — Pau. — Chinon. — Azay-le-Rideau. — Amboise. — Chau- 
mont. — Blois. — Eu. — La Malmaison. . . « 

GILLE, Philippe. 

Versailles et les deux Trianons; dessins et releves par 

Marcel Lambert. 2v. 1899-1900 qb728.3 G41 

The Large Trianon was built by Louis XIV and was afterward used by 
successive French sovereigns as a private residence. The Little Trianon, 
built by Louis XV, is closely associated with the memory of Marie 
Antoinette, whose favorite abode it was. This descriptive and histor- 
ical monograph is very fully and beautifully illustrated. Some of the 
plates are in color. 

PALAST-ARCHITEKTUR von ober-Italien und Toscana 
vomXV. bis XVII. jahrhundert; [plates], v. 1-3. 1886- 

1903 qb728.3 P17 

v.i. Genua; hrsg. von Robert Reinhardt. 
V.2. Toscana; hrsg. von J. C. Raschdorff. 

V.3. Venedig; hrsg. von Otto Raschdorff. 

Beautifully engraved plates illustrating the palace architecture of upper 
Italy and Tuscany from the 15th to the 17th century. 

ROUSSEL, Jules. 

Monographic des palais et pares de Versailles et des 

Trianons qb728.3 R77 

Excellent and complete work by the secretary of the museum of sculp- 
ture at the Trocadero (1901). 
Le palais de Fontainebleau ; exterieurs, interieurs, mobilier, 

etc., peinture et sculpture decoratives qb728.3 R77P 

The palace of Fontainebleau was from the middle ages one of the chief 
residences of the kings of France. The apartments, magnificent in their 


decoration and furnishings, have been fitted up under different reigns 
since that of Francis I, and are of great historic and artistic interest. 
Except for a few pages of introductory text, the volume consists ex- 
clusively of plates illustrating the exterior, interior, furniture, paint- 
ings and sculpture of the palace. 

728.6 Village and country homes 

CLEAVELAND, Henry W.and others. 

Village and farm cottages ; the requirements of American vil- 
lage homes considered and suggested, with designs for 
houses of moderate cost. 1856 T728.6 C55 

COMSTOCK, William T. pub. 

American cottages; 44 plates; original designs of medium 

and low cost cottages. 1883 qb728.6 C73 


How to build, furnish and decorate. 1883 qb728.6 C79 

DAWBER, Edward Guy. 

Old cottages and farmhouses in Kent and Sussex, illustrated 

from photographs taken by W. G. Davie. 1900 qb728.6 D32 

Interesting short sketch of the architecture, accompanied by 100 plates 
from fine photogrraphs taken especially for this work. 

DEWSNAP, William. 

Country and suburban houses; a collection of interior and ex- 
terior perspective sketches and floor plans for up-to-date 
houses; with general specifications and interior sugges- 
tions and advisory chapter to intending builders. 1901. . .q728.6 D51 
Many of the designs in this collection are a repetition of those con- 
tained in the collection by the same author, entitled "Houses for the 
country and suburb." 
Bound with his "Houses for the country and suburb." 

The same. 1904 q728.6 D51C 

Houses for the country and suburb ; a collection of perspective 
sketches and floor plans "for up-to-date houses ; with in- 
terior suggestions and advisory chapter to intending build- 
ers. 1900 q728.6 Dsr 

DOWNING, Andrew Jackson. 

Cottage residences ; or, A series of designs for rural cottages 
and cottage villas and their gardens and grounds, adapted 

to North America. 1844 r728.6 D77 

LENT, Frank Townsend. 

Sound sense in suburban architecture; hints, suggestions and 
practical information for the building of inexpensive coun- 
try houses. 1895 728.6 L61 

LOUDON, John Claudius. 

Encyclopaedia of cottage, farm and villa architecture and fur- 
niture. 1839 b728.6 L92 

NEVILL, Ralph. 

Old cottage and domestic architecture in south-west Surrey, 

and notes on the early history of the division. 1891 qb728.6 N25 

Contents: Architectural. — Topographical notes and plates. — Early settle- 
ments in south-west Surrey. 



Architectural designs for model country residences, accom- 
panied by descriptions and estimates. 1864 qb728.6 R43 

ROBERTS, Isaac Phillips. 

The farmstead; the making of the rural home and the lay-out 

of the farm. 1900. (Rural science series.) 728.6 RS3 

VAUX, Calvert. 

Villas and cottages; a series of designs. 1867 728.6 V23 

WICKS, William S. 

-Log cabins and cottages; how to build and furnish them. 

1900 728.6 W67 

728.8 Country seats. Castles 

ADAMS, jNIaurice Bingham. 

Examples of old English houses and furniture; [plates]. 

1888 qb728.8 A21 


English country houses; 100 plates. 1898 qb728.8 B31 

HALL, Samuel Carter. 

Baronial halls and ancient edifices of England. 2v. 1858. .qb728.8 H17 

Descriptive text, with illustrations in color and black and white. 

JEWITT, Llewellynn, & Hall, S. C. 

Stately homes of England, ist-2d ser. 2v. [1873-77.] • • • .b728.8 J31 
Descriptions, with many illustrations, of some great houses noted for 
their beauty or historic associations. 

MACKENZIE, Sir James Dixon. 

Castles of England; their story and structure. 2v. 1896. .qb728.8 MiS 
Bibliography, p. 15-22. 

Includes only the really defensible strongholds, many of which have 
now disappeared, built from the Norman conquest to the reign of 
Henry VIII. Illustrations show the present state of many famous 

NASH, Joseph. 

Mansions of England in the olden time, [plates] ; ed. by 

J. C. Anderson, ist-4th ser. 4v. 1869-72 . .qb728.8 N14 

Nash was a water-color artist and lithographer celebrated for his views 
of buildings, in which he aims at picturesque effect and not structural 
detail. The views are here accompanied by short accounts of the 
buildings described. 

NIVEN, William. 

Illustrations of old Worcestershire houses, drawn and etched 
on copper, with notes historical and descriptive. 

1873 qb728.8 N37 

SHELDON, George William. 

Artistic country-seats; types of recent American villa and 
cottage architecture, with instances of country club- 
houses. 2v. in 5. 1886-87 qb728.8 S54 

The same. 2v. in 4. 1886-87 qb728.8 S54a 

General views of exteriors with descriptions. 

SINGLETON, Esther, ed. 

Romantic castles and palaces, as seen and described by famous 


writers. 1901 728.8 S61 

The same. 1901 r728.8 S61 

Contains descriptions of the following buildings: 

Alhambra. Hampton Court. 

Alnwick castle. Kensington palace. 

Amboise, Chateau d'. Kronborg castle. 

Aranjuez palace. Lambeth palace. 

Arundel castle. Lambton castle. 

Berkeley castle. Linlithgow palace. 

Blarney castle. Loches, Chateau de. 

Blenheim palace. Mikado's palace. 

Blois, Chateau de. Palazzo Vecchio. 

Bosphorus, Palace of the. Peking, Summer palace. 

Caernavon castle. Plessis-les-Tours. 

Castel del Monte. Raby castle. 

Chaumont sur Loire. • Riccardi palace. 

Chenonceaux, Chateau de. Rocca Malatestiana. 

Chillon. Saint-Cloud. 

Chinon, Chateau de. Sans Souci. 

Conway castle. Shah Jehan, Palace of. 

Doge's palace. Stirling castle. 

Dublin castle. Urbino, Ducal palace. 

Edinburgh castle. Wartburg. 

Fontainebleau. Warwick castle. 

Futtehpore-Sikri. Whitehall. 

Generalife. Windsor castle. 

Glamis castle. Winter palace. 

TWYCROSS, Edward. 

Mansions of England and Wales ; views with historical and 

topographical descriptions, v.1-3. 1847 qr728.8 T94 

V. 1-3. County palatine of Lancaster. 

728.9 Stables. Greenhouses 

COLEMAN, Thomas Everit. 

Stable sanitation and construction. 1897 728.9 C68 

HARNEY, George E. 

Stables, outbuildings and fences. 1870 qb728.9 H28 

120 designs and plans with descriptive text. 

TAFT, Levi R. 

Greenhouse construction. 1897 728.9 T13 

"A thoroughly good book for any one planning to build a greenhouse. 
Contains descriptions of all the new and improved methods of con- 
struction and equipment. Written for amateurs as well as florists. 
Methods particularly adapted to American climate." L. H. Bailey. 

729 Architectural design and decoration 

ADAM, Robert, & James. 

Decorative work of Robert & James Adam. 1901 qb729 A19 

Robert Adam was a celebrated English architect (1728-1792). 

"A folio volume of thirty plates, the subjects of which are confined to 
furniture and decorative work, excluding architecture proper. The 
fashion for the style of decorative work invented by the Adams has 
been ... decidedly revived at present. . .and. . .is remarkable for re- 
finement and grace of treatment of the materials employed. It should 
be remembered, however, that these materials are not those which go 
to form the highest class of ornament; they are mostly based on the 
imitation of artificial objects, and they show a vast amount of repeti- 
'tion of the same idea and the same details with only slight variations 
of arrangement." Builder, 1901. 

Topical architecture ; a series of classified designs arranged 


for draughtsmen, designers, architects and others; 

[plates]. lopts. 1900 qb729 A51 

pt. 1-2. Renaissance doorways. 

pt.3-4. Renaissance capitals. 

pt.s-6. Ironwork, gates and railings. 

pt.7. Renaissance chimneypieces. 

pt.8. Tombs. 

pt.g. Arabesques. 

pt. 10. Sgraffito. 

BAJOT, fidouard. 

Profils et tournages; recueil de documents de styles, 

'■» ' ' gothique, Frangois ler, Henri II, Henri III, Henri IV, 

Louis XIII, Louis XIV, Louis XV, Louis XVI, empire, 

moderne; 1680 motifs; [plates] qb729 B17 

Specimens of architectural detail, — arches, columns, balustrades, doors, 
furniture, etc. 


Details of decorative sculpture, French renaissance; 

[plates] b729 B3T 

Details of decorative sculpture, Italian renaissance; 

[plates] b729 B3id 

BOURGEREL, Gustave Benjamin Alexandre le Prevost. 

Fragments d'architecture et de sculpture. 1880 (\h72g B65 

Drawings of ancient architecture and sculpture in Greece and Italy. 

CHAMBERS, Sir William. 

Treatise on the decorative part of civil architecture, with an 
examination of Grecian architecture by Joseph Gwilt. 2v. 

1825 qb729 C35 

"Life of Sir William Chambers," v.i, p. 35-51. 

COLLING, James Kellaw^ay. 

Art foliage for sculpture and decoration, with an analysis of 

geometric form. 1865 qb729 C69 

DAVIS, Owen W. 

Art and work as shown in the several artistic industries em- 
ployed in the use of marble, stone and terra-cotta. metal, 

wood and textile fabrics, [with plates]. 1885 qb729 D32 

GRUNER, Wilhelm Heinrich Ludwig. 

Specimens of ornamental art selected from the best models 
of the classical epochs; 80 plates, with explanatory text 

and additional plates by Emil Braun. 2v. 1850 qb729 G94 

V.I. Plates. V.2. Text. 

MIDDLETON, George Alexander Thomas, & Garden, R. W. 
Ornamental details of the Italian renaissance; measured 

and drawn by Middleton and Garden. 1900 qb729 M67 

50 photo-lithographic plates of architectural ornament taken from build- 
ings in Milan, Rome, Florence, Bologna, Venice, Padua and other 
north Italian towns. The drawings are not invariably satisfactory, and 
the authors have not always distinguished between new and old in 
their selection of subjects. The reproductions of ironwork are good. 

MORANDO, Marius, pub. 

Collection des meilleurs ornements antiques de la ville de 
Venise, augmentee de divers fragments d'architecture 
gothique; premiere edition frangaise corrigee et aug- 
mentee par Lucien Dianoux. 1877 (\hy2g M88 


OAKESHOTT, George John. 

Detail and ornament of the Italian renaissance; [plates]. 

1888 qb729 On 


Neu-romanische ornamentik: bildhauerarbeiten an modernen 
gebauden in stadten der nordamerikanischen union; 

[plates]. [1901.] qb729 O22 

PRANG, Louis, fmb. 

Examples of historic ornament; [plates] b729 P88 

Notes on Egyptian architecture and ornament, to accompany 
the Prang examples of historic ornament in the Egyptian 
style. 1899 b729 P88 

"Works on Egj'pt," p.26-27. 
Bound with his "Examples of historic ornament." 

PRISSE d'AVENNES, Achille Constant Theodore femile. 
La decoration arabe; decors muraux, plafonds, mosaiques, 
boiseries, vitraux, etoffes, tapis, ornements divers. 

1885 qb729 P9S 

100 beautifully colored plates, taken from a larger work by the same 
author, "L'art arabe." These give some idea of the beauty of Arabic 
design and coloring. 

PUGIN, Augustus Welby Northmore. 

Details of antient timber houses of the 15th and i6th 
centuries selected from those at Rouen, Caen, Beauvais, 

etc.; [plates]. 1836 qb729 P98 

REDGRAVE, Gilbert Richard, ed. 

Outlines of historic ornament. 1884 729 R27 

Translated from the German. Elementary text-book Jor beginners in 
the study of design. Written in the form of question and answer. 

RICHARDSON, Charles James. 

Studies from old English mansions; their furniture, gold 

and silver plate, etc., ist-4th ser.; [plates]. 4v. 1841-48. .qb729 R41 
ROBINSON, John Beverly. 

Principles of architectural composition ; an attempt to order 
and phrase ideas which have hitherto been only felt by the 
instinctive taste of designers. 1899. (Architectural record 

series.) b729 R55 

RUSKIN, John. 

Stones of Venice. 2v. 1891 729 R89 

"It is not advisable that the student should depend upon its conclusions, 

or even its suggestions." Russell Sturgis. 
Analyzes the principles, methods and characteristics of Venetian art, 
and studies the effect of political and moral conditions upon the 
buildings and the styles of architecture. 


Sketches abroad made during a tour through Spain, Italy, 
France and the South Kensington museum; [plates]. 

1888 qb729 S41 

WARD, James, b. 1851. 

Historic ornament; treatise on decorative art and architectural 

ornament. 2v. 1897 b729 W21 

V.I. Prehistoric art. — Ancient art and architecture. — Eastern, early Chris- 
tian, Byzantine, Saracenic, Romanesque, Gothic and renaissance 
architecture and ornament. 
V.2. Pottery. — Enamels. — Ivories. — Metal-work. — Furniture. — Textile fab- 
rics. — Mosaics. — Glass. — Book decoration. 


WARING, John Burley. 

The arts connected with architecture, illustrated by examples 
in central Italy from the 13th to the 15th century; examples 
of stained glass, fresco ornament, marble and enamel inlay. 

1858 qb729 W22 

WATT, James Cromar. 

Examples of Greek and Pompeian decorative work, measured 

and drawn by J. C. Watt; [plates]. 1897 Qb729 W32 

Made from objects in and near Athens, at Palermo and Naples. The 

..■,,'• drawings, which are very delicate and beautiful, were made full size 

and, with two exceptions, these photographic reproductions are on the 

same scale. Being addressed to architects and artists rather than 

archaeologists, the subjects are frankly chosen for their beauty. 

WORNUM, Ralph Nicholson. 

Analysis of ornament; characteristics of styles. 1893 Q729 W89 

With a bibliography at the beginning of each chapter. 
Concise abstract of lectures delivered in some English government 
schools of design, 1848-50. Author was keeper of the National gallery, 
and this is still regarded as a useful guide to the characteristics of 

WRIGHT, Frank Ayres. 

Architectural perspective for beginners. 1896 qb729.i W93 

Practical examples adapted to a student in an architect's office. 

729.3 Elementary forms 

MAUCH, Johann Matthaus von, ed. 

Die architektonischen ordnungen der Griechen und Romer. 

1896 qb729.3 M48 

Consists chiefly of plates of architectural details drawn to scale. 
VIGNOLA, Giacomo Barozzi da. 

Five orders of architecture. 1891 qb729.3 V32 

The same. 1896 q729.3 V32 

Vignola (1507-73), eminent Italian architect who succeeded Michael 
Angelo as architect of St. Peter's. This book, which is regarded as a 
standard authority, consists of plates in which he considers the relative 
proportions of the different parts of the orders of architecture. 

729.4-729.5 Painted decoration. Decoration in relief 

AUDSLEY, William James, & George Ashdown. 

Polychromatic decoration as applied to buildmgs in the 

mediaeval styles. 1882 qb729.4 A91 

Describes the process of preparing and executing the design. Colored 
plates of designs especially adapted to the decoration of Gothic build- 
ings. The authors are architects well known in connection with 

BLACKBURNE, Edward Lushington. 

Sketches for a history of the decorative painting applied to 

English architecture during the middle ages. 1847. .qb729.4 B51 
RACINET, Albert Charles Auguste. 

Polychromatic ornament; comprising various styles of an- 
cient, oriental and mediaeval art and including the renais- 
sance and the 17th and i8th centuries, ist-2d ser. 2v. 



1873-87 qb729.4 R12 

V.2 is in French. 

Colored plates showing several thousand specimens arranged in historical 

JACOB, Samuel Swinton, ed. 

Jeypore portfolio of architectural details; [plates]. lov. 

1890-98 qb729.5 J13 

V.I. Copings and plinths. 

V.3. Pillars. — Caps and bases. 

V.3. Carved doors. 

V.4. Brackets. 

v.S. Arches. 

V.6. Balustrades. 

V.7. String and band patterns. 

v.S. Wall and surface decorations. 

v.9. Dados. 

V. 10. Parapets. 

729.7 Mosaic 

GUST, Robert Henry Hobart. 

Pavement masters of Siena, 1369- 1562. 1901. (Handbooks of 

the great craftsmen.) 729.7 C94 

"Authorities consulted," p. 11-13. 

Siena cathedral is famed for its mosaic and graffito pavement in pic- 
torial designs (the finest work of the kind in existence). Mr Cust 
gives a history and detailed description of the pavement, followed by 
interesting notes concerning the fifty or more men who have con- 
tributed in one way or another to the work. 

GERSPACH, fidouard. 

La mosaique. [1881.] (Bibliotheque de I'enseignement 

des beaux-arts.) 729.7 G32 

WYATT, Sir Matthew Digby. 

Specimens of the geometrical mosaic of the middle ages, 

with a brief historical notice of the art. 1848 qb729.7 W97 

729.9 Architectural accessories 


Choir stalls and their carvings; examples of misericords from 
. English cathedrals and churches; [plates]. 1896. . . .qb729.9 P52 

729.97 Ornamental metal-work 

GERLACH, Martin, comp. 

Ornamente alter schmiedeeisen; [plates]. [1895.] qb729.97 G32 

Photographs of old examples of wrought ironwork in locks, knockers, 
handles and especially ornamental railings and gratings. 


Illustrated catalogue q729.97 H39 

Illustrations of ornamental iron and bronze work executed 

by the Hecla iron works. [1901.] q729.97 H39i 

JOUSSE, Mathurin. 

Reproduction of illustrations of ornamental metal-work, 

forming L'art du serrurier. 1889 qb729.97 J46 

Reprint of the edition of 1627. 

Illustrations of keys, escutcheons and handles. Jousse was a French 
architect and an artist in such metal-work. 


KENT, William Winthrop. 

Architectural wrought-iron, ancient and modern. 1888. .qb729.97 K19 
MEYER, Franz Sales. 

Handbook of art smithing, for the use of designers of iron- 
work, architects, etc. 1896 729.97 M65 

Short but quite complete manual on decorative iron-working. Author 
is (1898) professor in the School of agplied art at Carlsruhe, and the 
larger part of the book is devoted to German productions and designs. 


.Collection of photographs of ornamental iron. 1893. . . .b729.97 W79 

730 Sculpture 


Catalogue of plaster cast reproductions from antique, medieval 

and modern sculpture; subjects for art schools. 1901 r730 C18 


Iconografia espaiiola; coleccion de retratos, estatuas, 
mausoleos y demas monumentos ineditos de reyes, 
reinas, grandes capitanes, escritores, etc. desde el 
siglo II hasta el 17. 2v. 1855-64 qr730 C19 

French and Spanish text. 

Follows the course of the most striking historical events from the nth 
to the 17th century, adding notes on costumes, art customs and his- 
tory, to the descriptions of tombs, statues and other monuments of 
sovereigns, military heroes, writers, etc. Most of these monuments 
are here first published, and many of them have been lost sight of. 


Lectures on sculpture. 1889 730 F62 

"His lectures [1810-26] in their published form show no power of style, 
and not much of order or arrangement, and on points of scholarship 
and archaeology are now quite without authority; they are at the 
same time distinguished for sound sense and native insight into the 
principles and virtues alike of Greek and Gothic art." Sidney Colvin. 

HUTTON, Laurence. 

Portraits in plaster. 1894 q730 H97 

Mr Hutton has accumulated what is probably the largest and most 
nearly complete existing collection of plaster masks of famous people, 
and has here illustrated and described them. In time they range from 
Dante to Edwin Booth, and they include celebrities of every descrip- 

LUBKE, Wilhelm. 

History of sculpture from the earliest ages to the present 

time, [ 1870] . 2v. 1872 q730 L96 

V.I. Nature and course of development of sculpture. — Oriental sculpture. 
— Greek sculpture. — Ancient sculpture of Italy. — Sculpture of the 
middle ages. 

V.2. Sculpture of the middle ages, (continued). — Sculpture of modern 

"Dr. Liibke does not limit himself to statues and bas-reliefs, but has 
.something to say about decorative sculpture generally, as in architec- 
tural work. . .He includes coins, gem-cutting, and. . .metallic objects of 
every kind in which rich ornamentation is introduced. . .The book, 
with its abundant illustrative examples. . .is a very valuable addition 
to the Art-literature of the day. . .Author. . .ignores the existence of 
the Art in England, except in the case of Flaxman." Art journal, 
MARQUAND, Allan, & Frothingham, A.L. 

Text-book of the history of sculpture. 1896. (College his- 


tories of art.) 730 M41 

"In spite of the title it is devoted to European sculpture exclusively, 
and that since the beginning of historical times. It is illustrated by 
113 half-tone prints, and... each chapter is headed by a bibliogra- 
phy and is closed by other useful information in concentrated form. 
There is also a table of the addresses of makers of photographs and 
plaster casts: a really invaluable help to the student in this country. 
The two authors are scholars of the right sort; each in his way as 
thorough and careful as could be desired — systematic and critical." 
Russell Sturgis. 

RADCLIFFE, Alida Graveraet. 

Schools and masters of sculpture. 1894 730 Rxa 

Bibliography, p.s65-s68, 

"A sketch of the History of Sculpture in all ages. There has been a 
serious attempt to make an interesting continuous narrative of each 
chapter, and the attempt is more nearly successful than could be an- 
ticipated. The critical value of different chapters varies greatly; thus 
the account of Gothic sculpture is of little utility. . . while the 
account of ninteenth century sculpture is usually good and shows 
much critical insight." Russell Sturgis. 

RUSKIN, John. 

Aratra Pentelici; elements of sculpture 1892 730 R89 

Continuation of the Oxford lectures on art. 

"His remarks on the characteristics of Greek sculpture, on the respec- 
tive qualities of the Greek and the Florentine Schools, and other 
similar topics, are often admirable in their discriminations, and 
in their setting forth of the significance of methods of representation 
in art as indicative of the temper and thought from which they pro- 
ceeded."' C. E. Norton. 

VIARDOT, Louis. 

Wonders of sculpture. 1896. (Wonders of art and archae- 
ology.) 730 V29 

Valuable small work for popular use. 

731 Materials and methods 

FREDERICK. Frank Forrest. 

Plaster casts and how they are made. 1899 731 F89 

Contains a brief historical view of the art of casting; directions for mak- 
ing casts by the waste, piece, elastic and sulphur mold processes; cast- 
ing from life; oiling, painting, cleaning, mending and packing casts; 
and notes upon clay modeling. 

HOFER, Johannes. 

Die fabrikation kiinstlicher plastischer massen, sowie der 
kiinstlichen steine, kunststeine, stein- und cementgiisse. 
1898. (Hartleberi's chemisch-technische bibliothek.) . . .r73i H67 
Includes the preparation of plastic material from lime, magnesia, water 
glass, amber waste, leather waste, bone, papier-mache, cellulose, wood, 
casein, gypsum, etc. Treats of the manufacture of artificial stone, 
marble and insulating material for steam-pipes and boilers. 

MILLAR, William. 

Plastering, plain and decorative; with an account of his- 
torical plastering in England, Scotland and Ireland. 
1897 qb73i M68 

Practical treatise on plastering and modeling. By a practised crafts- 
man who had a rigorous English apprenticeship. Many illustrations 
of processes and fine examples. 


Die technik der bildhauerei; oder, Theoretisch-praktische an- 



leitung zur hervorbringung plastischer kunstwerke. 1893. 

(Hartleben's chemisch-technische bibliothek.) r73i U18 

VoUstandige anleitung zum formen und giessen; oder, 
Genaue.beschreibung aller in den kiinsten und gewerben 
dafiir angewandten materialien. 1899. (Hartleben's 
chemisch-technische bibliothek.) r73i Ui8v 

Describes particularly casting and molding in gypsum, clay, paper, 
brass and bronze. 

UNWIN, Mary Louisa Hermione. 

Manual of clay-modelling. 1895 731 U25 

» ■ Course adapted for children of from six years of age upwards. 

732 Ancient sculpture 

MITCHELL, Mrs Lucy Myers (Wright). 

History of ancient sculpture. 1883 qr732 M74 

"An excellent manual for general use. It makes little claim to originality 
of research on the part of its author, but the marshalling of the 
facts and the presentation of the different theories is intelligible, and 
there is probably no better book for the constant reference required 
in a library of fine art." Russell Sturgis. 

This copy is extra-illustrated. 

MURRAY, Alexander Stuart. 

Lectures on ancient sculpture, delivered at the Royal academy, 

1886. 1886 732 M76 

Reprinted from the "Architect." 

Studies, chiefly of bas-relief, by the present (1900) keeper of the Greek 
and Roman antiquities in the British museum. 

PARIS, Pierre. 

Manual of ancient sculpture. 1890 72,2 P23 

Account of the sculpture of Egypt, Asia, Greece and Italy. 

RAYET, Olivier. 

Monuments de I'art antique. 2v. 1884 qr732 R24 

V.I. Sculpture grecque: epoque archaique. — Seconde moitie du Ve siecle 

at premiere du IVe. 
V.2. Sculpture grecque: seconde moitie du IVe siecle, Ille et lie 

siecles. — Sculpture romaine. — Terres cuites. 

REDFORD, George. 

Manual of ancient sculpture; Egyptian, Assyrian, Greek, 

Roman. 1886 732 R27 

Chronological list of ancient sculptors and their works, p.273-280. 
"A good general account of ancient sculpture; may be trusted for the 
general accuracy of its statements." Russell Sturgis. 

733 Greek and Roman 

COLLIGNON, Maxinie. 

Histoire de la sculpture grecque. 2v. 1892-97 qr733 C69 

Beautifully illustrated. Considered one of the best general histories of 
Greek sculpture yet written (1900). 

Manual of mythology in relation to Greek art. 1890 733 C69m 

Bibliography,; also bibliography at the head of each chapter. 
Mythologie figuree de la Grece. 1885. (Bibliotheque de I'en- 

seignement des beaux-arts.) 733 C69 

A short bibliography precedes each chapter. 

ELLIS, Sir Henry. 

The Elgin and Phigaleian marbles of the classical ages, in 


the British museum. 2v. 1846 r733 E53 

Description, accompanied by outline engravings, of the sculptures; 
description of the plan of Greek temples and of the topography of 

ELSON, (A. W.) & CO. fttb. 

Masterpieces in art; Elson prints, Greek and Roman archi- 
tecture and Greek sculpture, A and B; [plates]. 1899. .qr733 £55 
ENGLAND — House of commons. 

Report from the select committee on the earl of Elgin's 

collection of sculptured marbles, etc. 1816 r733 E64 

The committee was appointed to consider the expediency of purchasing 
the Elgin marbles for the nation. The report also contains the 
testimony of distinguished witnesses in favor of Elgin's conduct in 
removing the sculptures from the Parthenon, about which there had 
been much controversy. 


Masterpieces of Greek sculpture; essays on the history of art. 

1895 qr733 F99 

"It is a study brought down to a late date, of the latest conclusions of 
archaeologists in regard to the best known names of the sculptors of 
antiquity and the existing works which may be assigned to them in 
originals or in copies; and also of the Venus de Milo and the Apollo 
of tie lielvedere. An appendix of sixty pages contains a most inter- 
esting account of the buildings on the Acropolis at .Athens. In all 
this long inquiry the theories advanced are often very bold, and some 
of them undoubtedly fail to be accepted as final truth; but the undue 
boldness of ascription, or dating, can do no harm except to a reader 
wli" is rnn" nre tlmt all assertions as to ancient art are more or less 
relative." Russell Sturgis. 

GARDNER. Ernest Arthur. 

Handbook of Greek sculpture. 2v. 1896-97. (Handbooks 

of archaeology and antiquities.) 733 G18 

HEERMANCE, Theodore Woolsey. 

Greek art. 1901 733 H41 

Bibliography of Greek art, prepared by F. B. Tarbell, p.29-33. 

A brief outline sketch of the rise and development of Greek sculpture. 

HUISH, Marcus Bourne. 

Greek terra-cotta statuettes ; their origin, evolution and uses. 

1900 733 H91 

, Mr Huish is a collector and art critic, and has written a full and useful 
artistic study, owning his indebtedness to foreign monographs on the 

HURLL, Estelle May. 

Greek sculpture; a collection of 16 pictures of Greek 
marbles, with introduction and interpretation. 1901. 

(Riverside art series.) 733 H95 

"On books of reference," p. 10. 

HUTTON, Caroline Amy. 

Greek terracotta" statuettes. 1899 q733 H97 

The same. 1899 qr733 H97 

Author is an archjeologist and classical scholar, and her study is some- 
what more comprehensive and scholarly than that of M. B. Huish on 
the same subject. 

KLEIN. Wilhelm. 

Praxiteles, [in German]. 1898 qr733 P89k 

Elaborate study, clearly tracing the development of the artistic character 
of Praxiteles. Many illustrations. 


MURRAY, Alexander Stuart. 

History of Greek sculpture. 2v. 1880-83 ^733 M97 

"Mr. Murray is [1897] in charge, at the British Museum, of the Greek 
and Roman antiquities, and is an archaeologist of repute. The work is 
composed on scientific lines; the reader is helped by references to 
many other writers." Russell Sturgis. 

PERRY, Walter Copland. 

Greek and Roman sculpture. 1882 ^733 P44 

"Valuable for the systematic arrangement of the information concerning 
ancient sculpture as we obtain it from the writers of antiquity, and 
, ., • . .the comparison of this information with the extant works which are 
thought to be of the same period." Russell Sturgis. 

REINACH, Salomon. 

Repertoire de la statuaife grecque et romaine. 3v. 1897- 

1904 r733 R31 

V.I. Clarac de poche. 

V.2. Six mille statues antiques. 

V.3. Deux milles six cent quarante statues antiques. 

Practically complete index to all existing statues and statuettes with an 
illustration of every example. v. i reproduces the illustrations of 
Clarac's "Musee de sculpture." v.2 contains outline reproductions 
of nearly 7,000 statues from private and public collections here first 
presented together. 

UPCOTT, Lewis Edward. 

Introduction to Greek sculpture. 1887 733 U26 

Bibliography, p.7-8. 

Written as a rather elaborate guide to a collection of casts and photo- 
graphs suited to the needs of a school. 

WALDSTEIN, Charles. 

Essays on the art of Pheidias. 1885 qr733 P48W 

Includes an essay on the province and methods of the study of classical 
archaeology and one on the spirit of the art of Phidias in relation 
to his age, life and character, with a detailed study of the Parthenon 
sculptures and other work. Gives the result of original investigation 
and some interesting discoveries. 

WHERRY. Albinia Lucy. 

Greek sculpture, with story and song. 1898 733 W61 

"Books of reference," 

735 Modern sculpture 

CICOGNARA, Leopoldo, conte da. 

Storia della scultura dal suo risorgimento in Italia fino al 

secolo di Canova. 3v. 1823 qr735 C47 

Continuation of the works of VVinckelmann and of d'Agincourt. 

DESTRfiE, Olivier Georges. 

Renaissance of sculpture in Belgium. 1895. (Portfolio mono- 
graphs.) qr735 D47 

Study of Belgian sculpture since 1830. 

DILKE, Emilia Francis (Strong), lady. 

French architects and sculptors of the i8th century. 1900. .qr73S DsB 
"Supplements her 'French painters of the i8th century'. . .The artists 
chosen for treatment are those who left most plainly their impress 
on the art of their time. Many of the finest achievements of masters 
like Guillaume Coustou fils, Pigalle, Houdon, Clodion, Falconnet, 
Lemoyne, Caffieri are little known even in their own country, and... 
justice is done them in this beautiful and solidly wrought work. The 
illustrations are finely produced." Dial, 1900. 



Italian sculpture of the renaissance. 1901 735 F71 

Contents: On the enjoyment of sculpture. — The characteristics of the 
early renaissance. — The origins: the Pisani. — Jacopo della Quercia. — 
Ghiberti. — Donatello. — Luca della Robbia. — The minor sculptors of the 
early renaissance. — The characteristics of the late renaissance. — The 
Sansovini. — Giovanni da Bologna. — Benvenuto Cellini. — Michelangelo. 
— Sculpture outside of Tuscany. 

General bibliography, p.201-212. 

"Criticism pure and simple... The works discussed are well known, and, 
for the most part, undisputed, and the effort is to explain the nature 
of their aesthetic appeal — the kind and quality of pleasure to be re- 
ceived from them. . .The. . .style. . .is lucid. . .[the] reasoning is sound, 
and... [the] point of view eminently sane... A work not for the 
specialist but for the general public... The illustrations are well se- 
« lected, well executed, and sufficiently abundant." Nation, 190 1. 

HURLL, Estelle May, ed. 

Tuscan sculpture of the fifteenth century; a collection of 16 
pictures reproducing works by Donatello, the della 
Robbia, Mino da Fiesole and others, with introduction 

and interpretation. 1902. (Riverside art series.) 735 H9S 

"Books of reference," p.i:-i3. 

KOECHLIN, Raymond, & Vasselot, J.J.Marquet de. 

La sculpture a Troyes et dans la Champagne meridionale au 
seizieme siecle; etude sur la transition de I'art gothique a 

I'italianisme. 1900 qr73S K36 

"Remarkable and comprehensive volume. It is a mine of valuable 
information not only as regards sculpture — which is its main subject 
— but as regards the painting, glass painting, and minor arts practised 
at that date in one of the greatest of the provincial schools of 
France." Atheneeum, 1900. 

MARCHAL, Edmond. 

La sculpture et les chefs-d'oeuvre de I'orfevrerie beiges. 

1895 qr735 M36 

A history of sculpture and metal-work in Belgium from the period of 
Roman domination to the present day, with histories of the artists 
and detailed descriptions of their best work, particular attention being 
paid to the metal-work for which Belgium is famous. Illustrated. 

PERKINS, Charles Callahan. 

Historical handbook of Italian sculpture. 1883 735 P43 

It treats chiefly of the sculpture of central and northern Italy from 
about 1300 to 1600, and gives a good general account of that important 
phase of art, but many important discoveries have been made since the 
book was written. It is prepared from the materials used by the author 
in his larger works "Tuscan sculptors" and "Italian sculptors." 
Italian sculptors; a history of sculpture in northern, 

southern and eastern Italy. 1868 qr73S P43i 

Considers briefly the history of sculpture in Apulia, Naples, Rome, Lom- 
bardy, Venice and some minor towns down to the end of the i6th cen- 
tury. Illustrated with etchings by the author, and wood-engravings. 
Tuscan sculptors; their lives, works and times. 2v. 1864. .qr735 P43 
Covers the period from the beginning of the 13th to the end of the i6th 
century, with a short account of sculpture throughout Italy before the 

ROBINSON, Sir John Charles. 

Italian sculpture of the middle ages and period of the revival 
of art; a descriptive catalogue of the works forming the 
above section of the [South Kensington] museum, with 

additional illustrative notices. 1862 q735 R55 

Published by the South Kensington museum. 
SCOTT, Leader, {pseud, of Mrs Lucy E. (Barnes) Baxter). 
Ghiberti and Donatello, with other early Italian sculptors. 



1882. (Illustrated biographies of great artists.) . .'. 735 S42g 

Short sketch of Italian sculpture from the time of the Etruscans to 
about 1470. 
Luca della Robbia, with other Italian sculptors. 1883. 

(Illustrated biographies of great artists.) 735 S42I 

Contents: The masters of the 15th century. — The artist families of the 
iSth century. — The architect-sculptors of the renaissance. — Sculpture 
in the i6th century. — The Sienese school. 
Brief outline sketch continuing the history begun in the same author's 
"Ghiberti and Donatello." 
Sculpture; renaissance and modern. 1891. (Illustrated 
• . handbooks of art history.) 735 S42 

"A good cyclopedic account: many names of sculptors and their works, 
and much brief analysis of their work are given; the material is well 
arranged and the book is very readable in spite of its compactness." 
Russell Sturgis. 



MEYER, Alfred Gotthold. 

Reinhold Begas, [in German]. 1897. (Kiinstler-mono- 

graphien.) qr735 B38m 

Sketch of the contemporary German sculptor, with many illustrations. 

HART, Charles Henry. 

Browere's life masks of great Americans. 1899 qr735 B78h 

Account of Browere (1792-1834) and his work, with illustrations of 
his masks of some of the most distinguished men of his time. 


ALBRIZZI, Isabella Teotochi, contessa. 

Works of Antonio Canova in sculpture and modelling, en- 
graved in outline by Henry Moses. 1887 qr735 Ci7a 

Plates with critical notes and a short memoir of Canova by his friend. 

Count Cicognara. 
"Canova [i 757-1822] in a certain sense, renovated the art of sculpture 
in Italy and brought it back to that standard from which it had de- 
clined." IV. M. Rossetti. 

MEYER, Alfred Gotthold. 

Canova, [in German]. 1898. (Kiinstler-monographien.) . .qr73S Ci7m 
"Litteratur," p. 11 6. 
Short sketch with many illustrations. 


Mt)NTZ, Eugene. 

Donatello, [in French]. 1885. (Les artistes celebres.) . .q735 'Dj2m 
"Catalogue et bibliographic," p. 115. 

"Donatello is generally taken as the greatest sculptor of the early Re- 
naissance. The present biography of him, by a very competent writer, 
contains a great many valuable illustrations, some of them represent- 
ing pieces but very little known." Russell Sturgis. 

REA, Hope. 

Donatello. 1900. (Great masters in painting and sculp- 
ture.) 735 D72r 

Bibliography, p. 11. 

"Catalogue of the works of Donatello," p.91-97. 

Short biography and criticism of his work, with an estimate of his 
relative place and influence. 



HATTON, Joseph. 

Life and work of Alfred Gilbert. 1903. (Art an- 
nuals.) qr759.2 A78 v.6 

Luca della Robbia 

BURLAMACCHI, L. marchesa. 

Luca della Robbia. 1900. (Great masters in painting and 

sculpture.) 735 L96b 

Bibliography, p. 11 -14. 

Little biography or general criticism, most of the book being given to 
descriptive lists of the existing works and to distinguishing the doubt- 
ful from the authentic. Excellent illustrations. 

Michael Angelo 

CLfiMENT, Charles. 

Michelangelo. 1880. (Illustrated biographies of great 
artists.) 735 M66c 

"Principal works of Michelangelo still existing," p. 107-108. 

Useful short biography and criticism, translation of a work originally 

published in 1861. The illustrations are better and more numerous 

than in many of the volumes of this series. 

HURLL, Estelle May, ed. 

Michelangelo; a collection of 15 pictures and a portrait of 
the master, with introduction and interpretation. 1900. 

(Riverside art series.) 735 M66h 

"Collateral readings from literature," p. 15-17; "On books of reference," 

KNACKFUSS, Hermann. 

Michelangelo, [in German]. 1896. (Kiinstler-monogra- 

phien.) qr735 M66k 

Particularly useful on account of its many illustrations. 

TWOMBLY, Alexander Stevenson. 

Masterpieces of Michelangelo and Milton. 1896 735 M66t 

"Contains 17 plates from sculpture and frescoes, and an interesting 
comparison of Michelangelo with Milton, whose genius he thinks akin 
to that of the great master in art." Dial, 1896. 



Thorwaldsen, [in German]. 1896. (Kiinstler-monogra- 

phien.) qr735 T4ir 

"Litteratur," p.104. 
Contains 147 illustrations. 

THIELE, Just Mathias. 

Thorwaldsen and his works; containing 365 engravings with 

explanatory text. 2v. 1869 qr735 T4it 

736 Cameos. Gems. Ivories 

BABELON, Ernest. 

La gravure en pierres fines, camees et intailles. 1894. 

(Bibliotheque de I'enseignement des beaux-arts.) 736 Bii 



Cameos. 1900. (Portfolio monographs.) qr736 D29 

Text is at once historical, critical and popular, and there are many 
illustrations in color and black and white. 

KING, Charles William. 

Handbook of engraved gems. 1885 qi"736 K26 

Gives a history of the art of gem engraving, a description of some 
famous rings and signets, a short account of cabinets of gems in 
public collections and an article on artists' signatures. Many illus- 

LECOY de la MARCHE, Albert. 

Les sceaux. 1889. (Bibliotheque de I'enseignement des 

beaux-arts.) 736 L49 

MASKELL, William. 

Ivories, ancient and mediaeval. 1875. (South Kensington 

museum art handbooks.) .• 736 M44 

736.1 W^ood-carving. 736.2 Pyrography 

HOLME, Charles. 

Course of instruction in wood-carving according to the 

Japanese method. [1899.] 736.1 H73 

LELAND, Charles Godfrey. 

Manual of wood carving. 1891 736.1 L57 

In form of 20 lessons, giving practical and exact instructions for the 
various processes. 

ROWE, Eleanor, cd. 

French wood carvings from the national museums; printed in 
collotype from photographs specially taken from the carv- 
ings direct, ist-3d ser. 3V. in i. 1896-97 qb736.i R79 

Contents: Late 15th and early i6th centuries. — i6th century. — 17th and 
i8th centuries. 

FETHERSTON, Florence C. 

Guide to pyrography or woodburning, for the use of stu- 
dents and amateurs. 1900 736.2 F43 

737 Numismatics. Coins. Medals 

AMERICAN journal of numismatics; [monthly and quarterly]. 
May 1866-April 1875, July 1897-date. v. 1-9, 32-date. 

1866-date qr737 A51 

V. 1-9 title reads "American journal of numismatics and bulletin of the 
American numismatic and archaeological society." 

AMERICAN numismatist. See Numismatist. 
BERGEN, William von, cotnp. 

Rare coin encyclopedia. 1901 r737 B45 

FREY, Albert Romer, & Frossard, Edward, cotnp. 

Copper coins of the United States ; being the actual prices real- 
ized for coins at auctions during 1900-1901. 1901 r737 F93 

HAWKINS, Edward. 1780-1867. 

Silver coins of England arranged and described, with remarks 

on British money previous to the Saxon dynasties. 1887. .r737 H36 


HAZLITT, William Carew. 

Coin collector. 1896. (Collector series.) Til H38 

Sibliography, p.277-387. 

Short manual for students and amateurs, with references to the existing 
literature on special divisions of the subject. Excellent illustrations. 
Coinage of the European continent, with catalogues of 

mints, denominations and rulers. 1893 737 H38C 

HILL, George Francis. 

Handbook of Greek and Roman coins. 1899. (Handbooks 

of archaeology and antiquities.) 737 Hss 

Select bibliography, P.242-2S5. 

HUMPHREYS, Henry Noel. 

Ancient coins and medals; an historical sketch of the origin 
and progress of coining money in Greece and the Roman 

empire. 1851 r737 H92a 

HUMPHREYS,* Henry Noel, comp. 

Coin collector's manual. 2v. 1887 r737 H92 

"This book is almost confined to the Greek and Roman coins; only 
120 pages are given to the whole field of post-classic Europe." kussell 

The same. 2v. 1891 -97 737 H92 

KENYON, Robert Lloyd. 

Gold coins of England arranged and described. 1884 r737 K19 

Sequel to Hawkins's "Silver coins of England." 

LENORMANT, Francois. 

Monnaies et medailles. [1883.] (Bibliotheque de I'en- 

seignement des beaux-arts.) 737 L61 

LOUBAT, Joseph Florimond. 

Medallic history of the United States, 1776-1876, with etchings 

by Jules Jacquemart. 2v. 1878 qr737 L92 

V.I. Text. V.2. Plates. 

MAYO, John Horsley. 

Medals and decorations of the British army and navy. 2v. 

1897 q737 M54 

List of books consulted, p.ii-13. 

NUMISMATIST; monthly, Sept. 1888-date. v.i-date. 1888- 

date r737 N51 

V.I, no. I title reads "American numismatist." 
V.I bimonthly; v.3 semimonthly and monthly. 

POOLE, Stanley Lane-, ed. 

Coins and medals; their place in history and art. 1894 737 P79 

Aims to give those who are not numismatists a general survey of the 
subject. The authors are all specialists in their subjects, most of 
them being officers of the department of coins and medals in the 
British museum. 

SCOTI.^ numisma; or. Ancient Scotish coins; their real and 
proportional value. 1883. (Clarendon historical society. 

Reprints.) 737 S42 

Reprint of the edition of 1783. 
The same. (In Clarendon historical society. Reprints, 

V.I.) r9o6 C51 V.I 

SMITH, A.M. comp. 

Illustrated encylopaedia of gold and silver coins of the world; 
modern, ancient, ciirrent and curious, from A.D. 1885 back 
to B.C. 700. 1886 qr737 S64 


738 Pottery. Porcelain 

For Pottery manufacture, see 666.3-666.6 

AUDSLEY, George Ashdown, & Bowes, J.L. 

Keramic art of Japan. 1881 qr738 A91 

Contains an introductory essay on Japanese art in general, an account 
of the ceramic art, and descriptions of the wares produced in each 
province. Illustrated with fine colored plates. A revised and more 
useful edition of a much larger work. 

BARBER, Edwin AtLee. 

Anglo-American pottery; old English china with American 

views; a manual for collectors. 1899 r738 6233 

Based on a series of illustrated papers first published in the "Clay- 
worker." Describes over 300 examples having American views, also 
some with foreign, scriptural or other views. 

Pottery and porcelain of the United States. 1893 q738 B23 

"Reproduces in photography a great number of pieces, and although the 
true effect of the painted vase is not easy to render in photography, 
even apart from its coloring, such pictures still have value for refer- 
ence. The text is, of course, mainly historical." Russell Sturgis. 

The same. Ed. 2 enl. 1901 r738 B23 

BEMROSE, William, ed. 

Bow. Chelsea and Derby porcelain. 1898 qr738 B42 

By the present (igoi) head of the Royal crown Derby porcelain works, 

who is in possession of a mass of documents concerning the three » 

factories, and who has done much to revive and improve the ware. 
He figures in these pages as an antiquary and manufacturer, rather 
than as a critic of ceramics. 

BINNS, Charles Fergus. 

Story of the potter; an account of the rise and progress 

of the principal manufactures of pottery and porcelain. 

1898 738 B485 

BINNS, Richard William. 

Worcester china; a record of the work of 45 years, 1852-1897. 

1897 738 B48 

Chiefly a record of honors gained at expositions since 1850, of important 
visitors, of special services made for distinguished people, and pre- 
sentations to the author, the art director of the works. 

BIRCH, Samuel. 

History of ancient pottery; Egyptian, Assyrian, Greek, Etrus- 
can and Roman. 1873 r738 B48 

"A standard of reference, although newer books contain much not given 
in it." Russell Sturgis. 

BOHN, Henry George, comp. 

Guide to the knowledge of pottery, porcelain and other ob- 
jects of vertu. 1887 r738 BS9 

"Monograms and marks on pottery," P.43S-S04. 

Illustrated catalogue of the Bernal collection of pictures, plate, china 
and other art objects, sold in 1855, with prices realized and names 
of purchasers, and a short lecture on pottery and porcelain by Bohn. 


Catalogue of the Morse collection of Japanese pottery, by E. 

S. Morse. 1901 qr738 B64 

"Sources of information," p. 1-3. 

Probably the most complete collection existing outside of Japan. Each 
of the 5,324 specimens is illustrated and described and there is a 
short preface on names, false guides, obscure potters, decoration and 
the general uses of objects in the collection. 


BRONGNIART, Alexandre. 

Coloring and decoration of ceramic ware, with notes and 

additions by Alphonse Salvetat. 1893 738 B76 

Translation of portions of a standard French work by a former director 
of the Sevres porcelain works. Treats of the properties, preparation 
and use of the various colors, with formulae for glazes, etc., and notes 
on the prevention and repairing of flaws. 

BURTY, Philippe. 

Chefs-d'oeuvre of the industrial arts. 1869 738 B95 

Contents: Ceramic art: Terra cotta; Enamelled faience; Porcelain. — 
Glass: Table glass; Window glass. — Enamels. — Metals: Bronze and 
iron; Jewellery and plate. — Tapestry and carpets. 
Brief history and description of some processes and masterpieces of 
industrial art. 

CHAFFERS. William. 

Collector's hand book of marks and monograms on pottery 
and porcelain of the renaissance and modern periods. 

1893 r738 C34 

CHURCH, Arthur Herbert. 

English earthenware; a handbook to the wares made during 
the 17th and i8th centuries. 1894. (South Kensington 

museum art handbooks.) 738 C46 

English porcelain; a handbook to the china made in England 
during the i8th century. 1898. (South Kensington mu- 
seum art handbooks.) 738 C46e 

"Bibliographical notes," p. 15-16. 

DECK, Joseph Theodore. 

La faience. 1887. (Bibliotheque de I'enseignement des 

beaux-arts.) 738 D36 

Bibliographie de la faience, p. 287-298. 
EARLE, :Mrs Alice (Morse). 

China collecting in America. 1892 738 E17 

With an account of the early wares made in America and descriptions 
of the principal English and Chinese wares to be found in America, 
the author gives many aniusing anecdotes of her own collecting 

FEWKES, Jesse Walter. 

Archeological expedition to Arizona in 1895. 1898. (In 
United States — Ethnology bureau. Annual report, v.17, 

' pt.2, p. 519-744.) .' qr572.05 U25 v.17 

Expedition to collect specimens for the National museum. The most im- 
portant excavations were made in the two Tusayan ruins of Awatobi 
and Sikyatki, in northeastern Arizona, resulting in a valuable collec- 
tion of pottery, described and illustrated in this report. 

FORTNUM, Charles Drury Edward. 

Maiolica. 1877. (South Kensington museum art hand- 
books.) 738 F79 

. FRANKS, Augustus Wollaston, ed. 

Japanese pottery; being a native report. 1880. (South Ken- 
sington museum art handbooks.) 738 F87 

Prepared to accompany and illustrate the representative collection of 
the older Japanese ceramics exhibited at the Centennial exhibition 
in Philadelphia, and now in the South Kensington museum. Includes, 
besides a descriptive catalogue, a short account of some national cus- 
toms and peculiarities which have influenced Japanese pottery. 

GASNAULT, Paul, & Gamier, fidouard. 

French pottery. 1884. (South Kensington museum art hand- 
books.) 738 G21 



Chinese porcelain. 2v. 1898-1902 738 G96 

"Authorities," v.2, p. 37-38. 

V.I is a more elementary treatise for the commencing collector; v.2 is 
useful to connoisseurs. 

"Treatise on Chinese art based upon the previous authorities who have 
written in England and France, and founded, as it should be, upon 
a well set forth statement of the national characteristics alike as to 
religion, history, beliefs, literature, and their influence upon the 
popular mind." Magazine of art, 1899. 

HAMILTON, Sir William. 
_ Collection of engravings from ancient vases of Greek work- 
manship discovered in sepulchres in the two Sicilies and 
Naples, 1789-1790, with remarks on each vase. 3v. 1791- 

95 • • • • ■ qr738 H21 

HUDDILSTON, John Homer. 

Lessons from Greek pottery. 1902 .738 H88 

Bibliography of Greek ceramics, p. 103-140. 

"A little book of 144 pages, intended to show, in a general way, what 
may be learned from the pictures on Greek vases by students of Greek 
history, religion, life, and literature. . .To many the most valuable 
part of the book will be the excellent bibliography which follows the 
text." Nation, 1902. 

JXNNICKE, Friedrich. 

Grundriss der keramik in bezug auf das kunstgewerbe; eine 

historische darstellung ihres entwickelungsganges in Eu- 

ropa, dem Orient und Ost-Asien von den altesten zeiten 

bis auf die gegenwart. 1879 qr738 J18 

JXNNICKE, Friedrich, comp. 

Marken und monogramme auf fayence, porzellan, steinzeug 

und sonstigen keramischen erzeugnissen. 1880 ^T73^ J18 

Bound with his "Grundriss der keramik." 


Rough notes on pottery. 1896 7i^ J28 

List of works of reference on pottery, p. 102. 

Brief accounts of the most important English and foreign wares. 

JEWITT, Llewellynn. 

Ceramic art of Great Britain; ancient and modern pottery and 

porcelain works and their productions. 2v. 1878 qi'738 J31 

Good general account, with many illustrations. 


Das gesanimtgebiet der photokeramik; oder, Sammtliche 
photographische verfahren zur praktischen darstellung 
keramischer decorationen auf porzellan, fayence, stein- 
gut und glas. 1893. (Hartleben's chemisch-technische 
bibliothek.) . , r738 K29 

KRUGER, Julius. 

Die photokeramik; das ist die kunst photographische bilder 
auf porzellan, email, glas, metall, u. s. w. einzubrennen. 
1893. (Hartleben's chemisch-technische bibliothek.) r738 K42 

LITCHFIELD, Frederick. 

Pottery and porcelain; a guide to collectors. 1900 q738 L73 

Most useful is the list of the principal factories and their marks, and 
the hints and cautions to collectors. Says little about oriental porce- 
lain or any early pottery, but is reasonably full in its description of 
English and modern European wares. Numerous illustrations. 



Wedgwood handbook; a manual for collectors. 1875 T73S M64 

Glossary of terms, p.389-4i3- 

History and description of the useful and ornamental Wedgwood wares, 
a description of the marks and monograms, Wedgwood's own cata- 
logrues, and priced catalogues of some famous modern sales. 


Hand-book of a collection of Chinese porcelains loaned by 

J. A. Garland. 1895 r738 N26 

PALLISER, Mrs Fanny Bury. 

China collector's pocket companion. 1875 r738 P18 

Marks and monograms illustrated and identified. 

RAYET, Olivier, & Collignon, Maxime. 

Histoire de la ceramique grecque. 1888 qr738 R24 

"Admirable book for obtaining a general knowledge of Greek pottery 
and Greek decoration." Russell Sturgis. 

REINACH, Salomon. 

Repertoire des vases peints, grecs et etrusques. 2v. 1899- 

1900 r738 R31 

Bibliographic de la ceramique grecque et etrusque, v. 2, p.366-387. 

SHAW, Simeon. 

History of the Staffordshire potteries, and the rise and prog^ress 
of the manufacture of pottery and porcelain; with references 
to genuine specimens and notices of eminent potters. 
1900 738 SS3 

First published in 1829. 

SOLON, M. Louis. 

Ancient art stoneware of the Low countries and Germany; 
or, "Gres de Flandres" and "Steinzeug;" its principal 
varieties and the places where it was manufactured dur- 
ing the i6th and 17th centuries. 2v. 1892 qr738 S68 

Art of the old English potter. 1886 738 S68 

SPARKES, John Charles Lewis, & Gandy, Walter. 

Potters; their arts and crafts. [1897.] 738 S73 

Useful history of pottery, with many facts compressed into small space. 

STRELE, Karl. 

Handbuch der porzellan- und glasmalerei, enthaltend die 
technik des kolorierens und dekorierens von echtem und 
fritten-porzellan, steingut, fayence, glas und email. 
1883 738 S91 

TURNER. William, F. S. S. 

Ceramics of Swansea and Nantgarw; a history of the factories, 
with biographical notices of the artists and others, notes 
on the merits of the porcelains, the marks thereon, etc., 
also an appendix on the mannerisms of the artists by 

Robert Drane. 1897 qr738 T86 

Bibliography, ^.333-340- 

VOGT, Georges. 

La porcelaine. 1893. (Bibliotheque de I'enseignement des 

beaux-arts.) 738 V36 

WALLIS, Henry. 

Egyptian ceramic art, the MacGregor collection; a contribu- 
tion towards the history of Egyptian pottery. 1898 qr738 W18 

Except for a brief general sketch of the subject, the book consists of 



colored plates of fine specimens from Mr MacGregor's collection, 
representing nearly every phase of Egyptian ceramic art. The plates 
are accompanied by descriptive text by Mr Wallis. 
Italian ceramic art; examples of maiolica and mezza-maiolica 

fabricated before 1500. 1897 r738 Wi8i 

Illustrations ahd descriptive text. 

738.1 China painting 

BEARD, James Carter. 

Painting on china; what to paint and how to paint it. 

'-" • ' 1882 738.1 B34 

FRACKELTON, Mrs Susan Stuart (Goodrich). 

Tried by fire; a work on china-painting. 1895 qr738.i F85 

Directions for different methods of painting and decorating china, by 
an experienced teacher and china-painter. Gives designs and direc- 
tions for executing. 

HARRISON, Jane Ellen, & MacColl, D. S. 

Greek vase paintings; a selection of examples with descrip- 
tions. 1894 qr738.i H29 

A collection of choice examples of Greek vase-paintings reproduced 
from photographs of the specimens themselves, or from good drawings. 
Each illustration is accompanied by a descriptive note of the design, 
the source of the illustration, and the subject, and these are prefaced 
by a short historical sketch. The work was undertaken to serve artists 
by bringing together these excellent examples of vase-painting which 
have not hitherto been so accessible. 

McLaughlin, Mary Louise. 

China painting; for amateurs in the decoration of hard 

porcelain. 1894 738.1 M19C 

Brief practical directions. 

Pottery decoration under the glaze. 1885 738.1 M19 

Short handbook of directions by an artist skilled in this method of 


Suggestions to china painters. 1890 738.1 M19S 

Chapters on technique, preparing gold and silver for decoration, use of 

metallic paint, firing, etc. 

MONACHESI, Mrs Nicola di Rienzi. 

Manual for china painters. 1897 738.1 M8t 

Detailed instructions for amateurs. 


How to apply royal Worcester, matt, bronze. La Croix and 

Dresden colors to china. 1891 738.1 O29 

738.2 Ornamental glass 

For Glass manufacture, see 666.1 

CZIHAK, E. von. 

Schlesische glaser; eine studie iiber die schlesische glas- 
industrie friiherer zeit, nebst einem beschreibenden 
katalog der glasersammlung des Museums schlesischer 
altertiimer zu Breslau. 1891 738.2 C99 

Illustrated history, describing ancient methods of making and ornament- 
ing glass in Silesia. 

DUNLOP, Madeline Anne Wallace-. 

Glass in the old world. [1882.] 738.2 D92 

The same. [1882.] r738.2 D92 

"A gathering of odds and ends about glass, enriched with anecdotes and 


acute suggestions, rather than illuminated by new light." Athenetum, 

GANDY, Walter. 

Romance of glass-making; a sketch of the history of orna- 
mental glass. 1898 : 738.2 G16 

"This little book has been designed to supply such information concern- 
ing the history of ornamental glass as is likely to be useful to general 
readers. It does not profess to be exhaustive, and a description of the 
details of manufacture hardly came within its scope. ..Wherever possi- 
ble, reference has been made to objects that may be seen in one or 
other of our public [English] museums." Author's note. 

GERSPACH, fidouard. 

L'art de la verrerie. 1885. (Bibliotheque de I'enseigne- 

ment des beaux-arts.) 738.2 G32 


Old English glasses; an account of glass drinking vessels 

in England. 1897 qr738.2 H33 

History of drinking glasses and glass-making in England, beginning 
with objects in vitreous paste found in Britain, the remains apparently 
of Phoenician commerce, and bringing the subject down to 1800. 

HAVARD, Henry. 

La verrerie. [1894.] (Les arts de I'ameublement.) 738.2 H35 

Deals particularly with decorative glassware, including cut, etched and 
stained glass, enamels, etc. Describes briefly the methods of manu- 
facturing art glass, and gives a history of its production previous to . 
the last quarter of the 19th century. 


Descriptive catalogue of the glass vessels in the museum, 
with an introductory notice by Alexander Nesbitt. 

1878 qr738.2 L82 

Introduction gives a sketch of the histdry of glass-making. Illustrated. 

739 Bronzes. Brasses. Metal-work 

For the Manufacture of metal articles, see 671 

CELLINI, Benvenuto. 

Treatises on goldsmithing and sculpture. 1898 qr739 C31 

Give minute, often extremely technical, details of the working methods 
of the great Italian goldsmith of the renaissance, and are full of 
valuable instruction for the artist and craftsman of to-day. Cellini's 
characteristic vivacity is evident throughout, and there are number- 
less amusing anecdotes and experiences. Printed in the style of the 
Kelmscott press with a colophon and fine engraving^s illustrating 
Cellini's work. 

CRIPPS, Wilfred Joseph. 

College and corporation plate; a handbook to the reproduc- 
tions of silver plate in the South Kensington museum. 

1881. (South Kensington museum art handbooks.) 739 C88 

Old English plate; ecclesiastical, decorative and domestic; 

its makers and marks. 1899 739 C880 

Study of its history rather than its art. 

"First published in 1878, the work was a pioneer of its kind and it 
remains to-day the most authoritative and most inclusive." Dial, 1900. 

FISCHER. A. pub. 

Pattern book for jewellers, gold- and silver-smiths; [plates]. 

[1883.] qr739 FS2 


FORTNUM. Charles Drury Edward. 

Bronzes. 1877. (South Kensington museum art hand- 
books.) 739 F79 

GIRAUD, Jean Baptiste. 

Les arts du metal; recueil descriptif et raisonne des prin- 
cipaux objets ayant figure a I'Exposition de 1880 de 

rUnion centrale des beaux-arts. 1881 qr739 G44 

Plates and descriptions, giving an historic view of art-work in metals: — 
bronze statues and utensils, the work of the goldsmith, arms and 
armor, enamels, etc. 

HEFNER-ALTENECK, Jakob Heinrich von. 

Eisenwerke ; oder, Ornamentik der schmiedekunst des mit- 

telalters und der renaissance; [plates]. 2v. 1885-86. .qb739 H41 

Plates illustrating ornamental ironwork. The illustrations include doors, 
locks, keys, handles, bolts, hinges, knockers, candle-sticks, lattice-work 
and other specimens of artistic ironwork. 

HOLME, Charles, ed. 

Modern design in jewellery and fans. 1902. (Studio. Special 

winter number, 1901-02.) qr739 H73 

A selection of many representative modern examples of designs by Eng- 
lish and continental workers, accompanied by articles by Aymer Val- 
lance, Gabriel Mourey and other art authorities. 


History of furniture; ed. by Mrs Bury Palliser. 1878 q739 J13 

By far the larger part of the book is devoted to hangings and orna- 
ments, bronzes, ivories, enamels, porcelains, etc. Illustrated. 


Handbook of the Jones collection in the museum. 1897. 

(South Kensington museum art handbooks.) 739 L82 

The Jones collection consists of French furniture, enamels, ivories, 
porcelain, etc. 

MILES, John Ward. 

Russian reproductions at the Metropolitan museum of art, 
New York city; a review of the replicas from the antique 
plate of the Hermitage and Winter palace, and other col- 
lections in Russia. 1884 q739 M68 

The same. 1884 qr739 M68 

MURRAY, Alexander Stuart. 

Greek bronzes. 1898. (Portfolio monographs.) qr739 M97 

The keeper (1898) of the Greek and Roman antiquities at the British 
museum deals with the subject in a manner to interest the general 
reader as well as connoisseurs. 

POLLEN, John Hungerford. 

Gold and silver smiths' work. 1879. (South Kensington 

museum art handbooks.) 739 P76 

PUGIN, Augustus Welby Northmore. 

Designs for gold and silversmiths; [plates]. 1830 qb729 P98 

Bound with his "Details of antient timber houses." 

Designs for iron and brass work in the style of the 15th 

and i6th centuries; [plates]. [1836.] qb729 P98 

Bound with his "Details of antient timber houses." 


740 Decorative arts. Drawing 

BALFOUR, Henry. 

Evolution of decorative art. 1893 74° B19 

List of works on the growth of decorative art, p.129-131. 

"Interesting and suggestive account of very primitive forms of orna- 
ment, both prehistoric and among savages of our own time." Russell 

HALL, James, of Springfield, Mass. 

With brush and pen; suggestions for some of the newer 

phases of public school art instruction. 1897 740 H17 

Contents: Brush dr.^wing: Materials. — First practice. — Ink- work. — 
Color. — Decorative arrangement applied. — Design. — Pictorial composi- 
tion. — Pen drawing: First practice, outline. — Still life. — Landscape. 

JpPLING, Louise. 

Hints to amateurs; a handbook on art. 1891 740 J42 

Contents: Black and white. — Oil painting. — Water colours. — Pastel, 

photogn'aphy, sketching from nature. — .\natomy.^ — Perspective. 
Intended especially for amateurs working without a teacher. 

MEYER, Franz Sales. 

Handbook of ornament. 1892 740 M65 

Treats of the elements of decoration, of ornament as applied in decora- 
tive features, of ornament as applied to objects. Many illustrations. 
VIOLLET-LE-DUC, Eugene Emmanuel. 

Learning to draw. 1891 J740 V34 

The same. 1894 J740 V34I1 

"Under the form of a biography of a young man of natural good ability 
as a draughtsman and designer, but not of great genius, the right 
way of studying art practically is considered, and much wise sugges- 
tive advice given." Russell Sturgis. 

741 Freehand drawing. Book illustration 
Caricatures. Cartoons 

ALEXANDRE, Arsene, and others. 

Modern poster. 1895 r74i A37 

Contents: French posters and book-covers, by Arsene Alexandre. — 
Posters and poster-designing in England, by M. H. Spielmann. — 
American posters, past and present, by H. C. Bunner. — Italian posters 
and music-book covers, by A. F. Jaccaci. 
Excellent illustrations. 
ALLERS, Christian Wilhelm. 

Collection of reproductions of Allers' drawings. 1888. . . .Qr74i A43 

Modern German artist noted for his spirited humorous sketches. 

ALLONGfi, Auguste. 

Charcoal drawing. 1876 741 A44 

Cours de paysage au fusain qr74i A44 

25 large copies for a course of landscape drawing in charcoal. 
ART student; an illustrated monthly for the home study of draw- 
ing and illustrating, and The limner; art school news and 
art school literature; ed. by Ernest Knaufft, Nov. 1897- 

date. v.ii-date. 1897-date qr74i A78 


Beauty's awakening; a masque of winter and of spring; 
written, designed and contrived by the members of the 


Art workers' guild, and presented by them in the Guild- 
hall of London, June 29, 1899. 1899. (Studio. Special 
summer number, 1899.) qr705 S93 v.17 

Bound with v.17 of the "Studio." 

AUGSBURG, De Resco Leo. 

Augsburg's drawing. 3v. 1901 741 A92 

V.I. A text book designed to teach drawing and color in the first, 
second and third grades. 

V.2. A text book of drawing designed for use in the fourth, fifth, 
sixth, seventh and eighth grades. 

V.3. A text book designed to teach brush drawing, wash drawing, water 
'» ' colors, pen drawing, the human head and figure, chalk modeling, de- 

signing and constructive drawing in the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh 
and eighth grades, also the high schools. 

BARTOLOZZI, Francesco, & Tomkins, P.W. 

Birth and triumph of love, with illustrations after Bartolozzi 

and Tomkin. 1875 r74i B28 

Bartolozzi (1728-1813) was an Italian engraver. He went to London in 
1764, was appointed engraver to the king and became a member of 
the Royal academy. Tomkins (1759-1840), an English engraver, was 
one of the ablest pupils of Bartolozzi. 

BEARD, William Holbrook. 

Action in art. 1893 74i B34 

"An interesting book in very simple language, and with many slight 
illustrations. It would be useful for the student, as calling his at- 
tention to some of the conventional resources of the descriptive 
painter. A great deal may be learned from it of the way in which 
painters and illustrators work." Russell Sturgis. 


Early work of Aubrey Beardsley; with a prefatory note by 

H. C. Marillier; [plates]. 1899 qr74i B34 

Contains two portraits of Aubrey Beardsley by F. H. Evans, and repro- 
ductions of more than 150 of his drawings, many of them hitherto 

Later work of Aubrey Beardsley; [plates]. 1901 qr74i B34I 

Reproductions of illustrations and designs for the Morte d' Arthur, 
Lysistrata, Pierrot, Rape of the lock, the Savoy and Mademoiselle 
de Maupin. 

Second book of fifty drawings. 1899 qr74i B34S 


Cartoons of the war of 1898 with Spain; from leading foreign 

and American papers. 1898 r74i B39 

BELLE W, Frank P.W. (pseud. Chip). 

"Chip's" dogs; a collection of humorous drawings. 1895 741 B41 

Bellew was an excellent illustrator and caricaturist. Many of these 
illustrations appeared in "Life." 

"Chip's" old wood cuts. 1895 741 B41C 

CARTER, Albert Charles Robinson. 

Work of war artists in South Africa. 1900. (Art an- 
nuals.) qr759.2 A78 v.4 

CAVfi, Mme filisabeth Marie (Blavot). 

Drawing from memory; the Cave method for learning to 

draw from memory. 1886 741 C29 

CHAPMAN. John Gadsby. 

American drawing-book; a manual for the amateur, and 

basis of study for the professional artist. 1870 qi'74i C36 

, CRANE, Walter. 

Floral fantasy in an old English garden, set forth in verses 


& coloured designs. 1899 qr74i C86 

Flora's feast; a masque of flowers. 1895 741 C86 

Verses for children. The charm of the book is in its decorative illustra- 
tions in color. 

Of the decorative illustration of books, old and new. 1896. 

(Ex-libris series.) 741 C860 

Treats only of illustrations which are also "book ornaments," related 
to the type and the conditions of the page, as distinguished from 
what he calls the art of "pictorial statement," which is treated by 
Mr Pennell in "Modern illustration." 

Work of Walter Crane. 1898. (Art annuals.) qr759.2 A78 v.4 

CROSS. Anson Kent. 

Light and shade, with chapters on charcoal, pencil and brush 

drawing. 1897. (National drawing books.) 741 C89I 

DELAMOTTE, Philip Henry. 

Trees and how to draw them. 1886 741 D38 

DOW, Arthur Wesley. 

Composition; a series of exercises selected from a new sys- 
tem of art education, v.i. 1899 q74i D76 

Author, who is (1899) instructor in composition at Pratt institute, Brook- 
lyn, says in his introductory. note, "The main idea in the system is to 
help the pupil at the very outset to originate a beautiful arrangement 
. . .Instead of spending most of the effort on drawing. . .we begin with 
Composition, and find that it will lead to all the rest." 

Fully illustrated. 

DOYLE. Richard. 

Journal kept by Richard Doyle in 1840. 1886 qr74i D77 

Facsimile of an illustrated manuscript journal kept by the famous cari- 
caturist and artist. 

"As the work of a boy of between fifteen and sixteen, this volume is a 
marvel of fresh and unfettered invention. Most of the artist's 
more charming qualities are prefigured in its pages; his elves, his 
ogres, his fantastic combats, and his freakish fun-making are all 
represented in it; and it may be doubted whether, in some respects, 
he ever excelled these 'first sprightly runnings' of his fancy." Dic- 
tionary of national biography. 

DU MAURIER, George. 

English society, sketched by Du Maurier. 1897 r74i D89 

"George Du Maurier," by W. D. Howells, p. 1-9. 
Collection of Mr Du Maurier's drawings. 
Social pictorial satire; reminiscences and appreciations of 

English illustrators of the past generation. 1898 741 D8g 

Appeared in Harper's magazine, Feb.-Mar. 1898. 


Florentine picture-chronicle; a series of 99 drawings repre- 
senting scenes and personages of ancient history, sacred 

and profane; text by Sidney Colvin. 1898 qr74i F49 

In the introduction Mr Colvin ascribes this series of drawings, which 
have until lately remained anonymous, to Maso Finiguerra, the famous 
Florentine goldsmith of the middle of the isth century, and makes 
a long argument in support of his theory. The drawings themselves 
are accompanied by notes and explanations, and by other drawings 
by Finiguerra and his contemporaries. 


Compositions of the "Acts of Mercy," engraved by F. C. 

Lewis. 1831 qr74i F62 

Eight drawings illustrating deeds of charity. 

Flaxman's classical outlines; [plates], with notes on their 
leading characteristics and a brief memoir of the artist 


by J. C. L. Sparkes. 1885 r74i F62f 

Contents: Iliad of Homer. — Odyssey of Homer. — Compositions from 
the tragedies of .^schylus. — Compositions from the Works, Days and 
Theogony of Hesiod. 

GIBSON, Charles Dana. 

Americans. 1900 qr74i G36a 

Contains 84 cartoons, good-humored satires on American society. 

Education of Mr Pipp. 1899 qi'74i G36e 

Series of drawings which form an amusing "novel without words." 
Appeared first in Life. 

-London as seen by C. D. Gibson. 1897 qr74i G36I 

Pictures of people. 1896 qr74i G36 

Sketches and cartoons. 1898 qr74i G36S 

A widow and her friends. 1901 qr74l G36W 

The adventures of the widow fill about half the volume, the remainder 
being devoted to social satires of one kind and another. 

HALLOWELL, Elizabeth Moore. 

Elementary drawing; practical papers for beginners. 1897. .741 H18 

Text and illustrations. Especially useful for those without a teacher.' 

HAMERTON, Philip Gilbert. 

Graphic arts. 1891 741 H19 

"A series of descriptive and analytic chapters on the different processes 
of drawing, painting, and engraving, mainly practical ; devoted ex- 
clusively to those who wish to learn how those fine arts are practised, 
what their necessary limitations are, etc." Russell Sturgis. 

HARPER, Charles George. 

English pen artists of to-day; examples of their work, 

with some criticisms and appreciations. 1892 qr74i H28 

Contents: The fields and limitations of pen drawing. — American and conti- 
nental influences upon English pen drawing. — Style and mannerism. — 
Artists. — Decorative artists. — Artists of "Pick-me-up." — "Punch" art- 
ists. — Pen drawing as applied to newspaper illustration. — Materials 
for, and the making of, pen-drawings. — Some reproductive processes. 

HIATT, Charles. 

Picture posters. 1895 741 H52 

"There have been many different attempts at pictorial art applied to ad- 
vertisement; the value of this book is, that it gives somewhat adequate 
illustration of many of these different styles of work." Russell Sturgis. 

HOLME, Charles, ed. 

Modern pen drawings, European and American. 1901. (Stu- 
dio. Special winter number, 1900-01.) qr74l H73 

Typical and varied examples of contemporary pen-and-ink drawings. 
The accompanying text gives a short history of the art and brief 
notes on the artists represented. Many of the illustrations were done 
expressly for this work, or are here printed for the first time. 

[JAPANESE picture book.] r74i J18 

KEMBLE, Edward Windsor. 

Comical coons. 1898 741 K17C 

Amusing pictures of scenes from negro life by an artist who has a par- 
ticular talent in that direction. 

Kemble's coons; a collection of Southern sketches. 1896 741 K17 

KNAUFFT, Ernest. 

Drawing for printers; a practical treatise on the art of design- 
ing and illustrating in connection with typography. 1899. .741 K33 
KNOWLTON. Helen Mary. 

Hints for pupils in drawing and painting. 1887 741 K35 

Briefest hints concerning processes in charcoal-drawing and oil-painting. 
Based on the teaching of William M. Hunt. 


LAYARD, George Somes. 

Tennyson and his pre-Raphaelite illustrators; a book 

about a book. 1894 741 L43 

Commentary upon the illustrations of the Tennyson quarto of 1857, 
issued by Edward Moxon, and illustrated by the preraphaelites. 

LONG, E. pub. 

Art of making portraits in crayon on solar enlargements. 

1890 741 L82 

MAGINNIS, Charles D. 

Pen drawing; an illustrated treatise. 1899 741 M2S 

Treats of the technique and practical problems of decorative and archi- 
tectural drawing, and illustrations. 

MARKS, Henry Stacy. 

Pen and pencil sketches. 2v. 1894 741 M39 

"Gives his recollections of Frederick Walker, Ruskin and Charles Keene, 
of Punch and its artists, the St. John's Wood clique, picture exhibi- 
tions, models, London, Bampton and other places." Critic, 1894. 

MARTINEAU, Gertrude. 

Village class for drawing and wood carving. 1891 741 M43 

"Handbook for use of teachers in freehand or object drawing and geo- 
metrical drawing. Arranged in lessons, profusely illustrated." A. H. 

MAY, Philip William. 

Gutter-snipes; original sketches. 1896 741 M52 

Spirited pen-and-ink drawings of London street urchins. 
MEADOWS, Joseph Kenny. 

Heads of the people; or, Portraits of the English, drawn by 
J. K. Meadows, with original essays by distinguished 

writers. 2v. 1850-51 r74i M5S 

Clever drawings characterizing English types of the period (1838-1840), 
accompanied by essays by well-known writers. Thackeray and Douglas 
Jerrold contributed some of their earliest writings to the work. 
Kenny Meadows was one of the first to introduce wood-engraving to 
English publishers as a means of popular illustration. 
MONKHOUSE, William Cosmo. 

Life and works of Sir John Tenniel. 1901. (Art an- 
nuals.) qr759-2 A78 V.5 

MONTHLY illustrator, Jan. 1893-July 1896. v.1-7. 1893-96. .r74i M86 

V. 1-2 title reads "Year's art as recorded in the Quarterly illustrator." 
With V.6 united with "Home and country" under the title "Monthly 
illustrator and home and country." 

MORIN. Louis. 

French illustrators. 5 pts. in iv. 1893 qr74i M89 

Familiar talks on the methods employed by French illustrators, describ- 
ing their characteristics rather than passing judgment on them. 
There are plates by Detaille, Flameng, Boutet de Monvel and Vierge, 
and many illustrations in the text. 
NELAN, Charles. 

Cartoons of our war with Spain. 1898 qr74i N21 

From the "New York herald." 
OPPER, Frederick Burr. 

Willie and his papa and the rest of the family; from the 

N. Y. evening journal. 1901 r74i O26 

Political cartoons whose satire is directed chiefly against President Mc- 
Kinley, Hanna. Roosevelt and the trusts. 

PENFIELD, Edward, comp. 

Posters in miniature. 1897 741 P39 

A collection of well-known posters, together with some portraits of the 


PENNELL, Joseph. 

Modern illustration. 1895. (Ex-libris series.) 741 P396 

Study of the methods and conditions, with brief mention of leading 
illustrators. Many illustrations. 

Pen drawing and pen draughtsmen; a study of the art to-day, 

with technical suggestions. 1894 qr74i P.<9 

POLLARD, Alfred William. 

Italian-book illustrations, chiefly of the 15th century. 1894. 

(Portfolio monographs.) qr74i P76 

V - "Good and appreciative essay on a class of books which are among the 
most beautiful in the world by means of their illustrations, in which 
the fresh charm of the early Renaissance exists unmarred by other 
influences. There are many examples given in reproductions generally 
good; the text is valuable." Russell Sturgis. 

REMINGTON, Frederic. 

Frontier sketches; [plates]. 1898 r74i R33 

RIMMER, Caroline Hunt. 

Animal drawing; 13 plates, with descriptive text. 1895 qr74i R46 

Each animal is studied in general appearance, in structure and detail; 
the typical characteristics are brought out clearly in the illustrations 
and text. 

Figure drawing for children. 1893 J741 R46 

RUSKIN, John. 

Elements of drawing. 1893 74i R89 

"Begins with an attempt to take the youth who has never held pen or 
pencil in hand, and give him the first lessons. After seven or eight 
lessons it passes into general advice and exhortation. It can all be 
be read with great interest and with much profit." Russell Sturgis. 

Studies in both arts; being ten subjects drawn and 

described. 1895 qr74i R89 

"The value of this book lies in the reproductions of ten elaborate draw- 
ings by Ruskin...The text, consisting of detached passages and bits 
of description, cannot be said to have any independent value." 
Russell Sturgis. 


Pictures from Scribner's, by C. D. Gibson and others. 1898. .qr74i S43 


Light, shade and shadow, from models, casts, etc.; with 

introductory model drawing. [1899.] 741 S627 

■'It is the object of this book to give students an immediate acquaintance 
with the principles of Light, Shade and Shadow, by explanation, 
analysis and illustration." Preface. 

SMITH, Francis Hopkinson. 

American illustrators. 1893 qr74i S64 

Contains colored as well as black and white pictures, representing the 
work of 20 or more illustrators, including E. A. Abbey, Howard Pyle, 
A. B. Frost, Frederic Remington, Winslow Homer and Elihu Vedder. 


Blackboard drawing; some hints on sketching natural forms. 

1898 q74i S73 

so plates graded in difficulty from simple solids to figures and land- 
scapes, with explanatory text. 

SPECIMENS of theatrical cuts; being fac-similes in miniature 

of poster cuts, advertising cards, lithographs, etc. 1869. .qr74i S74 

STANLEY, Mrs Dorothy (Tennant). 

London street arabs. 1890 q74i S78 

Drawings illustrating the bright side of the ragamuffin life of London. 


STRONG, Helen P. 

Memory's sketch-book. 1891 rj^i S92 

Drawings to illustrate some familiar quotations. 


Black-board drawing. 1896 q74l S97 

A course for the use of mothers and teachers who are without training 
in drawing. The text is accompanied by many plates. 

TYRWHITT, Richard St. John. 

Our sketching club; letters and studies on landscape art. 

1896 741 T98 

WALKER, William, drawing master. 

Handbook of drawing. 1893 741 W17 

"Intelligent advice clearly expressed. . .it deals with beauty, fitness, 
composition ... The book is popular, but it is so good that it fairly 
fulfils its object of instructing the tyro." Athenaeum, 1879. 

WHITE, Gleeson. 

Children's books and their illustrators. 1897. (Studio. 

Special winter number, 1897-98.) qr705 S93 v. 12 

Bound with v.12 of the "Studio." 

WRIGHT, Thomas, 1810-77. 

History of caricature and grotesque in literature and art. 

1865 r74i W93 

Considers especially those branches of the subject which have contributed 
most to tlie formation of modern English satiric and comic literature. 
Many illustrations. 

YEAR'S art as recorded in the Quarterly illustrator. See 
Monthly illustrator. 

742 Perspective 

CASSAGNE, Armand. 

Traite pratique de perspective appliquee au dessin artistique 

et industriel. 1866 r742 C25 

COOPER, Edward T. 

Linear perspective; adapted for colleges, schools and teachers 
and for self-instruction; including examples in parallel, 

, angular and oblique perspective. 1900 qb742 C78 

HONEY, Frederic Robertson. 

First lessons in linear perspective. 1899 742 H76 

KRAUS, Herman T.C. 

Principles and practice of linear perspective ; a practical hand- 
book for architects, civil and mechanical engineers, art de- 
signers, engravers, and for draughtsmen engaged in all the 

industrial arts. 1901 q742 K41 

LONGFELLOW, William Pitt Preble. 

Applied perspective, for architects and painters. 1901 q742 L82 

pt. I is for the student of ordinary perspective; pt.2 includes the 
special problems of the skilled draftsman and discussion of some 
theoretical topics. 

MILLER, Leslie William. 

Essentials of perspective. 1895 742 M69 

Particularly clear and simple treatise, giving in untechnical language 
all that is necessary for a painter or ordinary draftsman. The 
illustrations are such as the author uses in teaching perspective from 
the blackboard. 


PRATT, Robert. 

Perspective, including the projection of shadows and reflec- 
tions, specially prepared for art students. 1901 q742 P89 

SPANTON, J. Humphrey. 

[Science and art drawing]; complete perspective course. 

1898. (Britannia series.) 742 S73 

SULLIVAN, Christine Gordon. 

Elements of perspective. 1898 742 S94 

Short treatise giving rules, explanations of principles, and problems 
to be worked out. 

WARE, William Robert. 

Modern perspective. 2v. 1882 q742 W22 

The same. 2v. 1900 . . . . ; q742 W22m 

V.I. Text. V.2. Plates. 

"Assumes a thorough preparation in mathematics. . .The most authorita- 
tive work upon linear perspective in the English language." Nation, 

WILLSON. Frederick Newton. 

Shades, shadows and linear perspective; for students of engi- 
neering or architecture, professional draughtsmen, etc. 

1898 q742 W76 

Originally appeared as a part of the author's larger work "Theoretical 
and practical graphics." 

WILSON, Victor Tyson. 

Free-hand perspective; for use in manual-training schools 

and colleges. 1900 742 W77 

743 Art anatomy 


ARMSTEAD, Hugh Wells. 

Artistic anatomy of the horse; a brief description of the 
various anatomical structures which may be distin- 
guished during life through the skin. 1900 q743 A73 

"He may fairly be said to have supplied just what was wanted for the 
instruction of students, and as a guide to more advanced workers." 
Studio, 1900. 

BELL, Sir Charles. 

Anatomy and philosophy of expression as connected with the 

fine arts. 1893 743 B39 

"This celebrated book still I'etains its utility; its views should be com- 
pared with those in Hamerton's 'Man in art,' and Darwin's 'Expres- 
sion of emotions in man and animals.' The illustrations are deservedly 
esteemed." Russell Sturgis. 

BURNS, Cecil L. & Colenso, R.J. 

Living anatomy. 1900 qr743 B93 

Collection of photographic plates of men and women in various posi- 
tions, from living models. Useful for painters, modelers and designers. 

DUNLOP, James M. 

Anatomical diagrams for the use of art students. 1899. . . .q743 D92 
By the lecturer on artistic anatomy at the Glasgow school of art. 

DUVAL. Mathias. 

Artistic anatomy. 1896 743 D95 

An anatomical explanation of the form, attitudes and movements of 
the human body, intended for art students who have already had some 
experience in drawing from models or the antique. By the professor 
of anatomy at the Ecole des beaux-arts, Paris. 


HATTON, Richard G. 

Figure drawing and composition; hints upon the treatment 

of the human figure. 1895 743 H34 

"Useful guide for the student, not of art as a pursuit to be followed, 
but of works of art to be studied as we study literature. The diffi- 
culties in the way of the figure draughtsman and the conventions 
adopted by artists are well explained." Russell Sturgis. 

McCLELLAN, George. 

Anatomy in its relation to art; an exposition of the bones 
and muscles of the human body with especial reference to 
their influence upon its actions and external form. 1900. .qr743 M13 
MARSHALL, John, English surgeon. 

Anatomy for artists. 1890 q743 M41 

Author is a distinguished surgeon and the lecturer on anatomy at the 
Royal academy, London. 
Rule of proportion for the human figure; [plates]. 1879. .qr743 M41 
"Prof. Marshall, one of the most accomplished anatomists of our day, 
has. . .devoted much time to art, and. . .instructed the students at 
South Kensington in the rudiments of his own science. . .the 'rule' is 
enunciated with the author's characteristic terseness and clearness." 
AthentBum, 1880. 

ROTH, Christian. 

Student's atlas of artistic anatomy, with 24 plates and 10 

explanatory figures. 1891 qr743 R7S 

SETON, Ernest Thompson. 

Studies in the art anatomy of animals. 1896 q743 S49 

Plates delineate the arrangement of the fur on different animals, the 
skeleton and muscular forms of the greyhound, cat, sheep, lion, etc. 
Text gives the anatomy, size and proportions of many typical animals 
and birds. 

THOMSON, Arthur. 

Handbook of anatomy for art students. 1896 743 T386 

"Has grasped the importance of explaining each characteristic feature 
on the surface contours of the body by its relation to structures be- 
neath, and to make the lessons more clear he has illustrated his 
description by a series of photographs from well-selected living 
models ... each picture being analysed in an adjoining diagram which 
displays in outline the muscular anatomy of the parts." Magasine of 
art, 1897. 

744 Mechanical drawing 

ANTHONY, Gardner Chace. 

Elements of mechanical drawing; use of instruments, geo- 
metrical problems and projection. 1900 744 A62e 

The same. 1898 J744 A62e 

Machine drawing; the general principles of machine drawing, 

sketching, figuring, etc., with practical examples. 1899 744 A62 

APPLETONS' cyclopaedia of drawing; ed. by W. E. Worthen. 

1857 qr744 A65 

APPLETONS' cyclopaedia of technical drawing, embracing the 
principles of construction as applied to practical design; 

ed. by W. E. Worthen. 1898 qr744 A65C 

BURN, Robert Scott. 

Illustrated architectural, engineering and mechanical draw- 
ing-book. 1893 744 B92 



Drawing for metal plate workers. 1872 744 D29 

Practical instruction for tinners, roofers and other workers of sheet- 
metal in geometric forms. 

EDMINSTER, Clothier Franklin. 

Architectural drawing. 1899 " 744 E29 

The same. 1899 b744 E29 

"This book is planned to meet the demand for a treatise on elemen- 
tary architectural drawing. The material of which it is composed is in 
line with the evening work carried on at Pratt Institute." Preface. 

FpX, William, & Thomas, C.W. 

Practical course in mechanical drawing. 1899 744 F85 

Provides a simple, practical course of progressive lessons in mechani- 
cal drawing. The course is particularly adapted to the needs of high 
schools, schools for apprentices, and young mechanics. 

HASLUCK, Paul Nooncree, cd. 

Practical draughtsmen's work. 1901 744 H33 

Appeared in Work and the Building world. 

On the selection and use of tools, and the technique of mechanical 
drawing. Does not treat of the geometrical principles involved. 

HICKS, Isaac Perry. 

Architectural drawing for mechanics. 1897 744 H52 

Elementary treatise for carpenters and builders. 


Catalogue and price-list of drawing materials and surveying 

instruments, 1900-1901. 1900 r744 K23 

KIRSCHNER, Charles L. 

Mechanical drawing; general principles and practical ex- 
amples for manual training high and evening schools. 

1900 744 K29 

MEYER, Jacob George Arnold, & Peker, C. G. 

Easy lessons in mechanical drawing and machine design, 

arranged for self-instruction. 2v. 1898-1901 q744 M6s 

MINIFIE, William. 

Text book of geometrical drawing, for the use of mechanics 

and schools. 1859 qr744 M72 

REID, John Simpson. 

Course in mechanical drawing. 1898 744 R31 

Contents: Complete outfit. — Instruments. — Geometrical drawing. — Con- 
ventions. — Lettering and figuring. — Orthographic projection. 

REINHARDT, Charles William. 

Technic of mechanical drafting; a practical guide to neat, 

correct and legible drawing. 1900 744 R317 

Not intended for beginners, and pays no attention to the mathematics 

ROSE, Joshua. 

Mechanical drawing self-taught. 1894 744 R71 

SPANTON, J. Humphrey. 

Science and art drawing; complete geometrical course. 

1895 744 S73 

STANLEY, William Ford. 

Mathematical drawing and measuring instruments; their con- 
struction, uses, qualities, selection, preservation, and sugges- 
tions for improvements, with hints upon drawing, colouring, 
calculating sun printing, lettering, etc. 1900 744 S78 


TOMKINS, Edward. 

Machine construction and drawing; an introduction to the 
study of machine construction and to the application of 
geometrical drawing for the representation of machinery. 

1873. (Putnam's elementary science series.) r744 T59 

TRACY, John Clayton. 

Introductory course in mechanical drawing, with chapter on 

perspective by E. H. Lockwood. 1898 744 T67 

WARREN, Samuel Edward. 

Industrial science drawing. 3v. 1893-1903 744 W24 

V.I. Elements of plane and solid free-hand geometrical drawing. 

v.a. Drafting instruments and operations. 

V.3. Elementary projection drawing; theory and practice. 

WILLSON, Frederick Newton. 

Theoretical and practical graphics; an educational course on 
the theory and practical applications of descriptive 

geometry and mechanical drawing. i8g8 qr744 W76 

"References," apx. p. 29. 

744.2 Alphabets. Lettering 


Grotesque alphabet of 1464, reproduced in facsimile from the 
original woodcuts in the British museum, with an intro- 
duction by Campbell Dodgson. 1899 qr744.2 B75 

"One of the most artistic and remarkable productions of the art of 
wood-engraving in the fifteenth century." Introduction. 

CROMWELL, John Howard. 

System of easy lettering; [plates]. 1900 744-2 C89 

DANIELS, Frank T. 

Text-book of free-hand lettering. 1895 744-2 D22 

Simple alphabets for draftsmen's use. 

The same. 1895 J744-2 D22 

DAY, Lewis Foreman. 

Alphabets old and new, for the use of craftsmen, with an 
essay on Art in the alphabet. 1898. (Text books of 

ornamental design.) 744-2 D33 

Contains 147 complete alphabets and 28 series of numerals. An intro- 
ductory chapter traces the historic development of letter-forms. 

LARISCH, Rudolf von, ed. 

Beispiele kiinstlerischer schrift, mit originalbeitragen von Ru- 
dolf Bernt und anderen. 1900 744-2 L32 

An album of 40 pages of lettering designed by various Austrian, German, 
Belgian, French and English artists. Intended for draftsmen and 

LILLIE, Henry. 

Alphabet of monograms, designed and engraved by Henry 

Lillie. [1869.] qr744.2 L69 

REINHARDT, Charles William. 

Lettering for draftsmen, engineers and students. 1896. . . .744.2 R31 
Practical methods of doing free-hand lettering in a simple way. 

SABIN, (I.) & SONS, imb. 

Monogram and alphabet album. [1878.] r744-2 Sii 


STRANGE, Edward Fairbrother. 

Alphabets; a handbook of lettering, with historical and 

practical descriptions. 1895. (Ex-libris series.) 744-2 S89 

"Books of reference," p.283-288. 

Considers especially the technical quality of the alphabets illustrated, 
and their adaptability to different materials and uses. Gives many 
interesting facts and specimens. 

745 Ornamental design 

APIJSLEY, William James, & George Ashdown, conip. 

Outlines of ornament in the leading styles, selected from ex- 
ecuted ancient and modern works; a book of reference for 
the architect, sculptor, decorative artist and practical 

painter. 1882 qr745 A91 

BLOUNT, Godfrey. 

Arbor vitse; a book on the nature and development of 
imaginative design, for the use of teachers, handicrafts- 
men and others. 1899 qr745 B56 

The author aims to show those teaching or practising ornamental handi- 
craft how to combine modern progressiveness and freedom with the 
preservation of the vital traditions. He treats of the spiral, leaves, 
arcades, the fulfilment of space, the border, etc., and gives many illus- 
trative designs. 
CRANE, Walter. 

Bases of design. 1898 b745 C86 

"This is a work that will be found of inestimable value to all persons 
interested in the arts. The title suggests the importance of the sub- 
ject, and the book appeals more directly to architects, illustrators, 
designers, and painters. The many admirable illustrations are material 
aids in the explanation of the text." 

Line and form. 1900 b745 C861 

Papers based upon a series of lectures delivere'd to the students of the 
Manchester municipal school of art. Treats the practice of design 
on its conventional and technical side, illustrating the continual 
adaptation of nature in the best decorative art and going closely into 
detail on the subject of instruments and materials. Fully illustrated 
with rough sketches by the author and with reproductions from well- 
known works of art. 

DAY, Lewis Foreman. 

Anatomy of pattern. 1892. (Text books of ornamental 

design.) 745 D33an 

Application of ornament. 1894. (Text books of orna- 
mental design.) 745 D33ap 

Nature in ornament. 1894. (Text books of ornamental 

design.) 745 D33 

Treats of the natural development of ornament from nature, and its 
relation to natural form, and sets forth some principles helpful to 
the student. Excellent illustrations, including many designs by the 
author, a decorative artist and a designer by profession. 
"Mr. Day is a master of his craft. There may have been designers 
more daring and more splendid, but few more varied and ingenious, 
or whose work is based on so thorough a knowledge of both nature 
and decorative art." Cosmo Monkhouse, in Academy, 1892. 

Planning of ornament. 1893. (Text books of ornamental 

design.) 745 D33pl 

Some principles of every-day art. 1894. (Text books of 

ornamental design.) 745 D33S 

William Morris and his art. 1899. (Art annuals.) .... qr759.2 A78 v.4 



Historic styles of ornament; 1500 examples from all coun- 
tries and all periods, with historical and descriptive 

text. 1898 qb74S D69 

FOORD, James. 

Decorative flower studies, for the use of artists, designers, stu- 
dents and others ; forty coloured plates, accompanied by 
studies of detail from each subject and descriptive notes. 
1901 qb745 F74 

"This book will be of much use to designers and workers when the liv- 
ing flowers are not obtainable. The studies are beautifully and ac- % 
curately drawn, and in most cases the character of the plant is sym- 
pathetically realized. . .There is a short account of each flower, telling 
of its origin and of any interesting facts about it." Spectator, 1901. 

GLAZIER, Richard. 

Manual of historic ornament; treating upon the evolution, tra- 
dition and development of architecture and other applied 

arts. 1899 745 G47 

"Text books upon architecture and ornament," p.133; "Works of ref- 
erence," p. 134-136. 
GOODYEAR, William Henry. 

Grammar of the lotus; a new history of classic ornament 
as a development of sun worship, with observations on 
the bronze culture of prehistoric Europe as derived 

from Egypt. 1891 qb745 G63 

"The 'Grammar of the Lotus' is a notable contribution to its literature, 
written with a tenacious grasp of its subject, with keenness of ob- 
servation and clearness of statement." Nation, 1892. 

GUICHARD. fidouard. 

Dessins de decoration des principaux maitres; 40 planches 
reunies et reproduites sous la direction de M. fidouard 
Guichard, avec une etude sur Tart decoratif et des 

notices par Ernest Chesneau. 1881 qb745 G96 

HADDON, Alfred Cort. 

Evolution in art as illustrated by the life-histories of designs. 

1895. (Contemporary science series.) 745 H12 

Deals with the arts of design from the biological point of view, taking 
the decorative art of British New Guinea as an example of the 
method of study. 

HAITfe. George Charles. 

Plant studies, for artists, designers and art students. 1886. .qb745 H15 
Contains 50 large plates reproducing careful and accurate studies 
from nature, accompanied by text describing the characteristics of the 
flowers most valuable to the art worker. 

HASLUCK, Paul Nooncree, ed. 

Decorative designs of all ages for all purposes. 1899 r745 H3.3 

Small handbook of the most general principles. Originally published 
in the English journal "Work." 

HATTON, Richard G. 

Text-book of elementary design. 1895 745 H34 


Selection of suggestive designs; [plates]. [1892.] qr74S H39 

For walls, wall coverings, stuffs, etc. 

HULME, Frederick Edward. 

Birth and development of ornament. 1893. (Antiquarian 

library.) 745 H91 

"An outline of the history of art, a good many interesting facts and 


some judicious criticism ... He covers a wide range, and the artistic 
sense and knowledge which he has shown in his more technical books 
do not desert him here." Nation, 1893. 

JACKSON, Frank G. 

Lessons on decorative design. 1897 745 J12I 

Based on a course of lectures delivered at the Birmingham (Eng.) mu- 
nicipal school of design, and intended to help beginners by showing 
them the constructive origin of ornamentation, and the principles and 
methods underlying true decoration of every kind. 

Theory and practice of design; an advanced text-book on 

decorative art. 1896 745 J12 

JONES, Owen. 

Grammar of ornament. 1856 qb74S J41 

The same. 1868 q745 J41 

Jones (1809-74) was a designer, especially of interior decoration. This 

work contains nearly 3,000 colored illustrations. 
"He had much fertility of invention and by his example and by the 
publication of his 'Grammar of Ornament' and oth.^r writings, exer- 
cised a considerable influence on the designs of English wall-paper, 
carpets and furniture." Dictionary of national biograpJiy. 

LILLEY, A. E. V. & Midgley, W. 

Book of studies in plant form, with some suggestions for 

their application to design. 1896 745 L69 

"There are many books in existence, some old and some new, in which 
it is proposed to show the student how designs are made from natu- 
ral forms, with or without the addition of color. This book is men- 
tioned because the designs contained in it are often good, sometimes 
very good, and in a few cases excellent, phrases which could not be 
used in relation to any other such book now in mind." Russell Stur- 

MAYEUX, Henri. 

Manual of decorative composition, for designers, decorators, 

architects and industrial artists. 1888 745 M53 

Author is (1888) professor of decorative art in the Paris municipal 

"In Mr. Mayeux's book there are... a great number of sound maxims, 
and a great deal of just appreciation." Nation, 1888. 

MORRIS, William. 

Some hints on pattern-designing. 1899 745 M91 

Printed at the Chiswick press with the golden type designed by William 
Morris for the Kelmscott press. 

Lecture delivered at the London Workingmen's college. 

"Not too technical, and the handling of the subject includes paper- 
staining, cotton-printing, carpet-weaving and the like, with special 
bearing, of course, on the fittest form of design for each, which the 
lecturer himself practised with such conspicuous success." Magazine 
of art, 1900. 

PAGE, James. 

Guide for drawing the acanthus, and every description of 

ornamental foliage. 1886 b745 P14 

PETRIE. William Matthew Flinders. 

Egyptian decorative art. 1895 745 P46 

"Valuable in that Mr. Petrie has... a large and intimate acquaintance 
with the finest artistic productions of ancient Egypt." Russell Sturgis. 

REDGRAVE, Richard. 

Manual of design; compiled from the writings and addresses 
of Richard Redgrave by G. R. Redgrave. 1876. (South 

Kensington museum art handbooks.) 745 R27 

SCHAUERMANN, Francois Louis. 

Theory and analysis of ornament, applied to the work of 



elementary and technical schools. 1892 .■ 745 831 

Written by a teacher for teachers or advanced pupils. 
SHAW, Henry. 

Encyclopedia of ornament. 1898 qb745 S53 

Consists entirely of plates representing examples of architectural work, 
stained glass, painted tiles, wood-carving and ironwork, drapery, 
needlework, bookbindings, designs for plate and ornamental articles. 

TOWNSEND, William G. Paulson. 

Plant and floral studies, for designers, art students and 

craftsmen. 1901 <1745 T66 

Drawings from nature of plants and flowers from a structural point of 
view, with short notes on size, color, habits of growth and time of 
TUER, Andrew White. 

Book of delightful and strange designs; being one hun- 
dred facsimile illustrations of the art of the Japanese 

stencil-cutter r745 T82 

Text in English, German and French. 
WARD, James, b. 1851. 

Elementary principles of ornament. 1890 r745 W21 

Lectures to students of decorative design. 

745.1 W^oven fabrics 

COLE, Alan S. 

Ornament in European silks. 1899 q745i C68 

"Mr. Cole has succeeded in bringing together in this book a large 
number of illustrations of excellent examples of old brocade and em- 
broideries, respecting which he discourses with., .intimate knowledge 
of the subject." Studio, 1899. 

FISCHBACH, Friedrich. 

Ornamente der gewebe qb745.i F52 

Collection of colored plates of designs for woven stuffs, beginning with 
Egyptian designs, 1000 B. C, and coming down to the 19th century. 

745.2 Rugs. Carpets. 745.3 Wall-papers 


Oriental rug weaving. 1901 745-2 G97 

Contents: History of rug weaving. — The weaving people. — The loom. — 
Dyeing. — Persian inscriptions. — Superstitions. — Classification. — Per- 
sian or Iranian rugs. — Turkish or Anatolian. — Caucasian or Daghistan. 
— Turkish or Turcoman. — Afghan or Afghanistan. — Belooch or Beloo- 
chistan. — A word to rug buyers. 

HOLT, Rosa Belle. 

Rugs, oriental and occidental, antique and modern ; a hand- 
book for ready reference. 1901 q745-2 H74 

Bibliography, p.i47-i!;i. 

"Not intended to challenge comparison with Mr. Mumford's elaborate [qr745.2 M96] but 'to present in concise form certain facts 
that may enable a novice to appreciate the beauty and interest attach- 
ing to rugfs, and assist a prospective purchaser in judging of the merits 
of any particular rug he may desire to buy'... The twenty- four full- 
page reproductions of rugs. . .add much to its value. Twelve of these 
are in color... The plates in both books [Mr. Mumford's and Miss 
Holt's] taken together supplement each other admirably and furnish 
material assistance to the student." Dial, 1901. 

LESSING, Julius. 

Ancient oriental carpet patterns. 1870 qr745.2 L64 

30 plates with descriptive text. 

Carpet designs obtained principally from pictures of the isth and i6th 


centuries, including paintings of Memling, Van Eyck, Holbein, Ghir- 
landajo and others. The designs are in color, and afford excellent 
models for modern production. 

MUMFORD, John Kimberly. 

Oriental rugs. 1900 qr74S.2 M96 

J Guide for the purchaser of rugs. Explains the significance of the names 
by which he is often perplexed, how to distinguish an old rug from a 
new one which has been "doctored" to change its color or increase its 
lustre; discusses materials; classifies names of tribes, districts and 
methods of weaving. Contains brilliant reproductions in monochrome 
process and in colors of i6 selected rugs. 

The same. 1901 q745-2 M96 

ftOBINSON, Vincent Joseph. 

Eastern carpets; twelve early examples, printed in colours 

after drawings by E. J. Robinson, 2d ser. 1893 qr745.2 Rss 

"Printed in colours after water-colour drawings from original carpets. 
These drawings furnish a record of some of the finest productions of 
the Eastern looms, which, it was foreseen, would soon»be lost forever, 
leaving no trace of their great beauty, as the conditions, physical and 
social, attending their origin had passed away absolutely." Preface. 
COOK, Clarence Chatham. 

What shall we do with our walls? 1880 b745.3 C77 

Brief advice about wall-papers. 

746 Art needlework. Fancy work 

BRAZZA, Cora A. (Slocomb), contessa di. 

Guide to the old and new lace in Italy, exhibited at Chicago 

in 1893. 1893 746 B71 

Bibliography, p. 177-180. 

Contains, besides a description of the specimens, a history and descrip- 
tion of all kinds of lace, with notices of the large manufactories and 
small village lace schools. 

CAULFEILD, Sophia F.A. & Saward, B.C. comp. 

Dictionary of needlework. [1887.] qi"746 C28 

"No book of advice and instruction will seem wholly adequate to those 
who try to learn from it, but this one is believed to be thorough and 
careful and is certainly very full. Many illustrations, well adapted to 
their purpose." Russell Sturgis. 

CHAMPEAUX, Alfred de. 

Tapestry. 1887. (South Kensington museum art hand- 
books.) 746 C35 

List of the principal works relating to the history of tapestry, p. 66-68. 

CHANNER, C. C. & Roberts, M. E. 

Lace-making in the Midlands, past and present. 1900 746 C36 

Short historical account. Contains a number of photographs of English 

COLE, Alan S. 

Art of lace-making. 1881 746 C68 

Short account of the origin and evolution of lace, descriptions of dif- 
ferent kinds of needle and pillow lace, of the present condition of 
lace-making by hand and by machinery. Illustrated. 

Renascence of the Irish art of lace-making. 1888 746 C68r 

Illustrations and descriptions of good specimens of each of the different 
kinds of modern Irish lace. 

DAY, Lewis Foreman, & Buckle, Mary. 

Art in needlework; a book about embroidery. 1900. (Text 

books of ornamental design.) 746 D33 

"Given the desire to do good work, and the time in which to do it, we 
know of no volume upon the subject that could be of more practical 
aid to the worker than this excellent handbook. . .The numerous illus- 


trations are of especial value, as they are produced upon such a scale 
that the style and character of every stitch is clearly shown." Studio, 

FOWKE, Frank Rede. 

The Bayeux tapestry; a history and description. 1898. (Ex- 
libris series.) 746 F84 

GUI FFREY, Jules Joseph. 

Histoire de la tapisserie depuis le moyen age jusqu'a nos 

jours. 1886 <ir746 G96 

"Very trustworthy and even approaches the completeness of a history." 
Russell Sturgis. 


Designs for lace making. 1870 qr746 H14 

Designs for needle and pillow lace original with the author or taken 
from fine old specimens, with a few general directions. 

HAVARD, Henry. 

La tapisserie. [1893.] (Les arts de Tameublement.) 746 H3S 

Describes in a general manner the methods of making tapestry and 
models for tapestry. Gives also a history of its manufacture from the 
earliest time. Contains a number of engravings of famous examples. 
JACKSON, Mrs Emily. 

History of hand-made lace, with supplementary information 

by Ernesto Jesurum. 1900 q746 J12 

Bibliography. p.gS-ios. 

Deals with the origin of lace, the growth of the great lace centers, 
methods of manufacture, the distinguishing and care of different kinds. 

LEFfiBURE, Ernest. 

Embroidery and lace; their manufacture and history from the 

remotest antiquity to the present day. 1899 74^ L53 

The same. 1889 r746 L53 

Fully illustrated. 

MASTERS, Ellen T. 

Book of stitches. 1900 746 M46 

Plain directions for embroidering in the many varieties of outline, rib- 
bon, knotted and buttonhole stitch, close and open fillings, and back- 
ground stitch. 

MUNTZ. Eugene. 

Short history of tapestry from the earliest times to the end of 

the i8th century. 1885 746 M96 

"Very large and costly works have been devoted to the subject without 
exhausting it, or even doing it full justice. The small book here 
named is as good a handbook as one is likely to find and is well illus- 
trated. It is interesting reading as well as valuable for the informa- 
tion it contains." Russell Sturgis. 
La tapisserie. 1882. (Bibliotheque de I'enseignement des 

beaux-arts.) 74^ M96t 

PALLISER, Mrs Fanny Bury. 

History of lace. 1875 r746 PiS 

A well-known book, still an authority though first published in 1864. 

PULSZKY, Karoly. 

Ornamente der hausindustrie Ungarn's, gezeichnet von 

Friedrich Fischbach. 1878 qr746 P98 

Consists chiefly of colored plates, showing characteristic Hungarian de- 
signs for woven fabrics and embroidery. 

R., A. 

Designs for church embroidery; letterpress by Alethea Wiel. 

1894 q»"746 Rii 

Contains a color card of filo floss silks sold by Liberty & co. 


S., A.M. 

Point and pillow lace; various kinds, ancient and modern, 

and how to recognise them. 1899 746 Sii 

"Authorities consulted," p. 13. 

"\'aluable guide to lovers of lace, excellently. . .illustrated by magnified 
photographs of each particular kind. . .Useful especially to collectors 
who need knowledge and advice in the purchase of examples of the 
art." Nation, igoi. 

TOWNSEND, William G. Paulson, and others. 

Embroidery; or, The craft of the needle. 1899 746 T66 

. . "Mr. Townsend's little manual, with a preface by Walter Crane, is in- 
'»" " " tended as a practical guide to students of the beautiful art of embroid- 
ery. It treats of design as well as of the diversity of methods, and 
abounds in examples of all kinds of embroidery, from ancient times 
down to our own. . .The diagrams of stitches at the end are very in- 
telligible, and will be found useful to beginners." Nation, 1900. 

URBANI de GHELTOF, Giuseppe Marino. 

Technical history of the manufacture of Venetian lace. 

1888 746 U27 

Very brief histories of the different kinds of Venetian lace, with short 
explanations of the methods of making each kind. 

747 Interior decoration 

BRUNNER, Arnold William, & Tryon, Thomas. 

Interior decoration. 1891 qr747 B83 

CHURCH, Mrs Ella Rodman (Macllvane). 

How to furnish a home. 1883. (Appletons' home books.). .747 C46 
COOK, Clarence Chatham. 

House beautiful; essays on beds and tables, stools and 

candlesticks. 1895 747 C77 

CROUCH, Joseph, & Butler, Edmund. 

Apartments of the house; their arrangement, furnishing and 

decoration. 1900 b747 C89 

Manual for the well-to-do householder. Discusses the hall, dining-room, 
drawing-room, bedroom, furniture, accessories, etc., with a careful 
reference of styles to periods and an insistence on sound principles. 
Well illustrated. 

EASTLAKE, Charles Lock, architect. 

Hints on household taste in furniture, upholstery and other 

details. 1878 747 E18 

By the famous designer. His book, though written in 1878, is a classic, 
and can be consulted with advantage to-day. 

EDIS, Robert William. 

Decoration and furniture of town houses. 1881 747 E28 

ELLIOTT, Charles Wyllys. 

Book of American interiors. 1876 qb747 E52 

Illustrations and descriptions of 20 libraries, dining-rooms and halls. 
FALKE, Jakob von. 

Art in the house. 1879 qb747 F19 

Historical, critical and aesthetical studies on the decoration and furnish- 
ing of the dwelling, by a director of the Vienna museum of art and 

GARRETT, Rhoda, & Agnes. 

Suggestions for house decoration in painting, woodwork 

and furniture. 1876. (Art at home.) 747 G19 


HAWEIS, Mrs Mary Eliza (Joy). 

Art of decoration. 1889 747 H36 

A study of house decoration and furnishing. Book i treats of "The 
search after beauty;" book 2, "A retrospect of rooms," contains 
an historical sketch of the development of interior decorating and 
furnishing from the 14th century; while book 3 makes general, prac- 
tical suggestions for the treatment of walls, windows, doors and fire- 
places, and the arrangement of furniture and pictures. 

Beautiful houses; a description of certain well-known artistic 

houses. 1882 747 H36b 

Contents: Sir Frederick Leighton's house. — Mr William Burges's bouse. 
— Mr Alma-Tadema's house. — The British embassy in Rome. — Mr G. 
H. Boughton's house. — Mr Alfred Morrison's houSe. — At the Villa 
Campana. — Mr Reuben Sassoon's house. — Ashley Park. — Mr Hasel- 
tine's rooms. — Mr Stevenson's house. — A bijou house. 

HELBURN, William, pttb. 

Historic English interiors from the Elizabethean and all 
other renaissance periods; [plates], ist-2d ser. 2v. 

in I qb747 H42 

HESSLING, Bruno, pub. 

English interiors. 2v qt>747 H49 

Large blue-prints of drawing-rooms, halls, staircases, etc. of some fine 
English houses. 

HOUSE beautiful; monthly. v.2-date. 1897-date b747 H83 

Treats of the plan of the house, interior decoration, furniture, carpets, 
wall-papers, china, etc. 


Taste and economy in decoration and furniture. 1893 Q747 K34 

LITTLE. Arthur. 

Early New England interiors: sketches in Salem, Marblehead, 

Portsmouth and Kittery. 1878 qb747 L74 

LOFTIE, William John. 

Plea for art in the house. 1876 747 L77 

Contents: The prudence of collecting. — Furnishing and old furniture. 
— Pictures. — Books and china. — Art and morals. 
WATSON, Mrs Rosamund Marriott. 

Art of the house. 1897. (Connoisseur series.) 747 W32 

Essays on the furnishing and decoration of the home, supplemented by 
illustrations from the loan collection at Bethnal Green, the South 
Kensington museum and elsewhere. 

WHARTON, Mrs Edith (Jones), & Codman, Ogden. 

Decoration of houses. 1897 747 W59 

"Books consulted," p.12-17. 

apecially emphasizes the fact that house decoration should be considered 
as a branch of architecture. 

WHEELER. Mrs Candace (Thurber), ed. 

Household art. 1893 747 W6ih 

Contents: The philosophy of beauty applied to house interiors, by Mrs 
Candace Wheeler. — ^The development of American homes, by Mrs M. 
G. Van Rensselaer. — Some work of the "Associated artists," by Mrs 
Burton Harrison. — Wall-papers, ceilings and dadoes, by S. N. Carter. 
— The prog^ress of American decorative art, by M. G. Humphreys. — 
The limits of decoration, by L. G. Runkle. — About furnishings, by 
Florence Morse. — Decorative and applied art, by Mrs Candace Wheeler. 

748 Stained glass 


Treatise on painted glass, shewing its applicability to every 

style of architecture. 1845 b748 B21 


DAY, Lewis Foreman. 

Windows; a book about stained and painted glass. 1897. .b748 D33 

"Definitive treatise. . .both practical and theoretic, within reasonable 
limits. He has also managed most laudably to explain both theory and 
practice through a historical sequence, beginning with a notice of the 
earliest facts, and coming down to the questions of what is done to- 
day, can be done, and what should be done." John La Farge, in 
Bookbuyer, 1898. 

HOLIDAY, Henry. 

Stained glass as an art. 1896 q748 H71 

Treats not only the technical art of making stained glass, but shows 
«^--.'-- the artistic possibilities of the material, and considers them in re- 
lation to the situation and purpose of the various uses to which 
stained glass is applied. It treats also of light and shade; style in 

- architectural work, in relation to ornament and to archaeology. A 
chapter is devoted to influence of limitations of form and space on 
decorative art. There are some beautiful tinted designs by Burne- 
Jones and W. B. Richmond, and many very artistic designs by the 
author. 64 illustrations. 
LENOIR, Marie Alexandre. 

Musee des monumens fran^ais; histoire de la peinture sur 

verre et description des vitraux anciens et modernes. 

1803 r7o8.4 L61 

Bound with his "Musee des monvimens fran^ais; ou. Description his- 
torique des statues et bas-reliefs," v. 5. 

MERSON, Olivier. 

Les vitraux. 1895. (Bibliotheque de I'enseignement des 

beaux-arts.) 748 M63 

WINSTON, Charles. 

Inquiry into the difference of style in ancient glass paintings 

especially in England. 2v. 1867 r748 W7g 

V.I. Text. v. 2. Plates. 

749 Artistic furniture 


English household furniture; mainly designed by Chippen- 
dale, Sheraton, Adam and others of the Georgian 

period; 100 plates. 1900 qb749 B31 

BELL, J.Munro, comp. 

Chippendale, Sheraton and Hepplewhite furniture designs; 

[plates]. 1900 qb749 B41 

Reprint of "The gentleman and cabinet-maker's director," by Chippen- 
dale; "The cabinet-maker and upholsterer's drawing-book" and "Designs 
for household furniture," by Sheraton; and "The cabinet-maker and 
upholsterer's guide," by Hepplewhite. 

BONNAFFfi, Edmond. 

Le meuble en France au i6e siecle. 1887 qb749 B62 

Both learned and gossipy. Takes a geographical survey of the subject, 
describing the styles characteristic of the different parts of France, 
and then describes the various articles of furniture in detail. 

CHAMPEAUX, Alfred de. 

Le meuble. 2v. 1885. (Bibliotheque de I'enseignement des 

beaux-arts.) 749 C35 

V.I. Antiquite, moyen age et renaissance. 
V.2. i7e, i8e et ige si^cles. 

CHANCELLOR, Alfred Ernest. 

Examples of old furniture, English and foreign; drawn and 

described. 1898 qb749 C36 



Gentleman and cabinet-maker's director; a collection of 

designs of household furniture; [plates]. 1762 qb749 C44 

200 plates, with directions for carrying out the most elaborate designs, 
by the celebrated English furniture-maker of the i8th century. 

CLOUSTON, K. Warren. 

Chippendale period in English furniture. 1897 qb749 C61 

Contents: Sir William Chambers. — Thomas Chippendale. — Chippendale's 
contemporaries. — The brothers Adam. — Thomas Shearer and the So- 
ciety of London cabinet-makers' "Book of prices." — A. Hepplewhite. — 
Thomas Sheraton. 
History of English cabinet-making in the i8th century, with chapters 
on some architects who were also designers of furniture, and on 
Chippendale's contemporaries and successors. 

DILKE, Emilia Francis (Strong), lady. 

French furniture and decoration in the i8th century. 1901.. .qb749 D58 

Contents: The Golden gallery and the Hotel de Soubise. — Nicolas Pi- 
neau and the Elysee. — Jacques Verberckt, Jules-Antoine Rousseau and 
the decoration of Versailles. — Rousseau de la Rottiere and the bou- 
doirs of the marquise de Serilly and of the Queen. — The influence of 
Madame de Pompadour and Jean-Demosthene Dugourc. — Pastorales, 
chinoiseries, singeries, Chantilly and the Hotel de Rohan. — Oudry and 
the Gobelins. — Boucher and the Gobelins. — Jean Lamour and les Caf- 
fieri. — Andr^-Charles BouUe and Charles Cressent. — Oeben, Riesener, 
Gouthiere. — French furniture made by foreigners. — A word on Ver- 

Appendix contains a list of French cabinet-makers. 

ELWELL, Newton W. cantp. 

Colonial furniture and interiors; [plates]. 1896 qb749 E57 

HIRTH, Georg. 

Das deutsche zimmer der renaissance; anregungen zu haus- 

licher kunstpflege. 1880 Qb74g H61 

Treats of the spirit of the renaissance, particularly in Germany, color, 
form, furniture, and the treatment of walls, ceilings and floors at 
that period, with a view to the elevation of modern household art. 
LALONDE, Francois Richard de. 

Ameublement et decoration, style Louis XVI; oeuvres 

diverses de Lalonde; [plates] qb749 L17 

Designs for furniture, gold and silver utensils for churches or domestic 
use, key-plates, knobs, bolts, etc. 

LITCHFIELD, Frederick. 

Illustrated history of furniture from the earliest to the 

- present time. 1893 qb749 L73 

Careful selection of illustrations from examples of established au- 
thenticity, besides representations of some typical interiors, all arr 
ranged in chronological order and accompanied by descriptions of the 
historical and social changes which have influenced the manners and 
customs, and, directly or indirectly, the furniture of different nations. 
In connection with furniture the changes in architecture have been 
noticed which caused corresponding changes in interior woodwork. 

LOCKWOOD, Luke Vincent. 

Colonial furniture in America. 1901 qb749 L76 

Author aims to provide a reliable handbook showing the natural de- 
velopment of the different styles, and enabling one to see at a glance 
to what style and period any piece belongs. Information has been de- 
rived from inventories and contemporary records, old newspapers, 
books on manners and customs, cabinet-makers' books of design, and 
the study of much furniture, both colonial and foreign. Finely illus- 
LYON, Irving Whitall. 

Colonial furniture of New England. 1892 qb749 L99 

"This interesting book contains 113 illustrations, mostly photographic; 
the text is a thorough examination of the whole subject." Russell 


NYE, Alvan Crocker. 

Collection of scale-drawings of colonial furniture. 1895. .qb749 N54 

Measured and drawn from examples of the furniture of the 17th, i8th 
and early 19th centuries, now owned in New England. 

POLLEN, John Hungerford. 

Ancient and modern furniture and woodwork. [1875.] 

(South Kensington museum art handbooks.) 749 P76 

PUGIN, Augustus Welby Northmore. 

Gothic furniture in the style of the 15th century; [plates]. 

^ . . [1836.] qb729 P98 

'^ ■ Bound with his "Details of antient timber houses." 
SANDERS, William Bliss. 

Half-timbered houses and carved oak furniture of the i6th 

and 17th centuries. 1894 qb749 S21 

All but four of the thirty plates illustrate furniture and woodwork, 
some of the drawings being made to scale. Each plate has descrip- 
tive text. 

SHAW, Henry. 

Specimens of ancient furniture; [plates], with descriptions 

by Sir S. R. Meyrick. 1866 qb749 S53 

Includes household and church furniture, chandeliers, fire-dogs, tankards, 
chalices, and other specimens of metal-work from very early times to 
the reign of Queen Anne. 


Furniture of our forefathers , with critical descriptions of plates 

by Russell Sturgis. 8 pts. in 2v. 1900-01 qb749 S61 

V.I, (pt.1-4). Early Southern; carved oak and walnut of the seventeenth 
century. — Later Southern; oak, walnut and early mahogany. — Early 
New England; imported and home-made pieces of the seventeenth 
• century. — Dutch and English periods; New York from 1615 to 
V.2, (pt.5-8). New England from 1700 to 1776; imported and home-made 
pieces of the eighteenth century. — Chippendale and other great 
cabinet-makers of the eighteenth century. — Domestic and imported 
furniture from 1776 to 1830. — Woods, upholstery and styles of the 
early nineteenth century. 

SMALL, John William. 

Scottish woodwork of the i6th and 17th centuries; [plates]. 

1898 qb749 S63 

750 Painting 

ARMITAGE, Edward. 

Lectures on painting; delivered to the students of the Royal 

academy. 1883 750 A73 

Contents: Ancient costumes. — Byzantine and Romanesque art. — On the 
painters of the i8th century. — David and his school. — On the modern 
schools of Europe. — On drawing. — Color. — On decorative painting. — 
On finish. — On the choice of a subject. — On the composition of decora- 
tive and historical pictures. — Composition of incident pictures. 

BURNE-JONES, Sir Philip. 

Practical hints for the protection and preservation of paint- 
ings and drawings r7So B92 

CHAMPLIN, John Denison, & Perkins, C.C. comp. 

Cyclopedia of painters and paintings. 4v. 1887 qr750 C35 

Bibliography, v.i, p.19-36. 

Short biographies of painters and descriptions of important paintings, 


including history, location, notices of replicas and copies, etc. From 
original investigations. 

CLEMENT, Mrs Clara (Erskine), afterward Mrs Waters. 

Stories of art and artists. 1887 qJ7S0 Cs6 

Appeared in St. Nicholas, v.8-13, Jan. i88i-Sept. 1886. 

EASTLAKE, Sir Charles Lock. 

Contributions to the literature of the fine arts, ist-2d ser. 2v. 

1870 .750 E18 

Memoir of Eastlake, by Lady Eastlake, v.2, p.1-192. 

List of the works executed by Eastlake, v.2, p. 192-196. 

These selections from his contributions to periodicals and reports as 
secretary to the Fine arts commission show the remarkable variety 
and thoroughness of his knowledge and his lucidity of expression. 

"Of his art no one has written more justly than his widow in the 
memoir... one of the most admirable of brief biographies." Diction- 
ary of national biography. 

EMERY, Mabel Sarah. 

How to enjoy pictures; with a special chapter on pictures 

in the school-room, by Stella Skinner. 1898 750 Es8 

Addressed mainly to readers without special art training and unlearned 
in studio phrases. Does not treat of original paintings as seen in the 
world's great galleries and cathedrals, but simply of such reproduc- 
tions of original drawings and paintings as are now practically ac- 
cessible to everybody in the form of photographs and other inex- 
pensive prints. Shows, through suggestive comments and observa- 
tions on a number of well-chosen examples from both old and modern 
masters, how to get the greatest amount of pleasure and profit from 
such reproductions. The chapter on pictures in the school-room, 
written by the director of art instruction in the public schools of 
New Haven, will be found especially valuable to teachers and others 
interested in art education. 

FUSELI, John Henry. 

Life and writings; the former written and the latter ed. by 

John Knowles. 3v. 1831 r75o F99 

v. I. Life of Fuseli, by John Knowles. 

v.2-3. Writings; including lectures on Ancient art. Art of the moderns. 
Inventions, Composition, Chiaroscuro, Design, Colour, etc., and a 
History of art in the schools of Italy. 

Born at Zurich in 1740, Fuseli spent most of his life in England, becom- 
ing an artist through the advice of Sir Joshua Reynolds. 

"Fantastic and prolific designer rather than a painter, he had neither the 
judgment to control, nor the technical knowledge to adequately repre- 
sent, the fancies of his powerful but ill-regulated imagination. His 
literary abilities were of no mean order, and the lectures which he 
delivered at the Royal Academy give evidence of thought, study, and 
critical acumen, and are remarkable as specimens of English writing 
by a foreigner." Champlin's Cyclopedia of painters & paintings. 

HUNT, William Morris. 

Talks on art; comp. by H. M. Knowlton, ist-2d ser. 2v. 

in I. 1896-98 q750 H94 

Fragmentary and incomplete extracts from Mr Hunt's instructions to 
a pupil. 

LA FARGE, John. 

Considerations on painting. 1896 750 L14 

Lectures given to art students at the Metropolitan museum. New York, 
in 1893. 

"The occasions are so very rare when an artist of real force and origi- 
nality. . .has allowed himself to speak his full mind to the public as to 
his art, its conditions, its nature, its peculiarities, and the way in which 
different masters of the art have understood it, that a much less de- 
lightful book than this would appeal to us strongly. . .The book, how- 
ever, is of absorbing interest." Russell Sturgis. 


Treatise on painting. 1897 750 L63 

Life of Leonardo da Vinci, by J. W. Brown, p.n-67. 

This celebrated work consists of brief paragraphs of practical directions 


or criticisms on drawing, composition, light and shade, and colors and 

QUILTER, Harry. 

Preferences in art, life and literature. 1892 qr750 Q32 

Contents: A chapter in the history of pre-Raphaelitism. — Coelebs at 
home. — In memoriam; Frank Holl. — Amy Levy; a reminiscence. — 
The unfashionable art of England. — Life, art and nature in an old- 
world city [Bruges]. — Jean Francois Millet and William Hunt. — Two 
days of a painter. — The art of Watts. — The amateur. — Wilkie Collins. 
—Thoughts on French art. — The Royal academy, 1872-1890. 

RUSKIN, John. 

'.Modern painters. 5v. 1873 : 750 RSpm 

v.i. Of general principles. — Of truth. 

v.z. Of ideas of beauty. 

V.3. Of'many things. 

V.4. Of mountain beauty. 

v.s. Of leaf beauty. — Of cloud beauty. — Of ideas of relation. 

The same, v.2 in 2. 1893 750 R89 

"This work, of which the final volume was first published in i860, con- 
tains much of the most important and the safest writing upon art 
which the author has given us. All Mr. Ruskin's message for the 
world, so far as it relates to fine art, is to be found in these volumes." 
Russell Sturgis. 

SINGLETON, Esther, ed. ^ 

Great pictures as seen and described by famous writers. 1899. -750 S61 
The same. 1899 , r75o S61 

About 50 pictures are selected for reproduction and description. The 
descriptions are taken from the works of such writers as Gautier, 
Walter Pater, Ruskin, Dumas, Thackeray, Fromentin, Maurice Hew- 
lett, Swinburne, Austin Dobson, Shelley, Taine and Goethe, while the 
pictures offer examples of Bordone, Botticelli, Michael Angelo, Raphael, 
Rubens, Titian, Hobbema, Andrea del Sarto, Holbein, Rembrandt, 
Murillo, Constable, Hogarth, Guido Reni, Reynolds, Turner and 

VAN DYKE, John Charles. 

Art for art's sake; lectures on the technical beauties of 

painting. 1894 750 V18 

"Of much value because it explains in very simple language and in 
detail how a painter conceives a picture and goes to work at it, and 
how he looks at the pictures which he and other artists have pro- 
duced. Should be read with care as if a text-book of the painter's 
trade." Russell Sturgis. 

How to judge of a picture. 1889 750 Vi8h 

The same. 1889 r75o Vi8h 

"A manual containing useful hints, but nothing that is not better given 
in 'Art for Art's Sake.' " Russell Sturgis. 

751 Materials and methods 

CENNINI, Cennino. 

Art of the old masters, as told by Cennino Cennini in 1437; 
how they ground and mixed their colours, painted their 
pictures and miniatures, tinted their papers, made their 

varnishes, etc.; tr. by C. J. Herringham. 1899 r7Si C31 

"Authorities," P.26S-266. 
CHURCH, Arthur Herbert. 

Chemistry of paints and painting. 1892 751 C46 

FREDERICK, Frank Forrest. 

Architectural rendering in sepia. 1892 qb7Si F89 

Notes on rendering perspective by wash-drawings, with reproductions 


of exercises given to architectural students at the University of 


Facts about processes, pigments and vehicles. 1895 75^ L37 

The same. 1895 r7Si L37 

Compact manual of directions for the preparation of pigments, with 
descriptions of the different methods of photographic reproduction, 
fresco, oil and water-color painting. 

751. 1 Oil painting 

CLINT, Alfred. 

Guide to oil painting, pt.2. [1855.] 741 D38 

pt.2. Landscape from nature. 
Bound with Delamotte's 'Trees and how to draw them." 

EASTLAKE, Sir Charles Lock. 

Materials for a history of oil painting, with professional es- 
says. 2v. 1847-69 7511 E18 

"The most valuable and most frequently consulted of his works." Dic- 
tionary of national biography. 

LEI DEL, Henry, comp. 

How to thoroughly master landscape painting in oil colors 

according to the advanced method of to-day, with a treat- 
ise of colors and their values in painting. 1888 741 D38 

Bound with Delamotte's "Trees and how to draw rthem." 

OSBORN, Laughton, ed. 

Handbook of young artists and amateurs in oil painting; a 
condensed compilation from the manual of Bouvier, with 
additional matter. 1845 7Sii O29 

751.2 Water-color painting 

ALLEN, Grace Barton. 

Water color painting; a book for beginners and amateurs. 

1898 751.2 A42 

BOOT, William Henry James. 

Trees and how to paint them in water-colours. 1883 751-2 B63 

BRADLEY, Milton. 

Water colors in the schoolroom. 1900 751-2 B68 

Simple instructions, based upon the Bradley color system, in the use of 
water-colors in the school-room, and the selection and care of materials. 


Course in water color for the first eight years in school. 

1900 751.2 P88 

751.3 Enamels 

BOURDERY, Louis, & Lachenaud, E. 

Leonard Limosin, peintre de portraits; d'apres les catalogues 
de ventes, de musees et d'expositions, et les auteurs qui se 
sont occupes de ces emaux. 1897. (L'ceuvre des peintres 

emailleurs de Limoges.) r75i.3 B65 

Bibliographic, p.364-374- 
JACOB, Samuel Swinton, & Hendley, T.H. 

Jeypore enamels; [plates]. 1886 qr75i-3 1^3 

These enamels, applied to jewelry, fans, swords and many other articles. 


are famous for their beautiful designs, here reproduced 'in color 
from drawings by an excellent native artist, with a short account 
of the process of making the enamel. 

752 Color 

CAVfi, Mme filisabeth Marie (Blavot). 

Color. 1886 741 C29 

This second part of the "Cave method of drawing" gives directions for 
painting in oils and water-colors. Has been approved by French 
. • artists and teachers. 
"* ' Bound with her "Drawing from memory." 

CHEVREUL, Michel Eugene. 

Principles of harmony and contrast of colours, and their ap- 
plication to the arts. 1890 752 C42 

MARTEL. Charles, (fscud. of Thomas Delf). 

Principles of colouring in painting. [1855.] 741 D38 

Short treatise on the law of contrast of color, with practical directions 

for producing different effects. 
Bound with Delamotte's "Trees and how to draw them." 

754 Genre painting 

WEDMORE, Frederick. 

Masters of genre painting; an introductory handbook. 1880. .754 W41 
Contents: Genre painting. — Rembrandt. — De Hooch and Van der Meet 
and Nicholas Maes. — Terburg and Metsu. — Jan Steen. — Ostade, Teniers 
and Brekelenkamp. — The petty masters. — VVatteau. — Lancret and Pater. 
— Chardin. — Fragonard. — Hogarth, Wilkie and Leslie. 

755 Religious art 

CLEMENT, Mrs Clara (Erskine), afterward Mrs Waters. 

Angels in art. 1898. (Art lovers' series.) 755 Cs6 

The same. 1898 r755 C56 

Heroines of the Bible in art. 1900. (Art lovers' series.). . .755 Cs6h 

Saints in art. 1899. (Art lovers' series.) 755 C56S 

The same. 1899 r755 C56S 

FARRAR. Frederic William, dean. 

Life of Christ as represented in art. 1896 755 F25 

"Authorities," p. 491-496. 

"His writing is distinguished by catholicity of judgment as to painters, 
and is freer than we expected from his well-known mannerisms, so 
that he has produced a really good — in a popular sense — and useful 
compendium of the subject." Athenceuni, 1894. 

FRENCH, Joseph Lewis. 

Christ in art. 1900. (Art lovers' series.) 755 F92 

Traces historically the artistic treatment of the face and figure of Christ. 
Many half-tone reproductions. 
The same. 1900 r755 F92 

GELDART, Ernest. 

Manual of church decoration and symbolism. 1899 ........ .qb755 G28 

Discusses the general principles of church decoration, the use of flowers, 
wreaths, lights, texts and banners. Explains also the appropriate us- 
age of emblematic devices and gives the customary emblems for the 
saints. Written by a clergyman of the Church of England and from 
the standpoint of that church. 


GUERBER. Helene Marie Adeline. 

Legends of the Virgin and Christ, with special reference to 

literature and art. 1896. (Art lovers' series.) 755 G95 

The same. 1896 r755 G95 

HURLL. Estelle May. 

Life of our Lord in art, with some account of the artistic 

treatment of the life of St. John the Baptist. 1898 755 H95I 

Bibliography, p. 19-22. 

Madonna in art. 1897. (Art lovers' series.) 755 H95 

Bibliography, p. 210-21 1. 

"This little book is intended as a companion volume to 'Child-life in 
art,' and is a study of Madonna art as a revelation of motherhood." 
Familiar description rather than critical study. Many reproductions of 

JAMESON. Mrs Anna Brownell (Murphy). 

Legends of the Madonna as represented in the fine arts. 

1895 755 Ji61e 

"Excellent for reference. . .The historical part, the record of the growth 
of the legends and the changes in them, is very imperfect, but no 
better book is [1897] readily accessible." Russell Sturgis. 
Legends of the monastic orders as represented in the fine arts. 

1894 755 J16I 

"Storehouse of delightful knowledge, as admirable for accurate research 
as for poetic and artistic feeling, and only marred to a slight extent 
by the author's limited acquaintance with the technicalities of paint- 
ing." Dictionary of national biography. 

Sacred and legendary art. 2v. 1892-93 755 J16 

The same; ed. by E. M. Hurll. 2v. 1896 r755 Ji6si 

"Excellent for reference in the matter of recognizing a sacred personage 
by his attributes as given in a picture, and as to the proper way 
of representing each personage." Russell Sturgis. 

JAMESON, Mrs Anna Brownell (Murphy), & Eastlake, E. 
(Rigby), lady. 
History of our Lord as exemplified in works of art; with that 
of His types, St. John the Baptist, and other persons of the 

Old and New testament. 2v. 1892 r755 Ji6h 

LINDSAY, Alexander William Crawford, lord. 

Sketches of the history of Christian art. 2v. 1885 755 L72 

"This work, which was intended to treat of the religious meaning and 
the sentiment of Italian painting, was never carried beyond the time of 
Fra Angelico. Its tone of discussion is extremely delicate and just." 
Russell Sturgis. 

SMITH, Henry J. 

Illustrated symbols and emblems of the Jewish, early Chris- 
tian, Greek, Latin and modern churches. 1900 qb755 S64 

Gives over 350 symbols and emblems with their origin and other in- 
formation necessary to their correct use in illustration and decoration. 

TYRWHITT, Richard St. John. 

Christian art and symbolism. 1872 755 T98 

Contents: Introductory. — Greek and Christian art. — Italian art-history. — 
Florentine succession of painters, and history of symbolism and the 
grotesque. — Rafael and Michael Angelo. — Diirer and Holbein. — Land- 
scape sketching. — Poetry of landscape. — Art, craft and schools. 
VAN DYKE,. Henry. 

Christ-child in art; a study of interpretation. 1898 755 V18 

"Series of richly illustrated. . .articles on the childhood of Christ... as 
reflected in mediaeval and modern art... mainly from the literary and 
emotional standpoint. . .not art-criticism." Dial, 1893. 


757 Portraits. Portrait painting 


Century gallery of 100 portraits, selected from the Centviry 

magazine. 1897 V757 C32 

ELSON, (A. W.) & CO. pub. 

"Makers of our nation." 1900 (\r7s7 E55 

Pictures of Washington, Jefferson, Hamilton, Franklin, James Otis, 
Joseph Warren, Samuel Adams, Patrick Henry, Lincoln and Grant. 
No text. 

HART, Charles Henry. 

Hints on portraits and how to catalogue them. 1898 757 H31 

Brief talk before the fellowship of the Pennsylvania academy of the 
fine arts. 

LEHMANN, Rudolf. 

Men and women of the century; a collection of portraits and 
sketches by Mr Lehmann ; ed. with short biographical 

notes by H. C. Marillier. 1896 qr757 L5S 

SHARP, William. 

Fair women in painting and poetry. 1894. (Portfolio mono- 
graphs.) qr757 853 

Interesting notes on the celebrated women represented in a London 
portrait exhibition, with many famous descriptions of women who 
exist only in poetry. 

WHARTON, Anne Hollingsworth. 

Heirlooms in miniature, with a chapter on miniature painting 

by E.D. Taylor. 1898 757 W593 

WHEATLEY, Henry Benjamin. 

Historical portraits; notes on the painted portraits of cele- 
brated characters of England, Scotland and Ireland. 1897. 

(Connoisseur series.) 757 WS9 

WILLIAMSON, George Charles. 

Portrait miniatures, from the time of Holbein, 1531, to that 

of Sir William Ross, i860. 1897. (Connoisseur series.) .. .757 W7S 
Bibliography, p.133-141. 

758 Landscape painting 

GILBERT, Josiah. 

Landscape in art before Claude and Salvator. 1885 r758 G38 

"The value of this book to the student will be as an historical record 
of landscape painting in Europe from the backgrounds of mediaeval 
miniatures in books and mosaics down to Rubens, Claude Lorrain, 
and Salvator Rosa." Russell Sturgis. 

HAMERTON, Philip Gilbert. 

Imagination in landscape painting. 1895 758 H19 

"It is important to understand the relation which the artist's mind plays 
in the development of landscape art, for students are apt to suppose 
that in this art at least simple copying of nature is nearly everything. 
Mr. Hamerton made a careful study all his life of this important sub- 
ject; his conclusions are set forth in this interesting book, which con- 
tains a number of very valuable illustrations." Russell Sturgis. 

Landscape. 1885 qr7S8 H19 

"It is not intended to be a treatise on landscape-painting. . .nor is it by 
any means exclusively a treatise on landscape in nature. My dominant 


idea has been the influence of natural landscape upon man." Preface. 
Illustrated by nearly fifty large plates reproducing the work of famous 
artists, each accompanied by a note explaining the particular point 
which the picture illustrates. 


Landscape painting in water-colour; with 23 examples in 

colour by the author. 1900 758 M22 

759 History of painting 

BELL, Mrs Nancy R. Elizabeth (Meugens), {pseud. N. d'Anvers). 

Masterpieces of the great artists, 1400-1700. 1895 qr759 B4im 

"Process plates of a number of the best known pictures in Europe are 
given in this volume. . . The text is of little importance, but names 
and dates, reasonably well verified, give every such book a certain 
utility." Russell Sturgis. 

Representative painters of the XlXth century. 1899 qr7S9 B41 

"An attempt has been made... to give characteristic examples of the 
work of so representative painters of the 19th century... In the brief 
literary notices accompanying the reproductions, the aim... has been 
to combine with an account of the leading facts of the art career of 
each master an analysis of the principles controlling that career and 
of the qualities setting his work apart from that of any of his con- 
temporaries." Author's note. 

BLANC, Charles, and others. 

Histoire des peintres de toutes les ecoles. 14V. in 12. 1868- 

84 qr759 B53 

T.I. £cole bolonaise. 

V.2. ficole venitienne. 

v.3. ficoles milanaise, lonibarde, ferraraise, genoise et napolitaine. 

V.4. Ecoles ombrienne et romaine. 

v.5. Ecole florentine. 

V.6. Ecole allemande. 

v. 7. Ecole anglaise. 

V.8. Ecole espagnole. 

V.9. Ecole flamande. 

V. 10-12. Ecole frangaise. 

V.I 3-1 4. Ecole hollandaise. 

CARR, Joseph William Comyns. 

Papers on art. 1885 759 C22 

Contents: Drawings by the old masters. — James Barry. — Sir Joshua Rey- 
nolds. — Thomas Gainsborough. — Rossetti's influence in art. 
First paper was originally designed as an introduction to the catalog^ue 
of an exhibition of old Italian masters. It is rather a graceful accom- 
paniment to the drawings than a critical study of the masters. The 
other four papers are both biographical and critical. 

Les CHEFS-d'cEuvre de I'art au XIXe siecle. 5v. [1891- 

92.] qr759 C4 1 

V.I. L'ecole frangaise de David a Delacroix, par Andre Michel. 

V.2. L'ecole frangaise do Delacroix a Regnault, par Alfred de Lostalot. 

v.3. La peinture frangaise actuelle, par Paul Lefort. 

v.4. La peinture etrangere au XIXe siecle, par T. de \\'yzewa. 

v.5. La sculpture et la gravure au XIXe siecle, par Louis Gonse. 

Accounts of the principal artists and their work. Many illustrations. 

CHILD-LIFE in pictures, reproduced in heliotype from the 

works of the most famous artists; [plates]. 1876 qr759 C43 

COOK, Clarence Chatham. 

Art and artists of our time. 3v. [1890.] qr759 C77 

Biographical and critical sketches of the leading artists of France, Ger- 
many, England and America from about 1850 to 1885, preceded by 
brief mention of earlier artists. Many illustrations. 


DOWNES, William Howe. 

Twelve great artists. 1900 759 D77 

Contents: A day with Hals. — Rembrandt at home. — Rubens. — Fortuny. — 
Daubigny. — Felicien Rops. — Boutet de Monvel. — Winslow Homer. — St. 
Gaudens's Shaw monument. — George Inness's landscapes. — John La 
Farge. — John Sargent's portraits. 

FAIRHOLT, Frederick William. 

Homes, haunts and works of Rubens, Vandyke, Rembrandt 
and Cuyp; the Dutch genre-painters; Michael Angelo and 

Raffaelle. 1871 • • • -759 F16 

^.•, ■, A series of artist rambles in Belgium, Holland and Italy. Comprehen- 
sive but not original or profound. 

FAMOUS paintings of the world; a collection of photographic 

reproductions of great modern masterpieces. 1896. . . .qr759 F21 
Nearly one-third of the pictures here reproduced were exhibited at the 
World's fair at Chicago in 1893. 

GIRARD, Paul. 

La peinture antique. 1892. (Bibliotheque de I'enseigne- 

ment des beaux-arts.) 759 G44 

Bibliographic, p.33i-333- 

HEATON, Mrs Mary Margaret (Keynier). 

Concise history of painting. 1893 759 H39 

Chronological list of painters, p.428-458. 

"The most valuable of the older small histories of painting. Mrs. 
Heaton's book has been entirely revised, both as to matters of fact 
and date and as to critical appreciation. During the fifteen years be- 
tween the first appearance and the publication of the present edition 
both the history and criticism of art had been greatly remade. This 
new material has been well used by the editor." Russell Sturgis. 

HENLEY, William Ernest. 

Century of artists; a memorial of the Glasgow international 
exhibition, 1888; with historical and biographical notes 
by W. E. Henley and descriptions of the pictures by 

Robert Walker. 1889 qr759 H44 

HOYT. Deristhe L. 

Handbook of historic schools of painting. 1890 759 H86h 

Gives only the most general information about the principal schools of 
painting, the chief artists and their most celebrated pictures. 

World's painters and their pictures. 1899 759 H86 

Bibliography, p. 15-16. 

"References will be found to all painters of importance in the history of 
art, a careful analysis of the characteristics of their work, and abun- 
dant and well-arranged information concerning their most noted 
pictures." Preface. 

KEANE, Augustus Henry, tr. 

Early Teutonic, Italian and French masters; tr. and ed. 

fr. the Dohme series. 1880 qr759 K14 

Selections from a very comprehensive collection of biographical studies 
by eminent German writers on the history of art. The earliest Italian 
ma.ster studied is Masaccio, the earliest French artist is Poussin. Il- 

KEDDIE, Henrietta, (pseud. Sarah Tytler). 

Modern painters and their paintings, for the use of schools 

and learners in art. 1899 : 759 K15 

Very elementary account of painters from the beginning of the i8th 
century to the latter half of the 19th, special attention being paid to 
English artists. 

Old masters and their pictures, for the use of schools and learn- 



ers in art. 1899 759 K150 

Short account of the artists with descriptions of their most famous 
works, by an English teacher. 

KOLSTOI, Casitnir Stephen, comp. 

International gallery; a collection of 100 works by ancient 

and modern masters. 2v. 1886 qr759 K37 

Many of the plates are wanting. 

KUGLER, Franz Theodor. 

Hand-book of the history of painting from the age of Con- 

stantine. 2v. 1842-43 r759 K43 

V.I. The Italian schools of painting; ed. by C. L. Eastlake. 

V.2. The German, Flemish and Dutch schools of painting; ed. by Sir 
Edmund Head. 

Bibliographies, v.i, p.23-32 and 'v.2, p.47-52. 

For continuation see the Hand-book of the history of the Spanish and 
French schools of painting, by Sir Edmund Head, (r759.4 H38). 

This work is the foundation for much of the modern study of paint- 
ing, and, with revisions incorporating the results of later study, is still 
popular and valuable. The first volume has a valuable preface by 
the distinguished connoisseur, critic and scholar. Sir Charles Eastlake. 

MOORE, George, b. 1853. 

Modern painting. 1893 759 M87 

Contents: Whistler. — Chavannes, Millet and Manet. — The failure of the 
19th century. — .\rtistic education in France and England. — Ingres and 
Corot. — Monet, Sisley, Pissaro and the decadence. — Our academicians. 
— The organisation of art. — .\rt and science. — Royalty in art. — Art 
patrons. — Picture dealers. — Mr Burne-Jones and the Academy. — The 
alderman in art. — Religiosity in art. — The camera in art. — The New 
English art club.^A great artist [Charles Keene]. — Sex in art. — The 
new art criticism. 
"Essays on living painters and modern art tendencies, both good and 
evil, with frequent allusions to old artists, and some account of men 
who are not painters. Thus the article on Charles Keene, the 
draughtsman and caricaturist of the London Punch, is admirable art 
criticism. There is some excess of enthusiastic praise of art which he 
loves and of contempt for artists and critics whom the author looks 
upon as wholly astray in their aims and work, but the book is almost 
wholly right in its tendency." Russell Sturgis. 

The same. 1900 759 M87m 

The new edition contains 6 additional chapters entitled: Nationality in 
art, Mr Steer's exhibition, Claude Monet, Notes, Some Japanese prints, 
Long ago in Italy. 

MUTHER, Richard. 

History of modern painting. 3v. 1896 qr7S9 M98 

the savte. 3v. 1895-96 q759 M98 

Bibliography at the end of each volume. 

History of painting in the 19th century, with bibliographies, lists of 
artists and copious illustrations. 

PHILLIPS. Claude. 

Picture gallery of Charles I. 1896. (Portfolio mono- 
graphs.) qr759 P51 

"Charles I. of England owned a very iarge collection of paintings, 
many of them of the highest possible value. The authorities of the 
Commonwealth ordered the sale of these, and they were scattered 
over Europe. The present work is an . . . attempt to enumerate 
them and to ascertain their present location. Many very good pho- 
tographic reproductions are given." Russell Sturgis. 

POYNTER. Sir Edward John. & Head. P.R. 

Classic and Italian painting. 1890. (Illustrated hand-books 

of art history.) 759 P87 

Brief historical summaries of the rise and progress of the various 
schools of painting, with general criticisms on style. 


RADCLIFFE, Alida Graveraet. 

Schools and masters of painting. 1895 759 R12 

Nearly half the book is given to Italian artists; there is also a sketch 
of early Christian and Byzantine art, and chapters on other schools. 
In the appendix are described the most important pictures of the 
principal galleries. 

ROBERTSON, John Forbes. 

Great painters of Christendom, from Cimabue to Wilkie. .qr759 Rs4 
SHINN, Earl, (pseud. Edward Strahan), & Walton, William, 
com p. 
•^elected pictures from the Art treasures of America. 2v. 

1888 qr759 S55 

STEWART, William H. 

Catalogue de luxe of the modern masterpieces gathered by 
W. H. Stewart, to be disposed of at public sale, Feb. 3d 

and 4th, 1898; comp. by T. E. Kirby. 2v. in r. 1898 qr759 885 

Contains monographs upon artists represented in the collection, v.2 
consists of beautiful photogravures. 

STILLMAN, William James. 

Venus and Apollo in painting and sculpture. 2v. 1897. . .qr759 S857 
v.2 consists of a duplicate set of plates. 

Considers the treatment in art, of the god and goddess of love and 
beauty. Gives a brief biography of each artist with an account and 
photograph of his special work. 

TYNER. George N. 

Illustrated catalogue of the private collection of valuable mod- 
ern paintings belonging to G. N. Tyner, to be disposed of 

at absolute public sale, Feb. i, 1901. 1901 r759 T98 

VAN DYKE. John Charles. 

Text-book of the history of painting. 1894. (College his- 
tories of art.) 759 V18 

"General bibliography," p. 15, also a list of books recommended, at the 

beginning of each chapter. 
Covers the range of European art and that which preceded it, from 

Persian enamel, tile, and Egyptian wall-painting, to the American work 

of to-day. 

VIARDOT, Louis. 

Wonders of European art. 1885. (Wonders of art and archae- 
ology.) 759 V29 

Traces briefly the history of the Spanish, German, Flemish, Dutch and 
French schools of painting. 

VIARDOT, Louis, and others. 

Brief history of the painters of all schools. 1877 q759 V29b 

Useful reference book, as it contains all that any one, except the special 
student, cares to know about the great artists. Enough is said to give 
an idea of the position they occupied in the schools to which they be- 
longed. The introductions and the criticisms of pictures are by the 
well-known French critic, Louis Viardot. 

WILSON, Mrs Lucy Langdon (Williams). 

Picture study in elementary schools. 4v. 1899-1900 759 W76 

V.I. Primary grades; manual for teachers. 
v.2. Pupil's book for primary grades. 
V.3. Grammar grades; manual for teachers. 
V.4. Pupil's book for grammar grades. 
V.I and 3 contain numerous bibliographies. 

WOLTMANN, Alfred, & Wormann, Karl. 

History of painting. 2v. 1894 759 W84 

V.I. Ancient, early Christian and mediaeval. 


v.a. Painting of the renaissance. 

'"A general history of painting, the best at present [1897] accessible in 
English. It has been condensed from the German original; there are 
many illustrations, and the book is certainly useful, however much it 
lacks in picturcsqueness of narrative and originality of insight." 
Russell Sturgis. 

WORNUM, Ralph Nicholson. 

Epochs of painting; a biographical and critical essay on paint- 
ing and painters. 1864 759 W89 

Various schools of painting 

759.1 American school 


Essays on American art and artists, by F. Hopkinson Smith 

and others. 1896 qr7S9i A51 

Fully illustrated. Contains chapters on the National academy of de- 
sign, Pennsylvania academy of fine arts, sketches of Charles Stanley 
Reinhart, the Moran family, Dan Beard, etc. 

CAFFIN. Charles Henry. 

American masters of painting; appreciations of some Ameri- 
can painters. 1902 7S9-I C12 

Contents: Inness. — La Farge. — Whistler. — Sargent. — VVinslow Homer. — 
Abbey. — George Fuller. — H. D. Martin. — George de Forest Brush. — A. 
H. Wyant. — D. W. Tryon. — Horatio Walker. — Gilbert Stuart. 

KING, Pauline. 

American mural painting; a study of the important decorations 

by distinguished artists in the United States. 1902 759-1 K26 

niustrated descriptions of the principal specimens of mural painting at 
the Columbian exposition, in the Boston public library, the Con- 
gressional library, the Api>ellate courts building. New York, and some 
private residences in the United States. 

PRICE, Samuel Woodson. 

Old masters of the Bluegrass. 1902. (Filson club. Publica- 
tions, no.17.) qr759.i P94 

Contents: M. H. Jouett. — Catalogue of the Jouett paintings. — J. H. Bush. 
— John Grimes. — Oliver Frazer. — Louis Morgan. — J. T. Hart. 

RUMMELL. John. & Berlin. Mrs E.M. 

Aims and ideals of representative American painters. 1901. ..759.1 R86 
A brief, but careful and discriminating study of the characteristics of 
the greatest American painters. Special consideration is given to 
Hunt, Whistler, Inness, La Farge, Chase and Homer. Other artists 
are more briefly considered, and the book closes with an estimate of 
America's place in the art world. 

SHELDON, George William. 

American painters, with examples of their work engraved on 

wood. 1879 qr759-i S54 

Recent ideals of American art. 1890 qr7S9.i S54r 

Illustrated with a large number of full-page reproductions of paintings. 

TUCKERMAN, Henry Theodore. 

Book of the artists; American artist life, comprising bio- 
graphical and critical sketches of American artists, pre- 
ceded by an historical account of the rise and progress of 
art in America. 1867 qr759.i T81 


Individual artists 

BOWDOIN, William Goodrich. 

James McNeill Whistler; the man and his work. 1901 . .759.1 W62b 
A short biographical sketch of this American painter and etcher, by a 
warm admirer. It contains some characteristic anecdotes of Whistler, 
and some illustrations of his paintings. 

HASSAM, Childe. 

Three cities; [plates] . 1899 qi759-i H34 

Reproductions of pictures of characteristic scenes in New York, London 
and Paris. 
KNbWLTON, Helen Mary. 

Art-life of William Morris Hunt. 1899 759.1 H94k 

Author was a pupil of the artist and gives a graphic picture of his in- 
teresting life. 
MASON, George Champlin. 

Life and works of Gilbert Stuart. 1894 qr759.i S92m 

List of Stuart's works, p. 123-283. 

"For Americans, Stuart has a peculiar value beyond his artistic merit 
though that is considerable. The book. . .contains ten photographic 
copies of portraits by the artist, besides the two of the 'Gibbs 
Washington' and two portraits of Stuart himself. The text is in- 
teresting biographically and historically." Russell Sturgis. 

PERKINS, Augustus Thorndike. 

Sketch of the life and a list of some of the works of John 

Singleton Copley. 1873 r759.i C79P 

American painter, born 1837; contemporary of Benjamin West. Famous 
for his portraits and historical paintings. This sketch of his life is 
written by a great-grandson. A descriptive list of his pictures to be 
found in America is given, with the name of the owner, also a partial 
list of his pictures in England. 

REID, Robert, of New York. 

In summertime; [plates]. 1900 qr759.i R31 

Reproductions of paintings by the well-known American artist. 


Catalogue of the collection of studies and sketches made for 
his historical paintings, as well as his collection of engrav- 
ings and portraits, to be sold Dec. 17th, 1896. 1896 qr759i T78 

Biographical sketch of Trumbull, p. 5-6. 

WAERN, Cecilia. 

John La Farge, artist and writer. 1896. (Portfolio mono- 
graphs.) qr759i L14W 

WARE, William. 

Lectures on the works and genius of Washington Allston. 

1852 759.1 A44W 

759.2 English school 

ART annuals, v.i-date. 1891-date qr759.2 A78 

V.I. Armstrong, Walter. Briton Riviere, his life and work. — Huish, 
M. B. Birket Foster, his life and work. — Bonheur, Juliette. Rosa 
Bonheur. — Stephens, F. G. J. G. Hook, his life and work. 

V.2. Thomson, D. C. Life and work of Luke Fildes. — Cartwright, J. M. 
Life and work of Sir Edward Burne-Jones. — Farrar, F. W. & Meynell. 
Mrs A. T. William Holman Hunt. — Courtney, W. L. Hubert Her- 
komer, his life and work. 

V.3. Cartwright, J. M. George Frederic Watts, his life and work. — 
Little, J. M. William Quiller Orchardson, his life and work. — Monk- 
house, W. C. Sir Edward John Poynter, his life and work. — Baldry, 
A. L. Marcus Stone. 

V.4. Crane, Walter. Work of Walter Crane. — Meynell, Wilfrid. Life 


and work of Lady Butler. — Day, L. F. William Morris and his 
work. — Gilbert, W. M. Peter Graham. — V'allance, Aymer. Decorative 
art of Sir Edward Burne-Jones. — Carter, A. C. R. Work of the war 
artists in South Africa. 

v.s. MonVhouse, W. C. Life and works of Sir John Tenniel. — Lusk. 
Lewis. Life and work of B. W. Leader. — Lascelles, Helen. Life and 
work of Sir W. B. Richmond. — Rossctti, H. M. ^L Life and work of 
Dante Gabriel Rossetti. 

V.6. Hatton, Joseph. Life and work of Alfred Gilbert. — Sinclair, W. 
M. John MacWhirter, R. .\., his life and work. 

BATE, Percy H. 

English pre-Raphaelite painters; their associates and suc- 
cessors. 1899 q759.2 B31 

The same. 1899 qr759.2 B31 

Epitome of the essential facts of the preraphaelite movement, and the 

work of the founders and followers of the school. Reviews briefly the 

artists who have painted under its inspiration. Illustrated by 91 
photogravures and half-tones. 

BUXTON. Harry John Wilmot. 

English painters; with a chapter on American painters by 
S. R. Koehler. 1883. (Illustrated hand-books of art his- 
tory.) 759-2 B98 

CHESNEAU, Ernest. 

English school of painting, [1730-1882]. 1891 759-2 C42 

"His criticisms of English art have been marked by an insight into 
its significance which is very surprising in a Continental author." 
Russell Sturgis. 
ENGLISH artists of the present day; essays. 1872 qr759.2 E64 

Contents: Millais, George Mason, Thomas Armstrong, George H. 
Boughton, by Sidney Colvin. — Holman Hunt, Landseer, James Clarke 
Hook, by F. G. Stephens. — Sir John Gilbert, by J. B. Atkinson. — J. E. 
Hodgson, G. A. Storey, W. F. Yeames, D. W. Wynfield, by Tom Tay- 
lor. — Thomas Woolner, Henry Hugh Armstead, W. Cave Thomas, by 
J. L. Tupper. 

Short critical essays, illustrated by photographs of some less familiar 
pictures of the artists studied. 

GREAT masters of decorative art. 1900. (Art annuals.) q759.2 G82 

Contents: Sir Edward Burne-Jones, by Aymer Vallance. — William Mor- 
ris, by L. F. Day. — Walter Crane, with notes by himself. 
Being the extra numbers of the "Art journal" for Easter 1898-1900. 

LA SIZERANNE, Robert de. 

English contemporary art. 1898 759-2 L34 

The same r759-2 L34 

Gives a sketch of the preraphaelite movement, studies the work and 
methods of Watts, Holman Hunt, Leighton, Alma-Tadema, Millais, 
Herkomer and Burne-Jones as typical representatives of contemporary 
art, and closes with a general study of the subject. 

MARTIN, David. 

Glasgow school of painting. 1897 qr759-2 M42 

Contents: D. Y. Cameron. — J. E. Christie. — Joseph Crawhall. — T. Millie 
Dow. — David Gauld. — James Guthrie. — J. Whitelaw Hamilton.— George 
Henry. — E. A. Hornel. — William Kennedy. — John Lavery. — W. Y. 
MacGregor. — Harrington Mann. — T. Corsan Morton. — Stuart Park. — 
James Paterson. — George Pirie. — Alexander Roche.^R. Macaulay Ste- 
venson. — Grosvenor Thomas. — E. A. Walton. — Other painters of the 
Glasgow school. 

The young Glasgow artists have come to the front very rapidly in the 
last few years, and now their pictures are to be found in every impor- 
tant exhibition. Nearly half the artists considered in this volume were 
represented in the annual exhibition of the Carnegie institute in 1896. 
To the descriptive and biographical sketches is prefixed an article on 
the Glasgow school by Mr Francis H. Newberry. The book is il- 
lustrated with excellent full-page reproductions of photographs direct 
from the paintings. 


MONKHOUSE, William Cosmo. 

British contemporary artists. 1899 q759-2 M82b 

Contents: Watts. — Millais. — Leighton. — Burne-Jones. — Orchardson.^ — • 
Alma-Tadema. — Poynter. 

The same. 1899 qr759.2 M82b 

Earlier English water-colour painters. 1890 qr759.2 M82 

Popular and non-technical, but analytical and discriminating history 
of the art, beginning with the Sandbys and ending with Cox and Hard- 
ing. Has 14 copperplates and many minor illustrations. 

PENLEY, Aaron. 

English school of painting in water-colours; its theory and 

practice. 1880 qr759.2 P39 

"His object . . . was to place before a student, in the minutest 
detail, the whole course of the Art of Water-Colour Painting, from 
the first simple wash of the sky, to the highly finished picture." 
) Preface. 

REDGRAVE, Gilbert Richard. 

History of water-colour painting in England. 1892. (Il- 
lustrated hand-books of art history.) 759.2 R274 

REDGRAVE, Richard, & Samuel. 

Century of painters of the English school. 1890 759-2 R27 

Second edition illustrated, abridged and continued to 1889. 
"Account of the English painters from the time of Henry VIII to the 
close of the generation which was passing away about 1885. It is 
very readably written in narrative form. Few books of this kind are 
as just and sympathetic as this. It does not give the names of 
those living in 1889." Russell Stiirgis. 

ROGET, John Lewis. 

History of the "Old water-colour" society, now the Royal 
society of painters in water-colours, with biographical 
notices of its members; preceded by an account of English 
water-colour art and artists in the i8th century. 2v. 
1891 q759-2 R618 

The various phases and fortunes of the old society, founded in 1804, 
are amply and carefully treated. In addition to biographical notices 
of members of the society, Mr Roget has gathered from contemporary 
journals and magazines the opinions of the ablest critics of the day 
on noteworthy drawings as they were exhibited. The Varleys, Nattes, 
Gilpin. Barret, F. Glover, J. Cristall, W. Hunt, S. Prout, J. D. 
Harding, J. F. Levins, C. V. Fielding, De Wint, and numerous other 
artists are criticised. 

ROSSETTI, William Michael, ed. 

PrEeraphaelite diaries and letters. 1900 759-2 R74 

Contents: Some early correspondence of Dante Gabriel Rossetti, 1835- 
54.— Madox Brown's diary, etc., 1844-56. — The P. R. B. journal kept by 
W. M. Rossetti, 1849-53. 
RUSKIN, John. 

Art of England. 1893 q759-2 R89 

Contents: Realistic schools of painting: D. G. Rossetti and W. Holman 
Hunt. — Mythic schools of painting: E. Burne-Jones and G. F. Watts. 
— Classic schools of painting: Sir F. Leighton and Alma Tadema. — 
Fairy land: Mrs Allingham and Kate Greenaway. — The fireside: John 
Leech and John Tenniel. — The hill-side: George Robson and Copley 
Lectures delivered at Oxford in 1883 during his second tenure of the 
Slade professorship. 

Pre-Raphaelitism 704 R89J1 

Pamphlet published in 1851, defending the work of Millais and Holman 
Hunt, whose pictures had been bitterly attacked by the critics. Rus- 
kin's intervention proved a turning-point in the fortunes of the pre- 

Bound with his "Political economy of art." 


SCOTT, William Bell. 

Our British landscape painters, from Samuel Scott to David 

Cox qr759-2 S43 

Contents: Samuel Scott.— Richard Wilson. — Thomas Gainsborough.— J. 
P. Loutherbourg.— James Ward.— J. M. W. Turner.— John Constable. — 
Sir A. W. Callcott. — Patrick Nasmyth. — Francis Danby. — Clarkson Stan- 
field. — David Roberts. — J. D. Harding. — Thomas Creswick. — David Cox. 

WEDMORE, Frederick. 

Studies in English art, ist-2d ser. 2v. 1876-80 759-2 W41 

V.I. Gainsborough. — Morland. — Wheatley. — Reynolds. — Stothard. — 
Flaxman. — Girtin. — "Old" Crome. — Cotman. — Turner in "Liber studi- 
orum." — De Wint. — George Mason. — Frederick Walker. 

V.2. Romney. — Constable. — David Fox. — George Cruikshank. — William 
Hunt and Prout. — Meryon. — Burne Jones. — .Mbert Moore. 


STEPHENS, Frederic George, ed. 

Laurence Alma Tadema; a sketch of his life and work. 

1895 qr759.2 A44S 

Fine photogravure reproductions of twenty-two of Alma-Tadema's pic- 
tures are prefaced by a biographical sketch for which the artist himself 
gave many personal details. 

BELL, Malcolm. 

Edward Burne-Jones; a record and review. 1892 qr759.2 B92b 

Full and accurate chronicle, not only of his oil and water-color paint- 
ings, but also of his designs for stained glass and other decorative 
work. The unusually fine illustrations reproduce nearly all his im- 
portant works, including many interesting drawings. 

CARTWRIGHT, Julia Mary, afterward Mrs Ady. 

Life and work of Sir Edward Burne-Jones. 1894. (Art 

annuals.) qr759.2 A78 v.2 

SCHLEINITZ, Otto von. 

Burne-Jones, [in German]. 1901. (Kiinstler-monogra- 

phien.) qr759.2 B92S 

Biographical and critical monog^ph. Illustrated. 


Decorative art of Sir Edward Burne-Jones. 1900. (Art 

annuals.) qr759.2 A78 v.4 


MEYNELL, Wilfrid. 

Life and work of Lady Butler. 1898. (Art annuals.) .. .qr759.2 A78 v.4 
List of Lady Butler's principal pictures, p.32. 

ARNOLD, George Moss Brock-. 

John Constable. (In Arnold, G. M. Brock-. Gains- 
borough, p.77-125.) 759.2 Gi4a 

List of pictures by Constable in public galleries in England, p. 124-125. 
Very short sketch of his life. 


REDGRAVE, Gilbert Richard. 

David Cox and Peter De Wint. 1891. (Illustrated biog- 


raphies of great artists.) ■. . . 759.2 C8sr 

List of drawings and paintings by Cox, p.103-110; list of drawings and 
paintings by De Wint, p. 110-114. 

"Interesting and accurate. . .contains much in the way of clear descrip- 
tion and sound criticism." Acadctny, 1891. 

BINYON, Laurence. 

John Crome and John Sell Cotman. 1897. (Portfolio 

monographs.) qr759.2 CBgb 

» ■•- .' JBiography and critical estimate of the work of these two artists, "the 
glories of the Norwich School," as their biographer calls them, with 
reproductions of many of their pictures. 


STEPHENS, Frederic George. 

Memoir of George Cruikshank, and "An essay on the 
genius of Cruikshank," by Thackeray. 1891. (Illus- 
trated biographies of great artists.) 759-2 C89S 

List of the principal books illustrated by Cruikshank, p. 132-142. 
Short popular handbook. Many reproductions of Cruikshank's etchings 
and engravings. 

THOMSON, David Croal. 

Life and work of Luke Fildes. 1895. (Art annuals.) . . . qr759.2 A78 v. 2 
List of pictures, the principal works of Fildes, p.32. 


HUISH, Marcus Bourne. 

Birket Foster; his life and work. 1890. (Art an- 
nuals.) qr759.2 A78 v.i 

List of books illustrated by Birket Foster, p.29-32. 


ARMSTRONG, Sir Walter. 

Gainsborough and his place in English art. 1898 qr759.2 Gi4ar 

Catalogue of pictures by Gainsborough, p. 189-209. 

Contains 62 photogravures and 10 lithographic facsimiles in colors. 

Thomas Gainsborough. 1894. (Portfolio monographs.) . .qr7S9.2 Gi4a 

"The illustrations are excellent, the biography and criticism brief and 
full of meaning." Russell Sturgis. 

ARNOLD, George Moss Brock-. 

Gainsborough. 1881. (Illustrated biographies of great 

artists.) 759.2 Gi4a 

List of pictures by Gainsborough in public galleries in England, p.123- 

"Gathers together some of the best-known facts and some of the oldest 
opinions." Academy, 188 1. 

BELL, Mrs Nancy R. Elizabeth (Meugens), (pseud. N. d'Anvers). 
Thomas Gainsborough; a record of his life and works. 

1897 qr759:2 Gl4b 

"There is not much at this time of day that can be said of Gains- 
borough which is both true and new; but Mrs. Bell has rewritten his 
life with care and spirit. She balances doubtful issues with discretion, 
and at the same time shows a proper enthusiasm for the subject of 
her memoir. She rightly insists that he was by nature, as we may say, 


a landscape painter, if by grace he was a portraitist." Literature 
(.Eng.), 1897. 
Among the 50 or more illustrations are many characteristic examples 
previously unknown to the public. 

HORNE, Henry Percy, comp. 

Illustrated catalogue of engraved portraits and fancy sub- 
jects painted by Thomas Gainsborough, published be- 
tween 1760 and 1820, and by George Romney, published 
between 1770 and 1830. 1891 q759-2 Gi4h 


BINYON, Laurence. 

Thomas Girtin; his life and works. 1900 qr759.2 G45b 

Girtin (i 775-1802) was an English water-color artist, a member of the 
old English Water-colour society, and the founder of the modern prac- 
tice of painting as distinguished from tinting in water-colors. This 
biography contains some excellent reproductions of his paintings. 


GILBERT, W. Matthews. 

Peter Graham. 1899. (Art annuals.) qr759.2 A78 v.4 

List of the works of Peter Graham, p.32. 

BALDRY, Alfred Lys. 

Hubert von Herkomer; a study and a biography. 1901 . .qr759.2 H47b 

"Chronological list of works," p. 11 5-1 33. 

"Sympathetic popular study of a very versatile modern artist who may 

be reckoned among English artists, though of German birth." 
Many illustrations. 

COURTNEY, William Leonard. 

Hubert Herkomer; his life and work. 1892. (Art an- 
nuals.) qr759.2 A78 v.2 

"Professor Herkomer's principal pictures," p.32. 

PIETSCH, Ludwig. 

Herkomer, [in German]. 1901. (Kiinstler-mono- 

graphien.) qr7S9-2 H47P 


HERRING, John Frederick. 

Descriptive catalogue of the engraved works of J. F. Her- 
ring (1795-1865), with memoir and portrait by J. B. 
Muir. 1893 q759-2 H47 


DOBSON, Austin. 

Hogarth. f879. (Illustrated biographies of great artists.) . .759.2 H68d 

List of engravings by and after Hogarth, p.i 13-120; list of paintings, 


"A most sympathetic and just analysis of the merits of a great painter 
who lived in an inartistic time. Thanks to his engravings he will 
always be better known as a portrayer and satirist of the manners of 
his time than as an artist in the more limited sense. But Mr. Dobson 
his done him justice in both capacities." Russell Sturgis. 

HOGARTH, William. 

Works; from the original plates restored by James Heath, 


with many subjects not before collected. 1822 '. .qr759.2 H68 

Contains a biographical essay on the genius and productions of Ho- 
garth, p.3-11, and explanations of the plates, by John Nichols. 
"Hogarth's graphic representations. . .are indeed books; they have the 
teeming fruitful suggestive meaning of words. Other prints we look 
at, his prints we read." Charles Lamb's Genius of Hogarth. 

IRELAND, John, d.1808, & Nichols, John. 

Hogarth's works, with life and anecdotal descriptions of his 

pictures, ist-3d ser. 3v. 1883 759-2 H68i 

»_■- ■ Hook 

STEPHENS, Frederic George. 

J. C. Hook; his life and work. 1888. (Art annuals.) . .qr7S9.2 A78 v.i 


FARRAR, Frederic William, dean, & Meynell, Mrs A. 
William Holman Hunt; his life and work. 1893. (Art 

annuals.) qr759.2 A78 v. 2 

List of Mr Hunt's chief works, p. 3 1-32. 

WILLIAMSON, George Charles. 

Holman Hunt. 1902. (Bell's miniature series of paint- 
ers.) 759.2 H93W 

List of artist's chief works, p.57-59; Missing pictures, p.61-62; Books 

and articles on Holman Hunt, p. 63-64. 
A brief biography of the artist, followed by description and interpreta- 
tion of his principal paintings. 


HURLL, Estelle May, ed. 

Landseer; a collection of 15 pictures and a portrait of the 
painter, with introduction and interpretation. 1901. (River- 
side art series.) 759-2 L23h 

"Books of reference," p. 10. 

STEPHENS, Frederic George. 

Sir Edwin Landseer. 1883. (Illustrated biographies of 

great artists.) 759-2 L23S 

List of pictures by Landseer, p. 11 3-1 16. 

The same. 1880. (Illustrated biographies of great artists.) . .r7S9.2 L23S 
Short popular biography. 

GOWER, Lord Ronald Charles Sutherland Leveson-. 

Sir Thomas Lawrence. 1900 qr759.2 L42g 

"Catalogue of the exhibited and engraved works of Sir Thomas Law- 
rence; comp. by Algernon Graves," p.99-176. 


LUSK, Lewis. 

Life and work of B. W. Leader. 1901. (Art an- 
nuals.) qr759.2 A78 v. 5 

List of the principal works of Leader, p. 32. 

Hlustrated monograph on the hfe and work of this modern English 


RHYS, Ernest. 

Sir Frederic Leighton. 1895 qr759.2 L56r 

Short account of the artist's work up to 1895, with a brief essay on his 
art by F. G. Stephens. The fine illustrations, over 100 in number, 
give in themselves a good idea of the artist's development. Contains 
a chronological list of exhibited works from 1850-95. 

RICHMOND, Sir William Blake. 

Leighton, Millais and William Morris; a lecture delivered 

to the students of the Royal academy. 1898 759-2 R41 


SINCLAIR, William Macdonald. 

John MacWhirter, R. A.; his life and work. 1903. (Art 

annuals.) qr759.2 A78 v.6 


BALDRY, Alfred Lys. 

Sir John Everett Millais; his art and his influence. 1899. .759.2 M68b 
Chronological list of the paintings of Millais, p. 113-117. 
"Mr. Baldry's well-balanced pages are excellently done, and his esti- 
mate of Millais's art and influence is just in the praise accorded, and 
in the limitations circumscribed." Literature (Eng.), 1899. 
SPIELMANN, Marion Harry. 

Millais and his works; with special reference to the ex- 
hibition at the Royal academy, 1898; with a chapter 
"Thoughts on our art of to-day," by Sir J. E. Millais. 
1898 759.2 M68s 

List of Millais's pictures, p. 166-184. 


BALDRY, Alfred Lys. 

Albert Moore; his life and works. 1894 qr759.2 M87b 

List of Moore's works, p. 1 01-106. 

"Albert Moore was a painter of that class which rather disregards nar- 
rative and anecdote and what may be called literary subjects in paint- 
ings. He cared for color and for design in line. and mass... After 
his death in 1893 this handsome volume was prepared to commemorate 
his work. A great number of very beautiful photographic illustrations 
are included, and the text is of value." Russell Sturgis. 


NETTLESHIP, John Trivett. 

George Morland: and the evolution from him to some later 

painters. 1898 qr759.2 M89n 

English artist (1763-1804), master of genre and animal painting, much 
resembling the best of the Dutch masters. Some of the later painters 
connected by the author with Morland are Bramley, La Thangue and 
Stanhope Forbes. Excellent reproductions of Morland's work. 


STEPHENS, Frederic George. 

Memorials of William Mulready. 1890. (Illustrated biog- 
raphies of great artists.) 759-2 M96S 

Catalogue of the works of Mulready, p.110-116. 

Chief authority (1902) on the life and work of this English genre-painter, 
(1786-1863). Many illustrations. 



ROGERS, John Jope. 

Opie and his works; a catalogue of 760 pictures by Opie, 

preceded by a biographical sketch. 1878 759-2 026r 

"Authorities consulted," p. 10-12. 


ARMSTRONG, Sir Walter. 
.,Att. of William Quiller Orchardson. 1895. (Portfolio 

monographs.) qr759.2 028a 

Many illustrations. 

"Orchardson [1835- ] is a. painter whose work is admired by painters, 
as well as a composer of popular subjects of romantic and sentimental 
character. His genius is unique in each of these departments ... Mr. 
Armstrong is a very competent critic and biographer." Russell 
LITTLE, James Stanley. 

William Quiller Orchardson; his life and work. [1897.] 

(Art annuals.) qr759.2 A78 v.3 

List of Mr Orchardson' s works, p. 3 2. 


MONKHOUSE, William Cosmo. 

Sir Edward John Poynter; his life and work. [1897.] 

(Art annuals.) qr7S9.2 A78 v.3 

List of Sir E. J. Poynter's works, p. 32. 


ARMSTRONG, Sir Walter. 

Sir Henry Raeburn, with an introduction by R. A. M. Steven- 
son, and a biographical and descriptive catalogue by 
J. L. Caw. 1901 qr759.2 Ri3a 

Raeburn (1756-1823) was a Scotch portrait-painter. This biographical 
and critical work is fully and most admirably illustrated. The cata- 
logue of his portraits is provided with biographical and descriptive 

RAEBURN, Sir Henry. 

Sir Henry Raeburn; a selection from his portraits reproduced 
in photogravure, with introduction and notes by W. E. 
Henley. 1890 qr759.2 R13 


ARMSTRONG, Sir Walter. 

Sir Joshua Reynolds, first president of the Royal academy. 

1900 qr759-2 R37a 

"Catalogue of pictures by Reynolds," p. 189-244. 

Large volume, profusely and beautifully illustrated. Interesting and 
discriminating study of his life and work. 
CONWAY, Sir William Martin. 

Artistic development of Reynolds and Gainsborough. 

1886 759.2 R37C 

HURLL, Estelle May, ed. 

Sir Joshua Reynolds; a collection of 15 pictures and a portrait 


of the painter, with introduction and interpretation, igoo. 

(Riverside art series.) 759-2 R37h 

"Books of reference," 

PULLING, Frederick Sanders. 

Sir Joshua Reynolds. 1880. (Illustrated biographies of 

great artists.) 759.2 R37P 

Bibliography, p. 11. 

Chiefly useful for the biographical facts respecting Reynolds and his 
circle. Manv illustrations. 


[LASCELLES, Helen.] 

Life and work of Sir W. B. Richmond. 1902. (Art an- 
nuals.) qr759-2 A78 v.S 

Contains many reproductions of the artist's paintings, also designs for 
stained glass and mosaics. 


ARMSTRONG, Sir Walter. 

Briton Riviere; his life and work. 1891. (.^rt an- 
nuals.) qr759.2 A78 v.I 

List of Mr Riviere's pictures, p. 29-32. 

GOWER, Lord Ronald Charles Sutherland Leveson-. 

Romney and Lawrence. 1882. (Illustrated biographies of 

great artists.) 759-2 R66g 

List of works by Romney, p. 79-93. 
List of works by Lawrence, p.94-122. 

Short, popular biographical and critical sketches. Copious and valuable 
lists of both painters' works. Few illustrations. 

MARILLIER, Harry Currie. 

Dante Gabriel Rossetti ; an illustrated memorial of his art and 

life. 1901 qr7S9.2 R74m 

Chronological list of paintings, drawing's and studies by Rossetti, p. 149- 

"Essentially an account of Rossetti's art. . .concerned with biographical 
details only so far as necessary to connect and illustrate the artistic 
record. In critical soundness, thoroughness, and manner of presenta- 
tion, the work leaves little to be desired. It was readily accepted on 
its first appearance as the authoritative account of Rossetti's art... 
There are twelve finely-executed photogravures ... eighty full-page 
plates in half-tone, and a number of line illustrations in the text." 
Dial, 1 90 1. 
"In this abridged edition...! have preserved. . .the general aim of the 
book... What has been sacrificed consists mainly of passages relating 
to particular works, which would be of more interest to students and 
connoisseurs than to general readers." Preface. 
ROSSETTI, Helen M. Madox. 

Life and work of Dante Gabriel Rossetti. 1902. (Art 

annuals.) qr759.2 A78 v.5 

STEPHENS, Frederic George. 

Dante Gabriel Rossetti. 1896. (Portfolio monographs.) . .qr759.2 R74S 

Treatise on Rossetti as artist and poet. The numerous illustrations 
present typical examples of his different styles of painting and 
drawing and show very successfully his qualities as a painter. 


WOOD, Esther. 

Dante Rossetti and the pre-Raphaelite movement. 1894. .759.2 R744W 
"An account of pre-Raphaelitism, 'more as an ethical than an aesthetic 
revolution,' as the preface states. There are eight photographic illustra- 
tions on a small scale, but important." Russell Sttirgis. 

BALDRY, Alfred Lys. 

Marcus Stone. [1897.] (Art annuals.) qr759.2 A78 v. 3 

List of Mr Stone's works, p. 32. 

•" Turner 

MONKHOUSE, William Cosmo. . 

Turner. 1879. (Illustrated biographies of great artists.) . . .759.2 T86m 

Clear concise narrative, biographical rather than critical. Many illustra- 

TURNER. Joseph Mallord William. 

Turner gallery; a series of 60 engravings from the princi- 
pal works of Turner, with text by R. N. Wornum qr759.2 T86 

"Turner, a biographical sketch," by R. N. Womum, p.1-23. 

BATEMAN, Charles T. 

G. F. Watts. 1901. (Bell's miniature series of painters.) .. .759.2 W33b 

List of the artist's chief works, P.41-S9. 

CARTWRIGHT, Julia Mary, afierzvard Mrs Ady. 

George Frederic Watts; his life and work. [1897.] (Art 

annuals.) qr759.2 A78 v. 3 

GOWER, Lord Ronald Charles Sutherland Leveson-. 

Sir David Wilkie. 1902. (Great masters in painting and 

sculpture.) 759-2 W72g 

Catalogue of the works of Wilkie, p. 101-128. 
MOLLETT, John William. 

Sir David Wilkie. 1881. (Illustrated biographies of great 

artists.) 759-2 W72m 

List of works by Wilkie, p. 106. 

Useful for its fair appreciation of Wilkie and his contemporaries, and 
the contemporary press criticism of Wilkie's pictures. 

WILKIE gallery; a selection of the best pictures of Sir 
David Wilkie, including his Spani.=h and oriental sketches; 
with notices biographical and critical qr759.2 W72 

759.3 German school 

ATKINSON, Joseph Beavington. 

Schools of modern art in Germany. 1880 Qr759-3 A87 

General sketch of the phases of German art during the 19th century. 
GORLING, Adolph, and others. 

Art treasures of Germany; a collection of the most impor- 
tant pictures of the galleries; with portraits of the most 
celebrated masters, and explanatory and biographical 
notices. [1873.] qr759.3 G67 


LA MAZELIfiRE, Antoine Rous, marquis de. 

La peinture allemande au XIXe siecle. 1900 qr759.3 L17 

Short general sketch of the development of German art in the i8th 
century is followed by appreciative and discriminating studies of 
schools and painters of the 19th century. Many full-page illustrations. 

PIETSCH, Ludwig. 

Contemporary German art at the centenary festival of the 

Royal academy of arts, Berlin. 2v. in i. 1888 qr7S9-3 PS7c 

"The Centenary Exhibition of the Berlin Koyal Academy of Arts, held 
in 1886, was signalized by a collection of representative works of 
German artists, of unequalled extent and interest. In further com- 
memoration of the occasion Herr Franz Hanfstaengl undertook the 
present series of., .reproductions in photogravure of the most impor- 
tant paintings in this Exhibition accompanied by descriptive text and 
sketches of the artists, by Ludwig Pietsch." Preface. 

SCOTT, William Bell. 

Little masters [of Germany]. 1880. (Illustrated biog- 
raphies of great artists.) 759-3 S43 

Contents: Diirer. — Altdorfer. — Hans Beham. — Barthel Beham. — Aldegre- 

ver. — Pencz. — Binck. — Brosamer. 
"The 'Little Masters' are so called partly because of the very small scale 
on which they worked, producing little prints two or three inches 
in either dimension. . .Beham is the author of that astonishing print, 
the portrait of Emperor Charles V., probably the finest line engrav- 
ing in the world." Russell Sturgis. 

' Altdorfer 

MOORE, T. Sturge. 

Altdorfer. 1900. (Artist's library.) 759-3 A46m 

Albrecht Altdorfer (1480-1538) was architect, painter and engraver. 
This short biographical and critical sketcli is fully illustrated. 


KAEMMERER, Ludwig van. 

Chodowiecki, [in German]. 1897. (Kiinstler-monogra- 

phien.) qr759-3 C44k 

Chodowiecki (1726-1801) was most famous as an illustrator and en- 
graver representing the events of ordinary life, observed with great 
acuteness and depicted with great skill. This is a popular account 
of his work with many illustrations. 



Defregger, [in German]. 1897. (Kiinstler-monogra- 

phien.) qr759-3 D37r 

"Litteratur," p. 106. 

Defregger (1835- ), the son of a peasant, devotes himself to painting 
Tyrolese peasant life. Many illustrations. 


CUST, Lionel. 

Albrecht Durer; a study of his life and work. 2v. in i. 

1897 q759-3 D94C 

Contents: The engravings. — The paintings and drawings. 
Bibliography, v.i, p.4. 

Consists of two "Portfolio monographs" bound together, with a new 

Paintings and drawings of Albrecht Diirer. 1897. (Portfolio 

monographs.) qr759-3 D94c 



HEATH, Richard Ford. 

Albrecht Diirer. 1881. (Illustrated biographies of great 

artists.) 759.3 Dg4h 

List of principal works of Durer, p. 103-110. 
Condensed popular account. 

KNACKFUSS, Hermann. 

Diirer, [in German]. 1897. (Kiinstler-monographien.) . .qr759.3 D94k 
Diirer; tr. by Campbell Dodgson. 1900. (Monographs 

on artists.) q759-3 D94k 

Careful, thorough and somewhat detailed study. Many illustrations. 



E. von Gebhardt, [in German]. 1899. (Kiinstler-mono- 
graphien.) qr7S9.3 G26r 

Modern German painter (1838- ) of biblical subjects and of scenes from 
the time of the reformation. Illustrated. 

OSTINI, Fritz, baron von. 

Griitzner, [in German]. 1902. (Kiinstler-mono- 
graphien.) qr7S9-3 G940 

Illustrated monograph on the life and work of this modern German 


CUNDALL, Joseph. 

Hans Holbein; from "Holbein und seine zeit" by Alfred 
Woltmann. 1879. (Illustrated biographies of great 

artists.) 759-3 H69C 

List of Holbein's paintings and drawings chronologically arranged, 

"Instructive little book on the life of a great artist who lived in ex- 
citing times, with judicious comments on his work." Russell Sturgis. 

HERVEY, Mary F.S. 

Holbein's "Ambassadors," the picture and the men; an his- 
torical study. 1900 q7S9-3 H69h 

Contents: The history of the picture.— Jean de Dinteville. — George de 
Selve. — The details of the picture. 

KNACKFUSS, Hermann. 

Holbein. 1899. (Monographs on artists.) q759-3 Hdgk 

Author is (1899) professor at the Royal academy of arts in Cassel. His 
book, both interesting and scientifically thorough, is fully illus- 
trated with reproductions of Holbein's most famous work. 
Holbein der jiingere, [in German]. 1897. (Kiinstler- 
monographien.) qr759.3 H69k 



Friedrich August von Kaulbach, [in German]. 1900. 

(Kiinstler-monographien.) qr759.3 Ki4r 

"Litteratur," p. 112. 

Von Kaulbach (1850- ) belongs to the modern Munich group of artists 
who are skilful imitators of the manner of various old and modern 
masters. Fully illustrated. 




Klinger, [in German]. 1899. (Kunstler-mono- 

graphien.) qr759-3 K32S 

Klinger (1857- ) is representative of the modern German school of 
symbolists. A sculptor of ability, and successful in oil and water- 
color, he is more generally known by his etchings, many of which 
are here reproduced. 


PIETSCH, Ludwig. 

Knaus, [in German]. 1896. (Kiinstler-monographien.) . .qr759.3 K33P 

Khaus (1829- ) is best known outside of Germany by his charming pic- 
tures of child-life which in reproductions have a widespread popularity. 
Many illustrations. 



Koner, [in German]. 1901. (Kiinstler-monographien.) . .qr7S9.3 K37J 
Brief illustrated biography of this German portrait-painter. 


GRONAU, Georg. 

Leibl, [in German]. 1901. (Kiinstler-monographien.) . .qr759.3 LS5g 
Biographical and critical sketch of the German portrait and genre paint- 
er. Fully illustrated. 



Lenbach, [in German]. 1898. (Kiinstler-monogra- 
phien.) qr759-3 L59r 

"Litteratur," p. 122. 

Famous German portrait-painter (1836-1904). Many reproductions of 
his work. 



Liebermann, [in German]. 1900. (Kiinstler-mono- 
graphien.) qr759-3 L69r 

Critical study of Max Liebermann, the German realistic painter, born 
in 1849. 


KNACKFUSS, Hermann. 

Menzel, [in German]. 1898. (Kiinstler-monogra- 
phien.) qr759.3 M62k 

Many reproductions of the paintings, sketches and engravings of this 
great German painter of the 19th century. 

ATKINSON, Joseph Beavington. 

Overbeck. 1882. (Illustrated biographies of great 

artists.) 759.3 033a 

Sketch of the character and art of the leader (i 789-1 869) of the 
modern religious movement in German art, fuller and more complete 
than many of the biographies of this series. 




Prell, [in German]. 1901. (Kiinstler-monographien.) • -qrJSQ-S Pqii" 

"Litteratur," p. ii6. 

Hermann Prell (1854- ), painter of historical and allegorical frescos 
for the decoration of public buildings. Many illustrations. 



Rethel, [in German]. 1898. (Kiinstler-monographien.) . .qr759.3 R35S 

Alfred Rethel (1816-59) was a painter of marked strength and ability 
after the manner of Diirer. In this biography, in which much use 
is made of Rethel's numerous letters, the author draws a careful 
character sketch and tries to correct some popular misapprehensions 
concerning his sufferings and his fate. Fully illustrated. 

Richter ' . 

MOHN, D. Paul. 

Ludwig Richter, [in German]. 1897. (Kiinstler-monogra- 
phien.) qr759-3 R42m 

Painter, engraver and illustrator (1803-84), especially noted for his 
pictures of German every-day life. Many illustrations. 


HAACK, Friedrich. 

M. von Schwind, [in German]. 1898. (Kiinstler-mono- 
graphien.) qr7S9-3 S41 h 

"Litteratur," p. 142. 

Von Schwind (1804-71) is best known by his frescos, the subjects taken 

from German poetry, legends and fairy tales. Many illustrations. 
"Schwind remains a personality by himself — the last of the Romanti- 
cists and one of the most amiable manifestations in German art." 
Muther's History of modern painting. 


BIERBAUM, Otto Julius. 

Stuck, [in German]. 1899. (Kiinstler-monographien.) . .qr7S9. 3 S93b 

Study of the work of this leader among the most modern German artists. 
Many illustrations. 

OSTINI, Fritz, baron von. 

Thoma, [in German]. 1900. (Kiinstler-monogra- 
phien.) qr759-3 T370 

Thoma (1839- ) is a painter of landscape, mythological and religious 
subjects and also an illustrator. Many illustrations. 



Vautier, [in German]. 1897. (Kiinstler-monogra- 
phien.) qr759-3 V23r 

Vautier (1829- ), one of the leading German genre-painters from 
i860 to 1880. Many illustrations. 



SPAHN, Martin. 

Philipp Veit, [in German]. 1901. (Kunstler-monogra- 

phien.) qr759-3 V24S 

Veit (1793-1877) was a painter of frescos with religious subjects. 



A. von Werner, [in German]. 1895. (Kiinstler-monogra- 

phien.) qr759-3 W53r 

Von Werner (1843- ), illustrator and painter of portraits and historical 
pictures. Many illustrations. 

759.4 French school 

BACON. Henry. 

Parisian art and artists. 1883 759-4 B13 

".\ccount of the artist-life of Paris, which is the great centre of art 
study in Europe, and, with this, notices of the painters, French and 
other, whom the author has thought most interesting as subjects of 
discussion. Calculated to give a really intelligent sense of the gen- 
eral character of modern art, especially painting, as it is found in 
Paris." Russell Sttirgis. 

BERGER, Georges. 

L'ecole frangaise de peinture, depuis ses origines jusqu'a la 

fin du regne de Louis XIV. 1879 759-4 B45 

Contains two chapters on Nicolas Poussin. 

Lectures delivered at the ficole des beaux-arts. Short historical and 
critical survey, giving names, dates, chief works and characteristics. 
No illustrations. 

BIGOT, Charles. 

Peintres franqais contemporains. 1888 759-4 B48 

Contents: Eugene Delacroix. — Corot. — Eugene Fromentin. — Henri Reg- 
nault. — Isidore Pils. — ^Jules Bastien-Lepage. — Meissonier. — Paul Bau- 
dry. — Frangois Millet. 
Critical articles originally published in the "Revue bleue." No illustra- 

BLANC, Charles. 

l^es peintres des fetes galantes. 1854. (Bibliotheque des 

beaux-arts.) 759.4 B53 

Contents: Watteau. — Lancret.— Pater. — Boucher. 

Short sketches taken from the author's "Histoire des peintres." Not 

BRICON. fetienne. 

Psychologie d'art ; les maitres de la fin du ige siecle. 1900. . .759.4 B74 
Contents: Puvis de Chavannes. — M. Roll. — M. Henner. — M. Falguiere et 
M. Carolus-Duran. — M. Fremiet. — M. Besnard et M. Carriere. — M. Hel- 
leu. — Les impressionnistes. — Les autres. 
"Hardly a book of art criticism at all; it is an analysis of the emotions 
which the work of certain painters and sculptors can evoke in a 
sensitive nature, watchful of itself and of what it can find to respond 
to it in art." Saturday revie^v, 1901. 

BURTY, Philippe. 

Maitres et petits maitres. 1877 759-4 B95 

Contents: L'enseignement du dessin. — L'atelier de Madame O'Connell. — 
J. P. M. Soumy.— Eugene Delacroix au Maroc— Les etudes peintes de 
Th. Rousseau.— Le lithographe Eugene Le Roux.— Camille Flers.— Les 
portraits de Charles Meryon.— Theodore Rousseau.— Adrien Dauzats.— 
Paul Huet.—Sainte-Beuve.—Gavami.— Jules de Goncourt.— Millet.— Les 


dessins de Victor Hugo. — Les eaux-fortes de Jules de Goncourt. — 
N. Diaz. — Les salons de Diderot. 

CHESNEAU, Ernest. 

Peintres et statuaires romantiques. 1880 759-4 C42P 

Contents: Paul Huet. — Les petits romantiques. — Louis Boulanger. — 
Auguste Preault. — Jules Klagmann. — Constant Dutilleux. — Eugene 
Delacroix. — Ingres. — Theodore Rousseau. — Corot. — Octave Tassaert. — 

La peinture frangaise au XIXe siecle; les chefs d'ecole. 

1883 .759-4 C42 

^_-. ■ Contents: David. — Gros. — Gericault. — Decamps. — Ingres. — Delacroix. 
Critical studies with no illustrations. 

CLfiMENT, Charles. 

fitudes sur les beaux-arts eii France. 1865 759-4 C56 

Contents: Nicolas Poussin. — Decamps. — Eugene Delacroix. — Hippolyte 
Flandrin. — Gleyre. — Meissonier. — De la peinture murale. — L' Academic 
des beaux-arts et le decret du 13 novembre. — Les paysagistes frangais 

DILKE, Emilia Francis (Strong), lady. 

French painters of the i8th century. 1899 qr759.4 D58 

Valuable biographical and critical estimate, the result of much study 
and personal investigation. The artists are grouped together under 
decorative painters, painters of "fetes galantes," portrait-painters, 
painters of landscapes and of familiar scenes. 

DURET, Theodore. 

Les peintres franqais en 1867. 1867 759-4 D94 

Contents: Ingres. — Les naturalistes. — Les peintres de genre. — Courbet. — 

Manet. — L'art bourgeois. — L'art officiel. — Conclusion. 
JJrief criticism. No illustrations. 

GIGOUX, Jean. 

Causeries sur les artistes de mon temps. 1885 759-4 G38 

"Corot, Troyon, Fromentin, Jules Jacquemart, Bosio, Ingres, Courbet, 
Pradier, Gavarni, Daumier, etc., — ^all the famous names of the century 
come under M. Gigoux's notice in the course of his chatty volume, 
and he always has some new anecdote to give of the famous men and 
immortal artists who were all more or less his friends and comrades." 
Atlantic monthly, 1885. 

GONCOURT, Edmond Louis Antoine Huot de, & Jules Al- 
fred Huot de. 

L'art du i8me siecle, ire-3me ser. 3v. 1895-1900 759-4 G61 

v. I. Watteau. — Chardin. — Boucher. — La Tour. 
v.2. Greuze. — Les Saint-Aubin. — Gravelot.- — Cochin, 
v. 3. Eisen. — Moreau. — Debucourt. — Fragonard. — Prudhon. 
"The two brothers De Goncourt were collectors of the fine and decor- 
ative art of the XVIII century, and they were also the autliors of semi- 
historical works devoted to that period. They had a very accurate and 
close sense of the value of that art and their writing upon it has 
critical value. . .Confined to the study of a dozen of the more cele- 
brated painters and draughtsmen of the time." Russell Sttirgis. 

GOSSELIN, Theodore. 

Histoire anecdotique des salons de peinture depuis 1673. 

1881 759.4 G69 

Short account of the exhibitions of the Paris salon down to 1855. No 

HALLE, Victor d'. 

Histoire de la peinture en France. 1886. (Collection his- 

torique universelle.) 759-4 H17 

Condensed account giving the principal artists and brief descriptions of 
their best works. Mentions a few artists later than 1870, with brief 
characterization of their style. No illustrations. 


HAMERTON, Philip Gilbert. 

Contemporary French painters. 1895 759-4 HiQc 

Brief discriminating and appreciative criticism, particularly of the 
modern classicists from Ingres to 1868. 
Painting in France after the decline of classicism. 1895 759-4 H19 

Brief criticism of the modern realists up to 1868. 

Present state of the fine arts in France. 1892 qr759.4 H19 

Includes painting, sculpture, architecture and engraving. Illustrated. 

"Slight and popular account of the important subject. . .but Mr. Hamer- 
ton is better informed upon the subject than almost any other writer 
in English and his lightest dicta are to be accepted as accurate in the 
essence." Russell Sturgis. 

HEAD, Sir Edmund Walker. 

Hand-book of the history of the Spanish and French schools 

of painting. 1848 r759.4 H38 

Bibliography, p. 11-14. 

Sequel to Kugler's hand-books of the Italian, German and Dutch 
schools of painting. 

JOUIN, Henry. 

Maitres contemporains. 1887 759-4 .T46 

Contents: Eugene Fromentin. — Corot. — Henri Regnault. — Paul Huet. — 
Leon Cogniet. — Henri Lehmann. — La princesse de Beauvau. — Charles 
Timbal. — Francois Jouffroy. — Perraud. — Frederic van de Kerkhove. — 
Joseph de Nittis.- — Richard Doyle. — Octave Tassaert. — Cham. — Gustave 
Dore. — Paul Baudry. 
Informal essays, some of them founded on personal acquaintance with 
the artists. No ilhistrations. 

LABORDE, Leon Emmanuel Simon Joseph, comte de. 

La renaissance des arts a la cour de France; etudes sur le 

i6me siecle. 2v. 1850-55 759-4 Lii 

"The very singular change in the spirit of art in France in the reigns of 
Charles Ylll and Louis XII, and the culmination of the change un- 
der Francis I is worthy of close attention, and even the seemingly un- 
important facts cited in parts of these volumes have their value as en- 
abling the reader to grasp the true order and significance of events. 
To those who like to approach the study of art from the historical and 
analytical side, these volumes are extremely valuable." Russell Sturgis. 

LA FORGE, Anatole de. 

La peinture contemporaine en France. 1856 759-4 L14 

Contents: Ingres. — Delacroix. — Decamps. — Rousseau. — Ary Scheffer. — 
Horace Vernet. — Delaroche. — Meissonnier. — Troyon. — Ernest Hebert. 
— Courbet. — Diaz. — Leon Cogniet. — Rosa Itenheur. 

Comparative estimate and appreciation. Author writes from the stand- 
point of a man in active public and political life, and not that of the 
professional art critic or art student. No illustrations. 

LECLERCQ, fimile. 

Caracteres de I'ecole franqaise moderne de peinture. 1881 . . . .759.4 L49 
Contents: Periode classique. — Ingres et son ecole. — Leopold Robert, Ary 
Scheffer.— Paul Delaroche et son influence.— Les peintres militaires.— 
Les coloristes romantiques et leurs successeurs. — L'actualite. — Les 
petits maitres. — Le paysage. — Les animaux. — La marine. — La "nature 
morte." — Les peintres sans couleur. — Le sensualisme. — L'esprit et le 
sentiment dans les scenes et dans les physionomies. — L'enseignement 
et la tradition. — Les expositions. 

MANTZ, Paul. 

La peinture franqaise du IXe siecle a la fin du XVIe. 1897. 

(Bibliotheque de l'enseignement des beaux-arts.) 759-4 M34 

"Relatively short and concise record, at once learned and interesting." 

Magazine of art, 1898. 
Many illustrations. 


L'ecole frangaise de peinture (1789-1830). 1886 759.4 M39 

Contents: Notice historique et critique. — Les paysagistes et peintres 


animaliers. — Les peintres de genre. — Les peintres d'histoire. — Les por- 
traitistes. — Conseils pratiques aux amateurs. 

MfiNARD, Rene. 

French artists of the present day. 1876 qr759.4 M61 

Contents: Jules Breton. — Pierre Billet. — Bouguereau. — Hebert. — Bonnat. 
— Gerome. — Rosa Bonheur. — Alphonse Legros. — Charles Jacque. — Co- 
rot. — Veyrassat. — Gustave Boulanger. 
Short biographical and descriptive sketches. Illustrated. 

MERSON. Olivier. 

Exposition de 1861 ; la peinture en France. 1861 7594 M63 

. Contents: L'ecole de Rome. — Les commandes officielles et la peinture 
* militaire. — L'art chretien. — Les portraits. — Le grand art et les grands 
tableaux. — Les neo-grecs et les realistes. — La peinture de genre. — Les 
paysagistes et les peintres d'animaux. — La peinture de marine. — Con- 
Description and criticism of the more remarkable pictures. Author is 
a distinguished art critic. No illustrations. 

MOLLETT, John William. 

Painters of Barbizon. 2v. 1890. (Illustrated biographies 

of great artists.) 759-4 M79 

v.i. Millet. — Rousseau. — Diaz. 

V.2. Corot.— Daubigny. — Dupre. 

General bibliography, with lists of the works of each painter at the 

end of each volume. 
Brief accounts based largely on contemporary magazine and newspaper 

articles. Many illustrations. 


Les artistes modernes. 4v. 1881-84 qr759-4 M87 

V.I. Les peintres de genre. 

V.2. Les peintres militaires et les peintres de nu. 
V.3. Les peintres d'histoire, paysagistes, portraitistes et sculpteurs. 
V.4. Peintres divers. 
Short critical notices with illustrations. 

STRANAHAN, Mrs Clara (Harrison). 

History of French painting. 1888 759.4 S89 

List of authorities on French painting, p.n-i6. 

"As the French schools of painting have been for a century and a half 
the most important body of graphic art in Europe, steadily growing 
in an orderly sequence, this book, which relates to the external his- 
tory of this growth and appreciates and qualifies it very justly, is 
important to all students. There are errors, but the work is sur- . 
prisingly accurate in the main, and is full in detail. It includes a 
careful history of the French government's influence and control of 
the Fine Arts." Russell Sturgts. 

THOMSON, David Croal. 

Barbizon school of painters; Corot, Rousseau, Diaz, Millet, 

Daubigny, etc. 1890 qr7594 T37 

Chiefly valuable for its illustrations. 

VAN DYKE, John Charles, ed. 

Modern French masters; biographical and critical reviews by 

American artists. 1896 q759-4 V18 

Contents: Couture, by G. P. A. Healy. — Puvis de Chavannes, by Ken- 
yon Cox. — Chrome, by W. H. Low. — Bonnat, by E. H. Blashfield. — 
Baudry, by Kenyon Cox. — Carolus-Duran, by J. C. Beckwith. — 
Laurens, by E. H. Blashfield. — Meissonier, by H. VV. VVatrous. — 
Corot, by Theodore Robinson. — Rousseau, by W. A. Coffin. — Diaz, 
by Arthur Iloeber. — Troyon, by VV. H. Howe. — Daubigny, by D. 
W. Tryon. — Monet, by Theodore Robinson. — Millet, by Wyatt Eaton. 
— Courbet, by Samuel Isham. — Manet, by J. C. Beckwith. — Bastien- 
Lepage, by J. A. Weir. — Dagnan-Bouveret, by W. A. Coffin. — Boutet 
de Monvel, by W. H. Low. 

The same. 1896 qr759.4 V18 

"As all the articles in this book are by practicing painters writing about 
other painters whose works they intimately know, the reader has one 


of the best opportunities possible to see for himself what professional 
art criticism is." Russell Sturgis. 

VIARDOT, Louis, and others. 

Masterpieces of French art illustrated; a biographical his- 
tory of art in France to the salon of 1882; ed. by W. A. 

Armstrong. 2v. 1883 qi'759.4 V2Q 

WOLFF, Albert. 

La capitale de I'art, Paris. 1886 759-4 W83 

Contents: Gericault. — Corot. — Millet. — Dupre. — Delacroix. — Diaz. — Rous- 
seau. — Fromentin. — Daubigny. — ^Troyon. — Meissonier. — Decamps. — 
Thomas Couture. — Manet. — Dore. — Bastien Lepage. — Fran<;ois Rude. — 
Carolus Duran. — Alphonse de Neuville. — Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux. — 
Paul Baudry. — Louis-Gustave Ricard. — Hans Mackart. 


CARTWRIGHT, Julia Mary, afterzuard Mrs Ady. 

Jules Bastien-Lepage. 1894. (Portfolio monographs.) . .qr759.4 B29C 

Short sketch with excellent illustrations. 

THEURIET, Andre, and others. 

Jules Bastien-Lepage and his art, a memoir, by Andre 
Theuriet; Jules Bastien-Lepage as artist, by George 
Clausen; Modern realism in painting, by Walter Sick- 
ert; and A study of Marie Bashkirtseff, by Mathilde 
Blind. 1897 qr759.4 B29t 

BONHEUR, Juliette, afterward Mme Peyrol. 

Rosa Bonheur; her life and work; tr. by J. F. Brown. 1889. 

(Art annuals.) qr759.2 A78 v.i 


MANTZ, Paul. 

Frangois Boucher, Lemoyne et Natoire, [in French]. 

[1880.] qr759-4 M34 

"Boucher is the best known of the painters of the reign of Louis XV. 
His pictures form an important part of the rich decoration of the inte- 
riors which we now call 'rococo' and 'Pompadour'. . .The illustrations 
of this volume are very numerous, mostly etchings after the artist's 
paintings, though a few are his original work. Lemoyne and Natoire 
are less known artists of the same period. By far the greater part of 
this volume and nearly all the illustrations are devoted to Boucher." 
Russell Sturgis. 

Claude Lrorrain 
DILKE, Emilia Francis (Strong), lady. 

Claude Lorrain; sa vie et ses oeuvres, d'apres des docu- 
ments inedits. 1884. (Bibliotheque internationale de 
I'art.) qr7S9-4 C54<1 

Descriptive catalogue of works, p. 207-304. 

"Chiefly valuable for the great amount of information it contains and 

the chronological and other tables which are added to it." Russell 


DULLEA, Owen J. 

Claude Gellee, le Lorrain. 1887. (Illustrated biographies 


of great artists.) 759.4 C54d 

Lists of pictures and etchings by Claude Lorrain, with bibliography, 

p. 100-140. 
Brief, but fairly complete, popular account, containing the results of 
tne most recent {lasy) investigation, compiled from the best author- 
ities, with original criticisms of his work. 

GRAHAM E, George. 

Claude Lorrain, painter and etcher. 1895. (Portfolio 

monographs.) qr7S9-4 C54g 

Bibliography, p.86. 

"Valuable chiefly for illustrations of great beauty." Russell Sturgis. 

THOMSON, David Croal. 

Corot. 1892. (Barbizon school of painters.) qr759.4 C82t 

"Chiefly valuable for its illustrations. Corel's work when given without 
' color, is of course, representative of only a part of his peculiar 
genius. Photographs from his paintings are, however, valuable, much 
as his own etchings are." Russell Sturgis. 

DIDOT, Ambroise Firmin. 

£tude sur Jean Cousin, suivie de notices sur Jean Leclerc et 

Pierre Woeiriot. 1872 759-4 C84d 

Complete and interesting study of Cousin (about 1500-89). He is best 
known by his designs for woodcuts, many of which were engraved by 
Leclerc (1573-1627). Woeiriot was another distinguished French en- 
graver of the 1 6th century. 


HENRIET, Frederic. 

C. Daubigny et son oeuvre grave. 1875 qr759.4 D28h 

Contents: Daubigny, le peintre. — Daubigny, le graveur. — Catalogue des 
pieces gravees a I'eau-forte par Daubigny. — Catalogue des cliches-glaces. 
— Liste des ouvrages exposes par Daubigny aux salons officiels. — Essai 
bibliographique. — Note sur I'oeuvre de Louis Trimolet. 



Essai sur J. L. David, peintre d'histoire. 1827 759-4 D29C 

"Liste des ouvrages de David," p.51-59. 

DELfiCLUZE, fitienne Jean. 

Louis David; son ecole et son temps. 1855 759-4 D29d 

Delecluze was himself an artist, a pupil of David's, an art critic of 
great ability, and a clear, simple and dignified writer. 

MOREAU, Adolphe. 

■ Decamps et son oeuvre. 1869 r759.4 D35m 

Decamps (1803-60) was a French artist, especially famous for his scenes 
of oriental life. Book is a classified and descriptive catalogue of his 
works, giving buyers and prices paid. 

HAVARD, Henry. 

L'oeuvre de P. V. Galland. 1895 Qb759-4 Gi4h 

"Galland was a decorative artist of very high rank; a man who knew 
how to combine painting and the other fine arts in the decoration of 


a large or small apartment or a series of rooms or halls, and who 
made this his principal study, while at the same time he was a modeller 
and a painter of easel-pictures of merit." Russell Sturgis. 


LENORMANT, Charles. 

Fran(jois Gerard, peintre d'histoire; essai de biographie et 

de critique. 1847 7594 G31I 

"Liste des principaux ouvrages de Gerard," p.179-188. 


GfiROME, Jean Leon. 

Collection of the works of Gerome, ed. by Edward Stra- 

han; [photogravures] qr759.4 G32 

Text wanting. 

100 full-page photogravures of some of Gerome's most famous paintings, 
such as "Cleopatra before Caesar," "Rembrandt etching," "Circus 
Maximus," "Death of Csesar." 


MERSON, Olivier. 

Ingres; sa vie et ses oeuvres 759-4 124m 

"Catalogue des oeuvres du maitre, par Emile Bellier de la Chavignerie," 

GRfiARD, Vallery Clement Octave. 

Meissonier; his life and his art, with extracts from his note- 
books, and his opinions and impressions on art. 
1897 • qr759-4 M57g 

Catalogue of Meissonier's works, p.363-395. 

Full biographical and critical study, but the most important feature of 
the work is the number and excellence of the illustrations. 

MOLLETT, John William. 

Meissonier. 1882. (Illustrated biographies of great 

artists.) 759-4 M64m 

"Paintings and illustrations by Meissonier," p.74-75. 

Brief sketch, giving many extracts from contemporary criticisms. 


GENSEL, Walther. 

Millet und Rousseau. 1902. (Kiinstler-monographien.) . .qr759.4 M69g 
Fully illustrated popular study, largely founded on Sensier's biographies. 

HURLL, Estelle May, ed. 

Jean Franqois Millet; 15 pictures and a portrait of the 
painter, with introduction and interpretation. 1900. 

(Riverside art series.) 759-4 M69h 

"Books of reference," p.ii-i3. 
NAEGELY, Henry. 

J. F. Millet and rustic art. 1898 759-4 M6gn 

Author has made a sympathetic study of Millet, but the chief value of 
the book lies in the personal recollections, and in the new material, 
including some interesting family letters, furnished by the painter's 
son and other relatives. 
YRIARTE, Charles fimile. 

J. F. Millet, [in French]. 1885 qr7S9.4 M69y 

Illustrated by reproductions of Millet's drawings and of drawings by 
other artists from Millet's paintings. 



DENIO, Elizabeth Harriet. 

Nicolas Poussin; his life and work. 1899 759-4 P86d 

Bibliography, p. 217-219. 

Thorough biographical and critical study. Illustrated. 

Puvis de Chavannes 
ROOD, l^ily Lewis. 

Pierre Puvis de Chavannes; a sketch. 1895 r7594 P99r 

, _r. ■ Slight sketch of personal impressions. Few illustrations. 

TISSOT, James Joseph Jacques. 

Life of our Saviour Jesus Christ; 365 compositions from 
the four Gospels, with notes and explanatory drawings. 

2v. 1897-98 qr7S9-4 T52 

"The 365 designs would in any circumstances be an amazing collection; 
but enriched as they are with an infinite multitude of details of cus- 
toms, costumes, architecture, &c., reproducing the characteristics of 
hiastern landscape and atmosphere, all studies on the spot from nature, 
and marked by rigid topographical accuracy, they are but faintly praised 
when we speak of them in the highest terms... As works of art they 
deserve not less admiration for vigour, variety, and originality, as 
well as on account of the designer's genius. . .The letterpress contains 
the Gospels in I^tin and English, [and] a numerous body of illustra- 
tive and historical notes by M. Tissot." Athenxtim, 1897. 

Horace Vernet 

REES, Janet E. Ruutz. 

Horace Vernet and Paul Delaroche. 1880. (Illustrated 

biographies of great artists.) 759-4 V27r 

List of the principal works of V^ernet, p.46-50; List of Delaroche's 
principal works, p.84-86. 

"Comprises two papers. Of the first paper it is to be said that Vernet's 
work has no such value as this author ascribes to it; no artist would 
join for one moment in the praise awarded to him here. The other 
paper is more judicious in the matter of artistic appreciation. In fact 
the sense of Delaroche's place in art seems to be adequate. Both the 
essays are made valuable to the student of modern painting by the 
list of works, dates, anecdotes, etc." Russell Sturgis. 

Joseph Vernet 


Joseph Vernet et la peinture au i8me siecle; avec le texte 
des Livres de raison, et un grand nombre de documents 

inedits. 1864 759-4 V275I 

Careful study of the French marine painter (1714-89). No illustrations. 

MOLLETT, John William. 

Watteau. 1883. (Illustrated biographies of great 

artists.) 759-4 W32m 

Useful short sketch. 

PHILLIPS, Claude. 

Antoine Watteau. 1895. (Portfolio monographs.) .. .qr759.4 W32P 
Short biographical and critical sketch of the "greatest of small masters." 
Good illustrations. 



Antoine Watteau, [in German]. 1896. (Kiinstler-mono- 

graphien.) qr759-4 W32r 

"Litteratur," p. 107. 

Has nearly loo illustrations reproducing Watteau's paintings, drawings 
and decorative work. 

759.5 Italian school 

BERENSON, Bernhard. - 

Central Italian painters of the renaissance. 1897 759-5 B45C 

Index to the works of the principal central Italian painters, p.130-189. 

"It is interesting on the same grounds, and in the same degree, as its 
two predecessors on the \'enetian and the Florentine schools. In 
three ways these books are remarkable. They reveal, first, a very 
great knowledge of the pictures themselves. They g^ve, in the next 
place, a rare example of condensation and of a regard for the essen- 
tials, all secondary matters being left out of sight. They show, in the 
third place, a gift for i>hilosophical generalization very rare among 
art critics everywhere, and especially among those who write in 
English." The Times, (London). 

Florentine painters of the renaissance, with an index to their 

works. 1896 759.5 B4S 

Short study, without dates or biographical details, of the development 
and nature of Florentine painting, by an original and suggestive critic. 
A valuable feature of the book is the index which shows where the 
works of the principal Florentine painters are to be found. 

Study and criticism of Italian art. 2v. 1901-02 759-5 B45S 

v.i. Vasari in the light of recent publications. — Dante's visual 
images and his early illustrators. — Some comments on Correggio in 
connection with his pictures in Dresden. — Fourth centenary of Cor- 
reggio. — .\mico di Sandro. — Certain copies after lost originals by 
Giorgione. — Venetian painting, chiefly before Titian, at the exhibition 
of Venetian art. 
V.2. The Caen "Sposalizio." — .'Messio Baldovinetti and the new "Ma- 
donna" of the Louvre. — The British museum "Raphael" cartoon.— 
The drawings of Andrea Mantegna. — -A word for renaissance 
churches. — Certain unrecognized paintings by Masolino. — An un- 
published masterpiece by Filippino Lippi. — An altar-piece by Girolamo . 
da Cremona. — Rudiments of connoisseurship. 
Aims to establish a scientific method of art study by means of which 
works or art may be rightly attributed, independently of documents. 
One of the most striking of the essays applies this method to certain 
pictures hitherto variously ascribed to Filippo Lippi, Filippino Lippi, 
Botticelli and Ghirlandajo. In the common characteristics of these 
pictures Mr Berenson finds sufficient warrant for constructing a 
new artistic personality, probably a follower of Botticelli, whom he 
names "Amico di Sandro." .\nother striking chapter deals with the 
Caen Sposalizio, which he takes from Perugino and attributes to Lo 
Spagna. Book is fully illustrated. 

Venetian painters of the renaissance, with an index to their 

works. 1895 759-5 B4SV 

"Sympathetic examination into the history and true nature of Venetian 
painting." Russell Sturgis. 


Cicerone ; an art guide to painting in Italy ; new ed. by J. A. 

Crowe. 1879 r759.s B89 

"Has been in use for years as a guide-book of the higher class much 
used by studious travellers in Italy." Russell Sturgis. 
CARTWRIGHT. Julia Mary, afterward Mrs Ady. 

Painters of Florence from the thirteenth to the sixteenth cen- 
tury. 1901 759-5 C24 


"Series of biog^raphical sketches (twenty-seven in number)... evidently 


based on a careful survey of recent research. . .written in a pleasant 
and popular manner... It is a valuable supplement to the Lives of 
Vasari." Academy, 1901. 

COLE, Timothy, & Stillman, W. J. 

Old Italian masters, engraved by Timothy Cole, with histori- 
cal notes by W. J. Stillman. 1892 qi'759.S C68 

"The wood-cuts by Mr. Cole from paintings in Italy were made in the 
presence of the paintings, and are unique in two ways; they are 
among the very highest achievements of wood-engraving; they render 
the originals with a sympathy and an essential truthfulness hardly 
ever reached in reproduction of any sort... Mr. Stillman's notes are 
* the work of a man familiar with Italian painting; they were pre- 

pared with care, and with a knowledge of the best and most recent 
authorities." Russell Sturgis. 

CROWE, Sir Joseph Archer, & Cavalcaselle. G.B. 

New. history of painting in Italy from the 2d-i6th century. 

3v. 1864-66 r759.5 C89 

"The long and slow development of painting during the obscurities of 
the Middle Ages has never before been so fully described. By the 
title of the work it will be observed that it deals with the history of 
painting before the time when the art had arrived at the condition of its 
greatest excellence. The author gives a sufficiently full account of 
Perugino, and of the less distinguished of his pupils; but of Raphael 
and his works the description is very meagre, and is perhaps reserved 
for future consideration. The descriptions are too elaborate to main- 
tain the continuous interest of a general student. While the style is 
by no means unattractive, the accounts are often so minute, and the 
analysis so subtle, that they can be of general interest only to artists 
or art critics." C. K. Adams. 

"The matter is not skilfully arranged, and many of the ascriptions have 
been disputed by good judges. But there is no encyclopaedia of Italian 
art which contains the result of so much labor and of so large and 
personal and immediate knowledge of the paintings themselves." Rus- 
sell Sturgis. 

A 2d edition of this work has title "History of painting in Italy." 

KUGLER, Franz Theodor. 

Handbook of painting; the Italian schools, based on the 
handbook of Kugler; revised by A. H. Layard. 2v. 
1891 759-5 K43 

Remodeled according to the latest investigations available at the time 
(1886), and with particular reference to the system of criticism in- 
augurated by Giovanni Morelli, to which Sir Austen Layard gives 
great weight. 


La peinture italienne. v.i. [1885.] (Bibliotheque de I'en- 

seignement des beaux-arts.) 759-5 L14 

Bibliographic, v.i, p.8. 
LAFENESTRE, Georges, & Richtenberger, Eugene, cotnf^. 

Florence. [1894.] (La peinture en Europe.) r759.s L14 

Bibliographic, p. 13-14. 

Descriptive catalogue of the most important paintings in the galleries, 
private collections, religious edifices and public buildings. Illustrated. 

Venise. [1896.] (La peinture en Europe.) r759.5 L14V 

Bibliographic, p.21-23. 

Descriptive catalogue of the principal paintings in the .\cademy of fine 
arts, churches, public buildings and private collections. Illustrated. 
LANZI, Luigi Antonio, abate. 

History of painting in Italy, from the period of the revival of 
the fine arts to the end of the eighteenth century; tr. fr. 

the Italian by Thomas Roscoe. 3v. 1854-93 759-5 L29 

V.I. The Florentine, Sienese and Roman schools. 

V.2. The schools of Naples, Venice, Lombardy, Mantua, Modena, Par- 
ma, Cremona and Milan. 


V.3. The schools of Bologna, Ferrara, Genoa and Piedmont. 

"Books quoted," v. 3, p. 458-484. 

Biographical notice of the author, v.i, p.1-9. 

"This celebrated writer wrote before the foundation of modern archaeo- 
logical science; his work needs to be checked by later and more severe 
investigators. This book, however, remains a classic." Russell Sturgis. 

MORELLI, Giovanni. 

Italian painters; critical studies of their works. 2v. 

1892-93 759-5 M88 

v.i. Borghese and Doria-Pamfili galleries. 

V.2. Galleries of Munich and Dresden. 

v.2 is in the main a reproduction of his "Italian masters in German 

"This author is the creator of a system of study applied to the authen-. 
ticity of ancient paintings by means of which "he has challenged the 
attribution of many pictures in the public galleries of Europe. The 
time has not come to speak positively as to the final result of this 
novel system of inquiry, which depends upon close study of minute 
;■ particularities of form and handling in the works of each .separate 

master. It is, meantime, of singular importance for comparative 
study and should be compared carefully with the works of Crowe and 
Cavalcaselle and other analysts of Italian painting." Russell Sturgis. 

OTTLEY, William Young. 

Series of plates engraved after the paintings and sculptures 
of the masters of the early Florentine school, intended 
to illustrate the history of the restoration of the arts of 

design in Italy. 1826 qr759.5 O31 

REA, Hope. 

Tuscan artists; their thought and work, with notes on other 

schools, for the use of travellers. 1898 759-5 R24 

Essays on painting, sculpture and architecture during the renaissance. 

ROSE, George B. 

Renaissance masters; the art of Raphael, Michelangelo, 
Leonardo da Vinci, Titian, Correggio and Botticelli. 
1898 759-5 R71 

Gives in brief the essential characteristics of each artist. No illustra- 

STEARNS, Frank Preston. 

Midsummer of Italian art; an examination of the works of 
Era Angelico, Michel Angelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael 
Santi and Correggio. 1895 759-5 S79 

VIARDOT, Louis. 

, Wonders of Italian art. 1886. (Wonders of art and archae- 
ology.) 759.5 V29 

Brief popular history from earliest time to 1700. 
Andrea del Sarto 


Andrea del Sarto. 1899. (Great masters in painting and sculp- 
ture.) 759.5 A55g 

"Bibliography," p.15-16; 'Catalogue of Andrea del Sarto's works," 
■ p.67-100. 
Useful general sketch. Illustrated. 

Fra Angelico 

DOUGLAS, Langton. 

Fra Angelico. 1900 759-5 A58d 

Bibliography, p.19-21; index to the works of Fra Angelico, p. 191-200. 
"Scholarly and severely critical study. . .Relying strictly upon evidence 


furnished by the artist's paintings and drawings, Mr. Douglas labors 
with much erudition and considerable success to show that Fra Angeli- 
co was not only the saint and. . .dreamer. . .but the humanist and 
scholar, the student of the antique, and the ardent cultivator of the 
dry technique, the handicraftmanship of his art." Dial, 1900. 

PHILLIMORE, Catherine Mary. 

Fra Angelico and the earl^^ Florentine painters of the 15th 
century. 1892. (Illustrated biographies of great 

artists.) 759-5 AsSp 

List of the principal works of Fra Angelico, p 53-56; bibliography, p.8. 

The same. 1881. (Illustrated biographies of great artists.) . .r759.s A58P 

%'"■ Short work treating both critically and historically the art of the early 
part of the Italian renaissance. It gives the most attention to Fra 
Angelico as the best example of the school of symbolic religious art, 
but also discusses the other Italian artists of the 1 5th century. 

Fra Bartolommeo '' ' . ;' 

SCOTT, Leader, (pseud, of Mrs Lucy E. (Barnes) Baxter). 
Fra Bartolommeo. 1881. (Illustrated biographies of great 

artists.) 759-5 B28S 

List of works by Fra Bartolommeo, p. 122-124. 

FRY, Roger E. 

Giovanni Bellini. 1899 759-5 B4if 

A 50-page essay on the isth century Venetian painter, illustrated with 

numerous full-page reproductions. 

PLUNKETT, George Noble, count. 

Sandro Botticelli. 1900 qr759-5 B64P 

Bibliography, p.15-16; Catalogue of works arranged according to the 

galleries in which they are contained, p. 97-1 18. 
The photogravures and half-tone plates with which this volume is illus- 
trated deserve special mention. 


Botticelli, [in German]. 1897. (Kiinstler-monogra- 

phien.) qr759-5 B64S 

Botticelli; tr. by Campbell Dodgson. 1901. (Monographs on 

artists.) q759-5 B64S 

Bibliography, p. 114-115. 

Gives more biography than criticism. Many illustrations. 


BRINTON, Selwyn. 

Correggio. 1900. (Great masters in painting and sculp- 
ture.) ; : 759-5 C82b 

Bibliography, p.9-11; "Catalogue of the works of Correggio," p.123-144. 
Popular enthusiastic account of his life and art, with many illustrations. 

HEATON, M. Compton. 

Correggio. 1882. (Illustrated biographies of great 

artists.) 759-5 C82he 

List of principal works of Correggio, p. 7 7-81. 

Short biographical and critical sketch based on Meyer's more extensive 
work. Nine illustrations. 

HURLL, Estelle May, ed. 

Correggio; a collection of 15 pictures and a supposed portrait 


of the painter, with introduction and interpretation. 1901. 

(Riverside art series.) 759-5 C82h 

"On books of reference," p. lo-ii. 

MEYER. Julius. 

Antonio Allegri da Correggio; ed. by Mrs Charles Heaton. 

1876 qi759-5 C82m 

Appendixes contain catalogues of the paintings of Correggio. 
Illustrated popular biography, translated from the article on Correggio 
in Meyer's "Kunstler-lexikon." 

RICCI, Corrado. 

Antonio Allegri da Correggio; his life, his friends and 

his time. 1896.... qr759-5 C82r 

"Correggio's frescoes at Parma are thought by many excellent judges 
to be the finest mural paintings in Europe; these are discussed both 
historically and critically, at great length and in an excellent spirit." 
Russell Sturgis. 

THODE, Henry. 

Correggio, [in German]. 1898. (Kunstler-mono- 

graphien.) qr759-5 C82t 

Popular illustrated handbook. 


RUSHFORTH, Gordon M'Neil. 

Carlo Crivelli. 1900. (Great masters in painting and sculp- 
ture.) 759-5 C88r 

"Bibliography," p. 1 1 ; "Catalogue of the works of Carlo Crivelli," p.83-120. 
Popular handbook with many illustrations, some of CrivelH's picture* 
being here reproduced for the first time. 

WATERS, William George. 

Piero della Francesca. 1901. (Great masters in painting and 

sculpture.) 759-5 F86w 

Bibliography, p. 1 1. 

Popular study with many illustrations. 


WILLIAMSON, George Charles. 

Francesco Raibolini, called Francia. 1901. (Great masters in 

painting and sculpture.) 759-5 F864V/ 

Bibliography, p.15-16; Catalogue of the works of Francia, p.143-156. 
Useful popular study with many illustrations. 


Ghirlandajo, [in German]. 1897. (Kunstler-monogra- 

phien.) qr759.5 G35S 

Short study. Illustrated. 


COOK, Herbert. 

Giorgione. 1900. (Great masters in painting and sculp- 
ture.) 759-5 G438C 

Bibliography, p.ii-i2; "Catalogue of the works of Giorgione," P.12S-137. 
Short popular study, in which the author claims for Giorgione several 



pictures which previous critics had attributed to other artists. Many 
"Open-minded, sensible and careful." Saturday review, 1900. 


PERKINS, F. Mason. 

Giotto. 1902. (Great masters in painting and sculpture.) . .759.5 G43P 
"Bibliography," p. 11; "Catalogue of Giotto's works," p. 145. 
Short general sketch of Giotto's life and works. Fully illustrated. 
"Mr. Perkins is a scientific and critical historian of art of the modern 
school. His. . .treatment. . .endeavours to bring into relief the chief 
*^'- '■- features of the artist's style and to trace the outlines of its develop- 
ment." Academy, 1902. 

QUILTER, Harry. 

Giotto. 1881. (Illustrated biographies of great artists.). .759.5 G43q 

While Vasari is followed for the facts of Giotto's life, the descriptions 
of his pictures and sculpture are from the author's careful study of 
the originals. 

RUSKIN, John. 

Giotto and his works in Padua; explanatory notice of the 

frescoes in the Arena chapel. 1900 759-5 G43r 

"Printed in 1854 for the subscribers to the Arundel Society as an 
accompaniment to a series of large wood-cuts from the frescoes in 
the Arena Chapel at Padua. . .The text itself is one of the most critical 
of Mr. Ruskin's publications." Russell Sturgis. 

THODE, Henry. 

Giotto, [in German]. 1899. (Kiinstler-monographien.) . .qr759.5 G43t 
Excellently illustrated. 

Leonardo da Vinci 


Disegni di Leonardo da Vinci, incisi e pubblicati da C. G. 

Gerli; [plates]. 1784 qr759.S L62 

MUNTZ, Eugene. 

Leonardo da Vinci; artist, thinker and man of science. 2v. 

1898 qr759.S L62ni 

M. Miintz has made the first attempt to classify and catalogue Leo- 
nardo's drawings, or to give the details of the processes of his paint- 
ings, from the first sketch to the last touch. Leonardo's literary 
work, his religious beliefs, his studies in the antique are treated with 
the authority of abundant information. The author has supplemented 
his careful study of all previous works on the subject by the most 
extensive personal researches, and has been enabled to settle some 
hitherto disputed points. Illustrated by 44 full-page plates and many 
illustrations in the text. 

RICHTER, Jean Paul. 

Leonardo. 1880. (Illustrated biographies of great art- 
ists.) 759.5 L62r 

List of Leonardo da Vinci's pictures and sculptures, p.135-136. 
"An intelligent account of the life and what little is known of the work 
of a wholly exceptional genius. It is impossible to study Leonardo too 
closely, because accident as well as unfortunate traits of the man have 
destroyed nearly all his important works of art, because, moreover, as 
a painter Leonardo is one of the most faulty of masters, while also 
one of the greatest." Russell Sturgis. 


Leonardo da Vinci, [in German]. 1898. (Kunstler-mono- 

graphien.) qr759S L62r 

"Litteratur," p.136. 


Filippo Lippi 

STRUTT. Edward C. 

Fra Filippo Lippi. 1901 759-5 L73S 

"Bibliography," p. 19-20; "Catalogue of the works of Fra Filippo Lippi 
arranged according to the galleries in which they are contained," 
This biography, while paying sufficient attention to the artistic side of 
Fra Filippo's career, pves particular prominence to the human. The 
illustrations are numerous and well reproduced. 

BERENSON, Bernhard. 

Lorenzo Lotto; an essay in constructive art criticism. 

189s 759-5 L92b 

"Monograph of unusual merit, containing an amount of original research 
which few such books have required. It is illustrated by about 25 
photographic plates, and text and illustrations together bring the 
student very close to the spirit of early Italian painting." Russell 


WILLIAMSON, George Charles. 

Bernardino Luini. 1899. (Great masters in painting and 

sculpture.) 759-5 L97W 

"Bibliography," p.ii-13; "Catalogue of the works of Luini," p. 99-140. 
The same. 1899. (Great masters in painting and sculp- 
ture.) 1759.5 L97W 

Short handbook giving the little that is known of Luini's life, and 
descriptions of his pictures, most of which have been personally ex- 
amined by the author. Many illustrations. 


CARTWRIGHT, Julia Alary, afterzvard Mrs Ady. 

Mantegna and Francia. 1881. (Illustrated biographies of 

great artists.) 759-5 M34ca 

List of principal works of Mantegna, p. 1 09-1 13. 

List of principal works by Francia, p.114-118. 

Bibliography, p. 121. 

Short popular biographies with useful chronologies. Few illustrations. 


Andrea Mantegna. 1901. (Great masters in painting and sculp- 
ture.) 759.5 M34C 

"Bibliography," p. 11-12; "Catalogue of the works of Mantegna," p. 117- 

Gives in brief all that is known about Mantegna's life and a useful 

criticism of his art. Illustrated. 


Andrea Mantegna; English ed. by S. A. Strong. 1901 . .qr759.5 M34k 

"List of Mantegna's works," p.437-464; "Appendix of documents," 

"The standard work on Mantegna." Academy, 1901. 
Admirably illustrated. 

THODE, Henry. 

Mantegna, [in German]. 1897. (Kiinstler-monogra- 

phien.) qr759-5 M34t 

Many illustrations from paintings, engravings and drawings. 


WILLARD, Ashton Rollins. 

Sketch of the life and work of Domenico Morelli. 1895. .759.5 M88w 

"Valuable as a monograph on an artist little known in America and 
as a contribution to the history of the contemporary art of Italy. 
Even if Morelli is not so important a painter as the author of this 
book takes him to be, this would be a valuable treatise and one full 
of instruction as to modern art. There are eight photographic illustra- 
tions from Morelli's works." Russell Sturgis. 

* ' Perugino 

WILLIAMSON, George Charles. 

Pietro Vannucci, called Perugino. 1900. (Great masters in 

painting and sculpture.) 759-5 P44\v 

"Bibliography," p.i3-i5; "Catalogue of the works of Perugino," p.121- 

Popular short study. Many illustrations. 


PHILLIPPS, Evelyn March. 

Pintoricchio. 1901. (Great masters in painting and sculp- 
ture.) 759-5 P64P 

"Bibliography," p.ii; "Catalogue of the works of Pintoricchio," p.153- 

Popular account of his work. Many illustrations. 


Pinturicchio, [in German]. 1898. (Kiinstler-monogra- 

phien.) qr759-5 P64S 

"Litteratur," p. 143. 

Most useful for its illustrations. 


BELL, Mrs Nancy R. Elizabeth (Meugens), (pseud. N. d'Anvers). 

Raphael. 1880. (Illustrated biographies of great artists.) . .759.5 Rigb 
"Classified list of Raphael's paintings," p.102-107. 

Brief popular handbook founded largely on the work of Passavant. 
Many illustrations. 

CARTWRIGHT, Julia Mary, afterward Mrs Ady. 

Raphael. 2v. in i. 1895. (Portfolio monographs.) . . . .qr759.5 Ri9ca 
V.I. Early work of Raphael. 
V.2. Raphael in Rome. 
The same. 2v. in i. 1895. (Portfolio monographs.) . . . .q7S9.5 Ri9ca 
"Contains a brief record of Raphael's career, in which the attribution 
of paintings to himself and to others is based upon the best authorities; 
the general estimate is just. The needed illustrated work upon Raphael 
has not yet appeared; in the meantime the illustrations in this book, 
and in Karoly's Madonnas, taken with the text of this volume, serve 
a temporary purpose." Russell Sturgis. 


Book of Raphael's cartoons. 1845 r7S9.s R19C 

Plates and descriptions of the seven cartoons representing scenes from 
the New testament, executed for Pope Leo X in 1515 as designs for 
CROWE, Sir Joseph Archer, & Cavalcaselle, G.B. 

Raphael; his life and works, with an exhaustive study of ex- 
tant drawings and pictures. 2v. 1882-85 759-5 Ri9cr 

"Apart from its value as an analysis of Raphael's art and an account of 


its relation to the art of his time, this is a most interesting and in- 
structive book, at once a romance and a valuable piece of history." 
Russell Sturgis. 

HURLL, Estelle May. ed.' 

Raphael; a collection of 15 pictures and a portrait of the 
painter, with introduction and interpretation. 1899. 

(Riverside art series.) 759-5 RiQh 

Books of reference, p.ii-12. 

KAROLY, Karl, (pseud, of Frank Tryon Charles). 
. Raphael's Madonnas and other great pictures, reproduced 
from the original paintings, with a life of Raphael and 

an account of his chief works. 1894 Qr759-5 Ri9k 

"The plates in this volume, numerous and good, give an excellent idea 
of so much of Raphael's art as is apart from his great wall-paintings." 
Russell Sturgis. 

KNACKFUSS, Hermann. 

Raffael, [in German]. 1898. (Kiinstler-monogra- 

phien.) qr759-5 Ri9kn 

Raphael. 1898. (Monographs on artists.) q759-5 Ri9k 

"Treated in a very earnest and scholarly manner by, one would say, a 
lecturer speaking to a general audience, telling his hearers in a simple 
and lucid manner of the life and works of the painter, showing how 
they grew, and how circumstances brought forth work after work." 
Magazine of art, 1899. 
128 illustrations from paintings and drawings. 

MOORE, Morris. 

H. R. H. Prince Albert and the Apollo and Marsyas by 

Raphael. 1859 r759.5 Ri9m 

Statement in reference to a painting of Raphael's whose genuineness 
had been questioned. Pamphlet concerns itself chiefly with a criti- 
cism of Sir Charles Eastlake, then director of the English National 

MtJNTZ, Eugene. 

Raphael; his life, works and times; ed. by Walter Arm- 
strong. 1888 qr759.5 Ri9mu 

"Valuable as being the work of one who thoroughly understands the fine 
arts other than painting, and who is able, therefore, to explain the 
relation of Raphael's work as a painter to his own achievements in 
other fields and to the world of fine art around him." Russell 

PASSAVANT, Johann David. 

Raphael of Urbino and his father Giovanni Santi. 1872 . . qr759.5 Ri9p 

"Raphael's paintings," p.201-308. 

Valuable particularly for its list of Raphael's works. Originally pub- 
lished 1839-58. 

SMITH, Richard Henry. 

Expositions of the cartoons of Raphael. 1861 r759.5 R19S 

Short commentary on the biblical scenes represented in the cartoons, and 
on their treatment by Raphael. Illustrated. 


Raphael. 1900. (Great masters in painting and sculpture.) . .759.5 R19S 
"Some of the principal books on Raphael," p. 11; "Catalogue of the 

works of Raphael," p. 119-138. 
Useful handbook based on the best authorities. Illustrated. 


Hours of Rnphael in outline, together with the ceiling of the 
hall where they were originally painted ; by M. E. Wil- 
liams. 1892 qr759-5 Ri9 

Of the 16 plates one is a reproduction of an old and rare engraving 


showing the Hours in their original position, two are reproductions 
of engravings by Piranesi, and the others from careful tracings by 
the author of other old engravings. They are preceded by an inter- 
esting account of the famous paintings. 


VILLARI. Luigi. 

Giovanni Segantini; the story of his life, with seventy-five re- 
productions of his pictures. 1901 qi"759-5 S45V 

Contents: Early life and struggles. — In the Brianza. — The painter of 
the Alps; at Savognino. — Segantini the man; letters and writings. — 
. .-, ■ Scgantini's symbolism; his death. 
Bibliography, p.5-6. 

Segantini (1858-99), a modern Italian landscape-painter and a symbolist, 
is best known by his paintings of the Alps. This study of his life and 
work is careful and well illustrated. 



Luca Signorelli. 1899. (Great masters in painting and sculp- 
ture.) 759.5 S57C 

"Bibliography," p.13; "Catalogue of the works of Signorelli," p. 131- 

Useful popular handbook with many illustrations. 

PRIULI-BON, contessa. 

Sodoma. 1900. (Great masters in painting and sculp- 
ture.) 759.5 S67P 

Bibliography, p. 11-13; Catalogue and chronological list of the works 

of Sodoma, p. 102-137. 
Carefully written, popular account of an interesting personality and 
remarkable talent. Well illustrated. 


MEISSNER, Franz Hermann. 

Tiepolo, [in German]. 1897. (Kunstler-monogra- 

Phien.) qr759-5 T45m 

"Benutzte litterarische quellen," p.96. 
Popular handbook with many illustrations. 

OSLER, William Roscoe. 

Tintoretto. 1879. (Illustrated biographies of great 

artists.) 7595 T480 

List of works by Tintoretto, p.91-97. 

Small popular handbook founded on the best European authorities and 
on personal investigations by the author. 
THODE, Henry. 

Tintoretto, [in German]. 1901. (Kunstler-monogra- 

phien.) qr7S9S T48t 

"Verzeichnis der wichtigsten werke Tintorettos," p. 135-140. 
Like others of this well-known series, a popular biography and estimate 
of the artist's work. Contains many illustrations. 1 


CROWE, Sir Joseph Archer, & Cavalcaselle, G. B. 

Life and times of Titian. 2v. 1881 7595 T53C 

"There is comparatively little information in existence concerning the 


details of Titian's long life; this book is devoted mainly to his paint- 
ings, great ingenuity being shown in ascertaining the historical se- 
quence of undated works. The changes in his style as a painter are 
followed up with great thoroughness." Russell Sturgis. 

HEATH, Richard Ford. 

Titian. 1879. (Illustrated biographies of great artists.). .759.5 T53he 
List of pictures by Titian, p.83-99. 
Popular handbook compiled from larger works. Numerous illustrations. 

HURLL, Estelle May, ed. 

Titian ; a collection of 15 pictures and a portrait of the paint- 
er, with introduction and interpretation. 1901. (Riverside 

art series.) 759.5 Ts3h 

"Books of reference," p.ii-12. 

KNACKFUSS, Hermann. 

Tizian, [in German]. 1898. (Kunstler-monogra- 

phien.) qr7S9-5 T53k 

Careful study with numerous illustrations showing the artist's manner 
and range of subjects. 


La vie et Toeuvre de Titien. [1886?] qr759.5 T53I 

With no pretensions to being an exhaustive study, it aims to present a 
picture of the domestic, artistic and court life of the painter, and to 
study his pictures under the conditions in which they were produced. 

PHILLIPS, Claude. 

Earlier work of Titian. 1897. (Portfolio monographs.) . .qr759.5 T53P 
A careful analysis of Titian's earlier work, and a consideration of the 
influence exerted on him by earlier and contemporary artists. It con- 
siders Titian's work down to about 1526. Illustrated. 

Later work of Titian. 1898. (Portfolio monographs.) . .qr759.S T53ph 
Begins with the meeting with Aretino in 1527. Many illustrations. 


MEISSNER, Franz Hermann. 

Veronese, [in German]. 1897. (Kiinstler-monogra- 

phien.) qr759S V27m 

"Benutzte litterarische quellen," p.m. 
Many excellent illustrations. 



Verrocchio, [in German]. 1901. (Kiinstler-monogra- 

phien.) qr759S V28m 

Gives many illustrations of his sculpture, and reproductions of his 
authentic pictures and those accredited to him, including some by 
his pupil, Lorenzo di Credi. 

759.6 Spanish school 

LAM BORN, Robert Henry. 

Mexican painting and painters; a brief sketch of the develop- 
ment of the Spanish school of painting in Mexico. 

1891 qr7S9.6 L18 

LEFORT, Paul. 

La peinture espagnole. 1893. (Bibliotheque de I'enseigne- 


ment des beaux-arts.) .-. . .759.6 LS4 

Bibliographie, p.8. 

Good short account, beginning with the manuscript illuminating of the 
middle ages. 
MAXWELL, Sir William Stirling-. 

Annals of the artists of Spain. 4v. 1891 rysg.G M52 

"The only English book [1897], at all adequate, devoted to the subject... 
A very interesting book to read as well as very valuable for refer- 
ence." Russell Sturgis. 

WASHBURN, Emelyn W. 

Spanish masters; an outline of the history of painting in 
%" Spain. 1884 759.6 W27 

Index of Spanish masters, p.187-194. 

"The resume of the chronicle of the arts in Spain in this book... is a 
compact . well-arranged history .. .The volume is not to be classed 
with the authoritative work of Morelli, but takes its place as a hand- 
book of unquestionable value." Nation, 1884. 



Goya. 1900. (Artist's library.) .• 759-6 G75r 

Brief biographical and critical sketch of the Spanish painter and etcher 
(1746-1828). Many illustrations. 


HURLL, Estelle May, ed. 

Murillo; a collection of 15 pictures and a portrait of the paint- 
er, with introduction and interpretation. 1901. (River- 
side art series.) 759-6 M97h 

"Books of reference," p.ii-12. 

KNACKFUSS, Hermann. 

Murillo, [in German]. 1899. (Kiinstler-monogra- 

phien.) qr759-6 M97k 

Good short account of the artist's life and work, with many illustrations 
from paintings and drawings. 

MINOR, Ellen E. 

Murillo. 1882. (Illustrated biographies of great artists.) . .759.6 M97m 
List of the principal works of Murillo, p.65-86. 
Short popular compilation from standard authorities. 


ARMSTRONG, Sir Walter. 

Velasquez; a study of his life and art. 2v. in i. 1896. 

(Portfolio monographs.) qr759-6 V25a 

v.i. Life of Velasquez. 
V.2. Art of Velasquez. 
CURTIS, Charles Berwick. 

Velazquez and Murillo; a catalogue of their paintings, with 

a bibliography. 1883 qr7S9-6 V25C 

KNACKFUSS, Hermann. 

Velazquez, [in German]. 1898. (Kiinstler-monogra- 

phien.) qr759-6 V25k 

Short historical and critical study, with many illustrations. 

STEVENSON, Robert Alan Mowbray. 

Art of Velasquez. 1895 qr759-6 V2Sst 

"A small book made large by large type and broad margins. It is a 
treatise on the painter's art from the point of view of one who 


thoroughly understands how abstract a thing that art is, how much 
a matter of convention, and how completely the painter speaks a 
language which is not that of literature. Velasquez is taken as the 
great type of all true painters. This valuable essay might be and 
should be published also in a small, inexpensive volume, but such 
a volume could not contain the 20 fine photogravures nor the 43 full- 
page half-tone illustrations which make this a museum of Velasquez's 
works." Russell Sturgis. 
Reprinted, with addition of biographical matter, under the title "Velas- 
quez," 759-6 \'25s. 

Velasquez. 1899. (Great masters in painting and sculp- 
ture.) 759-6 V25S 

"Bibliography," p-13-is; "Catalogue of the works of Velasquez," p.i29- 
The same. 1899. (Great masters in painting and sculp- 
ture.) r759.6 V25S 

"The critical part of this volume has appeared before, under the title 
'The art of Velasquez.' The biographical information, which was lim- 
ited then to a single paragraph, now forms a separate chapter." Pref- 
atory note. 

STOWE, Edwin. 

Velazquez. 1881. (Illustrated biographies of great 

artists.) 759.6 V25st 

List of the works of Velazquez, p.97-114. 

Short popular sketch based on the best authorities. 

759.7 Slavic schools 

ILGES, F. Walther. 

M. von Munkacsy, [in German]. 1899. (Kiinstler-mono- 

graphien.) qr759.7 M96i 

Author has based this study of the noted Hungarian artist (1846-1900) 
on long personal acquaintance, and on the recollections of the painter's 
wife, his colleagues and friends. He aims to give a faithful study of 
his art and personality, though he thereby spoil the amazing stories 
told about this eccentric man. Illustrated. 

ZABEL, Eugen. 

Wereschtschagin, [in German]. 1900. (Kiinstler-mono- 

graphien.) qr759-7 V27Z 

Contains many reproductions of the work of the Russian painter 

759.9 Dutch and Flemish schools 

BUXTON, Harry John Wilmot, & Poynter, Sir E.J. 

German, Flemish and Dutch painting. 1881. (Illustrated 

hand-books of art history.) 759-9 B98 

A compilation rather than an original work. There is plain careful 
statement, copious illustration and well considered arrangement of 
details, but no attempt at criticism. 

COLE, Timothy, & Van Dyke, J. C. 

Old Dutch and Flemish masters engraved by Timothy 

Cole, with critical notes by J. C. Van Dyke. 1895 qr759.9 C68 

"The notes by Mr. Van Dyke have been carefully prepared, and embody 
a good account of the painting of the Netherlands." Russell Sturgis. 
CONWAY, Sir William Martin. 

Early Flemish artists and their predecessors on the lower 

Rhine. 1887 759.9 C76 

"Carefully compiled work." Russell Sturgis. 

Contains a chapter on Flemish tapestry. Many illustrations. 


CROWE, Sir Joseph Archer, & Cavalcaselle, G.B. 

Early Flemish painters; notices of their lives and works. 

1872 r7S9.9 C89 

Contents: Painting in the dark ages. — -Hubert and John Van Eyck. — 
John Van Kyck. — Petrus Cristus. — Gerard van der Meire. — Hugo van 
der Goes. — -Justus or Jodocus of Ghent. — Roger van der VVeyden. — 
Antonello da Messina. — Contemporaries of the Van Eycks. — Hans 
Memling. — Gheerardt David. — Dierick Bouts. — Progress of the art in 
Flanders, its influence abroad. 

"First published in 1857, reissued as a second edition in 1872, with valu- 
able additions and an index. . .Is [1897], perhaps, the best book on the 
subject." Russell Sturgis. 

ClTNDALL, Frank. 

Landscape and pastoral painters of Holland. 1891. (Illus- 
trated biographies of great artists.) 759-9 C91 

Contents: Ruisdael.- — Hobbema. — Cuijp. — Potter. 

List of the principal works of Ruisdael, Hobbema, Cuijp and Potter, 

"Gives all the important facts in excellent order, so that in a small 
compass the reader may find all the information he needs as to life 
and works and the criticism thereon. Sufficient historical informa- 
tion is also given to make the position of painters in their school, 
and the conditions under which they worked quite clear." Academy, 


Old masters of Belgium and Holland. 1894 759-9 F96 

"An admirable book, full of sound criticism." Russell Sturgis. 
GOWER, Lord Ronald Charles Sutherland Leveson-. 

Figure painters of Holland. 1880. (Illustrated biographies 

of great artists.) 759-9 G75 

Contents: Van Honthorst.- — Brouwer. — Ter-Borch. — Adriaan Jansz, van 
Ostade.— -Bol.- — Van der Heist. — Dou. — Wouwerman. — Isack Jansz, van 
Ostade. — Steen.— Metsu.^ — Maes.- — \'er Meer, of Delft. — De Hooch. — 
Van Mieris.— Netscher. 
Bibliography, p.117-1 18. 

"Sympathetic attempt to set down in matter-of-fact fashion many 
things worth knowing about artists certainly worthy to engage the 
most serious attention." Acadetny, 1880. 

HEATON, Mrs Mary Margaret (Keymer). 

Masterpieces of Flemish art, including examples of the early 
German and the Dutch schools, with memoirs of the 

artists. 1869 qr759.9 H38 

Authorities, p.6. 

From Stephan Lothener, 1380, to 1700. 

KUGLER, Franz Theodor. 

Handbook of painting; the German, Flemish and Dutch 
schools, based on the handbook of Kugler; revised by 

J. A. Crowe. 2v. 1889 759-9 K43 

LAFENESTRE, Georges, & Richtenberger, Eugene, comp. 

La Belgique. [1895.] (La peinture en Europe.) .r759.9 L14 

Bibliog^raphie, p.14-15. 
' Descriptive catalogue of the principal paintings contained in the mu- 
seums, public buildings and religious edifices of Brussels, Antwerp and 
the smaller towns of western Belgium. Does not include modern art. 

La Hollande. [1897.] (La peinture en Europe.) r7S9.9 Li4h 

Bibliographie, p. 13-15. 

Descriptive catalogue of paintings in public and private collections. 

MICHIELS. Alfred. 

L'art flamand dans Test et le midi de la France; rapport au 


gouvernement fran^ais. 1877 759-9 M66 

Continuation of "L'histoire de la peinture flamande." 
In 1845 M. Michiels was commissioned by the Belgian government to 
write the history of painting in that country, and for years devoted 
himself to the study of the great Flemish artists. The present vol- 
ume supplements his history of Flemish painting, and was undertaken 
at the request of the French government. M. Michiels's works are 
highly esteemed for their painstaking research and careful apprecia- 
tions. 1 

ROOSES, Max, ed. 

Dutch painters of the nineteenth century, with biographi- 
cal notices. 4v. 1898-1901 qr759.9 R68 

V.I. Johannes Bosboom, by P. A. M. Boele van Hensbroek. — Charles 
Rochus^sen, by A. L. H. Obreen. — David Bles, by Jan ten Brink. — 
VVillem Roelofs, by H. Smissaert. — Jozef Israels, by J. de Meester. 
— Henriette Ronner, by Emile Wesly. — ^Jan Hendrik Weissenbruch, 
by F. A. E. L. Smissaert. — Laurens Alma-Tadema, by H. S. N. 
van VVickevoort Crommelin. — Pieter Stortenbeker, by P. A. Haax- 
man.^C. Bisschop, by Mrs van Westrheene. — P. J. C. Gabriel, by 
Louis de Haes. — Miss G. J. v.d. Sande Bakhuyzen, by Johan Gram. 
V.2. Jacob Maris, by G. H. Marius. — Albert Neuhuys, by J. van 
Rennes. — H. VV. Mesdag, by A. C. Croiset van der Kop. — J. J. van 
de Sande Bakhuyzen, by Lewis Mulder. — N. van der Waay, by A. 
G. C. van Duyl.- William Maris, by G. H. Marius. — J. C. K. Klin- 
kenberg, by Johan Gram. — L. F. H. Apol, by Johan Gram. — B. J. 
Blommers, by A. G. C. van Duyl. — Therese Schwartze, by H. 
Leonards. — J. H. L. de Haas, by A. G. C. van Duyl. — F. H. 
Kaenimerer, by A. L. H. Obreen. 
v.3. Anton Mauve, by A. C. Lof felt. — Mrs Bilders-van Bosse, by Augus- 
ta de Wit. — Hendrik Valkenburg. by Johan. — "Recollections," by 
F. P. ter Muelen.— P. L. J. F. Sadee, by Johan Gram.— W. B. Tho- 
lon, by X.— D. A. C. Artz, by P. A. Haaxman.— F. J. van R. Du Chat- 
tel, by Johan Gram. — Jan Vrolijk, by P. A. Haaxman. — Gerke Hen- 
kes, by Louis de Haas. — W. C. Nakken, by P. A. Haaxman. — P. de 
J. de Jong, by P. A. Haaxman. 
V.4. Matthys Maris, by G. H. Marius. — Theophile de Bock, by Louis de 
Haes. — August Allebe, by A. G. C. van Duyl. — ^J. W. Bilders, by A. 
C. Lof felt. — Willy Martens, by P. A. Haaxman. — Mrs Mesdag- van 
Houten, by A. C. Croiset van der Kop. — A. H. B. Korff, by 
Johan Gram. — Geo. Poggenbeek, by Ph. Zilcken. — J. H. Wysmuller, 
by H. M. Krabbe. — J. V'oerman, by W. Steenhoff. — Tony Offer- 
mans, by P. du Rieu Tzn. — John van Essen, by H. M. Krabbe. 
Many good illustrations. 

SCOTT, William Bell. 

Gems of modern Belgian art; a series of carbon-photographs 

from the pictures of eminent living artists. 1872 qr759.9 S43 

TAEYE, Edmond Louis de. 

-Les artistes beiges contemporains ; leur vie, leurs oeuvres, leur 

place dans I'art. 1894 q'"759.9 T12 

Contents: J. F. Portaels. — Constantin Meunier. — A. J. Verwee. — ^J. B. 
Stobbacrts. — J. J. F. Stallaert. — Julien Dillens. — E. I. H. Slingeneyer. — 
Charles van der Stappen. — Jef Lambeaux. — Jean Robie. — J. A. A. Cluy- 
senaar. — Paul de Vigne. — Jan V'erhas. — .\ndre Hennebicq. — A. P. 
Markelbach. — Leon Frederic. — Gustave Vanaise. — Leon Abry. — P. J. 
Clays. — Cesare dell'Acqua. — Le major Alfred Hubert. — Charles Her- 
mans. — -Frans van Leemputten. — P. J. F. Lamoriniere. — J. T. Coose- 
mans. — Euphrosine Beernaert.- — Alexandre Struys. — fivariste Carpen- 
tier. — Thomas Vinqotte. — H. F. Schaefels. — Emile Claus. — Guillaume 
Charlier. — Isidore Meyers. — Jules Montigny. — Karel Ooms. — Albrecht 
de Vriendt. — Theodore Verstraete. — Gustave Biot. — Victor Lagye. — 
Marie Collart. — Jacques Rosscels. — Frangois Stroobant. — Fernand 
Khnopff. — Isidore de Rudder. — Willem Geets. — Juliaan de Vriendt. 

WAUTERS, Alphonse Jules. 

* Flemish school of painting. 1885 759-9 W34f 

"Author is a man acquainted with his subject, who writes from his own 
knowledge, and does not merely compile at second hand... His state- 
ments may be accepted by the student with confidence." Academy, 1885. 
La peinture flamande. [1883.] (Bibliotheque de Ten- 


seignement des beaux-arts.) -. .759.9 W34 

Contains several bibliographies. 

Valuable work containing many illustrations. 


WEALE, William Henry James. 

Gerard David, painter and illuminator. 1895. (Portfolio 

monographs.) qi"759-9 D29W 

'• " Dow 


Gerard Dou ; tr. fr. the Dutch by Clara Bell. 1902. (Great 

masters in painting and sculpture.) 759-9 D75m 

Bibliography, p.ii-12; Catalogue of works arranged according to the gal- 
leries in which they are contained, p.ioi-143. 
The first book in English on the life and work of this 17th centui y 
Dutch painter (1613-1675). 

Van Eyck 

KAEMMERER, Ludwig van. 

Hubert und Jan van Eyck. 1898. (Kiinstler-monogra- 

phien.) qr759-9 E99k 

Short study, containing many reproductions of their work and that 
often attributed to them. 

KNACKEUSS, Hermann. 

Franz Hals, [in German]. 1897. (Kiinstler-monogra- 

phien.) qr7S9-9 Hi8k 

Short careful study with good illustrations. 

KAEMMERER, Ludwig van. 

Memling, [in German]. 1899. (Kiinstler-monogra- 

phien.) qr759-9 M59k 

Fully illustrated popular account of the personal history of the artist, 
and the artistic conditions of the period. 

WEALE, William Henry James. 

Hans Memlinc. 1901. (Great masters in painting and sculp- 
ture.) 759.9 M59W 

Chronological bibliography, p. 15-24. 

Little is known of Memling's life, and most of this short study is given 
to describing his works. Author has spent much time in the study 
of the early Netherlandish painters and is specially qualified to treat 
of this artist. Illustrated. 

ZILCKEN, Philippe. 

H. W. Mesdag, the painter of the North Sea; with etch- 
ings. 1896 qr759.9 M64Z 

Short study of the life and art of the distinguished Dutch marine painter 
(183 1- ) with a sketch of Dutch art about the middle of the 19th 
century. The etched reproductions of Mesdag's work are by the 
author of the text, an intimate friend of the painter. 




Adriaen und Isack van Ostade. 1900. (Kiinstler-mono- 

graphien.) qr7S9-9 027r 

"Litteratur," p. 109. 

Fully illustrated handbook for the general reader. 

BELL, Malcolm. 

Rembrandt van Rijn. 1901. (Great masters in painting and 

sculpture.) 759-9 R33b 

"liibliography," p.9-12; ' Catalogue of works of Rembrandt," p. 11 7-1 56. 
Popular handbook condensed from the author's larger work. Illustrated. 
Rembrandt van Rijn and his work. 1899 qr759.9 R33b 

List of principal works on Rembrandt, p. 13-14. 

"The biographical part is founded mainly on Michel, and there is very 
little criticism, most of the space being taken up by a mere mention 
of works in their respective years... Text is illustrated with eight good 
photogravures and a large number of fair half-tone plates. The cata- 
logues and other apparatus are, on the whole, the best part of the 
book." Nation, 1899. 

HURLL, Estelle May, ed. 

Rembrandt; a collection of 15 pictures and a portrait of 
the painter; with introduction and interpretation. 1899. 

(Riverside art series.) 759-9 R33h 

KNACKFUSS, Hermann. 

Rembrandt. 1899. (Monographs on artists.) q759.9 R33k 

Appreciative study by a learned and capable critic. The illustrations 
are numerous and excellent. 
Rembrandt, [in German]. 1897. (Kiinstler-monogra- 

phien.) qr759-9 R33k 

MICHEL, fimile. 

Rembrandt; his life, his work and his time; ed. by 

Frederick Wedmore. 2v. 1894-95 qr759-9 R33m 

Bibliography, v. 2, p. 289-290. 

Thorough and valuable treatise by one of the leading authorities. Many 
excellent illustrations. 
MOLLETT, John William. 

Rembrandt. 1892. (Illustrated biographies of great art- 

' ists.) 759.9 R33ni 

List of Rembrandt's paintings and etchings, p. 85-1 10. 

The same. 1879. (Illustrated biographies of great art- 
ists.) r759.9 R33mo 

"Very judiciously compiled from the larger work of Vosmaer." Russell 

KETT, Charles W. 

Rubens. 1880. (Illustrated biographies of great artists.) . .759.9 R82ke 

Bibliography, p.ii6. 

"Capital narrative ... relates in a concise fashion most of the known 
facts in Rubens's life... There is less technical criticism than is usual 
in this series, and some materials which have not before now been 
published in English." Athenccum, 1880. 

Many illustrations. 

KNACKFUSS, Hermann. 

Rubens, [in German]. 1898. (Kunstler-monographien.) . .qr759.9 RSak 
Short monograph excellently illustrated. 


MICHEL, fimile. 

Rubens; his life, his work and his time. 2v; 1899 qr759-9 R82m 

"That learned writer M. Emile Michel gives us a full account of the 
master's life and works. He has swept .into it his own earlier studies 
and those of a host of special students. . .The illustration of all sides 
of Rubens' life is ample and exact and is a... monument of industry 
and taste. The reproduction of pictures and drawings is no less 
ample." Saturday review, 1899. 

RUBENS, Peter Paul. 

Galerie de Rubens, dite du Luxembourg. [1808.] qr759.9 R82 

Engravings of the remarkable series of pictures, by Rubens, now in the 
Louvre, but originally painted for Marie de Medici to adorn her 
Luxembourg palace. They represent in an allegorical setting scenes 
from the life of the queen. The plates are accompanied by historical 
and descriptive text. 
STEVENSON, Robert Alan Mowbray. 

Peter Paul Rubens. 1898. (Portfolio monographs.) .. .qr7S9.9 R82S 

A biography, rather than a study of his work or an analysis of his 
methods. Illustrated. 



Teniers der jiingere, [in German]. 1895. (Kiinstler-mono- 

graphien.) qr7S9.9 T28r 

"Litteratur," p.8o. 
Popular biography, fully illustrated. 



Terborch und Jan Steen. 1897. (Kiinstler-monogra- 

phien.) qr759.9 T29r 

"Litteratur," p.113. 

Short studies of the two Dutch painters, with many illustrations. 

Van Dyck 

GUST, Lionel. 

Antony Van Dyck; an historical study of his life and works. 

1900 qr759-9 Vi8c 

"Catalogue of the principal paintings by Van Dyck," p. 231-286. 
Handsome folio, fully illustrated with uncommonly fine reproductions 
of his painting.s, etchings and drawings. 

GUIFFREY, Jules Joseph. 

Sir Anthony Van Dyck; his life and work. 1896 qr759.9 Vi8g 

Catalogue of the works of Sir Anthony Van Dyck, p. 263-3 14. 

With great painstaking the author has determined the disputed facts in 
the painter's life and collected all the results of former research. The 
work is illustrated by many etchings and by some excellent helio- 

HEAD, Percy Rendell. 

Van Dyck. 1879. (Illustrated biographies of great 

artists.) 759-9 Vi8he 

Contains two chapters on Frans Hals. 
List of pictures by Van Dyck, p.71-83. 
Short popular handbook. 

HURLL, Estelle May, ed. 

Van Dyck; a collection of 15 pictures and a portrait of the 
painter, with introduction and interpretation. 1902. 

(Riverside art series.) 759-9 ViSh 

"On books of reference," 


KNACKFUSS, Hermann. 

A. van Dyck, [in German]. 1896. (Kiinstler-monogra- 

phien.) qr7S9.9 Vi8k 

Van Dyck; tr. by Campbell Dodgson. 1899. (Monographs 

on artists.) q759.9 Vi8k 

"Interesting study. .. full of sound, critical judgment." Spectator, 1899. 
Many excellent illustrations. 

LAW, Ernest. 

Vandyck's pictures at Windsor castle historically and critically 

described. 1899 qr7S9.9 V18I 

Thirty large plates in photogravure, accompanied by descriptive and 
critical text and some historical notes concerning the personages 
represented in the portraits. 


Fifty masterpieces of Anthony Van Dyck, selected from the 
pictures exhibited at Antwerp, 1899, described and his- 
torically explained, with a sketch of the life of the artist. 
1900 qr759.9 Vi8r 

759.92 Japanese school 

HOLMES, Charles John. 

Hokusai. 1899 759-92 H69h 

A distinguished Japanese artist (i 760-1849) vv-ho is best known by his 
illustrations and drawings, but who also did some fine color prints and 
a few paintings. Illustrated with 20 reproductions of drawings and 
color prints. 

VIENNA — Kaiserlich-konigliches osterreichisches handels- 
Japanische vogelstudien; [plates]. 1895 qr7S9.92 V31 

Reproductions in colors of 12 Japanese studies of birds. 

760 Engraving 

CHAPIN, Willis O. 

Masters and masterpieces of engraving. 1894 q76o C36 

"Both in its text and illustrations this book is useful to those who wish 
to begin' the study of prints. The illustrations are reproductions in 
fac-simile, or reduced, of important prints in different kinds. Wood- 
engraving as well as engraving on metal is included." Russell Sturgis. 

The same. 1894 qr76o C36 

DELABORDE, Henri, vicomte. 

La gravure; precis elementaire de ses origines, de ses pro- 
cedes et de son histoire. [1882.] (Bibliotheque de I'en- 

seignement des beaux-arts.) 760 D38 

DUPLESSIS, Georges Gratet-. 

Wonders of engraving. 1886. (Wonders of art and archjE- 

ology.) 760 D93 

Brief popular history of engraving in England and Europe. 

HAMERTON, Philip Gilbert. 

Drawing and engraving; a brief exposition of technical 

principles and practice. 1892 r76o H19 

Consists of the author's articles in the "Encyclopaedia Britannica," 9th 
ed., with some additions and illustrations. The article on drawing 
gives its history in different nations. The article on engraving 
describes the different processes. 


KLACKNER. Christian. 

Proofs and prints, engravings and etchings ; how they are 
made, their grades, qualities and values, and how to select 

them. 1884 760 K31 

LOSTALOT, Alfred de. 

Les precedes de la gravure. 1886. (Bibliotheque de I'en- 

seignement des beaux-arts.) 760 L91 

Popular account of the history of engraving and its processes, including 
different forms of photographic reproduction. Many illustrations. 

PENNELL, Joseph. 

Illustration of books. 1895 760 P39 

"In this little volume the practical instructions to pen draughtsmen 
who wish to work for reproduction are given in a compact form. 
. . . The author is an enthusiast for the art of which he treats and 
to which he has devoted himself." Russell Sturgis. 


Histoire de I'art pendant la revolution, considere princi- 
palement dans les estampes, suivi d'une etude sur J. B. 
Greuze; avec une notice biographique par Anatole de 
Montaiglon. 2v. in i. 1863 760 R34 

"Liste hibliographique et chronologique des ouvrages et des opuscules de 
Jules Renouvier," p. 17-24. 

RUSKTN. John. 

Ariadne Florentina; wood and metal engraving. 1892 760 R89 

Contents: Definition of the art of engraving. — Relation of engraving 
to other arts in Florence. — Technics of wood engraving. — Technics 
of metal engraving.^ — Design in the German schools of engraving, 
(Holbein and Durer). — Design in the Florentine schools of engrav- 
ing,. (Sandro Botticelli). — Notes on the present state of engraving 
in England. — Detached notes. 

"The reader will understand that this is not a g^ide to the collector 
or student of old prints. It is an imaginative appeal in favor of 
certain supposed meanings found by the author in prints which he 
loves. It is a fascinating pursuit to read into works of art meanings 
which they can be made to contain, but it is better art criticism, 
and on the whole more instructive, to try hard to ascertain what 
was the artist's meaning. As regards the archaeological study of the 
art of engraving, Mr. Ruskin has never given thought to such study, 
hence his statement of facts is generally open to objection." Russell 

SINGER, Hans Wolfgang, & Strang, William. 

Etching, engraving and other methods of printing pictures. 

1897 760 S61 

Bibliography, p. 188-221. 

Has three main heads — relief, intaglio and plane prints — under each 
of which is given a clear account of the various processes employed 
and of the characteristic effects which can be obtained. The last 
chapter is devoted to the various photo-mechanical processes, which the 
authors strongly condemn from an artistic view point. 

SLATER, John Herbert. 

Engravings and their value, with a dictionary of engravers 

and their works. 1897 760 S63 

"Works of reference useful to collectors," P.8S-92. 

Gives historical and technical information useful to connoisseurs. The 
dictionary does not include artists who were living in 1896. 

VOLKMER, Ottomar. 

Die technik der reproduction von militar-karten und planen, 
nebst ihrer vervielfaltigung. 1885. (Hartleben's chemisch- 
technische bibliothek.) T760 V37 


WEDMORE. Frederick. 

Fine prints. 1897. (Collector series.) 760 W41 

Bibliography, p. 245-249. 

Little companion and guide for the inexperienced collector of prints, 
telling about prices and impressions, and giving much useful in- 
formation about the masters of engraving, .\uthor is most interested 
in etching, and says nothing about the engravers on wood. 

761 Wood-engraving 

ANDERSON, William, b. 1842. 

Japanese wood engravings; their history, technique and char- 
acteristics. 1895. (Portfolio monographs.) qr76l A5S 

"Should be noted as written by an entirely trustworthy scholar. . .Japan- 
ese Prints and Color... are here treated briefly but well." Russell 
Many illustrations in color and black and white. 

CHATTO. William Andrew. 

Treatise on wood engraving, historical and practical; with 
illustrations engraved on wood by John Jackson [and] 
a new chapter on the artists of the present day by H. G. 

Bohn. 1861 qr76l C39 

LINTON, William James. 

History of wood-engraving in America. 1882 qr76i L72 

"By one of the most able and truly artistic engravers of mod^n times 
on his own art, its technicalities and true nature, and its history. Mr. 
Linton is one of those very few artists who know how to write upon 
art. In reading his work one learns not only much about wood- 
engraving, but also much about art as the artist see it." Russell 

Wood-engraving; a manual of instruction. 1884 761 L72 

"Works for reference," p. 117-124. 
STRANGE, Edward Fairbrother. 

Japanese illustration: a history of the arts of wood-cutting 

and colour printing in Japan. 1897 761 S89J 

Treats briefly in chronological order the artists of successive periods 
from the beginning of color-printing, with specimens of their work. 
Useful guide to collectors of Japanese prints. 

WOODBERRY, George Edward. 

. History of wood-engraving. 1883 761 W85 

List of the principal works upon wood-engraving useful to students, 

A philosophic and literary rather than a technical history, .\uthor says 
that he has "treated wood-engraving, in its principal works, as a 
reflection of the life of men and an illustration of successive phases 
of civilization." Many excellent illustrations. 

762 Copper and steel engraving 

TOIFEL, Wilhelm F. 

Handbuch der chemigraphie; hochatzung in zink, kupfer 
und anderen metallen fiir buchdruck. 1896. (Hart- 

leben's chemisch-technische bibliothek.) r762 T57 

WHELPLEY, George Frederick. 

Practical instruction in the art of letter engraving. 1894 762 W6l 

For beginners. Describes the selection, use and care of tools, the vari- 
ous alphabets used, and the methods of drawing and engraving them, 




763 Lithography 

BOUCHOT, Henri. 

La lithographic. 1895. (Bibliotheque de renseignement 

des beaux-arts.) 763 B65 

"One of the books of an excellent series, and not inferior to the others. 
Even the reproductions, though on so small a scale, are of utility to 
the student." Russell Sturgis. 
Many illustrations. 


Catalogue of an exhibition illustrative of a centenary of ar- 
tistic lithography, 1796-1896. 1896 r763 G93 

Bibliography, p. 11-25. 

Illustrated with 20 photo-engravings. 

KOLLER, Theodor. 

Die vervielfaltigungs- u. copir-verfahren, nebst den dazuge- 
horigen apparaten und utensilien. 1892. (Hartleben's 

chemisch-technische bibliothek.) r763 K36 

PENNELL, Joseph, & Mrs Elizabeth (Robins). 

Lithography and lithographers; some chapters in the his- 
tory of the art. 1898 qr763 P39 

"Is to a large extent historical, and much space has been accorded to the 
consideration of the part played by Senefelder, the inventor, and his 
contemporaries in the initial stages of the art, and in its progress 
during the first half of this century. . .But the authors are, perhaps, 
best worth reading when they treat of the revival of the art during the 
last ten years. The criticisms and technical suggestions which espe- 
cially characterise this latter stage of the work are of the utmost value, 
coming as they do from those of whom one is well known to be prac- 
tically acquainted with the subject." Studio, 1899. 

764 Chromolithography. 766 Mezzotint 

PROGRESSIVE lithograph proofs of a cover of Scribner's 

magazine. 1896 qr764 P96 

Printed in lo colors. 

WHITMAN. Alfred. 

Masters of mezzotint; the men and their work. 1898 qr766 W64 

The appendix contains a catalogue of mezzotints by Charles Turner. 
Account of the invention of the art on the continent about 1640, its 

introduction into England ■ and its development as a British art. 

Does not include the work of artists living in 1897. Many fine 


767 Etching. Dry-point 

BINYON. Laurence. 

Dutch etchers of the 17th century. 1895. (Portfolio mono- 
graphs.) qr769 R33h 

Short comparative study of the most notable etchers, excluding Rem- 
brandt and his school. Illustrated. 
Bound with Hamerton's "Etchings of Rembrandt." 

HALfiVY. M.K. ed. 

L'eau-forte. 2v. [1888.] qr767 H16 

Consists of etchings from the paintings of leading modern artists, Alma- 
Tadema, Bastien-Lepage, Boughton, Dore, Dupre, Burne-Jones, Hen- 
ner and others. 



HAMERTON, Philip Gilbert. 

Etcher's handbook. 1881 767 Hipe 

Practical treatise giving detailed directions, and the theories and pro- 
cesses of masters of the art. 

Etching and etchers. 1888 767 H 19 

"Extremely valuable as at once a treatise on the practice of the art and a 
history of its development from the 15th century to date." Russell 

HUSNIK, Jacob. 

Die zinkatzung; (chemigraphie, zinkotypie). 1896. (Hart- 

leben's chemisch-technische bibliothek.) r767 H96 

KRUGER, Julius. 

Die zinkogravure; oder, Das aetzen in zink zur herstellung 
von druckplatten aller art; nebst anleitung zum aetzen in 
kupfer, messing, stahl u. a. metallen. 1892. (Hartleben's 

chemisch-technische bibliothek.) r767 K42 

LALANNE, Maxime. 

Treatise on etching; text and plates; tr. by S. R. Koehler. .q767 L16 
"List of works on etching," p.75-79. 

The same; tr. and arranged by J. A. Delaborde r767 L16 

English and French text. 

Simple and lucid practical treatise. Illustrated with etchings by the 
author, considered by so good an authority as Hamerton to be the 
best French etcher of the time (1870). The translation by Koehler 
has an introduction and notes giving directions and suggestions for 
the beginner. 


Technik der radirung; eine anleitung zum radiren und aetzen 
auf kupfer. 1888. (Hartleben's chemisch-technische bib- 
liothek.) r767 R64 


Das aetzen der metalle fiir kunstgewerbliche zwerke. 

1888. (Hartleben's chemisch-technische bibliothek.) . . .r767 S38 
WEDMORE, Frederick. 

Etching in England. 1895 r767 W41 

"Treats the art of etching as it has existed in England during the pres- 
ent century, in brief notices of its different masters, such as Turner, 
Wilkie, Geddes, Palmer, Haden, Whistler, Legros, and others. The 
reproductions are not all of equal excellence and some are defective." 
Russell Sturgis. 

769 Collections of engravings 

ALTDORFER, Albrecht. 

Albrecht Altdorfer; 71 woodcuts photographically reproduced 
in facsimile, with an introduction by T. S. Moore. 1902. 
(Little engravings, classical and contemporary, no.i.). .qr769 A46 
BLAKE, William. 

Etchings from his works, by W. B. Scott ; with descriptive 

text. 1878 qr769 B52e 

10 full-page plates. The subjects, mostly biblical, include the "Nativ- 
ity," "St. Matthew and the angel," the "Creation of Eve," "Adam 
and Eve in Paradise" and "Eve eating the forbidden fruit." 

lUystrations of the book of Job, with descriptive letter- 
press by C. E. Norton. 1875 QJ'769 B52 

Sketch of the artist's life and works, by C. E. Norton, p.ii-31. 

"The glory of Job. . .is not in the engraving, but in the invention, which. 


beautiful in the soft and idyllic passages, rises into sublimity when the 
theme appeals strongly to the creative imagination. It is especially re- 
markable as being one of the very few instances of a worthy represen- 
tation of the Almighty. . .On the whole, though others of Blake's 
designs may be more transcendent of ordinary human faculty, he has 
scarcely executed anything displaying all his faculties so well combined 
and in such perfect equilibrium; and, were it necessary to rest his fame 
upon one set of works, this would probably be selected." Richard 
Garnett's William Blake. 

William Blake; being all his woodcuts photographically repro- 
duced in facsimile, with an introduction by Laurence Bin- 
•yon. 1902. (Little engravings, classical and contempor- 

** ary, no.2.) qr769 Bs2w 

[BOOK of plates.] 2v r769 B63 

V.I contains old engraved portraits of distinguished people; v.2 has 
early engravings of American scenery and buildings, with some 
foreign views. 

CURTIS, Charles Berwick. 

Rembrandt's etchings; fifty etchings reproduced by the 
photogravure process, with biography of Rembrandt. 

1888 qr769 R33C 

CUST, Lionel. 

Engravings of Albrecht Diirer. 1894. (Portfolio mono- 
graphs.) qr769 D94C 

Biographical sketch, with some very fine reproductions of his en- 

DEUCHAR, David. 

Collection of etchings after eminent masters of the Dutch and 
Flemish schools, particularly Rembrandt, Ostade, Cor- 
nelius, Bega and Van Vliet qr769 D48 

DURAND, Asher Brown. 

Catalogue of [his] engraved work, exhibited at the Grolier 

■ club, 1895. 189s r769 D93 

Sketch of Durand, p.3-11. 
DtJRER, Albrecht. 

Passion of Christ, pourtrayed by Albert Durer; ed. by Henry 

Cole. 1870 769 D94 

Wood-engravings. These reproductions are from stereotype casts of the 
original blocks now in the British museum. 

HAMERTON, Philip Gilbert. 

Etchings of Rembrandt. 1894. (Portfolio monographs.) . .qr769 R33h 
"A well arranged and useful account of a subject which the author has 
made peculiarly his own. The illustrations are numerous and very 
good." Russell Sturgis. 


Fac-simile reprints, v.i-12, 14-15. 1869-84 qr769 H69 

v.i. Holbein, Hans. Les simulachres & histoirees faces de la mort, 
commonly called The dance of death. 
, v.2. Holbein, Hans. Icones historiarum Veteris testament!. 

v.3. Mirrour of maiestie; or. The badges of honour conceitedly em- 

V.4. Alciati, Andrea. Kmblematum fontes quatuor. 

v.s. Alciati, Andrea. Emblematum f lumen abundans; or, Alciat's em- 
blems in their full stream. 

V.6. Grimaldi, Alexander. Funeral oration, Jan. 19, 1550, for Andrea 
Alciati, with a translation into English. 

v.7. Ammon, Jobst. Theatre of women. 

V.8. Tempesta, Antonio. The four evangelists, Arabic and Latin, with 
woodcuts designed by -Antonio Tempesta; ed. by Alfred Aspland. 

V.9-11. Burgmair, Hans. Triumph of the Emperor Maximilian I, with 
woodcuts designed by Hans Burgmair; ed. by Alfred Aspland. 


V.I 2. Altdorfer, Albrccht. Fall of man, with an introduction by W. B. 

V.14. Ars moriendi; ed. by W. H. Rylands. 
V.15. Pfintzing, Melchior. Adventures of Tewrdannckh; ed. by W. H. 


Representations of the embossed, chased and engraved 
subjects and inscriptions which decorate [its] tobacco 

box and cases. 1824 qr769 P28 

Plates, with an introduction giving the history of this curious box and 
its cases from 17 13. 


Engravings on wood [25], by members of the society, with 

descriptive te.xt by W. M. Laffan. 1887 qr769 S67 

Contents: Mystery of life, by Carl Marr. — Quadroon girl, by George 
Fuller. — The listeners, by W. M. Hunt.— The entombment, by Giotto. 
— Among the old poets, by Walter Shirlaw. — The cobblers, by E. 
M. Ward.— Lacing the sandal, by F. D. Millet. — In the enemy's 
country, by Gilbert Gaul. — Portrait of a child, by J. W. Alexander. — 
The sibyl, by F. S. King. — .\ difference, by E. H. Blashfield. — A 
morning, by George Inness.- — Flying Dutchman, by A. P. Ryder. — 
Portrait of himself, by W. M. Hunt. — Rent day, by Alfred Kappes. — 
"I'm perfectly happy," by J. G. Brown. — The three Marys, by John 
La Farge. — The lady and horse, by A. H. Thayer. — Identity, by Elihu 
Vedder. — A waterfall by moonlight, by R. A. Blakelock. — Exchanging 
confidences, by F. C. Jones. — One day in June, by W. T. Smedley. — - 
Miles Standish's challenge, by E. A. -Abbey. — New England peddler, 
by Eastman Johnson. — The roadside, by R. S. Gifford. 

TURNER, Joseph Mallord William. 

Liber studiorum; plates, each accompanied by a critical 

notice by Stopford Brooke. 2v. 1899 qr769 T86 

Reproductions in facsimile by the autotype process. 

"Made up of original studies carefully drawn, and conceived for the 
purpose of engraving — most of them etched on the copper by him- 
self, their engraving carried on day by day under his own eye, and 
sometimes done by his own hand... The publication of the book be- 
gan in 1807, and was carried on at intervals for twelve years... 71 
plates were issued, and then, there being but small sale for the work, 
the publication was dropped." Stopford A. Brooke, in preface. 

770 Photography 

ABBOTT, Henry George, pseud. 

Modern photography in theory and practice; a hand book for 

the amateur. 1898 770 A13 

ABNEY, Sir William de Wiveleslie. 

Instruction in photography. 1900 7/0 Ai5i 

Exhaustive treatise. 

Treatise on photography. 1897. (Text-books of science.) . .770 Ai5t 

"Aim of the author has been to give a rational explanation of most 
of the different phenomena to be met with in photography, and at 
the same time to give sufficient practical directions to enable the 
student to produce a picture which should be technically good, and 
also to show how photography may be made an aid to research." 
ADAMS, Washington Irving Lincoln. 

Amateur photography; a practical guide for the beginner. 

1893 770 A2ia 

Brief, simple and trustworthy guide, by the editor of the "Photographic 


In nature's image; chapters on pictorial photography. 

1898 q770 A2li 

Supplements "Sunlight and shadow," taking up figure work and portrai- 

Photographic instructor for the professional and amateur. 

1897. (Scovill photographic series.) 770 A2ip 

"Written more especially for those who know little or nothing... of pho- 
tography, yet who desire to be taught... by easy, simple methods, leav- 
ing for later instruction the. . .chemistry and science." Introduction. 

ADAMS, Washington Irving Lincoln, ed. 

•Sunlight and shadow; a book for photographers, amateur and 

professional. 1897 q770 A21 

"Not a handbook or guide to photography, but just what a photographer 
who is perfect in technique needs to enable him to make his photo- 
graphs pictures." Photographic times, 1897. 


Guide to practical photography. 1898 770 A73 

Covers very thoroughly the processes and methods ordinarily used by 
amateurs, giving only directions which the author has tested and found 

B ARNET book of photography. 1900 770 825 

Contents: Alpine photography, by Sir W. de W. Abney. — Negative mak- 
ing, by C. H. Bothamley. — Lenses, by Chapman Jones. — Portraiture, 
by Harold Baker. — Pictorial photography, by A. H. Hinton. — Archi- 
tectural photography, by J. H. Avery. — The hand camera and its use, 
by W. Thomas. — Lantern slides, by Andrew Pringle. — How to make 
enlargements, by J. A. Hodges.— P. O. P., by F. C. Lambert. — Platino- 
type printing, by A. H. Hinton. — Contact printing on bromide paper, 
by W. E. Henry. — Some useful formulas. — An introduction to carbon 
printing for beginners. — The carbon process, by T. S. Skelton. 
BEGINNER'S guide to photography; how to buy a camera and 

how to use it, by a fellow of the Chemical society 770 B38 

Simple directions for developing, printing, enlarging, making lantern 
slides, and photo-micrography. 
BLACK, Alexander. 

Photography indoors and out. 1895 770 Bsi 

"Books of reference," p.237-238. 
Tke same. 1895 r770 B51 

Opens with a simple outline of the laws of optics and chemistry which 
govern the science of photography, and proceeds, with hints as to the 
mechanical handling of the camera, to the art of the production of 
BLAKE, Alfred Howarth Ward. 

Photography; simple chapters for beginners on the art 

and practice of photography. 1899 J770 B52 

BROTHERS, Alfred. 

Photography; its history, processes, apparatus and ma- 
terials, comprising working details of all the more im- 
portant methods. 1899 770 B77 

Very thorough and complete. One of the best works on photography 
yet published (1900). 
CAFFIN, Charles Henry. 

Photography as a fine art; the achievements and possibilities 

of photographic art in America. 1901 q770 C12 

Contents: The development and present status of the photograph. — Al- 
fred Stieglitz and his work. — Gertrude Kasebter and the artistic-com- 
mercial portrait. — Methods of individual expression. — Other methods 
of individual expression. — The landscape subject. — The figure subject 
in pictorial photography. 
Appeared in Everybody's magazine and in Camera notes. 
Very fully illustrated. 


EMERSON, Peter Henry. 

Naturalistic photography for students of the art. 1899. (Sco- 

vill photographic series.) 770 Es8 

Essays on artistic photography, giving the author's opinions on art, and 
information on technique and practice. Scarcely elementary enough 
for beginners, but valuable to photographers of some experience. 

HINTON, Alfred Horsley. 

Practical pictorial photography. 2v. in i. 1898. (Amateur 

photographer's library.) 770 H57 

HUSNIK, Jacob. 

Das gesammtgebiet des lichtdrucks die emailphotographie 
und anderweitige vorschriften zur umkehrung der nega- 
tiven und positiven glasbilder. 1894. (Hartleben's che- 

misch-technische bibliothek.) r770 H96g 

Die reproductions-photographic, sowohl fiir halbton- als 
strichmanier, nebst den bewahrtesten copirprocessen 
zur uebertragung photographischer glasbilder aller art 
auf zink und stein. 1895. (Hartleben's chemisch-tech- 

nische bibliothek.) r770 H96r 

JOHNSON, Robert, & Chatwood, A. B. 

Photography, artistic and scientific. 1895 770 J36P 

States simply and clearly the laws of artistic composition, and those 
which govern the physical and chemical processes employed in pho- 
tography. Aims to give "the fundamental principles which must guide 
[the reader] in the selection of his subjects and in their reproduction 
by means of his camera." 

JONES, H. Chapman. 

Introduction to the science and practice of photography. 

1895 770 J39 

A comprehensive, reliable treatise, more thorough and scientific than 
most works. Not suitable for beginners. 

KRUGER, Julius. 

Handbuch der photographic der neuzeit, mit besonderer 
beriicksichtigung des bromsilber-, gelatine-, emulsion- 
verfahrens. 1884. (Hartleben's chemisch-technische 

bibliothek.) r770 K42h 

Contains a section on photographic reproduction processes and one on 
photographic optics and mechanics. 
Die photographic; oder, Die anfertigung von bildlichen 
darstellungen auf kiinstlichem wege. 1893. (Hart- 
leben's chemisch-technische bibliothek.) r770 K4Z 

LA SIZERANNE, Robert de. 

La photographic, est-elle un art? 1899 qr770 L34 

The many illustrations go far to justify the author's claim that photog- 
raphy is an art. 

LEAPER, Clement J. 

First principles of photography; an elementary treatise on 
the scientific principles upon which practical photography 

depends. 1892 770 L45 

Not a handbook, but an extremely thorough and well-written manual 
of the chemical and physical facts underlying photography. 

LIETZE, Ernst. 

Modern heliographic processes; a manual of instruction in 
the art of reproducing drawings, etc. by the action of 
light, for the use of engineers, architects and scientists. 
1888 qr77o L69' 


MACLEAN. Hector. 

Photography for artists ; brief and useful information respect- 
ing the many uses of photography in various walks of the 

pictorial and allied arts. 1896 770 MiQp 

"Books recommended," p. 149-150. 

NICOL, John. 

Right road to photography ; a course of instruction in the the- " 

ory and practice of the art. 1898. (Gennert photographic 

library.) 770 N-?l 

^ ., .•_^'A really helpful introduction to every-day photography." Photo-minia- 
^ "^^ ture, 1899. 

PALTRIDGE, George Henry. 

Photographic instruction text; a systematic course and work- 
ing guide in all the processes which ordinarily take up the 
attention of camera workers. 1900 770 P21 

Author is (1901) instructor in photography at Lewis institute, Chicago. 


Photography at home. 1899 770 P52pho 

"Books," p.413. 

Being Photo-miniature, Nov. 1899, v.i, no. 8. 

Treats of portraiture in ordinary rooms, flash-light work, printing by ar- 
tificial light, transparencies, enlargements, printing on silk and other 
fabrics, and other photographic work which can be done on cloudy 
days or at night. 

PILDITCH, Frederick W. 

Drop-shutter photography. 1896 770 P58 

Not a text-book, but an interesting little essay on the uses and advan- 
tages of instantaneous methods, containing hints as to apparatus, selec- 
tion of subjects, etc. 

ROBINSON, Harry Perry. 

Pictorial effect in photography. 1892. (Scovill photo- 
graphic series.) 770 R55p 

The saute, with essays. 1893 770 R55p2 

Simple practical work on composition and chiaroscuro written espe- 
cially for photographers. The first of Mr Robinson's works on pho- 
tography as an art, and still (1898) a standard work. 


Das photographiren ; ein rathgeber fiir amateure und fach- 
photographen bei erlernung und ausubung dieser kunst, 
mit beriicksichtigung der neuesten erfindungen und ver- 
besserungen auf diesem gebiete. 1889. (Hartleben's 

chemisch-technische bibliothek.) r770 S34 


Das lichtpaus-verfahren; oder, Die kunst, genaue copien mit 
hilfe des lichtes unter beniitzung von silber-, eisen- imd 
chromsalzen herzustellen. 1893. (Hartleben's chemisch- 
technische bibliothek.) r770 S38 

Gives methods which can be used for copying line-drawings, with espe- 
cial attention to those giving positive copies. 

SURFACE, Matthew. 

Photography as a hobby. 1897 770 S96 

TODD, Frederick Dundas. 

First step in photography; a book for beginners in the art. 

1900 770 T5S 

Explains simply and clearly the process of making a photograph, omitting 
everything unessential to successful work. 


Reference book of practical photography. 2v. in i. 1899-1900. .770 Tssr 
Concise hints on the various branches of photographic work. By the 
editor of the Photo-beacon (1901). 

Second step in photography; an advanced handbook. 1899 . ..770 T5SS 

Sequel to First step in photography. 

Object is "to teach what is really essential to be known by one who aims 
at being an artist by photographic methods, and in addition, to lay 
. down the more elementary principles of picture-making." 
VOGEL, Ernst. 

Practical pocket-book of photography. 1893 770 V36 

For both amateurs and professionals. 

Aims to supply concise accounts of all important photographic processes. 
Gives the formulae used in the photo-chemical laboratory of the Royal 
technical high school at Berlin, in which the author is (1893) an assist- 
WATTS, W. A. & Sturmey, Henry, comp. 

Photographic reference book; ed. by J. Mcintosh. 1904. . .r770 W33 
WILSON, Edward Livingstone. 

Wilson's photographies; lessons in the art of photography. 

1881 770 W76 

The most complete handbook of photography as practised prior to 1881. 

WORTHINGTON, J. C. & Millen, J. C. 

Photographic primer; a manual of practice. 1897 770 W91 

A plain, common-sense treatise for beginners, intended to explain the 
simplest processes. 

ABNEY. Sir William de Wiveleslie. 

Evening talks at the Camera club on the action of light in 

photography. 1897. (Handbooks for photographers.). .770.1 A15 
Theoretical discussion, with account of experiments made by the author, 
who is (1901) the leading English experimentalist in photographic sub- 

770.3 Encyclopedias 

WALL, E. J. comp. 

Dictionary of photography. Ed. 6 enl. [1895.] r770.3 W17 

The same. Ed. 8 enl. 1902 r770.3 Wi7d 

Bibliography of photography, p. 74-80. 
WILSON, Edward Livingstone. 

Cyclopaedic photography; a hand-book of the terms, 
processes, formulae and appliances available in pho- 
tography. 1894 r770.3 W76 

WOODBURY, Walter E. comp. 

Encyclopaedic dictionary of photography. 1898 qr770.3 W86 

770.5 Periodicals 

AMERICAN amateur photographer; monthly, July-Dec. 1889, 

1891-92, 1898-date. v.i, 3-4, lo-date. 1889-date r770.5 A512 

AMERICAN annual of photography and photographic times- 
bulletin almanac for 1888, 1891-92, 1898, 1903-date. 

1887-date r770.5 A51 

"Anthony's international annual" was consolidated with the above in 1903. 
Contains articles on all the practical subjects interesting to amateur 
photographers. Many illustrations. 

ANTHONY'S international annual. See International an- 
nual of Anthony's photographic bulletin and American 
process year-book. 


BRITISH journal photographic almanac and photographer's 

daily companion, 1888, 1900-date. [i887]-date t^770.5 B75 

INTERNATIONAL annual of Anthony's photographic bul- 
letin and American process year-book; ed. by W. I. 
Scandlin, 1899, 1901-02. v.ii, 13-14. 1899-1901 ryjo.s I24 

Consolidated with the American annual of photography, 1903. 
Known as Anthony's international annual. 

JAHRBUCH fiir photographic und reproductionstechnik, 

1887-date. ler jahrgang-date. 1887-date r770.5 J 15 

, .-, 'id year is in 3 parts, including "Mappe mit 50 artistischen tafeln." 

Each volume contains a bibliography and a list of patents granted in 
Germany during the year for photographic and other reproductive 

PENROSE'S pictorial annual. Sec Process year book. 
PHOTO-AMERICAN; monthly, Nov. 1891-date. v.3-date. 

1892-date 1770.5 P52 

V. 1-2 issued as the Photographic herald. 

PHOTO era; a monthly magazine. May 1898-date. v.i-date. 

1899-date : qr770.5 P5282 

PHOTO-MINIATURE; a monthly magazine of photographic 

information, Apr. 1899-date. v.i-date. 1899-date. . .r770. 5 P5283 
PHOTOGRAPHIC times; monthly. v.30-date. 1898- 
date .■ qr770.5 P528 

In May 1902 the "Photographic times" and "Anthony's photographic 
bulletin" were merged into one, under the title "Photographic times- 

PRACTICAL process worker and photo-mechanical printer; 

monthly, Mar. 1896-Sept. 1898. 3v. in i. 1896-98. .. .qr770.5 P88 
Continued as supplement to the Photographic times. 

PROCESS year book; a review of the graphic arts; ed. by 

William Gamble, [ist issue]-date. 1895-date qr770.5 P96 

Also called "Penrose's pictorial annual." 

SUN and shade; a photographic record of events, with an art 
supplement; monthly, July 1888-Dec. 1889, Sept. 1891- 

Aug. 1892. v.i-2, [no. 1-4], V.4. 1888-92 qr770.5 S95 

Picture periodical without letterpress. Contains photographs from life, 

and photogravure reproductions of various works of art. 
None issued in August and September 1888. 

WILSON; Edward Livingstone, ed. 

Photographic mosaics; an annual record of photographic 

progress. 27th year-date. 1891-date r770.5 W76 

1896, 1900 wanting. 

YEAR book of photography and amateur's guide. v.40-date. 

1899-date r770.5 Y21 


Constitution, by-laws, officers and members. 1898 r770.6 P67 

770.8 Exhibitions 

Illustrated catalogue of the annual international salon and 

exhibition (ist-2d), 1898-99. [1898-99.] r770.8 P67 


770.9 History of photography 

HARRISON, William Jerome. 

History of photography, written as a practical guide and 
introduction to its latest developments. 1887. (Scovill's 

photographic series.) 770.9 H31 

Biographic sketch of the author, by W. I. L. Adams, p. 134-136. 

STORY, Alfred Thomas. 

Story of photography. 1898. (Library of useful stories.) . .770.9 S88 
"Written, not so much with the object of producing a manual to teach 
photography as an art, but, while giving due weight to that side of the 
subject, to present it in its more scientific aspects." Introduction. 

VOGEL, Hermann Wilhelm. 

Progress of photography since 1879, with special consider- 
ation of emulsion photography and an additional chap- 
ter on photography for amateurs. 1883 770.9 V36 

771 Technique. Apparatus. Materials 

HOLMES, W. D. & Griswold, E. P. comp. 

Photographers' book of practical formulae. 1888 771 H73 


Hand-camera work. 1899 77i P52h 

"Books," p.141. 

Being Photo-miniature, June 1899, v.i, no. 3. 

Tells the points to be considered in selecting a hand camera, the lenses 

most useful for various purposes, the limitations of the hand camera, 

methods of developing, etc. 


Die kiinstlerische photographie; nebst einem anhange iiber 
die beurtheilung und technische behandlung der negative 
photographischer portrate und landschaften. 1889. (Hart- 

leben's chemisch-technische bibliothek.) r77i S33 

Intended more particularly for the professional photographer. Treats of 
studio arrangement, lighting, grouping, retouching, etc. 

771.01 Chemistry 

MELDOLA, Raphael. 

Chemistry of photography. 1889 .771.01 M58 

"A series of lectures delivered to a class of advanced students by a 
celebrated English professor of chemistry. The author is the dis- 
coverer of several important chemical products used in photography. 
The work is a valuable one to the chemist who seeks knowledge about 
the chemistry of the art." 


Chemical notions for photographers. 1900 771.01 P52 

"Books," p.260. 

Being Photo-miniature, Sept. 1900, v.2, no.i8. 

Simple introduction to the every-day chemistry of photography. 

TOWNSEND, Charles F. 

Chemistry for photographers. [1897.] 771.01 T66 

VOGEL, Hermann Wilhelm. 

Chemistry of light and photography in their application to 
art, science and industry. 1889. (International scien- 
tific series.) 771.01 V36 



771. II Camera 

MASSfi, Henri Jean Louis Joseph. 

The camera and its appurtenances. 1895 77iii M45 

Aids in the selection of the camera, lenses and other apparatus. 

771.12 Optical parts. Lenses. Telephotography 

DA-LLMEYER, Thomas Rudolphus. 

Telephotography; an elementary treatise on the construc- 
tion and application of the telephotographic lens. 
1899 771.12 D16 

Bibliography, p. 147-148. 

Author was one of the first to attempt an arrangement of lenses which 
would give an enlarged image of a distant object without the use of 
an excessively long camera. This book sums up our present (1899) 
theoretical and practical knowledge of such lenses, which are useful 
for obtaining correct perspective effects in ordinary work, as well as 
for photographing distant views. 

HODGES, John A. 

Photographic lenses; how to choose and how to use. 

1895 771.12 H66 

Elementary in character; devoid of technical terms. Explains in simple 
language the properties and uses of different photographic lenses. 

MARRIAGE, Ernest. 

Elementary telephotography. 1901 771.12 M41 

"This book is meant to serve two purposes — to show those who are un- 
acquainted with telephotography the advantages gained by its practice, 
to help them in the selection of apparatus and to assist telephotogra- 
phers who often have no guide by which to determine their exposures." 

MILLS, Frederick William, & Ponton, A. C. 

Stenopaic or pin-hole photography. 1895 771.12 M69 


Modern lenses. 1899 771.12 P52 

"Books," P.3S-36. 

Being Photo-miniature, April 1899, v.i, no.i. 

Plain instruction to assist the amateur in choosing and using lenses in- 
telligently. Includes an account of the newer anastigmatic lenses. 

771. 15-771.24 Studio. Artificial light 

BOLAS, Thomas. 

The photographic studio; a guide to its construction, design 

and the selection of a locality. 1895 771-15 B59 

MASSfi, Henri Jean Louis Joseph. 

The dark-room and its equipment. 1896 771.16 M45 

Hints as to the economical equipment and arrangement of dark-rooms 
for amateurs. 


Photography at night. 1893 771.22 D86 

Contents: The sources of light. — Portraiture. — Copying. — Enlargements 
from negatives. — Printing by contact. — Transparencies. — The processes. 
— Notes and additions. 
Confined entirely to the practical side of the processes described. 

GUERIN, Fitz-William. 

Portraits in photography by the aid of flash light. 


[1898.] 771.221 G95 

A series of photographs taken by the flash-light, with concise explana- 
tions of the method of posing and lighting. 

ABNEY, Sir William de Wiveleslie. 

Instantaneous photography. 1895 771-24 AiS 

Records the results of much original work, and gives a large amount of 
valuable general information on instantaneous methods. 

771,3 Developing 


The photographic image: a theoretical and practical treatise 
of the development in the gelatine, collodion, ferrotype 

and silver bromide paper processes. 1891 771-3 D86 

Scarcely elementary enough for beginners, but contains information of 
value to those who have some knowledge of the subject. 

PENLAKE, Richard. 

Developers; their use and abuse. 1896 771-3 P39 

Describes the advantages and disadvantages of some of the more popu- 
lar developers, with directions for their use and a number of formulae 
for each. 


Developers and development. 1900 771-3 P52 

"Books," p. 571. 

Being Photo-miniature, Feb. 1900, v.i, no. 11. 
Intensification and reduction. 1900 771-3 P52i 

"Books," p.126. 

Being Photo-miniature, June 1900, v.2, no. 15. 

Describes methods for the improvement of faulty negatives. 

771.4 Finishing. Retouching 

ARNOLD, Hans. 

Die negativ-retouche nach kunst- und naturgesetzen. 1892. 

(Hartleben's chemisch-technische bibliothek.) r77i.4 A75 

Extremely complete in all branches of the theory and practice. Includes 
chapters on lighting, exposure and development, and their relation to 

, Art of retouching, with chapters on portraiture and flash-light 

photography. 1900. (Amateur photographer's library.) . .771.4 H87 
JOHNSON, Robert. 

Complete treatise on the art of retouching photographic 
negatives, and clear directions how to finish and colour 

photographs. 1898 771-4 J36 

LAMBERT, Frederick Charles. 

The perfect negative ; chapters on after-treatment of the neg- 
ative. 1900. (Amateur photographer's library.) 771-4 L18 

Treats of fixing, washing, drying, hardening, clearing, intensifying, re- 
ducing, etc. 


Retouching negatives and prints. 1900 771-4 P52 

"Books." p.620. 

Being Photo-miniature, March 1900, v.i, no. 12. 
YOUNG, Andrew. 
. A B C of retouching. 1897. (Popular photographic 

series.) 771-4 Y36 


771.5 Printing 


Photographic printing methods. 1896. (Scovill photo- 
graphic series.) 771-5 B88 

Full, clear directions for preparing and using the different kinds of 
papers, with chapters on enlargements, lantern slides, photo-mechanical 
printing methods, etc. 

JUST, E. A. 

Bromide paper ; instructions for contact printing and enlarg- 
ing. 1896 771.5 J53 

Practical directions for all branches of bromide paper work, by a recog- 
nized authority. 

MACLEAN, Hector. 

Popular photographic printing processes. 1898 771-5 M19 

Describes the different varieties of paper now used, telling the advan- 
tages and disadvantages of each, and giving explicit directions for their 


Bromide printing and enlarging. 1900 771-5 P52 

"Books," p. 171. 

Being Photo-miniature, July 1900, v. 2, no. 16. 


Die lichtempfindlichen papiere der photographic. 1895. 

(Hartleben's chemisch-technische bibliothek.) r77i.5 S85 

Gives the theory of the various papers, and the methods of using them; 

and describes their manufacture, both in large factories and by the 

Includes a short account of the manufacture and use of dry plates. 


The "blue-print" and its variations. 1900 771-53 P52 

"Books," p. 514. 

Being Photo-miniature, Jan. 1900, v.i, no. 10. 

Devoted to the pictorial possibilities of the various printing processes 
based on the use of light-sensitive iron salts. 

771.6 Mounting. Framing 

LAMBERT, Frederick Charles. 

Mounts and frames, and how to make them. 1898. (Ama- 
teur photographer's library.) 771-6 L18 


Trimming, mounting and framing. 1900 771-6 P52 

Being Photo-miniature, Nov. 1900, v.2, no. 20. 

772 Silver and iron processes 


Photographic reproduction processes; a practical treatise of 
the photo-impressions without silver salts. 1891. (Scovill 

photographic series.) 772 D86 

While giving all the methods for printing without silver salts, treats with 
most fulness the blue-print, platinotype and carbon processes. 


American hand book of the daguerreotype. 1858 r772.11 H92 



Albumen and plain paper printing. 1900 772.13 PS2 

"Books," p. 386. 

Being Photo-miniature, Dec. 1900, v.2, no. 21. 

GAMBLE, Charles W. 

Introduction to the practice of wet collodion photography. 

1895. (Amateur photographer's library.) 772.14 G16 

Does not attempt to explain all the processes used, but gives an ele- 
mentary treatment of the more important. 

WOODBURY, Walter E. 

Aristotypes and how to make them. 1893. (Scovill's pho- 
tographic series.) 772.15 W86 

Treats of both the gelatin and collodion processes, giving full directions 
for preparing the papers, printing, etc. 

BROWN, George E. 

Ferric and heliographic processes; a handbook for photog- 
raphers, draughtsmen and sun printers. [1900.] 772.2 B78 

Bibliography, p. 127-128. 

Describes especially the processes used for reproducing mechanical 

FERROTYPER'S guide; a complete manual of instruction in 
the art of ferrotyping, written by an active ferrotyper. 

1896 772.2 F42 

ABNEY, Sir William de Wiveleslie, & Clark, Lyonel. 

Platinotype; its preparation and manipulation. 1895 772-3 A15 

Clear, accurate description of the different processes, giving their history, 
chemistry and the methods of their practical application. 


Platinotype processes. 1899 772.3 PS2 

"Books," P.3S4-3SS- 

Being Photo-miniature, Oct. 1899, v.i, no. 7. 


Handbook of the platinotype process of photographic print- 
ing. [1899.] 772.3 W24 

773 Gelatin and pigment processes 

B5LTE, Max. 

Carbon printing; explicit instructions for professional and 

amateur photographers. 1900 nT)-"^ B61 


Carbon process. 1900 773-1 PS2 

"Books," p. 222. 

Being Photo-miniature, Aug. 1900, v.2, no. 17. 


"A. B. C." guide to the making of autotype prints in per- 
manent pigments. 1899 773-II S27 

Practical guide to carbon-printing, by the former director of the Autotype 
works, London. 

MASKELL, Alfred, & Demachy, Robert. 

Photo-aquatint ; or, The gum-bichromate process ; a practical 
treatise on a new process of printing in pigment especially 
suitable for pictorial workers. 1898. (Amateur photogra- 
pher's library.) 773-5 M44 



Handbook to the gum-bichromate process. [1898.] 773-5 W24 

775 Photo-lithography 

FRITZ, Georg. 

Photo-lithography; tr. by E. J. Wall. 1895 775 F9S 

The most complete and practical work yet published in English (1900). 

"' 777 Photo-engraving 

AUSTIN, Arthur Converse. 

Practical half-tone and tri-color engraving. 1898 ^7'7^ A93 

A thorough, detailed description of the author's methods on commercial 

BLANEY, Henry R. 

Photogravure. 1895. (Scovill's photographic series.) ^^^ 653 

"A working description of the process as practised today by many of 
the leading firms in this and other countries." Preface. 


Half-tone on the American basis ; tr. fr. the German by Wil- 
liam Gamble. 1896. (Lund library of photography.) . . . ."/"]•] C89 
Practical treatise intended for those having an elementary knowledge of 
the subject. Based on the author's personal experience with Ameri- 
can methods. 

DENISON, Herbert. 

Treatise on photogravure in intaglio by the Talbot-Klic 

process. [1895.] 'JTJ D42 


Grammar of photo-engraving. 1893. (Scovill photographic 

series.) "JTJ F24 

"It has been the author's hope... to so carefully describe every branch 
of work connected with the subject, that the beginner, who knows ab- 
solutely nothing about it, may become a practical photo-engraver from 
a careful reading of the work." Preface. 

HINTON, Alfred Horsley. 

Handbook of illustration. 1894 ^^^ H57 

Describes the nature and application of the various photographic re- 
production processes. 

HUSNIK, Jacob. 

Die heliographie; oder, Eine anleitung zur herstellung druck- 
barer metallplatten aller art, sowohl fiir halbtone als auch 
fiir strich- und kornmanier; ferner die neuesten fort- 
schritte im pigmentdruck und Woodbury-verfahren, oder 
reliefdruck. 1888. (Hartleben's chemisch-technische bib- 
liothek.) r777 H96 

WHITTET. Robert. 

Photo-engraving by the half-tone enamel process. 1895. 

(Scovill's photographic series.) ^^^ W6s 

A reliable handbook, by a practical worker. 


Photo-engraving, photo-etching and photo-lithography in 
line and half-tone, also collotype and heliotype; revised 
by E. L. Wilson. 1895 TJI W73 


778 Special applications 

CHATWOOD, Arthur Brunei. 

The new photography. 1896 778 C39 

The same. 1896 r778 C39 

Contents: X-rays. — Colour photog^raphy. — Psychic photography. — Spirit 

photography. — Anaglyphs. 
Short popular descriptions without practical details. 

Industrial photography; a description of various processes of 
producing indestructible photographic images on glass, 
porcelain, metal and other substances. 1893. (Scovill's 
photographic series.) 778 D86 

Photography of special subjects 

778.11 Portraits 
PENLAKE, Richard. 

Home portraiture for amateur photographers. 1899 778.11 P39 


Pose in portraiture. 1899 778.11 P52 

"Books," p.82. 

Being Photo-miniature, May 1899, v.i, no. 2. 

Short manual of the elements of posing, intended to assist beginners in 

778.13 Outdoor photography 


Photography outdoors. 1899 778.13 P52 

"Books," p. 194. 

Being Photo-miniature, July 1899, v.i, no.4. 

Intended for "those who use the camera merely as a means of making 

for themselves reasonably faithful records of places and things as they 

saw them." 
Street photography. 1900 778.13 P52S 

"Books." p.88. 

Being Photo-miniature, May 1900, v.2, no. 14. 

HODGES, John A. 

Pictorial landscape photography. 1901 778.131 H66 

Suggestions to beginners, of some ways of avoiding or overcoming the 
difficulties in the way of obtaining artistic photographs of landscape, 
with illustrations showing different treatments of the same subject. 

ROBINSON, Harry Perry. 

Letters on landscape photography. 1888. (Scovill's photo- 
graphic series.) 778.131 R55 

Reprinted from "Photographic times." 

Intended to assist those having sufficient theoretical and practical knowl- 
edge to produce technically perfect negatives, to use this knowledge 
for pictorial purposes. 

778.14 Architecture 
COSGRAVE, Ephraim MacDowel. 

Photography and architecture; how each lends interest to 

the other. 1896. (Popular photographic series.) 778.14 C83 

Contains many architectural illustrations, mostly of churches, and some 
useful hints for those who would make photog^raphs of the exterior and 
interior of buildings. 



MIDDLETON, George Alexander Thomas. 

Architectural photography ; practical lessons and suggestions 

for amateurs. 1898. (Amateur photographer's library.) . .778.14 M67 

778.15 Children 

LOTHROP, Bertha M. 

Indoor photography and flash light studies of child sub- 
jects. 1896 778.15 L91 

^ , Small manual of hints for amateurs. Gives many illustrative photo- 
'^' graphs, with descriptions of the circumstances under which each was 


Photographing children. 1900 778.15 P52 

Being Photo-miniature, Oct. 1900, v.2, no. 19. 

778.16-778.17 Flowers. Trees. Animals 


Photographing flowers and trees. 1900 778.16 P52 

Being Photo-miniature, April 1900, v.2, no. 13. 

ENGLISH, Douglas. 

Photography for naturalists. 1901 778.17 E64 

Suggests many ingenious methods of securing photographs of animals in 
characteristic attitudes and in natural surroundings, though the author 
here treats only of animals in captivity. Illustrated. 

KEARTON, Richard. 

Wild life at home; how to study and photograph it. 1899. . .778.17 K14 
Interesting, thorough account of the apparatus and methods used by 
the author and his brother, who have been remarkably successful pho- 
tographers of wild creatures in their native haunts. Contains a large 
number of their photographs. 
WALLIHAN, Allen Grant. 

Camera shots at big game, with an introduction by Theodore 

Roosevelt. 1901 q778.i7 W18 

Mr Wallihan's hunting was in northwestern Colorado and western Wy- 
oming. His series of elk, antelope, blacktail and mountain-lion pic- 
tures are noteworthy as photographs and valuable as showing the ani- 
mals in their native haunts. 

778.18 Military photography 

REBER, Samuel. 

Manual of photography; prepared under the supervision of 

A. W. Greely for the use of the U. S. army. 1896 778.18 R25 

Explains in simple, non-technical language such of the operations of 
photography as are valuable for military purposes, especially the pro- 
cesses and methods suitable for use in the field, reconnoissance or 
topographic work. Author has had much practical experience in such 

778.22 Photography for the press 


The camera and the pen. 1896. (Popular photographic 

series.) 778.22 H45 

Short description of the various methods of producing the ordinary 
newspaper illustration, with some practical suggestions for the jour- 


PHOTOGRAPHY for the press, by the editors of "the Photo- 
gram." igor. (Photography for profit.) q778.22 PS2 

Notes on photography for newspaper and magazine illustration, giving 
hints as to what to photograph and how to prepare the prints. 

778.31 Photo-micrography 

SPITTA, Edmund J. 

Photo-micrography. 1899 qr778.3i S76 

"Dr. Spitta...has dealt with the subject very fully and from a scientific 
standpoint, so that the student who takes up this branch of the 
photographic art i% thoroughly furnished with all the information 
necessary to the accomplishment of perfect work." Nature, 1900. 

STERNBERG, George Miller. 

Photo-micrographs and how to make them. 1884 r778.3l S83 

778.4 Color photography 

BAYLEY, R. Child. 

Photography in colours. 1900. (Photography book- 
shelf.) 778.4 B33 

Outlines the principles in language easily understood by persons having 
a slight knowledge of ordinary photographic processes. 

SOLAS, Thomas, and others. 

Handbook of photography in colors. 1900 778.4 B59 

Contents: Bolas, Thomas. Historical development of heliochromy. Gen- 
eral survey of processes. Direct heliochromes on silver chloride. — Tal- 
lent, A. A. K. Tri-color photography. — Senior, Edgar. Lippmann's 
process of interference heliochromy. 
"Works on color, color photography and light," p.6s-66. 

HOFMANN, Albert. 

Die praxis der farbenphotographie nach dem dreifarben- 

prozess, nach eigenen methoden. 1900 778.4 H68 

Describes very exactly a method requiring little special apparatus. 


Orthochromatic photography. 1899 .778.4 P52 

"Books," p.306. 

Being Photo-miniature, Sept. 1899, v.i, no.6. 

Explains the advantages and disadvantages of orthochromatic plates; 
describes their manufacture, exposure, development, etc. 


Colour photography; a practical treatise for amateurs. 

1900 778.4 S64 

Describes the three-color process. 

778.5 Moving objects 

HOPWOOD, Henry V. 

Living pictures; their history, photo-production and practical 

working, with a digest of British patents. 1899 778.5 H79 

Annotated bibliog^raphy, p.254-265. 
JENKINS, Charles Francis. 

Picture ribbons; an exposition of the methods and appara- 
tus employed in the manufacture of the picture ribbons 
used in projecting lanterns to give the appearance of 
objects in motion. 1897 778.5 J25 

MUSIC 1313 

778.6 Enlargements. Reductions 

HODGES, John A. 

Practical enlarging. 1900. (Photography bookshelf.) ... .778.6 H66 
Especially for amateur photographers. Gives explicit instruction in en- 
larging by daylight and by artificial light, with directions for making 
the necessary apparatus. 


Bromide enlargements and how to make them. 1897 778.6 P58 

. • Directions for making enlargements from small negatives ; intended for 
beginners. Requires only very simple apparatus. 

778.7 Stereoscopic photography 


Stereoscopic photography. 1899 778.7 P52 

"Books," p. 249. 

Being Photo-miniature, Aug. 1899, v.i, no.s. 

ROTHWELL, Charles Frederick Seymour. 

Elements of stereoscopic photography. 1896 778.7 R76 

779 Collections of photographs 

BRAUN, (Adolphie) & CIE. 

Catalogue general des reproductions inalterables au char- 
bon d'apres les originaux peintures, fresques et dessins 
des musees d'Europe. 1896 r779 B71 

780 Music 

[Syllabi of lectures by T. W. Surette.] 1897-99. (Uni- 
versity extension lectures.) . r78o A51 

Contents: Syllabus of lectures on the great composers; classical period: 
Ballads, madrigals and masses, Bach and Handel, Haydn, Mozart, 
Beethoven. — Romantic period: Schubert, Schumann, Mendelssohn, 
Chopin, Tschaikowsky, Grieg. — Syllabus of lecture-recitals on Wagner; 
the music drama. 
BASS, Michael T. 

Street music in the metropolis. 1864 r78o B29 

Compilation by a member of Parliament, of petitions, letters, extracts 
from newspapers, debates in Parliament and other material relating 
to the regulation of street music in London. 

BERLIOZ, Hector. 

Les grotesques de la musique. 1859 r78o B45 

Anecdotes of music and musicians, with some letters by Berlioz. 

BUSBY, Thomas. 

Concert room and orchestra anecdotes. 3v. 1825 r78o B95 

Useful and amusing collection of anecdotes about music and musicians. 

CHRYSANDER, Friedrich, ed. 

Jahrbiicher fiir musikalische wissenschaft. 2v. 1863-67 r78o C46 

V.I. Klang. — Temperatur. — Joannis Tinctoris Terminorum musicat dif- 
finitorium. — Deutscher volksgesang im 14. jahrhundert. — Geschichte 
der Braunschweig- Wolfenbuttelschen capelle und oper vom :6. bis 


zum i8. jahrhundert. — Henry Carey und der ursprung des konigs- 
gesanges God save the king. — Handel's orgelbegleitung zu "Saul" und 
die neueste englische ausgabe dieses oratoriums. — Beethoven's ver- 
bindung mit Birchall und Stumpff in London. 
V.2. Das Locheimer liederbuch, nebst Der ars organisandi, von Conrad 
Paumann. — J. S. Bach und sein sohn Friedmann Bach in Halle, 1713- 
1768. — Mendelssohn's orgelbegleitung zu Israel in Aegypten. — Versuch 
einer statistik der gesangvereine und concertinstitute Deutschlands 
und der Schweiz. 

[COLLECTION of concert progpams.] [1874-83.] rySo C69 

FfiTIS, Frangois Joseph. 

Music explained to the world; or, How to understand 

music and enjoy its performance r78o F43 

FROMM, Clara, comp. 

Musikalische anthologie. 1869 rySc F96 

Selections from musicians and poets about music. 

HAWEIS, Hugh Reginald. 

Music and morals. 1872 r78o H36 

The same. 1872 780 H36 

Collection of articles about musicians, on music as an art, music in 
England and some musical instruments, particularly bells. 

My musical memories. 1884 r78o H36m 

Contains chapters on old violins, on Paganini, Liszt and Wagner. Those 
on Wagner give an interesting analysis of "Parsifal" and the "Ring 
of the Nibelung." 

HENDERSON, William James. 

What is good music? suggestions to persons desiring to cul- 
tivate a taste in musical art. 1898 780 H44 

Author intends this book for those who find pleasure in listening to 
music and who wish to have that pleasure based on judgment rather 
than on fancy. In pt. i he considers the qualities of good music: 
rhythm, melody and. harmony; vocal forms; the content of music, pt.2 
is devoted to the rendering of music, instrumental and vocal. 

HUEFFER, Francis. 

Die poesie in der musik. 1874 r78o P21I 

Contents: Wagner.- — Schubert. — Schumann. — Franz und Liszt. 
Translation of "Richard Wagner and the music of the future," the publi- 
cation of which in 1874 "brought home to amateurs the meaning of 
the modern development of dramatic and lyrical composition." 
Pamphlets hound in this volume: Ueber den bau der bogen-instrumente, 
von J. A. Otto. — Musik, klavier und klavierspiel, von K. E. Schneider. 

KALISCHER, Alfred Christian. 

Musik und moral; ein kulturhistorischer essay, v.i. 1888. .r78o P2iq 
Other pamphlets hound in this volume: Theorie der musikalischen ver- 
zierungen, von Louis Kohler. — Umriss einer gesammt-tonwissenschaft, 
von J. C. Markwort. — Die Gottidee der neuen zeit und der nothwen- 
dige ausbau des Christenthums, von Otto Mollinger.- — Worte der ver- 
theidigung und aufklarung gegen die wider meine schrift, "Die 
Gottidee der neuen zeit," gerichteten angriffe, von Otto Mollinger. — 
Proceedings of the London musical association, 4th session, 1877-78. 

KREHBIEL, Henry Edward. 

How to listen to music. 1897 780 K41 

The same. 1897 r78o K41 

To help lovers of music who are without technical training, to some 
understanding of musical forms, aims and means of expression. 

LAVIGNAC, Albert. 

Music and musicians; ed., with additions on music in America, 

by H. E. Krehbiel. 1899 780 L38 

Contents: A study of musical sound. — The materials of sound. — Gram- 
mar of music. — Esthetics. — History of the art of music. 
List of books consulted, at the end of. each chapter. 

MUSIC 1315 

LILLIE, Mrs Lucy Cecil (White). 

Story of music and musicians, for young readers. 1886 J780 L69 

The simplest rules for musical art are given, the history of the piano- 
forte is outlined, and stories of the famous musicians and their asso- 
ciations are attractively told. 

LIPSIUS, Marie, comp. 

Musikalische gedanken-polyphonie. 1873 r78i.7 V33 

"Useful and well-classified collection of utterances by eminent musicians 

touching their art." H. E. Krehbiel. 
Bound with Villoteau's "Abhandlung uber die musik des alten Aegyptens." 

LOBE, Johann Christian. 

Katechismus der musik. 1869 r78o P2it 

Other pamphlets bound in this volume: Der einfluss des zeitgeistes auf 
die entwickelung der tonkunst, von Yourij von Arnold. — Lustige und 
ernste musikantengeschichten, von C. Haass. — Die musik als gegen- 
stand des unterrichtes und der erziehung, von Lina Ramann. 

L5HNER, Johann. 

Die musik als human-erziehliches bildungsmittel. 1886.. r78o P2im 
Other pamphlets bound in this volume: Gedanken und ansichten iiber 
musik und musikzustande, von Selmar Bagge. — Der neu musikalische 
lehrjammer, von G. W. Fink. — Die entwicklung der kunst in der 
stufenfolge der einzelnen kiinste, von Ludwig Noire. — Ueber den 
ursprung der katzenmusiken, von George Phillips. — Ueber den bau 
der saiteninstrumente und deren akustik, von Heinrich Welcker von 

MARPURG, Friedrich Wilhelm. 

Legende einiger musikheiligen; ein nachtrag zu den musika- 
lischen almanachen und taschenbiichern jetziger zeit von 

Simeon Metaphrastes dem jiingern. 1786 r78o M41 

Collection of anecdotes about music and musicians. 
MELLOR, Charles Chauncey, conip. 

Scrap-book of programs and clippings on music r78o M59 

Mt)LLER, Karl Friedrich, comp. 

Musikalische original-anekdoten. 1836 r78o Mgs 

MUSICAL scrap books. 6v qr78o M98 

MUSIKALISCHER almanach auf das jahr 1782 r78o M981 

PAMPHLETS on music, [in French]. 1858-60 r78o P2ir 

PFENNINGER, Johann Conrad. 

Briefe an nicht-musiker ueber musik als sache der mensch- 

heit. 1792 r78o P2ia 

Other pamphlets bound in this volume: The true music teacher, by 
G. T. Bulling. — Influence of vocal music. — Die menschliche stimme, 
von Carl Griebel. — Feldziige und streiferein im gebiete der tonkunst, 
von Carl Gollmick. — Kunstlerfahrten vom Atlantischen bis zum Stillen 
ocean, von H. Steiner. — Die ausbildung fiir das musikalische lehrfach, 
von Gustav Stowe. 


Introduction to the skill of musick. 1703 r78o F6gi 

Contents: Grounds and principles of musick according to the gamut. — 
Instructions and lessons for the treble, tenor and bass-viols, and also 
for the treble-violin. — Art of descant; or. Composing musick in parts, 
by Henry Purcell. 

The same. 1724 r78o P69ii 

The same. 1730 r78o P69i2 

Author was a musician and publisher, and for some years under the 
commonwealth and Charles II almost monopolized the music-selling 
business. This work, first published in 1654, had great popularity 
in its day and passed through many editions. 


POLAND, Franz. 

Die musik eine sprache, am beispiele von Spontini's Ves- 

talin erlautert. 1870 r78o P2id 

Other pamphlets bound in this volume: Musikantenbilder, von Rudolph 
Gernlein. — A revolution in the art of voice education, by Mme Emma 
Roderick. — Das verbot der quinten-parallelen, von Wilhelm Tappert. 


Musikalische logik; hauptziige der physiologischen und 

psychologischen begrundung unseres musiksystems. .r78o P2ip 
Other pamphlets bound in this volume: Giovanni Paesiello; seine kurze 
biographie und asthetische darstellung seiner werke. — Acht briefe an 
eine freundin iiber clavier-unterricht, von Frau J. M. Matthieux. — True 

ROST, H.A. pub. 

Directory of the music trade and the musical profession in 

and for the United States, 1885-86. 1885 r78o R7S 

SEIDL, Arthur. 

Vom musikalisch-erhabenen; prolegomena zur aesthetik der 

tonkunst. 1887 r78o P2ib 

Other pamphlets bound in this volume: Beethoven's neunte symphonic, 
von C. R. Hennig. — Manual of harmonies for the Gregorian tones, by 
J. W. Hinton. — Some famous songs, by Mrs F. R. Ritter. — Practical 
harmony, by F. L. Ritter. 

WAGNER, Richard. 

Die kunst und die revolution. 1849 r78o W13 

Written in Paris in 1849. 

"The corner-stone of Wagner's future edifice of work and thought." 
Glasenapp's Life of Wagner. 

Prose works; tr. by W. A. Ellis. 8v. 1893-99 780 W13 

The same. 8v. 1895-99. • r78o Wi3p 

For contents see contents book, p. 162; kept at the reference desk. 

WIECK, Friedrich. 

Musikalische bauernspriiche und aphorismen. 1875 r78o P2ik 

Bound with other pamphlets. 

780.1 Philosophy and aesthetics of music 

AMBROS, August Wilhelm. 

Die granzen der musik und poesie. 1856 r78o.i A49' 

"Entertaining as well as suggestive. An answer to Hanslick's 'The 
Beautiful in Music' Free from the ordinary obscurities of meta- 
physical writing, and full of illustrations drawn from the other arts. 
It combats the notion that feelings are neither the aim nor the content 
of music, but points out the limitations of musical expression and 
warns against the extravagance of descriptive, or programme music." 
H. E. Krehbiel. 

BERTHS, Franqois Louis. 

Beethoven; drame lyrique, precede de quelques mots sur 
L'expression en musique et sur la veritable poesie dans 

la drame lyrique. 1836 r78o.i B46 

BOCKLIN de BOCKLINSAU, Sigismund August. 

Fragmente zur hohern musik und fiir asthetische tonlieb- 

haber. 1811 r78o.i B58 

CHOMET, Hector. 

Influence of music on health and life. 1875 r78o.i C45 

By a French physician. 

MUSIC 1317 

GARDINER, William. 

Music of nature. 1837 r78o.i G17 

Attempt to prove that what is pleasing in the art of singing, speaking 
and performing upon musical instruments is derived from the sounds 
of animals and cries of birds. Contains some notices of English 
singers of the time (1830) and a number of illustrative songs. 

GERVINUS, Georg Gottfried. 

Handel und Shakespeare, zur asthetik der tonkunst. 

1868 r78o.i G32 

"Critical and sesthetical work. . .ingenious parallel between his favourite 
. poet and his favourite composer, showing that their intellectual af- 
finity was based on the Teutonic origin common to both, on the 
same healthiness of their mental capacities, on their analogous in- 
tellectual development, and even on a similarity of their inclinations 
and fates." Encyclopadia Britannica. 

GODDARD, Joseph. 

Musical development; or, Remarks on the spirit of the prin- 
cipal musical forms r78o. i GS4m 

"The chapters on the intellectual position of instrumental music, on 
the basis of the literary as well as musical plan of an opera, and 
on the composition of oratorios, will assist students in their desire 
to attain genuine expression in their harmonious and melodic effects." 
Athcnccum, 1876. 

Philosophy of music. 1862 r78o.i G54 

Contents: Relationship of music to the other fine arts. — Moral theory 
of music- — Laws of life in art. 

The main proposition of the first essay is that while other forms of art, 
such as painting and sculpture, endeavor to reproduce that influence 
which created them by means of imitation, music imparts the senti- 
ment direct. 

GOODRICH, Alfred John. 

Music as a language; or, The meaning of musical sounds. 

1881 r78o.i G62 

Illustrated by examples from the best composers, analyzed and explained. 

HAGEN, Theodor. 

Civilisation und musik. 1846 r785.i E56b 

Bound with Elterlein's "Beethoven's symphonieen." 

HAND, Ferdinand Gotthelf. 

.(Esthetics of musical art. v.i. 1880 r78o.i H23 

Aesthetik der tonkunst. 2v. 1837-41 r78o.i H23a 

Exhaustive philosophical treatise. 

HANSLICK. Eduard. 

The beautiful in music; a contribution to the revisal of musi- 
cal aesthetics. 1891 780. i H24 

"One of the most gracefully written as well as keenest discussions of 
the nature and essence of music extant. Dr. Hanslick contends that 
music possesses no means for representing definite feelings. The beau- 
tiful in music, therefore, does not depend on emotional expression. 
The content of music is the musical idea, which is not only an ob- 
ject of intrinsic beauty but also an end in itself, not a means for 
representing feelings or thoughts. In reply see Ambros's 'The Boun- 
daries of Music and Poetry.' " H. E. Krehbiel, 
HESSE, Johann Georg Christian. 

Vorschule der musikalischen aesthetik. [1850.] r783.2 M77 

Bound with Mohr's "Ordinarium missae." 

JUNKER, Karl Ludwig. 

Ueber den werth der tonkunst. 1813 r78i J46 

Bound with Jousse's "Catechism of music." 

KOHLER, Louis. 

Die melodic der sprache in ihrer anwendung besonders auf 

das lied und die oper. 1853 r78o.i K36 



Die tonkunst in ihren beziehungen zu den formen und 
entwickelungsgesetzen alles geisteslebens. 1869. (Die 

tonkunst in der culturgeschichte.) r78o.i N16 

NIETZSCHE, Friedrich. 

Die geburt der tragodie aus dem geiste der musik. 1878. .r78o.l N33 
"In Nietzsche's hands the origin of tragedy became merely the text for 
an exposition of his own philosophy of art at this time [1871]." 
Havelock Ellis's Affirmations. 

PAUER, Ernst. 

Elements of the beautiful in music. 1877. (Novello, Ewer and 

co.'s music primers.) 780.1 P31 

Short essay for the amateur, based on Hand's much more elaborate 
"jEsthetics of musical art." 

RICE, Isaac Leopold. 

What is music? 1875 r78o.i R39 

Outline of the author's cosmical theory of music. 


Wie horen wir musik? 1888 r78o P2rn 

Three essays developing the author's theory about the way one regards 
music while listening to it, whether objectively or subjectively. By 
a distinguished modern German writer on musical subjects. 

Bound with other pamphlets. 


Versuch einer philosophic des schonen in der musik; oder, 

Aesthetik der tonkunst. 2v. 1838 r78o.i S33 

THIBAUT, Anton Friedrich Justus. 

Purity in music. 1882 780.1 T35 

"Sets himself firmly against all that is shallow, common, unhealthy or 
frivolous ... It is not too much to say that this book, dealing as it 
does in a spirit of great earnestness with questions which are... 
agitating the musical world, will always be of interest." Grove's 
Dictionary of music. 

Ueber reinheit der tonkunst. 1861 r78o.i T35 

TIPPER, Henry. 

The growth and influence of music in relation to civilization. 

1898 780.1 T49 

Contents: Birth of the art in the East and the West. — ^The early Chris- 
tian and middle ages. — ^The period of the renaissance. — The g:reat tone 
poets (Bach, Handel, Gluck, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven). 

TURNER, William, 1651-1740. 

Philosophical essay on musick r78o.i T86 

Treatise on time and the nature of sound. Turner was a singer and 
composer of church music. 

VISCHER, Friedrich Theodor. 

Aesthetik; oder, Wissenschaft des schonen. v.3, pt. 4. 

1857 r78o.i V3S 

v.3, pt.4. Die musik. 

Elaborate, able, but very difficult treatise. 

WAGNER, Richard. 

Beethoven; tr. by A. R. Parsons. 1872 r78o.i W13 

Critical and metaphysical essay, giving Wagner's ideas on the meaning 
of Beethoven's music. 

Das Judenthum in der musik. 1869 r78o W13 

This violent attack on Judaism in music created grreat excitement at the 
time of its first publication in 1850 and was the cause of much of 
Wagner's difficulty in gaining a hearing for his dramatic works. 

Bound with other pamphlets. 


780.3 Dictionaries 

ADAMS, John S. comp. 

5000 musical terms; a dictionary of words, phrases and signs. 

1851 r78o.3 A21 

ALLGEMEINES theater-lexikon; hrsg. von K. Herlosssohn und 

H. Marggraff. 7v. in 3. 1846 r78o.3 A43 

V.3 wanting. 
CHAMPLIN, John Denison, comp. 

Cyclopedia of music and musicians. 3v. 1888-90 qr78o.3 C35 

Particularly useful as a guide to musical literature. 

DANNELEY, John Feltham, comp. 

Encyclopaedia of music. 1825 r78o.3 D22 

ENCYCLOPADIE der musikalischen wissenschaften. jw. 

1840-42 r78o.3 E62 

GERBER, Ernst Ludwig, comp. 

Neues historisch-biographisches lexikon der tonkiinstler. 4v. 

1812-14 r78o.3 G31 

GOLLMICK, Carl, comp. 

Handlexicon der tonkunst. 2v. in i. 1857 r78o.3 G59 

GROVE, Sir George, comp. 

Dictionary of music and musicians. 4v. 1900 r78o.3 G94d 

V.4 contains index. 

"An indispensable book of reference to the serious student." H. E. 

MATHEWS, William Smith Babcock, comp. 

Pronouncing dictionary of musical terms, instruments, 

composers and important works. 1884 r78o.4 M47 v.i 

Bound with his "How to understand music." 

MENDEL, Hermann, comp. 

Musikalisches conversations-lexicon, mit erganzungsband. 

I2V. 1880-83 r78o.3 M61 

The same. v. 1-3. 1870-73 r78o.3 M6im 

"Most complete and scholarly musical encyclopaedia ever undertaken in 
German." H. E. Krehbiel. 

MOORE, John Weeks, comp. 

Complete encyclopaedia of music, with appendix. 2v. 1852- 

75 qr78o.3 M87 

A continuation was published in Moore's musical record. 

NEUES universal-lexikon der tonkunst, und nachtrag. 4v. in 3. 

1856-65 r78o.3 N25 

NIECKS, Frederick, comp. 

Concise dictionary of musical terms. 1884 r78o.3 N33 

PAUL, Oscar, comp. 

Handlexicon der tonkunst. 2v. 1873 r78o.3 P31 

RIEMANN, Hugo, comp. 

Dictionary of music. [1896.] r78o.3 R44d 

Concise, reliable and has an artistic value in addition to its usefulness 
for reference. 

Musik-lexikon. 1887 r78o.3 R44 

The same. 1894 r78o.3 R44m 


ROUSSEAU, Jean Jacques, comp. 

Dictionnaire de musique. 2v. 1768 1780.3 R77 

"The xsthetic part of the dictionary is admirable, both for matter and 
style... In spite of mistakes in the didactic, and serious omissions 
in the technical portions the work became very popular." Grove's 
Dictionary of music. 

STAINER, Sir John, & Barrett. W.A. comp. 

Dictionary of musical terms r78o.3 S78 

The same, condensed. (Novello, Ewer and co.'s music 

primers.) r78o.3 S78d 

"Standard authority and the best work of its kind in English." H. E. 

780.4 Essays 

ADAM, Adolphe Charles. 

Souvenirs d'un musicien. 1857 r78o.4 A19 

Composer of comic operas, the best known being the Postilion de Long- 
jumeau. He gives many recollections of the musicians with whom 
he was associated in Paris from 1820-56. 

AMBROS, August Wilhelm. 

Bunte blatter, [ist-2d ser.]. 2v. 1872-74 r78o.4 A49b 

"Essays on isolated musical and artistic subjects, and written in a 
sparkling non-technical manner, but full of matter interesting both 
to professional artists and dilettanti." Grove's Dictionary of music. 

Culturhistorische bilder aus dem musikleben der gegenwart. 

1865 r78o.4 A49 

APTHORP, William Foster. 

By the way; a collection of essays on music and art in gen- 
eral, taken from the program-books of the Boston sym- 
phony orchestra. 2v. 1898 780.4 A65b 

Short essays on musical subjects such as "Musical slips," "People who 
hate music," "Some points in modern orchestration." They also con- 
tain entertaining musical reminiscences of Boston thirty years ago. 

Musicians and music-lovers, and other essays. 1895 780.4 A65 

Other essays: Johann Sebastian Bach. — Giacomo Meyerbeer. — Jacques 
Offenbach. — Two modern classicists [Franz and Dresel]. — John Sulli- 
van Dwight. — Some thoughts on musical criticism. — Music and science. 
"Criticism with an ag^reeable literary flavor, the reflections and con- 
clusions of a studious man and an experienced judge." H. E. Kreh- 

AUTODIDACTOS, Amadeus, pseud. 

Aphorismen iiber musik. 1847 r78o.4 A93 

BAGGE, Selmar. 

Gedanken und ansichten iiber musik und musikzustande in 

einer reihe gesammelter aufsatze. i860 r78o P2im 

Articles contributed to a Vienna musical periodical. 

"A strong conservative and an able writer. Beethoven and Schumann 
are his models in art, and he has no mercy on those who differ from 
him, especially on the New German school." Grove's Dictionary of 

Bound with other pamphlets. 

BANISTER, Henry Charles. 

Interludes; ed. by Stewart Macpherson. 1898 780.4 B22 

Contents: Uses of musical knowledge. — .Appreciation of music. — Music 
and preaching. — Development of movement structure. — Some thoughts 
concerning musical composition. — Counterpoint in modern free com- 
position. — Music of the Victorian era. 


BECKER, Carl Ferdinand, & Chladni, E. F.F. 

[Collection of essays in manuscript by C. F. Becker and E. 

F. F. Chladni, in German.] r78o.4 B36 

BELLAIGUE, Camille. 

Musical studies and silhouettes. 1900 780.4 B41 

Contents: Sociology in music. — Realism and idealism in music- — Beethoven 
and his nine symphonies. — Italian music and the last two operas of 
Verdi.- — ^Three symbolic operas. — The Italian sources of the Orpheus 
of Gluck. — The exotic in music. — Silhouettes of musicians. 

BERLIOZ, Hector. 

Gtsammelte schriften. 4v. in 2. 1864 r78o.4 B45 

V. I. A travers chants. 
v.2-3. Orchester-abende. 
V. 4. Musikalische grotesken. 

CHORLEY, Henry Fothergill. 

Modern German music. 2v. in i. 1854 r78o.4 C45m 

"Author was for over thirty years musical reviewer for the AthencEum. 

His criticisms are not free from unreasonable prejudice, and the 

significance of the new romantic movement never dawned on him, 

^ but he was frank, honest, and controlled an interesting style." H. E. 


Music and manners in France and Germany; a series of 

travelling sketches. 3v. 1844 r78o.4 C45 

National music of the world. 1880 r78o.4 C4Sn 

Includes not only folk music, but the best and most characteristic music 
of each country. Brief study based on lectures delivered in 1862. 

CLARKE. Hugh Archibald. 

Highways and byways of music. 1901 780.4 CS3 

Contents: Some musical myths. — Some facts in the growth of music. — 
Literary men and music. — Some curiosities of musical history. — The 
Teutonic element in music. — Modern tendencies in music. 


Music as it was and as it is. 1851 r78o.4 C82- 

Illustrates the connection of music with the progress of Christian civiliza- 

EDWARDS, Frederick George. 

Musical haunts in London. 1895 780.4 E31 

Contents: Argyll rooms. — Attwood's house at Norwood. — Thomas Brit- 
ton. — Messrs John Broadwood & sons.— Chopin. — Exeter hall. — Han- 
del. — The Hanover square rooms. — Haydn. — Kensal Green cemetery. — 
Mendelssohn. — Mozart. — Spohr. — \Vagner. — Weber. — Westminster 

EHLERT, Ludwig. 
, From the tone world. 1885 r78o.4 E38f 

Contents: Carl Tausig. — Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy and a complete 
edition of his works. — Gervinus and purely instrumental music. — 
Offenbach and the second empire.— Tristan and Isolde. — Music teach- 
ing and the public. — A scene from "Die meistersinger." — Wagner, 
Makart, Hamerling; a parallel. — The concert system of Berlin. — 
Gounod contra Wagner. — The stage festival at Bayreuth. — Robert 
Schumann and his school. — Robert \'olkmann. — Frederic Chopin. 

"Criticism by one of the most delightful writers on music that Germany 
has produced — a musician of keen discernment, of warm love for his 
art, and withal a master of a poetical and sympathetic literary style." 
H. E. Krehbiel. 

Letters on music. 1870 r78o.4 E38 

The same. 1870 780.4 E38 

"Contain notices of Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Schumann, Wagner, 
Weber, Schubert, Chopin, Berlioz, and Meyerbeer, which, without be- 
ing technical, are often happily characteristic." Grove's Dictionary of 


ELSON, Louis Charles. 

The realm of music; a series of musical essays, chiefly his- 
torical and educational. 1897 780.4 £55 

Partial contents: Reformers in music. — Rise of the sonata. — Law and 
music. — Development of musical notation. — Old English ballads. — 
The legends of music. — Music and medicine. — Royal musicians. — 
Musicians' fortunes. — Wives of the great composers. — Musical criti- 
cism. — Development of technique. — Musical conductors. 

ENGEL, Carl. 

Introduction to the study of national music. 1866 r78o.4 E63 

Bibliography of national music, p.369-421. 

Gives the result of extensive researches into popular songs, traditions 
and customs. 

Musical myths and facts. 2v. 1876 r78o.4 E63m 

V.I. A musical library. — Elsass-Lotheringen. — Music and ethnology. — 
Collections of musical instruments. — Musical myths and folk-lore. — 
The studies of our great composers. — Superstitions concerning bells. — 
Curiosities in musical literature. — English instrumentalists. — Musical 
fairies and their kinsfolk. — Sacred songs of Christian sects. 

V.2. Mattheson on Handel. — Diabolic music. — Royal musicians. — Com- 
posers and practical men. — Music and medicine. — Popular stories with 
musical traditions. — Dramatic music of uncivilized races. — Short sur- 
vey of the history of music. — Musical scales in use at the present day. 

FORKEL, Johann Nicolaus. 

Musikalisch-kritische bibliothek. v.1-2. 1778 r78o.4 F77 

Contains a long criticism of Gluck's music, articles on the condition of 
music in Turkey, Persia, China and the Philippine islands, and cur- 
rent literary and musical criticism. 
GRfiTRY, Andre Ernest Modeste. 

Memoires; ou, Essais sur la musique. 3v. 1797 r78o.4 G88 

"In these essays Gretry discusses his principles of dramatic composition." 
H. E. Krehbiel. 

Versuche uber die musik; hrsg. von Karl Spazier. 1800. . .r78o.4 G88v 

German translation of selections from Gretry's "Memoires." 

GREY, Robin, pseud, ed. 

Studies in music, by various authors; reprinted from the 

Musician. 1901 780.4 G88 

Contents: Johannes Brahms, by Philipp Spitta. — Letters from Brahms 
to Schumann, by R. H. Legge. — John Sebastian Bach and the organ, 
by C. M. VVidor. — A contemporary criticism of Bach, by J. S. Shed- 
lock. — Cesar Franck, by Guy de Ropartz. — Vincent d'Indy, by Hugues 
Imbert. — The conception of love in Wagner, by Claude Phillips. — 
Tristan and Isolde, by Gabriel d'Annunzio. — Rembrandt and Richard 
Wagner, by Hugues Imbert. — Wagrner in London in 1855, by A. J. 
Jaeger. — Purcell's "King Arthur," by J. A. F. Maitland. — Alfonso Fer- 
rabosco the younger, by G. E. P. Arkwright. — Andre Maugars, by J. 
S. Shedlock. — Letters from Weber to the Abbe Vogler and to Spon- 
tini, by J. S. Shedlock.— The letters of Theodor Billroth, by R. H. 
Legge. — The art of pantomime ballet, by S. V. Makower. — Walter 
Pater on music, by Ernest Newman. — Music and race, by Ernest New- 
man. — The libretto of the future, by W. B. Squire. — Berlioz's Beatrice 
and Benedict, by E. Hanslick. — Alfred Bruneau and the modern lyric 
drama, by Arthur Hervey. 

HASTINGS, Thomas. 

Dissertation on musical taste. 1853 r78o.4 H34 

Author had a considerable reputation as compiler and composer of 
church music, and for training church choirs. He lived in the early 
19th century. 
HILLER, Ferdinand. 

Aus dem tonleben unserer zeit. 3v. in 2. 1868-71 r78o.4 HS5 

v. I. Vierzehn tage in Paris. — Brief e aus Paris. — Zwischenacts-musik. — 
Die musik des neunzehnten jahrhunderts und ihre pflege. — Zur Mozart- 
feier. — Die kammermusik und das publikum. — Zukunstmusik. — Men- 
delssohn's briefe. — Beethoven's briefe. — Die preisaufgaben des Rhein- 
ischen sangervereins. 


V.2. Plaudereien mit Rossini. — Nachruf an Robert Schumann.-^Nach 
der bestatUing Grunwald's. — Karl Klingemann. — Erinnerungen an den 
abbate Baini. — Josephine Lang, die liedercomponistin. — Das musikfest 
in Aachen. — Die musik und das publikum. — Chopinfeier. — Prolog an 
Beethoven's geburtstag. 

V.3. Zu viel musik. — Musikalische briefe. — Erinnerungsfeier an Johann 
Sebastian Bach. — Nachruf an Moritz Hauptmann. — Nachruf an 
Rossini. — Ludwig van Beethoven. 
Musikalisches und personliches. 1876 1780.4 H55m 

Interesting biographical, critical and miscellaneous articles. Hiller 
(181 1-85) was distinguished alike as composer, pianist, conductor and 
HUEFFER, Francis. 

Musical studies. 1880 r78o.4 H88 

Contents: Thayer's Beethoven. — ^Chopin. — Foreign schools of music. — 
Arthur Schopenhauer. — Richard Wagner and his "Ring of the 
Niblung." — Wagner festival at Baireuth. — Three French operas: 
Bizet's "Carmen," Gounod's "Polyeucte," Massenet's "Roi de La- 
hore." — The chances of English opera. 

Author was musical critic of the London Times and a contributor to 
the leading periodicals. He was one of the first to recognize the 
genius of Wagner when it was little understood in England. 

HULLAH, John. 

Music in the house. [1877.] r78o.4 Hgi 

Brief suggestions as to choice of instruments and selection of instru- 
mental and vocal music most effective in a small private house. 
Author was a successful teacher. 

HUNEKER, James. 

Mezzotints in modern music; Brahms, Tscha'ikowsky, Chopin, 

Richard Strauss, Liszt and Wagner. 1899 780.4 H93 

Seven biographical studies of the modern masters of instrumental music, 
including analyses of the works of these composers. 
JACOX, Francis. 

Bible music. 1872 r78o.4 J13 

Bible texts are made the starting point of rambling essays consisting 
chiefly of anecdotes and quotations from most varied sources. 

JAHN, Otto. 

Gesammelte aufsatze tiber musik. 1866 r78o.4 J15 

Contents: Erinnerung an G. Chr. Apel. — Uber Felix Mendelssohn- 
Bartholdy's oratorium Paulus. — Uber Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy's 
oratorium Elias.^ — Tannhauser. — Die verdammnis des Faust. — -Hektor 
, Berlioz in Leipzig. — Lohengrin. — Das dreiunddreissigste Niederrhein- 

ische musikfest in Diisseldorf. — Das vierunddreissigste Niederrheinische 
musikfest in Diisseldorf. — Mozart-paralipomenon. — Leonore oder Fi- 
delio? — Beethoven im Malkasten. — Beethoven und die ausgaben seiner 
KREHBIEL, Henry Edward. 

Music and manners in the classical period; essays. 1898. . .780.4 K4im 
Contents: A poet's music [Gray].— Haydn in London. — A Mozart cen- 
tenary, including Da Ponte in New York. — Beethoven and his biogra- 
pher [A. W. Thayer]. — Reflections in Weimar; the influence of 
Goethe and Liszt. 

KRUGER, Eduard. 

Beitrage fiir leben und wissenschaft der tonkunst. 1847 r78o.4 K42 

Contents: Dilettantismus und virtuosenthum. — Musikvereine und 
liedertafeln. — Auffiihrungen und concerte. — Musikfeste. — Practische 
erinnerungen und vorschlage. — Von der kunstcritik im allgemeinen. — 
Systematische versuche. — Von geistlicher musik. — Von weltlicher 
musik. — Gesanglehre. — Musicalische hochschulen. — Kirchengesang. — 
Wissenschaftliche kunstlehre (A. B. Marx). — Sittlichkeit der kunst. 
KUSTER, Hermann. 

Populare vortrage iiber bildung und begriindung eines 

musikalischen urtheils, mit erlauternden beispielen. 

v.i-2, in I. 1871-72 r78o.4 K44 

Contents: Die einfachsten tonformen. — Die hoheren tonformen. 


LACKOWITZ, Wilhelm. 

Musikalische skizzenblatter; biographische essays. 1876. . . .r78o.4 L12 
Short anecdotal sketches of some minor musicians. 
LOBE, Joliaiin Christian. 

Consonanzen und dissonanzen; gesammelte schriften aus 

alterer und neuerer zeit. 1869 r78o.4 L7S 

"Musician and writer on music of some eminence. . .To the amateur 
student. . .[his] works are all valuable because they treat of the 
science of music in a plain and untechnical way." Grove's Dictionary 
of music. 

LUNN, Henry Charles. 

Musings of a musician. 1854 r78o.4 L97 

Popular sketches about musical people and matters. 
MACFARREN, Sir George Alexander. 

Addresses and lectures. 1888 780.4 MiS 

Contains a chapter on Handel and Bach. 
MAITLAND, John Alexander Fuller-. 

The musician's pilgrimage; a study in artistic development. 

1899 780.4 M27 

The same. 1899 r78o.4 M27 

Essays containing many suggestions useful to the interpretative musician. 

MANFREDINI, Vincenzo. 

Difesa della musica moderna e de' suoi celebri esecutori. 

1788 r78o.4 M32 

Arose out of a controversy between himself and Arteaga, who in his 
"Rivoluzioni del teatro musicale italiano" prefers the old to the ■ 
new school of music. 

MARX, Adolph Bernhard. 

Music of the 19th century; System of musical instruction. 

1854 r78o.4 M43 

Theoretical treatise on the nature of art and its general relation to 
man, and the object and aim of artistic culture. 

MASON, Lowell. 

Musical letters from abroad. 1853 780.4 M4S 

The same. 1853 r78o.4 M45 

Descriptions of musicians, music, and particularly church music, in 
England and on the continent, from the standpoint of a teacher and 
director of church music. 

MATHEWS, William Smith Babcock. 

How to understand music. 2v. 1885-88 r78o.4 M47 

Contains a course of object lessons in music, essays on the philosophy 

of teaching, and biographical sketches, 
v. 2 contains a sketch of Richard Wagner. 
Title-page to v. 2 reads "New musical miscellanies." 
The masters and their music, designed as an introduction to 

music as literature. 1898 780.4 M47m 

A series of illustrative programs, with biographical, aesthetical and critical 


Music; its ideals and methods. 1897 780.4 M47 

Short articles on some composers, on music as art and on practical 
music teaching. Author is (1898) editor of "Music." 

MERZ, Karl. 

Music and culture; lectures and essays. 1890 780.4 M63 

Contents: Genius. — Success in professional life. — Schopenhauer's musical 
philosophy. — Music of nature. — Head and heart. — Sanctity of music. — 
Church music. — Hints to pupils. — Philosophy of the beautiful. — A plea 
for music. — Value of musical education. — Memory. — Woman in music. 
— Harmony. — Imagination. — Expression. — Maxims. 


MUSIKALISCHE briefe; wahrheit iiber tonkunst und ton- 

kiinstler, von einem wohlbekannten. i860 r78o.4 M98 

NOHL, Ludwig. 

Der geist der tonkunst. 1861 r78o.4 N39 

Contents: Kunst und religion. — Der friihling der tonkunst. — Charak- 
teristik Joseph Haydn's. — Mozart. — Mozart's zeit. — Der neue gehalt 
der tonkunst. — Einzelne werke Mozart's. — Die zeit Beethoven's und 
der gang seines lebens. — Die freiheitsideen. — Beethoven's religion. — 
Die romantik. — Die letzten vk^erke Beethoven's. 

Neues skizzenbuch zur kenntniss der deutschen musik- und 

-, opernzustande der gegenwart. 1869 r78o.4 N39n 

Contents: Briefe und berichte. — Der Munchener friihling von 1868. — 
Richard Wagner's Meistersinger von Nurnberg. 

ROCHLITZ, Friedrich Johann. 

Fiir freunde der tonkunst. 4v. in 2. 1868 r78o.4 R57 

Collection of interesting articles on musical subjects. 


Old scores and new readings. [1899.] 780.4 R87 

Contents: Our last great musician (Henry Purcell, 1658-95). — Bach, 
and the "Matthew" passion and the "John." — Handel. — Haydn and 
his "Creation." — Mozart; his "Don Giovanni" and the Requiem. — 
"Fidelio." — Schubert. — Weber and Wagner. — Italian opera, dead and 
dying. — Verdi young and Verdi younger. — "Flying Dutchman." — 
"Lohengrin." — "Tristan and Isolda." — "Siegfried." — "Dusk of the 
gods." — "Parsifal." — Bayreuth in 1897. — A note on Brahms. — Anton 
Dvorak. — Tschaikowsky and his "Pathetic" symphony. — Lamoureux 
and his orchestra. 

SAINT-SAENS, Charles Camille. 

Portraits et souvenirs. [1900.] (L'art et les artistes.). . . .780.4 S15 
Contents: Portraits: Hector Berlioz. — Franz Liszt. — Charles Gou- 
nod. — Victor Masse. — Antoine Rubinstein. — Souvenirs: Une tra- 
versee en Bretagne. — Un engagement d'artiste. — Georges Bizet. — Louis 
Gallet. — Docteur a Cambridge. — "Orphee." — Don Giovanni. — Va- 
ri£t£s: La defense de I'opera-comique. — Drame lyrique et drame 
musical. — Le theatre au concert. — L'illusion wagnerienne. — Le mouve- 
ment musical. — Lettre de Las Palmas. 

SCHUMANN, Robert. 

Gesammelte schriften iiber musik und musiker. 4v. 1854. .r78o.4 S39g 

Music and musicians. 2v. 1877-80 780.4 S39 

An English version of Schumann's "Gesammelte schriften." 

The same. 2v. 1877-80 r78o.4 S39 

Appreciative and discriminating criticism, containing many of his own 
ideas and opinions about art. 

SCHUTZE, Johann Stephan. 

Gedanken und einfalle uber leben und kunst. 1810 r78o.4 S396 

SCUDO, Pietro. 

Critique et litterature musicales, [ire-2me ser.]. 2v. 1856- 

59 r78o.4 S43 

At one time musical critic to the "Revue des deux mondes." 
"Scudo's articles are worth reading as specimens of French musical 
criticism before Berlioz was known." Grove's Dictionary of music. 

YOUNG, Filson. 

Mastersingers ; appreciations of music and musicians, with an 

essay on Hector Berlioz. 1902 780.4 Y37 

Contents: The Pastoral symphony. — Tristan and Isolda. — Bach's organ 
fugues. — Mozart's Requiem. — Tschaikowsky's sixth symphony. — The 
composer in England. — Charles Halle. — Camille Saint-Saens. — An 
Irish musician [C. V. Stanford]. — Hector Berlioz. 


780.5 Periodicals 

ALLGEMEINE musikalische zeitung; [weekly], Oct. 1798- 

Dec. 1848. 50V. 1798-1848 qr78o.5 A43 

Register, v. 1-30. i8iq. 

Register, v.zi-io. 1829. 

Register, V.31-SO. 1849. 

The same, [new series], v. 2-3. 1864-65 qr78o.5 A43 

None published 1849-62. 

AMATEUR; a [monthly] repository of music, literature and 

art, Sept. 1870-Aug. 1871. v.i. 1870-71 qr78o.5 A48 

V.I, no. 6 wanting. 
AMERICAN art journal. See Watson's weekly art journal. 
AMERICAN journal of music and musical visitor; [monthly 

and semimonthly], Aug. 1844- Aug. 1846. v.4-5, no.2, 

in I. 1844-46 qr78o.5 A51 

AMERICAN musical journal, [Burlington, Vt.]. See Ver- 
mont musical journal. 
AMERICAN m.usical journal, [New York; monthly], Oct. 

1834-N0V. 1835. V.I. 1834-35 qr78o.5 A511 

AMERICAN musical review and choral advocate. 5"^^ 

Musical review and choral advocate. 
AMPHION; devoted to music; monthly, 1876-81. v.2, no.5- 

v.8, no.2, in 6. 1876-81 qr78o.5 A52 

V.7, no. 1 2 wanting. 
ART critic; devoted to music, art and literature; monthly, 

Apr. 1879-May 1880. V.1-3, no. I, in i. 1879-80. .qr78o.5 W261 v.14 

Bound with "Western musical review," v.14. 

v.2, no.3-6, V.3, no. I bound with "Young folk's musical monthly," v.2. 

None published in Aug. 1879. 

BALDWIN'S musical review. See Western musical review. 
BALTIAIORE olio and American musical gazette; monthly, 

Jan., Apr.-June 1850. v.i, no.i, 4-6. 1850 qr78o.5 M64 v.i 

Bound with "Message bird," v.i. 
BENHAM'S musical review. See Western musical review. 

BERLINISCHE musikalische zeitung; [semiweekly]. v.i. 

1805 qr78o.5 B45 

BLATTER fiir musik und literatur; [weekly], v.4, 6, 9. 

1843-48 r78o.5 B51 

V.6 & 9 title reads Kleine musikzeitung; blatter fur musik und literatur. 
BOSTON musical gazette; [semimonthly]. May 1838-May 

1839. v.i-2, no.2, in i. 1838-39 qr78o.S B6411 

Published by Otis, Broaders & co. 
BOSTON musical gazette; [semimonthly], Feb. i, 1847-Oct. 

I, 1850. v.2-5, no. 5, in I. 1847-50 qr78o.5 B641 

Published by Johnson & Johnson. 


v.2-4, no. 9 title reads "Musical gazette." 

V.4, no. 1-V.5, no. 5 bound with Message bird, v.i. 

BOSTON musical times; [semimonthly and monthly], Feb. 

25, 1860-Oct. 1871. V.1-13, no. 5, in 6. 1861-71 qr78o.5 B64 


v.ii, no.1-3 and V.13, no.2-3, 5 bound with "Loomis' musical journal," v.4. 

BOSTON musical visitor. See Musical visitor, [Boston]. 
BRAINARD'S musical world. See Western musical world. 


BUTTERFI ELD'S musical visitor. See Musical visitor, 

CAECILIA; eine zeitschrift fiir die musikalische welt, v.i- 

20. 1824-39 r78o.5 Cii 

CHOIR; weekly, Dec. 30, 1871-Dec. 20, 1873. v.12 (no.266)-i6 

(no.369), in 2. 1872-73 qr78o.5 C45 

CHURCH'S musical visitor; [monthly], Oct. 1871-Dec. 1882. 

v.i-12, no.3, in 9. 1871-82 qr78o.5 C46 

'•• v.i, no. I bound with "Loomis' musical journal," v.4. 

COMPTON'S St. Louis musical journal; monthly, Mar. 7, 1868. 

v.i, no.7. 1868 qr78o.S S72 

Bound with "Southern journal of music." 

CONCORDIA; [monthly], v. 1-2, in i. 1866-67 qr78o.5 C74 

COURIER; monthly. May 1882-Jan. 1884. v.i, no.2-v.2, no. 

ID. 1882-84 qi78o.S C84 

July 1882 and Sept. 1883 wanting. 

DEUTSCHE musik-zeitung; [weekly]. 3v. 1860-62 qr78o.5 D48 

No more published. 
DWIGHT'S journal of music; weekly, Apr. 10, 1852-Sept. 

3, 1881. V.1-41, no.8, in 21. 1852-81 qr78o.5 D97 

V.I 7 and many numbers of other volumes wanting. 
No more published. 

ETUDE and musical world; monthly. v.i4-date. 1896-date. .qr78o.S E89 
V. i6-date title reads "Etude." 

EUTERPEIAD; an album of music, poetry and prose; semi- 
monthly, Apr. 15, 1830-N0V. I, 1831. v.i-2, no. 13, in i. 

1830-31 qr78o.5 E931 

V.I, no. 13 begins a new series, and title reads Euterpeiad; a musical re- 
view and tablet of the fine arts. 

EUTERPEIAD; or. Musical intelligencer, Apr. 1820-Mar. 

1823. v. 1-3, in 2. 1820-23 qr78o.5 E93 

V.I, weekly; v. 2, semimonthly; v. 3, semimonthly and monthly. 
EUTONIA; eine musik-zeitschrift; hrsg. von J. G. Heintzsch, 

1829-1833. v.i-8. 1829-33 r78o.s E939 

FAMILY minstrel; a musical and literary journal; [semi- 
monthly], Jan. 15, 1835-Jan. 15, 1836. V.I. 1836 qr78o.S F21 

FOLIO; monthly, Oct. 1869-1873, 1880-1883. v.i, no.2-v.9, 

V. 19-24, in 6. 1869-83 qr78o.5 F71 

GOLDBECK'S musical instructor; [monthly], Apr. 1882- 

Mar. 1883. V.I, in 2. 1882-83 r78o.S G57 

HARMONICON; monthly, v.1-5, in 3. 1823-27 qr78o.S H27 

IRIS; im gebiete der tonkunst; redigirt von L. Rellstab; 
. [weekly], Apr. 2, 1830-Dec. 24, 1835, Jan. 4, 1839-Aug. 

13, 1841. v.i-6, 10-12, no. 33. [1830-41.] r78o.5 I28 

JOURNAL of the fine arts. See Message bird. 

JUBILEE days; daily record of the humorous features of the 

World's peace jubilee, [Boston], 1872 qr78o.5 J48 

KIRCHENMUSIKALISCHE vierteljahrs-schrift, July 1887- 

Apr. 1888, July-Oct. 1889. v.2, 4, in i. 1887-89 r78o P21J 

Bound with other pamphlets. 

KLEINE musikzeitung. See Blatter fiir musik und literatur. 



KUNKEL'S musical review; monthly, Sept. 1878-Dec. 1883. 

v.i-6, in 5. 1878-83 qr78o.5 K43 

LONDON and provincial music trades review; [monthly]. 

no.15-75, in 5v. 1879-83 . ■ qr78o.5 L82 

no. 16-17, 19-20, 44 wanting. 

LOOMIS' musical journal; [monthly], June.i869-July 1871, 

1879-1881. v.2, no.ii-v.4, V.12, no.6-v.15, no. 5, in 4. 

1869-81 qr78o.5 L85 

Aug. 1870-Jan. 187 1, Mar. 1871 wanting. 

v.2, no.ii-v.3, no.6 bound with Southern journal of music, v.i. 

V.3, no.7-12, V.4, no.7, 9-1 1 bound with Amateur, v. i. 

V.4-V.15, no.s title reads Loomis' musical and masonic journal. 
MELLOR'S musical mirror; [monthly]. May 1868-Mar. 1869. 

v.i. 1868-69 qr78o.5 M59 

MESSAGE bird; a literary and musical journal; semi- 
monthly, Aug. I, 1849-Sept. I, 1851. V.1-3, no. I, in 2. 

1849-51 qr78o.5 M64 


From Apr. i-Sept. 1, 1851 title reads Journal of the fine arts. 

MONATSHEFTE fiir musik-geschichte, 1869-70, 1873. v.1-2, 

5. 1869-73 r78o.5 M81 

MONTHLY musical record, v.1-3, in 2. 1871-73 qr78o.5 M86 

MOORE'S musical record; monthly, v.i. 1867 qr78o.5 M87 

MUSIC; a monthly magazine, Nov. 1891-Dec. 1902. 22v. in 

21. 1892-1902 r78o.5 M9826m 

None published May-Aug. 1902. 
Continued as "Philharmonic." 
MUSIC; weekly, Apr. 3-Aug. 7, 1880. v.i, no.i-19. 1880. .qr78o.5 M9815 
V.I, no.6, 17 wanting. 

MUSIC, [New York]; weekly, Jan. 7, 1882-Nov. 3, 1883. v.i- 

7, no. 16, in 2. 1882-83 qr78o.5 ]M9826 


Edited by J. C. Freund. 
Contains "Music trade." 

v.2, no.4-v.7, no. 16 title reads Music and drama. 
MUSIC and drama. See Music, [New York]. 

MUSIC-CLASS journal and organists' companion; monthly, 

July 1865-Aug. 1866. v.i-2, no.2, in i. 1865-66 qr78o.5 M9816 

MUSIC trade journal; [semimonthly], Aug. 5, 1879-Nov. 20, 

1881. v.2-5, no.7, in 2. 1879-81 qr78o.5 M9818 


V.3-S title reads Musical critic arid trade review. 
MUSIC trade review; [semimonthly and weekly], Dec. 3, 
• i87S-Dec. 27, 1879. V.I, no.3-v.11, no.9, in 6. 1875- 

79 qr78o.5 M981 1 

Incomplete., no.6-13 title reads "Musical times and music trade review." 

v.ii, no.1-9 title reads "Musical and dramatic times and music trade 
MUSICAL and dramatic courier. See Musical courier. 

MUSICAL and dramatic times and music trade review. See 

Music trade review. 
MUSICAL and dramatic world; weekly, v.2, no.27-28, 35-39, 

41-44, 49-50, 52. 1882 qr78o.5 M985 

Bound with Musical world, v.6o, pt.2. 

MUSICAL and sewing machine gazette. See Musical courier. 


MUSICAL bulletin, [Chicago]; [monthly], Dec. i87^Jan. 

1883. V.1-4, no.2, in 3. 1879-83 qr78o.5 M9821 

Feb. 1 88 1 wanting. 
MUSICAL bulletin, [New York]; monthly, July 1869-Dec. 

1871. V.3, no.7-v.5, in i. 1869-71 qr78o.5 M9831 


v.3, no. 7-10, 12 bound* with Southern journal of music, v. i. 

MUSICAL cabinet; monthly, July 1841-June 1842. v.i. 

1842 qr78o.5 M9817 

MUSICAL courier; weekly, Feb. 7, i88o-Mar. 7, 1883, July i, 

1893-date. v.i-6,, in3, v.27-date. 1880-date. . .qr78o.5 M9828 

The earlier volumes are incomplete. 

V.I, no. 1-3 title reads "Musical and sewing machine gazette." 

V.I, no. 4-8 title reads "Musical and sewing machine courier." 

V.I, no.4i-v.s, no.23 title reads "Musical and dramatic courier." 

V.6, no. I, 10 bound with "Music and drama," v.6. 

MUSICAL critic and trade review. See Music trade journal. 
MUSICAL directory, annual and almanack, 1873, 1876. 

[21st], 24th issue, in iv. 1873-76 r78o.5 M9819 

MUSICAL echo; monthly, v.i, no. 2, 4, 6; v.3, no. 6; v.4, no.i- 

2, 4; v.5-6, no. 2-4, 6, in i. 1873-75 qr78o.5 M9823 

MUSICAL herald ; monthly, v. 1-4. 1880-83 qr78o.5 M9824 

V.4, no. 10 wanting. 
MUSICAL independent; monthly, Nov. 1868-Oct. 1871. 

v.i-3,, in 2. 1868-71 qr78o.5 M9825 

June, Aug. and Nov. 1870 wanting. 
MUSICAL magazine; ed. by Thomas Hastings; monthly. 

May i83S-Apr. 1837. 2v. 1836-37 r78o.5 M982 

No more published. 

MUSICAL magazine; or. Repository of musical science, liter- 
ature and intelligence. 3v. 1839-42 r78o.S M981 

No more published. 

MUSICAL opinion and music trade review; [monthly], 
July-Aug., Oct. 1879-Dec. 1883. V.2, no. 7-8, io-v.7, 

no.3, in 4. 1879-83 qr78o.s M986 

v.2, no. 7-8, 10-12 bound with Musical times and singing class circular, 

Sept. 1883 wanting. 

MUSICAL people; [weekly and monthly], v.2, no. 1-5; v.3, 

no. I, 3-4, 6; V.5, no.4-6; v.6, no.i, 3-4, 6-8, 10-15; v.7- 

8, no.2, in i. 1880-83 qr78o.5 M9827 

v.5, no.4-6; v.6, no.i, 3 bound with Musical and dramatic courier, v.4. 
v.6, no.4, 6-8, 10-15; v. 7-8, no.2 bound with Music and drama, v.6. 

MUSICAL pioneer, [New York]. See New York musical 

MUSICAL record; [weekly and monthly], Sept. 1878-Dec. 

1883,1898-1900. no. 1-263, 432-467. 1878-1900 qr78o.S M988 


V.I, no. 1-2, preliminary numbers, bound with Dwight's journal of music, 

MUSICAL reporter; monthly, Jan.-Sept. 1841. 1841 r78o.5 M984 

MUSICAL review, [London]; weekly, Jan.-June 1883. 

1883 qr78o.5 M9813 

no. 15 and 19 wanting. 
No more published. 


MUSICAL review, [New York]; weekly, Jan. i-Nov. 4, 1880. 

V.I, no.i2-v.3, no.4, in i. 1880 qr78o.5 AI9814 

V.2, no.23-24; V.3, no.2-3 wanting. 

Jan. 29, 1881, united with the Studio to form the Studio and musical 

MUSICAL review and choral advocate; [monthly and fort- 
nightly]. V.3-15. 1852-64 qr78o.5 M987 


v.3 has running title American musical review and choral advocate. 
v.5-6, no. 1 1, title reads New York musical review and choral advocate. 
V.6,, title reads New York musical review and gazette, 
v.u,, title reads Musical review and musical world. 

MUSICAL review and musical world. See Musical review 

and choral advocate. 
MUSICAL standard; [weekly], Feb. 5, i88i-Dec. 29, 1883. 

V.20, no.5-v.25, in 3. 1881-83 qr78o.5 M9861 

MUSICAL times and music trade review. See Music trade 

MUSICAL times and singing class circular; monthly, Nov. 

1851-Feb. 1861, Feb. 1869-Feb. 1873, July 1878-Dec. 

1883, 1897-date. V.4 (no.9o)-v.9, v. 13 (no.3i2)-v.i5, v.19 

(no.425)-v.24, v.38-date. 1851-date qr78o.5 M98 

Many of the earlier volumes are incomplete. 
The same; music only. v. 1-6, in 3. 1848-55 qr78o.5 M98m 

MUSICAL visitor, [Boston]; semi-monthly, Jan. i, 1840- 

Oct. 8, 1844. V.1-3. 1840-44 qr78o.5 M9882 

v.3, no. 22 wanting. 

v.3 title reads "Boston musical visitor." 

MUSICAL visitor, [Indianapolis]; monthly. Mar. 1866-Nov. 

1867. v.2-3, no.9, in i. 1866-67 qr78o.5 M9881 

v.3, no. 1-9 title reads Butterfield's musical visitor. 
MUSICAL world, [London]; weekly, Sept. 8, 1837-Apr. 26, 

1838, Jan. 4, 1839-Dec. 25, 1847, Sept. 22-29, i860, Jan. 

5, 1878-Dec. 29, 1883. v.6, no.78-v.8, v.ii-22, v.38, no.38- 

39, V.56-61, in 16. 1837-83 qr78o.S M985 


V.8 is v. I of new series. 

v.38, no.38-39 bound with Musical world and New York musical times, 

MUSICAL world, [New York]. See Musical world and 

New York musical times. 
MUSICAL world and New York musical times; [weekly], 

Sept. 4, 1852-July 21, i860, v.4-25, in 17. 1852-60. .qr78o.5 M9851 


Includes 3V. of music., no.2-v.13; v.19, no.6-v.25 title reads Musical world. 

v.14-19, no.5 title reads New York musical world. 

In July i860 united with Musical review, New York, under the title 
Musical review and musical world. 

MUSICAL year-book of the United States. 1887/88-1888/89, 

1890/91-1891/92. v.5-6, 8-9, in I. [188&-92.] ; .r78o.5 M983 

Edited by G. H. Wilson. 
MUSIK-WELT; [weekly], Oct. 22,, i88o-Dec. 24, 1881. v.i. 

1880-81 qr78o.5 M9883 

V.I, no.2-io, 12, 14, 24, 26 wanting. 


MUSIKALISCHES wochenblatt. v.i-15, in 11. 1870-84. .qr78o. 5 M9884 

v.i, no.22; v.2-4, no.26; V.5, no.39-v.6, no. 13; v.7 wanting. 
V.5, no.27-38 bound with Neue Berliner musikzeitung, v.27. 


Official monthly bulletin of the national celebration of 
peace and musical festival, [Boston], May-June 1869. 
no-S. 1869 qr78o.S N15 

Bound with "National peace jubilee and musical reporter." 

NATIONAL peace jubilee and musical reporter; weekly, May 

22-July 24, 1869. 1869 qr78o.5 NiS 

June 19 wanting. 
NEUE Berliner musikzeitung; [weekly], Oct. 6-Nov. 24, 1869, 

1870, 1873. V.23, no.40-47, V.24, 27, in 2. 1869-73. • • .qr78o.5 N253 
NEUE musik-zeitung; [semimonthly], July i, 1883-July 15, 

1884. V.4, no.i3-v.5, no. 14. 1883-84 qr78o.5 N25 

v.5, no.8 wanting. 
NEUE zeitschrift fiir musik; [weekly], v. 50-80, in 17. 1859- 

84 qr78o.5 N252 

V.61-64, no.13, 28-40, V.65, no.2-v.70 wanting. 

NEW YORK musical gazette; monthly, Nov. 1866-Oct. 

1868. v.i-2, in I. 1866-68 qr78o.5 N261 

V.I, no. 10 wanting. 
NEW YORK musical pioneer and choristers' budget; 

[monthly], Oct. i85S-Sept. 1866. v.i-ii, in 7. 1855- 

66 qr78o.5 N26 

V.2, 4, 6 wanting; v.i, 9, 10 incomplete. 
NEW YORK musical review and choral advocate. See 

Musical review and choral advocate. 
NEW YORK musical review and gazette. See Musical re- 
view and choral advocate. 
NEW YORK musical world. See Musical world and New 

York musical times. 
NEW YORK weekly review; Jan. 14, 1865-June i, 1867. no. 

337-461. 1865-67 qr78o.5 N2612 

NEW-YORKER musik-zeitung; [weekly], Jan. 5, 1878-Apr. 

26, 1879. V.21-22, no. 17, in 3. 1878-79 qr78o.5 N262 

V.21, no.40, 50, 52, V.22, no.13 wanting. 
NIEDERRHEINISCHE musik-zeitung fiir kunstfreunde und 

kiinstler; [weekly], v.7, no.3-v.13. 1859-65 qr78o.5 N33 

ORCHESTRA; weekly, v.8 (no.i84)-it, 17-19, in 3. 1867- 

72 qr78o.s O282 


V.8, no. 184 bound with Western musical world, v.i. 

ORCHESTRA and choir; monthly, May i88i-Dec. 1883. no. 

82-113, in 3v. 1881-83. qr78o.5 O281 


Dec. 1882-Dec. 1883 title reads "Orchestra, choir and musical educa- 

ORPHEUS; monthly, July 1865-Dec. 1878. v.i-14, no.6, in 

7. 1865-78 qr78o.s O28 


PETERS' musical monthly, Mar.-Dec. J869, 1873. v. 3, no.3- 

v.4, V.I 1-12, in 2. 1869-73 qr78o.5 P45 


QUARTERLY musical magazine and review. lov. 1818-28. .r78o.5 Qip' 

No more published. 
ROCHESTER musical times; [monthly], May-Aug. 1869, 
Feb.-Apr. 1870, May 1871. v.i, no. 1-4, 10-12, v. 3, no.i. 

1869-71 qr78o.5 S72 

Bound with "Southern journal of music." 

V.3, no. I bound with "Loomis' musical journal," v.4. 

ST. CECILIA magazine; [monthly], May 1882-Mar. 1884. v.i, 

no.5-v.3, no. 3, in 2. 1882-84 qr78Q.5 S13 

Sept. 1883 wanting. 

SCORE; a journal of music; [monthly], Jan. 1880-July 1881. 

v.6-9, no. I, in 2. 1880-81. qr78o.S S42 

SIGNALE fur die musikalische welt; [weekly], 1856, 1869-73. 

V.14, 27-31, in 7. 1856-73 r78o.5 S57 

SONG journal; [monthly], Apr.-Nov. 1876. v..6, no.4-11. 

1876 qr78o.5 A52 v.2 

Bound with "Amphion." 

SONG messenger of the Northwest; monthly. 13V. in 7. 

1863-75 qr78o.5 S69 


No more published. 

SOUTHERN journal of music; [monthly], Oct. 1867-May 
1868, July-Aug., Nov.-Dec. 1868. v.i, no. 1-8, lO-li, 
13-14. 1867-68 qr78o.5 872^ 

SOUTHERN musical journal; monthly, Oct. 1871-Sept. 1873, 
Jan. 1878-Dec. 1882. v.i-2, V.7, no.4-v.11, in i. 1871- 

82 qr78o.S 8721 


STUDIO and musical review; [weekly], Jan. 29, Feb. 19, 

Mar. 5-Apr. 23, 1881. v.i, no.i, 4, 6-13. 1881 qr78o.5 S93 

TONHALLE; musikalische familien-zeitung; [weekly], Nov. 

9, 1872-Apr. 12, 1873. 1872-73 qr78o.S N253 v.27 


Bound with "Neue Berliner musikzeitung," v.zy. 

TRUMPET notes; [monthly], Jan., June-Aug. 1881. v.9, 

no.i,, no.2. 1881 r78o.5 T78 

URANIA; eine musikalische zeitschrift fiir Deutschlands or- 

ganisten. v.i-21, in 4. 1844-64 r78o.5 U27' 

V.5, 12 wanting. 
UTAH musical times; [monthly]. Mar. 1876-Mar. 1878. 2v. 

in I. 1876-78 qr78o.5 U29 

None published in Mar. 1877. 

No more published. 
VERMONT musical journal; [monthly], Aug. 1867-Feb. 

1868. V.I, no.ii-v.2, no.5. 1867-68 qr78o.5 ^"JT: 

V.2, no.4-5 title reads "American musical journal." 

Bound with "Southern journal of music." 
VOX humana; monthly, Jan. 1876-Dec. 1879. v.4,, 

no.9, in 3. 1876-79 qr78o.5 V3& 

Publication ceased with v. 8, no.9. 
WATSON'S weekly art journal, Apr. 30, 1864-Oct. 18, 1884. 

V.1-41, in 25. 1864-84 qr78o.5 W22- 

V. ID, 20—27 wanting. 

Several of the volumes are incomplete. 

v.5— 7, no.8, & V.28, no.2-v.41 title reads American art journal. 

v.7, no.9-v.19 title reads Watson's art journal. 


WESTERN musical review; monthly, May 1868-July 1880. 

V.3, no.5-v.15, no.i, in 5. 1868-80 • qr78o.5 W261 

V.I 3 wanting. 

Several of the volumes are incomplete. 

V.S-12 title reads Benham's musical review. 

V.14-15 title reads Baldwin's musical review. 

v.3, no.s, 7 bound with Loomis' musical journal, v.4. 

V.4, no.2-5, 7, 9-t2 bound with Southern journal of music, v.i. 

V.15, no. I bound with Young folks' musical monthly, v.2. 

WESTERN musical world; monthly. v.i-2S. 1864-88 qr78o.5 W26 


V.6-2S title reads Brainard's musical world. 
WHITNEY'S musical guest; [monthly], Aug., Oct. i86g. 

v.2, no. 10, 12. 1869 qr78o.5 L85 v.4 

Bound with Loomis' musical journal, v.4. 

YOUNG folks' musical monthly, Aug.-Dec. 1880. v.2, no.8- 

12. 1880 qr78o.5 Y3 

780.6 Societies. Musical festivals 

Biennial musical festival (3d-5th, 7th-8th), 1878-1882, 1886- 

1888. 1878-88 .r78o.6 C48 

v.3 is bound with, r70i B47. 

V.8 is bound with, qr78o.6 C69 v.2. 

COLLECTION of programmes of various musical festivals. 

2v. [ 1875-96.] qr78o.6 C69 

ELBEN, Otto. 

Der volksthiimliche deutsche mannergesang. 1855 r78o.6 E43 

Its history and its place in the national life. 
ELWART, Antoine Amable £lie. 

Histoire de la Societe des concerts du Conservatoire imperial 

de musique. i860 r78o.6 Es7 

GRAHAM, George Farquhar. 

Account of the first Edinburgh musical festival, 1815, to which 

is added An essay on music. 1816 r78o.6 G76 


Grand musical festival in commemoration of their 50th anni- 
versary, 1865. 1865 r78o.6 H23 

Other pamphlets bound in this volume: Programme of the Bradford 
triennial musical festival, 1859. — Act of incorporation and by-laws 
of the Handel and Haydn society. — Words of the oratorios and pro- 
grammes of the symphony concerts at the musical festival of the 
Handel and Haydn society, 1868. — Libretto for the first concert of the 
Cantata society [of Pittsburgh], 1869. — Grand Handel musical festi- 
val at the Crystal palace, 1857; a letter to the members of the Sacred 
harmonic society. — Handel commemoration festival at the Crystal 
palace, 1859. — Inaugural address at the musical festival of the Handel 
and Haydn society on its 50th anniversary, 1865, by J. B. Upham. 

HOG-\RTH. George. 

Philharmonic society of London, 1813-1862. 1862 r78o.6 H68 

Short history of the society for the first 50 years of its existence, in- 
cluding lists of members, vocal soloists, and works by English com- 
posers performed. 

LYSONS, Daniel. 

History of the origin and progress of the meeting of the three 

choirs of Gloucester. Worcester and Hereford. 1812 r78o.6 L99 

Contains a "View of the condition of the parochial clergy of the king- 
dom from the earliest times." 


NORFOLK and Norwich thirteenth triennial musical festival, 

i860; an account of the performances, i860 r78o.6 N43 


Official souvenir of the 28th saengerfest, Pittsburg, 1896. 

1896 r78o.6 N45 

PERKINS, Charles Callahan. 

History of the Handel and Haydn society, with a brief ac- 
count of Puritan psalmody in old and New England. 
1883 r78o.6 P43 

Contains, besides the very interesting sketch of the music of the Puritans 
and the historical narrative, a list of the society's concerts, and of 
officers and members. 

"Of great value to the study of musical culture in New England." H. E. 

Other pamphlets bound in this volume: A knowledge of the relation of 
physiology and anatomy to pianoplaying, by J. Brotherhood. — An- 
weisung zum kunstgerechten moduliren, von Felix Draseke. 


Programme of the first May music festival, 1883. 1883 r78o.6 P4g 

With newspaper clippings. 

Programme, 1879, 1883, 1884, 1889, 1891. 5v. in 3. 1879-91 . .qr78o.6 P67 
Programme for 1883 contains newspaper clippings. 


Programmes for the 5th and 6th concerts, season 1897-8. 

1898 r78o.6 P6742 


Minutes, 1852-55 qr78o.6 P674 

POHL, Karl Ferdinand, comp. 

Denkschrift aus anlass des hundertjahrigen bestehens der 
Tonkiinstler-societat, im 1862 reorganisirt als "Haydn," 
witwen- und waisen-versorgungs-verein der tonkiinstler 
in Wien. 1871 r78o.6 P74 

780.7 Musical education 


The art principle and its application to the teaching of music. 

1863 ■ r78o.7 J12 

KRIEGER, Ferdinand. 

Der rationelle musikunterricht. 1870 r78o.7 K42 

"Das lehrmaterial," p. 131-181. 

Outline of a system of teaching music on psychological and anthropo- 
logical principles. 

MARX, Adolph Bernhard. 

General musical instruction. [1839.] qr78o.7 M43 

For teachers and pupils. The author was a learned musician and 
founder of the Berlin conservatory. 

WEBER, Gottfried. 

General music teacher, adapted to self-instruction. 1841. . . .r78o.7 W37 
Includes a "Universal dictionary of musical terms, by J. F. Warner," 
apx. p. 1-88. 


Catechism of the rudiments of music. 1840 r78o.7 W91 


EICHBERG, Oscar, ed. 

Allgemeiner deutscher musiker-kalender, 1889. iier jahr- 

gang. [1888.] r78o.8 E39 

780.9 History of music 


AMBROS, August Wilhelm. 

Geschichte der musik. 3v. 1862-68 r78o.9 A49 

Carries the history through the predecessors of Palestrina in Italy, and, 
for the time it covers, is regarded as a most thorough and scholarly 

ARDITI, Luigi. 

My reminiscences; ed. by Baroness von Zedlitz. 1896 780.9 A67 

Arditi conducted operas for nearly all the great singers from 1846-96, 
and gives many amusing anecdotes about them and about his ex- 

BECKER, Carl Ferdinand, conip. 

Die tonkiinstler des 19. jahrhunderts; ein kalendarisches 

handbuch zur kunstgeschichte. 1849 r78o.9 6361 

BIRD, Joseph. 

Gleanings from the history of music. 1850 r78o.9 B48 

Short compilation from Burney and Hawkins. 

BOISE, Otis Bardwell. 

Music and its masters. 1902 780.9 B59 

Contents: The nature and origin of music. — Music's first era, and the 
influences which were operative in various lands during its continu- 
ance. — Biblical mention of music. — Music, from the invention of no- 
tation to date. — Wagner and the music drama. — What are the influ- 
encing factors in deciding musical destinies? — Who is to be our seventh 
high-priest? — A summary of music's attributes; what constitutes musi- 
cal intelligence? 

BRENDEL, Carl Franz. 

Geschichte der musik in Italien, Deutschland und Frank- 

reich. 1867 r78o.9 B72 

"All Brendel's writings are permeated with the progressive spirit which 
made him one of the most effective champions of the neo-Germanic 
school which culminated in Liszt and Wagner. Nevertheless he stops 
short of being an extremist in his historical writings." H. E. Krehbiel. 

Die musik der gegenwart und die gesammtkunst der zukunft. 

1854 r78o.9 B72m 

Brendel was a strenuous advocate of the music of Liszt and Wagner, 
and this work, which may "be regarded as completing his "History," 
contains a frank exposition of the views of their partisans. 


Anecdotes of music, historical and biographical. 3v. 1814. .r78o.9 B89 
BURNEY, Charles. 

General history of music. 4v. 1782-89 qr78o.9 B93g 

The first volume was published in 1776, the same year in which Sir 
John Hawkins's similar work appeared. 

"Between the two rival histories, the public decision was loud and im- 
mediate in favour of Dr. Burney. Time has. . .brought the merits of 
each work to their fair and proper level — adjudging to Burney the 
palm of style, arrangement, and amusing narrative, and to Hawkins 
the credit of minuter accuracy and deeper research." Grove's Dic- 
tionary of music. 

Present state of music in France and Italy. 1771 r78o.9 B93P 

Burney made the journey to collect materials for his history of music, 
visiting libraries, hearing the best music, both sacred and secular, and 
meeting all the most eminent musicians of the time. On his return he 


published this book, which was a great success, and which Dr Johnson 
confesses to have taken as a model for his own "Tour to the 

Present state of music in Germany, the Netherlands and 

United Provinces. 2v. 1773 r78o.9 B93 

"The volumes. . .have remained till to-day the delight of musical 
students, as much for the honest and straightforward style of the 
recital as for the vast number of significant and suggestive facts which 
are marshalled in their pages." H. E. Krehbiel. 

Tagebuch seiner musikalischen reisen. v.2-3. 1773 r78o.9 6931 

BUSBY, Thomas. 

General history of music. 2v. 1819 r78o.9 B95 

Compilation from Burney and Hawkins. 

CLfiMENT, Felix. 

Histoire de la musique, depuis les temps anciens jusqu'a nos 

jours. 1885 qr78o.9 C56 

Particularly valuable for its illustrations of musical instruments. 

DAVEY, Henry. 

Student's musical history. 1894 780.9 D29S 

Very brief history for musicians and students of music. 

DERTHICK. Wilbur Morris, cd. 

Manual of music. 1890 qr78o.9 D44 

Popular sketch of its history and literature, with biographies and por- 
traits of eminent composers, specimens of their music and chrono- 
logical charts. 

ELSON, Louis Charles. 

Curiosities of music ; facts regarding the music of ancient and 

savage nations. 1880 r78o.9 E55 

Collection of popular articles from a musical periodical. 

ENGEL, Carl. 

Music of the most ancient nations; particularly of the 

Assyrians, Egyptians and Hebrews. 1870 r78o.9 E63 

Many musical examples and illustrations of ancient musical instruments. 
"Invaluable both to the theoretical musician and to the historian of art." 
Saturday review, 1865. 
EXIMENO, Antonio. 

Deir origine e delle regole della musica. 1774 qr78o.9 E98 

"Contains the germ of the theories afterwards elaborated by Wagner, 
and at the time raised a host of polemical writings." Grove's Dic- 
tionary of music. 
FfiTIS, Franqois Joseph. 

Curiosites historiques de la musique. 1830 r78o.9 F43C 

Brief sketch of the history of music in Italy, Germany and France. 

Histoire generale de la musique. 3v. 1869-72 r78o.9 F43h 

Valuable work, which was never finished. These volumes treat of the 
history of music among ancient nations. Illustrated. 
FINK, Gottfried Wilhelm. 

Erste wanderung der altesten tonkunst, als vorgeschichte der 

musik. 1831 r78o.9 F49 


Beitrage zur geschichte der musik der alteren und neueren 

zeit. 2v. in i. 1868-74 qr78o.9 F96 

v. I. Text. V.2. Musikalische documente. 

GROSHEIM. Georg Christoph. 

Fragmente aus der geschichte der musik. 1852 r78o.9 G93 

HANSLICK, Eduard. 

Aus dem concertsaal; kritiken und schilderungen aus den 


letzten 20 jahren des Wiener musiklebens, nebst einem 
anhang, Musikalische reisebriefe aus England, Frank- 

reich und der Schweiz. 1870 r/So.g H24 

"Exhaustive and accurate work indispensable to the student of musical 
history." Grove's Dictionary of music. 

HAWKINS, Sir John, 1719-89. 

General history of music. 3v. 1853 1 qr78o.9 H36 

The same. 5v. 1776 qr78o.9 H36gi 

"Hawkins's History suffered somewhat unjustly at the outset by com- 
parison with Burney's, the first volume of which was issued in the 
same year that saw the appearance of Hawkins's. For this Burney's 
greater reputation as a musician and the livelier literary style which he 
commanded were responsible. Latterly there has been manifest a dis- 
position to reverse the early judgment, the fact being recognized that 
Hawkins was the more painstaking investigator of the two. Both 
histories are antiquated, but are nevertheless valuable to the student 
because of their voluminous illustrations." H. E. Krehbiel. 

HENDERSON, William James. 

How music developed; a critical and explanatory account of 

the growth of modern music. 1898 780.9 H44h 

"Little original research, but a vast amount of traditional information 
presented in a much more lucid and direct style than is usually to be 
found in books on musical form and history." Nation, 1899. 

The story of music. 1897 780.9 H44 

Contains a chapter on "Wagner and the opera of our future." 
"In no respect a conventional history, but a series of pleasantly written 
and suggestive essays on some of the phases through which music has 
passed from the ordination of its elements till to-day." H. E. Krehbiel. 

HIGGINS, William Mullinger. 

Philosophy of sound and history of music. 1838 r78o.9 H53 

HOGARTH. George. 

Musical history, biography and criticism. 2v. 1838 r78o.9 H68 

General survey of music from the earliest period to 1835. 
"Standard work of reference on its special subject." Dictionary of 
national biography. 

HOPE. Robert Charles. 

Mediaeval music; an historical sketch. 1899 r78o.9 H78 

Bibliography, p. 166-169. 

"Useful as a concise compendium, but not always to be trusted, es- 
pecially in the department of ancient music." H. E. Krehbiel. 

HUNT, Henry'George Bonavia. 

Concise history of music. 1878 r78o.9 H93 

The same. 1878 780.9 H93 

"Designed for the use of schools, and to that end provided with a list 
of examination questions. Section I. chiefly a chronological and bio- 
graphical record; Section II. a series of tables of musicians and musi- 
cal events; Section III. a summary in which the growth of the art is 
traced. An excellent book for systematic study, and also helpful for 
quick reference." H. E. Krehbiel. 


Music of the Bible. 1864 r78o.9 H96 

"Very useful, especially for the literary or theological student who 
wishes to know the significance of the musical terms in the Bible." 
H. E. Krehbiel. 

LANGHANS. Wilhelm. 

Die musikgeschichte in zwolf vortragen. 1879 r78o.9 L25 

Contents: Das altcrthum. — Die musik der ersten christlichen zeiten. — 
Die anfange der mehrstimmigen musik. — Die musikalische herrschaft 
der Niederlander. — Luther's reformation und die renaissance. — 
Die italienische oper.— Die franzosische oper. — Die deutsche oper.— 


Das oratorium.— Die instrumentalmusik.— Die romantiker des 19. 

jahrhunderts. — Richard Wagner. 
"Author belongs to the new romantic school, and devotes his last lecture 
to Wagner; it is biographical and expository rather than critical. 
The preceding chapters are not overburdened with biographical detail, 
and trace the development of music through its principal phases in 
an interesting and instructive manner." H. E. Krelibiel. 

LAVOIX, Henri. 

Histoire de la musique. [1884.] (Bibliotheque de I'en- 

seignement des beaux-arts.) 780.9 L39 

Brief bibliography at the end of each chapter. 

MARTINI, Giovanni Battista. 

Storia della musica. 3v. 1757-81 qr78o.9 M43 

Author, commonly called Padre Martini, was one of the most important 
scientific musicians of the i8th century. This work treats only of 
ancient music. 
"Most learned work." Grove's Dictionary of music. 

MATTHEW, James Ebenezer. 

Handbook of musical history from St. Gregory to the 

present time. 1898 780.9 M47 

Bibliography at the end of each chapter. 

Short sketch for the general reader. Illustrated. 

MUSIOL, Robert. 

Katechismus der musikgeschichte. 1877 r78o.9 M98 

Condensed history in the form of questions and answers. 


History of music; ed. by Sir F. A. G. Ouseley. 2v. [1882- 

86.] r78o.9 N16 

"Chiefly valuable for its illustrations. Professor Ouseley added chapters 
to cover the history of music in England more fully than was done by 
the author. Naumann must be read with caution. He was not an 
original investigator." H. E. Krehbiel. 

NORTH, Roger. 

Memoirs of musick; ed. by E. F. Rimbault. 1846 r78o.9 N4S 

"Well-written sketch of the progress of the art from the time of the 
ancient Greeks to about 1730." Grove's Dictionary of music. 

OXFORD history of music; ed. by W. H. Hadow. v.i, 3-5. 

1901-04 r78o.9 O35 

V.I. Wooldridge, H. E. The polyphonic period; method of musical art, 

V.3. Parry, C. H. H. Music of the seventeenth century. 
V.4. Maitland, J. A. Fuller-. Age of Bach & Handel. 
V.5. Hadow, W. H. The Viennese period. 

Traces the general evolution of the art itself, with less regard to in- 
dividual artists. 

PARKE, William Thomas. 

Musical memoirs; an account of the state of music in England, 

1784 to 1830. 2v. 1830 r78o.9 P23 

PARRY, Charles Hubert Hastings. 

Evolution of the art of music. 1896. (International scien- 
tific series.) 780.9 P26 

A new edition of his "Art of music." 

"A series of thoroughly admirable essays on the art of music and its 
historical growth, free from biographical detail, scientific in spirit 
and sound." H. E. Krehbiel, 

PONTfeCOULANT, Louis Adolphe Doulcet, comte de. 

Essai sur la facture instrumentale consideree dans ses rap- 
ports avec I'art, I'industrie et le commerce. 1857 r78o.9 P78 



Allgemeine geschichte der musik. 3v. in i. 1863-64 r78o.9 R32a 

"Reissmann is more a compiler than an original investigator, but 
there is real merit in his arrangement of the material of musical his- 
tory. He strives to disclose the evolution of music as superinduced 
by intellectual and social development instead of adhering blindly 
to a chronological scheme." H. E. Krehbiel. 


Catechism of musical history. 2v 780.9 R44 

V.I. History of musical instruments, and of tone-systems and notation. 
. v.2. History of musical forms, with biographical notices of the most 
illustrious composers. 

RITTER, Frederic Louis. 

History of music, ist-2d ser. 2v. 1870-74 r78o.9 Rsih 

Short but comprehensive. 
Manual of musical history. 1886 r78o.9 Rsima 

Brief sketch giving only the most important events. Might be used 
as a text-book. 

ROCKSTRO, William Smyth. 

General history of music. 1886 r78o.9 R57 

"Correct and comprehensive, but not always well balanced. It includes 
Wagner's work, but the chapter devoted to the poet-composer smacks 
of polemics rather than history." H. E. Krehbiel. 

ROWBOTHAM, John Frederick. 

History of music. 1893 780.9 R78 

Short history coming down to the troubadours. 

RYAN, Thomas. 

Recollections of an old musician. 1899 780.9 R95 

The author was a charter member of the famous Mendelssohn quintette 
club of Boston, and played with the Pittsburgh orchestra during the 
season of 1897-98. 
"He often spent days and weeks in the company of artists of the 
highest rank, such as Rubinstein, Wieniawski, Nilsson, etc., and 
concerning all of them he has some pleasant chat." Nation, 1899. 

SCHNEIDER, Karl Ernst. 

Zur periodisirung der musikgeschichte. 1863 r78o Paie 

Bound with other pamphlets. 


Kurzgefasste geschichte der musikkunst und standpunkt 

derselben gegeniiber der modernen zeit. 1879 , r78o.9 S37 

SCUDO, Pietro. 

L'annee musicale. ire annee. i860 r78o.9 S43 

SMITH, Hannah, musician. 

Music, how it came to be what it is. 1898 780.9 S64 

"Simply a compilation of facts regarding acoustics, the history of music, 
the evolution of instruments, the 'schools' of various countries, etc. ; 
but the facts are so judiciously selected and so clearly grouped that 
the book can be highly commended." Nation, 1898. 

STAINER, Sir John. 

Music of the Bible; with an account of the development of 
modern musical instruments from ancient types. 

(1879.] 1780.9 S78 

"An excellent treatise." H. E. Krehbiel. 


Primitive music; an inquiry into the origin and development 
of music, songs, instruments, dances and pantomimes of 


savage races, with musical examples. 1893 780.9 W17 

"Authorities quoted," p.297-321. 

"Serious attempt to deal with a subject of paramount interest, and 

claims the attention of all who wish to study the earliest chapters in 

the history of music." Academy, 1894. 

WASIELEWSKI, Joseph Wilhelm von. 

Geschichte der instruraentalmusik im 16. jahrhundert. 

1878 780.9 W27 

Chapter i treats of the musical instruments of the isth and i6th cen- 
turies; 2 treats of musical practice in the i6th century; 3 and 4 of 
composition. Illustrations of musical instruments and examples of 
"An admirable study." H. E. Krehbiel. 
WESTPHAL. Rudolph Georg Hermann. 

Geschichte der alten und mittelalterlichen musik. v.i, 3, in i. 

1865 r78o.9 WS7 

Title-page of v. 3 reads "Ploutarchou peri mousikes." 

Author is a scientific and painstaking investigator, and his work is clear 
and authoritative, v. 3 contains the text of Plutarch's "On music," with 
a German translation and explanatory notes. 
The YEAR'S music; record of British and foreign musical 

events, 1897-1899. [2d-4th annual issue.] 1897-99 r78o.9 Y21 

Publication ceased with 4th issue. 

SAALSCHUTZ, Joseph Levin. 

Geschichte und wiirdigung der musik bei den Hebraern. 

1829 r78o.933 Si i 

"A little book of unique value. It follows a chronological plan in 
treating of the practice of music amongst the Hebrews of Bible 
times, and compares their instruments with those of the ancient 
Greeks and modern Arabs. In an appendix is a treatise on the 
Magrepha of the Talmud, which is held to be an organ." H. E. 


CONRAN, Michael. 

National music of Ireland. 1850 r78o.94l5 C75 

Contains a history of the bards and harpers and of the national melodies. 


BENNETT, Joseph. 

Musical year, 1883; record of musical events in the United 

Kingdom r78o.942 B43 

CROWEST, Frederick James. 

Story of British music to the Tudor period. 1896 780.942 C89 

"Evinces no profundity of insight or extensive research but serves a 
purpose in helping reference to special details." H. E. Krehbiel. 
DAVEY, Henry. 

History of English music. 1895 780.942 D29 

Particularly useful for reference. 

HUEFFER. Francis. 

Half a century of music in England, 1837-1887. 1889. . .780.942 H88 
Contents: Introductory; general music during the Queen's reig^ in 
England. — Wagner in England. — Liszt in England. — Berlioz in Eng- 
land. — Conclusion. 
RITTER, Frederic Louis. 

Music in England. 1883 r78o.942 R51 

Short account of the history of music, particularly church music. Illus- 
trative musical examples. 



BECKER, Carl Ferdinand. 

Die hausmusik in Deutschland in dem 16., 17. und 18. 

jahrhunderte. 1840 qr78o.943 B36 

Brief history, with examples of vocal and instrumental compositions. 


Zur geschichte der musik und des theaters am hofe zu Dres- 
den. 2v. 1861-62 r78o.943 F97 

HAbOW, William Henry. 

A Croatian composer; notes toward the study of Joseph 

Haydn. 1897 780.943 H12 

Short study attempting to prove that Haydn, though generally ranked 
among the German composers, is not a German, but a Croatian. 

MUSIKALISCHER almanach fiir Deutschland auf das jahr 

1784. 1783 r78o.943 M98 


Illustrirte geschichte der deutschen musik. 1881 r78o.943 R32 

Many illustrations of musical instruments, portraits of musicians, ex- 
amples of music, etc. 

SOUBIES, Albert. 

Histoire de la musique allemande. [1896.] (Bibliotheque 

de I'enseignement des beaux-arts.) 780.943 S71 

WAGENSEIL, Johann Christoph. 

De civitate Noribergensi commentatio; accedit, De Germaniae 
phonascorum (von der meister-singer) origine et insti- 

tutis liber. 1697 r943.3 W12 

"It is to the German chapter in this Latin treatise on the city of 
Nuremberg that Wagner is indebted for all the elements that are his- 
torical in his comedy Die meistersinger von Nurnberg." H. E. 


LISZT, Franz. 

Die zigeuner und ihre musik in Ungarn. i86r r78o P2ii 

"The value of the book for scientific study is impaired by the fact that 
Liszt conceived all Magyar music to be of gypsy origin." H. E. 
Bound with pamphlets. 


ESCUDIER, Marie, & Leon. 

Vie et aventures des cantatrices celebres, precedees des 
Musiciens de I'empire et suivies de la Vie anecdotique 1 

de Paganini. 1856 r78o.944 E81 

The short sketches of some famous singers from Mile Maupin to Mali- 
bran are not merely biographical, but deal also with the society of 
the time. 

La MUSIQUE a Paris; ed. by Gustave Robert, 1897/98-1900. 

v.4-6, in 2. [ 1898-1900.] r78o.944 M98 

Bibliographie des ouvrages sur la musique publics en fran<;ais pendant 
I'annee, v.4, p.299-344, v.s-6, p. 361-410. 



ORLOV, Grigory Vladimirovich, count. 

Entwurf einer geschichte der italienischen musik. 1824 r78o.4 A93 

Bound with Amadeus Autodidactos' "Aphorismen uber musik." 

Essai sur I'histoire de la musique en Italic jusqu'a nos jours. 

2v. 1822 1780.945 O28 


SOUBIES, Albert. 

Histoire de la musique en Russie. 1898. (Bibliotheque de 

I'enseignement des beaux-arts.) 780.947 S71 


AALST, J. A. van. 

Chinese music. 1884. (China — Imperial maritime customs. 

Special series, no.6.) qr78o.95i An 

Points out the likenesses and the differences between Chinese and western 
music, describes the eight different kinds of instruments and their 
modifications, and gives some specimens of ritual and popular music. 

AMIOT, Joseph. 

Memoire sur la musique des Chinois, tant anciens que 

modernes. 1779 qr78o.95i A51 

One of the principal sources of information about Chinese music. By a 
Jesuit missionary. 


PIGGOTT, Francis Taylor. 

Music and musical instruments of Japan ; with notes by T. L. 

Southgate. 1893 qr78o.952 P57 

Embraces the history, practice and theory of Japanese music, describes 
the various instruments and provides specimens of music in Japanese 
writing, literally translated and done into English notation. Deals al- 
so with the methods of teaching music and the relations of teachers 
and pupils. Well illustrated. 


KIESEWETTER, Raphael Georg. edler von Weisenbrunn. 

Die musik der Araber. 1842 qr78o.953 K25 

Contains musical illustrations showing the Arab scales, and a number of 
Egyptian, Persian and Turkish songs. 


DAY, Charles Russell. 

Music and musical instruments of southern India and the 

Deccan. 1891 qr78o.954 D33 

Bibliography, p. 157-160. 

Discusses the history, theory and uses of Indian music and gives a list 
of eminent musicians. Contains 17 colored plates, besides drawings 
of musical instruments. 


TAGORE, Raja Sir Sourindro Mohun, comp. 

Hindu music, from various authors, v.i. 1875 r78o.954 T13 

\ Extracts concerning Hindu music and musical instruments, from the 

writings of English oriental scholars. 

North America 

BAKER, Theodor. 

t)ber die musik der nordamerikanischen wilden. 1882... rySo P2ie 

Written as a thesis for the degree of Ph. D. at the University of Leipsic. 

Many examples of Indian music. 
Bound with other pamphlets. 

ELSON, Louis Charles. 

National music of America and its sources. 1900 780.973 E55 

Popular account of the music of the Pilgrims and Puritans, the begin- 
nings of secular music in New England, rise of choral music, and 
the present (1899) condition of music, with chapters on Yankee 
Doodle, Hail Columbia, Star spangled banner. Civil war songs and 

Portraits and specimens of music. 

GILMORE, Patrick Sarsfield. 

History of the National peace jubilee, held in Boston, June 

1869. 1871 r78o.973 G42 

KREHBIEL, Henry Edward. 

Review of the New York musical season, 1885-1886, 1888-1889. 

[v.i, 4.] 1886-89 r78o.973 K41 

MATHEWS, William Smith Babcock, ed. 

Hundred years of music in America. 1889 r78o.973 M47 

Popular account of musicians and composers, educators and critics, or- 
ganizations, etc. 

RITTER, Frederic Louis. 

Music in America. 1883 r78o.973 R51 

"A necessary book because its field is shared with no other; but it is 
ill balanced and its statements must be received with caution." 
H. E. Krehhiel. 

781 Theory of music 



Collected writings on thorough-bass, harmony and composi- 
tion. V.I. 1855 qr78i A34 

ALEMBERT, Jean le Rond d'. 

Siemens de musique sui%ant les principes de M. Rameau. 

1762 r78i A36 

AMBROS, August Wilhelm. 

Zur lehre vom quinten-verbote r78o P2if 

Other pamphlets hound in this volume: Sein einzig kind, von Hermann 
Michaelson. — Lebens des musikus Robert Auletes, von Johannes 

BANISTER, Henry Charles. 

Music. 1899 781 B22 

Bibliography, p. 18-20. 

"A handbook, most admirably arranged, with definitions at once terse 
and luminous. It ought to be at the elbow of every reader of musi- 
cal criticism or analysis." H. E. Krehbiel. 

The same. 1885 r78i B22 


BEETHOVEN, Ludwig van. 

Studien im generalbass, contrapunkt und in der composi- 

tionslehre. 1853 r78i B38 

Studies in thorough-bass, counterpoint and the art of scien- 
tific composition. 1853 ^781 B38S 

"Possessing a peculiar interest in their brevity and conciseness, and as 
being the actual course. . .which Beethoven went through with Al- 
brechtsberger, whose tuition he enjoyed for two years." Ignatius von 
Seyfried in preface. 

CALLCOTT. John Wall. 

Musical grammar rTSi Cia 

First published in 1806. 
CUMMINGS, William Hayman. 

Rudiments of music. 1877. (Novello, Ewer and co.'s music 

primers.) 781 C91 

"Instead of considering that notes represent both pitch and duration of 
sound, he teaches that the stave itself shows the sounds, and that 
the notes indicate the time merely." Academy, 1878. 


Musical ornamentation, from Diruta to the present time. 2v. 

[1893-95.] (Novello, Ewer and co.'s music primers.) . .q78r D23 
FINK, Gottfried Wilhelm. 

Musikalische grammatik; oder, Theoretisch-praktischer 

unterricht in der tonkunst. 1853 r78i F49 

GOODRICH, Alfred John. 

Theory of interpretation applied to artistic musical perform- 
ance. 1899 781 G62 


Opuscula; vermischte aufsatze. 1894 r78o P2ih 

Small collection of musical and philosophical articles, by the dis- 
tinguished German writer on the theory of music. 
Bound with other pamphlets. 


Allgemeine tonsprachlehre. 1843 r78i H35 

HELMHOLTZ, Hermann Ludwig Ferdinand von. 

Die lehre von den tonempfindungen als physiologische 

grundlage fiir die theorie der musik. 1870 r78i H42 

On the sensations of tone as a physiological basis for the 

theory of music. 1895 , q78i H42 

"Helmholtz's experiments with resonators resulted in a most complete 
analysis of musical tone, while his determination of the nature of 
the vowel sounds of the human voice is of the highest importance. The 
gain to science through the investig^ations of this learned and inde- 
fatigable worker is well-known, but they have also affected questions 
concerning the theory of music." Academy, 1894. 

HILES, Henry. 

Grammar of music; a treatise on harmony, counterpoint 

and form. 2v. 1879 q78i HS4 

V.I. Consonances. — Dissonances. 
V.X Partwriting. — Form. 
Over 400 illustrative examples. 


Catechism of music r78i J46 

KRUGER, Eduard. 

System der tonkunst. 1866 r78i K42 


KUNKEL, Franz Joseph. 

Kleine musiklehre; ein handbuch beim unterricht in der 

theorie der musik. 1844 r78i K43 

LAFAGE, Juste Adrien Lenoir de. 

De I'unite tonique et de la fixation d'un diapason universel. 

1859 r78i L14 

LUSSY, Mathis. 

Die kunst des musikalischen vortrags. 1886 r78o P210 

From Lussy's "Traite de I'expression musicale." 
Bound with other pamphlets. 

Musical expression, accents, nuances and tempo in vocal and 
instrumental music. [1885.] (Novello, Ewer and co.'s 

music primers.) 781 L98 

"Explains, psychologically and physiologically, the sensations of sound. . . 
The three elements on which he bases his treatise are tonality, time, 
and rhythm." Atlienceum, 1874. 

MARX, Adolph Bernhard. 

Die lehre von der musikalischen komposition, praktisch, 

theoretisch. 4v. 1847-52 '. . .r78i M43I 

Theory and practice of musical composition, with an ap- 
pendix and notes by Emilius Girac. 1863 r78i M43 

Book I. Elements of musical composition. 
Book 2. The accompaniment of given melodies. 


Das neu-eroffnete orchestre. 1713 r78i M47 

This book is entirely in manuscript. 
RITTER, Frederic Louis. 

Musical dictation; a practical guide for musical students. 

2v. 1887-89. (Novello, Ewer and co.'s music primers.) . .781 R51 
Rules and exercises for teaching the student of music to write down 
music that he knows by heart. 

SINGER, Peter.* 

Metaphysische blicke in die tonwelt. 1847 r78i S61 

SPENCER, Charles Child. 

Rudimentary and practical treatise on music. 2v. in i. 1865. .r78i S74 

SYMPSON, Christopher. 

Compendium; or, Introduction to practical music. 1732... r78i S98 

Famous and popular treatise first published in 1667. 

TRACY, James M. 

Theory and rudimental harmony. 1878 r78i T67 


Studies in the science and history of music. 1887 r78i Wii 


Study of music made easy. 1884 r78i W27 

WEBER, Gottfried. 

Theory of musical composition. 2v. 1853 r78i W37t 

Full and minute system, intended primarily for self-instruction. 

Versuch einer theorie der tonsezkunst. 3v. 1817-21 r78i W37 

WEITZMAN, Carl Friedrich. 

Manual of musical theory. 1879 r78i W47 


781. 1 Mathematical and physical 

CHLADNI, Ernst Florens Friedrich. 

Die akustik. 1802 r78i.i C44a 

Chladni has been called the father of modern acoustics. This work 
describes some of his experiments and discoveries. 

Neue beytrage zur akustik. 1817 r78i.i C44 

EN GEL, Gustav. 

Das mathematische harmonium; ein hiilfsmittel zur veran- 

schaulichung der reinen ton-verhaltnisse. 1881 r78o P2ie 

Other pamphlets bound in this volume: Uber die musik der nordameri- 
kanischen wilden, von Theodor Baker. — Die geschichtliche entwickelung 
der kammermusik, von L. Xohl. — Allgemeiner deutscher musikverein: 
Tonkiinstler-versammlung zu Weimar, 1884, programm. 

SMITH, Robert. 

Harmonics; or. The philosophy of musical sounds. 1749. .r/Si.i S65 
Old but valuable work by a distinguished mathematician. 

781.2 Elementary and general 

BIDDLE, Horace Porter. 

Musical scale. 1867 r78i.2 B47 


Music teacher's assistant; a system for imparting the 
knowledge necessary to understand the pitch and inter- 
vals while transposing the major and minor scales, 
no. I : Melody. 1872 r78i.2 C89 

781.3 Harmony. Thoroughbass 

BANISTER, Henry Charles. 

Helpful papers for harmony students. 1895 781.3 B22 


Boetius und die griechische harmonik; fiinf biicher iiber die 
musik; iibertragen und mit besonderer beriicksichtigung 
der griechischen harmonik erklart von Oscar Paul. 
1872 r78i.3 B58 

"Very complete exposition of the subject. It remained a text-book 
of music in the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge till within 
comparatively recent times. It is still very valuable as a help in 
ascertaining the principles of ancient music, and gives us the opinions 
of some of the best ancient writers on the art." Encyclopadia Britan- 
BRIDGE, Sir John Frederick, & Sawyer, F.J. 

Course of harmony. 1899 781.3 B74 

BROWN, Jean Parkman. 

Intervals, chords and ear training for young pianoforte stu- 
dents. 1897 781.3 B78 

BURROWES, John Freckleton. 

Thorough-bass primer. 1874 r78i.3 B94 

The same. 1884 781.3 B94 

CATEL, Charles Simon. 

Treatise on harmony. 1854 qr78i A34 

Bound with Albrechtsberger's "Collected writings on thorough-bass, 
harmony and composition." 


CLARKE, Hugh Archibald. 

Harmony on the inductive method. 1880 i'78i.3 C53 

Author was professor of music in the University of Pennsylvania. 

DUNSTAN, Ralph, comp. 

Basses and melodies for students of harmony, selected from 
the works of the great composers. 1894. (Novello, Ewer 

and co.'s music primers.) 781.3 D92 

Music only. 

FILLMORE, John Comfort. 

New lessons in harmony; to which is added The nature of 

harmony, by Hugo Riemann. 1887 r78i.3 F48 

"As Dr. Riemann's work, on which this is based, is intended primarily 
for teachers, Mr. Fillmore wisely concluded to make the treatise his 
own by so rewriting it as to make it useful to students. . .Appendix 
contains a translation of Riemann's lecture on the 'Nature of Har- 
mony,' a careful perusal of which will enable students to see clearly 
the drift of modern speculation in music." Nation, 1887. 


Material used in musical composition; a system of harmony 

designed and adopted for use in the English harmony 

classes of the Conservatory of music at Stuttgart. 

1898 q78i.3 Gssm 

Theory and practice of tone-relations; a condensed course of 

harmony conducted upon a contrapuntal basis. 1900 781.3 Gss 

Introduction to the same author's "Materials used in musical composi- 

GOROLDT, Johann Heinrich. 

Griindlicher unterricht im generalbasse und in der komposi- 

tion. 1832 r78i.3 G68 

HAMILTON, James Alexander. 

Catechism of the rudiments of harmony and thorough bass. 

1865 r78i.3 H21 


Die lehre von der harmonik. 1868 r78i.3 H35 

HIGGS, James. 

Modulation. [1890.] (Novello, Ewer and co.'s music 

primers.) q78i-3 H53 

HILES, Henry. 

Harmony of sounds. 1872 r78i.3 H54 

Short treatise with many illustrations from classical composers. 

KELLNER, David. 

Treulicher unterricht im general-bass. 1737 r78i.3 K16 

KLING, Henri. 

Praktische anweisung zum transponieren. 1885 qr782.8 R38 

Bound with other pamphlets. 

KOLBE, Oscar. 

Kurzgefasste generalbasslehre. 1872 r78i W27 

Bound with other pamphlets. 

LAMPE, John Frederick. 

Plain and compendious method of teaching thorough bass. 

^737 qr78i.3 L19 

LOBE, Johann Christian. 

Vereinfachte harmonielehre. 1861 r78i.3 L75 



Kleine general-bass-schule. 1735 r78i.3 M47 


Theoretisch-praktisches lehrbuch der harmonic und des 

generalbasses. 1885 qr78i.3 M66 

MILLER. Edward. 

Elements of thorough bass and composition. [1787.] . . .qr78i.3 M6g 
PARKER, James Cutter Dunn. 

Manual of harmony. 1862 r78i.3 P23 

PROUT, Ebenezer. 

Harmony; its theory and practice. 1889 781.3 P97 

Over 300 examples from ancient and modern composers. 
RICHTER, Ernst Friedrich. 

Manual of harmony. 1867 r78i.3 R42 

"For forty years this has been recognized as a standard work. A 
proof of its wide popularity is that it has been translated into English, 
Dutch, Swedish, Russian, Polish, and Italian." H. E. Krehbiel. 

RITTER, Frederic Louis. 

Practical harmony. 1888 r78o P2ib 

Bound with other pamphlets. 

SAWYER, Frank Joseph. 

Extemporization. [1890.] (Novello, Ewer and co.'s music 

primers.) q78i.3 S27 

SCHUTZE, Friedrich Wilhelm. 

Praktische harmonielehre. 1865 r78i.3 S38 

SECHTER, Simon. 

Correct order of fundamental harmonies; a treatise on funda- 
mental basses and their inversions and substitutes. 1871. .r78i.3 S44 
STAINER, Sir John. 

Harmony, with graduated exercises. (Novello, Ewer and 

co.'s music primers.) 781.3 S78 

Treatise on harmony and the classification of chords, with 

questions and exercises for the use of students 781.3 S78t 

TURK, Daniel Gottlob. 

Kurze anweisung zum generalbassspielen. 1791 r78i.3 T82^ 


Transposition, keyboard and orchestra. [1895.] (Novello, 

Ewer and co.'s music primers.) q78i.3 W24 

WOLFRAM, Theodor. 

Practical modulator; or. How to learn to modulate. 1880. .r78i.3 W84 

781.4 Counterpoint 

BRIDGE, Sir John Frederick. 

Counterpoint. 1878. (Novello, Ewer and co.'s music prim- 
ers.) 781.4 B74C 

Double counterpoint and canon. 1881. (Novello, Ewer and 

co.'s music primers.) 781.4 B74 

CHERUBINI, Maria Luigi Carlo Zenobi Salvatore. 

Course of counterpoint and fugue. 2v. 1841 r78i.4 C42C 

The collection of examples was made by Cherubini for the use of his 


pupils in the Paris conservatory. Text is generally supposed to have 
been written by another musician. 
Treatise on counterpoint and fugue qr78i.4 C42 


Theoretisch-praktische vorstudien zum kontrapunkte und ein- 

fiihrung in die musikalische komposition. 1885 qr78i.4 M66 

PORTMANN, Johann Gottlieb. 

Die neuesten und wichtigsten entdeckungen in der harmonie, 

melodie und dem doppelten contrapuncte. 1798 r78i.4 P83 

"Clear and helpful to the students of harmony and counterpoint." 
Grove's Dictionary of music. 

PROUT, Ebenezer. 

Counterpoint, strict and free. 1890 781.4 P97C 

Comprehensive and practical treatise in which the author advocates the 
study of strict counterpoint as essential to the training of every 
thorough musician. Many illustrations. 

Double counterpoint and canon. 1891 781.4 P97 

"Full of clear, concise writing. It stands midway between elaborate 
works... and modern works in which 'double counterpoints' and 
canons are only lightly touched upon." Academy, 1892. 

SAUNDERS, Gordon. 

Examples in strict counterpoint, old and new. [1893.] 

(Novello, Ewer and co.'s music primers.) 781.4 S25 

781.5 Musical form 

HADOW, William Henry. 

Sonata form. [1896.] (Novello, Ewer and co.'s music 

primers.) 781.S H12 

HIGGS, James. 

Fugue. [1878.] (Novello, Ewer and co.'s music primers.) . .781.5 HS3 
"The details used in building a fugue are explained with care, and ex- 
amples from well-known compositions in this style are given at 
every step in a clear and ready manner." Athenceum, 1879. 

MARCHANT, Arthur William, comp. 

500 fugue subjects and answers, ancient and modern. 1892. 

(Novello. Ewer and co.'s music primers.) q78i.S M37 

MATHEWS, William Smith Babcock. 

Outline of musical form. [1868.] r78i.5 M47 

OUSELEY, Sir Frederick Arthur Gore. 

Treatise on musical form and general composition. 1886. .781.5 O32 

Short treatise intended for a text-book. 

PAUER, Ernst. 

Musical forms. 1878. (Novello, Ewer and co.'s music 

primers.) 781.5 P31 

Short explanation of the different forms of sacred and secular music, 
including dance music. Many illustrations. 

PROUT, Ebenezer. 

Musical form. 1893 781.5 P97 

Based largely on the works of Hugo Riem^nn and other German writers. 
This, like the author's other works, is very useful on account of its 
musical illustrations. 

RICHTER, Ernst Friedrich. 

Lehrbuch der fuge; anleitung zur composition derselben 
und zu den sie vorbereitenden studien in den nachah- 


mungen und in dem canon. 1868 r78i.5 R42 

After the instructions for fugue writing, there are chapters on the best 

mode of composing a fugue, on the combination of the fugue with 

the choral, and on the mode of passing from theory to practical 

"The author possessed the power, so invaluable to a teacher, of great 

clearness of expression." Academy, 1879. 

781.6 Composition and instrumentation 

BERLIOZ, Hector. 

Treatise on modern instrumentation and orchestration; ed. 

by Joseph Bennett q78i.6 B45 

"Has always been the chief authority in its department. The book 
contains an exact table of the compass, a sketch of the mechanism and 
study of the quality of tone and expressive character of the instru- 
ments of the orchestra and a large number of examples in score." 
H. E. Krehbiel. 

CROTCH, William. 

Elements of musical composition, comprehending the rules 

of thorough-bass and the theory of tuning. 1856 qr78i A34 

Bound with Albrechtsberger's "Collected writings on thorough-bass, 
harmony and composition." 


Homophonic forms of musical composition; treatise on the 
structure and development of musical forms, from the 

simple phrase to the song-form with "trio." 1898 781.6 G55 

LOBE, Johann Christian. 

Katechismus der compositionslehre. 187 1 r78i.6 L75 

PROUT, Ebenezer. 

Instrumentation. (Novello, Ewer and co's music prim- 
ers.) 781.6 P97 

Elementary treatise for the student of the art of writing for an orchestra. 
Many musical illustrations. 

STAINER, Sir John. 

Composition. [1880.] (Novello, Ewer and co.'s music 

primers.) 781.6 S78 

WOHLFAHRT, Heinrich. 

Guide to musical composition. 1859 r78i.6 W83 

781.7 Japanese and Egyptian forms 


Some Japanese musical intervals. [1878.] r78o C69 

Bound with "Collection of concert prog^rams." 

VILLOTEAU. Guillaume Andre. 

Abhandlung iiber die musik des alten Aegyptens, aus dem 

prachtwerke "Description de I'figypte." 1821 r78i.7 V33 

Author accompanied Napoleon on his expedition to Egypt. 
"Now that Egypt and the East are familiar ground, it is easy to refute 
some of V'illoteau's hypotheses, or to prove him wrong on minor 
points; but recollecting how little was known before him of the 
subjects he treated with so much learning and care, we may realise 
how much we owe to his patience and penetration." Grove's Dic- 
tionary of music. 


781.8 Grecian forms 

DAVY, Charles. 

Letters upon subjects of literature, including a translation 
of Euclid's Section of the canon and his Treatise on 
harmonic, with an explanation of the Greek musical 

modes. 2v. 1787 r78i.8 D32 

KIESEWETTER, Rapliael Georg, edler von Weisenbrunn. 

Ueber die musik der neueren Griechen. 1838 qr78i.8 K25 

Contains also some account of the music of the ancient Greeks and 

TORR, Cecil. 

On the interpretation of Greek music. 1896 781.8 T63 

Argues that the usual method of transcribing ancient Greek music gives 
quite a wrong impression of it. 

781.9 Notation 


Kurzgefasste geschichte der musikalischen notation. 

1856 r784.9 Mis 

Bound with other pamphlets. 
BELLERMANN, Heinrich, ed. 

Die mensuralnoten und taktzeichen des 15. und 16. jahr- 

hunderts. 1858 qr78i.9 B41 

ROUSSEAU, Jean Jacques. 

Projet concernant de nouveaux signes pour la musique. 

1782 r78o P2ig 

Other pamphlets bound in this volume: Dissertation sur la musique 
moderne; Examen de deux principes avances par M. Rameau dans sa 
brochure intitulee Erreurs sur la musique; Lettre sur la musique 
francoise; Lettre d'un symphoniste; Lettre a M. Burney sur la 
musique, avec des fragmens d'observations sur I'Alceste italien de 
M. Gluck; Extrait d'une reponse du petit faiseur; par J. J. Rousseau. 
— Einiges uber musikalischen ausdruck und vortrag fiir fortepiano- 
spieler, von A. L. Crelle. — Der musikant von Callao, von Ladislaus 

782 Opera 

ANNESLEY, Charles. 

Standard-operaglass; detailed plots of 119 celebrated 
operas, with critical and biographical remarks, dates, 

etc. 1896 r782 A61 

APTHORP, William Foster. 

The opera, past and present; an historical sketch. 1901. 

(Music lover's library.) 782 A65 

Contents: Beginnings. — The European conquest. — Gluck. — Mozart. — The 
Italians. — The French school. — The Germans. — Wagner. — The develop- 
ment of the art of the opera-singer. — The present. — Peri's preface to 
Euridice. — Gluck's preface to Alceste. 

Clear and connected account of the establishment and gradual evolution 
of the opera as an art, especially as regards the interrelation and effect 
upon each other of the different schools, composers and epoch-making 

BLAZE, FranQois Henri Joseph, called Castil-Blaze. 

De I'opera en France. 2v. 1820 r782 654 

"Contains an elaborate though popular treatment of the various elements 

1352 OPERA 

of music, including hints as to the choice of libretti, and the peculiar- 
ities of verse and diction best adapted for musical treatment. The 
second volume is devoted to the opera proper, describing at considerable 
length its various components ... Attacks the various uses and abuses 
of theatrical managers, the arrogance of ignorant critics, and the miser- 
able translations supplied by literary hacks." Grove's Dictionary of 

Theatres lyriques de Paris: I'Acadeniie imperiale de musique, 

1645-1855. 2v. 1855 r782 B54t 

Musical, critical, literary, gossiping history. 

BOIGNE, Charles de. 

Petits memoires de I'opera. 1857 r782 B59 

• Contains much curious information about the Paris opera. 

CARLETON, Fanny E. (pseud. Notelrac). 

Operas; their writers and their plots. 1882 T782 C19 

Very short synopses of the plots of the operas most commonly given in 
America up to 1881. 

EBERS, John. 

Seven years of the King's theatre. 1828 r782 E21 

Ebers was a manager of Italian opera in London, 1820-27. He engaged 
many famous singers and in seven years was completely ruined. 

"Entertaining history of his career. He lays before the public all his 
accounts, in order to justifj' his own position, and on the whole it 
must be admitted to be a valuable contribution to the history of 
Italian opera in England." J. A. Fitller-Maitland. 

ELLA, John. 

Lectures on dramatic music and musical education abroad 

and at home, 1872. 1872 qr782 E49 

Historical, critical, biographical and anecdotal notes written for the 
program of the author's musical lectures. 

ELSON, Arthur. 

Critical history of opera ; an account of the rise and progress 
of the different schools, with a description of the master 

works in each. 1901. (Music lovers' series.) 782 E55 

Contents: The origin of opera. — Gluck's reforms. — The rise of light 
opera. — Mozart and his works. — Classical opera. — Weber and German 
romanticism. — Rossini and Italian opera. — French grand opera. — The 
Wagnerian librettos. — Wagner and his music. — The Italian revival. — 
Modern France. — Germany and Russia. — Appendix: England and 

FINK, Gottfried Wilhelm. 

Wesen und geschichte der oper. 1838 r782 F49 

"Useful because of the paucity of books treating specifically of the 
history of opera. It ends with the period of Rossini." H. E. 

GUERBER, Helene Marie Adeline. 

Stories of famous operas. 1897 782 G95 

Contents: Faust. — Carmen. — Aida. — The Huguenots. — Fidelio. — Don Gio- 
vanni. — The barber of Seville. — Martha. — II trovatore. — Lucia of Lam- 
mermoor. — Norma. — Mignon. — The marriage of Figaro. — Cavalleria 
rusticana. — Le Cid. 

The same. 1898 r782 G95 

Full outline of the plots. 

HOGARTH, George. 

^lemoirs of the opera in Italy, France, Germany and Eng- 
land. 2v. 1851 r782 H68 

Fairly comprehensive view of the progress of the musical stage, with 
many details and anecdotes. Second edition of the author's "Memoirs 
of the musical drama." 


LUMLEY, Benjamin. 

Reminiscences of the opera. 1864 T782 L97 

Lumley was a manager of opera in London, and for some years, beginning 
in 1841, was brilliantly successful, though he later had reverses. 

MAPLESON, James Henry. 

Mapleson memoirs, 1848-1888. 2v. 1888 782 M35 

Mapleson was a manager of Italian opera in England and America. The 
memoirs are full of amusing and surprising anecdotes. 


Crotchets and quavers; or, Revelations of an opera manager 

in America. 1855 r782 M38 

"Recitals of memories and experiences in a light vein which are not 
to be taken too seriously by searchers for historical fact." H. E. 

RELLSTAB, Heinrich Friedrich Ludwig. 

Die gestaltung der oper seit Mozart r782 R32 


Geschichte der oper und des Koniglichen opernhauses in 

Berlin. 1852 r782 S35 

From the earliest performance to 1806. 


Guide to the operas; description and interpretation of the 

words and music of the most celebrated operas. 1899. . . .782 S6r 
The same. 1899 r782 S61 

Discusses 29 operas, including the "Orfeo" of Gluck, Beethoven's 
"Fidelio," Gounod's "Faust," Bizet's "Carmen," with the principal 
works of Mozart, Rossini, Weber, Meyerbeer, Verdi, Wagner, etc. 
The illustrations consist of portraits of famous opera singers. 

"There are at least two books — Upton's 'Standard operas' and 'The 
Standard opera-glass' by Charles Annesley — which cover the field 
more satisfactorily." Nation, 1899. 


The opera; a sketch of the development of opera, with descrip- 
tions of every work in modern repertory. 1897 782 S91 

"Well written and trustworthy." H. E. Krehbiel. 

UPTON, George Putnam. 

Standard operas; their plots, music and composers. 1886 r782 U26 

The same. 1897 782 U26 

For the general reader. Untechnical and descriptive, rather than critical. 

WAGNER, Richard. 

Oper und drama. 1869 r782 W13 

This longest and most important of Wagner's theoretical writings con- 
tains the statement of his whole artistic theory. 

782.2 Epic. ^Vagne^ian 

AGNEW, Philip Leslie. 

A run through "The Nibelung's ring." 1898 782.2 A27 

Contents: Das Rheingold. — Die Walkure. — Siegfried. — Gotterdammerung. 
Short and simple statement of the plot. 

BAYREUTHER taschenbuch, mit kalendarium, 1888. 4er 

jahrgang. 1888 r782.2 B33 

Small handbook giving lists of articles in periodicals on Wagner and 

his works, statistics concerning the performances of Wagner's operas 

in 1886-^7, etc. 

BENNETT, Joseph. 

Letters from Bayreuth descriptive and critical of Wagner's 


Der ring des Nibelungen. 1877 782.2 B43 

Letters to the London "Daily telegraph" written from day to day during 
the first performance of the "Ring of the Nibelung" in 1876. 

BIBLIOGRAPHY of Wagner's leit-motives and preludes, 

with commentaries on Lohengrin and Parsifal r782.2 Wi3b 

CHAPIN, Anna Alice. 

Story of the Rhinegold, (Der ring des Nibelungen), told 

for young people. 1897 J782.2 C36 

Contains the stories of the four operas of Richard Wagoner's Nibelungen 

The same. 1899 r782.2 C36 

Wonder tales from Wagner, told for young people. 

1898 J782.2 C36W 

Contents: The flying Dutchman. — Tannhauser. — Lohengrin. — Tristan and 
Isolde. — The mastersingers of Nuremberg. 

The same. 1898 r782.2 C36W 

Wotan, Siegfried and Briinnhilde. 1899 782.2 C36WO 

Character studies in simple language. 

EISER, Otto. 

Richard Wagners Der ring des Nibelungen; ein exegetischer 

versuch. 1879 qr782.2 W13I 

Bound with Wagner's "Lohengrin." 
FROST, William Henry. 

The Wagner story book; tales of the great music dramas. 

1896 J782.2 F96 

"Mr. Frost has permitted the dramas of Wagner from Tannhauser to 
Parsifal to furnish him with material for a series of tales which he 
has cast in the form of narratives to a child; but he has done with 
his material what every creative artist does with the crude stuff which 
he finds at hand in nature. He has melted it over, moulded it anew, 
enriched it with original designs drawn from his own stores, and 
made it subserve new purposes." H. E. Krehbiel. 

GAUTIER, Judith, afterward Mme Mendes. .^ 

Richard Wagner and his poetical work. 1883 rjS2.2 G24 

Personal reminiscences, with an analysis of Wagner's dramatic poems. 

GERARD, Frances A. 

Wagner, Bayreuth and the festival plays. 1901 782.2 G31 

Contents: Bayreuth. — The festival playhouse. — The Niebelungen lied. — 

The drama of Parsifal. — ^The legend of the Holy Grail. 
"Authorities consulted," p.205. 

A useful introduction to the subject and a convenient guide for the Bay- 
reuth pilgrim. 

GUERBER, Helene Marie Adeline. 

Stories of the Wagner opera. 1896 782.2 G95 

Legends as treated in the operas, related in straightforward and attrac- 
tive prose, without discussion of musical theories. 

The same. 1898 ! r782.2 G95 

The same. 1899 J782.2 G95 


Richard Wagner und Der ring des Nibelungen. 1873 r782.2 G97 

Critical study by a distinguished musical critic. 

HEINTZ, Albert. 

The master-singers of Nuremberg by Wagner; a musical ex- 
planation.. 1892 782.2 H42 

Many musical illustrations. 

Parsifal by Wagner; its origin in the old legends and its 

musical motives explained. 1892 782.2 H42P 

Short account. Many musical illustrations. 


Tristan and Isolde by Richard Wagner explained according 

to the musical development of its motives. 1892 782.2 H42t 

Numerous musical illustrations. 
HENDERSON, William James. 

Preludes and studies; musical themes of the day. 1894 782.2 H44 

Contents: A study of "Der ring des Nibelungen." — Wagneriana. — Evo- 
lution of piano music— Schumann and the programme-symphony. 
"A book of criticism, suggestive, instructive, and filled with the charm 
of good literature. About half the volume is devoted to Wagner and 
his latter-day works; the rest to a study of the evolution of pianoforte 
music and a sympathetic essay on Schumann and the programme sym- 
phony." H. E. Krehbiel. 

HENSEL, Octavia, {pseud, of Mrs Mary Alice (Ives) Sey- 
mour Fonda). 
Rheingold trilogy; a guide through the trilogy of Richard 

Wagner. 1884 r782.2 H45 

Gives outline of the plot and short analysis of the music. 

KOBBfi, Gustav. 

How to understand Wagner's Ring of the Nibelung; the 
story and a descriptive analysis of the "Rhinegold," 
the "Valkyr," "Siegfried" and the "Dusk of the gods.". .782.2 K35 
Untechnical and intended for the general reader. Contains a number of 
musical examples. 

KREHBIEL, Henry Edward. 

Studies in the Wagnerian drama. 1891 782.2 K41 

The same. 1891 r782.2 K41 

Contents: The Wagnerian drama; its prototypes and elements. — Tristan 
und Isolde. — Die meistersinger von Niirnberg. — Der ring des Nibelun- 
gen. — Parsifal. 

Gives a brief survey of the legends, the plots and their ethical signifi- 
cance, and the leading motives. 

LAVIGNAC, Albert. 

Music dramas of Richard Wagner, and his festival theatre in 

Bayreuth. 1898 782.2 L38 

Bibliography of the most important books published in French on 

Wagner, p. 51 3-51 5- 
"This book has the clearness of plan, and consistency of aim, which make 
French works of this kind so satisfactory to read. After two chapters 
of biographical and general matter, we are given an analysis of the 
poems of the operas; later, an, analysis of the music. . .Few people can 
write about music as well as Frenchmen; they have the gift of being 
at the .same time critical and enthusiastic." Spectator, 1898. 
MAUD, Constance Elizabeth. 

Wagner's heroes J782.2 M48 

Contents: Parsifal. — Hans Sachs. — Tannhauser. — Lohengrin. 
Stories told for children. 

Wagner's heroines. 1896 J782.2 M48W 

Contents: Brunhilda. — Senta. — Isolda. 
Stories told for children. 
MULLER, Franz. 

Lohengrin und die Oral- und schwan-sage. 1867 r782.2 M95 

Careful study of the legends and the opera. One of the classics on the 
Richard Wagner und das musik-drama; eine charakterbild. 

1861 r782.2 Mgsr 

NEWMAN, £rnest. 

Study of Wagner. 1899 782.2 N28 

Contents: Psychological preliminary. — Rienzi and The flying Dutchman. 
— Tannhauser and Lohengrin. — Art and life. — Wagner's theory of 
music, poetry and music-drama. — The ring of the N'ibelung. — Wagner 


as German. — Tristan and Isolde and Die meistersinger. — Some later 
prose- works. — Parsifal. — General considerations. 

PARSONS, Albert Ross. 

Parsifal, the findinf? of Christ through art; or, Richard Wag- 
ner as theologian. 1890 782.2 P26 

Inquiry into Wagner's attitude toward Christianity as indicated in his 
writing of Parsifal. 

SHAW, George Bernard. 

The perfect Wagnerite; a commentary on the Ring of the 

Niblungs. 1898 782.2 S53 

"All I pretend to do. . .is to impart the ideas which are most likely to be 
lacking in the conventional Englishman's equipment. I came by 
them myself much as Wagner did, having learnt more about music 
than anything else in my youth, and sown my political wild oats 
subsequently in the revolutionary school. This combination is not 
common in England; and. . .1 venture to add my commentary to what 
has already been written by musicians who are no revolutionists, and 
revolutionists who are no musicians." Preface. 

WAGNER, Richard. 

Art life and theories. 1889. (Amateur series.) 782.2 W13 

Contents: Autobiography. — The love- veto. — A pilgrimage to Beethoven. 
— An end in Paris. — Der freischiitz in Paris. — The music of the 
future. — Account of the production of Tannhauser in Paris. — The pur- 
pose of the opera. — Musical criticism. — Legend of the Xibelungen. — 
Opera-house at Bayreuth. — Catalogue of Wagner's unpublished works. 

The same. 1875. (Amateur series.) r782.2 W13 

Chorus from 3d act of Die meistersinger von Niimberg; 

piano arrangement by Karl Tausig. 1878 qr782.2 W13I 

Bound with his "Lohengrin." 
Chorus of pilgrims, from the opera "Tannhauser;" ar- 
ranged for two tenors and two basses qr782.i M94 

Bound with other music. 

Drei operndichtungen. 1852 r782.2 Wi3d 

Contents: Eine mittheilung an meine freunde als vorwort. — Der fliegende 
Hollander. — Tannhauser und der sangerkrieg auf Wartburg. — Lohen- 
Lohengrin; [libretto, German and English words] . . . .qr782.2 W13I 
March and chorus from 2d act of Tannhauser; [score]. 

1872 qr782.2 W13I 

Bound with his "Lohengrin." 
Master-singers of Nuremberg; [libretto, German and 

English words] r782.2 Wi3m 

The same q782.2 Wi3m 

Nibelungen ring; done into English verse by Reginald 

Rankin. 2v. 1899-1901 782.2 Wi3n 

V.I. Rhine gold. — Valkyrie. 

v.2. Siegfried. — Twilight of the gods. 

Parsifal, a festival-drama; tr. into English by H. L. and F. 

Corder 782.2 Wi3p 

The same r782.2 Wi3p 

The Rhine-gold, prelude to the trilogy "The Nibelung's ring;" 

[libretto, German and English words] r782.2 Wi3rh 

Rienzi, the last of the tribunes; grand tragic opera; [libretto, 

German and English words]. 1877 qr782.2 Wi3ri 

Der ring des Nibelungen. 1873 r782.2 Wi3r 

Contents: Das Rheingold. — Die walkure. — Siegfried. — Gotterdammerung. 
Text only. 

Tristan und Isolde; [libretto, German words only]. 1859. .r782.2 Wi3t 
The same; [libretto, German and English words] qr782.2 Wi3t2 


WESTON, Jessie L. 

Legends of the Wagner drama. 1896 782.2 W57 

Contents: The Nibelungen ring: The Rhine-gold; The V'alkyrie; Sieg- 
fried; Gotterdammerung. — Parsifal. — Lohengrin. — Tristan and Isolde. — 

The same. 1896 r782.2 W57 

Study of the relation of Wagner's dramas to their legendary and literary 


The epic of sounds; an elementary interpretation of Wagner's 

Nibelungen ring. 1898 782.2 W79 

Compact little handbook describing every character and special feature. 
Uses Wagner's dialogues and scenic descriptions and tells the story 
with special reference to the leading motives. Gives the leading 

782.3 Other German opera 

BEETHOVEN, Ludwig van. 

Egmont; partition pour piano seul, sans paroles q782.6 R74 

Bound with other music. 

Fidelio, an opera in 2 acts; [libretto, Italian and English 

words] and the music of the principal airs r782 B38 

Bound with other librettos. 

The same; arrange pour piano a deux mains q782.6 R74 

Bound with other music. 

The same; [libretto, German and English words]. 1864. . . .qr782 F67 

Bound with other librettos. 

The same; [libretto, German and English words] and the 

music of the principal airs r782 B41 

Bound with other librettos. 

BONAWITZ, Johann Heinrich. ' 

Bride of Messina, tragic opera; vocal score. [1874.] . . . .qr782.3 B61 
FLOTOW, Friedrich. graf von. 

Martha; [score], with Italian, German and English words. 

i860 qr782.3 F73 

The same; libretto, [German and English words] qr782 F67 

Bound with other librettos. 

The same; libretto, English words qr782 F67m 

Bound with other librettos. 

The same; [libretto, Italian and English words] and the 

music of the principal airs r782 B41 

Bound with other librettos. 

Stradella, opera in 3 acts; libretto, [English words] qr782 W17 

Bound with other librettos. 

The same; [libretto, German and English words] qr782 F67 

Bound with other librettos. 

GLUCK, Christoph Willibald von. 

Alceste; vocal score and piano accompaniment, with English 

and German text. 1877 r782.3 G52 

Favorite overture to Iphigenie, for the piano forte qr782.3 W372 

Bound with other music. 

Great is the glory; solo and chorus from Armida qr782.i M94 

Bound with other music. 

Iphigenia in Tauris, revised from the orchestral score by W. 

S. Rockstro. 1852. (Standard lyric drama.) qr782.3 GS2i 


HANDEL, Georg Friedrich. 

Acis and Galatea; [score] qr782.3 H23a 

Floridant, an opera; [score]. [1720.] qr782.3 H23 

Hercules; in score qr782.3 H23h 

KREUTZER, Konradin. 

Dhs nachtlager in Granada, A night in Granada; a grand 

opera; [libretto, German and English words] qr782 F67 

Bound with other librettos. 
LISZT, Franz. 

Prometheus; vocal score, with English and German text. 

1874 qr782.3 L73 

MAYR, Johann Simon. 

Medea in Corinto; [libretto, Italian and English words] 

and the music of the principal airs r782 B38 

Bound with other librettos. 


Antigone des Sophocles, op. 55; clavierauszug mit text. .. .q782.3 M6lz 

Bound with other music. 
Die erste Walpurgisnacht, ballade von Gothe, op. 60; clavier- 
auszug mit text q782.3 M6iz 

Bound with other music. 

Loreley, an unfinished opera; [score] r782.3 M61 

Loreley, unvollendete oper, op.98; clavierauszug mit 

text q782.3 M6iz 

Bound with other music. 
Oedipus in Kolonos des Sophocles, op. 93; clavierauszug mit 

text q782.3 M6iz 

Bound with other music. 

MEYERBEER, Giacomo. 

L'Africaine, a lyric drama in 5 actS; [libretto, Italian and 

English words] r782.i M65 

Bound with other librettos. 

II crociato in Egitto, opera seria; [score] qr782.3 M6s 

Les Huguenots, opera; partition pour piano seul par 

Schwencke qr782.i G74 

Bound with other music. 

The same; libretto, [French and English words] and the 

music of the principal airs r782 B38 

Bound with other librettos. 

The same; [libretto, Italian and English words], with musi- 
cal illustrations qr782 F67 

Title reads "Gli Ugonotti." 
Bound with other librettos. 

Le prophete, opera en cinq actes; partition arrangee pour 

piano seul par Garaude qr782. i G74 

Bound with other music. 

Robert le Diable; [libretto], Italian text, with an Eng- 
lish translation and the music of the principal airs. i860. .r782 B41 

Bound with other librettos. 

MOZART, Wolfgang Amadeus. 

Don Giovanni, opera; arranged for piano solo qr782.i M94 

Don Giovanni, opera in 2 acts; [score], Italian and English 

words q782.3 M94 

The same; [libretto, Italian and English words] r782.i M94d 

Bound with other librettos. 



The same; [libretto, Italian and English words], with the 

principal musical gems of the opera qr782 F67 

Bound with other librettos. 

Don Juan, oper in 2 akten; vollstandiger klavierauszug. .r782.3 M94d 
II flauto magico; [score, with German and Italian 

words] qr782.3 M94m 

The same; [libretto, Italian and English words] qr782 F67 

Bound with other librettos. 

Magic flute^ an opera in 2 acts; [libretto, German and 

English words and the music of the principal airs] r782.i S33 

Bound with other librettos. 

The same; [libretto, Italian and English words] qr782 F67 

Bound with other librettos. 
Marriage of Figaro, comic opera; libretto, [English 

words] qr782 F67m 

Bound with other librettos. 

Zauberflote; klavierauszug. 2v. in i r782.3 M94 

RIEDEL, Friedrich Justus. 

Ueber die musik Christ oph von Gluck. 1775 r782.3 G52zr 

Concerning the production in Paris of Gluck's opera of Iphigenia. 

WEBER, Bernhard Anselm. 

Die wette, singspiel; klavierauszug r782.3 W37 

WEBER, Carl Maria Friedrich Ernst, freiherr von. 

Der freyschiitz; arranged for the pianoforte qr782.i M94 

Bound with other music. 

Der freyschutz; [libretto], Italian text, with an English 

translation and the music of the principal airs. i860. . . .r782 B41 
Bound with other librettos. 

The same; [libretto, Italian and English text] r782.i S33 

Bound with other librettos. 

Overture to the opera of Oberon; arranged for the piano 

forte qr782.3 W372 

782.4 French opera 

AUBER, Daniel Francois Esprit. 

Beauties of Masaniello; arranged for the piano forte by 

Wilhelm lucho qr782.3 W372 

Bound with other music. 

Crown jewels; a popular opera in 3 acts, words by Edward 

Fitzball; [libretto, English words]. 1855 r782.i M94d 

Bound with other librettos. 

Fra Diavolo; [libretto, English words], with the music of 

the principal airs r782 B38 

Bound with other librettos. 

II prodigo; libretto, [French and English words], with the 

music of the principal airs r782 B38 

Bound with other librettos. 

BERLIOZ, Hector. 

Fall of Troy, from "Les Troyens," lyric opera; English 

text by A. W. Dohn; [score]. 1881 qr782.4 B45 

BIZET, Georges. 

Carmen, opera in 4 acts; [libretto, Italian and English 

words] qr782 P78 

Bound with other librettos. 


GOUNOD, Charles Frangois. 

Faust, an opera; [libretto, German and English words]. 

1863 qr782 F67 

Bound with other librettos. 
The same; [libretto, German and English words]. i863..r782.i S33 

Bound with other librettos. 

The same; [libretto], French-English edition q782.4 G74 

The same; [libretto, Spanish words] r782.i V26 

Bound with other librettos. 

HALfiVY, Jacques filie Fromental. 

The Jewess, a grand opera; [libretto, German and English 

words]. 1864 qr782 P78 

Bound with other librettos. 
LECOCQ, Alexandre Charles. 

La fille de Mme Angot; libretto containing English words. .qr782 W17 
Bound with other librettos. 

MASSENET, Jules fimile Frederic. 

Le roi de Lahore; opera par Louis Gallet, musique de J. 

Massenet. 1878 r782.4 M45 

Words only. 

THOMAS, Charles Ambroise. 

Mignon, opera in 3 acts; [libretto, English words]. 1874. .r 782 B41 
Bound with other librettos. 

782.5 Italian opera 

ARTEAGA, Stefano. 

Le rivoluzioni del teatro musicale italiano dalla sua origine 

fino al presente. 3v. 1783-88 r782.5 A78 

"The first edition of this famous history of the Italian Opera was pub- 
lished in 1783. . . Arteaga was a Spanish Jesuit, who on the sup- 
pression of his order went to Italy and made a friend of Padre 
Martini, who persuaded him to write this book." H. E. Krelibiel. 

BELLINI, Vincenzo. 

Beatrice di Tenda ; [score] qr782.5 B41 

Chorus of villagers, from La sonnambula, act 2, scene i . .qr782.i M94 
Bound with other music. 

I Montecchi e Capuleti, oper; fiir das pianoforte, ohne 

text qr782.i B594 

Bound with other music. 
Norma; [libretto], Italian text, with an English translation 

and the music of the principal airs r782 B41 

Bound with other librettos. 
The same; [libretto, Italian and English words] r782.i M94d 

Bound with other librettos. 

The same; [libretto, Spanish words] r782.i V26 

Bound with other librettos. 

Norma, oper; fiir das pianoforte, ohne text qr782.i B594 

Bound with other music. 

La Norma; opera complet pour piano et chant, paroles 

italiennes qr782.5 B4in 

II pirata, oper; fiir das pianoforte, ohne text qr782.i B594 

Bound with other music. 
La sonnambula; opera complet pour piano et chant, paroles 

italiennes qr782.5 B41S 


The same; libretto, Italian text, with an English transla- 
tion and the music of the principal airs. 1859 r782 B41 

Bound with other librettos. 

The same; [libretto, Italian and English words] rjSa.i M94d 

Bound \yith other librettos. 

La straniera, oper; fiir das pianoforte, ohne text qr782.i B594 

Bound with other music. 

BOITO, Arrigo. 

Mephistopheles; libretto, [English words]. 1880 qr782 P78 

Bound with other librettos. 

DONIZETTI, Gaetano. 

Anna Bolena, oper; fur das pianoforte, ohne text qr782.i B594 

Bound with other music. 
Daughter of the regiment; a grand opera in 2 acts, words by 

Edward Fitzball; [libretto, English words]. 1855. . .r782.i M94d 

Bound with other librettos. 

Don Pasquale; [libretto, Italian and English words] and 

the music of the principal airs r782 B38 

Bound with other librettos. 

La favorita; [libretto, Italian and English words] and 

the music of the principal airs r782 B38 

Bound with other librettos. 

The same; [libretto, Italian and English words] and the 

music of the principal airs qr782 P78 

Bound with other librettos. 

La favorite, opera; partition pour piano seul qr782.5 D72f 

Linda di Chamounix; [libretto, Italian and English words] 

and the music of the principal airs r782 B38 

Bound with other librettos. 
Lucia di Lammermoor, opera complet; partition piano et 

chant qr782.s D72I 

The same; libretto containing English words qr782 W17 

Bound with other librettos. 
The same; [libretto], English version and the music of the 

principal airs qr782.S D72I 

Bound with score of the same opera. 

Lucrecia Borgia, melodrama en dos actos y un prologo; 

[libretto, Spanish words]. 1865 r782.i V26 

Bound with other librettos. 
Lucrezia Borgia; for the piano-forte qr782.i M94 

Bound with other music. 
The same; [libretto, Italian and English words] and the 

music of the principal airs r782 B38 

Bound with other librettos. 
Maria di Rohan, opera en 3 actes, avec accompt. de piano par 

Carl Czerny qr782.5 D72 

II Poliuto, a lyric tragedy; [libretto, Italian and English 

words], with the principal musical gems of the opera. 

1859 qr782 F67 

Bound with other librettos. 

Roberto d'Evreux, tragedia lirica; [vocal score] qr782.5 D72r 

LAJARTE, Theodore de, comp. 

Airs a danser de Lulli a Mehul, I7e & iSe siecles; transcrits 

d'apres les manuscrits originaux qr782.s L16 



Ruy Bias, drama lirico en cuatro actos; [libretto, Spanish 

words]. 1873 r782.i V26 

Bound with other librettos. 

MASCAGNI, Pietro. 

Cavalleria rusticana, music-drama in one act; [libretto, 

Italian and English words] qr782.5 M44 

PUCCINI, Giacomo. 

La Boheme; libretto, [Italian and English words]. 1898. .r782.5 P98 
ROSSINI, Gioacchino Antonio. 

Celebrated overture to the opera of La gazza ladra, for 

the piano forte qr782.3 W372 

Bound with other music. 

La Cenerentola, ouverture; arrangee pour piano-forte. .qr782.3 W372 

Bound with other music. 
Demetrio e Polibio, ouverture; arrangee pour piano- 
forte qr782.3 W372 

Bound with other music. 

La donna del lago, opera seria; [score] qr782.5 R74d 

Otello; [libretto, Italian and English words] and the music 

of the principal airs r782 B38 

Bound with other librettos. 

Ouverture de I'opera Le siege de Corinthe; reduite pour le 

piano-forte qr782.3 W372 

Bound with other music. 

Overture to L'ltaliana in Algeri; arranged for the piano 

forte qr782.3 W372 

Bound with other music. 

Semiramide, opera seria in due atti; [score] qr782.5 L16 

Bound with other music. 

Semiramide; [libretto], Italian text, with an English trans- 
lation and the music of the principal airs r782 B41 

Bound with other librettos. 

Soffri amore, cavatina from [his] opera L'ltaliana in 
Algeri; arranged as a divertimento for the piano forte 
by Julius Metz qr782.3 W372 

Bound with other music. 

- Tancredi, opera seria; [score] qr782.5 R74 

William Tell, a grand opera; [libretto, Italian and English 

words] qr782 F67 

Bound with other librettos. 

SACCHINI, Antonio Maria Gasparo. 

CEdipe a Colone, opera complet; partition de piano et 

chant, paroles franqaises qr782.i G74 

Bound with other music. 

VERDI, Giuseppe. 

Aida, opera; libretto containing English words qr782 W17 

Bound with other librettos. 

Ernani, opera; [score], with Italian and English words. 

1855 qr782.5 V26 

The same; [libretto, Italian and English words], with the 

principal musical gems of the opera. 1859 qr782 F67 

Bound with other librettos. 

The same; [libretto, Spanish words] r782.i V26 

Bound with other librettos. 


Luisa Miller, a tragic opera; [libretto, Italian and English 

words] r782 B38 

Bound with other librettos. 

Rigoletto, a lyric drama; [libretto, Italian and English 

words] qr782 P78 

Bound with other librettos. 

The same; [libretto, Spanish words] r782.i V26 

Sicilian vespers, an opera in 4 acts; [libretto, Italian and 

English words and the music of the principal airs]. 

1858 r782.i S33 

Bound with other librettos. 
La traviata; [libretto, Italian and English words] r782 641 

Bound with other librettos. 
The same; [libretto, Italian and English words] r783.3 H23S 

Bound with other librettos. 
El trovador; tragedia lirica en cuatro actos; [libretto, 

Spanish words]. 1865 r782.i V26 

Bound with other librettos. 

II trovatore; [score, with Italian words] qr782.5 V26t 

The same; [libretto, Italian and English words] r782.i S33 

Bound with other librettos. 

Other opera 

BALFE, Michael William. 

Bohemian girl ; libretto qr782 W17 

Bound with other librettos. 
PADEREWSKI, Ignace Jan. 

Manru ; an opera in three acts, words by Alfred Nossig; tr. 
and adapted for performance in English by H. E. Krehbiel. 

1902 qr782.3 P13 

The same; [vocal score] . 1901 qr782.3 Pi3m 

PONIATOWSKI, Joseph Michael Xavier Francis John, prince. 
Pierre de Medicis, opera en 4 actes; [libretto], paroles 

de MM. de Saint-Georges et fimilien Pacini, i860 qr782 P78 

Bound with other librettos. 

PRATT, Silas Gamaliel. 

Zenobia, queen of Palmyra, lyric opera; [score, with 

words]. 1882 qr782.i P89 

WALLACE, William Vincent. 

Lurline, an opera ; [score] . 1859 qr782.i W17 

Maritana, grand opera; libretto qr782 W17 

Bound with other librettos. 

782.6 Comic and satirical opera 

ADAM, Adolphe Charles. 

Postilion of Lonjumeau, a comic opera; libretto, English 

words qr782 F67m 

Bound with other librettos. 
AUBER, Daniel Frangois Esprit. 

Die stumme von Portici, oper; vollstandiger klavierauszug 

mit deutschem text. 1854 r782.6 A88 


BALFE, Michael William.' 

Rose of Castile, a comic opera in 3 acts; [libretto] T782.1 M65 

Hound with other librettos. 

BOIELDIEU, Francois Adrien. 

Johann von Paris, oper; vollstandiger klavierauszug mit 

deutschem text. 1856 T782.6 A88 

Bound with Auber's "Die stumme von Portici." 
Die weisse dame, oper; vollstandiger klavierauszug mit 

deutschem text. 1855 T782.6 Esq 

The same; fijr das pianoforte, ohne text qr782.i B594 

The white ladj', romantic opera; [libretto, German and 

English words]. 1864 qr782 F67 

Bound with other librettos. 

DONIZETTI, Gaetano. 

L'elisire d'amore; [libretto, Italian and English words] 

and the music of the principal airs r782 B38 

Bound with other librettos. 

Der liebestrank, oper; fiir das pianoforte, ohne text. . . .qr782.i 6594 

Bound with other music. 
Love-spell, a comic opera in 2 acts; [libretto, English 

words]. 1855 r782.i M94d 

Bound with other librettos. 

FIORAVANTI, Valentino. 

Die sangerinnen auf dem lande; in klavier auszug gesetzt 

von Friedrich von Mantey qr782.6 Fsi 


GYROWETZ, Adalbert. 

Der augenarzt; ein singspiel, eingerichtet fiir daS piano- 
forte r782.6 G99 

H., T. E. 

Safe and sound, an opera; [libretto]. 1809 r822 Gsi 

Bound with Glover's "Boadicia." 

HAMERIK, Asger. 

Den reisende, fantastisk musikkomedie; [score] qr782.6 H19 

HILLER, Johann Adam. 

Die Hebe auf dem lande, comische oper; [score]. 1770. .r782.6 H55 
HIMMEL, Friedrich Heinrich. 

Fanchon das leyermadchen; in vollstandigem klavieraus- 
zug qr782.6 Hs6 

MEISSNER, August Gottlieb. 

Arsene, singspiel nach Favart; in musik gesetzt und im 

klavierauszug gebracht von Franz Seydelmann. 1779. .qr782.6 M57 
MULLER, Wenzel. 

Das sonnenfest der Braminen, eine komische oper; 

[score] r782.6 Mgs 

PAISIELLO, Giovanni. 

Nina; or. Love has turned her head; a comic opera; 

[libretto, English and Italian words]. 1797 r822 G19 

Bound with Garrick's "The guardian." 


Poor Henry, comic opera for children; [words and music]. 

1879 qr782.8 R38 

Bound with other music. 


ROSSINI, Gioacchino Antonio. 

Barber of Seville: revised fr. the orchestral score by W. S. 

Rockstro. 1848 qr782.6 R74 

El barbero de Sevilla, melodrama bufo en dos actos; 

[libretto, Spanish words]. 1866 r782.i V26 

Bound with other librettos. 

Der barbier von Sevilla, oper; vollstandiger clavierauszug 

mit deutschem text r782.6 B59 

Bound with Boieldieu's "Die weisse dame." 

The same; partition pour piano seul, sans paroles q782.6 R74 

SHIELD, William. 

Two faces under a hood, a comic opera; [score] qr782.6 S55 

The woodman, comic opera; [score], poetry by Bate 

Dudley r782.6 S55W 

SULLIVAN, Sir Arthur Seymour. 

H. M. S. Pinafore, comic opera; [score], words by W. S. 

Gilbert qr782.i P89 

Bound with Pratt's "Zenobia." 
Mikado; or. The town of Titipu, comic opera; words by 

W. S. Gilbert, music by Sir A. S. Sullivan; [libretto] r782 B41 

Bound with other librettos. 

WINTER, Peter von. 

Das unterbrochene opferfest; klavierauszug r782.6 W79 

WOLF, Ernst Wilhelm. 

Die dorfdeputirten, komische oper; [score]. 1773 r782.6 W83d 

Das gartnermagdchen, eine comische oper; [score]. 

1774 .' r782.6 W83 

782.7 Opera bouffe 

EI CH BERG, Julius. 

Doctor of Alcantara, opera bouffe; [score]. 1862 qr782.7 E39 

ROSSINI, Gioacchino Antonio. 

Matilde di Chabran, opera buffa; [score] qr782.7 R74 

782.8 Operettas. Cantatas 

ABT, Franz. 

Cinderella, for soprano and alto soli and chorus of female 

voices, with pianoforte accompaniment qr782.8 A83 

Bound with Aspa's "Gipsies." 
Little Red Ridinghood, for soprano and alto solo and 
chorus of female voices, with pianoforte accompani- 
ment qr782.8 A16I 

Bound with other music. 

Little Snow-white, for soprano and mezzo-soprano soli 
and chorus of female voices, with pianoforte accompani- 
ment qr782.8 A16I 

ASPA, Edwin. 

Gipsies, a cantata; words by M. E. Browne, music by 

Edwin Aspa qr782.8 A83 

BALFE, Michael William. 

Puritan's daughter, opera; [libretto]. 1869 r782.8 B19 


BUCK, Dudley. 

Centennial meditation of Columbia, a cantata; poem by Sid- 
ney Lanier, music by Dudley Buck. [1876.] qr782.8 B8s 

Written for the inauguration of the Centennial exhibition at Philadelphia, 

Legend of Don Munio, a dramatic cantata; words and 

music. 1874 qr782.8 B85I 

Scenes from Longfellow's Golden legend; symphonic can- 
tata. 1880 qrrSs.i B38n 

Bound with other music. 

GADE, Niels Wilhelm. 

Comala, dramatisches gedicht nach Ossian; fiir solo, chor 

und orchester, in musik gesetzt; clavierauszug qr782.8 G12 

Die kreuzfahrer; klavierauszug qr782.8 Gi2k 

HILES, Henry. 

Fayre'pastorel; a cantata, the subject taken from the Faerie 
queen, the words by Leyland Leigh, music by Henry 

Hiles qr782.8 H54 

MACFARREN, Sir George Alexander. 

May-day; a cantata for soprano solo, chorus and orchestra; 

[words and music] qr782.8 M15 

MARTIN y SOLAR, Vicente. 

Lilla; oder, Schonheit und tugend; clavierauszug r782.8 M42 


Heimkehr aus der fremde, liederspiel in einem akte, op. 89; 

clavierauszug mit text q782.3 M6iz 

Bound with other music. 

MOFFAT, Alfred. 

Christmas dream, a cantata for children, (with action) ; words 
written by K. R. Moffat, the music composed by Alfred 

Moffat. 1892 qJ782.8 M76 

MOZART, Wolfgang Amadeus. 

Praise of friendship; a cantata for two tenors and bass, or for 

two soprani and contralto qr782.i M94 

Bound with other music. 

RIES, Ferdinand. 

Morning; a cantata qr782.i M94 

Bound with other music. 

ROMBERG, Andreas. 

Schiller's Song of the bell adapted to music. 185 1 r782.8 R66 

STEGMANN, Carl David. 

Der deserteur; eine operette aufs clavier gesetzt. 1775 r782.8 S81 

UPTON, George Putnam. 

Standard cantatas; their stories, music and composers. . 

1888 r782.8 U26 

The same. 1893 782.8 U26 

Gives a comprehensive study of the various forms of the cantata. The 
author uses the word in its widest sense and has included such works 
as Berlioz's "Damnation of Faust" and "Romeo and Juliet." Pays 
particular attention to works by American composers. 

WALKER, Frank C. 

Penelope; or, The milkman's bride; a comic operetta; 

[words and music] . 1878 qr782.8 A83 

Bound with Aspa's "Gipsies." 


782.9 Pantomimes 

HALL of Augusta; or, The land we live in; songs, duets, 

finale, &c. 1793 r822 G19 

Bound with Garrick's "The guardian." 

HARLEQUIN and Quixotte; or, The magic arm; airs, duets 

and chorusses. 1797 r822 Grg 

Bound with Garrick's "The guardian." 
ROUND tower; or. Chieftains of Ireland; airs, duets and 

chorusses. 1797 r822 G19 

Bound with Garrick's "The guardian." 

783 Sacred music 

ANTHES, FriedrichC. 

Die tonkunst im evangelischen cultus, nebst einer gedrangten 

geschichte der kirchlichen musik. 1846 r783 A62 

BAUMBACH, Adolph, comp. 

New collection of sacred music. 1871 qr783 B32 

BEDFORD, Arthur. 

The excellency of divine musick; a sermon preached in Lon- 
don in 1733 r783 B37 

CRAFTS, Wilbur Fiske, comp. 

Trophies of song; articles and incidents on the power of 

sacred music. 1874 r783 C8s 

EGLI, Johann Heinrich. 

Gesange iiber leben, tod und unsterblichkeit, in musik. 

1792 r783 E36 

FILITZ, Friedrich. 

Ueber einige interessen der alteren kirchenmusik. 1853 r783 F47 

HODGES, Edward, comp. 

Trinity collection of church music, with additions by S. P. 

Tuckerman. 1864 r783 H66 

HUMPHREYS, Frank Landon. 

Evolution of church music. 1896 783 Hq2 

Short popular sketch. 

KUMMERLE, Salomon, ed. 

Encyklopadie der evangelischen kirchenmusik. 4v. 1888- 

95 r783 K43 

LEACH, George, comp. 

Church and home; a collection of sacred music from the 
works of Handel, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven and others. 

1857 r783 L44 

LUTHER, Martin. 

Gedanken iiber die musik. 1825 r783 L98 

Selections concerning music from Luther's writings. 

MEES, Arthur. 

Choirs and choral music. 1901 783 M56 

"Not a compendium for the professional, but a book for the amateur 
which will tell him something about the beginnings and the course 
of development of chorus singing. . .the origin of choirs, their constitu- 
tion, and the nature of their activity at different periods; something 
about the history of the most important choral forms, particularly the 


Mystery and the Oratorio. . .their essential characteristics, and about 
the first and other notable performances of the best known of them." 
Dial, 1 90 1. 
MILLARD, Harrison, cotnp. 

Selections from popular composers arranged for quartette 

choirs. 1868. r783 M68 

MORSCH, Anna. 

Der italienische kirchengesang bis Palestrina. 1887 r783 M92 

PARISH choir; or, Church music book; monthly, v. 1-3. 1846- 

51 qr783 P23 

Contains, besides music, short articles relating to the music of the 
Church of England. 

PHELPS, Austin, and others. 

Hymns and choirs; or, The matter and the manner of the 

service of song in the house of the Lord, i860 r783 P48 

PRATT, Waldo Selden. 

Musical ministries in the church : studies in the history, theory 

and administration of sacred music. 1901 783 P89 

Contents: Religion and the art of music. — Hymns and hymn-singing. — 
The choir. — The organ and the organist. — The minister's responsibility. 
Bibliography, p. 165-176. • 

Author is (1901) professor of music and hymnology in the Hartford 
theological seminary. This useful study of church music is addressed 
to the clergy rather than to musicians. 

Place of music in public worship. 1893 ; 783 S56 

By an English clergyman; considers only the public worship of the 
Church of England. 

TAUNTON, Ethelred L. 

History and growth of church music. [1887.] 783 T24 

"Authorities consulted," p. 129. 
Short history of the music of the Roman Catholic church. 

WILDING, G. ed. 

Concerts of antient music under the patronage of His 
Majesty, as performed at the new rooms, Hanover 

square, 1825; [programs and words] r783 W71 

WILLIS, Richard Storrs. 

Our church music. 1856 r783 W75 

Advice to pastors and people. 

783.1 Organ 

BRIDGE, Sir John Frederick. 

Organ accompaniment of the choral service; practical sug- 
gestions to organists. 1885. (Novello, Ewer and co.'s 

music primers.) 783.1 B74 

MEISSNER. Carl Friedrich. 

Winke und rathschlage fiir cantoren, organisten und kirch- 

schullehrer. 1869 r783.i M57 

783.2 Church and cathedral music 

BACH, Johann Sebastian. 

Magnificat in D, accompaniments arranged by Robert Franz. 

1874 qr785.i 6380 

Bound with other music. 


BENNETT, Alfred. 

Te Deum and Jubilate in E qr783.2 H78 

Bound with other music. 

BERLIOZ, Hector. 

Requiem, for chorus and orchestra; piano score. 1881. .qr783.2 B45 
BEST. William Thomas. 

Morning and evening cathedral service composed for a 

chorus of four voices, with organ accompaniment. . . .qr783.2 H78 
Bound with other music. 

BOYCE, William, comp. 

Cathedral music; a collection in score for that service. 3v. 

1849. qr783.2 B66 

CHERUBINI, Maria Luigi Carlo Zenobi Salvatore. 

Requiem mass in C minor, Latin words, with an adaptation 

to English words by R. G. Loraine qr783.2 C42 

CLARKE, John, afterward John Clarke-Whitfield. 

Te Deum, Jubilate, Magnificat and Nunc dimittis in F. .qr783.2 H78 
Bound with other music. 
COLLECTION of music for the services of the Protestant 

Episcopal church qr783.2 C69 

Contents: Gunter, E. W. Bonum est confiteri. — Sieboth, Joseph. 
Benedic anima mea, in B. — Wilson, Henry. Benedictus, in G. — 
Warren, G.W. Bonum est confiteri, in D. — Benedic anima mea, in D. 
— Gunter, E.W. Gloria Patri. — Sieboth, Joseph. Gloria in excelsis, 
in B.— Berg, A.W. Jubilate, in C— Kotzchmar, H. Te Deum, in F. 
— Kroell, F. Te Deum, in D. — Chase, E.P. Te Deum laudamus, in 
F. — Berg, A.W. Te Deum, in C. — Flagler, I.V. Venite exultemus, 
in D. — Warden. Venite exultemus. Gloria in excelsis. Benedictus. 

CORNELL, John Henry, comp. 

The introit-psalms for Sundays and holy-days, as prescribed 
by the first prayer-book of Edward VI, set to original 

chants for congregational use. 1871 r783.2 C82 

DEARLE, Edward. 

Morning and evening service, chants, etc., with an ar- 
rangement for the organ or piano forte qr786.4 K12 

Bound with other music. 

EBDON. Thomas. 

Sacred music composed for the use of the choir of Dur- 
ham qr783.2 E2r 

FRANZ, Robert. 

Kyrie a capella, for chorus and solo parts qr782.i M94 

Bound with other music. 
HANDEL, Georg Friedrich. 

Dettingen Te Deum, in vocal score, with accompaniment 

for the organ. 1873 .r783.2 H23d 

Jubilate, composed for the Peace of Utrecht, in vocal score, 

with accompaniment for the piano-forte. 1880 qr783.2 H23 

HELMORE, Thomas. 

Ancient plain-song of the church adapted to the American 
Book of common prayer from Thomas Helmore. 

1855 r783.2 H42 

Plain-song. [1878.] (Novello, Ewer and co.'s music 

primers.) 7832 H4^ 


HILL, James, comp. 

Choral service as used in the parish church of Leeds. 1848. .r783.2 H55 
HODGES, Edward. 

[Collection of music for the service of the Church of 

England.] qr783.2 H66 

Contents: Jubilate Deo and Kyrie. — Te Deum laudamus. — Cantate Dom- 
ino and Deus misereatur. — Benedictus, Kyrie, Gloria and V^erse, in 
E. — Gloria in excelsis. — "I heard a voice from heaven," and Funeral 
chant. — Benedictus, in D. — Te Deum laudamus, in E. — Te Deum laud- 
amus, with Kyrie, Chant and Ter sanctus. — The church service, in F. 

Kyries, chants and tunes, also similar compositions by Jubal 

Hodges and others. 1891 qr783.2 C42 

Bound with other music. 

HCERNER, James, €omp. 

Manual of Catholic melodies, with devotional exercises. 

1843 r783.2 H67 

HOEY, P. comp. 

Plain and concise method of learning the Gregorian note, also 
a collection of church music selected from the Roman 

antiphonary and gradual. 1800 r783.2 H67S 

HOMEYER, J.J.A. comp. 

Der altar- und responsoriengesang der katholischen kirche 

nach romischer und mainzer singweise. [1846.] qr783.2 H75 

HOPKINS, Edward John. 

Morning and evening service in the key of A qr783.2 H78 

Morning and evening service in the key of F qr783.2 H78 

Bound with other music. 

HOPKINS, John Larkin. 

Morning and evening service in the key of C, for four voices, 

with accompaniment for the organ qr783.2 H78 

Bound with other music. 

JACKSON, William. 

Morning service, consisting of the Te Deum laudamus and 
Jubilate Deo; originally composed in five parts in the key 
of E major; re-arranged in four parts, transposed into the 
key of E flat and adapted to the ritual of the P. E. church 
in the U. S. by Edward Hodges qr783-2 H78 

Bound with other music. 

J EBB, John, comp. 

Choral responses and litanies of the United church of Eng- 
land and Ireland. 1847 qr783.2 J22 

LAUS Deo; a collection of masses, hymns, etc., for the service 

of the Catholic church. 1868 qr783.2 L37 

LISZT, Franz. 

Missa solennis; composed for the loooth aniversary of the 

cathedral of Gran, in Hungary; [vocal score]. 1876. .qr783.2 L73 
MARBECK, John, comp. 

Book of common prayer with musical notes, as used in the 
chapel royal of Edward VI; ed. by E. F. Rimbault. 

1845 r783.2 M36 

MASI, Francesco. 

Te Deum qr783.4 C36 

Bound with other music. 


MESSITER, Arthur Henry, cotnp. 

Choir office-book; the daily and occasional offices and the 
order of holy communion set to Anglican and plain-song 

music. 1891 r783.2 M64 

MOHR, Joseph. 

Ordinarium missae; oder. Die gewohnlichen gesange beim 

hochamte, nach den choralbiichern Rom's. 1881 r783.2 M77 

MOZART, Wolfgang Amadeus. 

Missa aus C moll ; klavierauszug. 1840 qr783.2 M94 

NEUKOMM, Sigismond. 

Messe, a trois voix egales, avec accompagnement 

d'orgue qr783.3 H37C 

Bound with Haydn's "Creation." 

PALESTRINA, Giovanni Pierluigi da. 

Missa Papae Marcelli, for six voices. 1884 qr783.2 P18 

PARISH choir Te Deums, 1874-1877; ed. by C. L. Hutchins. 

1877 qr783.2 P23 

RAVENSCROFT, Thomas, comp. 

Reprint of the tunes in Ravenscroft's Book of psalms. 

1845 r783.2 R23 

RIMBAULT, Edward Francis, cotnp. 

Order of morning and evening prayer, with musical notation 

in harmony of four parts r783.2 H55 

Bound with other music. 


Manuale ecclesiasticum pro archidioecesi Moguntina, jussu et 
auctoritate D. Lotharii Francisci editum et ad ritum bre- 

viarii et officii Romani accommodatum. 1701 r783.2 R6s 

RUSSELL, William, 1777-1813. 

Morning and evening service in A, arranged with an accom- 
paniment for the organ by William Patten qr783.2 H78 

Bound with other music. 

STAUNTON, William, comp. 

Book of common praise; a collection of music adapted to the 
Book of common prayer according to the use of the Prot- 
estant Episcopal church. 1866 r783.2 S79 

STUBBS, George Edward. 

How to sing the choral service; a manual of intoning for cler- 
gymen. [1899.] 783.2 S93 

The same. [1899.] ^783.2 S93 

TALLIS, Thomas. 

Order of the daily service of the United church of England 
^nd Ireland as arranged for use "in quires and places 

where they sing." 1843 r783.2 T16 

TUCKERMAN. Samuel Parkman. 

Service for the burial of the dead; music composed by S. P. 

Tuckerman. 1854 qr783-2 H78 

Bound with other music. 

VERDI, Giuseppe. 

Requiem composed in memory of Manzoni; for voice and 

piano-forte r783.2 V26 



783.3 Oratorio. Passion music 

BEETHOVEN, Ludwig van. 

Engedi; or, David in the wilderness; a sacred drama in vocal 
score, music by Beethoven, words principally selected 

from the Holy scriptures by Henry Hudson qr783.2 C42 

. ^ Bound with other music. 
BITTER, Carl Hermann. 

Beitrage zur geschichte des oratoriums. 1872 r783.3 B4g 

"Helpful in the study of Bach, Handel, Graun, and Mendelssohn, some 
of whose oratorios are interestingly described." H. E. Krehbiel. 

EDWARDS, Frederick George. 

History of Mendelssohn's oratorio Elijah. 1896 783.3 M6ize 

GOUNOD, Charles Frangois. 

Tobie, petit oratorio; paroles de H. Lefevre, musique de 

Gounod; partition, chant et piano qr782.i G74 

Bound with other music. 

HANDEL, Georg Friedrich. 

Gentle airs; from [his] oratorio of Athalia '. qr783.4 C36 

Bound with other music. 

How excellent is Thy name, O Lord, from the oratorio of 

Saul; arranged for the piano forte by I. W. Holder qr786.4 K12 

Bound with other music. 

Judas Macchabseus; full score qr783.3 H23J 

Messiah, in vocal score qr783.3 H23m 

The same; [libretto], with the music of the principal airs. . . .r782 B38 

Bound with other librettos. 

The same; [libretto], with the music of the principal airs. .r782.i S33 
Life of Handel, p.3-14. 
Bound with other librettos. 

Oratorios and miscellaneous pieces as set to music by 

Handel; [words only]. 2v. 1799 r783.3 H230 

V.I. Messiah. — Athalia. — Belshazzar.- — Deborah. — Esther. — Jephtha. — 
Joseph. — Israel in Egypt. — Joshua. — Occasional oratorio. — Samson. — 
Saul. — Solomon. — Judas Maccabaeus. — Susannah. 
V.2. Acis and Galatea. — Alcides. — Alexander Balus. — Alexander's feast. — 
Choice of Hercules. — L'allegro, II penseroso. — Ode on St. Cecilia's 
day. — Semela. — Theodora. — Triumph of Time and Truth. — Dettin- 
gen Te Deum. — Grand Te Deum, and four others. — Grand Jubilate. — 
Three coronation anthems. — Ode on the birth of Queen Ann. — 
Anthem on the victory of Dettingen. — Anthem for the wedding of 
Frederick, prince of Wales. 
Life of Handel, v.2, P..1-38. 

Oratorium der Messias; [full score]. 2v. in i qr783.3 H23 

Overture to Esther, for the piano forte .qr786.4 K12 

Bound with other music. 

Samson, an oratorio; [libretto], with the music of the 

principal airs r782 B38 

Bound with other librettos. 
The same; containing the music of the principal songs, 

duets, choruses, etc. 1868 r783.3 H23S 

HAYDN, Franz Joseph. 

The creation; arranged for the piano qr783.3 H37C 

The same; vocal parts complete, accompaniment arranged for 

the piano. 1849 qr783.3 H37CI 

The same; [libretto], with the music of the principal airs. . . .r782 B38 

Bound with other librettos. 


The same; [libretto], containing the music of the principal 

songs, duets, choruses, etc. 1868 ^7^3-3 H23S 

Bound with other librettos. 

Die worte des Erloesers am kreuze; [score]. 1801 V7^3-3 H37 


Athalia des Racine, musik von Felix ]\Iendelssohn-Bartholdy, 

op. 74; clavierauszug mit text ^782.3 M61 

Elijah, an oratorio; [full score, German and English 

words] qr783.3 M61 

Music to Racine's Athalie, with an English adaptation of the 

lyrics by M. Bartholomew qr783.3 M6im 

Recitative und chore aus dem unvollendeten oratorium Chris- 

tus, op. 97; clavierauszug mit text q782.3 M61 

Bound with other music. 

St. Paul; [libretto], containing the music of the principal 

songs, duets, choruses, etc. 1868 i'783.3 H23S 

Bound with other librettos. 
PAINE. John Knowles. 

St. Peter, an oratorio; the words selected from the Bible and 

the music composed by J. K. Paine. 1872 qi'783.3 P16 

ROSSINI, Gioacchino Antonio. 

Stabat mater, with Latin and English words qr784.8 L64 

Bound with other music. 


Tower of Babel, sacred opera in one act; [score]. 

[1879.] qr783.3 R82 

UPTON, George Putnam. 

Standard oratorios; their stories, their music and their 

composers. 1896 783.3 U26 

Gives an account of the development of the oratorio from the early 
morality plays. Outlines the story and describes the principal num- 
bers. Includes several works which are not strictly oratorios, such 
as Bach's "Passion music," Schumann's "Paradise and the peri," 
Rubinstein's "Tower of Babel," etc. 

783.4 Anthem. Sacred cantata. Motet 

BACH, Johann Sebastian. 

A strong castle is our Lord; a sacred cantata, and Zadock 

the priest, by Handel. 1880 qr782.8 A16I 

Bound with other music. 
BAKER. Benjamin Franklin, & Southard, L.H. comp. 

Classical chorus book. 1853 r783.4 Bl7 

BISHOP, Sir Henry Rowley. 

Awake and sing; solo, duetto and quintette; words by Maria 

de Fleury qr783.4 C36 

Bound with other music. 

BOCK, Gustav, ed. 

Musica sacra, v.5 qr783.4 BS7 

v.s. Sammlung religioser gesange alterer und neuester zeit zum 
bestimmten gebrauch fur den Konigl. Berliner domchor, von A. 

BpYCE, William. 

"By the waters of Babylon;" anthem in vocal score, with a 


separate accompaniment for the organ by Vincent No- 

vello qr783.2 H78 

Bound with other music. 

"O give thanks;" anthem in vocal score, with a separate ac- 
companiment for the organ by Vincent Novello qr783.2 H78 

Bound with other music. 

BRUCH, Max. 

Jubilate, amen, gedicht von Th. Moore; aus dem eng- 
lischen iibersetzt von F. Freiligrath, fiir sopran-solo, chor 
und orchester componirt von Max Bruch; klavierauszug. .qr783 F43 

Bound with other music. 

BURNAP, U.C. & Flint, James, ed. 

Anthems of the church; a collection of sacred music for 

choirs. 1875 qr783.4 B92 

CHAPFLE, Samuel. 

Anthems arranged with an accompaniment for the organ or 

piano forte qr783.4 C36 

HAYDN, Franz Joseph. 

Be pleased, O Jehovah, to deliver me; [words and 

music] qr782.i M94 

Bound with other music. 

My harp untun'd qr783.4 C36 

Bound with other music. 

HEMANS, Mrs Felicia Dorothea (Browne). 

Evening song to the Virgin; a duett qr783.4 C36 

Bound with other music. 

HODGES, Edward. 

The 94th psalm; an oratorio anthem. 1889 qr783.2 H66 

Bound with other music. 
Psalm CXXII, "I was glad," [anthem; words and music]. 

[1887.] qr783 F43 

Bound with other music. 

JOHNSON, Artemas Nixon, comp. 

Choir chorus book; a collection of choruses from the works 

of Handel, Haydn, Mozart and other composers. 1848. . .r783.4 J35 
LAFFERTY, W. A. & Morton, A. B. comp. 

Psalm anthems. 2v. 1896-97 qr783.4 L14 

LASAR, S. comp. 

English anthems. 1881 qr783.4 L33 


Anthems for chorus or quartet choirs. 1885 r783.4 M22 jl 

MATTHEWS, William, 1760-1831. |l 

Zion; [song] qr783.4 C36 ' 


Bound with other music. 


Hear my prayer; hymn for soprano and chorus qr782.i M94 

Bound with other music. 

Hymne fiir eine altstimme, chor und orchester, op. 96; clavier- 

auszug mit text q782.3 M61 

Bound with other music. 

I waited for the Lord; duet and chorus from Mendels- 
sohn's Hymn of praise qr782.i M94 

Bound with other music. 


Lauda Sio;ti, fiir chor und orchester, op. 73; clavierauszug mit 

text q782.3 M6iz 

Bound with other music. 

O be joyful in the Lord, all ye lands; [words and 

music] qr782.i M94 

Bound with other music. 

Der 42ste psalm, op. 42; clavierauszug mit text q782.3 M61 

Bound with other music. 

Der 95ste psalm, op. 46; clavierauszug mit text q782.3 M61 

Bound with other music. 

Der gSste psalm, op. 91 ; clavierauszug mit text q782.3 M61 

Bound with other music. 

Der ii4te psalm, op. 51 ; clavierauszug mit text q782.3 M61 

Bound with other music. 

Der Ii5te psalm, op. 31, clavierauszug mit text q782.3 M61 

Bound with other music. 

Sing of judgment; soprano solo and chorus from his Lauda 

Sion qr782.i M94 

Bound with other music. 

Tu es Petrus, fiir fiinfstimmigen chor und orchester, op. 11 1; 

clavierauszug mit text q782.3 M61 

Bound with other music. 

"Verleih' uns frieden" ("Da nobis pacem, Domine"); gebet 
nach Luther'schen worten fiir chor und orchester; clavier- 
auszug mit text q782.3 M61 

Bound with other music. 

Ye who from His ways have turned; quartet from his Lauda 

Sion . qr782. i M94 

Bound with other music. 
MOZART, Wolfgang Amadeus. 

Ave verum; [words and music] qr782.i M94 

Bound with other music. 
Ewiger, erbarme dich! etc., kantate in partitur, no.4. . . .qr783.4 M94e 
Herr, Herr, vor deinem throne, etc., kantate no. 3; [score 

for four voices and orchestra] qr783.4 M94 

NAUMANN, Johann Gottlieb. 

Um erden wandeln monde, etc., psalm mit dem Vater unser; 

klavierauszug qr783.4 N16 

Words by Klopstock. 
NOVELLO'S collection of anthems by modern composers. 

VI qr783.4 N47 


Birth of Christ; a Sunday school cantata, words by P. H. 

Bristow. 1880 r78i W27 

Bound with other pamphlets. 

PALESTRINA, Giovanni Pierluigi da. 

Sanctus qr782.i M94 

Bound with other music. 
Stabat mater, motette for two choruses; arranged by 

Richard Wagner. [1879.] qr783.3 R82 

Bound with Rubinstein's "Tower of Babel." 
ROCK of salvation; [song], arranged for the piano forte. .qr783.4 C36 
Bound with other music. 



SCHUBERT, Franz Peter. 

Miriam's song of triumph; a cantata for soprano solo and 

chorus qr782.i M94 

Bound with other music. 

Twenty-third psalm; for two soprano and two contralto 

voices qr782.i M94 

Bound with other music. 

SCHUMANN, Robert. 

Das paradies und die peri, dichtung aus Lalla Rookh von Th. 
Moore, fiir solostimmen, chor und orchester; klavieraus- 

zug qr782.8 G12 

Bound with Gade's "Comala." 

SPOHR, Ludwig. 

As pants the hart; anthem for six voices arranged by James 

Stimpson, from Spohr's "Crucifixion." qr782.i M94 

Bound with other music. 
Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord; [words 

and music] qr782.i M94 

Bound with other music. 
The Christian's prayer; cantata, accompaniment for the 

pianoforte arranged by Novello qr783.4 S76 

THAYER, Eugene. 

Festival cantata; the words chiefly from the Psalms, the 

music for soli, chorus, organ and orchestra by Eugene 

Thayer. 1872 qr783.4 T34 

WALMISLEY, Thomas Forbes. 

Six anthems and a short morning and evening service for 

four and five voices, with accompaniment for the 

organ qr783.2 H78 

Bound with other music. 

WEBB, George James. 

Salve regina; from his Cantica ecclesiastica qr782.i M94 

Bound with other music. 

ZEUNER, Charles. 

Church music, consisting of new and original anthems, motets 

and chants. 1831 r783.4 Z55 

783.5 Chant. Gregorian. Anglican 

ARCHER, Harry G. & Reed, L.D. ed. 

Psalter and canticles, pointed for chanting to the Gregorian 
psalm tunes, for the use of Evangelical Lutheran congre- 
gations. 1897 783.5 A67 

The same. 1897 r783.5 A67 

BEST, William Thomas, comp. 

Chants for four voices, with organ accompaniment qr783.5 B46 

GREGORIAN and other ecclesiastical chants adapted to the 

Psalter and canticles. 1842 r783.2 H5S 

Bound with other music. 

HABERE, Franz Xaver. 

Magister choralis; a theoretical and practical manual of 
Gregorian chant, for the use of choir-masters, choris- 
ters, etc. 1892 783.5 Hii 


HELMORE, Thomas. 

Psalter noted. 1856 r783.2 H42P 

HUTCH INS, Charles Lewis, ed. 

Church hymnal book of chants. 1887 r783.5 H96C 

Parish choir Psalter, pointed for chanting and set to ap- 
propriate chants. 1888 V7^iS H96 

JOULE, Benjamin St. John Baptist, comp. 

Collections of chants for the daily and proper psalms, and 
arrangements for the Miserere and Gloria tibi Domine. 

1871 • • r783.S J46 

MUHLENBERG, William Augustus, comp. 

Psalter, together with the canticles of the morning and even- 
ing prayer, figured for chanting. 1848 r783.5 M95 

NEW JERUSALEM, Church of the. 

Book of public worship. 1850 r783.5 N26 


Cathedral Psalter, set to appropriate chants qr783.5 N47 

OUSELEY, Sir Frederick Arthur Gore, & Monk, E.G. comp. 
Psalter, with canticles and hymns, pointed for chanting and 

set to chants. 1879 ^7^2-S O32P 

Unison chants for the Psalter; a collection of single Anglican 

chants. 1891 qr783.5 O32 

TROUTBECK, John, comp. 

Psalms, (Bible version), pointed for chanting. [1886.] . . .r783.5 T77 
TUCKERMAN, Samuel Parkman, comp. 

Canticles and occasional offices in the service of the Protes- 
tant Episcopal church, pointed for chanting. 1855 r783.S TBi 

TURLE, James. 

Single and double chants composed for the use of the 

choral service of Westminster abbey. 1851 qr783.S T84 

WARREN, Joseph, 1804-81, comp. 

Chanter's hand-guide, containing the Psalter, the canticles, 

etc. 1850 qr783.5 W24 

783.6 Chorale. Carol 

BACH, Johann Sebastian. 

371 vierstimmige choralgesange; [music only]. [1831.] . .r783.6 B12 

Hope on, poor soul; choral qr782.i M94 

Bound with other music. 

BERGT, Christian Gottlob August. 

Briefwechsel eines alten und jungen schulmeisters iiber aller- 

hand musikalisches. 1838 r783.6 B45 

GILBERT, Davies, comp. 

Some ancient Christmas carols, with the tunes to which they 

were sung in the west of England. 1823 r783.6 G38 

KUHNAU; Johann Christoph, comp. 

Vierstimmige alte und neue choralgesange, mit provinzial- 

abweichungen. 1786 r783.6 K43 


Der choral-gesang zur zeit der reformation. 1821 r783.6 M92 


TOMLINS, William Lawrence, ed. 

Christmas carols, ancient and modern; [words and music]. 

1897 qJ783.6 T59 

783.7-783.8 Evangelistic. Choir. Chorus 

GOSPEL hymns, no.6; [words and music]. [1891.] r783.7 G69 

BAUMBACH, Adolph. 

Sacred quartetts for the opening and close of service. 

1862 r783.8 B32 

BRAHMS, Johannes. 

Hymn of triumph; eight-part chorus, [with German and 

English words] qr783.8 B68 

GILMAN, Samuel. 

Memoirs of a New England village choir. 1829 r783.8 G42 

"Has been greatly admired for the tone of humorous vivacity and graphic 
descriptiveness which distinguishes it." S. A. Allibone. 

HASTINGS, Thomas. 

History of forty choirs. 1854 r783.8 H34 

Short sketches of real incidents. Author had large experience with 
church choirs. 

PARKER, James Cutter Dunn, comp. 

Sacred choruses from the works of celebrated composers. 

1861 r783.8 P23 

WILSON, Henry, musician, comp. 

Sacred quartetts, with accompaniment, adapted to the psalms 
and hymns of the Protestant Episcopal church, v.i. 
1861 r783.8 W76 

783.9 Congregational singing 

Psalmody. Hymnody 


Union prayer meeting hymns, with Prayer-meeting tune- 
book. 1859 r783.9 A512 


Hymn and tune book. 1868 r783.9 Asi 

ARNOLD, John, comp. 

Compleat psalmodist, [with tunes]. 4v. in i. 1753 r783.9 A75 

AUSERLESENE geistliche lieder, mit melodieen. 1769 r783.9 A93 

BACHOFEN, Tohann Caspar. 

Musicalisches halleluja; gesange mit melodeyen. I733- •r783-9 Bi2m 

The same. 1750 r783.9 Bi2mi 

BACON. Leonard Woolsey, & Allen. N.H. ed. 

Hymns of Martin Luther set to their original melodies, with 

an English version. 1883 qr783-9 B13 

BANKS, Louis Albert. 

Immortal hymns and their story; the narrative of the con- 
ception and striking experiences of blessing attending the 
use of some of the world's greatest hymns. 1898 783-9 B22 



BENNETT, Sir William Sterndale, & Goldschmidt, Otto, comp. 

Chorale book for England; a hymn-book in accordance with 

the services and festivals of the Church of England. 

1865 r783.9 B43 

[BOOK of hymns, with music] r783.9 B63 

BRADBURY, William Batchelder, comp. 

The jubilee; an extensive collection of church music. 

1858 r783.9 B67 

BRADY, Nicholas, & Tate, Nahum, comp. 

New version of the Psalms of David, fitted to the tunes used 

in churches. 1712 r783.9 B68 

The same. 1762 r783.9 B68n 

The same. 1765 r783.9 B68ni 

BRISTOL tune-book. 1863 r783.9 675 

BROCK, Mrs Carey, comp. 

Children's hymn book, with tunes. 1877 r783.9 B76 

BROWN, Obadiah Bruen, comp. 

Carmina alterna; a selection of psalms for responsive service 

in Protestant churches. 1864 r783.9 B79 

BURDER, John, & Waite, J.J. comp. 

Hallelujah; or. Devotional psalmody; a selection of tunes 
from the works of Handel, Haydn, Purcell and others, 
arranged in four parts, with organ and pianoforte ac- 
companiments. 1842 r783.9 B8g 

General association. 

Congregational hymn and tune book. 1856 r783.9 C74 

CORNELL, John Henry, comp. 

Congregational tune-book. 1872 r783.9 C82 

DAVIES, George C. comp. 

Songs of the church; or, Psalms and hymns of the Protestant 

Episcopal church, with tunes and chants. 1859 r783.9 D31 


Liederbuch fiir Sonntag-schule und haus, [with music]. 

1894 r783.9 E94 

FEST- und Sonntags-lieder; [music] r783.9 F43 

GEISTLICHE seelen-music. 1719 r783.9 G28 


Maryland selection of sacred music. 1809 r783.9 G41 

GIRRENDES laublein in einem gesang-buch alter und neuer 

geistreicher lieder, samt einem gebet-buch. 1758 r783.9 G44 

GREATOREX, Thomas, comp. 

Collection of church music r783.9 G82 

HANDEL, Georg Friedrich, and others. 

Music performed at the Magdalen chapel r783.9 H23 

HAVERGAL, William Henry. 

History of the Old hundredth psalm tune. 1854 r783.9 H35 

HICKOK, J. H. comp. 

Sacred harp, [with music]. 1832 r783.9 H52 


HOLDROYD, Israel. 

Spiritual man's companion. 1753 r783.9 H7r 

Contains tunes fitted to the psalms as they were sung in England and 
Scotland in the i8th century, also hymns and anthems, both words and 

HOOD, George. 

History of music in New England. 1846 r783.9 H76 

History of psalmody from the landing of the Pilgrims to the beginning 
of the 19th century. Also contains biographical sketches of reformers 
and the early psalmists. 

HOPKINS, Charles Jerome, comp. 

Collection of sacred song, with tunes, i860 r783.9 H78 

HUNTER, Rev. William, & Wakefield, Samuel. 

Minstrel of Zion; a book of religious songs accompanied 

with appropriate music. 1854 r783.9 H94 

Original manuscript. 

HUTCH INS, Charles Lewis, ed. 

Church hymnal; revised to conform to the hymnal of the 

Protestant Episcopal church. 1872 r783.9 H96C 

The same, with canticles. 1891 r783.9 H96CI 

The same; revised and enlarged in accordance with the action 

of the General convention, 1892. 1894 qr783.9 H96C2 

Hymnal and service-book for Sunday schools. 1893 r783.9 H96 

HYMN music adapted to the metres in the United Presby- 
terian hymn book; designed as a supplement to Scottish 

psalmody. 1868 r783.9 S43 

Bound with "Scottish psalmody." 

HYMNAL noted, parts 1-2. 1856 r783.9 H99 

JACOB, Benjamin, comp. 

National psalmody; a collection of tunes for the services 

of the United church of England and Ireland qr783.9 J13 

JONES, Abner, comp. 

Melodies of the church; a collection of psalms and hymns ac- 
companied by musick. 1832 r783.9 J39 

LAI ANA, Na L. comp. 

Hoku ao nani, [Hawaiian hymns; words and music]. 

[1881.] r783.9 L15 

LOB, Otto. 

Israelitische tempel gesange; hymnen, mit deutschem und 

englischem text in musik gesetzt. 1876 r783.9 L75 

LOUD, Thomas, comp. 

The psalmist; a collection of psalm and hymn tunes. 1824. .r783.9 L92 
LUTHER, Martin, and others, comp. 

Vollstandiges gesangbuch, darinnen ausserlesene gesange, 
psalmen und hymni auff die gewohnliche Sonn- und 
fest-tage, auch sonsten in allerhand anliegen niitzlich 
zugebrauchen in gutter richtiger ordnung begriffen. 

161 1 r783.9 L982 


Church book, with music; arranged by H. R. Krauth. 

1872 r783.9 L98 

Church song; a repertory of music. 1892 r783.9 L98C 

Little children's book; hymns and tunes. 1885 r783.9 L98I 


McFARLAND, Samuel Gamble, comp. 

Siamese hymnal; [words and music]. 1876 r783.9 M15 

MAROT, Clement, & Beze, Theodore de, comp. 

Les Pseaumes de David, mis en rime frangoise par CI. 
Marot et Th. de Beze, et en alemand par Ambrosius 

Lobwasser. 1608 ryS^.g M39P 

Les Pseaumes de David, mis en rime franqoise, [with 

music]. 1668 r783.9 M39 

Famous Psalter, one of the earliest French translations, was for 250 
years the version used by the French Protestants, and translations 
from it were in general use in Germany and Holland. 

MASON, Lowell, comp. 

New Carmina sacra; or, Boston collection of church music. 

1850 r783-9 M45n 

MASON, Lowell, and others, comp. 

Sabbath hymn and tune book. 1859 r783.9 M4S 

The same. 1863 r783.9 M45S 

MERCER, William, comp. 

Church Psalter and hymn book, the harmonies revised by 

John Goss. 1864 r783.9 M63 

The same. 1862 r783.9 M63C 


Hymns, with tunes. 1857 r783.9 M64 

MONK, William Henry, comp. 

Hymns, ancient and modern, with tunes. 1866 r783.9 M82 

The same. 1869 r783.9 M82h 

The same r783.9 M82hi 

MOORE, James A. comp. 

Book of common praise; hymnal companion to the prayer 

book, with tunes. 1885 r783.9 M87 

NAGELI, Hans Georg. 

Christliches gesangbuch. pt. i. 1828 r783.9 N12 


Liber canticorum sacrorum; sive, Hymnodia sacra. 1850. ..r783.9 N43 
NOVELLO, Vincent, comp. 

The psalmist; a collection of psalm and hymn tunes, pt.i- 

3, in IV. 1838 r783.9 N47 

OHLINGER, Bertha S. comp. 

Chinese Sunday school hymn and tunebook. 1879 r783.9 O18 

PARR, Henry, comp. 

Church of England psalmody, comprising psalm and hymn 

tunes and standard chants. 1872 r783.9 P25 

PARSONS, John, comp. 

Hindustani choral book; or, Swar sangrah, containing tunes 
to those hymns in the Git sangrah which are in native 

metres. 1875 r783.9 P26 

PLAYFORD, John, comp. 

Whole book of Psalms, with the usual hymns and spiritual 
songs; with all the ancient and proper tunes, compos'd in 

three parts. 1677 r783.9 P69 

The same. 1698 r783.9 P69W 



Presbyterian hymnal. 1874 r783.9 P92 

Psalms and hymns adapted to worship in the church. 

1843 r783.9 P92P 


Episcopal common praise. 1870 r783.9 P97e 

Hymnal with music. 1872 r783.9 P97h 

Hymnal with tunes; ed. by C. H. Hall and S. B. Whiteley. 

1872 r783.9 P97 

Hymnal with tunes old and new, and The service book. 

1883 r783.9 P97hy 

Tune-book. 1859 r783.9 P97t 

Tunes old and new adapted to the hymnal, with The service 

book. 1880 r783.9 P97tu 

REDHEAD, Richard, comp. 

Church hymn tunes, with an appendix. 1853 r783.9 R27 

Psalms of David, with the ten commandments, creed, etc. 

in metre. 1767 r783.9 R28 


Select melodies adapted to the Psalms. 1847 1*783.9 R289 

RICHARDS, Charles Herbert, comp. 

Songs of Christian praise, with music. 1881 r783.9 R39 

RINCK, Johann Christian Heinrich, comp. 

Selection of psalms and hymns, arranged with an accompani- 
ment for the organ or piano forte, with appropriate pre- 
ludes and interludes qr783.9 R46 

RIVARD, L.E. comp. 

Chants evangeliques pour le culte public, a I'usage des 

eglises du Canada, avec musique a quatre parties. 1862. .r783.9 R51 

The same, [avec supplement] ; [words only] r783.9 R51C 

ROBINSON, Charles Seymour, ed. 

Laudes Domini; a selection of songs for the Sunday-school. 

1888 r783.9 R54 

ROLLE, Johann Heinrich, comp. 

Sammlung geistlicher lieder, [with music]. 1788 r783.9 R64 

SACRED melody; or, A choice collection of psalm and hymn 

tunes r783.9 S12 

SCHMIDLIN, Johann, comp. 

Geistliche lieder, mit choral-melodien und general-bass. 

1782 r783.9 S34 

SCOTTISH psalmody; a selection of devotional tunes. 1868. .r783.9 S43 
SELECTION of psalms and hymns, with music, for the use of 

Sunday schools. 1858 r783.9 S46 

SELECTION of psalms and hymns, with tunes, for Bedford 

chapel. 1791 r783.9 B37 

SELECTION of tunes for psalms and hymns, for the use of 

the chapel. Charterhouse. 1850 r783.9 C38 

SHAW, R. comp. 

The seraph, containing psalm and hymn tunes, etc., including 


extracts from the works of Handel, Haydn, Mozart, Bee- 
thoven and others. 1840 r783.9 853 

SHINN, George Wolfe, & Day, H.B. comp. 

Book of praise; selections from the prayer book and 

hymnal, with tunes. 1893 r783.9 855 

STERNHOLD, Thomas, and others, comp. 

Whole booke of Psalmes, collected into English meeter, with 

apt notes to sing them withall. 1632 r783.9 S83 

SUNDAY school chorister; a service and tune book. 1891. . .r783.9 895 
TILLEARD, James, comp. 

Collection of sacred music for the use of schools. 1851. . . .qr782.8 M15 
Bound with Macfarren's "May-day." 

TUCKER, J. Ireland, comp. 

Parish hymnal, [with tunes]. [1870.] r783.9 T81 

Bible songs, consisting of selections from the Psalms set to 

music. 1897 r783.9 U25b 

Psalter, with music. 1897 i"783.9 U25P 


Psalter, with music. 1887 r783.9 U25 

WALTER, William Henry, comp. 

Manual of church music. 1870 r783.9 W19 

WARREN, George William, comp. 

Hymns and tunes as sung at St. Thomas's church. New 

York. 1888 qr783.9 W24 

WATTS, Isaac. 

Psalms and hymns; arranged by Dr Rippon. 1827 r783.9 W33P 

WATTS, Isaac, comp. 

Psalms of David, imitated in the language of the New testa- 
ment. 1761 r783.9 W33 

"Not a metrical psalter of the ordinary pattern. It leaves out all the 
imprecatory portions, paraphrases freely, infuses into the text the 
Messianic fulfilment and the evangelical interpretations, and adjusts 
the whole... to the devotional standpoint of the time." Dictionary 
of national biography. 

WILLIAMS, Rev. Samuel, of Pittsburgh, comp. 

Lyrica; a collection of hymns and spiritual songs. 1834. ..r783.9 W74 
WOLLE, Peter, comp. 

Hymn tunes used in the Church of the United Brethren. 

1857 r783.9 W84 

784 Vocal music 

CARLBERG, Gotthold. 

Ueber gesangskunst und kunstgesang. 1870 r78o P2ii 

Bound with other pamphlets. 
FINCK, Henry Theophilus. 

Songs and song writers. 1900 784 F49 

Contents: Folk-song and art-song. — German song-writers before Schu- 
bert. — Schubert. — German song-writers after Schubert. — Hungarian 
and Slavic song-writers. — Scandinavian song-writers. — Italian and 
French song-writers. — English and American song- writers. 
History, criticism and appreciation. 


FITZ-GERALD, Sarah Jane Adair. 

Stories of famous songs. 1898 784 F57 

A miscellaneous collection of anecdotes and information about some 700 
popular songs and ballads. Entertaining for reading and useful for 
reference, though its accuracy is not always to be depended upon. 

SIEBER, Ferdinand. 

Aphorismen aus dem gesangsleben. 1865 r78o P2in 

Bound with other pamphlets. 

784.1 Glee 

CALLCOTT, John Wall. 

Collection of glees, canons and catches with accompani- 
ment for the piano-forte. 2v. in i. 1824 qr784.i C13 

COLLECTION of catches, canons, glees, etc. from composers 

antient and modern. 4v. in i r784.l C69 

HORN, Charles Edward. 

Forest music, prize glee, and Midnight music, quintette qr783 F43 


Bound with other music. 

METCALFE, Joseph Powell, ed. 

School round-book; fifty rounds, catches and canons. i852..r784.i M64 

784.2 Aria. 784.3 Romantic 
EUTERPEIAD; [song] qr783.4 C36 

Bound with other music. 
HANDEL, Georg Friedrich. 

Beauties of Handel; consisting of songs, duetts and trios ar- 
ranged with a separate accompaniment for the piano forte. 

2v q784.2 H23 

ROSSINI, Gioacchino Antonio, and others. 

Souvenirs d'ltalie; recueil de soixante airs, ou morceaux de 
chant, contenant, avec le texte italien, des paroles fran- 

(jaises par Lucien Mont du Taiguy qr784.2 R74 

ANSCHUTZ, Johann Andreas. 

Das bliimlein wunderschon, von Goethe, in musik gesezt und 

mit begleitung des piano-forte von Anschuez r784.3 A61 

BUCK, Dudley. 

Hymn to music ; [words and music] . 1877 qr782.6 H19 

Bound with Hamerik's "Den reisende." 
ELSON, Louis Charles. 

German songs and song-writers. 1882 r784.3 E55 

Short, popular account, with brief sketches of Heine, Schubert, Schumann, 
Franz and Mendelssohn. 

ENGELMANN, Emil, comp. 

Der minnesanger; fiinfzig alte lieder mit tonsatzen. 1886. . . .r784.3 E63 
NEEFE, Christian Gottlob. 

Oden, von Klopstock, mit melodien von Neefe. 1776. . . .qr784.3 N19 

784.4 Popular ballads. Folk-songs 

BARRETT, William Alexander, comp. 

English folk-songs, with symphonies and accompaniments 

for the pianoforte qr784.4 B26 


BEAUQUIER, Charles, cow/-. 

Chansons populaires recueillies en Franche-Conite, [with 

music]. 1894 r784.4 B35 

BLACKIE, John Stuart. 

Scottish song; its wealth, wisdom and social significance. 

1889 7844 Bsi 

A collection of the most popular folk-songs of Scotland, with musical 
scores, and essays upon their historical development and social inter- 

BOHME, Franz Magnus, comp. 

V olksthiimliche lieder der Deutschen im 18. und 19. jahrhun- 

dert, mit kritisch-historischen anmerkungen. 1895 4784.4 B59 

BROWN, James Duff, ed. 

Characteristic songs and dances of all nations, with historical 
notes and a bibliography ; music arranged for the piano- 
forte, by Alfred Moffat. 1901 4784.4 B78 

BUJEAUD, Jerome, comp. 

Chants et chansons populaires des provinces de I'Ouest, 
Poitou, Saintonge, Aunis et Angoumois, avec les airs 

originaux. 2v. 1895 qr784.4 B86 

"Bibliographic des recueils de chants populaires," v.i, p. 18-20. 
CHANSONS populaires qr784.4 C3662 

Manuscript score. 

CHANTS et chansons populaires de la France, avec airs notes 

et accompagnement de piano. 2v. in i. 1858-59 qr784.4 C366 

CHAPPELL, William. 

Ballad literature and popular music of the olden time; a 
history of the ancient songs, ballads and dance tunes 

of England. 2v. [1855-59.] qr784.4 C36C 

Letterpress and music. 

"Chappell was the first who seriously studied traditional English tunes 
...Immense learning and research are displayed throughout the work, 
which at once became the recognised authority upon the subject." 
Dictionary of national biography. 

CHAPPELL, William, ed. 

Collection of national English airs; [words only]. 1839. .qr784.4 C36 
CHAPPELL, William. 

Old English popular music, with a preface and notes, and the 
earlier examples entirely revised by H. E. Woolridge. 

2v. 1893 qr784.4 C360 

"Sources," v.i, p.12-17; v.z, p.6-8. 

"Carefully edited and beautiful reprint of an invaluable work." H. E. 

COUSSEMAKER, Charles Edmond Henri de, comp. 

Chants populaires des Flamands de France, avec les melodies 

originales, une traduction franqaise et des notes. 1856. .qr784.4 C84 
DAUNEY, William, ed. 

Ancient Scotish melodies, from a manuscript ot the reign of 

King James VL 1838 qr784.4 D28 

Contents: Ancient Scotish lyrical poetry. — Ancient Scotish musical in- 
struments, etc. — Ancient mss. of Scotish music, with an enquiry into 
its antiquity and the formation of its peculiar genus and character. — 
The Skene ms. 

DAVIDSON, G.H. comp. 

Universal melodist, consisting of music and words, v. 1-2. 

1847-48 r784.4 D29 


DEMPSTER, William R. ed. 

Beauties of vocal melody; being a choice selection of Scot- 
tish, English and Irish songs and ballads, with an accom- 
paniment for the piano-forte. 1846 qr784.4 D42 

DUCOUDRAY, Louis Albert Bourgault-, comp. 

Trente melodies populaires de Grece et d'Orient, recueillies 
et harmonisees; traduction italienne en vers adaptee 
a la musique, et traduction frangaise en prose de A. de 

Lauzieres. 1897 qr784.4 D86 

ERK, Ludwig, comp. 

Deutscher liederhort; auswahl der deutschen volkslieder aus 
der vorzeit und der gegenwart mit ihren eigenthiimlichen 

melodien. 1890 qr784.4 E741 

The same; neubearbeitet und fortgesetzt von F. M. Bohme. 

3v. 1893-94 qr784-4 E74 

"Quellen-verzeichniss," v.i, p.17-60. 

"A monument to German erudition, patience, and painstaking. The 
result of a lifetime of labor devoted to one end. The three volumes 
contain 2175 folksongs (melodies and words), with notes and variants." 
H. E. Krehbiel. 

FLETCHER, Alice Cunningham. 

Indian story and song from North America. 1900 784.4 F63 

Collection of Indian songs, both words and music, with accounts of 
the legends or ceremonies with which they are connected, gathered 
directly from the Indians. 
FORD, Robert. 

Song histories. 1900 7844 F76 

The history of 38 popular ballads most of them Scotch, including "Auld 
lang syne," "Annie Laurie," "Robin Adair," "Auld Robin Gray," "The 
laird o' Cockpen," "Kathleen mavourneen," "Yankee Doodle," etc. 
The author of each is given and many interesting facts relating to 
the songs are supplied. 
FORKEL, Johann Nicolaus, comp. 

Vier und zwanzig veranderungen fiirs clavichord oder forte- 
piano auf das englische volkslied God save the king. 

1791 qr784-4 F77 

GAGNON. Ernest, comp. 

Chansons populaires du Canada. 1894 r784.4 G13 

"Excellent collection, and generous in its collation of variant readings." 
H. E. Krehhiel. 

GILL, W.H. comp. 

Manx national songs with English words; selected from the 
ms. collection of the deemster Gill, Dr J. Clague and W. 

H. Gill. 1896 qr784-4 G39 

GOULD, Sabine Baring-, & Sheppard, H.F. comp. 

Garland of country song ; English folk songs with their tradi- 
tional melodies. 1895 qJ784.4 G73 


Die beliebtesten russischen national und volkslieder, fiir eine 

singstimme mit piano qr784.4 G94 

Russian and German words. 

HOWE, Elias, pub. 

Songs of Scotland; arranged for the pianoforte. 1864 qr784.4 H8s 

JOHNSON, Charles W. comp. 

Songs of the nation; a collection of patriotic and national 

songs [of America, with music]. 1898 784.4 J35 


JONES, Edward. 

Musical and poetical relicks of the Welsh bards; with a 
select collection of the Pennillion and Englynion, or 
epigrammatic stanzas, poetical blossoms and pastoral 
songs of Wales, with English translations; likewise a 
general history of the bards and Druids, with an ac- 
count of their music and poetry. 2v. 1794-1802 qr784.4 J39 

Title-page of v. 2 reads "Bardic museum of primitive British literature." 

KELLER. Adalbert von, & Seckendorff, Eduard von, tr. 

Voiksiieder aus der Bretagne; ins deutsche iibertragen, mit 

16 originalmelodieen. 1841 r784.4 K16 

LA VILLEMARQUfi, Theodore Claude Henri Hersart, vicomte 
de, comp. 
Barzas-Breiz; chants populaires de la Bretagne, recueillis et 
publics avec une traduction frangaise, des eclaircissements, 

des notes et les melodies originales. 2v. 1859 r784.4 L38 

MELODIEN zu dem Mildheimischen liederbuche, fiir das 

clavier oder pianoforte. 1817 qr784.4 MS9 


Allgemeines reichs-commersbuch fiir deutsche studenten, 

[with music]. 1883 r784.4 M95 


Geschichte des deutschen liedes, mit musikbeilagen. 1874. .r784.4 R32 
Gives a critical study and comparative estimate of the most important 
productions of each period. Has 32 examples of songs. 

RITSON, Joseph, ed. 

Scotish songs. 2v. 1869 784.4 R51 

Reprinted from the edition of 1794. Contains both words and music. 
Of interest to the student of folk-lore and antiquities. 

SALLABERRY, Jean Dominique Julien, comp. 

Chants populaires du pays basque; paroles et musique origi- 
nales, recueillies et publiees avec traduction frangaise. 
1870 qr784-4 S16 

SARAN, August. 

Robert Franz und das deutsche volks- und kirchenlied, mit 
notenbeilagen enthaltend sechs chorale fiir gemischten 
chor und sechs altdeutsche lieder fiir eine singstimme, 
mit begleitung des pianoforte, bearbeitet von Robert 

Franz. [1875.] qr784.4 S24 

Contains interesting information on the formal structure of the volkslied. 


Schweizerlieder mit melodieen, [the songs collected by 

J. C. Lavater]. 1770 r784.4 S34 

Das SlNGENDE Deutschland; lieder und romanzen, mit 

begleitung des pianoforte. 4v. in i. 1845-48 r784.4 S61 

SMITH, Laura Alexandrine. 

Through Romany songland. 1899 7844 S654 

An account of gipsy songs, many of which are given with the music. 

SMITH, Nicholas. 

Stories of great national songs. 1899 7844 S65 

Gives short accounts of the national songs of England, France and Ger- 
many, but most of the book is devoted to American patriotic songs. 


SONGS of Scotland; music ed. by J. Pittman and others, poetry 

ed. by Charles Mackay. 2v. 1877 qr784.4 S69 

SOUSA, John Philip, cotnp. 

National, patriotic and typical airs of all lands, with notes. 

1890 qJ784.4 S72 

STEVENSON, Sir John Andrew, comp. 

Moore's Irish melodies, with symphonies and accompani- 
ments. [1852.] qr784.4 S84 

STEWART, Charles, of Killin, comp. 

The Killin collection of Gaelic songs, with music and transla- 
tions. 1884 qr784.4 S849 

THOMSON, George, ed. 

Select collection of original Scottish airs for the voice, 
with symphonies and accompaniments for the piano 
forte, violin and violincello by Pleyel, Kozeluch and 
Haydn, with verses both Scottish and English adapted 

to the airs. 4v. in 2 qr784.4 T38 

TIERSOT, Julien. 

Histoire de la chanson populaire en France. 1889 784.4 T45 

Gives many examples of songs. 
WALLACE, William Vincent. 

Favorite Scotch melodies: Auld Robin Gray and The boatie 

rows; transcribed for the piano forte qr784.4 W17 

WILLEMS, Jan Frans. 

Oude vlaemsche liederen, ten deele met de melodien. 

1848 r784.4 W73 

Bibliography, P.34-S8. 
WOLF, Ferdinand Joseph. 

t)ber die lais, sequenzen und leiche; ein beitrag zur geschichte 
der rhythmischen formen und singweisen der volkslieder 
und der volksmassigen kirchen- und kunstlieder im mittel- 

alter. 1841 r784.4 W83 

ZISKA, Franz, & Schottky, J.M. comp. 

Oesterreichische volkslieder, mit ihren singeweisen. 1819. .r784.4 Z69 

784.5 Festival 

FEST-GABE; den sangern gewidmet vom Lieder-kranz. 

1838 qr783 F43 

Program for the Sangerfest held at Frankfort-on-the-Main, July 1838. 
Bound with other music. 


Zwei festgesange ftir mannerchor und orchester; clavieraus- 

zug mit text Q782.3 M6iz 

Bound with other music. 


.'* Festge,s3enge vorgetragen beim neunten deutschen gesang- 

... feste'.zu Detroit, 1857. 1857 qr784.5 N45 

Festgesaeftge vorgetragen beim zehnten deutschen gesang- 
. -f&Ste,«^i Pittsburgh, 1858. 1858 qr784-5 N4S 

_ Boun(i iwith other music. 


SINGER, Otto. 

Festival ode written for the dedication of the Cincinnati music 

hall by F. A. Schmitt; composed by Otto Singer. 1877. .r784.5 S61 

784.6 College songs. Choruses 

ATKINSON, Robert Whitman, & Carter, Ernest, comp. 

Songs of the eastern colleges, [with music]. 1901 q784.6 A87 

BARBOUR, John B. and others, comp. 

Songs of Brown university, [with music]. 1891 . . . , ^784.6 B23 

CHAMBERLAIN, David Blaisdell, & Harrington, K.P. comp. 

Songs of all the colleges. 1900 q784.6 C3S 

Words and music. 

GADE, Niels Wilhelm. 

Friihlings-botschaft, concertstuck fiir chor und orchester; 

partitur qr783 F43 

Bound with other music. 

GRIFFITHS, Ernest Howard. 

Lyra fumosa; college canticles. 1900 qr784.6 G89 

"Nine humorous ballads, both words and music, seven of which are 
due to Mr Griffiths. . .There is fun in them, not absolutely convuls- 
ing perhaps, but good in its way and always wholesome." Spectator, 


Geschichte des Mannerchors in Philadelphia, 1835-1885. . .r78o P210 
Bound with other pamphlets. 

WAITE, Henry Randall, ed. 

Carmina collegensia; a complete collection of the songs of the 
American colleges, with selections from the student 
songs of the English and German universities; [words 

and music]. 1876 qr784.6 W14 

WIDMANN, Benedikt. 

Die kunsthistorische entwickelung des mannerchors, in 

drei vorlesungen dargesellt. 1884 r78o P21J 

Bound with other pamphlets. 

784.7 Plantation and minstrel songs 

ALLEN, William Francis, and others, ed. 

Slave songs of the United States. 1867 r784.7 A43 

Contains 136 slave songs collected in the Southern states, and also a 

very interesting study of slave characteristics. 
"Important for the Study of folk-song in America." H. E. Krehbiel. 

BARTON, William Eleazar, comp. 

Old plantation hymns ; a collection of hitherto unpublished 
melodies of the slave and the freedman, with historical and 

descriptive notes. 1899 r784.7 B28 

FENNER, Thomas P. and others, comp. »>*i» ^1 

Cabin and plantation songs as sung by the Hampton A*^ . ...J^^i 

students, [with music] . 1901 J"^ . "^-' ■^^^-'^ 

Contains also a few Indian songs, the Negro's battle hymn {pri 

Grace as sung at Hampton. MB 

Running title reads Hampton and its students. ~ 



MINSTREL songs, with piano-forte accompaniment. 1882. .qr784.7 M72 

Collection of popular plantation and minstrel songs, including many of 
Stephen Foster's. 

784.8 Collections of songs 

BRAINARD'S musical treasures, [v.2.] qr784.8 B689 


Acme quartette book. 1885 qr784.8 B68 

[CHINESE song book.] r784.8 C44 

CRANE, Walter! 

Baby's bouquet; a fresh bunch of old rhymes and tunes 
arranged and decorated by Walter Crane, tunes col- 
lected by L. C. [1878.] J784.8 C86b 

Baby's opera; a book of old rhymes, with new dresses by 

Walter Crane, music by the earliest masters. [1876.] . .J784.8 C86ba 
Pan-pipes; a book of old songs newly arranged and with 
accompaniments by Theo. Marzials, set to pictures by 

Walter Crane 784.8 C86 

The same J784.8 C86 

DITSON, (Oliver) & CO. pub. 

Shower of pearls; a collection of duets, arranged with an ac- 
companiment for the piano-forte. 1859 qr784.8 D64 

War songs for anniversaries and gatherings of soldiers, with 
songs and hymns for Memorial day, arranged for male 
voices. 1883 q784-8 D64 

FIELD, Eugene. 

Songs of childhood; music by Reginald De Koven and others. 

1900 q784-8 F4S 

FINK, Gottfried Wilhelm, ed. 

Musikalischer hausschatz der Deutschen. 1854 qr784.8 F49 

FOSTER, Stephen Collins. 

Biography, songs and musical compositions of Stephen C. 

Foster. 1896 q784.8 F81 

Biography by Morrison Foster, p.3-22. 

Well-known composer of "Old folks at home" and other popular songs, 
born in Pittsburgh in 1826. 
The same. 1896 qr784.8 F81 


A day in a child's life; [verses], illustrated by Kate Greena- 

way, music by M. B. Foster qJ784.8 G83 

HURKA, Friedrich Franz, comp. 

Auswahl maurerischer gesaenge von verschiedenen componis- 

ten r784.8 H9S 

JOHNSON, Mrs Helen (Kendrick), comp. 

Our familiar songs and those who made them. 1881 qr784.8 J 3$ 

Over 300 standard songs, with piano accompaniment, sketches of the 
writers and histories of the songs. 

LAWRENCE, William M. & Blackman, Orlando, comp. 

Riverside song book, containing classic American poems set 
. to standard music. 1893 784.8 L42 



LEMMENS, Nicolas Jacques. 

Six four-part songs, poetry by William Duthie qr784.8 L64 

Bound with other music. 
LESLIE, Henry David. 

Six four-part songs. (Novello's part-song book.) qr784.8 L64 

MATHEWS, William Smith Babcock. 

Songs of all lands; a collection of patriotic and national songs 
of many countries, with part-songs for three and four 
voices; for the use of schools and social gatherings. 1899. .784.8 M47 
MAYER, F.C. comp. 

Concordia; a collection of sacred and secular choruses. 

1884 qr784.8 MS3 

[MUSIC collection; songs and dance music] 4v qr784.8 M98 


Song prize, for singing classes. 1887 qr784.8 M99 

NAGELI, Hans Georg, comp. 

XXXVI lieder und rundgesange fiir den mannerchor; 

zweyte tenor-tuttistimme r784.8 Nil 

Contains also his "XV mannerchore" and "Der schweizerische manner- 

NEIDLINGER, William Harold. 

Small songs for small singers. i8g6 qJ784.8 N21 

GLEE CLUB, covtp. 
The freemen's glee book; a collection of songs, odes, glees 

and ballads. 1856 r784.8 N26 

POULSSON, Emilie, comp. . 

Holiday songs and every day songs and games. 1901 qJ784.8 P86 

PURCELL, Henry. 

Beauties of Purcell; a selection of his songs, duetts, trios 
and chorusses; selected and arranged with an ac- 
companiment for the piano forte by John Clarke. 2v. 

in I. 1809-10 qr784.8 P98 

ST. NICHOLAS songs. 1885 qJ784.8 S14 

112 songs by 32 composers. Words from St. Nicholas magazine. 

SMITH, John Stafford, cotftp. 

Musica antiqua; a selection of music comprising motetts, 
madrigals, hymns, anthems, songs, lessons and dance 

tunes. [ 1812.] qr784.8 S65 

From the music of England, Scotland, France and Italy, during the 
I2th-i8th centuries. 
[SONG collection, with music] 13V qr784.8 S69 

[SONG collection, with music for flute and piano.] qr784.8 S69CO 

[SONGS; collection of duets with piano forte accompani- 
ment.] qr784.8 S69C 

STEVENSON. Robert Louis. 

Child's garland of songs, gathered from A child's garden 
of verses and set to music by C. V. Stanford, op. 30. 

1892 qJ784.8 S84 

Contents: Bed in summer. — Pirate story. — Foreign lands. — Windy 
nights. — Where go the boats? — My shadow. — Marching song. — Foreign 
children. — My ship and me. 


The Stevenson song-book; verses from A child's garden, 

with music by various composers. 1897 qJ784.8 S843 

Contents: The swing, Reginald De Koven. — My shadow, C. V. Stanford. 
— My bed is a boat, W. W. Gilchrist. — Pirate story, C. V. Stanford. — 
A good boy, H. N. Bartlett. — Bed in summer, C. V. Villiers. — Sing- 
ing, C. B. Hawley. — Where go the boats? C. V. Stanford. — The land 
of Nod, W. W. Gilchrist. — Foreign lands, C. V. Stanford. — The wind, 
Reg^inald De Koven. — Foreign children, C. V. Stanford. — The sun's 
travels, Arthur Foote. — My ship and I, C. V. Stanford. — Young night 
thought, Arthur Foote. — Marching song, C. V. Stanford. — The land 
of Counterpane; Farewell to the farm, G. W. Chadwick. — Windy 
nights, C. V. Stanford. — The land of story-books, H. N. Bartlett. 

TOMLINS, William Lawrence, ed. 

Children's souvenir song book. 1893 qJ784.8 T59C 


Odes of Horace set to music; for the use of students in Latin 

versification. 1876 r784.8 V35 

Specimens of each of the different kinds of verse employed by Horace, 
set to music intended only to furnish an easy mode of scanning. 

ARION; gesangstiicke, mit begleitung des pianoforte, v.i-io, 

in 2 r784.8i A69 

BENEKEN, Friedrich Burchard. 

Lieder und gesange, nebst sechs menuetten. 1787 r784.8i B43 

HOOD, D. N. comp. 

Trio; a collection of three-part songs for female voices. 

1869 r784.88 H76 

784.9 Singing. Voice culture 
Hygiene. Development. Tonic sol-fa 

AIKIN, William A. 

The voice; its physiology and cultivation. 1900 784.9 A29 

BACH, Albert B. 

Musical education and voice culture. 1884 784.9 B12 

BARRETT, William Alexander. 

Chorister's guide. 1873 r784.9 B26 

BEHNKE, Emil, & Browne, Lennox. 

Child's voice; its treatment with regard to after develop- 
ment. [1885.] r784.9 B38 

BEHNKE, Mrs Emil. 

The speaking voice ; its development and preservation. 2v . . 784.9 B38 
BRIDGE, Sir John Frederick. 

Musical gestures; guide to the study of the rudiments of 
music. [1894.] (Novello, Ewer and co.'s music 

primers.) 784.9 B74m 

Rudiments in rhyme; a new and easy guide to the study 
of the rudiments of music, with physical exercises. 

[1894.] (Novello, Ewer and co.'s music primers.) 784.9 B74 

From "Musical gestures." 
BROWNE, Lennox, & Behnke, Emil. 

Voice, song and speech. 1895 784.9 B81 


American system of notation for vocal music. 1887 784.9 C66 


COOKE, Thomas Simpson, ed. 

Singing exemplified in a series of solfeggi and exercises 

progressively arranged qr784.9 C77 

CROWEST, Frederick James. 

Advice to singers. 1900 784.9 C89 

Does not profess to teach singing, but offers many general hints of value 
to the student. 

CURTIS, Henry Holbrook. 

Voice building and tone placing. 1896 784.9 C93 

CUR WEN, John. 

Account of the tonic sol-fa method r784.9 C93 

Bound with other pamphlets. 
Art of teaching, and the teaching of music; being the teacher's 

manual of the tonic sol-fa method. 1875 r784.9 C93a 

Standard course of lessons and exercises in the tonic sol-fa 

method of teaching music. 1876 r784.9 C93S 

Tonic sol-fa. [1878.] (Novello, Ewer and co.'s music 

primers.) r784.9 C93 

CURWEN, John Spencer. 

Boy's voice; a book of practical information on the training 

of boys' voices for church choirs, etc. 1899 784.9 C936b 

Story of tonic sol-fa r784.9 C93 

Bound with other pamphlets. 

Tonic sol-fa plans. [1871.] r784.9 C93 

Bound with other pamphlets. 

DURANT, Ghislani. 

Hygiene of the voice. 1879 r784.9 D93 

EIGENDORF, F.W. comp. 

Anweisimg zum gebrauche der tabellarisch-musikalischen wand- 
fibel, nebst einer sammlung zweistimmiger kinderlieder. 

1847 r784.9 E39 

ELLIS, Alexander John. 

Pronunciation for singers, with special reference to the 
English, German, Italian and French languages. 

[1888.] 784.9 E53 

Speech in song; the singer's pronouncing primer of the prin- 
cipal European languages. [1878.] (Novello, Ewer 

and co.'s music primers.) 784.9 E53S 

ENGELBRUNNER, Nina d'Aubigny von. 

Briefe an Natalie uber den gesang als beforderung des gesel- 

ligen vergniigens. 1803 r784.9 E63 


Sol-fa system of teaching singing, as used in Lancashire and 
Yorkshire. 1879. (Novello, Ewer and co.'s music 

primers.) 784.9 G85 

396 two-part exercises for choirs and schools, may be used 
with any system of sol-fa. 1883. (Novello, Ewer and 

co.'s music primers.) 784.9 G85t 

HASTINGS, Thomas, comp. 

Musical reader; or, Practical lessons for the voice. 1819 r784.9 H34 


HIGGS, James, comp. 

Collection of two-part solfeggi in the principal major keys, 
selected from Durante, Handel, Leo and others. 1881. 

(Novello, Ewer and co.'s music primers.) q784.9 H53 


Singing voice of boys. 1898 784.9 H731 

Elementary hints for teachers and amateur organists. 

HOLMES, Gordon. 

Science of voice production and voice preservation, for the use 

of speakers and singers. 1895 784.9 H73 

HOWARD, Francis Edward. 

Child-voice in singing, treated from a physiological and a 
practical standpoint and especially adapted to schools and 

boy choirs. 1898 784.9 H84 

HOWARD, John, fc.1839. 

Respiratory control for vocal purposes. 1882 r784.9 H84 


Art of breathing as the basis of tone-production. 1900 784.9 K36 

LORD, Charles Walker. 

Rudiments of music, with vocal exercises. 1875 r784.9 L86 


One year of note singing. 1889 r784.9 MiS 

MACKENZIE, Sir Morell. 

Hygiene of the vocal organs; a practical handbook for singers 

and speakers. 1899 784.9 M18 

Author was a distinguished English throat specialist. 

MARCHESI de CASTRONE, Mme Mathilde (Graumann). 
Ten singing lessons ; preface by Madame Melba, introduction 

by W. J. Henderson. 1901 784.9 M37 

Author, a well-known teacher of singing who has numbered among 
her pupils, Gerster, Eames, Calve and Melba, here gives a series of 
simple talks on the art of singing. 

MARSHALL, Mrs Florence A. (Thomas). 

Seventy solfeggi for class-singing. [1885.] (Novello, 

Ewer and co.'s music primers.) q784.9 M41 

MARTIN, George Clement. 

Art of training choir boys, with exercises. 2v. [1892.] 

(Novello, Ewer and co.'s music primers.) q784.9 M42 

MORLEY, Thomas. 

Plaine and easie introduction to practicall musicke. 

1597 qr784-9 M91 

"This excellent work, the first regular treatise on music published in 
England, continued in favour for upwards of two centuries, and may 
even now be perused with profit to the student. To the musical 
antiquary it is indispensable." Grove's Dictionary of music. 

MYER, Edmund John. 

Truths of importance to vocalists. 1883 7849 M99 

The voice from a practical stand-point, with an outline of the 

method of teaching. 1886 r784.9 M992 

PALMER, Horatio Richmond. 

System of teaching vocal music in classes. 1872. . r784.9 P19 


PANOFKA, Heinrich. 

Stimmen und sanger; oder, Betrachtungen iiber die stimmen 

und den gesang. 1889 r784.9 P22 


Art of voice-production. 1882 r784.9 P3ia 

Voice as an instrument. 1878 r784.9 P31 

RANDEGGER, Alberto. 

Singing. [1878.] (Novello, Ewer and co.'s music 

. primers.) q784.9 R18 

RITTER, Frederic Louis. 

Practical method for the instruction of chorus classes, v.2. 

1868 qr782.8 R38 

Bound with other pamphlets. 
ROGERS, Mrs Clara Kathleen (Barnett). 

Philosophy of singing. 1893 784.9 R61 

ROOT, George Frederick. 

Normal musical hand-book. 1872 r784.9 R68 

RUSH, James. 

Philosophy of the human voice. 1855 r784.9 R89 

By a Philadelphia physician. 

SEILER, Emma. 

Voice in singing. 1868 r784.9 S46 

SHAKESPEARE, William, b. 1849. 

Art of singing, based on the principles of the old Italian 
singing masters, and dealing with breath-control, pro- 
duction of the voice and registers; with exercises. 3v. 

1898-99 q784.9 SS2 

SIEBER, Ferdinand. 

Katechismus der gesangskunst. 1871 r784.9 S57k 

Vollstandiges lehrbuch der gesangskunst. 1858 r784.9 S57 

SILCHER, Friedrich. 

Succinct instructions for the guidance of singing schools 

and choral societies. 1857 qr78i A34 

Bound with Albrechtsberger's "Collected writings on thorough-bass, 
harmony and composition." 

STAINER, Sir John. 

Choral society vocalisation. [1895.] (Novello, Ewer and 

co.'s music primers.) q784.9 S78 


Chant; etudes pratiques de style vocal. 2v. in i. 1869 r784.9 S82 


Voice building. 2v. in i. 1871 r784.9 S91 

STUBBS, George Edward. 

Practical hints on boy choir training. 1888 r784.9 S93 

The same. 1888 784.9 S93 

By the choirmaster of St. James's church, New York. 

THORP. George E. 

Twelve lessons on breathing and breath control. 1896 784.9 T4it 

Twenty lessons on the development of the voice, for singers, 

speakers and teachers. 1896 * 784.9 T41 


TONIC sol-fa advocate; monthly, Sept. i88i-Dec. 1883. v.i- 

2, no.i2, in I. 1881-83 r784.9 T61 


TONIC sol-fa reporter; monthly, letterpress portion. 6v. 

i878-«3 r784.9 T611 



Church choir training. [1879.] (Novello, Ewer and co.'s 

music primers.) 784.9 T77 

VERNHAM, John Edward. 

Fifty three-part studies within the compass of an octave, for 
sight-singing classes. 1895. (Novello, Ewer and co.'s 

music primers.) 784.9 V27 

VOICE; monthly, v. 2-3, in i. 1880-81 qr784.9 V37 

V.2, no.12; V.3, no.4, ID wanting. 

V.2 bound with "Young folks' musical monthly," v.2, qr78o.5 Y3. 

WALSHE, Walter Hayle. 

Dramatic singing physiologically estimated. 1881 784.9 W18 

Brief dissertations on the different attributes necessary to the perfect 
singer, with reminiscences of famous singers. 

WARMAN, Edward Barrett. 

The voice; how to train it, how to care for it; for ministers, 

actors, singers and public speakers. 1890 784.9 W23 

WULLNER, Franz. 

Treatise on choral singing. 1882 qr784.9 W94 

785 Orchestral music 

BEETHOVEN, Ludwig van. 

Quartetten, no.7-11, fiir 2 violinen, viola und violoncello. ..r78s B38 
BERLIOZ, Hector. 

Der orchester-dirigent; eine anleitung zur direction, be- 

handlung und zusammenstellung des orchesters. 1877. .r78o P2ih 

Other pamphlets bound in this volume: Die fremdworter der tonkunst, 
von Oskar Dittrich. — Opuscula, von Moritz Hauptmann. — System der 
gesangkunst, von VVilhelm Schwarz. 

BERLIOZ, Hector, comp. 

Partitur-beispiele zu Hector Berlioz' Instrumentations- 

lehre qr785 B45P 

Contents: Beethoven. A dur symphonic, erster, zweiter und dritter satz. 
— B dur symphonic, zweiter satz. — C moll symphonic, erster, zweiter 
und dritter satz und uebergang zum finale. — Pastoralsymphonie, dritter 
satz. — Sinfonia eroica, scherzo und finale. — Es dur concert, adagio. — 
Fidelio, act 2, scene 1 und 2. 

Berlioz. Le cinq mai. — Lelio, Fantaisie sur le tempete et Le retour a 
la vie. — Requiem, Hostias, Rex trcmendae et Tuba mirum. — Romeo 
und Julie, scene d'amour und scherzo. — Sinfonie fantastique, seine aux 
champs. — Sinfonie funebre et triomphale. 

Gluck. Alcestc, act i, scene 3, 4 und 7, act 2, scene 2.— Iphigcnie in 
Aulis, act I, scene 3. — Iphigcnie in Tauris, act i, scene i, 3, 4, act 2, 
scene 3 und 4, act 4, scene 2. — Armide, act 3, scene 3 und 4. — Orpheus, 
act », scene i und 2. 

Halevy. Die Jiidin, act 4. 

Mehul. Phrosine und Melidore. 

Meyerbeer. Die Hugenotten, act i, 2, 4 und s- — Robert der Teufel, 
act 3 und 5. 

Mozart. Ave verum corpus.— Don Juan, act 2, scene 3. — Die zauber- 
flote, act I. finale, act 2. nf. ig. 



Rossini. Wilhelm Tell, act 3. 
Spontini. Die vestalin, act 2, 3. 

Weber. Der freischutz, ouverture, act 2, scene 2. — Oberon, ouver- 
BERLIOZ, Hector. 

Les soirees de I'orchestre. 1854 r785 B45 

Musical sketches. 
CLARKE, James Hamilton. 

Manual of orchestration; designed especially to enable ama- 
teurs to follow intelligently the performance of orchestral 
music, with an appendix containing details as to the struc- 
ture, compass and peculiarities of the various instruments 

of the orchestra. [1893.] 785 C53 

Study of the orchestra; an essay on the practical treatment 

and combination of orchestral instruments. [1896.] ... .785 C53S 
CORDER, Frederick. 

The orchestra and how to write for it. 1896 q785 C81 

"Features of excellent practical utility are the rules for writing for small 
bands, such as are used at dances, in the theatres, and at watering- 
places, and for brass bands. In the illustrative examples the parts for 
transposing instruments are written as they sound to simplify study. 
A large number of the examples are taken from compositions by 
Wagner and the musicians of to-day." H. E. Krehbiel. 

FOERSTER, Adolph Martin. 

Dedication march. 1895 Qr78s F68 

Original manuscript. 

First performance of this work was at the dedication of Carnegie music 
hall, Pittsburgh, Nov. 7, 1895, by the New York symphony orchestra, 
Walter Damrosch, director. 
GASSNER, Ferdinand Simon. 

Dirigent und ripienist fiir angehende musikdirigenten, 

musiker und musikfreunde. 1844 r78o P2in 

Bound with other pamphlets. 

HENDERSON, William James. 

The orchestra and orchestral music. 1899 785 H44 

The five parts describe how the orchestra is constituted, how it is used 
and directed, how it grew, and how orchestral music grew. The book 
is for music lovers, giving such facts about the modem orchestra as 
will help them in assuming an intelligent attitude towards it and its 

KOCHEL, Ludwig von, comp. 

Chronologisch-thematisches verzeichniss sammtlicher ton- 

werke Mozart's. 1862 qr785 K36 

MOZART, Wolfgang Amadeus. 

Quartetten, no.i, 3-10, fiir 2 violinen, viola und violoncello. .r785 M94 
2 duetten fiir violine und viola, 2Stes werk; Divertimento fur 
violine. viola und violoncello, I9tes werk; Quintett fiir 
clarinett, 2 violinen, viola u. violoncello, loStes werk. . . .r785 M94Z 
PROUT, Ebenezer. 

The orchestra. 2v. 1897-99 785 P97 

V.I. Technique of the instruments, 
v.a. Orchestral combination. 

785.1 Symphony 

BEETHOVEN, Ludwig van. 

Cinquieme symphonic; [full score] qr785.i B38C 

Ninth symphony; vocal parts qr785.i BjSn 


ELTERLEIN, Ernst von. 

Beethoven's symphonieen mit besonderer riicksicht auf die 

neueren symphoniker. 1870 r78s.i E56 

The same. 1858 r785.i E56b 

GOEPP, Philip Henry. 

Symphonies and their meaning, ist-2d ser. 2v. 1898- 

1902 78s I G55 

The same, ist ser. v.i. 1899 r785.i G55 

"Technical — but not too technical — analysis of about a dozen of the 
greatest of the symphonies, written with both knowledge and under- 
standing, and provided with copious illustrations in musical notation." 
Dial, 1898. 

GROVE, Sir George. 

Beethoven and his nine symphonies. 1896 785.1 G94 

"The analyses of Beethoven's Symphonies which appeared for many 
years in the programme books of the Crystal Palace Concerts over the 
signature 'G,' were, as every English music-lover knows, written by 
Sir George Grove. They have been reprinted many times and must 
stand as the most suggestive and interesting popular commentaries 
of their kind ever written. In this volume, published in 1896, Sir 
George has gathered them together, extended some of them, and ap- 
pended notes and interesting historical data touching the composition 
of the works and their early performances." H. E. Krehbiel, 

HAYDN, Franz Joseph. 

Sinfonies. 4v qr785.l H37 

HENNIG, Carl Rafael. 

Beethoven's neunte symphonic; eine analyse. 1888 r78o P2ib 

Bound with other pamphlets. 

MOZART, Wolfgang Amadeus. 

Sinfonie; partition, no.i qr785.i M94 

(Kochel's list, no.so4.) 
Sinfonie ; partition, no. 2 qr785.i M94 

(Kochel's list, no. 550.) 

Bound with other music. 

Sinfonie; [partition], no.3 qr782.5 L16 

(Kochel's list, no. 543.) 
Bound with other music. 

TEETGEN, Alexander. 

Beethoven's symphonies critically discussed. 1879 r785.i T26 

TRETBAR, Charles F. cmip. 

Analytical reviews of classical and modern compositions 
for the use of amateurs at musical entertainments. 

1877 • r785.i T73 

Contents: Beethoven's Sinfonia no.3, Eroica; Sjrmphony in C minor, 
no.5; Sinfonia pastorale, no. 6; Symphony no.7, in A; Symphony in 
F, no.8. — Brahms' Symphony no. i, in C minor. — Liszt's Mazeppa. — 
Mendelssohn's Symphony in A, Italian. — Mozart's Symphony in G 
minor; Symphony in E flat. — Raff's Symphony no.3, in F major; Suite 
in E flat. — Rubinstein's Dramatic symphony in D minor, no.4. — Schu- 
bert's Symphony in C, no. 9. — Schumann's Symphony no.i, in B flat; 
Symphony in D minor, no.4. 

UPTON, George Putnam. 

Standard symphonies; their history, music and composers. 

1889 r78s.i U26 

The same. 1893 785.1 U26 

Gives a rather technical description, with musical illustrations, of the 
symphonies of Beethoven, Mozart and Haydn. Symphonies by other 
composers are carefully analyzed. 

PIANO 1399 

BERLIOZ, Hector. 

Romeo and Juliet, dramatic symphony; chorus parts. 

1878 qr785-2 B4S 

PROUT, Ebenezer. 

Concerto in E minor for organ and orchestra, full score, 

op.5 qr782.s L16 

Bound with other music. 

785.7 Chamber music 

NOHL, Ludwig. 

Die geschichtliche entwickelung der kammermusik und 

ihre bedeutung fiir den musiker. 1885 r78o P2ie 

Contents: Die entstehung der instrumentalmusik. — Der vater des quar- 

tetts [Haydn]. — Mozart's und Beethoven's kammermusik. 
Bound with other pamphlets. 

786 Piano and organ 

FfiTIS, Frangois Joseph. 

How to play from score; treatise on accompaniment from 

score on the organ or pianoforte. [1888.] 786 F43 

M'ARTHUR, Alexander. 

Pianoforte study; hints on piano playing. 1897 786 Mil 

RIMBAULT, Edward Francis. 

Pianoforte; its origin, progress and construction; with some 
account of the clavichord, virginal, spinet, harpsichord, 

with a selection of interesting music, i860 qr786 R46 

"Important work. The music in the appendix consists of compositions by 
Blithemann, Byrd, Bull, Frescobaldi, du Mont, Chambonnieres, LuUy, 
Purcell, Muschhauser, Kuhnau, Mattheson, D. Scarlatti, Couperin, J. 
S. Bach, Handel, Muffat, de Mondonville, and C. P. E. Bach." H. 
E. Krehbiel. 

786.1 Piano. History 

ANDRfi, Carl August. 

Der clavierbau in seiner geschichte, seinef technischen und 
musikalischen bedeutung; eine erlauternde darstellung 
hervorgerufen durch die erste allgemeine deutsche in- 

dustrieausstellung zu Miinchen. 1855 r78o P2IC 

Bound with other pamphlets. 
HIE, Oscar. 

History of the pianoforte and pianoforte players. 1899. . . .786.1 B47 
Contents: Old England; a prelude. — Old French dance pieces. — Scar- 
latti. — Bach. — The "galanten." — Beethoven. — The virtuosos. — The ro- 
mantics. — Liszt and the present time. 

KOHLER, Louis. 

Der clavierunterricht; studien, erfahrungen und rath- 

schlage. 1868 r78o Paii 

Bound with pamphlets. 

PAUL, Oscar. 

Geschichte des claviers. 1868 r786.i P31 

Many illustrations. There is also a long notice of the exhibit of piano- 
fortes at the Paris exposition of 1867, where the author was one of 
the judges of the music section. 

1400 PIANO 

SCHNEIDER, Karl Ernst. 

Musik, klavier und klavierspiel; kleine musik-asthetische 

vortrage. 1874 T780 P21I 

Bound with other pamphlets. 

786.2 Manufacture. Tuning 

HIPKINS, Alfred James. 

Description and history of the pianoforte and of the older 
keyboard stringed instruments. 1896. (Novello, Ewer 

and co.'s music primers.) 786.2 H58 

"A model of condensed erudition." H. E. Krehbiel. 
SMITH, Hermann. 

Art of tuning the pianoforte; a new and comprehensive treatise, 
to enable the musician to tune his pianoforte upon the sys- 
tem founded on the theory of equal temperament 786.2 S64 

The same r786.2 S64 

786.3 Instruction 

AGUILAR, Emanuel. 

Little book about learning the pianoforte. 1866 r786.3 A28 

BACH, Karl Philipp Emanuel. 

Versuch iiber die wahre art das clavier zu spielen. 1856. . .r786.3 B12 
"Deserves notice as the first methodical treatise on clavier-playing; but 
it is more important still as containing the foundation of those prin- 
ciples which were first laid down by the great John Sebastian, and 
were afterwards developed by Clementi, Cramer, Field and Hummel, 
into the pianoforte-playing of the present day." Grove's Dictionary 
of music. 

BELLAK, James. 

New method for the piano forte. 1878 qr786.3 B41 

BERGER, Francesco. 

First steps at the pianoforte. 1894. (Novello, Ewer and co.'s 

music primers.) q786.3 B45 

BERTINI, Henri Jerome. 

Progressive and complette method for the piano-forte qr786.3 B46 

BIDEZ, Aloys. 

Art of fingering; or, The technic of the piano-forte. 1877. ..r786.3 B47 
BURROWES. John Freckleton. 

Piano-forte primer. 1868 r786.3 B94 

The same; with Czerny's Letters to a young lady r786.3 B94P 

CHAULIEU, Charles. 

fitudes preparatoires pour le piano. 1832 qr786.3 C41 

CHRISTIAN!, Adolph Friedrich. 

Principles of expression in pianoforte playing. 1885 r786.3 C45 


Gradus ad Parnassum; or, The art of playing on the piano 

forte. 3v. in i qr786.3 Cs6 

'"That superb series of loo studies. . .(1817), upon which to this day the 
art of solid pianoforte playing rests." Grove's Dictionary of music. 

Preludes et etudes doigtes dans tous les tons majeurs et 

mineurs pour le piano. 2v. in i qr786.3 C56P 


CZERNY, Karl. 

Letters to young ladies on the art of playing the piano 

forte T7B6.3 C99 

40 tagliche studien auf dem piano-forte qr786.3 Cggv 

DUSSEK, Johann Ludwig. 

Pianoforteschule qr786.3 D95 

Instruction book by one of the most celebrated pianists and com- 
posers for the pianoforte, of the end of the i8th century. 


Delivery in the art of pianoforte playing; on rhythm, meas- 
ure, phrasing, tempo. [1895.] 786.3 E38 


Leitfaden fiir angehende lehrer und lehrerinnen im clavier- 

spielen. 1842 r78o P210 

Bound with other pamphlets. 
GUNTHER, Friedrich August. 

Theorie des klavierspielens; ein leitfaden bey dem ersten 

unterrichte im klavierspielen. 1825 r786.3 G97 

HENNES, Aloys, comp. 

Anleitung zum studium der vorziiglichsten klavieretiiden von 

Bertini, Czerny, St. Heller und Cramer. 1871 r786.3 H44 

KINDSCHER, Johann Ludwig Gottfried. 

Anleitung zum selbstunterricht im klavier- und orgel- 

spielen; eine vorbereitung zum generalbass. 1817 r786.3 K26 

KNECHT, Justin Heinrich. 

Bewahrtes methodenbuch beim ersten klavierunterricht. 

[1825.] r786.3 K33 

KNORR, Julius. 

Methodical guide for teachers of music on the piano-forte. 

1853 1-786.3 K34 

KULLAK, Adolf. 

Die aesthetik des klavierspiels. 1876 r786.3 K43a 

"A most admirable book, suggestive alike to pianist, critic, or mere lover 
of the art. The author discusses, at the outset, the nature and limita- 
tions of the pianoforte's tone, then the history of its technical manip- 
ulation. . .and then presents his theories as to technique, time, rhythm, 
accentuation, dynamic expression and poetical content in pianoforte 
music." H. E. Krehbiel. 

Art of the touch; a guide for teaching the piano-forte. 

1882 qr786.3 K43 

LA MOTTE, Gabrielle de. 

Piano and musical matter. 1869 qr786.3 L19 

LEBERT, Sigismund, & Stark. Ludwig. 

Grand theoretical and practical piano-school, pt.2 qr786.3 L46 

MANNS. Jean. 

New elementary school for the piano. 1867 qr786.3 M33 

•MATHEWS, William Smith Babcock. 

Teacher's manual of Mason's Pianoforte technics ; a guide to 
the practical application of the Mason exercises for modi- 
fying touch and developing superior technic. 1901 786.3 M47 


Studies for the piano forte. 2v. in i qr786.3 M93 


PALMER, Horatio Richmond. 

Piano primer. 1885 r786.3 P19 

PARSONS, Albert Ross. 

Science of pianoforte practice. 1886 r786.3 P26 

PAUER, Ernst. 

Art of pianoforte playing. 1877. (Novello, Ewer and co.'s 

music primers.) q786.3 P31 

PRENTICE, Thomas Ridley. 

Hand gymnastics for the scientific development of the 
muscles used in playing the pianoforte. (Novello, 

Ewer and co.'s music primers.) 786.3 P91 

The musician; a guide for pianoforte students, v.2-3. 1883- 

84 r786.3 P91 

SPENCER, Charles Child. 

Rudiments of the art of playing the pianoforte. 1870. ..... .r786.3 S74 

TAYLOR, Franklin. 

Double scales, systematically fingered. [1887.] (Novello, 

Ewer and co.'s music primers.) q786.3 Tasd 

Primer of pianoforte playing. [1878.] (Science primers.) . .786.3 T25P 
Scales and arpeggios for the pianoforte. [1896.] (Novello, 

Ewer and co.'s music primers.) q786.3 T25 

TURK, Daniel Gottlob. 

Klavierschule; oder, Anweisung zum klavierspielen. 1802. .r786.3 T82 
[VIRGIL, Almon Kinkaid.] 

Description of the techniphone, the philosophy of its use, with 

some remarks on the study of the piano-forte. 1884 r784.9 M15 

Bound with other pamphlets. 


Pianist's ABC primer and guide. 1900 786.3 W36 

Contents: What is music? — Sound. — Notation. — General faults in piano 
playing. — Time, force and expression marks, abbreviations, etc. — 
Scales and intervals. — Touch. — Accentuation, phrasing, rhythm. — Art 
of practising. — Preparatory technical school. — Ornaments or frrace 
notes. — Pedals. — Elementary harmony. — Counterpoint, composition, an- 
alysis, modulation, transposing, improvising, etc. — Sight-reading, en- 
semble-playing, accompanying, memorizing. — Expression, tone-colouring 
and interpretation. — Musical forms. — Hints to teachers. — About exam- 
inations. — American or reed organ and harmonium. — Pianoforte. — 
Musical history. — Composers of pianoforte music, and pianists. — 
Schools of music. — Vocabulary of musical terms. — Some music to play. 
— Musical journals. — Books for musicians in general, and pianists in 
particular. — Guide to music publishers and their publications. 

WIECK, Friedrich. 

Clavier und gesang. 1853 r786.3 W67C 

Piano and song; how to teach and how to learn. 1875. . . .r786.3 W67CI 

Wieck was a remarkable teacher of the pianoforte. 

WOLLENHAUPT, Hermann Adolphe, & Hagen, Theodor. 

Method for the piano forte. 1861 r786.3 W84 


Vollstandige kunstpedal-schule; oder. Das kunstpedal an 

klavierinstrumenten. 1869 r786.3 Z13 ' 

786.4 Piano music. General collections 

BACH, Johann Sebastian. 

Works; ed. by K. Czerny. 8v. 1838-43 qr786.4 B12 


BEETHOVEN, Ludwig van. 

Le desire; waltz for the piano forte qr782.3 W372 

Bound with other music. 
Poetic edition of the Moonlight sonata and of the Tenth 

sonata; a series of musical form etchings, by F. H. Clark. 

2v. in I. 1891. (Artist's unified or poetic edition of 

classical works of modern instrumental music.) qr786.4 B38 

Sonata composed and arranged as a duett for one piano 

forte, op.6 qr782.3 W372 

Bound with other music. 
CRAMER, Johann Baptist. 

Selections from his piano forte compositions qr786.4 C86 

25 new and characteristic diversions for the piano forte. .qr786.4 H48 

Bound with other music. 

CZERNY, Karl. 

Die schule des fugenspiels und des vortrags mehrstimmiger 
satze und deren besonderer schwierigkeiten auf dem 

pianoforte qr786.4 H48 

Bound with other music. 
ELTERLEIN, Ernst von. 

Beethoven's clavier-sonaten. 1857 r786.4i E56 

Beethoven's pianoforte sonatas. 1898 786.41 E56 

FIELD, John. 

Sonatas and nocturnes for the piano forte qr786.4 C86 

Bound with other music. 

FILLMORE, John Comfort. 

Pianoforte music; with biographical sketches and critical es- 
timates of its greatest masters. 1883 r786.4 F48 

"Unnecessarily extended in its biographical department, but valuable, 
especially to the younger pianoforte students, in its exposition of the 
growth of the mechanics of pianoforte playing." H. E. Krehhiel. 

HARDING, Harry Alfred. 

Analysis of form as displayed in Beethoven's thirty-two 
pianoforte sonatas, with a description of the form of 
each movement. 1894. (Novello, Ewer and co.'s music 

primers.) q786.4i H2S 

HARMONIST; or. Musical cabinet; a collection of classi- 
cal and popular music, comprising selections from the 

great masters, v.1-2. 1844 qr786.4 H27 

HELLER, Stephen. 

Promenades d'un solitaire qr786.4 H48 

Bound with other music. 

25 etudes pour le pianoforte, pt.2-3 qr786.4 H48 

Bound with other music. 

HERZ, Heinrich. 

18 grandes etudes de concert qr786.4 H48 

JAELL, Alfred. 

Song without words qr782.i M94 

Bound with other music. 

JARVIS, Charles, ed. 

Amateur's musical library; a collection of piano-forte music 

and songs, embracing popular airs from operas. 1842. .. r786.4 J19 


KALKBRENNER, Friedrich Wilhelm Michael. 

12 etudes progressives pour piano qr786.4 H48 

Bound with other music. 

Second concerto for the piano forte, with orchestral accom- 
paniments qr786.4 K12 


Chopin's greater works; how they should be understood; 
including Chopin's notes for a Method of methods. 
[1896.] .786.4 K31 

Interesting analysis of the construction of his music, with many hints 
regarding phrasing and the use of the pedals. 
How to play Chopin; his works and their proper interpreta- 
tion 786.4 K3ih 

LENZ, Wilhelm von. 

Beethoven et ses trois styles; analyses des sonates de piano, 
suivies de I'essai d'un catalogue critique, chronologique 
et anecdotique de I'oeuvre de Beethoven. 2v. in i. 

1855 r786.4i L61 

LISZT, Franz. 

Ab-iralo; etude de perfectionnement de la methode des 

methodes pour le piano qr786.4 H48 

Bound with other music. 
MARX, Adolf Bernhard. 

Anleitung zum vortrag Beethovenscher klavierwerke. 

1863 r78o P21C 

Bound with other pamphlets. ^ 


Bonbonniere musicale; divertimento for the piano 

forte : qr782.3 W372 

Bound with other music. 

Concerto and fantasias for the piano forte qr786.4 K12 

Bound with other music. 
MOZART, Wolfgang Amadeus. 

Favorite sonata for the piano forte, with an accompaniment 

for the violin qr782.3 W372 

The 4th sonata. 

Bound with other music. 

[MUSIC collection for the piano forte.] qr786.4 M98 

MUSIKALISCHE gartenlaube; [weekly], v.i, no. 1-22, v.2, 

no.45-48, in I qr786.4 MgSg J 

V.I, no.14, 19 wanting. 

PADEREWSKI, Ignace Jan, and others, ed. 

Century library of music. 20v. 1900-02 q786.4 P13 

V.I. Text: Hector Berlioz, by Ernest Reyer; The potency of Berlioz in 
modern music, by Ernest Newman; The methods of the masters of 
piano-teaching in Europe: The proper position of the hand for play- 
ing the piano; The relation of dancing to music. — Music: Andante, 
with variations, F minor, by Haydn; Rondo, A minor, by Mozart; 
Carnaval, op. 9, by Schumann; Nocturne, G major, op. 37, no.2; 
£tude, C major, op. 10, no.7; Impromptu, F sharp major, op. 36; 
Mazurka, F sharp minor, op.6, no. i, by Chopin. 

v.2. Text: Franz Liszt, by Camille Saint-Saens; A study of Liszt, by 
Ernest Newman; The methods of the masters of piano-teaching in 
Europe: The Leschetitzky method of memorizing. — Music: Sonata, 
E flat major, op. 31, no.3, by Beethoven; Chants du voyageur, op. 
5, by Paderewski; Scherzo, B minor, op. 20; £tude, C minor, op. 
10, no. 1 2, by Chopin; Barcarole, G major, no.4, by Rubinstein; 


Rhapsodic hongroise, no. lo, by Liszt; A concert program, by Pade- 

V.3. Text: Giacomo Meyerbeer, by Moritz Moskowski; Meyerbeer's 
Brandus correspondence; The methods of the masters of piano- 
teaching in Europe : Symposium on the training of the thumbs and 
fourth and fifth fingers. — Music: Fantaisie and fugue, G minor, 
by Bach-Liszt; Papillons, by Schumann; Ballade, G minor, op.23; 
Mazurka, B minor, op. 33, no.4, by Chopin; Rhapsodic hongroise, 
no. 12, by Liszt. 

V.4. Text: Mozart, by Edvard Grieg; Gluck, by Ernest Newman; The 
methods of the masters of piano-teaching in Europe: Symposium on 
the scale. — Music: Sonata, C major, op. 53, by Beethoven; Theme 
varie, by Paderewski; Etude, op. 25, no. 1-3; Valse, A flat, op. 34, 
no. 1; Nocturne, B major, op. 62, by Chopin; A concert program, 
by Paderewski. 

V.5. Text: Robert Schumann, by Edvard Grieg; Grieg, by William Ma- 
son; The methods of the masters of piano-teaching in Europe: 
What, finally, is phrasing? by Hugo Riemann. — Music: Prelude and 
fugue, E minor; Variations serieuses, op. 54, by Mendelssohn; Des 
abends, op. 12, no.i; Warum? op.12, no.3; Traumeswirren, op. 12, 
no.7; Vogel als prophet, op. 82, no. 7; Aufschwung, op.12, no. 2; 
Nachtstiicke, op. 23, no.4; Toccata, op. 7, by Schumann; Marche 
militaire, by Schubert- Tausig. 

V.6. Text: Georges Bizet, by Cecile Chaminade; Autobiographical notes, 
by J. Massenet; The methods of the masters of piano-teaching in 
Europe : Tonic sol-fa as a basis for general musical education, by Mrs 
S. J. Curwen. — Music: Sonata, A flat major, op. 39, by von 
Weber; Nocturne, D flat, op. 27, no. 2, Mazurka, op. 63, no. i, by 
Chopin; Melodic, op. 16; Caprice a la Scarlatti, op. 16, by Paderew- 
ski; A concert program, by Paderewski. 

V.7. Text: A historical sketch of music in Russia, by Cesar Cui; A 
study of Tchaikovski, by Ernest Newman; Anton Rubinstein, by 
Hugo Riemann; The methods of the masters of piano-teaching in 
Europe: Symposium on tone. — Music: Gavotte, G minor; Gavotte 
and musette, D minor, by Bach; Momento capriccioso, B major, 
by Weber; Sonata, F minor, op. 57, by Beethoven; Gigue, B major, 
by Bach; Suite, D minor, by Handel; Valse, C sharp minor, op. 64, 
no. 2, by Chopin. 

V.8. Text: Johannes Brahms, the interpretation of his music, by Josef 
Weiss; Brahms's relation to the literature of the nineteenth cen- 
tury, by F. M. Smith; The methods of the masters of piano-teach- 
ing in Europe: The virtuoso technic of Brahms's playing, by Josef 
Weiss. — Music: Spinnerlied, from "The flying Dutchman," by 
Wagner-Liszt; Rhapsodic hongroise, no. 2, by Liszt; Sonata, B 
flat minor, op. 35, by Chopin; Impromptu, C minor, op. 90, by 
Schubert; Etude, op. 10, no.3; Barcarolle, op. 60, by Chopin; A 
concert program, by Paderewski. 

V.9. Text: Gounod in Italy and Germany; reminiscences of a pension- 
naire of the Academy of France, by Charles Francois Gounod; The 
philosophy of Gounod, by F. M. Smith; Camille Saint-Saens, by 
Pierre Lalo; The methods of the masters of piano-teaching in Europe: 
On the careful choice of instructive material, by Ernest Jedliczka. — 
Music: Fugue in E minor; Variations in E major, by Handel; 
Sonata, A major, op. loi, by Beethoven; Songs without words, op. 
53, no.4, op- 53> no.3, op. 62, no. I, by Mendelssohn; Song without 
words: Spinning song, op. 67, no.4, by Mendelssohn; fitude de con- 
cert, F minor; Polonaise, E major, by Liszt. Text: Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy, by Carl Reinecke; Bach, by 
Salomon Jadassohn; Bach's eighth invention, analyzed by Bernard 
Boekelman. — Music: Second ballade, F major, op. 38; Pr61ude, D 
flat, op.28,, by Chopin; Etudes symphoniques, op. 13, by 
Schumann; Scherzo, C sharp minor, op. 39, by Chopin; Barcarolle, 
G minor, op.50, no.3, by Rubinstein; Au bord d'une source, from 
"Annees du pelerinage," by Liszt; A concert program, by Paderew- 

v.ii. Text: Carl Goldmark, by Theodor Helm; Joseph Haydn, by An- 
tonin Marmontel; The methods of the masters of piano-teaching in 
Europe: Symposium on legato. — Music: Rhapsodic hongroise, no. 
13, by Liszt; Polonaise, F sharp minor, op.44, by Chopin; Etude, 
op.2S, no. 10, by Chopin; Mazurka, C major, op. 56, no. 2, by Chopin; 
Etude, op.25, no. 12, by Chopin; Scherzo a capriccio, F sharp 
minor, by Mendelssohn; Sonata, op. no, A flat major, by Beethoven. 

V.12. Text: George Frederick Handel, by Horatio Parker; Henry Pur- 
cell, by F. M. Smith; Arthur Seymour Sullivan, by Charles Mac- 



lean; The methods of the masters of piano-teaching in Europe: A 
system of touch and technic, by W. M. Smith. — Music: Craco- 
vienne fantastique, by Paderewski; Valse impromptu, by Liszt; 
Nocturne, F major, op. 15, no.i, by Chopin. — Trois nouvelles etudes, 
no.2, by Chopin; Impromptu, B flat major, op.142, no. 3, by Schu- 
bert; Fantasie, C major, op.17, by Schumann; A concert program, 
by Paderewski. 

V.13. Text; Franz Schubert, by Antonin Dvorak; An hour with Robert 
Franz, by H. T. Finck; The methods of the masters of piano- 
teaching in Europe: Concerning the necessity for an all-around edu- 
cation and more particularly a literary education for musicians, by 
Otto Lessman. — Music: Soiree de Vienne, A major, by Schubert- 
Liszt; Man lebt nur einmal, valse, by Strauss-Tausig; Mazurka, F 
sharp minor, op. 59, no. 3, by Chopin; Deuxieme scherzo, B minor, 
op. 31, by Chopin; Toccata and fugue, by Bach-Tausig; Preludes, 
op.28, no.i, 3, 16, 21, by Chopin. 

V.14. Text: Ludwig van Beethoven, by Eugen d'Albert; Cesar Franck, 
by Vincent d'Indy; The methods of the masters of piano-teaching 
in Europe: On the emotional legacy of the classic school, a reminis- 
cence of Moscheles's teaching, by W. F. Pecher. — Music: Bar- 
carolle, A minor, by Rubinstein; Sonata, D minor, op. 31, no.2, by 
Beethoven; Hark, hark, the lark, serenade, by Schubert-Liszt; Erl- 
king, by Schubert-Liszt; Nocturne, C minor, op.48, no.i, by Chopin; 
Etude, F major, op. 10, no. 8, by Chopin; Berceuse, by A. Henselt; 
Si oiseau j'etais, by A. Henselt; A concert program, by Paderewski. 

v. 15. Text: After Wagner, what? by Arthur Friedheim; What did 
Wagner do? by F. M. Smith; Recollections and anecdotes of 
Bulow, by Bernard Boekelman; The methods of the masters of 
piano-teaching in Europe: The proper musical education of children, 
by Josef Hofmann. — Music: Etude, op.25, no. 6, by Chopin; Etude, 
op.2S, no.7, by Chopin; Etude, op.25, no. 8, by Chopin; Etude, op. 
25, no.9, by Chopin; Polonaise, op. 40, no.2, by Chopin; Sonata, op. 
11, by Schumann; Nocturne, op. 16, by Paderewski; Prelude, op.28, 
no. 17, by Chopin. 

v. 16. Text: Vincenzo Bellini, by Ruggiero Leoncavallo; The legacy 
of the century, the evolution of music from the Italian standpoint, 
by Pietro Mascagni ; The methods of the masters of piano-teaching 
in Europe: Points from Oscar Raif's new method of piano-playing, 
by August Oetiker. — Music: Chromatische fantaisie and fugue, by 
Bach; Sonata, op. 90, by Beethoven; Rhapsodic hongroise, no.6, by 
Liszt; Fantaisie, op. 49; Valse, op.42, by Chopin; A concert pro- 
gram, by Paderewski. 

V.17. Text: Gioachino Rossini, by Bernard Boekelman; Rossini be- 
tween Gluck and Wagner, his influence on the mentality of the in- 
terpreter, by Victor Maurel; Giuseppe Verdi, by F. A. Schwab; The 
methods of the masters of piano-teaching in Europe: "Vortrag," by 
Carl Krebs. — Music: Prelude and fugue, A minor, by Bach-Liszt; 
Fifty harpsichord lessons, no. 18; Capriccio, E major; Sonata, A 
major, by Scarlatti; Nocturne, F sharp major, op. 15, no.2; Ma- 
zurka, G major, op. 50, no.i, by Chopin; Chants polonais: Chopin, 
op.74, no.5, "My joys," no.i, "Maiden's wish," by Liszt; Sonata 
pastorale, op.28, by Beethoven. 

V. 18. Text: Paderewski, a critical study, by William Mason; What poet 
is most akin to Chopin? by F. M. Smith; The Poles in music, by 
Jaroslaw de Zielinski; The methods of the masters of piano-playing 
in Europe: The secret of Paderewski's playing, by Alfred Nossig. — 
Music: Barcarolle, F minor, by Rubinstein; Kreisleriana, by Schu- 
mann; Valse caprice, E flat major, by Rubinstein; Dans le desert, 
toccata, op. 15, by Paderewski; A concert program, by Paderewski. 

V.19. Text: Carl Maria von Weber, by Ernest Newman; Henri Fantin- 
Latour, by Frederick Keppel; The Ionic in music, by R. Westphal 
and B. Sokolowski; The methods of the masters of piano-teaching 
in Europe: Theodor Kullak as a teacher, by Franz KuUak. — Music: 
Sonata, C major, op.2, no.3, by Beethoven; Polonaise, A flat major, 
op-53> by Chopin; Impromptu, E flat major, op.90, no.2, by Schu- 
bert; Waldesrauschen, by Liszt; Berceuse, op. 57, by Chopin. 

V.20. Text: Paganini, the torch of romanticism, by Victor Herbert; 
Joseph Joachim, by Andreas Moser; The methods of the masters 
of piano-teaching in Europe: The development of the orchestra; a 
historical sketch, by Richard Hofmann. — Music: Thirty-two 
variations, C minor, by Beethoven; Musical moments, F minor, op. 
94, no.3, by Schubert; Impromptu, A flat major, op.142, no.i, by 
Schubert; Etude, A minor, op.ii, by Chopin; Auf fliigeln des 

ORGAN 1407 

gesanges, by Mendelssohn-Liszt; Gnomen-reigen, by Liszt; La cam- 
panella, by Paganini-Liszt; A concert program, by PaderewskL 
[PIANOFORTE music; collection.] qr786.4 P53 

POTTER, Cipriani. 

Pezzi di bravura, en forme d'etudes pour le piano forte. 

pt.2-3 qr786.4 H48 

Bound with other music. 
RIES, Ferdinand. 

Fantasies for the piano forte .' , qr786.4 C86 

Bound with other music. 

SHEDLOCK, John South. 

Pianoforte sonata; its origin and development. 1895 786.41 S54 

"A book with a good purpose well fulfilled." H. E. Krehbiel. 
THALBERG, Sigismund. 

12 etudes pour le piano qr786.4 H48 

Bound with other music. 
WEBER, Carl Maria Friedrich Ernst, freiherr von. 

[Theme and variations.] qr783 F43 


Bound with other music. 

786.5 Organ. History 

ARCHER, Frederic. 

Complete method for the American reed organ, v.i. 1899. .q786.5 A67C 
V.I. A full description of the instrument, and a series of illustrative 
exercises and pieces of gradually increasing difficulty. 

The same. v.i. 1899 qr786.5 A67C 

HOPKINS, Edward John. 

The organ; its history and construction, preceded by a new 

history of the organ by E. F. Rimbault. 1870 r786.5 H78 

"Exhaustive and scholarly — though some of Dr. Rimbault's statements 
may be accepted with caution." H. E. Krehbiel. 


The great organ in the Boston music hall; a brief history of 
the enterprise, with a description of the instrument. 
1866 r78o P21U 

Bound with other pamphlets. 

786.6 Construction. Mechanism 

CLARKE, William Horatio. 

Outline of the structure of the pipe organ. 1877 r786.6 C53 

ELLISTON, Thomas. 

Organs and tuning; a treatise on the construction, mechanism 

and fine tuning of the instrument. 1895 786.6 E53 

HINTON, John William. 

Organ construction. 1900 q786.6 H57 

LOCHER, Carl. 

Erklarung der orgel-register. 1887 r786.6 L75e 

Explanation of the organ stops, with hints for effective 

combinations. 1888 r786.6 L7S 

NICHOLSON, Henry Donaldson. 

Organ manual for the use of amateurs. 1866 r786.6 N31 



RICHTER, Ernst Friedrich. 

Katechismus der orgel; erklarung ihrer structur. 1868. ..r786.6 R42 
ROBERTSON, Frederick Ewart. 

Practical treatise on organ-building, with plates. 2v. 

1897 qr786.6 R53 

V.I. Text. 

V.2. Plates. 

Bibliog^raphy, v.i, p.324-336. 

786.7 Instruction 


Twelve trios, arranged for the organ with pedal obligato 
by A. W. Marchant. (Novello, Ewer & co.'s music 

primers.) q786.7 A34 

ARCHER, Frederic. 

The organ; a theoretical and practical treatise, intended to 
assist the student in acquiring a sound knowledge of 
the instrument and its proper manipulation; with a 
series of original exercises and illustrative composi- 
tions. 1875 q786.7 A67 

The same. 1875 qr786.7 A67 

FRANTZ, Klamer Wilhelm. 

Anweisung zu moduliren. [1828.] r786.7 F88 

HORNER, Burnham W. 

Organ pedal technique. [1895.] (Novello, Ewer and co.'s 

music primers.) q786.7 H81 

Supplementary to the exercises in Sir John Stainer's "The organ." 

Die behandlung der orgel. 1869 r786.7 M64 

RINCK, Johann Christian Heinrich. 

Theoretisch-practische anleitung zum orgelspielen. 3v. in 

1 . 1843-44 r786.7 R46 

STAINER, Sir John. 

The organ, with exercises. [1877.] (Novello, Ewer and 

co.'s music primers.) q786.7 S78 

786.8 Organ music 


Douze fugues pour le clavecin ou I'orgue qr786.8 A34 


BACH, Johann Sebastian. 

Compositionen ftir die orgel ; kritisch-korrecte ausgabe von F. 

C. Griepenkerl und Ferdinand Roitzsch. v.2-4, in i..qr786.8 B12 

Well-tempered clavichord; 48 preludes and fugues. 2v..q786.8 B12 
BONICKE, Hermann. 

Choral-vorspiele fiir die orgel. pt.i r786.8 K38 

Bound with other music. 

BUXTEHUDE, Dietrich. 

Praeludium qr786.8 B98 

Original manuscripts. 


FISCHER, Michael Gotthardt. 

48 kleine orgelstiicke fiir anfanger T7S6.S FS2 

HATHAWAY, Joseph W.G. 

Analysis of Mendelssohn's organ works. 1898 786.8 H34 

ILIFFE, Frederick. 

Forty-eight preludes and fugues of John Sebastian Bach ana- 
lysed for the use of students. [1897.] (Novello, Ewer 

and co.'s music primers.) q786.8 I22 

KORNER, Gotthilf Wilhelm, & Ritter, A. G. ed. 

Der vollkommene organist; oder, Mustersammlung der 
verschiedenartigsten orgelcompositionen alterer und 
neuerer zeit, enthaltend beitrage von Bach, Handel, 

Marpurg und anderen. 4v. in i r786.8 K38 


Variationen uber den choral, Mache dich, mein geist, bereit, 

etc. fiir die orgel r786.8 K38 

Bound with other music. 

ORGEL-JOURNAL fur das bediirfniss des offentlichen Gottes- 

dienstes; [monthly], v.i. 1830-31 r 786.8 O 28 

RINCK, Johann Christian Heinrich. 

Introduction mit 4 leichten variationen und finale fiir die 

orgel fiber ein thema von Corelli r786.8 R46 

Bound with other music. 

The same r786.8 R46S 

Bound with other music. 

48 preludes faciles pour I'orgue. pt.2 r786.8 R46 

Bound with other music. 
The same, pt.2 r786.8 R46S 

Bound with other music. 
Sammlung von vor-, nach- und zwischen-spielen fiir die orgel. 

no.i-14 r786.8 R46S 

Six variations pour I'orgue avec pedalle obligees, sur un air 

de Corelli r786.8 R46 

Bound with other music. 

Twelve fugues for the organ qr786.8 R46t 

Bound with other music. 

Twenty four voluntaries for the organ .qr786.8 R46t 

24 leichte orgelpraludien durch alle dur und moll tonarten. .r786.8 R46 

12 kurze und leichte choral vorspiele fiir die orgel r786.8 R46 

Bound with other music. 
Zwolf leichte orgelpraludien, mit und ohne pedal zu 

spielen r786.8 R46 

Bound with other music. 

TOPFER, Johann Gottlob. 

Concert-variationen fiir die orgel iiber das franzosische volks- 

lied Vive Henri quatre r786.8 K38 

Bound with other music. 

PROUT, Ebenezer. 

Fugal analysis; a collection of fugues of various styles put 

into score and analyzed. 1892 786.82 P97f 

Fugue. 1891 786.82 P97 

LINLEY, Francis. 

Fifteen preludes for the organ r786.83 L72 


NEUKOMM, Sigismond. 

Twenty-five original voluntaries or grand studies for the 

organ qr786.87 N25 

JADASSOHN, Salomon. 

Erlauterungen zu ausgewahlten fugen aus Johann Se- 
bastian Bach's Wohltemperirtem clavier. 1887 r78o P21J 

Supplement to Jadassohn's Lehrbuch des canons und der fuge. 
Bound with other pamphlets. 

HALL, Charles King. 

The harmonium. (Novello, Ewer and co.'s music 

primers.) <1786.9 H17 

787-788 Orchestral instruments 

BALFOUR, Henry. 

Natural history of the musical bow; a chapter in the develop- 
mental history of stringed instruments of music, v.i. 

1899 r787 B19 

v.i. Primitive types. 

ENGEL, Carl. 

Musical instruments. 1875. (South Kensington museum art 

handbooks.) 787 E63 

"Helpful little work in the study of ancient and mediseval instruments." 
H. E. Krehbiel. 

HIPKINS, Alfred James. 

Musical instruments; historic, rare and unique. 1888 qr787 H58 

50 colored plates with historical and descriptive introduction and notes. 

JACQUOT, Albert, comp. 

Guide de I'art instrumental; dictionnaire pratique et raisonne 

des instruments de musique anciens et modemes. 1886 r787 J13 


Manuel du luthier, contenant la construction des instrumens 

a archet. 1834 r787 M48 

SCHUBERT, Franz Ludwig. 

' Katechismus der musikinstrumente. 1869 r787 S38 


Neu eroffnetes magazin musikalischer tonwerkzeuge, dar- 
gestellt in technischen zeichnungen aller instrumente. 

1855 r787 W47 

Welcker was a pianoforte-maker and a meritorious writer on the con- 
struction and history of musical instruments. 160 illustrations. 

787.1 Violin 

ALLEN, Edward Heron-. 

Violin-making as it was and is. 1884 r787.i A42 

Short history of the violin and its famous makers, with a full and de- 
tailed theoretical and practical treatise on violin-making, about which 
the author writes from experience. 


How to tell the nationality of old violins. 1900 787.1 B19 



BIDDLE, Horace Porter. 

Tetrachord; a new musical instrument. 1877 rjoi B47 

Instrument of the viol kind, named from its open scale of tuning, which 

is the same as the Greek tetrachord. 
Bound with other pamphlets. 


Art of fiddle-making. [1898.] 787.1 B75 

CARRODUS, John Tipling. 

Chats to violin students on how to study the violin. 1895 787.1 C23 

CHALLONER, Neville Butler. 

New tutor; or, Book of instructions for the violin qr787.i C3S 


Technics of violin playing; ed. and tr. by H. E. Krehbiel. 

[1880.] r78o.4 A93 

Bound with other pamphlets. 

DUBOURG, George. 

The violin. 1852 r787.i D86 

History of the violin and the most celebrated violinists. 

DUNN, John. 

Violin playing. 1898 : 787.1 D92 

Articles reprinted from the "Strad." 
FfiTIS, Fran«;ois Joseph. 

Antoine Stradivari, luthier celebre connu sous le nom de 

Stradivarius. 1856 r787.i F43 

Contains besides the sketch of Stradivarius, some historical notes con- 
cerning the origin and development of instruments to be played with 
a bow, sketch of Guarnerius, and a chapter on the bow of Frangois 


Progress in violin making. 1881 r787.i G28 

Author, a violin-maker in Paris and America, gives in a rambling fashion 
some of his own theories and experiences. 

HART, George. 

The violin. 1887 787.1 H31 

Treats of the history, construction, makers — Italian, French and English 
— and the progress of the violin, with many anecdotes. 

HAWETS, Hugh Reginald. 

Old violins. [1899.] (Collector series.) 787.1 H36 

Bibliography, p.281-386. 

"In matters pertaining to old violins he is known as a specialist, and, 
moreover, one who writes in a pleasant, flowing style... He discourses 
about Italian, French, English violins; about varnish, strings, bows, 
violin dealers, collectors, and amateurs." Athenceum, 1899. 

HEPWORTH, William. 

Information for players, owners, dealers and makers of bow- 
instruments, also for string-manufacturers. [1899.] .. .787.1 H45 
Directions for keeping stringed instruments in good condition. 

MOZART, Leopold. 

Griindliche violinschule. 1770 r787.i M94 

Celebrated work, first published in 1756 and for many years the only 
method for the violin. 

OTTO, Jakob August. 

Treatise on the structure of the violin. 1850 r787.i O31 

Short practical treatise on the violin and how to preserve it, by a violin- 


The bow; its history, manufacture and use. 1896 787.1 S13 


SH ELTON, Edgar. 

The violin and all about it; its makers from the earliest 
period to the present day, the construction, selection, 
preservation and treatment of the instrument; also prac- 
tical hints and helps for players. [1892.] 787.1 S54 


Ein fortschritt in der geigenbaukunst; oder, Das harmonische 

unterlagholz. 1887 r784.3 £55 

Bound with other pamphlets. 

STAIN ER. C. comp. 

Dictionary of violin makers. [1897?] (Novello, Ewer and 

co.'s music primers.) r787.i S78 

TOURS, Berthold. 

The violin. [1879.] (Novello, Ewer and co.'s music 

primers.) q787.i T6s 

WASIELEWSKI, Joseph Wilhelm von. 

Die violine und ihre meister. 1869 r787.i W27 

History of the development of violin playing, noticing so far as possible 
every player of any importance at all. 

787.3-787.6 Violoncello. Double-bass. Harp. Guitar 

BROADLEY, Arthur. 

Chats to 'cello students. 1899. (Strad library.) 787.3 B75 

The same. 1899. (Strad library.) r787.3 B75 

SWERT, Jules de. 

The violoncello. [1882.] (Novello, Ewer and co.'s music 

primers.) q787-3 S97 

WHITE, Adolphus Charles. 

The double-bass, with appendix. 2v. (Novello, Ewer and 

co.'s music primers.) q787.4 W63 

HORN, Henry. 

Rudiments for the single and double movement 

harp qr784.8 S69 v.13 

Bound with other music. 

KLEMM, John G. pub. 

New and complete preceptor for the Spanish guitar, with 

exercises. 1827 qr787.6 K31 

788.3-789.5 Cornet. Flute. Bells 

BRETT, Harry. 

The cornet, with adaptations for other instruments; scales, 
exercises and solos. [1888.] (Novello, Ewer and co.'s 

music primers.) q788.3 B73 


Gems of Ireland; 200 airs, containing the most popular of 

Moore's melodies arranged for the flute r788.5 C59 

KOZELUCH, Leopold. 

Three sonatas for the harpsichord or piano-forte, with ac- 
companiments for a flute or violin and violoncello. . .qr788.5 K39 


MOZART, Wolfgang Amadeus. 

Select airs from [his] operas; arranged for the piano forte, 
with an accompaniment for the flute by J. F. Bur- 
rowes qr788.5 M94 

The same qr782.3 W372 

Bound with other music. 

QUANTZ, Johann Joachim. 

Versuch einer anweisung die flote traversiere zu spielen. 

1789 r788.s Q17 

TYACK, George Smith. 

Book about bells. 1898 789.5 T95 

Partial contents: Bell founding and bell founders. — Dates and names 
of bells. — Towers and campaniles. — Bell-ringing and bell-ringers. — 
Bells at Christian festivals and fasts. — Belfry rhymes and legends. 

790 Amusements 

BEARD, Daniel Carter. 

American boys' handy book. 1893 J790 B34W 

Directions for making kites, boats, aquariums, puppet-shows and all sorts 
of games and toys. Classed under the four seasons. 

Jack of all trades; new ideas for American boys. 1900 J790 B34J 

BEARD, Lina, & Adelia B. 

American girls' handy-book. 1892 J790 B343 

Gives directions for the observance of holidays, the giving of parties 
and picnics, for games, for work both useful and ornamental. 

BEEBE, Katherine. 

Home occupations for little children. 1896 790 B37 

Suggestions for games, plays, occupations and stories. 

BOULTON, William B. 

Amusements of old London; a survey of the sports and pas- 
times of the people from the 17th to the beginning of the 

19th century. 2v. 1901 790 B65 

V.I. Diversions of Hockley in the Hole, and at Figg's. — London al 
fresco; the tea gardens. — The masked assembly. — The play tables. — 
The cockpit.— The play and the opera. 
V.2. I^ndon al fresco; Vauxhall. — The fairs. — The prize-ring. — The 
parks.— The clubs and coffee-houses.— Of sundry diversions. 

CAMPBELL, Mrs Helen. 

American girl's home book of work and play. 1896 J790 C15 

"Authorities consulted," P.42S-427. 

CASSELL & CO. pub. 

Complete book of sports and pastimes; a compendium of out- 
door and in-door amusements. 1896 J790 C26 

The same. 1896 790 C26 

The same. 1896 r790 C26 

CHAMPLIN, John Denison, & Bostwick, A.E. comp. 

Young folks' cyclopaedia of games and sports. 1890 rj790 C35 

FITTIS. Robert Scott. 

Sports and pastimes of Scotland. 1891 r790 F56 

Historical account, from the hunting of wild boars in legendary times 
to the introductions of modern sports. 

GAMES book for boys and girls. [1897.] J790 G16 

Not only gives directions for many indoor and outdoor games, tncks 


and puzzles, but has suggestions about occupations, collections and 
the care of pet animals. 

A GIRL'S room, with plans and designs for work upstairs and 
down, and entertainments for herself and friends. 
1893 J790 G44 

HUTCHISON, George Andrew, ed. 

Boy's own book of indoor games and recreations; a popular 

encyclopaedia. 1890 J790 H97 

Contents: Gymnastics, Indian clubs, dumbbells and juggling with balls. 
— Model-making, moving and otherwise. — Games of skill, etc. — The 
magic-lantern and all about it. — How to build boats, punts, canoes, etc. 
— Pleasant and profitable occupations for spare hours. — The boy's own 
workshop. — Music and musical instruments and toys; how to make 
them. — Electricity and how to use it in play and earnest. — Conjurers 
and conjuring; ventriloquism and spiritualism, etc. — Diversified di- 

LAND and water; weekly, Jan. 3, 1891-June 25, 1892. v.51-53. 

1891-92 qr790 L21 

LUCAS, Edward Verrall, & Mrs Elizabeth (Griffin). 

What shall we do now? a book of suggestions for children's 

games and employments. 1900 J790 L96 

.\lso published with the title "Three hundred games and pastimes." 

NEWELL, William Wells, ed. 

Games and songs of American children. 1883 r790 N27 

A collection, with history, of the games of the children of America, and 
a comparison with those of other countries. 

The same. 1903 J790 N27 

"Collection of children's games," p.267-269. 

PETERS, Charles, ed. 

Girl's own indoor book; containing practical help to girls on 
all matters relating to their material comfort and moral 

well-being. 1892 J790 P45 

PRATT, Charles Stuart. 

Stick-and-pea plays; pastimes for the children's year. 1899. ..J790 P88 
SMITH. Horace, also called Horatio. 

Festivals, games and amusements, ancient and modern. 

1831 790 S64 

The same. 1858 r790 S64 

STRUTT, Joseph. 

Sports and pastimes of the people of England. 1838 r790 S92 

Includes rural and domestic recreations. May games, mummeries, pro- 
cessions and pageants, from the earliest times to the beginning of the 
19th century. Illustrated with many engravings by the author, who 
was both engraver and antiquarian. 

WHITLEY, Mrs Mary, ed. 

Every girl's book of sport, occupation and pastime. 1897. .J790 W64 
Contents: Home studies. — Outdoor occupations and amusements. — In- 
door occupations and amusements. 
List of books quoted, p.494-498. 

791 Public entertainments 

GANTHONY. Robert. 

Practical ventriloquism and its sister arts; a g^ide to the art 
of voice throwing and vocal mimicry by a system of grad- 
uated exercises. [1893.] 791 G17 


LE ROUX, Hugues. 

Acrobats and mountebanks. 1890 791 L63 

Illustrated by Jules Gamier. 

"He has prepared for the writing of his book by years of study from 
the life; he can speak from personal and sometimes intimate knowledge 
of the heroes and heroines of his always entertaining pages... Per- 
haps the most thorough and instructive chapters are those on the 
equestrians and the gymnasts. They are full of definite and interest- 
ing details." Athenaum, 1890. 
Manv illustrations. 
WROTH, Warwick, & Arthur Edgar. 

I. oiidon pleasure gardens of the i8th century. 1896 791 W94 

Many interesting illustrations. 

792 Theatre 

ABBEY, Everett L. 

Religious drama of the Tyrol; a sketch of the ancient drama 
and of the miracle and morality plays of the middle ages; 

the Passions-spiel in Oberammergau. 1900 792 A12 

ARCHER, William. 

About the theatre. 1886 792 A67a 

Contents: Are we advancing? — The censorship of the stage. — The ethics 
of theatrical criticism. — Critics' English. — A storm in stageland. — 
Shakespeare and the public. — The stage of Greater Britain. — The plays 
of Victor Hugo. — Hugo and Wagner. — The realist's dilemma. 
Masks or faces? a study in the psychology of acting. 1888. . . .792 A67 
Discusses the question as to whether an actor should feel his part, and 
how his feeling affects the impression made by his acting. Gives the 
experiences of the leading actors of the day (1888). 
AYRES, Alfred, {pseud, of Thomas Embley Osmun). 

Acting and actors, elocution and elocutionists; a book about 
theater folk and theater art, with preface by H. G. Fiske. 

1894 792 A98 

Short paragraphs and sketches criticizing the elocution of different actors. 
Much of the book was first published in the New York "Dramatic 
BELTAINE; the organ of the Irish literary theatre; ed. by 

W.B.Yeats, v.i. 1899-1900 r792 B42 

Published irregularly. 

The Irish literary theatre is one of the various manifestations of the re- 
cent literary revival in Ireland. Its plan is to produce each spring, 
about the time of the old festival of Beltaine, a play founded upon an 
Irish subject. "Beltaine" contains short articles on the drama and 
the theatre in general, and Irish drama in particular. 

BOADEN, James. 

Memoirs of the life of John Philip Kemble, including a his- 
tory of the stage from the time of Garrick. 2v. 1825 r792 B57 

Boaden was an intimate friend of Kemble. 

"These memoirs are very pleasant reading, the style is easy and genial, 
and the author is careful to state his facts with accuracy." Dictionary 
of national biography. 

CLAPP, Henry Austin. 

Reminiscences of a dramatic critic. 1902 792 C51 

Contents: By way of introduction. — Spectacle, farce, melodrama and 
minstrelsy fifty years ago. — The worth and impotence of free criti- 
cism. — Some early experiences and mistakes. — Selwyn's theatre and 
the Robertson period. — The ephemeral drama and the enduring drama. 
— The great dramatic quinquennium and the Boston museum. — Wil- 
liam Warren, comedian. — Actual and ideal training for the stage. — 
J. L. Toole and Charles James Mathews. — Charlotte Cushman. — E. A. 
Sothern, sr. — The isolation of actors. — Charles Fechter. — Edwin Booth. 


— Tommaso Salvini. — Adelaide Neilson. — Memorable experiences of 
single plays and artists. — An American theatre privately endowed. — 
Henry Irving. 
Appeared, with the exception of the last essay, in the Atlantic monthly, 
V.88, Aug.-Nov. 1901. 

COLLIER, John Payne. 

History of English dramatic poetry to the time of Shake- 
speare, and Annals of the stage to the restoration. 3v. 

1831 r792 C69 

Valuable and interesting work in spite of the ingeniously forged docu- 
ments which it contains. 

COQUELIN, Benoit Constant. 

The actor and his art. 1881 . 792 C79 

Defense of the dignity of the art of acting, by the distinguished French 

CUNNINGHAM, Peter, ed. 

Extracts from the accounts of the revels at court in the 
reigns of Queen Elizabeth and King James I. 1853. 

(Shakespeare society. Publications, v. 13.) r820.8 S52 v. 13 

DORAN, John. 

In and about Drury Lane, and other papers. 2v. i88i 792 D73i 

v. I. In and about Drury Lane. — About Master Betty. — Charles Young 
and his times. — William Charles Macready. — Private theatricals. — The 
smell of the lamps. — A line of French actresses. — Some eccentricities 
of the French stage. — Northumberland house and the Percys. — Leices- 
ter Fields. — A hundred years ago. 
v.2. Life in the nineteenth century. — The postman's knock. — The twenty- 
thousand-pound widow. — To Brighton and back again. — On some clubs 
and their ends.- — Through the parks. — Some Scotswomen. — The Dib- 
dins. — Horatio Nelson and Emma Hamilton. — Edward Wortley Mon- 
tagu. — Royal and imperial jokers. 

"Their Majesties' servants;" annals of the English stage from 

Thomas Betterton to Edmund Kean. 2v. 1865 792 D73 

The same. 3v. 1888 r792 07331 

"One of the most readable books in connexion with the stage." 

Athenccum, 1888. 
The edition of 1888 has many corrections of the earlier edition, and is 

illustrated with numerous reproductions of old portraits and views. 

EDWARDS, Henry Sutherland. 

, Famous first representations. 1886 792 E31 

Contents: The English monsieur. — Moliere's Tartufe. — Beggar's opera. — 
The Messiah. — Beaumarchais's Marriage of Figaro. — Mozart's Nozze di 
Figaro. — Mozart's Don Giovanni. — Rossini's Barber of Seville. — Ire- 
land's Vortigem. — Weber's Dcr freyschtitz. — Meyerbeer's Robert le 
Diable. — Victor Hugo's Hernani. — Dumas the younger's Dame aux 
camelias. — Tannhauser at the Paris opera, 1861.— "The Ballet comique de 
la reine and the origin of opera. 


Art of acting. 1892 792 FS7 

"With many apt anecdotes and illustrations, Mr. Fitzgerald enforces 
sound doctrine on subjects as various as tone, distinction, breadth, 
facial expression, gesture, stage business, and the like." Nation, 1892. 

New history of the English stage. 2v. 1882 r792 F57n 

From 1660 to about 1835. It gives an animated picture of theatrical life 
and much information about the patents and licenses, based on docu- 
ments in the lord chamberlain's office and other official papers not 
hitherto (1882) accessible to the general public. 

The romance of the English stage. 1875 792 F57r 

Incidents in the lives of some famous actors, in many cases related by 


FORSTER, John, & Lewes, G. H. 

Dramatic essays. 1896 792 F78 

Reprinted from the Examiner, 1835-1838, and the Leader, 1850-1854. 
Chiefly criticisms of current plays and players. 

FYLES, Franklin. 

Theatre and its people. 1900 792 F99 

First appeared in the Ladies' home journal, v. 16-17. 

The author has been for many years the dramatic critic of the New 
York Sun. 

"To those who are unfamiliar with stage life — unfamiliar with the 
theatrical business and profession as pursued in America to-day — the 
vohime will prove interesting and valuable. It treats such subjects 
as the making of actors, theatrical managers, the writing of plays, 
authors' gains and losses, rehearsals, first nights, stage fright, life 
behind the scenes, etc. in such a way as to convey a specific knowledge 
of the subject — to convey the truth plainly, rather than to create 
illusions or destroy them." Dial, 1900. 

GOSSON, Stephen. 

School of abuse, containing a pleasant invective against 
poets, pipers, players, jesters, &c. 1853. (Shakespeare 

society. Publications, v. 15.) r820.8 SS2 v.15 

Schoole of abuse, and Apologie of the Schoole of abuse. 
1579- (In Arber, Edward, ed. English reprints. 1868- 

71. v.i.) r820.8 A66 v.i 

GREIN, Jack Thomas. 

Dramatic criticism. 1899 792 G87 

Articles which appeared in La revue d'art dramatique, the Sunday special 

and To-morrow. 
Criticisms written between 1897 and 1899 of plays and actors seen in 
London during that period, with a few more general articles. The 
author belongs to the younger school of criticism. 

HAIGH, Arthur Elam. 

The Attic theatre; a description of the stage and theatre of 
the Athenians and of the dramatic performances at Athens. 
1889 792 H14 

From the theatrical, not the literary, point of view. 

HAPGOOD, Norman. 

Stage in America, 1897-1900. 1901 792 H24 

Contents: The syndicate. — The drama of ideas. — Our two ablest drama- 
tists [James A. Heme and William Gillette]. — Fatal endings. — Broad 
American humor. — The drama and the novel. — Our only high class 
theatre [Irving place]. — Recent Shakespeare, comedy. — Recent Shake- 
speare, tragedy. — Ibsen. — Foreign tragedy. — Goethe, Schiller, Lessing. 
— Rostand. — Pinero, Shaw and Jones. — Other British importations. — 
From the French. — Histrionic and literary side-shows. 

HAZLITT, William. 

Dramatic essays. 1895 792 H38 

Also published under the title "A view of the English stage." 
Selections from Hazlitt's theatrical criticism, 1814-17, and his essays 
on the drama in general, 1817-20. 

HENSLOWE, Philip. 

Diary, 1591-1609; ed. by J. P. Collier. 1853. (Shakespeare 

society. Publications, v. 7.) r820.8 S52 v. 7 

Henslowe (d. 1616) was a theatre manager who had intimate • relations 
with many of the leading Elizabethan dramatists. His Diary deals 
mainly with the of the management of the Rose and Fortune 
theatres between 1592 and 1603. The entries from 1592 to 1597 
supply the names of the plays performed at his theatres, with the 
dates of performance and his share of the proceeds. The receipts, 
inserted in the original diary, of moneys paid to dramatists by 
Henslowe are signed, and thus some unique autographs are preserved. 
Fully two-thirds of the plays mentioned by Henslowe as being acted 


under his management are now lost. Condensed from Dictionary of 
national biography. 

HEYWOOD, Thomas. 

Apology for actors. 1853. (Shakespeare society. Publi- 
cations, V.15.) r820.8 S52 V.15 

HOUSSAYE, Arsene. 

Behind the scenes of the Comedie Frangaise, and other recol- 
lections; tr. and ed. by A. D. Vandam. 1889 792 H83 

Houssaye was director of the Comedie Frangaise, 1849-56. 
HUBERT, Philip Gengembre, jr. 

Stage as a career; a sketch of the actor's life, its requirements, 

hardships and rewards. 1900 792 H87 

By a New York dramatic critic. 

HUNT, Leigh. 

Dramatic essays. 1894 792 H93 

Also published under the title "Critical essays on the performers of 
the London theatres." 

IRVING, Sir Henry. 

The drama ; addresses. 1893 792 I28 

Contents: The stage as it is. — The art of acting. — Four great actors 
[Burbage, Betterton, Garrick, Edmund Kean]. 

KNIGHT, Joseph. 

Theatrical notes. 1893 • q792 K34 

Criticisms, origfinally published in the Athenaeum, of the more notable 
plays and players in London from 1874 to 1880. In an introduction the 
author traces the revival dating from the Robertsonian drama, the 
improvements in mounting and cast, and the influence of Ibsen on 
contemporary drama. There are fine portraits of Irving, Miss Terry, 
John Hare, Mr Bancroft, Charles Wyndham and J. L. Toole. 

LEWES, George Henry. 

On actors and the art of acting. 1892. (Amateur series.) 792 L67 

Contents: Edmund Kean. — Charles KeatL — Rachel. — Macready. — Farren. 
— Charles Mathews. — Frederic Lemaitre. — The two Keeleys. — Shake- 
speare as actor and critic. — On natural acting. — Foreign actor.-- on our 
stage. — The drama in Paris, 1865. — The drama in Germany, 1867. — The 
drama in Spain, 1867. — First impressions of Salvini, 1875. 

LODGE, Thomas. 

Defence of poetry, music and stage-plays; Alarum against 
usurers, and Delectable history of Forbonius and Pris- 
ceria. 1853. (Shakespeare society. Publications, r820.8 S52 

MANCHESTER stage, 1880-1900; criticisms reprinted from the 

Manchester guardian 792 M32 

Contributions by W. T. Arnold, Oliver Elton, A. N. Monkhouse and 
C. E. Montague. 
MATTHEWS, Brander. 

Studies of the stage. 1894 792 M47 

Contents: The dramatization of novels. — ^The dramatic outlook in Amer- 
ica. — The players. — Charles Lamb and the theatre. — ^Two French theat- 
rical critics: Francisque Sarcey, Jules Lemaitre. — Asides: Shakspere, 
Moliire, and modem English comedy; The "old comedies;" A plea 
for farce. 
MOLLOY, Joseph Fitzgerald. 

The romance of the Irish stage, with pictures of the Irish 

capital in the i8th century. 2v. 1897 792 M79 

A lively chronicle of the social conditions in Dublin, with much enter- 
taining gossip and many good anecdotes of the actors who made the 
Irish stage so famous in the i8th century. 


MURDOCH, James Edward. 

The stage; or, Recollections of actors and acting. 1884 r792 M97 

Rather fragmentary sketches of the varied features of dramatic action, 
and the peculiar traits of actors, drawn from the author's professional 
reading and from his personal experience. Extremely interesting 
and valuable are his personal comments on Macready, Forrest, the 
two Keans, the elder Booth and Charlotte Cushman. The whole is 
prefaced by a short sketch of Mr Murdoch's life by J. Bunting. 

"Where Mr. Murdoch has relied wholly on himself, his personal recol- 
lections, and his own power of criticism, his work is of g^eat merit 
and interest. No one who comes hereafter to consider Forrest's career 
car afford to pass over Mr. Murdoch's many discriminating references 
to him." Nation, 1880. 

NIRDLINGER, Charles Frederic. 

Masques and mummers; essays on the theatre of here and 

now. 1899 792 N36 

By a New York dramatic critic. Attacks some of the current theatrical 
abuses and shams. 


Treatise against dicing, dancing, plays and interludes. 1853. 

(Shakespeare society. Publications, v. 15.) r820.8 S52 v.15 


Passion play at Ober Ammergau, 1900; the complete Ger- 
man text of the play, with English translation; tr. and 

ed. by W. T. Stead. 1900 792 O12 

Passion play at Ober- Ammergau; tr. in English, and the 
songs of the chorus in German and English, with a his- 
tory of the play, by Maria Trench. 1900 792 Oi2p 


Manuscript book of programs, Sept. 7, 1857-Sept. 4, 1858 r792 P67 

ROBINS, Edward. 

Echoes of the playhouse; reminiscences of the English stage. . 

1895 792 R53 

Reminiscences of the older English stage containing sketches, critical 
and appreciative, of such actors as Garrick, Macklin, Quin, Mrs Brace- 
girdle, Nell Gwynne and Peg Woffington, preceded by a short discus- 
sion of the development of the English drama. Has 16 portraits, many 
from rare originals. 

SCOTT, Clement William. 

Drama of yesterday and to-day. 2v. 1899 792 S42 

"List of important plays produced in London between 1830 and the 
end of the century," v. 2, P.479-S58. 

"We think it fair to characterize Mr. Scott's entertaining but incoherent, 
and, we suspect, hasty production as a sort of catalogue raisonni of 
the more prominent players of the period covered, enlivened with 
reminiscences of the playhouses, and anecdotes, appreciations, and 
biographical sketches of the players, and rather liberally padded with 
extracts from the critics. . .The volumes are handsomely gotten up, 
and contain many interesting portraits of players and playwrights, 
managers and critics." Dial, 1900. 
Some notable Hamlets of the present time. 1900 792 S42S 

Contents: Sarah Bernhardt. — Henry Irving. — Wilson Barrett. — Beerbohm 
Tree. — Forbes Robertson. 

Contains also an appreciation of Clement Scott by L. A. Greening. 

SEILHAMER, George Overcash. 

History of the American theatre, 1774-1797. 3v. 1896 qr792 S46 

V.I. 1749-1774. 

V.2. 1774-1792. 
V.3. 1792-1797. 

Contains lists of the performances of the early companies, full casts, 



summaries of the parts of all the actors and actresses, many inter- 
esting prologues and occasional addresses, curious cards and ad- 
vertisements, and specimens of newspaper criticism. 

SMITH, Solomon Franklin. 

Theatrical management in the West and South for thirty 

years. 1868 r792 566 

Autobiography of the American comedian, best known as Sol. Smith, 

SYLE, Louis DuPont. 

Essays in dramatic criticism, with impressions of some modern 

plays. 1898 792 S98 

THEATRE; a monthly review and magazine, Aug. 1878-June 
1892, Sept. 1894-Dec. 1897. new ser. v. 1-28, 33-39. 

1878-97 r792 T34 

Publication ceased with v. 39. 

THEATRE annual; ed. by Clement Scott. 3v. in i. 1884- 

86 r792 T342 

Stories, reminiscences and verses by leading theatrical and musical 
writers. Illustrated with portraits of actors. 

WHYTE, Frederic. 

Actors of the century; a play-lover's gleanings from theatri- 
cal annals. 1898 qr792 W66 

Largely a compilation of theatrical narrative and criticism from Haz- 
litt, Leigh Hunt, Charles Lamb, G. H. Lewes, Westland Marston 
and the critics of to-day. Many interesting illustrations. 

WINTER, William. 

Shadows of the stage, ist-3d ser. 3v. 1893-95 792 W79 

V.I. Good old times. — Irving in Faust. — Adelaide Neilson. — Edwin 
Booth. — Mary Anderson. — Olivia. — On Jefferson's Autobiography. — 
On Jefferson's acting. — Jefferson and Florence. — On the death of 
Florence. — Shylock and Portia. — John McCuUough. — Charlotte Cush- 
• man. — Lawrence Barrett. — Irving in Ravenswood. — Merry wives 
and Falstaff. — .\da Rehan. — Tennyson's Foresters. — Ellen Terry; 
Merchant of Venice. — Richard Mansfield. — Genevieve Ward. — Ed- 
ward S. Willard. — Salvini. — Irving as Eugene Aram. — Charles 
Fisher. — Mrs Gilbert. — James Lewis. — A leaf from my journal. 

V.2. The right standard. — The story of Mary Duff. — The elder Booth. — 
Falstaff Hackett. — A short life of Forrest. — Life and character of 
John Gilbert. — Sketch of John Brougham. — George W. Jamieson. — 
Life and genius of Cushman. — William Wheatley. — John Edmond 
Owens. — Jean Davenport Lander. — .\da Rehan as Rosalind. — Clara 
Morris in several characters. — On the acting of Lawrence Barrett. — 
Wolfert's roost and Raymond. — Mansfield in several characters. — 
Ada Rehan's acting. — Story of Adelaide Neilson. — Henry Irving 
and Ellen Terry in Macbeth. — Irving and Coquelin. — Willard as 
John Needham. — Adelaide Ristori. — Sarah Bernhardt in several 
characters. — Coquelin as Tartuffe. — Helena Modjeska. — Wilson Bar- 
rett as young Hamlet. — Tennyson. 

V.3. The golden age of acting. — Twelfth night. — Ada Rehan as Viola. — 
Lawrence Barrett as Gringoire. — Henry Irving as Mathias. — Aug^us- 
tin Daly's Woffington. — Ada Rehan as Letitia Hardy. — Comedy of 
The Wonder. — Henry Irving as Hamlet. — Old theatres of Lon- 
don. — Ada Rehan in old comedy. — Mansfield as Shylock. — Henry 
Irving and Ellen Terry. — Will's play of Faust. — Edward S. Willard. 
— Lawrence Barrett as Lanciotto. — Queen Katharine and Wolsey. — 
Mansfield's dandies. — Charles Gayler. — Ernesto Rossi as Hamlet. — 
Portia and Shylock. — Mary Anderson as Juliet. — Madge Robertson 
Kendal. — Claudian. — Character of Edwin Booth. — Mary Anderson as 
Rosalind. — Two gentlemen of X'erona. — Representative .\merican 
plays. — The Ibsen drama. — Stage influence. 


793 Indoor amusements 

Amateur theatricals 

ALCOTT, Louisa May. 

"Little men" play; adapted by E. L. Gould from L. M. 

Alcott's story "Little men." 1900 J793 A3S 

Appeared in the "Ladies' home journal," Dec. 1900. 
"Little women" play; adapted by E. L. Gould from L. M. 

.\Icott's story "Little women." 1900 J793 A35I 

Appeared in the "Ladies' home journal," Jan. 190 1. 

BELL, Mrs Hugh. 

Fairy tale plays and how to act them. 1896 J793 B41 

CARROLL, Lewis, (pseud. 0/^ Charles Lutwidge Dodgson). 
Alice in Wonderland; a play compiled from Alice in 
Wonderland and Through the looking-glass, by E. P. 

Delaf ield J793 C23a 

CLaRK, Alexander, comp. 

Standard dialogues designed for school and parlor entertain- 
ments, temperance meetings, literary societies, etc. 

1898 793.1 Csi 

CUTTER, Mrs Sarah J. comp. 

Conundrums, riddles, puzzles and games. 1896 793 C95 

The same. 1896 J793 C95 


Book of games J793 G83 

HALE, Lucretia Peabody. 

Fagots for the fireside; 150 games and amusements for 

evenings at home and social parties. 1896 793 H16 

The same. 1896 J793 H16 

HOLLISTER, Helen E. and others, comp. 

Parlor games for the wise and otherwise. 1899 793 H72 

KELLOGG, Alice M. ed. 

Tip-top dialogues ; a collection of humorous exercises for girls 

and boys. 1901 J793 K16 

MOTT, Mrs Hamilton, ed. 

Home games and parties. 1898 J793 M94 

POLLOCK, Walter Herries, & Juliet, lady. 

Amateur theatricals. 1879 793-1 P76 

Stage directions and advice to amateur actors. 

ST. NICHOLAS book of plays and operettas. 1900 J793 S14 

ConUnts: The modem and medieval ballad of Mary Jane. — Acting 
ballads. — The house of Santa Claus. — Mother Goose operetta. — The 
land of Nod. — The giant picture-book. — Shadow-pantomimes. — The 
magic sword. — The false Sir Santa Claus. — A i6th century Christmas. — 
Christmas eve at Mother Hubbard's. — A lawn dance for little people. — 
Dicky Dot and Dotty Dick. — An old English folksong. — Haydn's 
Children's symphony. — A topsy-turvy concert. — The changeling. 
SHIELDS, Mrs Sarah Annie (Frost). 

Dialogues for young folks. 1867 793-1 SS5 

SHOEMAKER, Charles C. ed. 

Holiday entertainments; containing short dramas, dialogues, 
tableaux, stories, recitations, etc., adapted to all holidays. 
1896 r793 855 



TENNYSON, Alfred, lord. 

Princess; adapted and arranged for amateur performance 
in girls' schools by Elsie Fogerty. 1900. (Standard plays 

for amateur performance in girls' schools.) J793 T29 

WHITE, Mary. 

Book of 100 games. 1897 793 W63 

A book of indoor games, including a few for special occasions, such as 
St. Valentine's day and Washington's birthday. 

793.3 Dancing. 793.4 Drills and marches 


Dancing, and its relations to education and social life. 

1888 793.3 D67 

Gives full instructions for learning the different kinds of dances. 

GROVE, Mrs Lilly, and others. 

Dancing. 1895. (Badminton library.) 793-3 G94 

VUILLIER, Gaston. 

History of dancing from the earliest ages to our own times. 

1897 qr793-3 V39 

Much of the book is given to French dancing. Over 400 reproductions 
of old prints, caricatures, posters, classic art and modern paintings. 


Book of drills and marches for young people and small chil- 
dren. 1895 793-4 W76 

793.5 Card tricks 


Book of conjuring and card tricks for drawing-room and 

stage entertainments. 2v. in i. [1900.] 793-5 K43 

LEWIS, Angelo John, (pseud. Prof. Hoffmann). 

Tricks with cards 793-5 L67 

793.7 Charades 

BELLAMY, William. 

Century of charades. 1895 793-7 B41 

Contains 100 bright and entertaining charades, not for acting. One of 
the best collections (1898). 

Second century of charades. 1897 793-7 B41S 

100 riddles in rhyme, some of them very witty and ingenious. There 
is a key by which any guess may be confirmed or rejected, though it 
does not give the answer at a glance. 


Food for the mind; or, A new riddle book; comp. for the use 
of the great and the little good boys and girls in England, 

Scotland and Ireland. 1899-1900 793-7 J35 

Reprint of the edition of 1778. 

Originally published in London by John Xewbery, the first bookseller to 
make the publication of books for children an important business. 

JORDAN, Charlotte Brewster. 

Sphinx-lore; a collection of charades, anagrams, and dia- 
gram and jingle-puzzles. 1897 793-7 J42 



WARD, Susan Hayes, & Watson, M.L.M. 

Green guess book. 1897 793-7 W21 

A book of most ingenious charades. 

794 Games of skill 

FALKENER, Edward. 

Games, ancient and oriental, and how to play them. 1892. .794 F19 
Contents: Games of the ancient Egyptians. — Chess. — Draughts. — Back- 
gammon. — Magic squares. — Figures of the knight's tour. 

794,1 Chess 

COOK, William. 

Synopsis of chess openings, with American inventions in the 

chess openings by J. W. Miller. 1893 794-1 C77 

FISKE, Daniel Willard. 

Rev. Lewis Rou and the missing manuscript of his tract re- 
lating to chess, 1734, entitled "Critical remarks upon the 
letter to the craftsman on the game of chess," occasioned 
by his paper of the 15th of Sept. 1733 and dated from 

Slaughter's coffee-house, Sept. 21. 1902 r794.i F54 

Reprinted from "The book of the first American chess congress," 1859. 
GRECO, Gioachino. 

Games of Greco; tr. and ed. by Prof. Hoffmann. 1900. . . .794.1 G82 
Bibliography of Greco, by J. A. Leon, p. 231-246. 

"Greco is a mysterious figure in the history of chess. His games have 
been in existence since the 17th century, and a bibliographical history 
(extending over 20 pages) of the manuscript and printed editions in 
all European languages forms a valuable and interesting feature of the 
present edition. All English versions have been out of print for 
half a century, and chess-players should be delighted to have this 
very clearly printed, well-edited and altogether convenient little 
volume." Saturday review. 1000. 

MIESES, Jacques, ^d. 

Chess endings, from modern master-play. 1901 794-1 M67 

STAUNTON, Howard. 

Chess-player's handbook. 1893 794-^ S79 

Bibliography, P.S38-S44. 

The same. 1848 r794.i S79 

YOUNG. Franklin Knowles. 

Grand tactics of chess. 1898 794.1 Y37 

Major tactics of chess; a treatise on evolutions, the proper 
employment of the forces in strategic, tactical and logistic 

planes. 1900 794-1 Y37m 

YOUNG, Franklin Knowles, & Howell, E. C. 

Minor tactics of chess. 1901 794-1 Y37mi 

794.4 Checkers. 794.6 Dominoes 

ANDERSON, Andrew. 

Game of draughts simplified and illustrated with practical 

diagrams; ed. by Robert M'CuUoch. 1894 794-4 AS4 

NORTH American checker board; monthly, May 1896-July 

1897. v. 1-3, no. 2, in i. 1896-97 r794.4 N4S 




STEARNS, Lyman Marshall. 

Checkers; book of portraits of prominent players of the world, 
also games, problems and poetry by the world's best com- 
posers and experts. 2v. 1894-95 794-4 S79C 

STEARNS, Lyman Marshall, ed. 

Granite state checker series. 3v. in i. 1889 794-4 S79 

STURGES, Joshua. 

Guide to the game of draughts; ed. by J. A. Kear. 1895. .794.4 S93 
LEWIS, Angelo John, (pseud. Prof. Hoffmann). 

Dominoes, by Prof. Hoffmann; and Draughts, by R. 

McCuUoch. 1899 794-6 L67 

Bibliography of dominoes, p.64. 

"Draughts," by R. McCulloch is reprinted from the "Book of card and 
table games." 

794.7 Billiards. 794.9 Ping-pong 

BROADFOOT, William. 

Billiards. 1896. (Badminton library.) 794-7 675 

PARKER, Arnold. 

Ping-pong (table-tennis) ; the game and how to play it. 

1902 794.9 P23 

795 Cards. W^hist. Bridge 

AMES, Fisher, writer on whist. 

Practical guide to whist. 1895 795 Asi 

Standard whist for beginners. 1900 795 A51S 

BEAM AN, Ardern George Hulme-. 

Pons asinorum; or. Bridge for beginners; short treatise on 

the new game of bridge, with 20 specimen games. 1899. .795 B34 

Winning whist; a system of combined long-suit and short- 
suit play. 1896 795 B57 

CAVENDISH, {pseud, of Henry Jones). 

Laws and principles of whist. 1895 795 C29I 

Whist developments. 1891 795 C29 

CHATTO, William Andrew. 

Facts and speculations on the origin and history of playing 

cards. 1848 795 C39 

Illustrations of a great variety of cards. 

COFFIN, Charles Emmet. 

Gist of whist. 1895 795 C66 

A capital summary, clearly and attractively presented. 

DICK, Harris B. ed. 

Games of patience; or, Solitaire with cards. 1898 795 D549 

DICK, William Brisbane, (pseud. Trumps). 

American Hoyle; or. Gentleman's hand-book of games. 

1892 795 D54 

An important authority on all card games, checkers, chess and dominoes. 
Especially valuable for its rules for whist, collated from the various 
works by "Cavendish." 



DRAYSON, Alfred Wilkes. 

Intellectual whist; conversations, discussions and anecdotes 

on the game. 1899 795 D79 

DUNN, Archibald. 

Bridge, and how to play it. 1899 795 D92 

FOSTER, Robert Frederick. 

Complete Hoyle; an encyclopedia of all the indoor games 

played at the present day. 1897 795 F8ic 

Duplicate whist. 1894 795 F8id 

Whist manual. 1894 795 F81 

GOLDSMID, Edmund. 

Explanatory notes of a pack of cavalier playing cards, temp. 
Charles II, forming a complete political satire of the com- 
monwealth. 1886 r795 G58 

HADOW, Gerald Elliot. 

Modern whist leads. 1899 795 H12 


Modern scientific whist. 1894 795 H19 

LOWSLEY, Barzillai. 

Whist of the future; being a forecast submitting defects in 
existing whist laws, containing argument against Amer- 
ican leads and advocating the adoption of the same 

game and the same laws for all countries. 1898 795 L96 

McGUCKIN, William George, comp. 

Whist nuggets. [1893.] ■. 795 M16 

Contents: Modern whist. — Whist and whist-players, by Abraham Hay- 
ward. — The thirty-nine articles of whist, by R. I. Dunbar. — Rhyming 
rules, mnemonic maxims and pocket precepts, by William Pole. — The 
duffer's whist maxims, by "Cavendish." — [Selections from] "Whist, or 
bumblepuppy?" by Pembridge. — Cards spiritualized. — Mrs Battle's 
opinions on whist, by Charles Lamb. — Ladies' whist. — Whistology. — 
Whist at our club. — A hand at cards, by G. W. P. — A whist party, by 
P. H. Welch. — At Bovor, by F. C. Burnand. — Gossip. — Some whist 
chat, by R. A. Proctor. 

MELROSE, Charles Joseph. 

Bridge whist; its whys and wherefores. 1901 .795 M59b 

Solo whist. 1899 795 M59 

PEMBRIDGE, pseud. 
, Whist, or bumblepuppy? 1895 795 P38 

PETTES, George William. 

American whist. 1893 795 P46 

POLE, William. 

Evolution of whist. 1895 795 P7Se 

Philosophy of whist. 1889 795 P7S 


Short-suit whist. 1896 795 S79 

TRIST, Nicholas Browse. 

Whist; American leads and their history, with a review of later 

innovations in the game. 1900 ." 795 T74 

VAN RENSSELAER, Mrs May (King). 

Devil's picture-books; a history of playing-cards. 1893. . . .q795 V19 

1426 f 


WORK, Milton C. 

Whist of to-day. 1895 1 795 W89 

Contents: For the beginner. — For the advanced player. 


796 Outdoor sports 

BEARD, Daniel Carter. 

Outdoor handy book. 1900 J796 B340 

Formerly published with title "Outdoor games for all seasons." 

CAMP, Walter. 

Book of college sports. 1893 796 C15 

The same. 1893 J796 CiS 

Regulations for college track athletics, rowing, base-ball and foot-ball, 
with much entertaining reminiscence; authoritative and manly in tone. 

DEPPING, Guillaume. 

Wonders of bodily strength and skill in all ages and countries. 

1885. (Wonders of man and nature.) 796 D44 

Anecdotes describing remarkable athletic feats, collected from the 
literature of all countries. 

GRAHAM, Peter Anderson. 

Country pastimes for boys. 1895 J796 G77 

HUTCHISON, George Andrew, ed. 

Outdoor games and recreations ; a popular encyclopaedia for 

boys. 1892 j 796 H97 

Chapters by well-known English authorities, on cricket, general athletics, 
swimming, bathing, boating, cycling, foot-ball and various other out- 
door recreations. Written from an English point of view, as a long 
chapter entitled "Holidays on the Thames" and the omission of any 
mention of base-ball sufficiently indicate. 

OUTING; monthly, Oct. 1882-date. v.i-date. 1883-date. . .qr796 O32 
V. 1-2 title reads "Wheelman." 
v.3-5 title reads "Outing and the wheelman." 

PETERS, Charles, ed. 

Girl's own outdoor book. 1889 J796 P45 

SARGENT, Dudley Allen, and others. 

Athletic sports. 1897. (Out of door library.) 796 S24 

Contents: Sargent, D. A. Physical proportions of the typical man. Physi- 
cal characteristics of the athlete. — Whigham, H. J. Golf. — Wrenn, 
R. D. Lawn tennis. — Hubert, P. G. The wheel of to-day. — Mering- 
ton, Marguerite. Woman and the bicycle. — Roosevelt, J. W. A doc- 
tor's views of bicycling. — Osborne, Duffield. Surf and surf-bathing. — 
Martin, E. S. Country clubs and hunt clubs in America. 

Appeared in "Scribner's magazine," 1887-97. , 

SUFFOLK and BERKSHIRE, Henry Charles Howard, earl of, 
and others, ed. 
Encyclopaedia of sport. 2v. 1897-98 qr796 S94 

Chiefly English, though some American sports are described. Includes 
descriptions of game animals and fishes, articles on taxidermy, vet- 
erinary aid, etc. Illustrated. 

THOMPSON, Maurice, ed. 

The boys' book of sports and outdoor life. 1896 J796 T38b 

Contains "Marvin and his boy hunters." 

A collection of bright, breezy articles on shooting, fishing, archery, boat- 
ing, camping, swimming and walking, the camera and winter sports. 
Many of these articles have appeared in St. Nicholas. 
WHEELMAN. See Outing. 
WHITNEY, Caspar. 

A sporting pilgrimage; riding to hounds, golf, rowing, foot- 


ball, club and university athletics; studies in English sport. 

1895 796 W65 

Chapters on "Riding to hounds in the shires" and "Golf" appeared in 
Harper's magazine, 1894. 

SPALDING'S official base ball guide, 1901; ed. by Henry Chad- 
wick. [25th yearly volume.] 1901 796.31 S73 

LEWIS, William Henry. 

Primer of college football. 1896 796.32 L67 

HEATHCOTE, John Moyer, and others. 

Ttiiini*, lawn tennis, rackets, fives. 1897. (Badminton 

library.) 796-33 H38 

796.35 Golf 

EVERARD, Harry Stirling Crawfurd. 

Golf in theory and practice. 1897 796.35 E95 

"His knowledge of golf and golfers is exceedingly minute and intelli- 
gent, and his gift of exposition extraordinary. We should say that 
there is scarce a good golfer who will not become a better from study- 
ing this work." Academy, 1897. 

HUTCHINSON, Horatio Gordon. 

Golf. 1895. (Badminton library.) 796.35 H96 

The golfing pilgrim on many links. 1898 796.35 H96g 

"Mr. Hutchinson. . .has here collected a variety of magazine articles 
bearing on his favorite game. He discusses golf at the shrine — that is, 
St. Andrew's and golf in France and the west of England and else- 
where, and points out, with much humor, the peculiarities of the ama- 
teurs and caddies in these widely different regions." Nation, 1898. 

HUTCHINSON, Horatio Gordon, and others. 

Book of golf and golfers. 1899 796.35 H96b 

Chiefly English, with a brief chapter on American golf. Many illustra- 
tions from photographs of eminent players making their characteristic 

LANG, Andrew, and others. 

Batch of golfing papers. 1897 796.35 L23 

Verses, sketches and short stories about golf. 

LEE, James P. 

Golf in America; a practical manual. 1895 796.35 L52 

LOCKYER, Sir Joseph Norman, & Rutherford, William. 

Rules of golf; being the St. Andrew's rules codified and 

annotated. 1896 796.35 L76 

SMITH, Garden G. 

Golf; with a contribution by Mrs Mackern. [1898.] 796.35 S64 

Short English manual of methods, suggestions and rules, with a glossary 
of terms and chapter on ladies' golf. Illustrated. 

WHIGHAM, Henry James. 

How to play golf. 1897 796.35 W62 

796.36-796.38 Cricket. Hockey. Polo 

LYTTELTON, Robert Henry. 

Out-door games: cricket and golf. 1901. (Haddon hall 

library.) 79636 L99 

STEEL, Allan Gibson, & Lyttelton, R. H. 

Cricket. 1890. (Badminton library.) 796.36 S8l 


SMITH, J. Nicholson, & Robson, P. A. ed. 

Hockey, historical and practical. 1899 796.37 S6s 


Polo. 1898 796.38 D84 

796.4 Athletics 

PARIES, Randolph. 

Practical training for athletics, health and pleasure. 1897. 

(Outing library of sport.) 796.4 F23 

Discusses exercise in general, bathing, rubbing, diet, sleep, fatigue, over- 
work, the treatment of stiffness, sprains, strains, etc., and the neces- 
sary training for athletic contests. 
LEE, Albert, comp. 

Track athletics in detail. 1896 796.4 LS2 

The same. 1896 J796.4 L52 

Descriptions of track and field sports intended to aid those who cannot 
have personal instruction. Chapters on bicycling for men and women 
are included. Author was (1895-97) the editor of "Interscholastic 
sport" in Harper's round table. 

SHEARMAN, Montague, and others. 

Athletics. 1898. (Badminton library.) 796.4 S53 

796.5 Mountain climbing. Camping 

DENT, Clinton Thomas, and others. 

Mountaineering. 1892. (Badminton library.) 796.5 D43 

GRIBBLE, Francis. 

Early mountaineers. 1899 796.5 G88 

Narrative of the beginnings of exploration in the Alps, Pyrenees and 
Apennines, quoted in many cases from the writings of the early 
HEADLEY, Joel Tyler, ed. 

Mountain adventures in various parts of the world, from 
the narratives of celebrated travellers. 1893. (Wonders 

of man and nature.) 796.5 H38 

SHIELDS, G.O. (pseud. Coquina). 

Camping and camp outfits. 1890 796.5 S55 

Contains also chapters on Camp hygiene, medicine and surgery, by C. G. 
Davis; on Camp cookery, by J. F. Lawrence; on The diamond hitch; 
or. How to load a pack-horse, by F. F. Frisbee. 
WILSON, Edward Livingstone, and others. 

Mountain climbing. 1897. (Out of door library.) 796.5 W76 

Contents: Wilson, E.L. Mount Washington in winter. — Weeks, E.L. 
Some episodes of mountaineering by a casual amateur. — Jaccaci, A.F. 
Ascent of Mount Aetna. — Lynch, H.F.B. Ascent of Mount Ararat. — 
Williams, William. Climbing Mount St. Elias. — Kerr, M.B. Mount 
St. Elias and its glaciers. — Conway, Sir W.M. One thousand miles 
through the Alps. 
Appeared in "Scribner's magazine," 1891-96. 

796.6 Cycling 

ALBEMARLE, William Coutts Keppel, earl of, & Hillier, G. L. 

Cycling. 1895. (Badminton library.) 796.6 A33 


Road rights and liabilities of wheelmen. 1895 796.6 C56 


CLYDE, Henry. 

Pleasure-cycling. 1895 796.6 C62 

GRIFFIN, Harry Hewitt. 

Cycles and cycling; with a chapter for ladies by Agnes Wood. 

1897 796.6 G89 

NEESEN, Victor. 

Book on wheeling; hints and advice to men and women from 

the physician's standpoint. 1899 796.6 N19 


Cycle touring. 1898. (All-England series.) 796.6 R86 

A convenient handbook of practical advice and information concerning 
baggage, maps, roads, hotels, and foreign touring, with a list of 
tours suggested by riders who have made them. 

WARD, Maria E. 

Bicycling for ladies. 1896 796.6 W21 

796.8 Boxing. Fencing 

BAZANCOURT, Cesar, baron de. 

Secrets of the sword. 1900 796.8 B33 

"By an expert in the art of fencing, readable though technical." Spec- 
tator, 1900. 

JOHNSTONE, Walter Edgeworth-. 

Boxing, the modern system of glove fighting. [1901.] ... .796.8 J37 
Treats of boxing as a means of self-defence rather than as a form of 

exercise. American boxing methods are particularly favored. 
Author is (1901) assistant inspector of g^ymnasia to the British army, and 
was heavy-weight amateur champion of England, 1895 and 1896. 

POLLOCK, Walter Herries, and others. 

Fencing, boxing and wrestling. 1897. (Badminton 

library.) 796.8 P76 

Bibliography, p.248-293. 

796.91 Skating 

BROWNE, George Henry. 

Handbook of figure skating. 1900 796.91 B81 

HEATH COTE, John Moyer, and others. 

Skating, figure-skating, curling, tobogganing, ice-sailing, 

bandy. 1894. (Badminton library.) 796.91 H38 

MEAGHER, George A. 

Lessons in skating^ with suggestions respecting hockey, its 

laws, and American hockey rules. 1900 796.91 M55 

796.95 Swimming 

DALTON. Davis. 

How to swim; a practical treatise. 1899 796.95 D17 

SINCLAIR, Archibald, & Henry, William. 

Swimming. 1894. (Badminton library.) 796.95 S61 

Bibliography, p.433-439. 



797 Boating. Yachting 

DAVIES, George Christopher. 

Practical boat sailing for amateurs 797 D31 

DAY, Thomas Fleming. 

On yachts and yacht handling. 1901. (Rudder on series.) 797 D33 

FRAZAR, Douglas. 

Practical boat-sailing. 1879 797 F89 

FRAZER, Perry D. 

Canoe cruising and camping. 1897. (Forest and stream 

library.) 797 F892 

Serviceable directory and handbook. Contains chapter on photography. 

KELLEY, James Douglas Jerrold. 

American yachts; their clubs and races. 1884 797 K16 

Short history of American yachting, with a chapter on ice-boating, and 
accurate outline drawings of famous yachts. 

KEMP, Dixon. 

Exposition of yacht racing rules; customs and practices 
observed in match sailing, including decisions on par- 
ticular cases of protest. 1898 797 K17 

English rules. 
Manual of yacht and boat sailing. 1895 qr797 K17 

KENEALY, Ahmed John. 

Yachting wrinkles; a practical and historical handbook for the 
racing and cruising yachtsman. 1899. (Outing library of 

sport.) 797 K18 

KNIGHT, Edward Frederick. 

Small-boat sailing; an explanation of the management of small 
yachts, half-decked and open sailing-boats of various rigs , 

sailing on sea and on river, cruising, etc. 1901 797 K34 

LEHMANN, Rudolph Chambers, and others. 

Rowing. 1898 797 L55 

Instructions in rowing in pairs, in fours, and in eight-oared racing boats, 
by Mr Lehmann, the well-known Harvard coach; on sculling and 
steering, by other English authorities; with chapters on rowing at 
Oxford, Cambridge, Eton, in America and Australia. Illustrated with 

PEACOCK, Wadham. 

Story of the inter-university boat race [between Oxford 

and Cambridge]. 1900 797 P34 

ROWE, R.P.P. and others. 

Rowing and punting. 1898. (Badminton library.) 797 R7g 

SHAFER, Leon Alaric. 

The cup races; a history in pictures of the winning and defense 

,of the America's cup ; [plates] . 1899 qr797 SS2 

SULLIVAN, Sir Edward, and others. 

Yachting. 2v. 1895. (Badminton library.) 797 Sqs 

V.I. Cruising, construction, racing rules, etc. 

y.a. Yacht clubs, yachting in America and the colonies, racing, etc. 


Manual of the canvas canoe; its construction. 1898. (Forest 

and stream library.) 797 W36 


798 Horsemanship 

ANDERSON. Edward L. 

How to ride and school a horse, with a system of horse gym- 
nastics. 1894 798 A54 

On horseback, in the school and on the road. 1894 798 A540 

"This book is a welding together of two predecessors 'How to ride' 
and 'A system of school training for horses.' " Preface. 

BEALJFORT, Sir Henry Charles Fitzroy Somerset, duke of, and 

Driving. 1894. (Badminton library.) 798 B34 

Bibliography, p.398-404. 

DODGE, Theodore Ayrault. 

Riders of many lands. 1894 798 D67 

Col. Dodge has ridden with all sorts and conditions of men, from the 
Mexican vaquero to the Arab sheik, and on every kind of a mount, 
from a bronco to a bridle-bullock. He describes these various riders 
and mounts, telling many stories about famous rides and well-known 
horses. Illustrated by Frederic Remington. 

The same. 1894 J798 D67 

HAYES, Matthew Horace. 

Among horses in Russia. 1900 798 H37 

"The author first went to Russia in order to gain information as to the 
exact kind of horses needed by the Chevaliers gardes at St. Peters- 
burg, the supply of which he had undertaken. While on this visit he 
broke in a young horse in the presence of the Grand Duke Nicholas, 
the Inspector-general of the Russian cavalry, a feat which led to his 
employment as a horse expert in various capacities ... The picture 
given of Russian cavalry life is the fullest that we know, and Captain 
Hayes's photographs are extremely interesting." Academy, 1900. 

Among horses in South Africa. 1900 798 H37a 

O'DONOGHUE, Mrs Nannie Power. 

Ladies on horseback. 1891 798 O14 

English treatise on learning to ride, park-riding, hunting and horses. 

REYNARDSON, Charles Thomas Samuel Birch. 

Down the road; or, Reminiscences of a gentleman coachman. 

1887 798 R37 

SUFFOLK and BERKSHIRE, Henry Charles Howard, earl of, 
and others. 
Racing and steeple-chasing. 1893. (Badminton library.) 798 S94 

WALLACE'S year-book of trotting and pacing, 1900, 1903; 
also tables embracing all standard performers, by the 
American trotting register association, v. 16, 19. 1901- 
04 r798 W17S 

WARING, George Edwin. 

Whip and spur. 18^ 798 W22 

Contents: V'ix. — Ruby. — Wettstein. — Campaigning with Max. — How I got 
my overcoat. — Two scouts. — In the gloaming. — Fox-hunting in England. 

WEIR, Robert, and others. 

Riding; with chapters on polo by J. M. Brown. 1895. (Bad- 
minton library.) 798 W45 

Bibliography of riding, p.4t9-430. 



799 Fishing. Hunting 

BEAUFORT, Sir Henry Charles Fitzroy Somerset, duke of, & 
Morris, M.W. 

Hunting. 1894. (Badminton library.) 799 B34 

Bibliography of hunting and hunters, p.366-374. 

BICKERDYKE, John, {pseud, of Charles Henry Cook), and others. 

Sea fishing. 1895. (Badminton library.) 799 B47 

BRADFORD, Charles Barker. 

Brook trout and the determined angler. 1900 799 B68 

BROWN, J.Moray. 

Stray sport. 2v. 1893 799 B78 

V.I. Indian shikar. — Sport at home. 
V.2. Sport at home, (continued). 

BRYDEN, Henry Anderson. 

Nature and sport in South Africa. 1897 799 B84 

Author is both sportsman and naturalist, and with the accounts of his 
hunting experiences gives careful descriptions of the most representa- 
tive birds and animals. 

BUXTON, Edward North. 

Short stalks; or, Hunting camps north, south, east and west. 

1893 799 B98 

Short hunting expeditions after rara game in Norway, Asia, Africa and 
America. Excellent illustrations. 

CHAMBERS, Edward Thomas Davies. 

Ouananiche and its Canadian environment. 1896 799 C3S 

The ouananiche is the Canadian fresh-water salmon. 
COX, Harding, & Lascelles, G.W. 

Coursing and falconry. 1892. (Badminton library.) 799 C8s 

CREALOCKE, Henry Hope. 

Deer-stalking in the Highlands of Scotland. 1892 qr799 C87 

CUMMING, William Gordon. 

Wild men and wild beasts; or, Scenes in camp and jungle. 

1888 799 C91 

Soldier-sportsman's stories of hunting in India. 

DENNYS, John. 

Secrets of angling; teaching the choicest tools, baits and sea- 
sons for the taking of any fish in pond or river; ed. by 
"Piscator." 2v. in i. 1885. (Bibliotheca curiosa.) r799 D43 

Treatise in verse first published in 1613. 

FOA, fidouard. 

After big game in central Africa; records from Aug. 1894 to 
Nov. 1897, when crossing the continent from the mouth of 
the Zambesi to the French Congo. 1899 799 F68 

FOREST and stream; a weekly journal of the rod and gun, 

Aug. 1877-date. v.9-date. 1877-date qr799 F76 

V.9-18 title reads Forest and stream & rod and gun; American sports- 
man's journal. 

GIBSON. William Hamilton. 

Camp life in the woods, and the tricks of trapping and trap 

making. 1881 799 G37 

Full directions for building all sorts of camp shelters, boats and canoes, 
for camp cooking, constructing traps, curing skins, etc. Many illustra- 
tions by the author. 


GILLMORE, Parker. 

The hunter's Arcadia. 1886 799 G4l 

Bechuanaland, South Africa. 
GRANBY, Henry John Brinsley Manners, marquess of, and others. 

The trout. 1898. (Fur and feather series.) 799 G77 

GREY, Sir Edward. 

Fly fishing. 1899. (Haddon hall library.) 799 G88 

GRIN NELL, George Bird, & Roosevelt, Theodore, ed. 

Trail and camp-fire; the book of the Boone and Crockett 

club. 1897 799 G92 

Contents: The Labrador peninsula, by A. P. Low. — Cherry, by L. S. 
Thompson. — An African shooting trip, by W. L. Smith. — Sintamaskin, 
by C. G. La Farge. — Wolves and wolf nature, by G. B. Grinnell. — On 
the Little Missouri, by Theodore Roosevelt. — Bear traits; A berry 
picker, by G. B. Grinnell. — A silver tip family, by J. C. Merrill. — The 
bear's disposition, by Theodore Roosevelt. — Modern bear baiting, by 
H. L. Stimson. — The Adirondack deer law, by W. C. Sanger. — A New- 
foundland caribou hunt, by C. A. Pierce. — ^The origin of the New 
York zoological society, by Madison Grant. — Books on big game. — List 
of books. — Constitution, officers and members of the Boone and 
Crockett club. 

GROHMAN, William A. Baillie-. 

Sport in the Alps in the past and present; an account of the 

chase of the chamois, red-deer, etc. 1896 799 G93 

HARDY, Alfred Erskine Gathorne-. 

The salmon. 1898. (Fur and feather series.) 799 H26 

Contains chapters on The law of salmon fishing, by C. D. Pennant, and 
Cookery, by A. I. Shand. 

HENSHALL, James Alexander. 

Book of the black bass, with a treatise on angling and fly fish- 
ing. 1889 799 H45 

More about the black bass; a supplement to the Book of the 

black bass. 1889 799 H4Sm 

HORNADAY, William Temple. 

Extermination of the American bison. 1889 799 H79 

The same. (In Smithsonian institution. Annual report, v.42, 

pt. 2. P.367-S48.). .r5o6 S66 v.42 

Full description of the characteristics and habits of the bison, with a 
history of its discovery and extermination. Illustrated. 

KEENE, John Harington. 

Boy's own guide to fishing, tackle-making and fish-breeding. 

1894 J799 K157 

KINGSLEY, George Henry. 

Notes on sport and travel, with a memoir by his daughter, 

M. H. Kingsley. 1900 799 K27 

Author was a brother of Charles and Henry Kingsley. He was a great 
traveler and keen sportsman, and these fragmentary and graphic notes 
include descriptions of deer-stalking in Scotland, fishing in Scotland 
and England, shooting in Germany and chamois hunting in the Tyrol. 

KIRBY, Frederick Vaughan. 

Sport in east central Africa; an account of hunting trips in 

Portuguese and other districts of east central Africa. 1899. .799 K28 
KNOX, Thomas Wallace. 

Young Nimrods in North America; a book for boys. 1881 . . .J799 K35. 


McCarthy, Eugene. 

Familiar fish, their habits and capture; a practical book 

on fresh-water game fish. 1900 799 M12 

MACPHERSON, Hugh Alexander, and others. 

The grouse. 1894. (Fur and feather series.) 799 M22g 

Contents: Macpherson, H. A. Natural history. — Wortley, A. J. Stuart-. 
Shooting. — Saintsbury, George. Cookery. 

The hare. 1896. (Fur and feather series.) 799 M22 

Contents: Macpherson, H. A. Natural history. — Lascelles, Gerald. 
Shooting. — Richardson, Charles. Coursing. — Gibbons, J. S. & Long- 
man, G. H. Hunting. — Herbert, Kenney. Cookery. 

The partridge. 1894. (Fur and feather series.) 799 M22pa 

Contents: Macpherson, H. A. Natural history. — Wortley, A. J. Stuart-. 
Shooting. — Saintsbury, George. Cookery. 

The pheasant. 1895. (Fur and feather series.) 799 M22p 

Contents: Macpherson, H. A. Natural history. — Wortley, A. J. Stuart-. 
Shooting.- — Shand, A. I. Cookery. 

Red deer. 1896. (Fur and feather series.) 799 M22r 

Contents: Macpherson, H. A. Natural history.- — Cameron of Lochiel. 
Deer-stalking. — Ebrington, Viscount. Stag-hunting. — Shand, A. I. 

MASON, James. 

Twelve years' residence on the west coast of Scotland. 

1894 799 M4S 

Describes the grouse and woodcock shooting on the Scottish moors. 

MAXWELL, Sir Herbert Eustace. 

Salmon and sea trout; how to propagate, preserve and catch 

them in British waters. 1898 799 MS2 

MEUNIER, Victor. 

Adventures on the great hunting-grounds of the world. 1894. 

(Wonders of man and nature.) 799 M65 

Collection of short hunting stories from many authors. 

PAGET, J. Otho. 

Hunting. 1900. (Haddon hall library.) 799 P14 

PEASE, Alfred Edward. 

Hunting reminiscences. 1898 799 P3S 

Beginning with reminiscences of some steeplechases the author goes on 
to describe in an interesting and enthusiastic way hare, fox, cub and 
badger hunting, with a chapter on "The greatest run I ever saw." 
J*ENNELL, Henry Cholmondeley-, and others. 

Fishing. 2v. 1893-95. (Badminton library.) 799 P39 

V.I. Salmon and trout. 

V.2. Pike and other coarse fish. 


Game and fish laws and warden and forestry law of the com- 
monwealth of Pennsylvania, 1901 ; comp. by L. E. Beitler. 

1901 r799 P39 

POLLOK, Fitz William Thomas, & Thom, W. S. 

Wild sports of Burma and Assam. 1900 799 P76 

REYNARDSON, Charles Thomas Samuel Birch. 

Sports and anecdotes of bygone days in England, Scotland, 

Ireland, Italy and the sunny south. 1887 799 R37 

RHEAD, Louis John, ed. 

Speckled brook trout, by various experts with rod and reel. 

1902 799 R38 

Contents: Baptism of the brook trout, by Charles Hallock. — General de- 
scription of the trout family, by Charles Hallock. — Big trout of the 


Nepigon, Lake Edward, Lake Batiscan, etc., by E. T. D. Chambers. — 
The habits of the trout, by W. C. Harris. — The old Adirondacks, by 
Charles Hallock. — The new Adirondacks. — An angler's notes on the 
Beaverkill, by Benjamin Kent. — Winged enemies of brook trout, by 
J. Annin. — Trout propagation, by A. N. Cheney. — Some notes on cook- 
ing brook trout, by Louis Rhead. — Along a trout-stream, by L. F. Brown. 

RICE, William. 

Indian game, from quail to tiger. 1884 q7g9 R39 

ROGERS, Archibald, and others. 

Hunting. 1896. (Out of door library.) 799 R61 

C-"!'i'»'?i- Rogers, Archibald. Hunting American big game.— Rains- 
ford, W.S. Camping and hunting in the Shoshone.— Grinnell, G.B. 
Climbing for white goats. — Irland, Frederic. Sport in an untouched 
American wilderness. — Harrison, Birge. Kangaroo hunt. — Grinnell, 
G.B. The last of the buffalo.— Hale, H.C. At St. Mary's.— Russell, 
Frank. Hunting musk-ox with the Dog Ribs. 
Appeared in "Scribner's magazine," 1887-96. 

ROOSEVELT, Theodore. 

Hunting trips of a ranchman. 1886 799 R68hu 

"His descriptions of the game animals of Montana are evidently the re- 
sult of close personal observation, and his counsels to other hunters. . . 
are extremely practical and read as if written on the ground... His 
style is simple and devoid of pretence of fine writing, yet his descrip- 
tions of scenery are often almost eloquent in the love and appreciation 
they show of the peculiar scenery of the Plains and 'bad lands' which 
to many present nothing but forbidding aspects." Nation, 1885. 

ROOSEVELT, Theodore, & Grinnell. G.B. ed. 

American big-game hunting; the book of the Boone and 

Crockett club. 1893 799 R68 

Description, by members of the club, of big game hunting, and articles 
on game preservation. Illustrated. 

Hunting in many lands; the book of the Boone and Crockett 

club. 1895 799 R68h 

Includes a number of sketches of big game hunting in China, Thibet, 
Africa, etc. 

ROOSEVELT, Theodore, and others. 

Deer family. 1902. (American sportsman's library.) 799 R68d 

Contents: The deer and antelope of North America, by Theodore Roose- 
velt. — The deer and elk of the Pacific coast, by T. S. Van Dyke. — 
The caribou, by D. G. Elliot. — The moose; where it lives and how it 
lives, by A. J. Stone. 

SANDEMAN, Eraser. 

Angling travels in Norway. 1895 q799 S21 

Compares fishing in Norway with that in the British Isles, gives hints on 
methods of angling and treatment of fish, alive and dead. Many 
illustrations, including colored plates of salmon flies. 

SEARS, Joseph Hamblen. 

Fur and feather tales. 1899 799 S43 

Five narrative stories of personal experiences in different kinds of 
hunting and shooting. They are simple, straightforward accounts of 
pleasant trips after game-birds along the United States coast, after 
big game in Norway, Canada and France, and upland birds on a pre- 
serve. It is evidently the purpose of the book to express what has 
long been a familiar truth to sportsmen, but not perhaps so well 
understood by others, that the mere securing of a specified number of 
birds or beasts, the actual killing of numbers of animals, plays a very 
small part in a sportsman's life. 
SELOUS, Frederick Courteney. 

Sport and travel, east and west. 1900 799 S46 

Contents: A month in Asia Minor. — After wild goats on the Maimun 
Dagh. — Travel, sport and ornithology in Asia Minor. — Notes on a 
latter-day hunting trip in the Rocky mountains. — Second trip to the 
Rocky mountains. 



SENIOR, William, (pseud. Red Spinner), and others. 

Pike and perch, with chapter on cookery by A. I. Shand. 

1900. (Fur and feather series.) 799 S47 

SHAND, Alexander Innes. 

Shooting. 1902. (Haddon hall library.) 799 S52 

Grouse, hares, partridges, pheasants, roes and rabbits, snipe and wood- 
cock, and wild-fowl are treated in separate chapters, and one chapter 
each is devoted to rough shooting and mixed bags, poaching, and the 
preparation of game for the table. 

SMITH, Thomas, master of hounds. 

Life of a fox; written by himself, and Extracts from the 

Diary of a huntsman. 1896 799 S66 

Two famous old hunting books by one of the first and most remarkable 
of English fox-hunters. The "Life of a fox" (1843) purports to give 
the experiences of foxes in different English hunting counties. The 
"Diary of a huntsman" (1838) is a practical survey of all subjects 
connected with the chase. Illustrations by the author and colored 

THORNTON, Thomas. 

Sporting tour through the northern parts of England and 

great part of the Highlands of Scotland. 1896 799 T41 

Description of a tour undertaken about 1786, in which the author, a re- 
markable sportsman, divided his time between hunting, shooting, 
angling and hawking. Many illustrations, including some from the 
original edition. 

WALSINGHAAI, Thomas de Grey, baron, & Gallwey, Sir R. W. 

Shooting. 2v. 1893-95. (Badminton library.) 799 W18 

V.I. Field and covert. 
V.2. Moor and marsh. 

WALTON, Izaak, & Cotton, Charles. 

Complete angler. 2v. 1892 799 W19 

The same. 2v. 1892 r799 W19 

Was the first useful treatise on fishing published in England (1653), but 
it owes its immortality to its fine literary qualities and to its revela- 
tion of the delightful personality of the author. 

WELLS, Henry Parkhurst. 

American salmon fisherman. 1886 799 W49 

Fly-rods and fly-tackle; suggestions as to their manufacture 

and use. 1901 799 W49f 

"An encyclopaedia in its kind. . .the authority on its subject [1901]. . .Tells 
us how hooks, rods, reels, lines, flies, and so forth, are made, and lays 
down the principles that ought to govern. . .our choice of them. . .The 
text is plentifully sprinkled with cuts. . . of the purely illustrative and 
useful sort. . .No angler, however experienced, need fancy that he can 
find nothing new in this suggestive (and not too big) book." Dial, 

WHISHAW, Frederick J. 

Out of doors in Tsarland; a record of the seeings and doings 

of a wanderer in Russia. 1893 799 W62 

Hunting and fishing adventures and entertaining sketches of Russian 
life, without mention of politics, nihilism or exile. 

WILSON, John, (pseud. Christopher North). 

Christopher in his sporting jacket. 1901 799 W76 

WOLLEY, Clive Phillipps-, and others. 

Big game shooting. 2v. 1895. (Badminton library.) 799 W84 

Bibliography, v.3, p.421-424. 
YALE, Leroy Milton, and others. 

Angling. 1896 799 Y13 

Contents: Yale, L. M. Getting out the fly books.— Yale, L. M. & 


Creighton, J. G. A. Land of the winanishe. — Macdonough, A. R. 
Nepigon river fishing. — Higgins, A. F. Striped bass fishing. — Holder, 
C. F. Haunts of the black sea-bass. — Grant, Robert. Tarpon fishing 
in Florida. — Yale, L. M. American game fishes. — Cargil, Alexander. 
Izaak Walton. 
Appeared in "Scribner's magfazine," 1889-94. 

799.3 Archery 

ASCHAM, Roger. 

Toxophilus. 1545. (In Arber, Edward, ed. English re- 
prints. T868-71. V.I.) r820.8 A66 V.I 

"Dialogue, inculcating the necessity of cultivating the art of archery as 
an exercise at once pleasant and patriotic. But its real object is to 
show the learning of the author, and his power of managing a dialogue 
in the Platonic manner." Craik's English prose. 

LONGMAN, Charles James, & Walrond, H. 

Archery. 1894. (Badminton library.) 7993 L83 

Bibliography, P.472-S03. 

THOMPSON, Maurice. 

Witchery of archery. 1879 799-3 T38 

Historical and practical information on the subject, with a chapter on 
English archery practice. 


80 1 Literary criticism 

BRAY, Jeremiah Wesley. 

History of English critical terms. 1898 801 B71 

Bibliography, p.29-31. 

Alphabetic list of adjectives and nouns used in literary criticism, with 
examples of their use, explanations of changes in meaning, and a 
statement of the historical period during which each term has been 
HOWELLS, William Dean. 

Criticism and fiction. 1893 801 H85 

"It is interesting to learn what a thoroughly successful novelist has to 
say about his art. . . Mr. Howells's. . .book is pleasant reading. It is full 
of honest, wholesome good sense." Athenceum, 1891. 
JOHNSON, Charles Frederick. 

Elements of literary criticism. 1898 801 J35 

Analysis, for beginners, of the elements of good literature as a guide 
to the acquisition of correct taste. 


Degeneration. 1895 801 N43 

The argument is that the upper classes of the chief European nations, 
worn out by the strain of modern life and poisoned by narcotics and 
stimulants, are breaking down mentally and physically. The most 
marked sign of this condition is the production of all sorts of per- 
versities and eccentricities in art and literature, which are hailed as 
the signs of a wiser and better era, but which are only the mani- 
festation of mental decay. He discusses among many others, Wagner, 
Tolstoi, Ibsen, Zola and Nietzsche. 
"This book as a whole is full of entertaining facts that are not ac- 
cessible to the general reader. It is written with great learning, and 
with a certain hard, unimaginative good sense." Nation, 1895. 

REGENERATION; a reply to Max Nordau. 1896 801 R29 

Contents: Who is the critic? — Dusk or dawn! — Mysticism and the un- 
knowable. — The bankruptcy of science. — Symbolism and logic. — The 
light of Russia. — The real Ibsen. — Richard Wagner. — The religion of 
self. — An ethical inquisition.— Vigorous affirmations. — Regeneration. 

History of criticism and literary taste in Europe, from the 

earliest texts to the present day [1900]. v. 1-2. 1900-02. .801 S15 

V.I. Classical and mediaeval criticism. 

V.2. From tlie renaissance to the decline of i8th century orthodoxy. 

SEARS, Lorenzo. 

Principles and methods of literary criticism. 1898 801 S43 

Somewhat disconnected chapters suited to a beginner in the study. 

SPINGARN. Joel Elias. 

History of literary criticism in the renaissance, with special 
reference to the influence of Italy in the formation and de- 
velopment of modern classicism. 1899. (Columbia univer- 
sity. Studies in literature.) 801 S75 

Bibliography, p.3i7-323- 

THOMPSON. Maurice. 

Ethics of literary art; the Carew lectures, 1893. 1893 801 T38 

Lectures at the Hartford theological seminary. Plea for a moral standard 
in the choice and treatment of subjects. 



WINCHESTER, Caleb Thomas. 

Some principles of literary criticism. 1899 801 W77 

Originally prepared for college lectures, it gives a simple short state- 
ment of the essentials of literature and the fundamental principles of 
sound criticism. 

WORSFOLD, William Basil. 

Judgment in literature. 1900. (Temple primers.) 801 W91 

List of authorities, p.93. 

Short, elementary, but comprehensive treatise on literary criticism. 

803 Dictionaries. Encyclopedias 

BREWER, Ebenezer Cobham, comp. 

Dictionary of phrase and fable r8o3 B73d 

Gives the derivation, origin or source of common phrases and allusions, 
including nicknames, local traditions, etc. 

Reader's handbook of allusions. 1894 r8o3 B73 

CHAMPLIN, John Denison, comp. 

Young folks' cyclopaedia of literature and art. 1901 rj8o3 C35 

KILLl KELLY, Sarah Howe. 

Curious questions in history, literature, art and social life. 

3v. 1894-1900 r803 K^s 

Contains answers and explanations. 

OLIPHANT, Samuel Grant, comp. 

Queer questions and ready replies; four hundred questions in 
history, geography, biography, mythology, philosophy, 
natural history, science, philology, etc., with their answers. 
1893 r8o3 O23 

PHYFE, William Henry Pinkney, comp. 

5000 facts and fancies ; a cyclopaedia of information in history, 

literature, science, art and nature. 1901 qr8o3 P53 

REDDALL, Henry Frederic, comp. 

Fact, fancy and fable. 1892 r8o3 Ra7 

Explanations of nicknames, familiar phrases, political slang, memorable 
days, foreign words and phrases, Americanisms, etc. 

SMITH, Henry Percy, comp. 

Glossary of terms and phrases. 1889 r8o3 S64 

Explanations of the more uncommon words, expressions and quotations 
in English and other languages, which occur in current literature. 

SOUTHWICK, Albert Plympton. 

Wisps of wit and wisdom; or. Knowledge in a nutshell. 1892. .r8o3 S72 
A miscellaneous collection of queer questions with answers. 

WHEELER, William Adolphus, comp. 

Explanatory and pronouncing dictionary of the noted names 

of fiction. 1892 r8o3 W61 

Who wrote it? an index to the authorship of works in ancient 

and modern literature. 1881 r8o3 W6iw 

WHEELER. William Adolphus. & Charles Gardner, comp. 
Familiar allusions; a hand-book of miscellaneous informa- 
tion. 1894 r8o3 W6lf 




804 Essays 

BATES, Arlo. 

Talks on the study of literature. 1897 804 B31 

Contents: What literature is. — Literary expression. — Study of literature. 
— Why we study literature. — False methods.- — Methods of study. — 
The language of literature. — The intangible language. — The classics. 
— Value of the classics. — The greater classics. — Contemporary liter- 
ature. — New books and old. — Fiction. ^ — Fiction and life. — Poetry. — 
Texture of poetry. — Poetry and life. 

BROOKE, Stopford Augustus. 

Religion in literature, and Religion in life; two lectures. 

1900 804 B77 

COURTHOPE, William John. 

Life in poetry. Law in taste; two series of lectures delivered 

in Oxford, 1895-1900. 1901 804 C84 

Contents: Liberty and authority in matters of taste. — Poetical con- 
ception. — Poetical expression. — Poetical decadence. — Poetry and the 
people. — Aristotle as a critic. — The idea of law in French poetry. — 
The idea of law in German poetry. — The idea of law in English poetry. 
— Chaucer. — Milton. — Pope. — Byron and Tennyson. 

CRAWFORD, Virginia M. 

Studies in foreign literature. 1899 804 C875 

Contents: The present decadence in France. — Cyrano de Bergerac. — 
Alphonse Daudet.— J. K. Huysmans. — ^Emile Verhaeren. — Maurice 
Maeterlinck.— A singer of Bruges [Georges Rodenbach]. — Gabriele 
d'Annunzio. — Antonio Fogazzaro. — Henryk Sienkiewicz. — War and 

CRAWSHAW, William Henry. 

Interpretation of literature. 1896 804 C87 

Outline for study at the end of most of the chapters. "Collateral read- 
ing," p.227-235. 

Short discussion of the general principles and various forms of liter- 
ature, intended as a guide to the appreciation of the essential elements 
in any work of literature. 

Literary interpretation of life. 1900 804 C87I 

Short study of how human life is revealed in literature, and how we 
may use the revelation as a means of understanding life. 

ELLIS, Havelock. 

Affirmations. 1898 804 E53 

Contents: Nietzsche. — Casanova. — Zola. — Huysmans. — ^St. Francis and 

Essays on questions of life as they are expressed in literature. 

HANSSON, Frau Laura (Marholm). 

We women and our authors; an English rendering fr. the 

German, by Hermione Ramsden. 1899 804 H24 

Contents: We women and our authors. — Gottfried Keller and women. — 
Paul Heyse and the incommensurable. — The author in a cul-de-sac 
(Ibsen). — The high priest of purity (Bjornson). — The woman-haters, 
Tolstoy and Strindberg. — Maupassant and the "fin de siecle" woman. 
— Barbey d'Aurevilly on the mystery of woman. — How do we stand? 

MATTHEWS. Brander. 

Historical novel, and other essays. 1901 804 M47 

Other essays: Romance against romanticism. — New trials for old favor- 
ites. — The study of fiction. — Alphonse Daudet. — On a novel of Thack- 
eray's [Barry Lyndon]. — H. C. Bunner. — Literature as a profession.— 
The relation of the drama to literature. — The conventions of the drama. 
— A critic of the acted drama, VN'illiam Archer. — The art and mystery 
of collaboration. 


SCUDDER, Horace Elisha. 

Childhood in literature and art. 1894 804 S43 

Contents: In Greek and Roman literature. — In Hebrew life and litera- 
ture. — In early Christianity. — In mediaeval art. — In English literature 
and art. — In French and German literature. — Hans Christian Ander.sen. 
— In American literary art. 

STRONG, Augustus Hopkins. 

The great poets and their theology. 1897 804 S92 

Contents: Homer. — Virgil. — Dante. — Shakespeare. — Milton. — Goethe. — 
Wordsworth. — Browning. — Tennyson. 

STUDIES in European literature; the Taylorian lectures, 1889- 

1899. 1900 804 S93 

Contents: Literary criticism in France, by Edward Dowden. — Prosper 
Merimee, by W. H. Pater. — Leopardi, by W. M. Rossetti. — Lessing 
and modern German literature, by F. W. Rolleston. — La musique et 
les lettres [in French], by Stephane Mallarme. — L'Espagne du Don 
Quijote [in French], by A. Morel- Fatio. — Paolo Sarpi, by H. R. F. Brown. 
— Gustave Flaubert [in French], by Paul Bourget. — Goethe's Italian 
journey, by C. H. Herford. — The Spanish rogue-story, (novela de 
picaros), by H. B. Clarke. — Boccaccio, by W. P. Ker. 
SWINBURNE, Algernon Charles. 

Studies in prose and poetry. 1894 804 S97 

Partial contents: The journal of Sir Walter Scott. — Recollections of 
Professor Jowett. — Beaumont and Fletcher. — Social verse. — Wilkie 
Collins. — Whitmania. — Les Cenci [in French]. — The posthumous 
works of Victor Hugo. 

WILLMOTT, Robert Aris. 

Pleasures, objects and advantages of literature. 1855 804 W75 

805 Periodicals 

POET-LORE: a monthly magazine devoted to Shakespeare, 
Browning and the comparative study of literature, v.i- 

date. 1889-date r8o5 P74 

v.7-8 title reads "Poet-lore; a monthly magazine of letters." 
v.g-date title reads "Poet-lore; a quarterly magazine of letters." 


Bulletin ; philology and literature series, v.i-date. 1898-date. .r8o5 W81 

V.I. Cairns, W. B. On the development of American literature from 
1815 to 1833, with especial reference to periodicals. — .Mien, Katharine. 
Treatment of nature in the poetry of the Roman republic, exclusive 
of comedy. — Showerman, Grant. The mother of the gods. — Roedder, 
E. C.L. C. Wortlehre des adjectivs im Altsaechsischen. 

V.2. Browder, J. B. Time elements of the Orestean trilogy. — Lessing, 
O. E. Schillers einfluss auf Grillparzer. — Brauer, H. G. A. Philos- 
ophy of Ernest Renan. 

807 Study and teaching of literature 


Syllabi. 1894-1901. (University extension lectures.) r8o7 A51 

Contents: Literary study of the Bible, by R. G. Moulton. — Greek drama, 
by Louis Bevier. — Greek religion and poetry, by J. H. Wright. — The 
Divine comedy of Dante, by E. H. Griggs. — Story of Faust, by R. G. 
Moulton. — The making of English literature (to 1500), by C. G. Child. 
— Seventeenth century literature, by C. G. Child. — Shakespeare's 
Tempest, with companion studies, by R. G. Moulton. — English roman- 
tic poets of the early nineteenth century: Wordsworth, Coleridge, 
Scott, Shelley, Byron, Keats, by F. H. Sykes. — Browning and Tenny- 
son, by Stockton Axson. — Modern English fiction: Kingsley, George 
Eliot, Stevenson, Kipling, by F. H. Sykes. — English writers of the 



present era: Carlyle, Newman, Kingsley, Ruskin, Matthew Arnold, 
Kipling, by F. H. Sykes. — Representative English authors of the nine- 
teenth century: Lamb, Wordsworth, Scott, Carlyle, Thackeray, Tenny- 
son, by H. W. Rolfe. 
Contains bibliographies. 

CORSON, Hiram. 

Aims of literary study. 1895 807 C8» 

Emphasizes importance of spiritual apprehension of literature itself 
rather than intellectual knowledge about it. Urges value of apprecia- 
tive vocal rendering. 

808 Rhetoric 

ABBOTT, Edwin Abbott. 

How to write clearly; rules and exercises on English compo- 
sition. 1895 808 A13 

BALDWIN, Charles Sears. 

The expository paragraph and sentence; an elementary 

manual of composition. 1897 808 B19 

BALDWIN, Charles Sears, comp. 

Specimens of prose description. 1895. (English readings 

for students.) 808 B19S 

List of references, p.49. 

Suggestive introductory essay. The selections are good and generally 
new to text-books. 

BASCOM, John. 

Philosophy of rhetoric. 1870 808 B28 

BATES. Arlo. 

Talks on writing English , ist-2d sen 2v. 1897-1901 808 B31 

Practical discussion of the art of good writing, intended for general 
reading rather than a text-book. 

BLAIR, Hugh. 

Abridgment of Lectures on rhetorick. 1807 r8o8 B52 

"Expressed the canons of taste of the time in which Addison, Pope, 
and Swift were recognised as the sole models of English style, and are 
feeble in thought, though written with a certain elegance of man- 
ner." Dictionary of national biography. 

COX, Leonard. 

Arte or crafte of rhethoryke; a reprint ed. by F. I. Carpenter. 

1899 r8o8 C85 

"Attractive both as a literary curiosity and as a good sample of the 
classic tradition. It is 'the first Rhetoric published in the English 
language ... is one of the earliest English schoolbooks, and is signifi- 
cant for the history of English prose in the first half of the i6th 
century. It is, moreover, a work connected in many interesting ways 
with the humanistic movement and the revival of learning in England, 
and with Erasmus, Melancthon, and their associates.' " Nation, 1899. 

DAY, Henry Noble. 

Art of discourse; a system of rhetoric. 1872 808 D33 

EARLE, John, h. 1824. 

English prose; its elements, history and usage. 1890 808 E17 

FOWLER, John Henry Piggin. 

Manual of essay-writing. 1899 808 F84 

The same. 1899 r8o8 F84 

Systematic guide for school work, giving hints on style, treatment and 
sources of material, and many subjects and notes for essays. 
GARDINER, John Hays. 

Forms of prose literature. 1900 808 G17 

"Valuable addition to the multitude of manuals on criticism and com- 
position." Nation, 1900. 


GENUNG, John Franklin. 

Outlines of rhetoric. 1896 808 G29 

Text-book for high schools. 
Working principles of rhetoric examined in their literary- 
relations and illustrated with examples. 1901 808 G29W 

Based on the author's Practical elements of rhetoric. 
HALE, Edward Everett, jr. 

Constructive rhetoric. 1896 808 H15 

On the fundamental principles of the art of writing, with practical 

HART, John Seely. 

Manual of composition and rhetoric; ed. by J. M. Hart. 

1897 808 H31 

"Part 2 is wholly the work of the present editor." Preface. 
HIGGINSON, Thomas Wentworth. 

Hints on writing and speech-making. 1898 808 H53 

Contents: A letter to a young contributor. — Hints on speech-making. 
The first of these chapters appeared in the Atlantic monthly, v.9, Apr. 
1862; the second, in Harper's magazine, v. 72, Nov. 1886. 

HILL, Adams Sherman. 

Principles of rhetoric. 1895 808 H5S 

Text-book for advanced students. 
HINSDALE, Burke Aaron. 

Teaching the language-arts; speech, reading, composition. 

1896. (International education series.) 808 H57 

Bibliography, p.202-20S. 

"Dr. Hinsdale grounds his arguments upon sound psychology every- 
where. He shows that lang^uage is the result of imitation, and he 
rightfully emphasizes the unconscious process naturally pursued in 
learning much of the technique of the language arts." School review, 

KNOWLES, Frederic Lawrence. 

Practical hints for young writers, readers and book buy- 
ers. 1897 808 K3S 

Contains suggestions on "the art of composition," "choice of words," 
and "combination of words;" nearly half the book is given to lists of 
books to read or to buy, courses in literature, comparisons of authors, 
LACEY, William B. 

Key to the Principles of rhetorick. 1834 r8o8 Lt2 

LAMONT, Hammond, comp. 

Specimens of exposition. 1896. (English readings for stu- 
dents.) 808 L19 

Contents: Development of a plan. — The steam-engine, by G. C. V. 
Holmes. — The physical basis of life, by T. H. Huxley. — Character and 
policy of Charles II, by J. R. Green. — Interpretation of the consti- 
tution, by James Bryce. — The Grseco-Italian stock, by C. M. T. Momm- 
sen. — American love of freedom, by Edmund Burke. — Division of 
labor, by Adam Smith. — Doctrines of Spinoza, by Josiah Royce. — 
Peace; what it is, by J. F. D. Maurice. — The real problem of the un- 
employed, from the "Nation." — Albery's "Apple blossoms," by 
William Archer. — Wordsworth, by Matthew Arnold. 

The term exposition is taken broadly enough to include any writing the 
chief purpose of which is to explain, and in which the passages of 
argumentation, description and narration are subordinate. 

LEWES, George Henry. 

Principles of success in literature; ed. by T. S. Knowlson. . .808 L67 

"Of the utmost value to writers. Clearness, sincerity, and beauty are 
discussed as the principles of success in literature: all three are ad- 
mirably exemplified in the book itself." LeyPoldt &■ Iles's Books for 
girls and women. 


LEWIS, Edwin Herbert. 

First manual of composition; for use in the highest grrammar 

grade and the lower high school grades. i8g9 808 L673 

MEAD, William Edward, & Gordy, W. F. 

Practical composition and rhetoric. 1901 808 M55 

MEIKLEJOHN, John Miller Dow. 

Art of writing English; a manual for students. 1900 808 M57 

MILES, Eustace Hamilton. 

How to prepare essays, lectures, articles, books, speeches 

and letters, with hints on writing for the press. 1900. . . .808 M68 
"Some useful reference books," p.409-410. 

NEWCOMER, Alphonso Gerald. 

Elements of rhetoric; a course in plain prose composition. 

1899 808 N26 

NICHOL, John. 

English composition. [1879.] (Literature primers.) 808 N31 

RALEIGH, Walter. 

Style. 1897 808 R16 

"Significant among books on literary theory as an attempt at such 
fresh and creative work as we are accustomed to expect from French 
criticism alone." Nation, 1897. 

READY, Arthur William. 

Precis and precis writing. 1901 808 R25 

"Elxcellent little manual, supplying a real need. . .intended for self-in- 
struction, as well as for teachers. . .First an excellent exposition of 
the art of precis-v/riting is pven; then follow examples of subjects for 
precis which have actually been set in public examinations; while in 
the final portion of the book those subjects are worked out." Acad- 
emy, 1 90 1. 

SHERMAN, Lucius Adelno. 

Analytics of literature; a manual for the objective study of 

English prose and poetry. 1893 808 S5S 

".\ttempt to apply 'scientific methods' to the study of the elements 
and sources of power of the English language." Gayley <S* Scott's 
Literary criticism. 

SPENCER, Herbert. 

Philosophy of style. 1894 808 S74 

"Attempts to explain both prose and poetry upon the principle that 
that language is most forcible which best economizes the mental energies 
and the mental sensibilities." Gayley & Scott's Literary criticism. 

TOLMAN, Herbert Gushing. 

Art of translating, with special reference to Cauer's Die kunst 

des uebersetzens. 1901 808 T58 

WENDELL, Barrett. 

English composition; lectures at the Lowell institute. 

1895 808 W51 

Used as a text-book in Mr Wendell's course at Harvard university. 

808.1 Philosophy of poetry 

BEECHING, Henry Charles. 

Two lectures introductory to the study of poetry. 1901. . .808.1 B37 
Contents: Passion and imagination in poetry. — Expression in poetry. 
BIDDLE, Horace Porter. 

Definition of poetry. 1873 r70i B47 

Short essay presenting the author's definition, "Poetry is beautiful 


thought, expressed in appropriate language having no reference to the 
Bound with other pamphlets. 
BRADLEY, Andrew Cecil. 

Poetry for poetry's sake; an inaugural lecfure delivered on 

June 5, 1901. 1901 808.1 B68 

Author is (1901) professor of poetry in the University of Oxford. 

GEIKIE, Sir Archibald. 

Types of scenery and their influence on literature; the Ro- 
manes lecture, 1898. 1898 808.1 G28 

"Open.«. with a brief description of the three main types of scenery — 
lowland, upland, and highland — which characterise different parts of 
the British Isles. This is followed by a discussion of the way in which 
the specific natural features of each type reappeared and are reflected 
in the work of various writers in accordance with the environment 
of their days. The English lowlands illustrate Cowper; those of Scot- 
land, Thomson and Bums. The Border ballads breathe the spirit of 
the Border uplands. Wordsworth is the highland poet par excellenct 
for England, Ossian for Scotland. ..Sir Archibald unites exact scien- 
tific knowledge with adequate literary taste." Academy, 1898. 
GUMMERE, Francis Barton. 

Beginnings of poetry. 1901 808.1 G97b 

Contents: Purpose and method. — Rhythm as the essential fact of poetry. 
— The two elements in poetry. — The differencing elements of the poetry 
of art. — The differencing elements of communal poetry. — Science and 
communal poetry. — The earliest differentiations of poetry. — The 
triumph of the artist. 
This study of poetry is from a new point of view. It concerns itself, 
not with technique and criticism, but with the rise of poetry as a 
social institution. 

Handbook of poetics for students of English verse. 1892. .808.1 G97 
"Careful outline of the subject adapted to the use of beginners, whom 
it introduces to problems not only of the older, but of the more 
modern, especially the German, criticism." Gayley & Scott's Literary 

HOLMES, Edmond Gore Alexander. 

What is poetry? 1900 808.1 H73 

Interesting as an essay by a modern poet on his own art. 
PALGRAVE, Francis Turner. 

Landscape in poetry from Homer to Tennyson. 1897 808.1 P18 

"Tries to show that man's attitude to nature, in literature, has had a 

development more or less chronological." Nation, 1897. 
Many illustrative examples. 


Arte of English poesie. 1589. (In Arber, Edward, ed. 

English reprints. 1868-71. v.4.) r820.8 A66 v.4 

"He may fairly be regarded as the first English writer who attempted 
philosophical criticism of literature or claimed for the literary pro- 
fession a high position in social economy." Dictionary of national 

RAYMOND, George Lansing. 

Poetry as a representative art. 1898 808.1 R24 

"The substance of his book is that poetry represents nature always by 
■ images, either primarily by the object itself, or secondarily by an 
illustrative example; all other elements in poetry... he regards as 
'alloy.' " Nation, 1886. 

SHAIRP, John Campbell. 

On poetic interpretation of nature. 1900 8o8.r 852 

Contents: The sources of poetry.— The poetic feeling awakened by the 
world of nature. — Poetic and scientific wonder. — Will science put out 
poetry?— How far science may modify poetry. — The mystical side of 
nature. — Primeval imagination working on nature; Language «nd 
mythology. — Some of the ways in which poets deal with nature. — 
Nature in Hebrew poetry and in Homer. — Nature in Lucretius and 



Virgil. — Nature in Chaucer, Shakespeare and Milton. — Return to 
nature begun by Allan Ramsay and Thomson. — Nature in Collins, 
Gray, Goldsmith, Cowper and Burns. — Wordsworth as an interpreter 
of nature. 

1595. (In Arber, Edward, ed. 
1868-71. V.I.) r820.8 A66 v.i 

SIDNEY, Sir Philip. 
Apologie for poetrie. 
English reprints. 
STEDMAN, Edmund Clarence. 

Nature and elements of poetry. 1892 808.1 S81 

Contents: Oracles, old and new. — What is poetry? — Creation and self- 
expression. — Melancholia. — Beauty. — Truth. — Imagination. — The fac- 
ulty divine: passion, insight, genius, faith. 

WHITE, Richard Grant. 

National hymns; how they are written and how they are 

not written. 1861 808.1 W63 

"Contains selections from the best and from the worst of the 1200 hymns 
elicited by the promised prize of $500 offered for a National Hymn: 
not one of the 1200 was deemed to be worth the money, and it was 
not awarded." Aliibone's Dictionary of authors. 

808.2 Technique of the drama 

COURTNEY, William Leonard. 

Idea of tragedy in ancient and modern drama; three lec- 
tures delivered at the Royal institution, 1900. 1900. . . .808.2 C84 
DRYDEN, John. 

Essays on the drama. 1898 808.2 D85 

Sketch of Dryden's life, p.7-14. 
Dryden's sources and authorities, p. 14-26. 

FAGUET, fimile. 

Drame ancien, drame moderne. 1898 808.2 F13 

Contents: De la nature de I'emotion dramatique. — La tragedie et I'esprit 
classique frangais. — Le theatre et les arts. — Le drame grrec. — Le drame 
moderne. — La tragedie frangaise. — Les trois systemes. 

FREYTAG, Gustav. 

Die technik des dramas. 1897 808.2 F94t 

Technique of the drama; an exposition of dramatic compo- 
sition and art. 1900 808.2 F94 

Biographical sketch of the author, p.7-9. 

PRICE, William T. 

Technique of the drama; a statement of the principles in- 
volved in the value of dramatic material, in the con- 
struction of plays, and in dramatic criticism. 1892 808.2 P94 

WOODBRIDGE, Elisabeth. 

The drama; its law and its technique. 1898 808.2 W8s 

Bibliographies, p. 175-178. 

808.3 Technique of fiction 

BARRETT, Charles Raymond. 

Short story writing; a practical treatise on the art of the short 

story. 1900 808.3 B26 

Attempt to formulate the principles observed by the masters of the art. 
.Author gives many examples to follow and to avoid and tries to aid 
the novice from the moment he plans his story till it is ready for edi- 
torial judgment. 


BREWSTER, William T. comp. 

Specimens of narration. 1895. (English readings for stu- 
dents.) 808.3 B73 

Bibliography, p.35-3r- 

Designed for advanced students in connection with any text-book on 
rhetoric, and preceded by a short essay on the theory of narration. 

CRAWFORD, Francis Marion. 

The novel, what it is. 1893 808.3 C87 

DYE, Charity. 

The story-teller's art; a guide to the elementary study of 

fiction, 1898 r8o8.3 D98 

References upon the study of fiction, p.79-85. 

HOW to write fiction, especially the art of short story writ- 
ing; a practical study of technique. 1895 808.3 H84 

NETTLETON, George Henry, comp. 

Specimens of the short story, with introductions and notes. 

1901. (English readings for students.) 808.3 N24 

Contents: The superannuated man; sketch, by Charles Lamb. — Rip 
Van Winkle; tale, by Washington Irving. — The great stone face; alle- 
gory, by Nathaniel Hawthorne. — The purloined letter; detective story, 
by E. A. Poe. — Phil Fogarty; burlesque, by W. M. Thackeray. — Dr 
Manette's manuscript; story of incident, by Charles Dickens. — The out- 
casts of Poker Flat; local color story, by Bret Harte. — Markheim; 
psychological story, by R. L. Stevenson. 

808.5 Oratory and orations 

ALDEN, Raymond Macdonald. 

Art of debate. 1900 808.5 A35 

Bibliography, p.8. 

The same. 1900 r8o8.5 A35 

A large part of the contents is based on material originally prepared for 
students of argumentation at Harvard university and the University of 
Pennsylvania. The legal argument has been largely taken as the basis 
for the general subject of debate. 

AUSTIN, Gilbert. 

Chironomia; or, A treatise on rhetorical delivery. 1806. .qr8o8.5 A93 
Deals particularly with gesture. Many illustrations. 
BAKER, George Pierce. 

Principles of argumentation. 1900 .808.5 Bi7p 

Contents: The nature of argumentation. — Analysis, the five important 
steps in analysis. — Briefs and brief-drawing. — The preparatory reading 
for argumentation. — Evidence. — The forensic itself. — Persuasion, the 
four sources of persuasion. — Some final suggestions. 

BAKER, George Pierce, comp. 

Specimens of argumentation; modern. 1897. (English 

readings for students.) 808.5 B17 

Contents: Directions for drawing a brief. — Specimen brief. — Lord Chat- 
ham, On removing troops from Boston. — Lord Mansfield, In the case 
, of Evans. — Junius, Letter to the printer of the Public advertiser. — 
T. H. Huxley, Lecture i of Three lectures on evolution. — Lord Er- 
skine. Defense of Gordon. — H. W. Beecher, Liverpool speech. — Lord 
Macaulay, Speech on copyright. 
BECHTEL, John Hendricks, comp. 

Select speeches for declamation; chosen from the leading 
writers and speakers of all ages and nations, and 

adapted for use in schools and colleges. 1898 808.5 B36 

BREWER, David Josiah, comp. 

World's best orations, from the earliest period to the present 


time. lov. 1899 qr8o8.5 B73 

Arranged alphabetically by authors. Compiler is (1900) a justice of the 
Supreme court of the United States. 

BUCK, Gertrude. 

Course in argumentative writing. 1899 808.5 6853 

Bibliography, p.204-206. 

BUCKLEY, James Monroe. 

Extemporaneous oratory for professional and amateur speak- 
ers. 1898 808.5 B85 

Author has had long experience in extemporaneous speaking, by which he 
means speaking where the ideas, though previously thought out, take 
verbal form at the time. Gives many suggestions concerning prepar- 
ation of thought, use of language, anecdote and simile, elocution and 

CORSON. Hiram. 

The voice and spiritual education. 1897 808.5 C82 

Short essay emphasizing the importance of the education of the spirit 
in the highest vocal culture. 

DIEHL, Mrs Anna T. (Randall). 

Practical Delsarte primer. 1890 808.5 D57 

Short manual of exercises, with explanation of the fundamental prin- 
ciples and illustrative examples for the use of students of elocution. 

ELDERKIN, John, and others, comp. 

After dinner speeches at the Lotos club. 1901 808.5 E43 

"American after-dinner speaking is. . .superior to that... of any other 
country; and although the charm of such oratory is evanescent, and 
the reporter almost fatal to its perfection, yet, as far as stories go, 
the prespnf volume is full of pleasant samples." Athenaum, 1901. 


How to attract and hold an audience ; a popular treatise on 
the nature, preparation and delivery of public discourse. 

1902 808.5 E81 

FORD, Harold. 

Art of extempore speaking without ms. or notes. 1898. . . .808.5 F76 

History of oratory and orators. 1896 808.5 H25 

Biographical sketches, quotations and anecdotes with a little critical 

HOLYOAKE, George Jacob. 

Public speaking and debate; a manual for advocates and agi- 
tators. 1896 808.S H7S 

"Is not a systematic treatise. . .but is full of useful suggestion, illustra- 
tion, and advice such as is often not to be met with in systematic 
treatises." Nation, 1896. 
KING, Byron W. 

Practice of speech , and Successful selections. 1888 808.5 K26 

Manual of exercises for vocal training. 

KIRBY, Edward Napoleon. 

Public speaking and reading; a treatise on delivery. 1896. . . .808.5 K28 
LEE, Guy Carleton, comp. 

World's orators; the great orations of the world's history. 

lov. 1900-01 r8o8.5 L52 

V.I. * Orators of ancient Greece. 

V.2. Orators of ancient Rome. 

V.3. .Orators of the early and media;val church. 

V.4. Orators of the reformation era. 

v.s. Orators of modern Europe. 

v.6-7. Orators of England. 

V.8-10. Orators of America. 

"Designed to present to English readers such masterpieces of oratory, 


in chronological order, as shall 'indicate the development of the dif- 
ferent schools of oratory from the classic periods down to the present 
day.' " Nation, 1900. 

LEGOUVfi, Ernest. 

Reading as a fine art. 1889 808.5 L54 

Primer on the art of reading aloud with intelligence, and hence with 
expression. Author is (1898) a member of the French academy. 

MacEWAN, Elias J. 

Essentials of argumentation. 1899 808.5 M15 

MATTHEWS, Brander. 

N-otes on speech-making. 1901 808.5 M47 

Contents: The four ways of delivering an address. — The real secret of 
after-dinner oratory. — Appendix. 

PLUMPTRE, Charles John. 

King's college lectures on elocution. 1881 808.5 P72 

Includes a lecture on the causes and cure of impediments of speech. 
Author was a valued lecturer at Oxford and various English theo- 
logical colleges. 

RAYMOND, George Lansing. 

Orator's manual; a treatise on vocal culture, with selections 

for declamation and reading. 1897 808.5 R24 

REED, Thomas Brackett, and others, contp. 

Modern eloquence. 15V. 1900-03 q8o8.5 R28 

v. 1-3. After-dinner speeches. 
v.4-6. Lectures. 
v.7-9. Occasional addresses, 
v. I o. Anecdotes. — I ndices. 
V. 11-15. Political oratory. contains full author and subject index to v. 1-9. 
Some of the after-dinner speeches have never before been published, 
and the range of all is from set preparation to various degrees of im- 
promptu. Senator Beveridge and Minister Wu are the up-to-date 
representatives. The lectures include such specimens as Phillips's "Lost 
arts," .Artemus Ward's "Mormons," Tnackeray's "Swift," Carlyle's 
"Mahomet" and Claretie's "Shakespere and Moliere." The whole 
aims to be of practical usefulness to public speakers and to all persons 
called upon to prepare a lecture, respond to a toast, or deliver an oc- 
casional address. 

The same. v. 10. 1900 qr8o8.5 R28 

RUSSELL, Francis Thayer. 

Use of the voice in reading and speaking; a manual for 

clergymen and candidates for holy orders. 1897 808.5 R9T4 

The same. 1897 r8o8.5 R914 

RUSSELL, William, 1798-1873. 

Orthophony; or. The cultivation of the voice in elocution. 

1861 r8o8.5 R91 

RYDER. Maxwell. 

Elocution and stage training. 1900 808.5 R96 

Plea for the study of elocution, with some rules for the mechanical por- 
tion of the art, and many suggestions concerning the practical diffi- 
culties of young actors. 
SEARS, Lorenzo. 

History of oratory from the age of Pericles to the present 

time. 1896 808.5 S43 

The same. 1896 r8o8.5 S43 

Contents: Traces of oratory in early literature. — Forensic oratory in 
Sicily. — Professional speech-writers. — Attic orators. — Political orators. 
— Aristotle, the rhetorician. — Early Roman orators. — Rhetorical schools. 
— Cicero, the rhetorician. — Cicero, the orator. — Cicero's successors and 
Quintilian. — Patristic oratory, Greek. — Patristic oratory, Latin. — Medi- 
xval preachers. — Preachers of the crusades. — Ecoentric eloquence. — 


Savonarola. — Oratory of the reformation. — Three French orators in 
reign of Louis XIV: Bossuet, Bourdaloue, Massillon. — Oratory of the 
French revolution. — Orators of the restoration. — British parliamentary 
oratory. — Mansfield. — Burke. — Sheridan. — Fox. — Colonial oratory. — 
Congressional oratory. — Daniel Webster. — Occasional oratory. — Charles 
Sumner. — Wendell Phillips. — George William Curtis. 
The occasional address; its composition and literature. 

1897 808.5 S430 

Discusses the necessary qualities of such forms of speaking as the eulogy, 
commemorative address, commencement oration, political speeches and 
after-dinner remarks. He also considers their general elements and 
gives examples from disting^uished speakers. 

SHEPPARD, Nathan. 

Before an audience; or, The use of the will in public speak- 
ing. 1892 808.S SS4 

SOUTHWICK, F. Townsend. 

How to recite; a school speaker. 1900 808.5 S72 

pt. I tells "how to recite," while pt.2 consists wholly of selections. 
Also published with the title "Steps to oratory." 

808.6 Letter writing 

CALLAWAY, Frances Bennett. 

Charm and courtesy in letter-writing. 1895 808.6 C13 

HINDS & NOBLE, pub. 

New letter writer, showing the correct structure, composition, 

punctuation and uses of the various kinds of letters. 1897. .808.6 H56 

Practical letter writing. 1897 808.6 L8s 

808.8 Selections for reading and speaking 

Granger's "Index to poetry and recitations," an author and title index which 
covers most of the following collections of poetry, may be consulted at the Reference 
desk and the Loan desk. 

ARNOLD, Sarah Louise, & Gilbert, C. B. 

First reader. 1897. (Stepping stones to literature.) J808.8 A75 

Second reader. 1897. (Stepping stones to literature.). . .J808.8 A7SS 

Third reader. 1897. (Stepping stones to literature.) J808.8 A75t 

Fourth reader. 1897. (Stepping stones to literature.) .. .j8o8.8 A75f 
Reader for fifth grades. 1897. (Stepping stones to litera- 
ture.) J808.8 A75r 

Reader for sixth grades. 1897. (Stepping stones to litera- 
ture.) J808.8 A75re 

Reader for seventh grades. 1898. (Stepping stones to 

literature.) j8o8.8 A75rea 

Reader for higher grades. 1898. (Stepping stones to litera- 
ture.) J808.8 A75rd 

BALDWIN, James, comp. 

Harper's school speaker. 3v. 1891 808.8 B19 

BELLAMY, Mrs Blanche (Wilder), & Goodwin, Mrs M. 
(Wilder), comp. 
Open sesame; poetry and prose for school-days. 3v. 

1892-95 808.8 B41 

The same. 3v. 1897-98 j8o8.8 B41 


BIRBECK, C.J. comp. 

Select recitations, orations and dramatic scenes; an elo- 
cutionary manual. 1900 808.8 B48 

CAMPBELL, Hugh, and others. 

■ Voice, speech and gesture; a practical handbook to the elocu- 
tionary art; also selections for recitation, ed. by R. D. 

Blacknian. 1895 808.8 CiS 

Selections for recitation occupy two-thirds of the book. 

CARRINGTON, Henry Beebe, comp. 

Beacon lights of patriotism. 1895 808.8 C23 

Patriotic selections in prose and verse. 

Patriotic reader; or. Human liberty developed in verse and 

prose. 1888 808.8 C23P 

CARTER, C.F. comp. 

Wedding day in literature and art; a collection of the best 
descriptions of weddings from the works of the world's 

leading novelists and poets. 1900 808.8 C236 

COHEN, Isabel E. comp. 

Readings and recitations for Jewish homes and schools. 1896. 

(Jewish publication society.) 808.8 C66 

CONFEDERATE first reader. 1864 r8o8.8 C74 

Compiled in 1864 for the use of schools in the Confederate States. 

CORNISH, Francis Warre, comp. 

Public school speaker. 1900 808.8 C82 

Selections, mostly poetical, from Greek, Latin, English, French, German 
and Italian writers. 

CRAIG, A.H. & Gunnison, Binney, comp. 

Pieces for prize speaking contests; a collection of over 100 

pieces. 1899 808.8 C86 

CUMNOCK, Robert McLean, comp. 

Choice readings for public and private entertainments. 

1894 r8o8.8 C91 

The same. 1899 808.8 C91 

This edition has been enlarged by the introduction of discussions of im- 
portant topics in elocution, while about one-half of the old selections 
have been supplanted by new ones. 

DAVIS, Harry Cassell, comp. 

Three minute readings for college girls. 1897 808.8 Dsit 

DAVIS, Harry Cassell, & Bridgman, J. C. comp. 

Three minute declamations for college men. 1894 808.8 D31 

The same. 1894 J808.8 D31 

DEEMS, Edward M. comp. 

Holy-days and holidays ; a treasury of historical material, 
sermons in full and in brief, suggestive thoughts and poetry 
relating to holy days and holidays. 1902 qr8o8.8 D37 

Bibliography, p.727-73S- 

DODGE, Mrs Mary (Mapes). comp. 

New baby world; stories, rhymes and pictures for little folks. 

1897 qj8o8.8 D67n 

Compiled from St. Nicholas. 
FOBES. Walter K. comp. 

Five-minute declamations. 2v. 1891-94 808.8 F68f 

The same. v.i. 1886 808.8 F68{i 


Five-minute readings. 1892 808.8 F68fi 

Five-minute recitations. 1885 808.8 F68 

FOSTER, L. C. & Williams, Sherman, comp. 

Selections for memorizing. 1893. (Classics for children.). .808.8 F81 

The same. 1893. (Classics for children.) J808.8 F81 

The same. 1893. (Classics for children.) r8o8.8 F81 

FOSTER, Wallace. 

Patriotic primer for the little citizen. 1898 J808.8 F819 

FOULKE, Elizabeth E. 

Braided straws. 1899 J808.8 F83 

Short stories and little verses for children. ' 

FRINK, Henry Allyn, comp. 

New century speaker. 1898 808.8 F95 

The same. 1898 r8o8.8 F95 

Contains representative speeches by Henry Cabot Lodge, Depew, Park- 
htirst, Henry W. Grady, Blaine, Garfield, Beecher, William H. Seward, 
Wendell Phillips and George William Curtis. 

FULTON, Robert Irving, & Trueblood, T. C. comp. 

Choice readings from standard and popular authors. 1898. .808.8 F98 
GORDON, Jane, comp. 

Patriotism in prose and verse. 1893 808.8 G65 

Selections from orators, statesmen and poets, on various patriotic themes. 
Usefiil for school declamations and recitations. 

HYDE, William De Witt, comp. 

School speaker and reader. 1900 808.8 H99 

Contents: Nature. — American history. — Patriotism. — Enterprise and cour- 
age. — Humor, sentiment and reflection. 

KELLOGG, Alice M. 

How to celebrate Arbor day in the school-room. 1894. . . .808.8 K16 

Bound with her "Spring and summer school celebrations." 
The same. 1894 r8o8.8 K16 

Bound with her "Spring and summer school celebrations." 

How to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas. [1894.] . .808.8 Kt6 

Bound with her "Spring and summer school celebrations." 

The same. [1894.] r8o8.8 K16 

Bound with her "Spring and summer school celebrations." 

How to celebrate Washington's birthday in the school- 
room. 1894 808.8 Ki6t 

Bound with her "Twenty-five programs for authors' birthdays." 

The same. 1894 r8o8.8 Ki6t 

Bound with her "Twenty-five programs for authors' birthdays." 

New-Year and midwinter exercises. [1895.] 808.8 K16 

Bound with her "Spring and summer school celebrations." 

The same. [1895.] r8o8.8 K16 

Bound with her "Spring and summer school celebrations." 

Spring and summer school celebrations; exercises, tab- 
leaux, pantomimes, recitations, drills, songs; for Easter, 
Memorial day, May-day, Fourth of July and closing 
day. [1895.] 808.8 K16 

The same. [1895] r8o8.8 K16 

Twenty-five programs for authors' birthdays. 2v. in i. 

1896 808.8 Ki6t 

Contents: Longfellow. — Bryant. — Hawthorne. — Holmes. — Shakespeare. — 
Burns. — Dickens. — Whittier. — Emerson. — Lowell. — Irving. — Milton. — 
Scott. — Tennyson. 

The same. 2v. in i. 1896 r8o8.8 Ki6t 


KNIGHT, Charles, comp. 

Half-hours with the best authors, with short biographical 

and critical notices. 4v. 1848-49 r8o8.8 K,H 

Le ROW, Caroline Bigelow, cotnp. 

Pieces for every occasion. 1901 808.8 L63 

Practical recitations; selections for literary exercises ap- 
propriate for reception-days, holidays, poets' birthdays, 

etc. 1886 J808.8 L6.3P 

LONGFELLOW, Henry Wadsworth, comp. 

l'ui;ts and poetry of Europe. 1893 q8o8.8 L82 

Gives a brief sketch of the language and poetry of each country, short 
biographical and critical sketches of the principal poets, with selec- 
tions from their poems. Includes Anglo-Saxon and Icelandic poetry. 

McCASKEY, J.P. comp. 

Lincoln literary collection, designed for school-room and 

family circle. 1897 808.8 M12 

Named in honor of Lincoln with the desire of perpetuating his habit of 
memorizing selections he enjoyed. The selections are both prose and 

MacCLINTOCK, William Darnall, & Porter Lander, comp. 
Song and legend from the middle ages. 1893. (Chautauqua 

reading circle literature.) 808.8 M13 

MAGNUS, Laurie, & Headlam, Cecil, cotnp. 

Flowers of the cave. 1901 808.8 M2S 

Collection of poems and prose selections on the subject of death. 
"All the pieces carry with them some thought of ... [death], but the in- 
clusion of such poems as Matthew Arnold's 'The Future' shows in 
how wide a sense the editors have applied their principle of selection. 
Besides the poems there are some fine passages of English prose, 
some selections (few but good) from French verse and prose, and some 
admirable examples of translation from the classics. . .To appreciate 
this anthology it does not seem at all necessary to take special interest ' 
in death." Saturday review, J901. 

MITCHELL, Wilmot Brookings, comp. 

School and college speaker. 1901 808.8 M74 

Selections are largely from .American authors and prose predominates. 
First too pages give instruction about breathing, pronunciation, voice, 
gesture, etc. 

MURRAY. Lindley, comp. 

Introduction to the English reader; or, A selection of pieces 

in prose and poetry. 1834 r8o8.8 M97 

NORTON, Charles Eliot, comp. 

Heart of oak books. 6v. 1895 808.8 N46 

T. I. Rhymes and jingles. 

V. 2. Fables and nursery tales. 

Y. 3. Fairy tales and classic tales of adventure. 

v.4-6. Miscellaneous. 

The same. 6v. igoi-02 J808.8 N46 

PALMAR, Bertha, ed. 

Stories from the classic literature of many nations. 1898. .J808.8 P19 
RICE, Sara Sigourney. comp. 

Holiday selections for readings and recitations. 1899 r8o8.8 R39 

RIDDLE, George, cmnp. 

Modern reader and speaker. 1900 808.8 R43 

"I have 'had in view, especially in the Orations, the union of that 
which seems modern in the works of the old, well-tried authors, 
with the literature of to-day. I think that all the selections are 
adapted to the modern natural method of speaking." Prtfact. 


ROLLINS, Mrs Alice Marland (Wellington). 

Aphorisms for the year. 1896 808.8 R65 

Selections from her works, arranged in the form of a year-book. 
The same. 1895 r8o8.8 R6s 


Standard speaker; exercises for declamation. 1852 808.8 S24 

SCUDDER, Horace Elisha, ed. 

Children's book. 1881 qj8o8.8 S43 

SHOEMAKER, (J. W.) & CO. pub. 

Best things from best authors, v.i-8. 1892-96 808.8 S55 

Includes numbers 1-24 of Shoemaker's "Best selections." 

SPEAKER'S garland, v.1-9. 1888-97 808.8 S74 

Includes numbers 1-36 of "One hundred choice selections." 
WARNER, Charles Dudley, and others, comp. 

Library of the world's best literature. 46V. 1896-99. . .qr8o8.8 W23 

V. 1-39. A— Z. 

V.40-41. Songs, hymns, lyrics. 

v.42-43. Dictionary of authors. 

V.44. Synopses of noted books. 

V.4S. Synopses of noted books, (continued). — General index. 

V.46. Index -guide; prepared by F. C. Towne. 

WISCONSIN — Public instruction, Superintendent of. 

Aids for the proper observance of Memorial day by the schools 

of Wisconsin, 1902, 1904. 1902-04 r8o8.8 W81 

Issue for 1904 title reads "Memorial day annual." 


ALLIBONE, Samuel Austin, comp. 

Prose quotations, from Socrates to Macaulay. 1879 r8o8.8 A43 

BARTLETT, John, comp. 

Familiar quotations. 1894 r8o8.8 B27 

BENT, Samuel Arthur, comp. 

Familiar short sayings of great men, with historical and ex- 
planatory notes. 1896 r8o8.8 B44 

BLACKMAN, Robert D. comp. 

Dictionary of foreign phrases and classical quotations. 

1893. r8o8.8 B51 

DURFEE, Charles A. comp. 

Concise poetical concordance to the principal poets of the 
world; titles, first lines, characters, subjects and quota- 
tions. 1885 r8o8.8 D94 

EDWARDS, Tryon, comp. 

Dictionary of thoughts. 1891 r8o8.8 E32 

Short prose quotations. 
GREAT truths by great authors: a dictionary of aids to reflec- 
tion; quotations of maxims, metaphors, counsels, cautions, 

aphorisms, proverbs, etc. 1889 r8o8.8 G82 

HARBOTTLE. Thomas Benfield, comp. 

Dictionary of quotations, (classical). 1897 '. .r8o8.8 H24 

HARBOTTLE. Thomas Benfield, & Dalbiac, P.H. comp. 

Dictionary of quotations. (French and Italian). 1901 r8o8.8 H24d 


HOYT, Jehiel Keeler, & Ward, A.L. comp. 

Cyclopasdia of practical quotations, English and Latin. 

1894 q8o8.8 H86 

The same. 1896 qrSoS.S H86c 

JONES, Hugh Percy, comp. 

New dictionary of foreign phrases and classical quotations. 

1900 r8o8.8 J4i 

OPDYKE, George Howard, comp. 

World's best proverbs and short quotations. 1900 rSoS.S O26 

"Lompi'cr.. .has taken unusual pains to marshal his selections in a con- 
venient and even logical way. The proverbs are grouped by subjects 
alphabetically arranged, with the happy results that the particular maxim 
one may chance to want is easily found, and that a measure of con- 
tinuity is imparted to the text." Dial, 1900. 

REYNOLDS, Cuyler, comp. 

Banquet book ; a classified collection of quotations designed 
for general reference, and also as an aid in the preparation 
of the toast list, the after-dinner speech and the occasional 
address, with suggestions concerning the menu and other 
details connected with the proper ordering of the banquet. 

1902 rSoS.S R37 

ROLLINS, Mrs Alice Marland (Wellington), comp. 

Unfamiliar quotations. 1895 r8o8.8 R6su 

WAGNER, Harr, comp. 

Patriotic quotations; gems of thought from original sources 
for use in the public schools; also "Liberty's bell," and 

outline program for flag raising. [1896.] 808.8 W13 

WARD, Arina Lydia, comp. 

Dictionary of quotations from English and American 

poets. 1883 r8o8.8 W21 

Dictionary of quotations in prose from American and 
foreign authors, including translations from ancient 

sources. 1889 r 808.8 W2 id 

WOOD. James, comp. 

Dictionary of quotations. 1893 r8o8.8 W85 

WOOD, Katharine Bontecou, comp. 

Quotations for occasions. 1896 .r8o8.8 W854 

Quotations for dinner menus, programs, toasts, bicycle meets, teas, etc. 

809 History of literature 

BOTTA, Mrs Anne Charlotte (Lynch). 

Handbook of universal literature. 1875 809 B64 

"A compendious book, designed to convey a knowledge of facts rather 
' than to convey opinions. ..Its claims to respect rest upon its com- 
prehensiveness and its accuracy." C. K. Adams. 

The same. 1898 r8o9 B64 

The same. 1902 809 B64U 

BRANDES. Georg Moritr Cohen. 

Main currents in 19th century literature, v. 1-3. 1901-03. . . .809 B69 

v.i. The emigrant literature: Chateaubriand. — Rousseau. — Wcrther. 

— Rene. — Obermann. — Nodicr. — Constant, "On religion," 

"Adolphc." — Madame de Stacl, "Delphine." — Exile. — "Corinne." 

— Attack upon national and Protestant prejudices. — New concep- 






tion of the antique. — De I'Alleniagne. — Barante. — Conclusion. 

V.2. The romantic school in Germany, (1873) : The pioneers of romanti- 
cism. — Holderlin. — A. VV. Schlegel. — Tieck and Jean Paul. — Social 
endeavours of the romanticists; Lucinde, [by Friedrich von Schlegel]. 
— Romantic purposelessness. — "Lucinde" in real life. — Schleier- 
macher's letters. — Wackenroder : romanticism and music. — Atti- 
tude of romanticism to art and nature. — Romantic duplication and 
psychology. — Romantic soul: Novalis [Friedrich von Hardenberg]. 
— Longing. — "The blue flower." — Arnim and Brentano. — Mysticism 
in the romantic drama [Heinrich von Kleist]. — Romantic litera- 
ture and politics. — Romantic politicians. 

V.3. The reaction in France, (1874): The revolution. — The con- 
cordat. — The principle of authority. — "Le genie du christianisme." 
— Joseph de Maistre. — Bonald. — Chateaubriand. — Madame de 
Kriidener. — Lyric poetry: Lamartine and Hugo. — Love in the 
literature of the period. — Dissolution of the theoretical principle 
of authority. — Dissolution of the practical principle of authority. — 
Culmination and collapse of the reaction. 

ELTON, Oliver. 

The Augustan ages. 1899. (Periods of European literature.). .809 

Study of European literature from 1660 to about 1700, the period of 
Corneille, Racine and Boileau in France, extended somewhat in the 
case of England to include Pope, Addison and their contemporaries, 
with Dryden and the restoration dramatists. 

"It is. . .the capital merit of Mr. Elton's book that it is not a mere chroni- 
cle or a string of monographs ... Of necessity, he has to introduce a 
bewildering number of names and facts, but... he so marshals them 
that they may illustrate and not obscure a broad critical handling 
of the main literary impulses and principles at work during his 
chosen epoch." AthencBum, 1899. 

HALLAM, Henry. 

Introduction to the literature of Europe in the I5th-i7th cen- 
turies. 4v. 1882 809 

"Its great qualities have been universally acknowledged. It displays 
conscientiousness, accuracy, good judgment, and a great familiarity 
with the vast subject of which it treats. It comprehends within its 
scope the literature of poetry, history, romance, natural science, mathe- 
matics, physics, medicine, law and theology; and at all points the 
author shows himself, not merely a good descriptive writer, but also 
a fair and competent critic." C. K. Adams. 

The same. 4v. 1882 r8o9 

HANNAY, David. 

The later renaissance. 1898. (Periods of European litera- 
ture.) 809 

Contents: The later renaissance in Spain. — The Spanish learned poets. 
— ^The growth and decadence of the Spanish drama. — Forms of the 
Spanish drama. — Spanish prose romance. — Spain; historians, miscel- 
laneous writers and the mystics. — Elizabethan poetry. — The earlier 
dramatists. — The Elizabethan prose-writers. — France; poetry of the 
later renaissance. — French prose-writers of the later i6th century. — 
The later renaissance in Italy. 
OMOND, Thomas Stewart. 

The romantic triumph. 1900. (Periods of European litera- 
ture.) 809 

Contents: British romantic poets. — Fiction and light literature. — Didactic 
literature : history, science, philosophy, theology. — The romantic triumph 
in France. — The romantic triumph in Germany. — The romantic triumph 
in other countries. 
"That great literary upheaval which followed the political revolution of 
1788 and succeeding years is known to us as the Romantic Revival." 
Introductory note. 

POSNETT. Hutcheson Macaulay. 

Comparative literature. 1896. (International scientific 

series.) 8og 

"A social rather than a literary study; it is an essay in the general sub- 
ject of Evolution. . .if one reads it he will have a fuller and more 





defined impression of how literature has taken color from the political 
progress of the race, and shared in the evolution of both mind and 
morals." Nation, i886. 

QUACKENBOS, John Duncan. 

Illustrated history of ancient literature, oriental and classi- 
cal. 1881 809 Q12 

Text-book for high schools. Gives short biographies and criticisms of 
the leading authors, with brief selections from their writings. 


Earlier renaissance. 1901. (Periods of European literature.) . .809 SiSe 

Cufftenti : The harvest-time of humanism. — ^The zenith of the cinque- 
cento. — From rhetoric to Pleiad. — The school of Elizabethan litera- 
ture. — The German vernacular. — The changes of European drama. — 
The revival of criticism. — The minor literatures; conclusion. 

Covers the closing years of the 15th century and the first half of the i6th. 

"For those who just want to get their bearings, as accessory to more 
detailed study of literary history in another age, or of other branches 
of history in this, we do not think any better book is easily accessible. 
Something is said about everybody that the general reader is... likely 
to have heard of in Italy, France, Germany, or England; while the 
more conspicuous, Ariosto, Machiavelli, Politian, Erasmus, Rabelais, 
More. . .receive acute and. . .adequate criticism." Athenceum, igoi. 

The flourishing of romance and the rise of allegory. 1897. 

(Periods of European literature.) 809 S15 

Contents: The function of Latin. — Chansons de geste. — The matter of 
Britain. — Antiquity in romance. — The making of English and the settle- 
ment of European prosody. — Middle high German poetry. — The "Fox," 
the "Rose" and the minor contributions of France. — Icelandic and 
Provencal. — The literature of the peninsulas [Greece, Italy, Spain]. 
SCHLEGEL, Friedrich von. 

Lectures on the history of literature, ancient and modern. 

i86s rSog S33 

"The author begins his course with a discussion of the influence of 
literature on the mode of life and on the moral dignity of nations, 
and ends with a characterization of the literature of Germany under 
the overpowering influence of Fichte and Goethe." C. K. Adams. 
SISMONDI, Jean Charles Leonard Simonde de. 

Historical view of the literature of the south of Europe. 2v. 

1889 809 S62 

Life of Sismondi, by Thomas Roscoe, v. i, p.9-24. 

Published about 18 13 and still a standard authority. Gives a general 
view of the literature of Spain, Portugal and Provence, but much the 
larger portion is devoted to Italy. Particularly valuable on the age 
of Metastasio, Goldoni and Alfieri. 

The same. 2v. 1890-95 r8o9 S62 

SMITH, George Gregory. 

Transition period. 1900. (Periods of European literature.). .809 S64 
Contents: England, the Chaucerian tradition. — The Scottish poets. — 
Before and after Villon. — Italian humanism and the romantic prepara- 
tion. — Poetry in Spain and Portugal and in Germany. — The problem 
of the ballads and popular songs. — Dramatic orignns, the drama in 
France. — The draipa in England and in Scotland. — The drama in the 
peninsulas and in Germany. — The prose experiment in England. — 
Expansion of prose in France. — A prose miscellany, southern Europe 
and Germany. 

SNELL, Frederick John. 

Fourteenth century. 1899. (Periods of European literature.) . .809 S67 
Contents: The end of court-poetry. — Town-verse and folk-song. — Rise of 
a new lyric— Dante.— Dawn of the renaissance.- The well of English.— 
Time and space. — Allegory, mysticism and reform. 
TAYLOR. Henry Osborn. 

Classical heritage of the middle ages. 1901. (Columbia uni- 
versity. Studies in literature.) 8og T25 

Contents: The passing of the antique man. — Phasei of pagan decadence. 



— The antique culture: The transmission of letters, Transmission of the 
Roman law. — Pagan elements Christianized in transmission. — Ideals 
of knowledge, beauty, love. — Abandonment of pagan principles in a 
Christian system of life: Origins of monasticism, Western monasticism, 
The monastic character. — Christian prose. — Christian poetry. — Christian 
Bibliographical appendix, P.3S9-389. 


Universal literature; a course of lessons on the literature of 
the world, by a corps of specialists in Europe and Amer- 
ica; ed. by Samuel Fallows and E. A. Reed. 1896 qrSog U25 

Contains numerous bibliographies. 
Being v.2 of Progress. 

WHITE, Catherine Ann. 

Classic literature, principally Sanskrit, Greek and Roman, 

with some account of the Persian, Chinese and Japanese; 

sketches of the authors and specimens from translations of 

their works. 1877 r8o9 W63 

809.1 History of poetry 

CLARK. John. M. A. 

History of epic poetry, (post-Virgilian). 1900 809.1 C52 

Contents: The development and nature of epic poetry. — The later 
Roman epic. — The English epic. — The French epic. — The German 
epic. — The Italian epic. — The Spanish and Portuguese epics. 

"Unusually well written, the criticism exceedingly judicious, it is well 
IirjporticTied, and — above all — interesting. Perhaps the chief defect 
which might be alleged is the curt and unceremonious dismissal of 
the Hindu epics. The most attractive feature to many will be Mr. 
Clark's very taking account of the obscure epics — obscure either from 
their alien tongue, or the minor character of their authors." 
Academy, 1900. 

KER, William Paton. 

Epic and romance; essays on medieval literature. 1897... 809.1 K19 

Contents: Introduction. — The Teutonic epic— The Icelandic sagas. — 
The old French epic. — Romance and the old French romantic schools. 

LUDLOW, John Malcolm. 

Popular epics of the middle ages of the Norse-German and 

Carlovingian cycles. 2v. 1865 809.1 L94 

Gives a full abstract of each, with an account of its history, and critical 
RABB, Mrs Kate Milner. 

National epics. 1896 809.1 Rii 

Bibliogrraphy at the beginning of each chapter. 

Considers the famous epics of the world, giving brief historical and 
bibliographical statements and an outline of the story with illustrative 


809.2 History of the drama 

HASTINGS, Charles. 

The theatre ; its development in France and England and a his- 
tory of its Greek and Latin origins ; tr. f r. the French by F. 
A. Welby. 1901 809.2 H34 

Bibliography, p.342-346. 

^ ■^,;'^^^p^EN, John 

* 1'^^- ii ^^ive great skeptical dramas of history 

1896 809.2 O34 

Ai \^'''''M^}\ 'jrrf Contents: Prometheus vinctus of .^schylus.— Book of Job.— Goethe's 


Faust. — Shakespeare's Hamlet. — El magico prodigioso, by Calderon. 

By "skeptical" the author means the attitude of intellectual inquiry, 
that of the searcher for absolute truth. 

809.3 History of fiction 

DUNLOP, John Colin. 

History of prose fiction; revised by Henry Wilson. 1896. .809.3 D92 

Bibliography, p.g-is. 

By '"prose fiction" the author means generally the old romances and 
;"vt-ie.- "f chivalry. Beginning with the earliest Greek examples he traces 
the rise and progress of romantic fiction in Italy, Spain, France and 
England, with chapters on comic, heroic and pastoral romances. He 
closes with a brief summary of English fiction of the end of the last 
century, and this new edition has a chapter on modern Scandinavian, 
German and Russian fiction. 

WARREN, Frederick Morris. 

History of the novel previous to the 17th century. 1895. -809.3 W24 
After a general chapter on the distinction between "stoiy," "romance," 
and "novel," the author discusses the Greek novel, the romances of 
chivalry, the Italian and Spanish pastorals, and the Spanish picaresco 
novel, and gives long analyses of such works as the "Amadis of Gaul," 
"Palmerin of England," Montemayor's "Diana," etc. 

810 American literature 

MASON, Harriet L. 

American literature ; a laboratory method. 1901 810 M44 

Contents: The colonial period. — The Revolutionary period. — National 
era: poetry. — National era: prose thought. — National era: prose fic- 

Working list of reference books, p. 13-23. 

Not a book to be read, but rather a set of syllabi and exercises, based 
upon a working list of reference books. Each of the syllabi outlines 
a course of reading on a definite subject and includes a series of sug- 
gestive and searching questions. 

PATTEE, Fred Lewis. 

Reading course in American literature. 1897 810 P31 

Course I gives a chronological list of the masterpieces of American liter- 
ature; course II is in contemporary American fiction; course III gives 
brief list of American short stories. With each author is given a ref- 
erence list to biographies and critical works. These lists were origin- 
ally compiled for students' use at the Pennsylvania state college. 

ROE, Alfred Seelye. 

American authors and their birthdays; programmes and 
suggestions for the celebration of the birthdays of 

authors. 1887 j8io R59 

TAPPAN, Lucy. 

Topical notes on American authors. 1898 810 T19 

General reference books, p.^11. 

Considers Irving, Cooper, Bryant, Hawthorne, Emerson, Thoreau, Poe, 
Longfellow, Lowell, Whittier and Holmes. The plan of treatment 
for each includes selections from works, short reading list, topical out- 
line of life, appellations and critical notes. Helpful for teachers and 
students in secondary schools. 
PEET, Louis Harman. 

Who's the author? a guide to the authorship of novels, sto- 
ries, speeches, songs and general writings of American lit- 
erature. 1901 rSio.^ 

List of authors, p.aSs-si;. %|^ 


810.8 Collections of American literature 

CARPENTER, George Rice, ed. 

American prose; selections, with critical introductions. 

1898 810.8 C22 

Object is "to present extracts of considerable length from the works 
of each of the chief American prose-writers, preceded by a critical 
essay and a brief biographical sketch. Authors now living [1898]... 
are not included." Preface. 
Barrett Wendell contributes the critical essay on Cotton Mather; T. W. 
Higginson, the essays on Charles Brockden Brown, Fenimore Cooper, 
H. D. Thoreau; L. E. Gates, the essays on Hawthorne and Poe; C. E. 
Norton, the essay on Lowell; and John Fiske, the essay on Parkman. 

GRISWOLD, Rufus Wilmot, comp. 

Prose writers of America. 1870 qr8io.8 G93 

Short survey of American prose literature, with biographical and critical 
sketches and short selections from the authors' works. The original 
work was first published in 1846, and a supplement brings it down 
to 1870. It was the first critical survey of American literature and 
had an important influence in its day. 

PHILADELPHIA book; or. Specimens of metropolitan liter- 
ature. 1836 r8io.8 P49 

Prose and poetical selection from Philadelphia authors. 
SCUDDER, Horace Elisha, comp. 

American prose. 1891 810.8 S43 

Contents: Hawthorne, Nathaniel. The snow-image. — The great stone 
face. — Drowne's wooden image. — Howe's masquerade. — Irving, Wash- 
ington. Rip Van Winkle. — Little Britain. — Longfellow, H. W. The 
valley of the Loire. — The journey into Spain. — Whittier, J. G. Yankee 
gypsies. — The boy captives. — Holmes, O. W. The gambrel-roofed 
house. — Lowell, J. R. My garden acquaintance. — Abraham Lincoln. — 
Books and libraries. — Thoreau, Henry. Sounds. — Brute neighbors. — 
The Highland light. — Emerson, R. W. Behavior. — Books. 

STEDMAN, Edmund Clarence, & Hutchinson, E.M. comp. 

Library of American literature. 1 1 v. 1891 r8io.8 S81 

Specimens from 1200 American authors, going back to writers of early 
colonial times. Many portraits. 
TRENT, William Peterfield, & Wells, B. W. comp. 

Colonial prose and poetry. 3v. 1901 810.8 T72 

v.i. The transplanting of culture, 1607-1650: Captain John Smith. — 
Colonel Norwood. — William Bradford. — Mourt's Relation. — Thom- 
as Morton. — Francis Higginson. — ^John Winthrop. — The Bay Psalm 
book. — John Underbill. — John Mason. — John Cotton. — Roger Wil- 
liams. — Thomas Hooker. — Tbomas Shepard. — Nathaniel Ward. — 
Anne Bradstreet. 
V.2. The beginnings of Americanism, 1650-1710: Edward Johnson. — 
John Eliot. — Michael Wigglesworth. — John Josselyn. — Daniel Goo- 
kin. — Thomas Wheeler. — Peter Folger. — William Penn. — Daniel 
Denton. — George Alsop. — Bacon's rebellion. — William Hubbard. — 
Mary Rowlandson. — Urian Oakes. — Increase Mather. — Cotton 
Mather. — Samuel Sewall. — Sarah Kemble Knight. — Robert Beverly. 
v.3. The growth of the national spirit, 1710-1775: John Wise. — Hugh 
Jones. — William Byrd. — The New England primer. — Benjamin Col- 
man and the Turells. — ^John Seccomb. — Patrick Tailfer. — Thomas 
Prince. — William Douglass. — William Stith. — Jonathan Edwards. — 
Benjamin Franklin. — Mather Byles. — Joseph Green. — John Osborn. 
— Thomas Hutchinson. — John Barnard. — Benjamin Church. — Thom- 
as Godfrey and Nathaniel Evans. — Jonathan Boucher. — John Wool- 
man. — Philip Vickers Fithian. 
"Attempts to present mainly in modernized spelling such passages from 
the works of colonial authors as reveal most of literary art, of indi- 
vidual genius, and of the national mind in the process of its differ- 
entiation. . .Brief accounts are given of each author, and essays at the 
beginning of the several volumes endeavor to gather up the character- 
istics of each period and to draw from them their lessons with regard 
to national evolution." Preface. 


WILLIS, Nathaniel Parker, comp. 

Thought-blossom; a memento. 1853 rSiO.S W7S 

Selections of prose and poetry. Illustrated. 

810.9 History and criticism of American literature 

ADDISON, Daniel Dulany. 

Clergy in American life and letters. 1900 810.9 A32 

Contents: Clergry in American life. — Early writers and historians. — Poetry 
and romance. — Denominational literature. — Timothy Dwight. — William 
£!lery Channing. — Theodore Parker. — Horace Bushnell. — Henry Ward 
Bcccher. — Phillips Brooks. 

BATES, Katharine Lee. 

American literature. 1898 810.9 B31 

In this outline of our literary progress it is especially designed to show 
how essentially American literature has been an outgrowth of Ameri- 
can life. 
BEERS, Henry Augustin. 

Initial studies in American letters. 1891. (Chautauqua read- 
ing circle literature.) 810.9 B38 

The same. 1895. (Chautauqua reading circle literature.) r8io.9 B38i 

Originally published under the title An outline sketch of American 

DUYCKINCK, Evert Augustus, & George Long, comp. 

Cyclopasdia of American literature. 2v. 1875 qr8io.9 D96 

EVANS, Edward Payson. 

Beitrage zur amerikanischen litteratur- und kulturgeschichte. 

1898 810.9 E94 

The same. 1898 r8io.9 E94 

HAWTHORNE, Julian, & Lemmon, Leonard. 

American literature; a text-book. 1895 810.9 H36 

"Critical and stimulating, with a good body of selections." Leypoldt & 
Iles's Books for girls and women. 

MATTHEWS, Brander. 

Introduction to the study of American literature. 1896 810.9 M47 

Interest has been concentrated on the literary career of each of the 
great American writers, and all dates and titles of books not abso- 
lutely essential have been omitted. 

MITCHELL, Donald Grant. 

American lands and letters, ist-2d ser. 2v. 1897-99 810.9 M74 

v.i. The Mayflower to Rip- Van- Winkle. 
V.2. Leather-stocking to Poe's "Raven." 

History of American literature. The illustrations comprise a rare collec- 
tion of portraits and views. 

NICHOLSON, Meredith. 

Hoosiers. 1900 810.9 N31 

Contents: Indiana and her people. — The rural type and the dialect. — 
Bringers of the light. — An experiment in socialism, New Harmony. — 
The Hoosier interpreted: Edward Eggleston, James Whitcomb Riley. 
— Crawfordsville: Lew Wallace, Maurice Thompson. — "Of making 
many books there is no end." — An Indiana choir. 
PANCOAST, Henry Spackman. 

Introduction to American literature. 1898 810.9 P21 

Contains bibliographies of many American writers. 

Studies it in its relation to .\merican life and history, also considering 
it in its relation to English literature. 

"National traits are well brought out without neglecting organic connec- 
tions with the mother country. Forces and movements are as well 
handled as personalities, the influence of writers hardly less than 
their individuality. The book is patriotic without the scream of the 
eagle." Nation, 1898. 


RICHARDSON. Charles Francis. 

American literature, 1607-1885. 2v. in i. 1895 810.9 R41 

V.I. The development of American thought. 
V.3. American poetry and fiction. 

An interesting compendium, giving a good, though hardly a critical, 
survey of the field. Diffuse in style. 

Primer of American literature. 1896 810.9 R41P 

E.\tremely brief sketch with suggestions for further study, a course of 
reading and a chronological table. 

TYLER. Moses Coit. 

History of American literature during the colonial time. 2v. 

1897 810.9 T97h 

The same. 2v. in i. 1878 810.9 T97 

V.I. 1607-1676. 

V.2. I676-I765. 

"A thorough and exhaustive chronicle of American literary annals, down 
to the Revolution." Leypoldt & Iles's Books for girls and women. 

Literary history of the American revolution, 1763-1783. 2v. 

1897 810.9 T97I 

Bibliography, v.2, p.429-483. 

"Every essential controversy of the time has been adequately treated, 
and a very large and very rare class of books has been most interest- 
ingly discussed. The words of the great penmen of the Revolution 
have been so treated that, in reading the book, one gains a clearer 
perception of the causes and growth of the Revolution, than is to be 
obtained in many of the histories devoted to the recording of events." 
Nation, 1897. 

WATKINS, Mildred Cabell. 

American literature. 1894. (Literature primers.) 810.9 W31 

Text-book for young people. 

WENDELL, Barrett. 

Literary history of America. 1900. (Library of literary his- 
tory.) 810.9 Wsi 

"Authorities and references," P.S33-SSS. 

"Its design and method... are to sketch the political and social history 
of a period, especially as affecting the intellectual life of the time, and 
then to coordinate with it the literature which came into being under 
these conditions." Nation, 1901. 

WHITCOMB, Selden L. 

Chronological outlines of American literature. 1894 r8io.9 W62 

Chronological table giving the most important American books published 
each year and in parallel columns the most important British and 
foreign books, biographical data and historical events, pt.2 has an 
alphabetical list of leading authors and their principal works. 

WRIGHT, Henrietta Christian. 

Children's stories in American literature. 2v. 1895-96. .J810.9 W93 

V.I. The early literature. — J. J. Audubon. — Washington Irving. — ]. F. 
Cooper.— W. C. Bryant.— W. H. Prescott.— J. G. Whittier.— Nathaniel 
Hawthorne. — George Bancroft. — E. A. Poe. — R. W. Emerson. — H. W. 
Longfellow. — J. L. Motley. — H. B. Stowe. — J. R. Lowell. — Francis 
Parkman. — O. \V. Holmes. 

v.2. G. W. Curtis.— R. H. Stoddard.— Edward Eggleston.— C. D. War- 
ner. — E. C. Stedman. — Bret Harte. — Bayard Taylor. — W. D. Howells. 
— F. H. Burnett. — The Southern story writers: R. M. Johnston, Mrs 
R. M. Stuart, J. C. Harris, F. H. Smith.— L. M. Alcott.— T. B. Aid- 
rich. — New England women writers. — G. W. Cable. — John Fiske. — 
Mark Twain. 

811 American poetry 

ALDRICH, Anne Reeve. 

Songs about life, love and death. 1899 811 A36S 



ALDRICH, Thomas Bailey. 

Judith and Holofernes. 1896 811 A36J 

Later lyrics; selected from Mercedes, etc. 1896 811 A36I 

Poems. i88s 811 A36 

Unguarded gates, and other poems. 1895 811 A36U 

ALLEN, Edward Jay. 

Hiou tenas iktah; [poems]. 1900 811 A42 

Col. Allen is a Pittsburgher and many of the poems are addressed to 
friends or written for special occasions. The Chinook title means "A 
lot of trifles." The volume was printed for private distribution, and 
contains an excellent portrait of the author. 

ALLEN, Willis Boyd. 

In the morning; poems. 1890 811 A43 

BAKER, George Augustus. 

Point lace and diamonds. 1886 811 B17 

BARBOUR, George Hurlbut. 

Songs and sonnets. 1897 811 B23 

BARKER, Mrs Eliza Hunter. 

Marguerite, and other poems. 1870 r8ii B24 

BARLOW, Joel. 

Columbiad; a poem. 2v. 1809 r8ii B248 

Poetical review of the leading events in the discovery and settlement of 
America, the growth and glorious future of the republic, a glance at 
America before its discovery by Europeans, all shown to Columbus in 
a vision. 

"The Columbiad long since passed out of the category of books that are 
read; its chief literary interest to us arises from the fact of its having 
been one of the earliest efforts of the American muse." Todd's Life 
of Barlow. 

BATES, Arlo. 

Under the beech-tree; [poems]. 1899 811 B313 

BOLLES, Frank. 

Chocorua's tenants; [poems]. 1895 811 B61 

BOLTON, Mrs Sarah (Knowles). 

The inevitable, and other poems. 1895 811 B614 

BOLTON, Mrs Sarah Tittle (Barritt). 

Poems. 1865 811 B6142P 

BRADSTREET, Mrs Anne (Dudley). 

Works in prose and verse; ed. by J. H. Ellis. 1867 qr8ii B68 

Anne Bradstreet (1612-72) was the earliest woman poet in America. 
BRANCH, Anna Hempstead. 

Heart of the road, and other poems. 1901 811 B69 

BROOKS, Francis. 

Poems; ed. by Wallace Rice. 1898 811 B77 

Contents: Margins. — Preludes. — Intaglios. 

Memoir of Francis Brooks, by Wallace Rice, p.s-18. 

BROWNELL, Henry Howard. 

War-lyrics, and other poems. 1866 811 B817 

BRUCE, Wallace. 

In clover and heather; poems. 1896 811 B82 

Old homestead poems. 1888 811 B820 

Wayside poems. 1895 Bii B82W 

, BRYAN, Daniel. 

The mountain muse, comprising The adventures of Daniel 


Boone, and The power of virtuous and refined beauty. 

1813 r8i I B84 

BRYANT, William Cullen. 

Poetical works 811 B84P 

The same; ed. by Parke Godwin. 2v. 1883 811 B84 

The same. 2v. 1883 r8i i B842 

ALDEN, Joseph. 

Studies in Bryant; a text-book. 1876. (Literature 

primers.) 81 1 B84za 

Selected poems from Bryant, with questions intended to stimulate the 
pupil's critical faculties. 

BUNNER, Henry Cuyler. 

Poems. 1896 811 B88 

BURGOYNE, Arthur G. 

Songs of every day. 1900 r8i i B91 

Selected from a series of verses appearing daily in the Pittsburgh leader 
(1890-1900) in the column headed "All sorts," and constituting a 
running commentary on the events of the hour. 

BURTON. Richard. 

Dumb in June; poems. 1899 811 B95d 

Lyrics of brotherhood. 1899 811 B95I 

Memorial day, and other poems. 1897 81 1 B95 

BUTLER, William Allen. 

Nothing to wear, and other poems. 1898 811 B97 

Oberammergau, 1890 ; a poem. 1891 qr8i i B97 


Songs of history; poems and ballads upon important episodes 

in American history. 1892 811 B98 

BYERS, Samuel Hawkins Marshall. 

The march to the sea; a poem. 1896 811 B99 


City ballads. 1899 811 C19 

City festivals; poems. 1899 811 C19C 

City legends; poems. 1899 811 Ci9ci 

Farm ballads. 1899 811 Ci9f 

Farm festivals; poem.s. 1899 811 Cigfa 

Farm legends; poems. 1899 811 Cigfar 

Rhymes of our planet. 1895 811 Ci9r 

CARMAN, Bliss. 

Ballads of Lost Haven; a book of the sea. 1897 811 C21 

By the Aurelian wall, and other elegies. 1898 811 C2ib 

In memory of Keats, Shelley, Robert Louis Stevenson, Phillips Brooks 
and others. 
Winter holiday; poems. 1899 811 C21W 

CARMAN, Bliss, & Hovey, Richard. 

Last songs from Vagabondia. 1901 811 C21I 

More songs from Vagabondia. 1896 811 C2im 

Songs from Vagabondia. 1897 811 C2IS 

CARY, Alice, & Phcebe. 

Ballads for little folk; ed. by Mary Clemmer. 1873 J8ii C24b 

Poetical works. 1882 811 C24 

CHAMBERS, Robert William. 

With the band, and other poems. 1896 811 C35 


CHANNING, Grace Ellery. 

Sea drift; poems. 1899 811 C36 

CHENEY, John Vance. 

Out of the silence; [poems]. 1897 811 C420 

CHURCH, Samuel Harden. 

Beowulf; a poem. 1901 811 C46 

"While adhering to the purpose to write a poem on the adventures of 
Beowulf .. .circumstances impelled me to abandon the intention of a 
general agreement with the ancient version...! have... laid the scene 
in England, under purely idealized conditions; and have initiated near- 
ly all that the poem contains of womanhood, of love, of religion and 
state policy, and of domestic life and manners. . .It is clear, therefore, 
that my work must not be judged as a translation, version, or para- 
phrase of the old Beowulf." Preface. 


Dust of dreams; poems. 1899 811 C69 

The same. 1899 rSii C6g 

By a native of Pittsburgh. Several of the poems have attracted attention 
and favorable criticism on their appearance in the local press and 

COLLINS, Mrs Laura G. (Case). 

Egypt; a poem. 1900 811 C71 

COLTON, George Hooker. 

Tecumseh; or, The West thirty years since; a poem. 1842 r8ii C72 


Songs from the Golden Gate. 1895 811 C78 

COOLIDGE, Katharine. 

Voices; poems. 1899 811 C783 

COURTNEY, Margaret. 

Poetical works. 1850 r8ii C84 

COWAN, Frank. 

Poetic works, v.i. 1892 rSii C847 

Southwestern Pennsylvania in song and story; with an ap- 
pendix. Battle ballads and other poems of southwestern 

Pennsylvania. 1878 r8i i C847S 

Original and selected poems on natural features, legends, historical and 
other events. 

COXE. Arthur Cleveland, bp. 

Christian ballads. 1865 811 C8s 


Songs of early and later years. 1872 rSii C87 

CROCKETT, Ingram. 

Beneath blue skies and gray; poems. 1898 811 C88 

DAVIS, Augusta Cordelia, {pseud. Alice Chadbourne). 

Poems from Yare. 1890 811 D31 

DAVIS, Slack. 

London, and other poems. 1890 811 D32 

DAY, Holman Francis. 

Up in Maine; stories of Yankee life told in verse. 1900 811 D33 

DELAND, Mrs Margaret. 

Old garden, and other verses. 1899 811 D38 

The same. 1892 r8i i D38 

DEXTER, Charles. 

In memoriam, Versions, and Idle memories; poems. 1891 . .811 D52 



Poems; ed. by M. L. Todd and T. W. Higginson, ist-3d 

ser. 3v. 1895-96 811 D55 

DICKINSON, Martha Gilbert. 

Within the hedge; [poems]. 1899 811 D554 

DODGE, Mrs Mary (Mapes). 

Rhymes and jingles. 1895 j8ii D67r 

When life is young; a collection of verse. 1894 j8ii D67 

DORR, Mrs Julia Caroline (Ripley). 

Afterglow; later poems. 1901 811 D74 

DRAKE, Joseph Rodman. 

Culprit fay. [1889.] 811 D78 

The poem on which Drake's reputation chiefly rests. 
DRUMMOND, William Henry. 

The habitant, and other French-Canadian poems. 1898 811 D84 

Johnnie Courteau, and other poems. 1901 811 D84J 

As the author has already shown in "The habitant," he knows the 
French Canadian thoroughly. This volume shows the habitant at his 
best, and has both the humor and pathos of the earlier works. 

Phil-o-rum's canoe, and Madeleine Vercheres; two poems. 

1898 : 811 D84P 

DUNBAR, Paul Laurence. 

Candle-lightin' time ; poems. 1901 811 D89C 

Lyrics of lowly life. 1896 811 D89 

"So far as I could remember, Paul Dunbar was the only man of pure 
African blood and of American civilization to feel the neg^ro life 
jesthetically and express it lyrically." IV. D. Howells. 

Lyrics of the hearthside. 1899 811 D89I 

Poems of cabin and field. 1899 811 D89P 

Verses in negro dialect, profusely illustrated. 

EDELWEISS, Otto von. 

Ros et rosa lyrica. 1893 r8i i E26 

ENGLISH, Thomas Dunn. 

Boy's book of battle-lyrics; a collection of verses illustrating 
events in the history of the United States from the colonial 

period to the outbreak of the sectional war. 1885 j8ii E64 

EMERSON, Ralph Waldo. 

Poems. 1895 811 E58 

The same. 1898 r8ii E58 

BENTON, Joel. 

Emerson as a poet. 1883 811 EsSzb 

Bibliography, p. 149-168; Emerson concordance contributed by W. S. 
Kennedy to the "Literary world," p.109-147. 
FIELD, Eugene. 

Eugene Field book; verses, stories and letters, for school 

reading; ed. by M. E. Burt and M. B. Cable. 1898 j8ii F4Se 

Little book of western verse. 1894 811 F4SI 

Love-songs of childhood. 1895 j8ii F45I 

Lullaby-land; songs of childhood, selected by Kenneth Gra- 

hame. 1897 j8i i F4SIU 

Second book of verse. 1893 811 F4S 

Songs, and other verse. 1896 811 F4SS 

With trumpet and drum. 1896 j8ii F4SW 

Poems for and about children. 


FIELD, Eugene, & Roswell Martin. 

Echoes from the Sabine farm; tr. by Eugene and R. M. 

Field. 1895 811 F45e 

The irreverence of American wit and the vagaries of the American 
language are blended with a very subtle appreciation of the beauty of 
Horace, the most human and the most modern of all the poets of 
ancient Rome. 

FIELDS, Mrs Annie (Adams). 

Singing shepherd, and other poems. 1895 811 F46 

FOLLEN, Mrs Eliza Lee (Cabot). 

Little songs, by Mrs Follen, and New songs for little 

people, by Mary E. Anderson. 1892 j8ii F72 

FOSS, Samuel Walter. 

Back coimtry poems. 1894 811 F79 

Dialect and other poems of New England country life. 

Dreams in homespun; [poems]. 1898 811 F79d 

FRENEAU, Philip. 

Poems on various subjects, but chiefly illustrative of the events 
and actors in the American war of independence; reprinted 
from the rare edition printed at Philadelphia in 1786. 1861 . .811 F92 

Poems written between 1768 and 1794. 1795 r8ii F92 


Poems and essays from many authors of this and earlier cen- 
turies. 1897 811 F98 

Claims to have been dictated from the spirit world through the medium 
of a chosen "psychic." Shakespeare, Milton, Shelley, Browning and 
Longfellow are among the poets represented, and they, with others, 
show great loss in individuality and personal power. 

GARLAND, Hamlin. 

Prairie songs. 1893 811 G18 

GILDER. Richard Watson. 

Five books of song. 1894 811 G38 

Contents: New day. — Celestial passion. — Lyrics. — Two worlds. — Great 

"For the country;" poems. 1897 811 G.38f 

In Palestine, and other poems. 1898 811 GsSi 

GRAY, Oliver Cromwell. 

Sketch of his life, with his fragmentary writings; ed. by D. 

G. Fickes. 1872 rSii G81 

GUINEY, Louise Imogen. 

"England and yesterday;" poems. 1898 811 G96 

Martyrs' idyl, and shorter poems. 1899 81 1 G96m 

HALE. Edward Everett. 

Poems and fancies. 1901 811 His 

Contents: Poems; ballads and history. — College verses. — The war. — 
Translations. — From sermons, etc. — Sonnets, etc. — Literary essays; 
Nicolette and Aucassin, [etc.]. — Editorial work. 

HALL, Gertrude. 

Age of fairygold; poems. 1899 811 H173 

HALL, John Leslie. 

Old English idyls. 1899 811 H174 

"I have, as it were, assumed the rdle of an English gleeman of about 
A. D. 1000, and have sought to reproduce to some extent the spirit, 
the metre, and the leading characteristics of Old English verse." 
"Deals with such subjects as Hengist and Horsa, Cerdic and Arthur, the 
coming of Augustine, and the deeds of Alfred. The author's experi- 


ment seems to us singularly successful, and students of early English 
history and literature alike should be grateful to him for his undertak- 
ing." Dial, 1900. 

HALLECK, Fitz-Greene. 

Poetical writings, with extracts from those of Joseph Rod- 
man Drake. 1885 811 H17 

HARDY, Arthur Sherburne. 

Songs of two, and other verses. 1900 811 H26 

HARRISON, Joseph. 

The iron worker and King Solomon; with a memoir. 1869. . .811 H299 
HARTE. Bret. 

Poetical works. 1882 811 H31 

HAY, Helen. 

Rose of dawn ; a tale of the South sea. 1901 81 1 H368r 

"A narrative poem, long enough to fill a slender volume, written in 
blank verse, with occasional interludes in rhyme. The plot is simple 
enough — the fatal rivalry of two lovers of a Fijian beauty." Critic, 
1 90 1. 

Some verses. 1898 811 H368 

HAY, John. 

Poems. 1894 811 H36 

HAYNE, Paul Hamilton. 

Poems. 1882 811 H374 

HAYS, Will S. 

Poems and songs. 1895 811 H37 

HIGGINSON, Mrs Ella (Rhoads). 

When the birds go north again; [poems]. 1898 811 H53 

HOLBROOK, Florence. 

Hiawatha primer. [1898.] j8ii H69h 

HOLLAND, Josiah Gilbert. 

Bitter-sweet. 1893 811 H72 

Kathrina. 1895 811 H72k 

Marble prophecy, and other poems. 1872 811 H72ma 

Mistress of the manse; a poem. 1891 811 H72m 

The Puritan's guest, and other poems. 1892 .811 H72P 

HOLMES, Oliver Wendell. 

Complete poetical works. 1895 811 H73C 

The same. 1895 r8i i H73C 

The same. [1895.] J8ii H73 

Grandmother's story of Bunker Hill battle, and other 

verse and prose. 1891 j8ii H73g 

Biographical sketch of Holmes, P.3-S. 

Poetical works. 1890 811 H73 

HOVEY, Richard. 

Along the trail; a book of lyrics. 1898 811 H84 

Launcelot and Guenevere; a poem in dramas. 4V. 1898- 

1900 811 H84la 

V.I. The quest of Merlin. 
V.2. The marriage of Guenevere. 
V.3. The birth of Galahad. 
v.4. Taliesin; a masque. 
The laurel; an ode. 1889 8ri H84I 


HOWE, Mrs Julia (Ward). 

From sunset ridge; poems old and new. 1898 811 H853f 

Later lyrics. 1887 811 H853 

HOWELLS, William Dean. 

Poems. 1895 811 H8s 

Stops of various quills; [poems]. 1895 811 H85S 

JACKSON, Mrs Helen Hunt. 

Poems. 1893 811 J12 

JOHNSON, Robert Underwood. 

Songs of liberty, and other poems, including paraphrases 
from the Servian of Zmai lovan lovanovich after transla- 
tions by Nikola Tesla, with a prefatory note by Tesla on 

Servian poetry. 1897 811 J36 

JOHNSTON, William Preston. 

Pictures of the patriarchs, and other poems. 1895 81 1 J37 

JONES, Edward C. 

Harp of Sylva; poems. 1841 811 J39 

JORDAN, David Starr. 

To Barbara, with other verses. 1897 81 1 J42 

KENNEDY, James. 

Scottish and American poems. 1899 811 K18 

KING, Benjamin Franklin. 

Ben King's verse. 1898 811 K263 

Biography of King, by Opie Read, p. 9-10. 

Ben King (1857-94) was a Chicago journalist whose talent found ex- 
pression in negro songs, dialect verses and clever parodies. 

KING, Pauline. 

Paper doll poems. 1896 j8ii K26 

KINNEY, Coates. 

Lyrics of the ideal and the real. 1887 811 K27 

Mists of fire; a trilogy, and some eclogs. 1899 811 K27m 

LAMPMAN, Archibald. 

Poems; ed. by D. C. Scott. 1900 •. 811 L19 

Life of Lampman, p. 11-25. 

The same. 1900 rSii L19 

LANIER, Sidney. 

Poems. 1894 811 L26 

Biography of Lanier, by W. H. Ward, p.ii-41. 
LARCOM. Lucy. 

Poetical works. 1884 811 L32 

LAVELY, Henry Alexander. 

The heart's choice, and other poems. 1886 rSii L38 

The same. 1900 81 1 L38 

By a Pittsburgher. 


Poems. 2v. 1889 811 L44 

Life of Emma Lazarus, v.i, p.i-39. 

LODGE, George Cabot. 

Song of the wave, and other poems. 1898 811 L76 

LONGFELLOW, Henry Wadsworth. 

Children's hour, and other poems. 1894 811 L82ch 

Biographical sketch, p.s-9. 

The same. [ 1894.] j8i i L82ch 



Complete poetical works. 1893 811 L82C 

The same. 1893 r8i i L82C 

The same. 1899 j8i i L82C 

Courtship of Miles Standish. 1899 811 L82C0 

Evangeline; a tale of Acadie. 1895 811 L82e2 

Evangeline, Hiawatha, and The courtship of Miles Standish. 

1896 j8ii L82e 

Biography of Longfellow, p.3-40. 
Poetical works, with bibliographical and critical notes. 6v. 

1889-90. (Riverside edition.) 811 L82 

V.I. Voices of the night. — Earlier poems. — Ballads, and other poems. — 

Poems on slavery. — Spanish student. — Belfry of Bruges, and other 

poems. — The seaside and the fireside. — Juvenile poems. 
V.2. Evangeline.— Song of Hiawatha. — Courtship of Miles Standish. 
V.3. Birds of passage. — Flower-de-luce. — Masque of Pandora. — Book of 

sonnets. — Keramos. — Ultima Thule. — In the harbor. — Fragments. 
V.4. Tales of a wayside inn. 
V.5. Christus; a mystery. 
V.6. Judas Maccabxus. — Michael Angelo. — Translations. — Appendix. — 

Index of first lines. — General index of titles. 

Song of Hiawatha. 1898 81 1 L82s 

Minnehaha edition. 

The same. 1899 j8i i L82S 

Tales of a wayside inn. 1863 rSii L82t 

The same, with introduction [and] notes. [1888.] (River- 
side school library.) . ". 811 L82ta 

LONGVRID, Sister. 

The annunciation; a poem. 1879 r8ii L84a 

Written by Sister Longvrid of the Convent of the Holy Cross in New 
Orleans, but published by Eugene Fairfax Williamson as his own. 

The nativity. 1879 r8i i L84n 

Written by Sister Longvrid of the Convent of the Holy Cross in New 
Orleans, but published by Eugene Fairfax Williamson as his own. 

LOWELL, James Russell. 

Biglow papers. 1892 811 L95b 

Political satirical verse in the New England dialect. First series expresses 
the sentiment of Massachusetts on the Mexican war. Second series is 
on the Civil war. 

The cathedral. 1870 811 L9Sca 

Complete poetical works. 1896 811 L9SC 

' Last poems. 1895 811 L95I 

Poems. 4v. 1892-94. (Riverside edition.) 811 L95 

v. I. Earlier poems. — Sonnets. — Miscellaneous poems. — Memorial verses. 

— Vision of Sir Launfal. — Letter from Boston. 
V.2. Biglow papers. 
v.3. Fable for critics. — Unhappy lot of Mr Knott.— Fragments of an 

unfinished poem. — An oriental apologue. — Under the willows, and 

other poems. 
V.4. Poems of the war. — L'envoi. — The cathedral. — Three memorial 

poems. — Heartsease and rue. — Sentiment. — Fancy. — Humor and satire. 

— Epigrams. — Index of first lines. — General index of titles. 

The same. 4v. 1892. (Riverside edition.) r8ii L95P 

LOWELL, Robert Traill Spence. 

Poems. 1864 811 L957 

McCONNELL, Sara Jane. 

Selections of poems and prose. 1893 r8ii M13 

MACHAR, Agnes Maule. 

Lays of the "true North," and other Canadian poems. 1899. -Sii M16 




McINTOSH, Matthew. 

Hierophant; or, Good teacher, and miscellaneous poems, 

social, moral and religious. 1853 rSii Mi7h 

Original poems, with a brief autobiographical sketch. 1846. .rSii M17 
M'KISSON, Robert. 

Original poems on various subjects. 1829 rSll M18 

MARKHAM, Charles Edwin. 

Lincoln, and other poems. 1901 811 M39I 

The man with the hoe, and other poems. 1899 811 M39 

■ The opening poem, inspired by Millet's famous painting, attracted 
wide attention from reviewers and literary men on its first appearance, 
and made its author famous. With it are included poems which have 
appeared in Scribner's, the Century, Atlantic, San Francisco examiner, 

MARTHENS, Adolphus Frederick. 

The wavelet, a ripple on the poetical stream; selections from' 

[his] writings. 1867 r8li M42W 

MELLEN, Grenville. 

Martyr's triumph. Buried valley, and other poems. 1833 811 M58 

MIFFLIN, Lloyd. 

At the gates of song; sonnets. 1897 811 M67 

Fields of dawn, and later sonnets. 1900 81 T M67f 

MILLER, Joaquin, pseud. 

Complete poetical works. 1897 811 M69 

MITCHELL, Silas Weir. 

The wager, and other poems. 1900 811 M74 

MOODY, William Vaughn. 

Poems. 1901 811 M874 

MOULTON, Mrs Louise (Chandler). 

At the wind's will ; lyrics and sonnets. 1899 811 M94a 

In childhood's country. 1896 j8ii M94 

Verses for very little people, quaintly illustrated by Ethel Reed. 

MUIR, Henry Dupee. 

Poems. 1897 811 M95 

Songs, and other fancies. 1901 811 M9SS 

NEVIN, Robert Peebles. 

The "beautiful river," and other poems. 1899 811 N25 

Author is a Pittsburgher. 

NORRIS, Mrs Maria M. 

Poems. 1893 r8i I N45 


Washington; or. Liberty restored; a poem. 1809 rSii N458 

PAINE, Robert Treat. 

Works in verse and prose, with notes. 1812. .' r8ii P16 

Sketches of the life, character and writings of the author, by Charles 
Prentiss, p. 15-84. 

PEABODY, Josephine Preston. 

Fortune and men's eyes; new poems, with a play. 1900. . . .811 P33f 
Wayfarers; poems. 1898 811 P33 

PIATT, John James. 

Idyls and lyrics of the Ohio valley. 1881 811 P53i 

Odes in Ohio, and other poems. 1897 811 P53 


PIATT, Mrs Sarah Morgan (Bryan). 

Dramatic persons and moods, with other poems. 1880 811 P536 

Enchanted castle, and other poems. 1893 811 PS36e 

PLUMMER, Mary Wright. 

Verses. 1896 811 P72 

POE, Edgar Allan. 

Complete poetical works 81 1 P74C 

Memoir, by J. H. Ingram, p.5-114. 

Poems. 1892 811 P74 

Biographical sketch, by N. H. Dole, p.9-29. 

FRUIT, John Phelps. 

Mind and art of Poe's poetry. 1899 Sii P74zf 

Chronological study showing first the successive stages in the develop- 
ment of Poe's mind and then of his art. 

POPE, John William. 

Essay on man, given by an honest muse for the benefit of the 

human race. 1887 r8i i P81 

Verses by a Pittsburgh author. 

POWERS, Mrs O. A. 

Maple Del), of '76; [a poem]. 1885 811 P87 

PRENTICE, George Denison. 

Poems; with biographical sketch by J. J. Piatt. 1887 811 P91 

PROCTOR, Edna Dean. 

Mountain maid, and other poems of New Hampshire. igoo..8ii P96 
RANDALL, John Witt. 

Poems of nature and life; ed. by F. E. Abbot. 1899 811 R18 

Sketch of the Randall family, p.9-230. 
READ, Thomas Buchanan. 

Poetical works. 3v. 1890 811 R2S 

The same. 1890 rSii R^Sp 

REALF, Richard. 

Poems. 1898 811 R256 

The same. 1898 r8ii R2S6 

Memoir of Realf, by R. J. Hinton, p.21-113. 

RENO, Lydia M. 

Early buds; [poems]. 1853 rSii R34 

RICHARDS, Mrs Laura Elizabeth (Howe). 

Sundown songs. 1899 j8ii R41 

RILEY, James Whitcomb. 

Afterwhiles; [poems]. 1894 811 R45 

Armazindy. 1894 811 R45a 

Hooster harvest airs, child rhymes, and humorous and serious poems. 

Child-world. 1897. . . * 811 R45C 

Flying islands of the night; [poems]. 1895 811 R45f 

Green fields and running brooks; [poems]. 1894 811 R4Sg 

Home-folks; poems. 1900 811 R45h 

Love-lyrics. 1899 811 R45I 

Neghborly poems. 1895 811 R45n 

Pipes o' Pan at Zekesbury. 1895 811 R4Spi 

Poems here at home. 1893 811 R4SP 

Rhymes of childhood. 1895 j8ii R45r 


Rubaiyat of Doc Sifers. 1897 811 R45ru 

Dialect poem. It sings the praises of the good old-fashioned country 
doctor who was everybody's friend. 

RITTER, Mrs Fanny (Raymond). 

Songs and ballads. 1887 811 R51 

ROBERTS, Charles George Douglas. 

Book of the native; poems. 1896 811 R53 

New York nocturnes, and other poems. 1898 811 R53n 

ROBERTS. William Carman, and others. 

Northland lyrics. 1899 811 R538 

ROLLINS, Mrs Alice Marland (Wellington). 

Little page fern, and other verses. 1895 j8ii R65 

RYAN, Abram Joseph. 

Poems; patriotic, religious, miscellaneous. 1897 811 R95 

Memoir of Father Ryan, by John Moran, p.25-39. 
SANGSTER, Mrs Margaret Elizabeth (Munson). 

Easter bells; poems. 1897 811 S22 

Little knights and ladies; verses. 1895 j8ii S22I 


Sonnets, and other verses. 1894 81 1 S23 

SAVAGE, Minot Judson. 

Poems. 1899 811 S26 

SAVAGE, Philip Henry. 

Poems; ed. with an introduction by D. G. Mason. 1901 811 S264 

SAXE, John Godfrey. 

Poems. 1854 rSii S27 

Poetical works. 1892 811 S27 

SCOTT, Duncan Campbell. 

Labor and the angel; [poems]. 1898 811 S42 

SEWALL, Alice Archer, afterward Mrs James. 

Ode to girlhood, and other poems. 1899 811 Ssi 

SHEEHAN, Patrick Augustine. 

Cithara mea; poems. 1900 811 SS41 

"Technically... faulty, but they contain. . .the substance of true poetry... 
Although religious inspiration gives the breath of life to Father Shee- 
han's volume, there are occasional pieces of lighter strain." Dial, 1901. 

SHEPPERSON, [William?]. 

Harp of Milan; [poems]. 1897 811 S54 

The same. 1897 r8ii S54 

SHERMAN, Frank Dempster. 

Little-folk lyrics. 1897 j8i i S55 

SHIRAS, Charles P. 

Redemption of labor, and other poems. 1852 r8ii S55 

SHOEMAKER, William L. 

La santa yerba, preluded by a few choice mottoes from lovers 
of the Indian weed, from the time of Sir Walter Raleigh to 
the present day. 1898 81 1 S559 

SILL, Edward Rowland. 

Hermione, and other poems. 1899 811 S58h 

Hermitage, and later poems. 1894 81 1 S58 

Poems. 189s 811 S58P 



Cronje's glory, Koodoosrand ; poem. 1901 qSii S63 

Bound with his "The Marion of the Free State." 

The Marion of the Free State, Gen. Christian De Wet ; poem. 

1901 qSii S63 

SMITH, Elbert H. 

Ma-ka-tai-me-she-kia-kiak; or, Black Hawk and scenes in 

the West; a poem. 1849 rSii S64 

SMITH, Mrs Elizabeth Oakes (Prince). 

Sinless child, and other poems. 1843 811 S64 

SNIDER, Denton Jaques. 

Agamemnon's daughter. 1892 811 S67 

Delphic days. 1891 81 1 S67d 

Homer in Chios. 1891 811 S67h 

Prorsus retrorsus. 1892 811 S67p 


Country love vs. city flirtation; [poem]. 1865 811 S7S 

SPOFFORD, Mrs Harriet Elizabeth (Prescott). 

In Titian's garden, and other poems. 1897 811 S76 

SPRAGUE, Charles. 

Writings. 1841 811 S766 

New England poet, 1791-1875. His writings include a "Shakespeare ode" 
delivered at the Boston theatre in 1823; his chief poem, "Curiosity," 
delivered before the Phi Beta Kappa society of Harvard; a centennial 
ode on the settlement of Boston, and a number of poems on occasion- 
al topics. 

SPROULL, Lyman H. 

Snowy summits; a collection of western poems. 1898 811 S77 

STANTON, Frank Lebby. 

Songs of a day, and Songs of the soil. 1893 811 S79 

STEDMAN, Edmund Clarence. 

Poems, now first collected. 1897 81 1 S8ipo 

Poetical works. 1888 811 S81 

STETSON, Mrs Charlotte (Perkins), aftenvard Mrs Oilman. 

In this our world; poems. 1899 811 S84 

STODDARD, Mrs Elizabeth Drew (Barstow). 

Poems. 1895 811 S867 

STODDARD, Richard Henry. 

Poems. 1882 811 S86 


Rose of the Alleghanies. 1892 r8ii S87 

STORY, Joseph. 

Power of solitude; poem. 1804 rSii 588 

STORY, William Wetmore. 

He and she; or, A poet's portfolio. 1894 811 S88 

In the form of a conversation on many subjects between a Poet and a 
Lady, interspersed at frequent intervals with some of the Poet's verses. 

STREET singer; poem by a musician. 1879 811 S91 

STRONG, Peter Remsen. 

"Awful," and other jingles. 1871 811 S92 

TABB, John Banister. 

Child verse; poems grave and gay. 1899 j8ii Tiic 


Lyrics. 189/ .811 Tiil 

Poems. 1895 81 1 Tii 

TAYLOR, Bayard. 

Poetical works. 1892 811 T25 

THAW, Alexander Blair. 

Poems. 1901 81 1 T33 

THOMAS. Edith Matilda. 

In the young world; [poems]. 1896 811 T37i 

Lyrics and sonnets. 1889 811 T37 

A winter swallow, with other verse. 1896 811 T37W 

THOMAS, Frederick William. 

The emigrant; or, Reflections while descending the Ohio, a 

poem. 1833 r8ii T37 

TIMROD, Henry. 

Poems. 1899 811 T47 

Memoir of the author, p. 7-38. 

TODD, Mrs Mabel Loomis, ed. 

Cycle of sonnets. 1896 811 T55 

Collection of love sonnets by an unnamed author. 

TROWBRIDGE, John Townsend. 

Book of gold, and other poems. 1878 81 1 T77b 

Home idyl, and other poems. 1881 811 T77 

VAN DYKE, Henry. 

The builders, and other poems. 1897 811 V18 

Toiling of Felix, and other poems. 1900 811 Vi8t 

WADE, Mrs Abbie Annie (Rogers). 

Poetical works. 1895 r8ii Wix 

WALLACE, Lewis. 

Wooing of Malkatoon, Commodus; [poems]. 1898 811 W17 

WEEDEN, Howard. 

Bandanna ballads, including "Shadows on the wall." 1899. ..811 W42 
Verses and pictures of the "quality negrro" of before the war. 

Songs of the old South. 1900 811 W42S 

Twenty-four poems and as many drawings of the "old-time" Southern 
negro, by the author of "Bandanna ballads" and "Shadows on the 
wall." Eight of the pictures are reproduced in color. 

WHITING, Lilian. 

From dreamland sent; [poems]. 1899 811 W646 


Leaves of grass; [poems]. 1891-92 811 W64 

HOLMES, Edmond Gore Alexander. 

Walt Whitman's poetry; a study and a selection. 1902. ..811 W64zh 
"An English poet's view of Walt Whitman. . .accompanied. . .with about 
fifty pages of selections from the 'Leaves of Grass.' Mr. Holme*, is 
of those who admire Whitman judiciously, with discrimination between 
the finer and the baser aspects of his expression." Dial, 1902. 

SYMONDS, John Addington. 

Walt Whitman; a study. 1893 811 W64ZS 

"Perhaps the most complete presentation yet made of all phases of 
Whitman's many-sided philosophy. . .Mr. Symonds takes the poet in 
orderly sequence and discusses his religious views, his egotism, his 
doctrine of the sexes, his ideals of friendship and comradery, democ- 
racy, America, and the 'Divine Average.' His weak points, as well 
as his permanently substantive qualities, are pointed out; the question 
whether his writings are to be called poetry is calmly asked and de- 


lightfully answered, and passages are quoted showing bis high rank as 
a creative artist." Critic, 1893. 

WHITNEY, Mrs Adeline Dutton (Train). 

Pansies: ". . .for thoughts;" poems. 1872 811 W65 

WHITTIER, John Greenleaf. 

Anti-slavery poems; songs of labor and reform. 1893 811 W66 

At sundown. 1894 81 1 W66a 

Captain's well. 1890 qr8i i W66ca 

Complete poetical works. 1895 811 W66c 

The same. 1894 r8ii W66c 

Narrative and legendary poems. 1893 811 W66n 

Personal poems, Occasional poems, Tent on the beach; 

with the poems of Elizabeth H. Whittier. 1893 811 W66p 

Poems of nature. Poems subjective and reminiscent, Re- 
ligious poems. 1893 811 W66po 

Snow-bound; a winter idyl. 1897 811 W66s2 

Snow-bound, The tent on the beach, and other poems. 

1896 811 W66s 

Biographical sketch, p.5-8. 
Tent on the beach, and other poems. 1867 811 W66t 

WILCOX, Mrs Ella (Wheeler). 

Maurine, and other poems. 1888 811 W7im 

Poems of passion. 1883 811 W71P 

Poems of pleasure. 1895 811 W71 

Three women; [poem]. 1897 811 W7it 

WILKINS, Mary Eleanor, afterward Mrs Freeman. 

Once upon a time, and other child-verses. 1897 j8ii W72 

WILKINSON, William Cleaver. 

Epic of Paul. 1898 811 W73 

Poem gives through St. Paul's conduct and words a presentation of 
the man and his teaching. Sequel to the Epic of Saul. 

Epic of Saul. 1898 811 W73e 

Narrates the career of the apostle Paul before his conversion. 

WILLIS, Nathaniel Parker. 

Poems. 1865 811 W75P 

Biographical sketch of Willis, p.3-9. 

Sacred poems, i860 811 W7S 

WILSON, Robert Burns. 

Shadows of the trees, and other poems. 1898 811 W77 

WOODBERRY, George Edward. 

North shore watch, and other poems, 1893 811 W85 

Wild Eden; poems. 1899 811 W85W 

WRIGHT, Ernest Vincent. 

The wonderful fairies of the sun. 1896 j8ii W93 

YOUNG, William, b. 1847. 

Wishmakers' town; poems. 1898 811 Y41 

811.08 Collections of American poetry 

BANKS, Louis Albert. 

Immortal songs of camp and field; the story of their inspira- 
tion, with striking anecdotes connected with their history. 
1899 rSii.oS B22 


BISBEE, Marvin Davis, ed. 

Songs of the Pilgrims. 1887 811.08 B49 

A collection of poems relating to the Pilgrims, some of them written 
for various celebrations of Forefathers' day. 

BROWNE, Francis Fisher, comp. 

Bugle-echoes; a collection of the poetry of the Civil war, 

northern and southern. 1886 81 1.08 B81 

CLARKE, Jennie Thornley, comp. 

Songs of the South. 1896 811.08 C53 

EGGLESTON, George Cary, comp. 

American war ballads and lyrics. 2v. 1889 811.08 E35 

The same. 2v. in i. 1889 J811.08 £353 

GRISWOLD, Rufus Wilmot, comp. 

Poets and poetry of America. 1847 r8ii.o8 G93 

Biographical and critical sketches, with some selections from each author. 
A short historical introduction covers the period before Freneau 
(1752-1832), the first poet treated at length. 

HARRISON, Joseph Le Roy, comp. 

In college days ; recent varsity verse. 1901 811.08 H29i 

Poems selected from various American college magazines. 
With pipe and book; a collection of college verse. 1897. .811.08 H29W 
HARRISON, Joseph Le Roy, & Knowles, F.L. comp. 

Cap and gown; some college verse, ist-2d ser. 2v. 1895- 

97 811.08 H29 

HORDER, William Garrett, comp. 

Treasury of American sacred song; with notes explanatory 

and biographical. 1896 811.08 H79 

"Not a mere hymn-book, but simply a collection of serious and thought- 
ful v^rse, selected with singular felicity and annotated with remarka- 
ble correctness." Nation, 1901. 

HOWE, Mark Antony De Wolfe, comp. 

Memory of Lincoln; poems. 1899 811.08 H8s 

Collection of the best poems on Lincoln, with an introduction by the 

KNOWLES, Frederic Lawrence, comp. 

Golden treasury of American songs and lyrics. 1898 811.08 K35 

LEARNED, Walter, comp. 

Treasury of American verse. 1897 811.08 L4S 

MARBLE, Mrs Annie (Russell), comp. 

Nature pictures by American poets. 1899 811.08 M36 

MATTHEWS, Brander, comp. 

Poems of American patriotism. 1882 811.08 M47 

The poems are arranged in the order of the events which they celebrate, 
so that the collection forms, as nearly as possible, a history of America 
as told by her poets. 

MOORE, Frank, comp: 

Songs and ballads of the American revolution. 1856 r8ii.o8 M87 

PARKER, Benjamin S. & Heiney, E.B. comp. 

Poets and poetry of Indiana; a representative collection of the , 
poetry of Indiana during the first hundred years of its his- 
tory as territory and state, 1800 to 1900. 1900 811.08 P23 

"A state may justly be proud which claims for itself the talent of James 
Whitcomb Riley, Forceythc Wilson, Maurice Thompson, Robert Un- 
derwood Johnson, and John Hay. . .and. . .this book introduces some 
comparatively new poets, such as Evaleen Stein, whose fine poem of 
'The Marshes' (p.304) would alone be enough to make a reputation. . . 


There is, of course, a good deal of commonplace in the book." 
Nation, 1901. 

ROSS, John Dawson, comp. 

Cluster of poets, Scottish and American; with biographical 

and critical notes. 1897 811.08 R73 

Contents: Duncan Anderson. — William Anderson. — Wallace Bruce. — C. 
H. Collins. — John Imrie. — W. T. James. — J. D. Law. — B. F. Leggett. 
— A. J. Lockhart. — B. W. Lockhart. — Hunter MacCulloch. — John Mac- 
farlane. — Hector Macpherson. — Patrick Macpherson. — George Martin. 
— Charles Reekie. — Robert Reid. — Archibald Ross. — Peter Ross. — R. 
H. Shaw. — W. W. Smith. — A. E. S. Smythe. — George Williamson. 

SCUDDER, Horace Elisha, comp. 

American poems; Longfellow, Whittier, Bryant, Holmes, 
Lowell, Emerson, with biographical sketches and notes. 
1897 811.08 S43 

Includes Longfellow's "Evangeline," and "The courtship of Miles Stan- 
dish," and Whittier's "Snow-bound." 
SEVERANCE, Mrs Cordenio A. comp. 

Indian legends of Minnesota. 1893 811.08 S49 

STEBBINS, Charles Livingstone, comp. 

Harvard lyrics, and other verses; selections of the best verse 
written by Harvard undergraduates within the last ten 

years. 1899 811.08 S811 

STEDMAN, Edmund Clarence, comp. 

American anthology, 1787-1899. 1900 81 1.08 S81 

"Biographical notes," p.777-834- 

The same. 1900 rSii.oS S81 

Selections illustrating the editor's critical review of American poetry 

in his "Poets of America." 
It opens with an introduction, which includes a survey of the course of 

American poetry to the end of the century, with comment upon its 

successive aspects. Like the "Victorian anthology" it contains brief 

biographies of the writers quoted. 

WHITE, Richard Grant, comp. 

Poetry; lyrical, narrative and satirical of the Civil war. 

1866 '. r8ii.o8 W63 

Sii.og History and criticism of American poetry 

LAWTON, William Cranston. 

, New England poets. 1898 811.09 L43 

Contents : Emerson. — Hawthorne. — Longfellow. — Whittier. — Lowell. — 

Critical essays. 

ONDERDONK, James Lawrence. 

History of American verse, (1610-1897). 1901 811.09 O25 

Contents: Voices from the wilderness, '610-1708. — The Puritan muse, 
1624-1765. — Literature in the middle colonies, 1688-1765. — Hints of 
nationalism, 1725-1776. — Freneau and the Connecticut choir, 1765-1815. 
— Delia Cruscan echoes, 1785-1815. — Birth of the artistic spirit, 
1813-1839. — The Knickerbocker school, 1807-1840. — Poets of sentiment 
and passion, 1815-1839. — Poets of nature and American life, 1817-1870. 
— Idyllic and lyric poets, 1839-1870. — Humor and satire, 1836-1870. — 
. Idealism and realism, 1836-1870. — The aftermath, 1870-1897. 

Few of the younger poets are included in this work, which was not pub- 
lished until after the death of the author. 
STEDMAN, Edmund Clarence. 

Poets of America. 1895 811.09 S81 

"The ultimate purpose of the author in this study was the same as in 
his earlier work on the Victorian Poets: not a history, a biography, 
nor a critical disquisition, though it becomes all these in changing 


phases, but an illustration of the poetic art... This is the history of 
American poetry; it is conceived and executed in the grand style of 
literary criticism, and it does not fall below its promise." Atlantic 
monthly, 1886. 

812 American drama 

ALCOTT, Louisa May, & Pratt, Mrs A. B. (Alcott). 

Comic tragedies, written by "Jo" and "Meg" and acted by 

the "Little women." 1893 812 A3S 

BAKER, George Melville. 

Rebecca's triumph; a drama in three acts, (for female char- 
acters). 1879 r822 W7.4 

Bound with other dramas. 

BAKER, Rachel E. 

Mr Bob; a comedy in two acts. 1894 r822 W74 

Bound with other dramas. 

BANGS, John Kendrick. 

Bicyclers, and three other farces. 1896 812 B22 

Other farces: A dramatic evening. — The fatal message. — A proposal 
under difficulties. 

BLASHFIELD, Mrs Evangeline (Wilbour). 

Masques of Cupid. 1901 812 B54 

Contents: A surprise party. — The lesser evil. — The honors of the Cre- 

quy. — In Cleon's garden. 
Four one-act love comedies. Attractively illustrated by Mr Blashfield. 
BRINTON, Daniel Garrison. 

Maria Candelaria; an historic drama from American aborigi- 
nal life. 1897 812 B75 

Historically accurate drama of the revolt of a tribe of Indians in Mexico 
against the Spanish control in 17 12. Their leader was Maria Can- 
delaria, an aboriginal Joan of Arc. 


A fool for luck; a comedy in two acts. 1889 r822 W74 

Bound with other dramas. 

CURTIS, H. Pelham. 

None so deaf as those who won't hear; a comedietta in one 

act. 1880 r822 W74 

Bound with other dramas. 

Uncle Robert; or. Love's labor saved; a comedy in three 

acts. 1861 r822 W74 

Bound with other dramas. 

E., A. 

Matchmakers; a comedy in one act. 1884 r822 W74 

Bound with other dramas. 

FIELDS, Mrs Annie (Adams). 

Orpheus ; a masque. 1900 812 F46 

FITCH. Clyde. 

Nathan Hale; a play in four acts. 1899 812 F5S 

FULLER, Henry Blake. 

Puppet-booth ; twelve plays. 1896 812 F98 

Contents: Cure of souls. — On the whirlwind. — The love of love. — After- 
glow. — The ship comes in. — At Saint Judas's. — The light that always 
is. — The dead-and-alive. — Northern lights. — The story-spinner. — The 
stranger within the gates. — In such a night. 
FURNISS, Grace Livingston. 

Box of monkeys; a parlor farce in two acts. 1889 r822 W74 

Bound with other dramas. 



False note; a comedy in one act. 1888 r822 W74 

Bound with other dramas. 

HANLON, Henry Oldham. 

Double shuffle ; a comedietta in one act. 1891 r822 W74 

Bound with other dramas. 

Picked-up dinner; a farce in one act. 1892 r822 W74 

Bound with other dramas. 
HORNE. Mary B. 

Prof. Baxter's great invention; an unclassified entertainment 

in one act. 1891 r822 W74 

Bound with other dramas. 

HOWELLS, William Dean. 

Bride roses; a scene. 1900 812 HSsb 

Counterfeit presentment; a comedy. 1877 812 H8sc 

Evening dress: a farce. 1893. (Black and white series.) 812 H85e 

Indian giver; a comedy. 1900 812 H8si 

Letter of introduction; a farce. 1892 812 H85I 

Mouse-trap, and other farces. 1889 812 HSsm 

Contents: The garroters. — Five o'clock tea. — ^The mouse-trap. — ^A likely 

Out of the question; a comedy. 1877 812 H850 

Previous engagement; comedy. 1897 812 H85P 

Room forty-five; a farce. 1900 812 H8sr 

Sleeping-car, and other farces. 1894 812 H85 

Other farces: Parlor-car. — The register. — The elevator. 
"Of course the characters in these little parlor comedies do nothing in 
particular, but they talk in a most natural and amusing way... We 
know of nothing in Mr. Howells's work more irresistibly comical than 
the story of the Californian in "The Sleeping Car." Dial, 1889. 

Smoking car; a farce. 1900 812 H85S 

Unexpected guests; a farce. 1893. (Black and white 

series.) 812 H85U 

JAMES, Henry, b. 1843. 

Theatricals, ist-2d ser. 2v. 1894-95 8l2 J16 

V.I. Tenants. — Disengaged. 

V.2. The album. — The reprobate. 


Rip Van Winkle, as played by Jefferson. 1895 812 J23 

LANGNER, Edward. 

Lord Sparrowdale. 1894 q8i2 L2S 

Nina. 1894 q8i2 L25 

Bound with his "Lord Sparrowdale." 

Poor Tim ; his fall and rise. 1891 q8i2 L2S 

Bound with his "Lord Sparrowdale." 

Rufinas. 1894 q8i2 L2S 

Bound with his "Lord Sparrowdale." 
LONGVRID, Sister. 

Little Golden-hair; a drama. 1879 r8i2 L84I 

Written by Sister Longvrid of the Convent of the Holy Cross in New 
Orleans, but published by Eugene Fairfax Williamson as his own. 

Miriam; a drama. 1879 r8i2 L84m 

Written by Sister Longvrid of the Convent of the Holy Cross in New 
Orleans, but published by Eugene Fairfax Williamson as his own. 

Silvia's jubilee; a drama. 1879 r8i2 L84 

Written by Sister Longvrid of the Convent of the Holy Cross in New 
Orleans, but published by Eugene Fairfax Williamson as his own. 


Sisters of Alhama; a drama. 1880 r8i2 L84S 

Written by Sister Longvrid of the Convent of the Holy Cross in New 
Orleans, but published by Eugene Fairfax Williamson as his own. 

MATTHEWS, Brander. 

Decision of the court; a comedy. 1893. (Black and white 

series.) 812 M47 

This picture and that; a comedy. 1894. (Black and white 

series.) 812 M47t 

MITCHELL, Silas Weir. 

i hilio Vernon; a tale in prose and verse 812 M74 

MONTGOMERY, Margaret. 

Per telephone; a farce in one act. ^893 r822 W74 

Bound with other dramas. 

MOODY, William Vaughn. 

Masque of judgment; a masque-drama in five acts and a pre- 
lude. 1900 812 M87 

"Mr. Moody has dealt with... the Creation, the Christian Mystery, and 
the Judgment. He has shown it possible to make in our own day a 
very noble poem... out of the Biblical mythology. . .and out of the 
most subtle spiritual symbolism . . . His plea is for the richness of life, 
for the legitimate claims of sense no less than of spirit. . .the. . .ex- 
pression of a fine trust in the whole of human nature." Dial, 1901. 

ONLY young man in town ; a comedy in 1 1 scenes r822 T45 

Bound with other dramas. 
PEABODY, Josephine Preston. 

Marlowe ; a drama in five acts. 1901 812 P33 

SANTA YANA, George. 

Lucifer; a theological tragedy. 1899 812 S23 


Six cups of chocolate; a piece of gossip in one act. 1897 812 H85P 

Bound with Howells's "Previous engagement." 

SHIELDS, Charles Woodruff. 

The reformer of Geneva; an historical drama. 1898 812 S5S 

Calvin is the leading character and the principal event is the trial of 
Servetus in 1553. Historically accurate. 

TAN-GO-RU-A; an historical drama, in prose. 1856 r8i2 T17 

THOMAS, Augustus. 

Alabama; a drama in four acts. 1898 812 T37 

Popular drama of Alabama life after the war. 

Arizona; a drama in four acts. 1899 812 T37a 

Popular drama with most of the action on an Arizona ranch, though it 
does not present characteristic western life. 

WARD, Mrs Elizabeth Stuart (Phelps). 

Within the gates. 1901 812 W21 

Appeared first in McClure's magazine, v. 17, May-July 1901. 
The author's well-known story "The gates between" in dramatic form, 
much changed and expanded. 

WARE, Thornton M. & Baker, G. P. 

The revolving wedge; a football romance in one act. 1896. . .r822 T45 
Bound with other dramas. 
WILKINS, Mary Eleanor, afterward Mrs Freeman. 

Giles Corey; yeoman. 1893. (Black and white series.) 812 W72 

A play founded on the persecution of the Salem witches in 169s. Pub- 
lithed in Harper's magazine, Dec. 1893. 


813 American fiction 

Only works about American fiction are classified here. For works of fiction, 
see alphabetical list following the general class of Literature. 

MAURICE, Arthur Bartlett. 

New York in fiction. 1901 813 M49 

Points out scenes and houses in New York city introduced in recent 
novels by American writers. Many illustrations. 

814 American essays 

See also Ame/ican miscellany, 818 

The "A. L. A. Index to general literature," which is kept in the Reference de- 
partment, indexes by subject many of these volumes of essays. 

ALCOTT, Amos Bronson. 

Concord days. 1888 814 A35 

Extracts from the author's diaries, commenting on a curious medley of 
subjects. The most interesting observations are those on books and 
writers, especially the Concord celebrities. 

BADEAU, Adam. 

Vagabond. 1859 r8i4 B14 

Short desultory essays on scenery, literature, actors and acting, authors, 
artists, etc., contributed to a New York periodical. 

BATTEN, John Mullin. 

Random thoughts. 1896 814 B31 

The same. 1896 r8i4 B31 

Personal recollections of the author's youth in the valley of the Brandy- 
wine in the second quarter of the 19th century, and of his experiences 
as surgeon in the United States navy, 1864-66, with other essays. 

BEECHER, Henry Ward. 

Star papers; or, Experiences of art and nature. 1855 814 B37 

Contents: Letters from Europe. — Experiences of nature. 
BELL, Lilian, afterward Mrs Bogue. 

From a girl's point of view. 1897 814 B41 

Contents: The untrained man under thirty-five. — The philosophy of 
clothes. — Woman's rights in love. — Men as lovers. — Love-making as a 
fine art. — Girls and other girls. — On the subject of husbands. — A few 
men who bore us. — The new woman. 
BOLTON, Charles Edward. 

A model village of homes, and other papers. 1901 814 B614 

Contents: A model village of homes [East Cleveland, Ohio]. — An English 
half-holiday. — Stage-coaching in England. — Coffee-houses in Great 
Britain. — The Sunday-school centenary, London. — A fete of the French 
republic. — A visit to the World's Columbian exposition, Chicago. — The 
Great lakes and the Mediterranean. — Spanish rule, and its end in Cuba. 
— A college vacation at the front. — How fine papers are manufac- 
tured. — Entertainments for the people. — The flags of all nations. 

BOYESEN, Hjalmar Hjorth. 

Literary and social silhouettes. 1894 814 B66 

Contents: Types of American women. — German and American women. 
— The American novelist and his public. — ^The progressive realism of 
American fiction. — The hero in fiction. — American literary criticism. — 
America in European literature. — Ethics of Robert Browning. — Mars 
▼. Apollo. — Philistinism.— Some stray notes on Alphonse Daudet. — My 
lost self. — The meridian of life. 

BRIDGE. Norman. 

Penalties of taste, and other essays. 1898 814 B74 

Other essays: Two kinds of conscience. — Bashfulness. — ^The nenres of 


the modern child. — Some lessons of heredity. — Our poorly educated 

BROOKS, Phillips, bp. 

Essays and addresses. 1894 814 B77 

Partial contents: On religious topics: Centralizing power of the 
gospel. — Heresy. — Best methods of promoting spiritual life. — The 
teaching of religion. — The pulpit and popular skepticism. — Liturgical 
growth. — Authority and conscience. — Century of church growth in 
Boston. — The new theism. — Orthodoxy. — Conditions of church growth 
in missionary lands. — Teachableness of religion. — The healthy condi- 
tions of a change of faith. — On literary and social topics: Poetry. 
— Purposes of scholarship. — Graduation. — Milton as an educator. — 
Courage. — Dean Stanley. — Martin Luther. — Biography. — Literature 
and life. — Henry Hobson Richardson. — The public-school system. 

BRYANT, William Cullen. 

Prose writings; ed. by Parke Godwin. 2v. 1889 814 B84 

V.I. Lectures on poetry. — Early American verse. — On trisyllabic feet in 
iambic measure. — Nostradamus's Provengal poets. — Moriscan romances. 
— Female troubadours. — Oldham's poems. — Abraham Cowley. — Poets 
and poetry of the English language. — The whirlwind. — The Indian 
spring. — The marriage blunder. — The skeleton's cave. — A story of 
Cuba. — James Fenimore Cooper. — Washington Irving. — Fitz-Greene 
Halleck. — Gulian Crommelin Verplanck. 

V.2. Sketches of travel, including A visit to Mexico. — Occasional ad- 
dresses, including The newspaper press. 

BURRITT, Elihu. 

Ten-minute talks on all sorts of topics. 1874 814 B944 

Autobiography of author, p.9-68. 

"Mr. Burritt [1810-79] was a characteristic product of his age in two 
striking particulars; he was a self-made man and a philanthropist. He 
will, doubtless, be longest remembered under the name of the Learned 
Blacksmith by which he first became known." Nation, 1880. 


Birds and poets, with other papers. 1895 814 6946 

Other papers: Touches of nature. — A bird medley. — April. — Spring 
poems. — Our rural divinity. — Before genius. — Before beauty. — Emer- 
son. — Flight of the eagle. 

Indoor studies. 1895 814 B94i 

Contents: Henry D. Thoreau. — Science and literature. — Science and the 
poets. — Matthew Arnold's criticism. — Arnold's view of Emerson and 
Carlyle. — Gilbert White's book. — A malformed giant [Victor Hugo]. — 
Brief essays: The biologist's tree of life; Dr Johnson and Carlyle; 
Little spoons ts. big spoons; Ethics of war; Solitude; An open door; 
The true realism; Literary fame. — An egotistical chapter. 

Locusts and wild honey. 1895 814 B94I 

Contents: The pastoral bees. — Sharp eyes. — Strawberries. — Is it going 
to rain? — Speckled trout. — Birds and birds. — A bed of boughs. — 
Birds'-nesting. — The halcyon in Canada. 

Pepacton. 1893 814 B94P 

Contents: Pepacton. — Springs. — An idyl of the honey-bee. — Nature and 
the poets. — Notes by the way. — Foot-paths. — A bunch of herbs. — 
Winter pictures. 

Riverby. 1895 814 B94r 

Contents: Among the wild-flowers. — The heart of the southern Catskills. 
— Birds' eggs. — Bird courtship. — Notes from the prairie. — Eye-beams. 
— A young marsh hawk. — The chipmunk. — Spring jottings. — Glimpses 
of wild life. — A life of fear. — Lovers of nature. — A taste of Kentucky 
blue-grass. — In Mammoth cave. — Hasty observation. — Bird life in an 
old apple-tree. — The ways of sportsmen. — Talks with young observers. 

Signs and seasons. 1895 814 B94S 

Contents: A sharp lookout. — A spray of pine. — Hard fare. — The tragedies 
of the nests. — A snow-storm. — A taste of Maine birch. — Winter neigh- 
bors. — A salt breeze. — A spring relish. — A river view. — Bird enemies. 
— Phases of farm life. — Roof-tree. 

Sympathetic studies of out-door life and color in the neighborhood of 
New York. 



Wake-robin. 1892 814 B94 

Contents: The return of the birds. — In the hemlocks. — The Adirondacks. 
— Birds'-nests. — Spring at the capital. — Birch browsings. — ^The blue- 
bird. — The invitation. 

Essays about birds, written in the spirit of affection and old acquaint- 
ance, rather than that of exact science. The atmosphere of the book 
is indicated in the title, the common name of the white trillium, 
"which blooms in all our woods, and which marks the arrival of all 
the birds." 

Winter sunshine. 1895 814 B94W 

Contents: Winter sunshine. — Exhilarations of the road. — The snow- 
walkers. — The fox. — A March chronicle. — Autumn tides. — The apple. 
— An October abroad: Mellow England; English characteristics; A 
glimpse of France; From London to New York. 
A year in the fields; selections from his writings. 1896 814 8947 

Contents: A snow-storm. — Winter neighbors. — A spring relish. — April. 
— Birch browsings. — A bunch of herbs: Fragrant wild flowers; 
Weeds. — Autumn tides. — A sharp lookout. 

BURTON, Richard. 

Literary likings. 1898 814 B9S 

Contents: Robert Louis Stevenson. — The democratic and aristocratic in 
literature. — Phases of fiction. — Bjornson, Daudet, James; a study in 
the literary time-spirit. — Ideals in American literature. — Renaissance 
pictures in Browning's poetry. — Old English poetry. — Washington 
Irving's services to American history. — A battle laureate [H. H. 
Brownell]. — The renaissance in English. — American English. — Litera- 
ture for children. 
CALVERT, George Henry. 

Brief essays and brevities. 1874 814 C14 

Contents: Earthlings. — Ladyhood. — Genius and talent. — Aristocracy. — 
Organization. — Work. — Social palace at Guise.— Worldliness. — Art. — 
Travel. — Obedience. — Freedom. — The brain. — Materialism. — The life 
to come. — Books for boys. — F. W. Robertson. — Goethe's Faust. — Shel- 
ley. — Shakespeare. — Merchant of Venice. — Taming of the shrew. — 
Tempest. — Macbeth. — Hamlet. — Brevities. 

CHAMBERLIN. Joseph Edgar. 

Listener in the country. 1896 814 C35I 

Contents: Of birds and beasts. — Looking at the mountains. — Some as- 
pects of nature. 
Essays and fragments reprinted, with modifications, from the "Boston 

Listener in the town. 1896 814 C35 

Contents: Humanity studies. — Some vain notions and mental curiosities. 
Essays and fragments reprinted, with modifications, from the "Boston 

CHANNING, William Ellery, 1780-1842. 

Discourses, reviews and miscellanies. 1830 r8r4 C36 

Contents: Remarks on the character and writings of John Milton. — 
Remarks on the life and character of Napoleon Bonaparte. — Remarks 
on the character and writings of Fenelon. — The moral argument 
against Calvinism. — Discourse at the ordination of the Rev. John 
Emery Abbott, Salem, 20 April, 18 15. — Discourse before the Congrega- 
tional ministers of Massachusetts on the subject of war. — Discourse at 
the ordination of the Rev. Jared Sparks, Baltimore, 5 May, 18 19. — Dis- 
course on the evidences of revealed religion. — Discourse at the ordina- 
tion of the Rev. E. S. Gannett, Boston, 30 June, 1824. — Discourse at 
the dedication of the Second Congregational Unitarian church in New 
York, 7 December, 1826. — Discourse at the installation of the Rev. 
M. I. Motte, Boston, 21 May, 1828. — Discourse at the ordination of the 
Rev. F. A. Farley, Providence, R. I., 10 September, 1828. — Discourse 
at the dedication of Divinity hall, Cambridge, 1826. — Daily prayer. — 
Means of promoting Christianity. — Importance of religion to society. — 
Memoir of John Gallison, Esq. — Extracts from observations on the 
proposition for increasing the means of theological education at the 
university in Cambridge. — The system of exclusion and denunciation in 
religion considered. — Objections to Unitarian Christianity. — Extracts 
from sermons preached on days of humiliation and prayer appointed 
in consequence of the declaration of war against Great Britain, 1812. — 


Extracts from a sermon delivered i8 September, 1814, when ah in- 
vasion by the British forces was apprehended at Boston. — Notice of 
the Rev. S. C. Thacher. 

Essays from the Chap-book. 1896 814 C367 

Contents: Boyesen, H. H. Ibsen's new play ["Little Eyolf"]. — Burroughs, 
John. Bits of criticism. — DeKoven, Mrs Reginald. Verlaine; a femi- 
nine appreciation. — Earle, A. M. Degeneration. — Earle, A. M. The 
pleasures of historiography. — Earle, A. M. The bureau of literary re- 
vision. — Gates, L. E. Mr Meredith and his Aminta. — Gosse, Edmund. 
The popularity of poetry. — Guiney, L. I. Concerning me and the 
metropolis. — Guiney, L. I. "Trilby." — Hapgood, Norman. Modern 
Laodicean. — Hapgood, Norman. The intellectual parvenu. 
CHAPMAN, John Jay. 

Emerson, and other essays. 1898 814 C36 

Other essays: Walt Whitman. — rA study of Romeo. — Michael Angelo's 
sonnets. — The fourth canto of the Inferno. — Robert Browning. — Robert 
Louis Stevenson. 
Mr Chapman is individual in his point of view, and from his aversion 
to the conventional and commonplace gives us interesting and valuable 
criticism even on subjects on which so much has been previously 

CHENEY, John Vance. 

That dome in air; thoughts on poetry and the poets. 1895. .814 C42 
Contents: The relation of poetry to life, with special reference to re- 
ligion. — Ralph Waldo Emerson. — James Russell Lowell. — John Green- 
leaf Whittier. — Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. — William Cullen Bryant. 
— Walt Whitman. — William Blake. — William Cowper. — William Words- 
worth. — A forgotten volume [Bishop Lowth's "Lectures on the sacred 
poetry of the Hebrews"]. 
CLARKE, James Freeman. 

Nineteenth century questions. 1898 814 C53 

Contents: Lyric and dramatic elements in literature and art. — Dualism 
in national life. — Did Shakespeare write Bacon's works? — The evolu- 
tion of a great poem; Gray's Elegy. — Affinities of Buddhism and 
Christianity. — Why I am not a free-religionist. — Have animals souls? — 
Apropos of Tyndall. — Law and design in nature. — The two Carlyles; 
or, Carlyle past and present. — Buckle and his theory of averages. — 
Voltaire. — Ralph Waldo Emerson. — Harriet Martineau. — The rise and 
fall of the slave power in America. 
COMEGYS, Benjamin Bartis. 

Tour round my library. 1894 814 C73 

Familiar essays on books and authors, on religious subjects and banking. 
At the time the book was written the author was a Philadelphia bank 
president. Illustrated with photographs of the author's library. 

CURTIS, George William. 

Ars recte vivendi; being essays contributed to "The easy 

chair." 1898 814 C93a 

Contents: Extravagance at college. — Brains and brawn. — Hazing. — The 
soul of the gentleman. — Theatre manners. — Woman's dress. — Secret 
societies. — Tobacco and health. — Tobacco and manners. — Duelling. — 
Newspaper ethics. 

From the easy chair, ist-3d ser. 3v. 1893-94 814 C93 

V.2 title reads "Other essays from the easy chair." 
Series of papers on current affairs and social interests. 
"His mirth and humor played in and out among the social topics of the 
time, among men and books, as the sunlight plays among the leaves 
and pebbles of a river's shallower side." Nation, 1892. 

Literary and social essays. 1895 814 C93I 

Contents: Emerson. — Hawthorne. — The works of Hawthorne. — Rachel. — 
Thackeray in America. — Sir Philip Sidney. — Longfellow. — O. W. 
Holmes. — Washington Irving. 

Orations and addresses. 3v. 1894 814 C930 

v. t. On the principles and character of American institutions and the 
duties of .American citizens. 
■ v.2. On the reform of the civil service of the United States. 
V.3. Historical and memorial addresses. 


DOLE, Charles Fletcher. 

The coming people. 1897 814 D69 

Contents: The prophecy. — Certain clear facts. — Heroism, or the iron in 
the blood. — The divine universe. — The point of view. — Short cuts to 
success. — The law of cost. — The problem of the prosperous. — The ideal 
democracy. — Possible revolution. — The motto of victory. — The happy 
The author's main proposition is "that the whole trend of the world is 
toward the rule of the just and the gentle." 

ELIOT, Charles William. 

American contributions to civilization, and other essays. 

1897 814 E47 

Other essays: Some reasons why the American republic may endure. — 
The working of the American democracy. — The forgotten millions; a 
study of the common American mode of life, [Mount Desert being 
used as an illustration]. — Family stocks in a democracy. — Equality in 
a republic. — One remedy for municipal misgovernment. — Wherein 
popular education has failed. — Three results of the scientific study of 
nature. — The happy life. — A happy life; a tribute to Asa Gray. — A re- 
publican gentleman [Martin Brimmer]. — Present disadvantages of rich 
men. — The exemption from taxation of church property, and the prop- 
erty of educational, literary and charitable institutions. — The future of 
the New England churches. — Why we honor the Puritans. — Heroes of 
the Civil war. — International arbitration. — Inscriptions. 

ELLWANGER, George Herman. 

Story of my house. 1891 814 E53 

This is not a series of practical directions for those about to build, but 
a collection of delightful essays on the house which might be if we 
could build exactly as we liked, on its associations and surroundings, 
its decorations and furnishing, the library and its treasures, with the 
reminders of the outside world in notes on landscape and weather. 

EMERSON, Ralph Waldo. 

Conduct of life. 1894 814 E58C 

Contents: Fate. — Power. — Wealth. — Culture. — Behavior. — Worship. — Con- 
siderations by the way. — Beauty.^ — Illusions. 

The same. 1898 r8i4 Es8c 

Essays, ist-2d ser. 2v. 1893-94 814 Es8e 

V.I. History. — Self-reliance. — Compensation. — Spiritual laws. — Love. — 
Friendship. — Prudence. — Heroism. — The over-soul. — Circles. — Intellect. 
v.2. The poet. — Experience. — Character. — Manners. — Gifts. — Nature. — 
Politics. — Nominalist and realist.- — New England reformers. 

The same. 2v. 1898 r8i4 EsSe 

The same. 2v. in i. 1883 814 Es8e2 

Fortune of the Republic; a lecture. 1878 814 E58f 

Lectures and biographical sketches. 1891 814 Es81 

Contents : ' Demonology . — Aristocracy. — Perpetual forces. — Character. — 
Education. — The superlative. — The sovereignty of ethics. — The preach- 
er. — The man of letters. — The scholar. — Plutarch. — Historic notes of 
life and letters in New England. — The Chardon street convention. — 
Ezra Ripley. — Mary Moody Emerson. — Samuel Hoar. — Thoreau. — Car- 

The same. 1898 r8i4 £58! " 

Letters and social aims. 1890 814 EsSle 

Contents: Poetry and imagination. — Social aims. — Eloquence. — Resources. 
— The comic. — Quotation and originality. — Progress of culture. — Per- 
sian poetry. — Inspiration. — Greatness. — Immortality. 

The same. 1898 r8i4 E581e 

Miscellanies. 1891 814 EsSm 

Partial contents: The Lord's supper. — Historical discourse in Concord. 
— -Address at the dedication of the soldiers' monument in Concord. — 
Address on emancipation in the British West Indies. — War. — The 
fugitive slave law. — The assault upon Mr Sumner. — Si>eech on affairs 
in Kansas. — Theodore Parker. — American civilization. — The emancipa- 


tion proclamation. — Abraham Lincoln. — Woman. — The fortune 'of the 

The same. 1883 r8i4 £58111 

Natural history of intellect, and other papers. 1894 814 Es8na 

Contents: Natural history of intellect. — Memory. — Boston. — Michael • 
Angelo. — Milton. — Papers from the Dial: Thoughts on modern liter- 
ature; Walter Savage Landor; Prayers; Agriculture of Massachusetts; 
Europe and European books; Past and present; A letter; The tragic. 
General index to Emerson's works, P.273-3S0. 

The same. 1897 r8i4 Es8na 

Nature; [and] Addresses and lectures. 1891 814 Es8n 

Contents: Nature. — The American scholar. — Address before the senior 
class in Divinity college, Cambridge, 1838. — Literary ethics. — The 
method of nature. — Man the reformer. — Lecture on the times. — The 
conservative. — The transcendentalist. — The young American. 

The same. 1898 r8i4 Es8n 

Society and solitude. 1894 814 E58S 

Contents: Society and solitude. — Civilization. — Art. — Eloquence. — Domes- 
tic life. — Farming. — Works and days. — Books. — Clubs. — Courage. — 
Success. — Old age. 

The same. 1898 r8i4 E58S 

Two unpublished essays: The character of Socrates, The 

present state of ethical philosophy. 1896 814 Es8tw 

Two Bowdoin prize dissertations, written by Emerson while a student in 

Harvard, and now printed from the copies preserved in the college 


WOODBURY, Charles Johnson, ed. 

Talks with Ralph Waldo Emerson. 1890 814 Es8zw 

Compiled from personal intercourse while the editor was a student at 
Williams in 1866, and designed especially to show Emerson's attitude 
toward and inspiring influence on young men. Contains chapters en 
Concord and Emerson's personality. 

FISKE, John. 

Century of science, and other essays. 1899 814 FS4c 

Other essays: The doctrine of evolution; its scope and purport. — Ed- 
ward Livingston Youmans. — The part played by infancy in the evo- 
lution of man. — The origins of liberal thought in America. — Sir Harry 
\'ane. — The arbitration treaty. — Francis Parkman. — Edward Augustus 
Freeman. — Cambridge as village and city. — A harvest of Irish folk- 
lore. — Guessing at half and multiplying by two. — Forty years of Bacon- 
Shakespeare folly. — Some cranks and their crotchets. 

Darwinism, and other essays. 1893 814 F54d 

Contents: Darwinism verified. — Mr Mivart on Darwinism. — Dr Bateman 
on Darwinism. — Dr Buchner on Darwinism. — A crumb for the "Mod- 
ern symposium." — Chauncey Wright. — What is inspiration? — Modern 
witchcraft. — Comte's "Positive philosophy." — Mr Buckle's fallacies. — 
Postscript on Mr Buckle. — The races of the Danube. — Liberal educa- 
tion. — University reform. — A librarian's work. 

Excursions of an evolutionist. 1894 814 F54 

Contents: Europe before the arrival of man. — The arrival of man in 
Europe.— Our Aryan forefathers. — What we learn from old Aryan 
words.— Was there a primeval mother-tongue? — Sociology and hero- 
worship. — Heroes of industry. — The causes of persecution. — The origins 
of Protestantism. — The true lesson of Protestantism. — Evolution and 
religion.— The meaning of infancy. — A universe of mind-stuff. — la 
memoriam; Charles Darwin. 

Unseen world, and other essays. 1876 814 FS4U 

Other essays: "The to-morrow of death." — The Jesus of history. — The 
Christ of dogma. — A word about miracles. — Draper on science and re- 
ligion.— Nathan the Wise. — Historical difficulties. — The famine of 1770 
in Bengal.— Spain and the Netherlands.— Longfellow's Dante. — Paine't 
"St. Peter."— A philosophy of art. — Athenian and American life. 



FLAGG, Wilson. 

Halcyon days. 1881 814 F59 

General descriptions of nature, and essays on sentiments inspired by her 
scenes and aspects. Flagg (1805-84) was an American naturalist. 

GARLAND, Hamlin. 

Crumbling idols. 1894 814 G18 

GATES, Lewis Edwards. 

Three studies in literature. 1899 814 G23 

Contents: Francis Jeffrey. — Newman as a prose-writer. — Matthew Arnold. 

GIBSON, William Hamilton. 

Happy hunting grounds ; a tribute to the woods and fields. 

1887 q8i4 G37h 

Contents: A winter walk. — A witch-hazel copse. — Sap bewitched. — 
Backyard studies. — Singing wings. — A grassy road. — Wood-notes. 

"Gibson. . .is an artist, an author, and a naturalist, of unusual ability. . . 
In a series of papers on themes taken from Nature, he evinces his 
wonderful knowledge of wood-craft and his equal power of communi- 
cating it by the use of words or of lines and shades... He attracts an 
audience of diverse tastes, — those who have a fondness for all wild 
life, those who have an ear for melodious prose, and those who love 
dainty and graceful pictures." Dial, 1887. 

Highways and byways; or, Saunterings in New England. 

1883 q8l4 G37W 

Contents: Along the road. — The squirrel's highway. — Across lots. — 
Among our footprints. 

Pastoral days; or. Memories of a New England year. 

1886 q8i4 G37P 

Prose poems descriptive of the out-door life of the four seasons of the 
year. The author has been a close and patient observer along the 
Housatonic and in its region. His descriptions afford abundant text 
for his pencil. 

Sharp eyes; a rambler's calendar among insects, birds and 

flowers. 1893 814 G37S 

Published first as chapters in Harper's young people, and well calculated 

to interest young persons in insect life. Written in simple style and 

exquisitely illustrated by the author. 

Strolls by starlight and sunshine. 1891 q8i4 G37 

Contents: A midnight ramble. — Night witchery. — Bird notes. — Bird 
cradles. — Prehistoric botanists. — The wild garden. 
GODKIN, Edwin Lawrence. 

Reflections and comments, 1865-1895. 1895 814 G55 

Contents: Peace. — Culture and war. — Comparative morality of nations. 
— The "comic-paper" question. — Mr Froude as a lecturer. — Mr Horace 
Greeley. — Morals and manners of the kitchen. — John Stuart Mill. — 
Panics. — The odium philologicum. — Professor Huxley's lectures. — Cir- 
cumstantial evidence. — Tyndall and the theologians. — The church and 
science. — The church and good conduct. — Role of the universities in 
politics. — The Hopkins university. — The South after the war. — Chromo- 
civilization. — "The Short-hairs" and "the Swallow-tails." — ^Judges and 
witnesses. — "The debtor class." — Commencement admonition. — "Or- 
gans." — Evidence about character.^ — Physical force in politics. — "Court 
circles." — Living in Europe and going to it. — Carlyle's political influ- 
ence. — Evolution of the summer resort. — Summer rest. — Survival of 
types. — Will Wimbles. 

GRAHAM. David. 

Pioneer; essays, literary, moral and theological. 1812 r8l4 G76 

No more published; issued in periodical form, Feb.-July, Oct 1812. 

GRANT, Robert, b.1852. 

Art of living. 1895 814 G78 

Contents: Income. — The dwelling. — House-furnishing and the com- 
missariat. — Education. — Occupation. — Use of time. — The summer prob- 
lem. — The case of man. — The case of woman. — Conduct of life. 
"Mr Grant discusses amusingly the problems that beset the American of 


limited income who wishes to live as near as he can to the opportunities 
of our civilization, without running into its extravagances." 

Search-light letters. 1899 814 G78S 

Contents: To a young man or woman in search of the ideal. — To a 
modern woman with social ambitions. — To a young man wishing to be 
an American. — To a political optimist. 

GREENWOOD, Grace, (pseud, of Mrs Sara Jane (Clarke) 

Records of five years. 1867 i'8i4 G85 

Passages from lectures, short stories and sketches, many of them of 
episodes and experiences of the Civil war. 

GREG, William Rathbone. 

Enigmas of life. 1873 814 G86 

Contents : Realizable ideals. — Malthus notwithstanding. — Non-survival 
of the fittest. — Limits and directions of human development. — Sig- 
nificance of life. — De profundis. — Elsewhere. 

GREGORY, Eliot. 

Ways of men. 1900 814 G866w 

Brief essays on such subjects as "